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         Altemus Henry:     more books (101)
  1. Altemus' Young People's Library, Columbus and the Discovery of America with 80 Illustrations by Altemus, 1896
  2. RIDE A COCK-HORSE by Henry Altemus, 1905
  3. The Man Who Did Not Die by henry altemus, 1906-01-01
  4. The History Of Tom Thumb to which are added The Cat and The Mouse and Fire! Fire! Burn! Stick! by Henry Altemus, 2009-11-07
  5. A CHILD'S LIFE OF CHRIST : in Words of One Syllable by Henry Altemus, 1900-01-01
  6. The Swiss Family Robinson by Henry Altemus, 1899-01-01
  7. History of Tom Thumb by Henry Altemus, 2008-02-28
  8. Aladdin, or the Wonderful Map by Henry Altemus Co., 1905
  9. Young People's History of England by Edward S. Ellis, Henry Altemus Company, 2010-04-06
  10. Elizabeth And Her German Garden by Henry Altemus Company,
  11. The Robber Kitten by Henry Altemus, 1904
  12. Line Upon Line, or a Second Series of the Earliest Religious Instruction the Infant Mind Is Capable of Receiving. by Henry Altemus, 1897
  13. Miss Toosey's Mission by Henry Altemus, 1903-01-01
  14. Daily Food for Christians; Being a Promise, and Other Scriptural Portion for Every Day in the Year Together with the Verse of a Hymn by Henry Altemus, 1897

61. Biblioteca Virtual
The Choir Invisible (.zip 157.57 Kb). Altemus, Henry. The History Of Tom Thumb,The; to which are added the stories of The Cat And The Mouse and Fire! Fire!
Obras por autor - A
A Young Girl A Young Girl's Diary (.zip - 178 Kb)
Abbott, David Phelps (1863 + 1934) A Doctor Of The Occult (.zip - 160.56 Kb)
Fraudulent Spiritualism Unveiled (.zip - 160.56 Kb)

How The Tricks Succeeded (.zip - 160.56 Kb)

Mind Reading In Public (.zip - 160.56 Kb)
Some Famous Exposures (.zip - 160.56 Kb)
Abbott, Edwin Abbott (1838 + 1926) AKA Square, A
Flatland: a romance of many dimensions (.zip - 88 Kb)

Adams, Andy(1859 + 1935) The Outlet (.zip - 204.58 Kb)
The Outlet (.zip - 204.93 Kb)
Adams, Henry (1838 + 1918) Democracy, an American novel(.zip - 157 Kb)
The Education Of Henry Adams (.zip - 400.43 Kb)
The Education Of Henry Adams (.zip - 405.04 Kb) Adams, John Quincy (1767 + 1848) Orations (.zip - 25 Kb) Adams, Samuel (1722 + 1803) The Writings Of Samuel Adams Volume 02 (.zip - 268 Kb) The Writings Of Samuel Adams Volume 03 (.zip - 232 Kb) Addams, Jane (1860 + 1935) Twenty Years At Hull House; with autobiographical notes (.zip - 243.38 Kb)

62. History And Background
In 1842, Altemus began to publish is own books under the name Henry Altemus. Most of these books were lavish Bibles and photograph albums.
History and Background
The Altemus Publishing Company began as a book bindery in the early 1800's. In addition to cheap bindings, the firm produced special custom editions of books for publishers. In 1842, Altemus began to publish is own books under the name "Henry Altemus." Most of these books were lavish Bibles and photograph albums. Altemus began reprinting standard literary works in the late 1800's, including several children's books. These books were available in a variety of bindings and gift boxes. Although Altemus published a number of childrens' series prior to 1900, there was no continuity between the titles and authors in a given series. Some titles might even appear in more than one series. Main Authors Series Chronology ... Resources

