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61. [Techchallenge] FW: ***'s Weekly Tips For Teachers***'s Staff Response One of best ways to use the Internetin teaching and learning is with web quests. The following
[Techchallenge] FW: ***'s Weekly Tips For Teachers***
Shaw, Barbara
Sun, 18 Aug 2002 15:43:57 -0600 -Original Message- From:'s Weekly Tips For Teachers To: Sent: 8/14/2002 2:14 AM Subject: ***'s Weekly Tips For Teachers*** ============================================================='s- Weekly Tips For Teachers **Issue #117** "The Web Portal For Educators!" We're up to 35,521 subscribers ============================================================= This newsletter is only sent to the friends of, but feel free to forward it to all your friends. Tell them they can subscribe for free at: ============================================================= **In this Issue** -CLASS MATE GRADING SOFTWARE- 1. Best On The Web For Teachers 2. Quote of the week 3. Jokes You Can Tell Other Educators 4. Downloads of the Week 5. Lesson Plan Of The Week 6. Ask Our Experts 7. Our Latest "Teaching Idea That Worked!" ============================================================= **CLASS MATE GRADING SOFTWARE** Full Featured Gradebook and Classroom Management Software. TEACHERS! Save valuable time on classroom grading and reporting. Fast, Easy, Flexible, Accurate. ***** ZDNet FIVE STAR RATING ***** FEATURES: Weighted Assignments & Categories, Multiple Subjects & Marking Periods, Curve Grades, E-Mail Progress Reports Drop Lowest, Track Attendance, Seating Charts, and more.. Many Valuable Reports. GET A FREE TRIAL COPY, AND TRY IT OUT TODAY. To Download a Free Trial Copy of Class Mate Software, Click Below:

62. TCM 3431TechTools™ Resource Kit For AppleWorks® 6
Page 97. Site 3. URL web quests. Page 97. Site 4. URL Kathy Schrock's Guidefor Educators web Quest. Page 97. Site 5. URL teach the teachers web quests.
Web Quest Fun
Pages: 97...97
Return to the Index Page for
Page: Site: URL: Web Quest Page at San Diego State University Page: Site: URL: Educational Technology Services: Web Quests Page: Site: URL: Web Quests Page: Site: URL: Kathy Schrock's Guide for Educators - Web Quest Page: Site: URL: Teach the Teachers Web Quests Home Page FREE Activities What's New? ... About Us Last updated on January 23, 2002

63. Internet Training--Elementary
Following a welldeveloped web-quest will teach kids of all levels to More comprehensiveweb-quests can be found on any theme imaginable by conducting a search
Internet Training for K-8
what is the Internet searching interactive tutorials Secondary version ... LRC Search page
The following guide was designed to assist Internet educators in teaching Internet skills to elementary students. There is an elementary and a secondary version. The best way to teach younger and first-time learners about the web is, of course, to let them do it. Following a well-developed web-quest will teach kids of all levels to differentiate between educational and commercial sites, and to begin to develop basic research skills. By following the exercises on this page, students and teachers will gain a basic introduction to search tools and the evaluation of websites. More comprehensive web-quests can be found on any theme imaginable by conducting a search on one of the sites listed under Web-Quests. .. Also listed here are some good starting points for kids and some informational sites directed at both educators and parents.
What is the Internet?

64. FinalProECI521
the book and give us both a chance to do scholarship and teach the students. The Taxonomyof web quests, an informational article on the design and uses of web
This web site was created for FREE at Visit to get your free web site - no programming required. Javascript is either disabled or not supported by this browser. This page may not appear properly. In learning to do some of the elements, I read and explored the following sites. Since we devoted countless hours to the Web Quest, probably the most helpful was the article on the taxonomy of quests. The quest was designed using fillamentality, and this page was done with Homestead . One of the most valuable tools for me was learning how to develop web pages and to integrate it with classes. The important part for all of us is the advice we were given to use the computer and the internet as teaching tools to assist, not as the engines that drive the lessons..
The Taxonomy of Web Quests
, an informational article on the design and uses of Web Quests. Creating Web Pages by Surffette , this site and the New Jersey site deal with the development of web pages using programs. Good ideas, especially for school systems that already have internet space. More about Web Pages , New Jersey's BarleyLibrary Adolescence Directory OnLine , Indiana University's Page Dealing with Adolescents and their issues. Good source for reader-response ideas.

