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         Zoos & Animal Parks General:     more books (100)
  1. Texas Zoos and Animal Parks (A Road Runner Guide) by Ann Ruff, 1990-04
  2. COMPARATIVE PATHOLOGY (The Symposia of the National Zoological Park) by Symposium on the Comparative Pathology of Zoo Animals, Richard J. Montali, et all 1980-08-17
  3. Michigan Zoos and Animal Parks (Glovebox Guidebook) by Bill Bailey, 1992-05
  4. The Popcorn Park Zoo. (refuge for animals that were unwanted, sick or abandoned; located in New Jersey): An article from: Children's Digest by Lou Harry, 1997-03-01
  5. Dolphinarium: Aquarium, Dolphin, Marine mammal park, Zoo, Amusement park, Cetacea, Animal welfare, Bottlenose dolphin, Cruelty to animals.
  6. Second Nature: Environmental Enrichment for Captive Animals (Zoo and Aquarium Biology and Conservation Series)
  7. Animal Care and Management at the National Zoo: Final Report by Committee on the Review of the Smithsonian Institution's National Zoological Park, National Research Council, 2005-10-24
  8. Animal Care and Management at the National Zoo: Interim Report by Committee on a Review of the Smithsonian Institution's National Zoological Park, National Research Council, 2004-02-24
  9. Rhinoceroses and Hippopotami (Zoo Animals - Macmillan Young Library) by Michael Pelusey, Jane Pelusey, 2008-01-15
  10. Hansa: The True Story of an Asian Elephant Baby by Clare Hodgson Meeker, The Woodland Park Zoo, 2002-04-10
  11. Wild Lives: A History of People & Animals of the Bronx Zoo by Kathleen Weidner Zoehfeld, 2006-03-14
  12. Savages and Beasts: The Birth of the Modern Zoo (Animals, History, Culture) by Nigel Rothfels, 2008-06-17
  13. Animal Attractions: Nature on Display in American Zoos by Elizabeth Hanson, 2004-01-26
  14. Postcards from the Zoo: Animal Tales from a 25-year Zoo Safari by Darill Clements, 2003-04-01

1. Zoos
UK zoo ZOO Zoo, zoos, zoological gardens, aquariums, butterfly farms, bird gardens aviaries, safari parks, City Farms, animal welfare conservation, Major UK zoos. Aquaria, Marine parks Sealife Centres The Mega Links Section. animal Keeping Societies. animal Welfare Links in zoo or conservation matters in general? If you are
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Your help is wanted to allow me to update and expand this website. Please help me to ensure the usefulness of this site by keeping me informed of errors or new information. As I cannot physically visit all the zoos please help me by writing a review of your local zoo. Please feel free to send reviews or updates to the site only by e-mail . If you have a question on any other matter to do with zoos or zoology or you want to comment on a particular zoo please leave your comments in the zoo forum or join one of the zoo mailing lists as visitors to this site will often have the answer to your question. If you have any comments on the website please leave your comments in the Guestbook . And, if you want to voice your opinion on Zoos and Zoo matters answer the zoo poll UK Zoo Directory Alphabetical listing Regional Listing Major UK Zoos Safari Parks ... Vote for your favourite UK Zoo The Mega Links Section Animal Keeping Societies Animal Welfare Links Conservation Links
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Zoo Mailing Lists
Fact Files British Wildlife Guide Extinct Animals Articles
  • Zoo site services Do you have a zoo? How to start or improve your zoo website. Things to consider
  • 2. Digital City: New York - What's Going On - Local Zoos, Animal Parks & Aquariums
    Local zoos, animal parks Aquariums. This message board is created and monitored by members of the Digital City they have a great general store with homemade goodies..

