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  1. Molecular Techniques in Taxonomy (NATO ASI Series / Cell Biology)
  2. Ostracod Taxonomy by Henry V. Howe, 1962

141. EContent Magazine Taxonomy
taxonomy. Autonomy Launches New Eduction Module. Wordmap And Mohomine AnnounceStrategic Relationship, Launch Integrated taxonomy Solution.

142. TreeMap
Experimental program for comparing host and parasite trees.

143. The ABC's Of Animal Taxonomy
An introduction to the scientific classification of animals, with a discussion ofconventional Linnaean and cladistic taxonomy. The ABC's of Animal taxonomy.

144. Virtual Self
Virtual Self makes possible a realtime, taxonomy-free, flexible, state-of-the art system that gets you to the answer you are seeking more quickly, provides access to all your information regardless of where it is, and leverages your existing IT infrastructure.

145. Kew Record Service
Database provides references to all publications on the taxonomy of flowering plants, gymnosperms and ferns. Supplied by the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew.

146. Taxonomy Of Socratic Questions
taxonomy of Socratic Questioning. The taxonomy of Socratic questions, createdby Richard Paul, is not a hierarchy in the traditional sense.

147. TreeView
Simple program for displaying phylogenies.

148. Lichens, Education, Taxonomy, Database
LichenLand. Fun with Lichens. from Oregon State University Discover theWorld of Lichens Learn how to Identify these Mysterious Organisms

149. The Fish Wars
A humorous history of the evolution of the many fish you see on the backs of cars. Jesus fish, Darwin fish, and Gefilte fish. Includes a complete taxonomy of all known fish.

150. 101 Taxonomy -
All rights reserved. taxonomy, science of classifying organisms. Tree of Life.taxonomy Excellent material here! Software (32). taxonomy map@ (9,111).

151. The Euglenoid Project
A comprehensive database of the taxonomy, structure, evolution, and general biology of the euglenoid flagellates, including the genus euglena.

152. The Basics Of Bloom's Taxonomy
Bloom's taxonomy of Educational Objectives more Gardner, H., 1983, Framesof mind. New York more Multiple Intelligences for the 21st Century more.

153. Component
For analysis of phlyogenies. Includes a wide range of randomisation methods, consensus methods, tree comparison measures, and calculates reconciled trees. Now aging, and available only for Windows machines, but still has some unique features. Much of the functionality is now replaced by RadCon, GeneTree, TreeMap and the latest release of PAUP.

154. Security Taxonomy And Glossary - Lynn Wheeler
For nonframes version Security Glossary. testing frames.

155. FishBase
Definitions of more than 1000 terms related to ichthyology, taxonomy, ecology, population dynamics, genetics, oceanography, geography and related disciplines.

156. Light Reading - The Global Site For Optical Networking
FEBRUARY 27, 2001, PREVIOUS REPORTS. Optical taxonomy. By Scott Clavenna and PeterHeywood. Introduction. 27, Re optical taxonomy report, euler, 3/2/2001 13435 PM.

157. The Center For Phycological Documentation
Information about algae and their taxonomy, including 'The Catalogue of the Benthic Marine Algae of the Indian Ocean,' and 'The Index Nominum Algarum,' a compendium of circa 200,000 algal names.

158. W3C QA - Taxonomy Of Tests
taxonomy of tests. A scheme with 5 different kinds of conformancetests of W3C specs, organized in 2 families conformance of Web

159. RadCon
A package implementing a wide range of consensus methods, including reduced consensus, and for calculation of MRP supertrees. Currently only available for Macs.

160. Taxonomy Of Birds Introduction
Avian taxonomy provides links to the major taxonomic groups of birds, with examplesfor each. More information on taxonomy and classification on Names.

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