65. Dryad's Batmud Web Site
teach the lesson that Saint Dumas had to teach. Area quests Quest Dragonscale armourDifficulty very hard Creator Which page on the web site do these updates




Other Bat Sites

Click to visit our site sponsor!
Quest Info
Level Quests Quest: Quest room Level: 2 Difficulty: easy Creator: Alaron
One's life as an explorer has to start somewhere, so this quest is a simple one to get young players going: find the quest room. Since you are reading this, you have already completed it. Congrats! Quest: City tour Level: 4 Difficulty: easy Creator: Alaron One of the best ways to get to know ones way around the BatCity is to go on the tour offered by the tour guide 1 east from the altar in the church (2n,2w from here). This quest is simple: take the complete tour. Quest: Visit Level: 5 Difficulty: easy Creator: Alaron There is no better way to get used to moving around BatCity than by having to find several locations around it, with only the 'map' command to aid you. Visit 5 out of 6 of the following locations: Roulette wheel Hospital entrance hall Tinker's Toolshop Library Swimming pool entrance Art Gallery At each location, type 'tour visitor'. Quest: View artwork Level: 7 Difficulty: not very hard Creator: Alaron Over the years, many players of this mud have created innovative login screens, which are used at random. Visit the art gallery in town, and view them all.

66. Web Quests
to teach with the web. By pointing to excellent examples and collecting materialsdeveloped to communicate the idea, all of us experimenting with web quests
Plan a Quest Web Quests are an excellent way to help guide users towards learning. A quality Web Quest organizes Internet resources to help construct learning and knowledge. The links below will help to plan, design, and navigate quality Web Quests. Use these resources to help students in their quest for knowledge. (Teachers - If you design a plan for a Web Quest, please " e-mail us " your plan as an attachment and we will add it to this section for other teachers to utilize.) Why Web Quests The Idea Machine Staff Training for Web Quests Web Quest Planning Form ... Creating Web Quests Use the following forms to help organize and construct your WebQuest Student WebQuest Template Teacher WebQuest Template Quest Catagories Click on a text link below to select a Web Quest category. Please email us if you come across links that are not working. If you complete a Virtual Fieldtrip from this list, please fill out a " Evaluation Form " to help us rate these resources.

67. Mr. J. Vega's Web Links
web quests Eng and Span - These various webquests will help to understand more Kidsis to show children what's possible with the web and teach them how
Mr. J. F. Vega's Web Links
Phoenix Elementary School District No. 1
Distrito Escolar Numero 1 de las Escuelas Primarias de Phoenix
Call 257-3838 if you child will be absent Llame al 257-3838 sí su hijo/a no asistirá a clases GroupWise Email Best viewed with Internet Explorer Este sitio se visualiza mejor con Internet Explorer Web Quests Handouts Teaching Resources ... top Web Quests - A WebQuest is an inquiry-oriented activity in which most or all of the information used by learners is drawn from the Web. WebQuests are designed to use learners' time well, to focus on using information rather than looking for it, and to support learners' thinking at the levels of analysis, synthesis and evaluation.
Web Quest Examples
Web page authoring . . . and thoughts for creating web pages

68. Edtech.html
Select and organize materials, equipment, and technologies needed to teach a unit anddon'ts teaching Resources available on web web quests •assign reading.
Educational Technology
EDUC 520
Willamette University
Steve Rhine, Ed. D.
Jill Weisner, Ph. D.
Office: 375-5348 Email: Office:
-For Teachers

-For Students

This HANDS-ON course is designed to acquaint you with possible uses of educational technology for yourself as teacher and your future students. Through a project emphasis you will learn how to use the internet, multimedia tools, and techniques in your classroom and for your own productivity as a teacher. OBJECTIVE
The course is designed to provide an overview of educational technology. Our aim is that the course will increase your confidence in using technology to the point that you will integrate technology into your lessons with your future students in a way that enhances learning. GRADING POLICY
A passing grade for the course is achieved by completing the project and missing no more than one class. If you can't make a class, you may attend one of the other sections, if arranged with the instructor ahead of time. You may make revisions to achieve a complete and quality project. The grade for a completed project will be dropped one grade if not turned in by Dec. 13th. Revisions must be turned in according to arrangement made with the instructor. COURSE REQUIREMENTS
Each student must get a Willamette University email account. Students are expected to check their email and the course Blackboard site at least once a week. Students must not save files on Willamette computers. They can email files to themselves or bring removable media. Students must attend each class and submit a complete project explained below.