    3. The William And Charlotte Parks Foundation For Animal Welfare
    parks Foundation. for animal Welfare general Operating Grant. animal Protection of New Mexico. Santa Fe, NM. Awarded $5 000. Purpose expanding campaigns circus, roadside zoos,
    The William and Charlotte Parks Foundation
    for Animal Welfare Home Eligibility Types of Awards Past Awardees ... Contact Us
    Past Awardees

    Awardees List 2000

    Awardees List 2001

    Awardees List 2002
    Awards 1999
    Capital Grants
    Alexander Animal Action League
    Awarded: $5,000
    Purpose: construct a replacement shelter
    Friends of a Caring Animal Shelter (FOCAS)
    Awarded: $4,580 Purpose: renovated existing shelter buildings Humane Society of Schoolcraft County Manistique, MI Awarded: $5,000 Purpose: construction of a new shelter Humphreys County Humane Society Awarded: $10,000 Purpose: construct an additional shelter to existing one SPCA of Tsumeb Tsumeb, Namibia Awarded: $4,000 Purpose: building of isolation kennels
    General Operating Grant
    Animal Protection of New Mexico Santa Fe, NM Awarded: $5,000 Purpose: expanding campaigns: circus, roadside zoos, fur trade and other activities Animal Welfare Institute Washington, DC Awarded: $10,160 Purpose: to improve the welfare of pig farms Assocoacao Humanitaria de Protecao e Bem-Estar Animal (ARCA) Sao Paulo, Brazail

    4. AAPN - Asian Animal Protection Network : Welfare, Rights And Vegan Issues In Asi
    animal Welfare, Rights and Vegan Issues in China, and East Asia including fur, zoos, safari parks, circuses, elephants, dogs, cats, bears, tigers. and ideas and general mutual support. animal rights, vegetarian and vegan concerns, humane education, wildlife habitat conservation, traditional medicine, zoos, safari parks,
    Click here for Chinese:

    AAPN aims to develop intra-regional co-operation and provide an entry point for enquiries from other regions. It is a loose, cost-effective network for exchanging information and ideas and general mutual support. Issues include but are not limited to: animal welfare, animal rights, vegetarian and vegan concerns, humane education, wildlife habitat conservation, traditional medicine, zoos, safari parks, circuses, the fur trade, elephants, bears, tigers, wolves, dogs, cats, etc.
    T he emphasis is on East and South East Asia but we hope to spread to cover issues in the whole of Asia.

    ... ARCHIVES
    To locate information on this site, either click on an item in the Table of Contents above or use this Search Button.

    5. Animal Related Link Exchange
    Organizations. Domestic Rescues. general animal Links. general animal Organizations. general animal Rescues Wild animal Organizations. Wild animal Rescues. zoos Wild Life parks

    Animal Poems


    Aquatic Breeders

    Aquatic Organizations
    Wild Animal Rescues

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    6. The Virtual Reference Room
    animals (general Information) animal parks (zoos, etc.) Birds Cats Dogs Horses Insects Entomology Marine Mammals Pets Wildlife Zoology.
    Animals (General Information)
    Animal Parks (Zoos, etc.) Birds Cats ... Zoology

    7. Virginia Is For Lovers: Statewide / Theme Parks/Zoos
    Theme parks/zoos. Wineries Breweries animal Kingdom to You, with ZooTo-You and the Learning Safari. These programs can bring petting zoos Birdneck Rd. 849 general Booth Blvd

    offer a unique opportunity to see rare animals at Howletts Wild animal Park. Youwill see that the parks are very different to conventional zoos and parks
    Animal Pictures - Large selection of animal pictures. BBC - Animals - includes webcams, weekly features, animal news, and sections on pets. You can also follow BBC into the wild or try out some fun quizzes and activities. Cyptozoology! - The term 'cryptozoology' was coined in 1959 to describe the search for (and research into) previously unknown animals. To many this may just imply treks in search of a Yeti or the Loch Ness Monster but, in fact, it has a much more mainstream side in the work going on to identify new species of insects, birds and mammals. This site is a mixture of descriptions and pictures of newly discovered animals from a new kind of beetle with funny joints in its leg, to an amazing new picture of what may or may not turn out to be the Abominable Snowman. Cyber Zoomobile Online photo collection of favourite animal families - cats, dogs, bears, foxes, snakes - with educational information and links to more resources. Defenders of Wildlife: Kids' Planet - Check out fact sheets on all kinds of animals, play wild games, and learn about world wide wolves! You can also find out what you can do to help defend wildlife.

