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         Taxonomy:     more books (100)
  2. Scope monograph on Human Mycoses. A visual outline of the characteristics of the dermatophytes and the deep mycoses, including the taxonomy of the various fungi involved. by Everett Smith. BENEKE, 1970
  3. Structural Botany: Or, Organography On the Basis of Morphology. to Which Is Added the Principles of Taxonomy and Phytography, and a Glossary of Botanical Terms by Asa Gray, 2010-04-08
  4. A Taxonomy of the Pschomotor Domain by Anita J. Harrow, 1979-12
  5. Banking and currency crises and systemic risk: A taxonomy and review (Financial markets, institutions & instruments) by George G Kaufman, 2000
  6. Modern Plant Taxonomy by N.S. Subrahmanyam, 1997-01-01
  7. Tonal and rhythm patterns, an objective analysis: A taxonomy of tonal patterns and rhythm patterns and seminal experimental evidence of their difficulty and growth rate by Edwin Gordon, 1976
  8. Naming Our Ancestors: An Anthology of Hominid Taxonomy by William Eric Meikle, Sue Taylor Parker, 1994-05
  9. Mammals of Utah: Taxonomy and Distribution (Museum Ser Vol 6) by Stephen Durrant, 1952-06
  10. Taxonomy of the Pyrenomycetes (The University of Missouri studies) by Everett Stanley Luttrell, 1951
  11. New concepts in flowering-plant taxonomy (The scholarship series in biology) by J Heslop-Harrison, 1966
  12. Modern Methods in Plant Taxonomy by V.H. Heywood, 1968-10
  13. Taxonomy, Phylogeny, and Zoogeography of Beetles and Ants: A Volume Dedicated to the Memory of Philip Jackson Darlington, Jr. 1904-1 983 (Series Entomologica)
  14. Functional Taxonomy of the Global Capital Markets by IDC, 2005-01-01

121. Biognomen
A Linnaean taxonomy arranged to show the evolutionary relationships among groups. One can navigate through the hierarchy vertically, or follow a lineage horizontally at a particular level of the hierarchy.

122. Teaching Using Bloom's Taxonomy
Teaching using Bloom's taxonomy. 1.Knowledge (finding out). a. Use records, films, videos, models, events, media, diagrams, books

123. Larissa's Bunny Guide
A guide to educate people on rabbit care. Offers information on behavior, taxonomy, photos and related links.

124. Student's Blooms Taxonomy
Bloom's taxonomy. I. Knowledge remembering of previously learned material;recall (facts or whole theories); bringing to mind. Terms

125. EuroBrachNet
Directory of the specialists working on brachiopods, recent publications, and systematics and taxonomy of the Brachiopoda.

126. Soil Classification Keys To Soil Taxonomy
Keys to Soil taxonomy provides the taxonomic keys necessary for the classificationof soils in a form that can be sued easily in the field.

Deep-Sea MollusksCategory Science Biology Animalia Mollusca Aplacophora......The taxonomy of the Aplacophora (Chaetodermomorpha or Caudofoveata Neomeniomorphaor Solenogastres), ScleriteBearing Deep-Sea Mollusks.

128. Department Of Entomology At Volcani ARO
s of the research undertaken in insect management, taxonomy, ecology, toxicology and control.......

129. SN Taxonomy
Supernova taxonomy. Michael Richmond May 12, 1996. Well, the splitters have been beating the lumpers in the SN classification

130. Paleo Bytes
Introduction to the brachiopods, with information about taxonomy, morphology, and ecology.

131. Pfam Taxonomy Query
Enter your query. The taxonomy query requires the scientific latin denominationof organisms. For example Eukaryota, Metazoa , Arthropoda

132. DELTA DEscription Language For TAxonomy
A flexible format for encoding taxonomic descriptions for computer processing. It can be used to produce naturallanguage descriptions, keys, classifications, and information-retrieval systems.


134. About Logistics Supply Chain
Provides an extensive taxonomy of links, supply chain articles and other resources for logistics and supply chain professionals.

135. The Brachiopoda
Introduction to the morphology and taxonomy of the Brachiopoda with detailed sections on each major group.

136. Biology4Kids.comTaxonomy
taxonomy The TAXONOMETRIC way of organizing organisms is based on similaritiesbetween different organisms. taxonomy used to be called SYSTEMATICS.

137. The Morning News - An Extremely Incomplete Taxonomy Of Cinematic
An Extremely Incomplete taxonomy of Cinematic New Yorks Paul Ford,3 February 2003. Looking for New York over the last 7 years, I

138. ContextualAnalysis
Information architecture consulting, specializing in content analysis and organization, taxonomy/thesaurus design, website indexing and backof-book indexes in the humanities.

139. Soil Orders
The Twelve Soil Orders Soil taxonomy, In 1975, Soil taxonomy was publishedby the United States Department of Agriculture's Soil Survey Staff.

140. Names In Current Use For Extant Plant Genera
International Association for Plant taxonomy searchable database.

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