69. OnLine Teach & Learning
webquests Research Models web Trips Sites to JumpStart Student Research web quests . This is the OnLine teach Learn link area /priv_areas/teachandss
Add a link Top of page Models for Student Web-Based Research

This page is designed specifically with the new-to-technology educator in mind, how to organize and direct your students' research on the Web.
WebCT Community

WebCT provides publishers, instructors, students and administrators with a more flexible and powerful learning tool that enhances the learning experience by harnessing the power of the Internet. To read about the latest trends and information in onli ne teaching and learning.... Online Pedagogy

This site provides explanation about, and links to, a full range of topics such as MOOs and MUDs, Online Communities, Online Course Development and Design,

Bookmark this page for easier return visits.
Use this form to submit links to be approved and published by the Webmaster within seven days. Heading: Address / URL: Description:

70. Ms. Barnes's Web Quests
web quests. web quests are web units designed by teachers to teach a specificarea of curriculum through the World Wide web and special activities.
Web Quests Web Quests are web units designed by teachers to teach a specific area of curriculum through the World Wide Web and special activities. The following Web Quests were developed or chosen for our gifted class, but anyone is free to use them! Zoo Animals Roller Coaster Physics (by Ms. Barnes) Dictionary Periodic Table Christopher Columbus Forces at Work ... Example Webquest Template
Diggin' for Dinosaurs Webquest Webring from Yahoo! Graphics by:
UPDATED May 14, 2002

71. Severna Park High School : Home
as a resource to those who are using the webQuest model to teach with the web UCISummer Science Institute web quests, web quests that engage students in online

calendar administration departments ... what's new
Teacher Resources
Lesson Plans/Reference Web Quests Integrating Technology Professional Resources highlights of what's available. A valuable resource for teachers, students and parents is the Anne Arundel County Library Media Services web page. This page offers teachers resources for Additionally, the SPHS Library Media Center's web page provides online references by subject categories. Links to Lessons and Reference Sources Blue Web 'N A pot 'o gold! Online Research Modules The Modules are designed to guide students, assist teachers and support the curriculum. Developed by teams of teachers and media specialists from the Baltimore County Public Schools. Worth a look! Kathy Schrock Guide for Educators A categorized list of sites on the Internet
intended to be useful for enhancing curriculum and teacher professional growth.

72. Favoritenew
web Quest Index SD.City Schools web quests CyberGuides K Miss Rumphius Award ISTEClass web Design Power Point Tips Special Education Resources
Search Engines Lakeside Sites
Ask Jeeves


Lindo Park School Web Site

Lakeside Union School District

Web Quests Author Web Sites K- 12 Web Quest Index
S.D.City Schools
Web Quests ...
Roald Dahl
Art Animals Mark Kistler's Imagination Station
Art Education
Reptiles and Amphibians
The San Diego Zoo
Math Birds Math Forum Problems
Brain Teasers
Houghton Mifflin Math Practice Telling Time (BBC) Primary Grades ... Eagle Kids Classroom Projects Gardening Web66: A K12 Web Project ThinkQuest EPals Project Center ... Gardening (4H Children's Garden at MSU) Teacher Sites Search by Topics abcteach Adobe Photoshop Tips Blue Web'n Clip Art ... (Download red, white, and blue e-ribbon) TaskStream Abraham Lincoln Blue Web'N T heme ... Olympics Activities (ABC Teach) Olympic Lessons (Education World) Rain Forest (Kids Corner) Rain Forest Links Rosa Parks (Reading Comprehension) ... White House Photo Essays Families L iteracy Ancestors Grandparents Stories Immigratio n - Long Way to a New Land Little House in the Big Woods Leveled Book Internet Resources (IRA Reading Online) Interactive Writing (K-2) Integrating Technology into Literacy Curriculum NCTE (National Council of Teachers of English) Online Stories (Clifford) ... The Literacy Web Reading Carol Hurst's Children's Literature Site Reader's Theatre Scripts to download Reading Rockets Read Write Site ... Reading Lady Differentiation