    9. Advice And Precautions For Zoos, Wildlife Parks Etc - Foot And Mouth Disease (DE
    Foot and Mouth Disease Advice and precautions for zoos, wildlife parks etc Some animal species kept in zoos and wildlife parks are susceptible to foot and mouth disease. entering accommodation, pens or enclosures. general. Any meat used to feed animals
    Skip links DEFRA home Animal Health Home Help ... Feedback
    Foot and Mouth Disease
    Search FMD Home About the Disease Advice to farmers Rural Activities ... Other animals
    Advice and precautions for zoos, wildlife parks etc
    This consideration and assessment of the problems faced by zoos and wildlife/safari parks takes into account the development of the Foot and Mouth (FMD) outbreak in Great Britain and the onset of the main tourist season. It updates that advice which was given on 24 February. (8 April 2001) Most conventional zoos are now open or about to open. There is no statutory requirement that zoos and wildlife parks should be closed to the public, unless they have a confirmed or suspected outbreak of the disease. If this does occur, or if an outbreak occurs in a neighbouring area, appropriate veterinary advice on epidemiological risk should be sought. Opening a zoo may very slightly increase the risk of introducing infection but the risk can be minimised by the application of precautionary measures. The question of opening is essentially one for the judgement of the individual enterprise. This note sets out the main risks and ways of managing them.
    Animals at Risk
    Some animal species kept in zoos and wildlife parks are susceptible to foot and mouth disease. These include cattle, sheep, goats, and other ruminants, swine and elephants. Although zoo and park animals have no direct contact with farmed livestock, they are still at risk of becoming infected. For example, infection could be introduced to the zoo by

    10. Zoological Links
    general Zoo Info. Links So You Would Like To Be A Zoo Keeper WorldWide Zoo Net zoos.Com Zoo Links and Information Zoo and Wildlife parks, animal Magic or






    General Zoo Info
      The Purpose of the Zoo
      Global Zoo Directory Welcome to NetVet World Zoology Departments Zoological Institutions (ISIS Members) Zoology Publication Links So You Would Like To Be A Zoo Keeper WorldWide Zoo Net Zoos.Com - Zoo Links and Information Zoo and Wildlife Parks, Animal Magic or Safety Minefield The Good Zoo Guide Online Zoos Worldwide
    Harpia - Zoo Conservation News Earth Care - Zoo Reviews Zoo Reviews ZooWeb Zoo Web Planet Ark News Web Resources for Students on Zoos and Aquariums The World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Zoos Zoopresseschau - German zoo newsletter English homepage for Zoopresseschau ZooNews Zoo Debate Zooish - fun site, animation, pictures, sounds, info
    Zoo and Related Organizations
      The World Zoo Organisation Consortium of Aquariums, Universities and Zoos (CAUZ) American Zoo and Aquarium Association (AZA) Canadian Association of Zoos and Aquariums European Association of Zoos and Aquaria - EAZA Australian Aquaria and Zoos Australasian Regional Association of Zoological Parks and Aquaria South East Asian Zoos Association Union of Czech and Slovak Zoos Pan African Zoological Gardens, Aquaria and Botanic Gardens

    11. Animals And Zoos Online
    4zoos a guide to zoos Brookfield Zoo - general info, conservation Long Island -zoos and Aquariums zoos, Sanctuaries and animal parks in Toowoomba
    Animals and Zoos Online

    Angel Animals: Exploring Our Spiritual Connection With Animals by A. Anderson et al

    My Family and Other Animals by G. M. Durrell

    1, 2, 3 Animals Busy Packs (Busy Packs) [for kids]

    10 Dinosaur Fun Books: Stickers, Stencils, Tattoos, and More [for kids]
    Professional and Technical Books

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    ANIMAL RESOURCES Animals Picture Find Game Pets, Pet Supplies A Base for Cats A Base for Dogs A Base for Horses A Base for African Wildlife Resources for Desert Animals Nature and Wildlife Photography Subscription and Free Nature/Outdoor Magazines Subscription and Free Sports/Recreation Magazines Resources on Science and Medicine Endangered and Extinct Species Resources for Adventure Travel Resources for EcoTourism in the World Online Resources for Ecology Natural Wonders in the World Resources on The Sahara Desert Shop for Outdoor and Camping Products Shop for Binoculars and Telescopes Woods Hole Oceanographic Instivideo games Yuckiest Site on the Internet - Science info ZooNet - pictures of elephants, lions, reptiles