73. Staff Development Workshop
to explore resources that are relevant to the content area they teach, and learnhow to bookmark them for future reference. web quests (Adapted from Bernie
Integrating the Internet into Curriculum
In this workshop, you will be exposed to a variety of ways in which the Internet can be used effectively across curriculum. You will have the opportunity to explore resources for both teachers and students and discuss ways in which these resources can be utilized in the classroom. Using both simple and advanced searching techniques, you will have the opportunity to explore resources that are relevant to the content area they teach, and learn how to bookmark them for future reference. Web Quests Collaborative Online Projects Student Publications
Web-Based Curriculum
... Teacher Resources
Web Quests
(Adapted from Bernie Dodge of San Diego State University
A Web Quest is an inquiry-oriented activity in which most or all of the information used by learners is drawn from the Web. Web Quests are designed to use learners' time well, to focus on using information rather than looking for it, and to support learners' thinking at the levels of analysis, synthesis and evaluation. There are at least two distinguishable levels of Web Quests: Short Term Web Quests : The learner will learn a significant amount of new information and make sense of it within one to three class periods.

74. Power To Teach Grant Recipients - Florida
Power to teach Florida Grant Recipients The vehicle for their training is thedevelopment of web quests (curriculumfocused Internet projects) that will
Power to Teach Florida Grant Recipients Grantee: St. Johns County Public Schools Location: St. Augustine Amount: Project: This proposal involves 7th and 8th grade teacher teams (40 teachers total) across 5 middle schools. The vehicle for their training is the development of web quests (curriculum-focused Internet projects) that will involve multiple tools and applications. They envision teachers and students interacting across networks and on the Internet through live videoconferences, gather data from global primary sources, and posting reports and studies on web pages. Grantee: Broward County Public Schools Location: Ft. Lauderdale Amount: Project: This is the fifth largest district in the nation and, as a result, proposes to work with one high school and its feeder middle school to customize a new curriculum tool, WebCT, for the entire district. This is a train the trainer program where cohorts of teachers will learn how to develop instructional materials within the WebCT environment and then demonstrate and teach additional cohorts of teachers. The work is being connected to preservice teachers as well through the strong involvement of their partner, Florida Atlantic University. Grantee: Palm Beach County

75. Teacher
PC teach It's content follows the academic calendar and offers creative EdHelper,10960 Lesson Plans, 1223 web quests, 5000 Free Worksheet Generators, 1600 Word resources.htm
Website Description AskEric Lesson Plans Over 2000 lesson plans submitted by teachers Kathy Schrock's Guide for Educators List of sites useful for enhancing curriculum The Educator's Toolkit Information for teachers and students Eduscapes Site for teachers, parents, and students - many links and project ideas available The Gateway Searchable site provides educators access to more than 23,000 online resources including lesson plans, curriculum units and articles Scoring Guide for Student Projects Link to NCREL website to create scoring guide for computer based projects ABC Teach Ideas, information, and printables for teacher of grades K-6 Starfall Starfall is a creative website designed to teach children to read. MidOhio Service Center MOESC's website has courses of study available along with many other resources for teachers Interactive Websites Interactive websites that engage students by providing information and resources along with practice, simulations, and other learning activities

76. Clever Questioning -- Teachers @ Work - Mark Teadwell
In the past if we desired to teach highly contextual units of work we would On theweb now we are starting to see the development of “web quests”, units of
Clever Questioning Art
English Language



• Christian Education
Our 23 Quality Criteria
Asking clever questions and then searching the web for solutions The key problem solving skills involve:
  • Thinking critically, creatively, reflectively and logically. Exercising imagination, initiative and flexibility. Identifying, describing and redefining problems and analysing them from a variety of perspectives. Making connections and establishing relationships. Inquiring and researching, and exploring, generating and developing ideas. Testing ideas and solutions and making decisions on the basis of experience and supporting evidence. Evaluating processes and outcomes
Order the book and get all the details, exercises, detailed suggestions for researching the internet and much more. How do encourage students to think? The technology we now have allows us for the first time to ask clever questions, questions that force students to manipulate information in ways that encourage the development of understanding and the improvement of conceptual models. In the past we could not ask students to compare an Allasaurus and an elephant and suggest 5 similarities and 5 differences in how they lived, because we could not resource the question. We have 29 books in the library on dinosaurs but none would have given the information we require at the level we required, so we have been trapped teaching thematic, broad-based projects such as pollution, travel, space, dinosaurs, Romans, etc.

77. Techint.htm
A webquest about web quests. Online. a, Busy teacher's webSite, a, SmithsonianField Trips. a, Collaborative Lessons Online, a, teach for Tomorrow.
Home Schools School Board Departments Business and Finance Curriculum and Instruction Food and Nutrition Gifted/Talented; AP/Pre-
Guidance and Counseling Human Resources Librarians School Safety and
Special Education Staff Development ... Teaching and Learning Technology Technology Integration Transportation Employment FAQS Bus Schedules Calendar District Lines Menus Related Sites
For More Information: James Foster
Technology Integration Specialist Phone: Technology

Departments Technology Integration Technology Integration Staff A rticles of Interest
Sample Technology Plans
North Carolina

Arkansas Education

Eugene, Oregon

Sweetwater County
... Urbana NCREL Winning Plans Holman Bethlehem Madison ISTE Standards I Administrators Students Teachers NCATE ... TSSA Technology Planning

78. SIRS Publishing, Inc. - Email Bulletins
quests — teach research skills with timely questions that provide students andinstructors with challenging research scenarios. Modeled after web quests, a
Publisher's Forum Conventions What's New Media Releases ...
Sign Up Now!
Educator’s and Librarians will want to sign up for SIRS E-mail Bulletins, because SIRS will feature information you can put to immediate use – as well as continue to keep abreast of our latest product updates. Each week of the month, a new themed Educator’s Segment will be E-mailed to SIRS customers and posted on our databases: Week 1: Spotlight of the Month — Get an overview of SIRS Database ‘Spotlight of the Month’ topics including a sampling of article titles to promote patron awareness of available resources on topics such as the High School Debate Topic, Academic Decathlon, Black History Month or National Book Month. — Learn technical tips, tricks and hints that you can easily share with instructors and students. Find out how to save your search results, insert a graphic into your presentation or create a bibliography. Week 3: Food for Thought — Inspire critical thinking with an editorial essay written by a subject specialist. Each article focuses on a particular, often timely subject, with sample article links from SIRS databases to allow self-exploration into the subject matter. Week 4: Challenge Quests — Teach research skills with timely questions that provide students and instructors with challenging research scenarios. Modeled after Web Quests, a pathfinder for each quest will be answered in the following month.

79. Teachersites
CyberSmart! teach students to make smart choices on the web. 50 New web quests Grad student projects from Freed-Hardeman U. Top. Back to Internet Sites.
Sites for Teachers
Internet Field Trips Resources Scavenger Hunts Web Quests ... Back to Internet Sites Updated Internet Field Trips Xcursion Central curriculum-rich, teacher-developed Internet field trips that link to a number of Web sites that are relevant to a specific subject or topic Top Resources T EXAS ESSENTIAL KNOWLEDGE AND SKILLS Teks R equired skill for all grade levels and subjects SUMMER SCHOOL Reading Levels Choose Leveled Readers at top of page Then choose CORRELATED READING A-Z LEVELS NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND No Child Left Behind Website TAKS Online Practice Tests students must log on TAKSGeneral Information from ATPE TAKS Information Booklets Online Texas Science Center Social Studies TAAS TEA TAAS Interactive Online Test Spring 2001 Version TEA TAAS Interactive Online Test Spring 2000 Version TEA TAAS Interactive Online Test Spring 1999 Version LESSON PLANS Wonder resources and web sites Kings Park Elementary Technology Lessons Good ideas for Grades K-3 The Best On the Web for Teachers Sail On TEKS based online lessons and games Internet Activities (K-2) - written by teachers in the San Antonio area Internet Activities (3-5) - written by teachers in the San Antonio area Kindergarten Connection - lots of activities for teachers of young children Pics4Learning Lesson Plans - lessons designed for educators who are looking for dynamic multi-level lesson plans written in conjunction with thematic digital images

80. Web_Quests1
Other web quests. Autumn, A Season of Colors This web quest investigates the seasonof Hunt” is a multisource activity using poetry to teach vowel sounds and

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