    12. North Wales Index - Web Directory For North Wales
    CATEGORIES National parks LOCATIONS Wales (general) The Welsh the Zoo aims to conserveanimal and plant CATEGORIES Places to Visit , zoos animal Houses
    North North Wales Index Wales Index ... Wales Index Commercial Advertising (more info) Commercial Advertising (more info) Advertise your business here for just £10 for 4 weeks. Reach a potential audience of over 4000 unique visitors per day - tourists, residents and ex-pats. Targetted advertising at a very affordable price. Apply now
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    13. MEL: Animal Kingdom
    Dinosaurs. Domestic animals and Pets animal Welfare; general Care; Birds;Cats; Dogs; Fish; Wild Birds and Birding; Wildlife; zoos and animal parks. Home
    HAL Home MeL Internet MeL Magazines and eBooks ... Back to the Science Index
    Animal Kingdom

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    14. Major UK Zoos
    Bird Gardens Butterfly Insect parks Specialist collections species from morethan one animal group, large general they will be the zoos most commonly
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    Alphabetical listings Regional listings ...
    Animal Keeping Societies
    Major UK Zoos
    For the purposes of this site a major zoo is regarded as a combination of the following factors:
    Large site, selection of animals species from more than one animal group, large number of animals and/or species. In general they will be the Zoos most commonly known and tend to be named after the town or city in which they are located. Banham Zoo Banham Norfolk Major UK Zoos Belfast Zoological Gardens Belfast Major UK Zoos Blackpool Zoo Blackpool Lancashire Major UK Zoos Bristol Zoo Gardens Bristol Avon Major UK Zoos Chessington Zoo Chessington Surrey Major UK Zoos Chester Zoo Chester Cheshire Major UK Zoos Colchester Zoo Colchester Essex Major UK Zoos Cotswold Wildlife Park Burford Oxfordshire Major UK Zoos Drusillas Zoo Park Alfriston East Sussex Major UK Zoos Dublin Zoo Dublin Eire Major UK Zoos Dudley Zoo Dudley West Midlands Major UK Zoos Edinburgh Zoo Edinburgh Major UK Zoos Glasgow Zoo Park Glasgow Major UK Zoos Howletts Zoo Park Canterbury Kent Major UK Zoos Jersey Zoo Trinity Jersey, Channel Isles

    15. Hot List :
    Ferrets. Reptiles. zoos..animal parks. Other Sites Wildlife Health InformationPartnership.(More to come). general Links of Particular Interest to Veterinarians*.
    Hot List : Animal Related Web Links
    Web Sites of General Interest
    This following are links to web sites of general interest to animal lovers, and are subdivided by animal type, for your convenience. Some of these will overlap, as they may provide information relevant to more than one species. Links of particular interest to veterinarians are listed separately below.
    Ferrets ...
    Zoos..Animal Parks
    Other Sites:
    HealthyPet (auspices of AAHA) ...this is a GREAT site!
    NetVet Web Searching
    Pet Station
    Wildlife Health InformationPartnership
    (More to come)
    General Links of Particular Interest to Veterinarians*
    NetVet Resources (follow links to Electronic Zoo)
    NetVet Web Searching

    FDA (follow links to Center for Vet Med)


    Australian Veterinary Association
    DVM Search

    These areas are continuously under times, these will be updated and the list will be expanded
    Pages HomePage AnimalArt Diabetes
    LargeBreed Puppy Diet
    ... About Newman Veterinary Medical Services You are today's visitor # 5
    You are visitor # 2410

    16. Animal Activists Target Circus, Ringling US Congress, Seattle Mayor Consider Ban
    related incident that put a member of the general public at risk. injuries and deaths– occurring since 1990 in circuses, zoos, animal parks, publicity events
    Our members feed, clothe, heal, comfort, entertain, inform and protect the world! General Information About NAIA Our Board Members NAIA Position Statements Join Us ... Return to Home Page What's New Events Calendar New Articles FYI Support NAIA NAIA Store NAIA Bookstore Join NAIA Get Involved Our Campaigns NAIA Brochures Action Alerts Letters to the Editor ... Join E-groups Lists NAIA Library Archived Articles Animal Welfare Animal Rights Extremism Links Other Sites of Interest Other Services Site Translation Receive our Newsletter Search Site
    Animal activists target circus, Ringling US Congress, Seattle mayor consider bans on performing animals
    - By Norma Bennett Woolf
    Congressman Sam Farr wants to ban elephants in circuses. Mayor Paul Schell of Seattle, Washington, wants his city to go a bit further and ban all wild animal acts at city facilities, and Redmond, Washington, enacted a circus animal ban in October. Farr and Schell agree with animal rights activists that circus animals suffer physically and psychologically from captivity and the rigors of training, but circus officials and supporters counter the arguments with evidence that circus animals are well-treated; trained with positive reinforcement, not punishment; not unduly stressed by travel and performances; and are no more aggressive than their wild counterparts.

    17. Visit Hampton Roads Virginia: Hampton Roads / Theme Parks/Zoos
    HAMPTON ROADS THEME parks/zoos. 849 general Booth Blvd Virginia Beach, VA 23451 Phone(757) 4226419 by donations and is dedicated to promoting animal welfare.

    18. The Ultimate Zoo Page - General Animal Information
    The search for relevant FAQs is on! If you know of any, please let me know. generalanimal Information. animalbytes. zoos, Aquariums, animal parks, etc.
    G eneral A nimal I nformation FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) The search for relevant FAQs is on! If you know of any, please let me know. General Animal Information Zoos, Aquariums, Animal Parks, etc. Topics Grouped by Animal Type Dogs Horses Wolves Felines Birds Bears

    19. AZA Guidelines For Animal Contact With The General Public
    Responsible zoos should and do make reasonable attempts ascertain with certainty thatan animal is Salmonella public programs to zoological parks and aquariums
    Drafted by the AZA Animal Health Committee
    R. Eric Miller, DVM, Dipl. ACZM
    Nearly every contact with other living organisms, whether it be with humans or other animals, carries some risk of disease transmission. Diseases that are spread from animals to humans are called zoonoses (adj. = zoonotic diseases). Responsible zoos should and do make reasonable attempts to limit the risk of the spread of disease from the animals in their care to their employees and to the general public. For the general public, the risk of contracting disease from most zoo animals is minimal to nonexistent due to their distance and isolation from the animals. However, contact areas for the general public can present increased risks that can be controlled with reasonable precautions. For this paper, contact areas refers to those areas in which there is direct physical contact between animals and people. These precautions are most effective when they are part of an overall preventive medicine program for the zoological park. Risks of zoonotic disease can be markedly reduced by avoiding direct animal contact. However, this forgoes many valuable educational experiences and the establishment of a direct relationship between animals and the public. A reasonable alternative is adequate hand washing for those in direct contact with the animals. Hand washing is perhaps the single most effective personal hygiene procedure for reducing the risk of infection.

    20. Dissertations
    of the differences between ‘safari parks’ and ‘traditional a survey to investigatethe animal welfare ideologies by the general public by visiting zoos.

    CAMPAIGNS EDUCATION GET INVOLVED ... EXTRAS Calling all Students! Are you looking for a subject for your dissertation, or project but not sure what to do? Perhaps you are looking for something new? Something that could be used and could make a difference? Help is at hand. The Born Free Foundation campaigns team has compiled a list of titles that you may wish to use or adapt to your liking. Members of the team are on hand to offer expertise and advice or just point you in the right direction. Our only request is that we receive a copy of your final work. Click on the relevant field and have a look at the suggestions below. See also Zoo Check reading list BFF Campaign Subject matter Zoos Contact Primates Bushmeat campaign ...
    Publications Suggested Dissertation Titles
    Zoos Zoo concept Study the evolution of the zoo concept into the 21st Century and its technology Study the transformation of Open Farms into zoos Evaluate management differences between large and small zoos Study the evolution of number and origin of species kept in zoos through history Evaluate the influence of zoos on the culture of keeping exotic pets Evaluate the business success of amusement parks with no live animal attractions in comparison of amusement parks with live animals

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