63. The Meadow-Brook Girls Series
girls' reading. Every one of these books pulsates with the vibrant atmosphereof outdoor life. . 1921 Henry Altemus Company catalog.
The Meadow-Brook Girls Series (1913-1914)
Janet Aldridge
The "Meadow-Brook" girls go camping in a variery of locales and have various outdoor adventures, similar to those enjoyed by the heroines of contemporary series based on the Camp Fire Girls.
  • The Meadow-Brook Girls Under Canvas; or, Fun and Frolic in the Summer Camp.
    Altemus, 1913
  • The Meadow-Brook Girls Across Country; or, The Young Pathfinders on a Summer Hike.
    Altemus, 1913
    Saalfield, 1913
  • The Meadow-Brook Girls Afloat; or, The Stormy Cruise of the Red Rover.
    Altemus, 1913
    Saalfield, 1913
  • The Meadow-Brook Girls in the Hills; or, The Missing Pilot of the White Mountains.
    Altemus, 1913
    Saalfield, 1948
  • The Meadow-Brook Girls by the Sea; or, The Loss of the Lonesome Bar.
    Altemus, 1914
  • The Meadow-Brook Girls on the Tennis Courts; or, Winning Out in the Big Tournament.
    Altemus, 1914
    Saalfield, 1914 "These books are full of novelty, vigor, and charm for twentieth century girls. In these stories four of the cleverest sort of girls go hiking around the country looking for fun and frolic. They meet with many exciting adventures some thrilling and others provoking. All the stories are worked out with admirable fidelity to girl human nature, and stand conspicuously far above the level of books usually chosen for girls' reading. Every one of these books pulsates with the vibrant atmosphere of outdoor life." - 1921 Henry Altemus Company catalog Main Background Series Chronology ... Resources
  • 64. ResAnet Results Summary
    Gustave Doré ; edited by Henry C. Walsh. Altemus ed. Philadelphia Henry Altemus, nd; RecordDante Alighieri, 12651321.
    Sort By: Title Author Date Search Term(s): Dante Alighieri, 1265-1321 matches found
  • Dante Alighieri, 1265-1321. The comedy of Dante Alighieri : part I - The hell / tr. into blank verse by William Michael Rossetti, with introd. and notes. London : [s.n.], 1865.
  • Dante Alighieri, 1265-1321. Purgatory and paradise / translated by Henry Francis Cary from the original of Dante Alighieri ; and illustrated with the designs of M. Gustave Doré. New ed. New York : Cassell, [18]
  • Dante Alighieri, 1265-1321. Dante's Inferno / translated by Henry Francis Cary from the original of Dante Alighieri ; and illustrated with the designs of M. Gustave Doré. New ed. New York : Cassell, [18]
  • Dante Alighieri, 1265-1321. Dante's Inferno / translated from the original of Dante Alighieri by Henry Francis Cary and illustrated by Gustave Doré ; edited by Henry C. Walsh. Altemus ed. Philadelphia : Henry Altemus, [n.d.]
  • Dante Alighieri, 1265-1321. Dantis Alagherii epistolae: The letters of Dante, emended text, with introduction, translation, notes and indices and appendix on the cursus, by Paget Toynbee. Oxford, Clarendon press, 1920.
  • Dante Alighieri, 1265-1321. The Inferno of Dante Alighieri. London : J.M. Dent, 1900.
  • 65. The Franklin Free Library
    History of Tom Thumb, etc. Edited by Henry Altemus, preview, download.Holiday Romance, by Charles Dickens Dickens 17, preview, download.

    66. Children's Series Books-Orrin Schwab Books
    THE AUTOMOBILE GIRLS ALONG THE HUDSON, OR FIGHTING FIRE IN SLEEPY HOLLOW. PhiladelphiaHenry Altemus, 1910. 212p. Philidelphia Henry Altemus, 1909. 212p. Lists/Children's/children's series books.htm
    Orrin Schwab Books To order, call 800-823-9124, or e-mail Home Main Inventory Page Children's Series Book List Last updated March 6, 2003 1. Adams, Amuel Hopkins. THE PONY EXPRESS. New York: Random House, 1950. 185p. Shelf wear to spine and corners, else near VG in edge-worn d.j. Twelfth printing. ..........................$10.00 3. Adams, Samuel Hopkins. THE SANTA FE TRAIL. New York: Random House, 1951. 181p. Slight shelf wear, else VG in slightly worn, else VG d.j. Landmark Series #13. .........................$10.00 4. Algar, Horatio. FACING THE WORLD, OR THE HAPS AND MISHAPS OF HARRY VANE. New York: New York Book Company, [n.d.]. 168p. Wear to spine and corners, else G+. Discoloration to binding. ..$10.00 5. Alger, Horatio. BEN'S NUGGET. New York: New York Book Company, 1913. 144p. Spine and edges shelf-worn, with some fraying to edges. Some soiling to covers. ............................$10.00 6. Alger, Horatio. SLOW AND SURE, FROM THE STREET TO THE SHOP. Chicago: M.A. Donohue and Company, 239p. Heavy shelf wear to spine extremities. Binding sound. Top edge of front cover has a small insect chew-away spot. Corners bumped. ..............$10.00 7. Alger, Horatio. THE YOUNG OUTLAW. Chicago: M.A. Donohue, [n.d., ca. 1910]. 248p. Shelf wear to spine and corners, else near VG. ...........................................................$10.00

    67. Henry David Thoreau (b.1817, D.1862) All Publications
    (Book ). Author 0 0 , Thoreau, Henry David. (1986) Walden, or,Life in the woods microform Philadelphia H. Altemus. (Book ).
    Search Add Content Reports ... People Faculties Institutions PUBLICATIONS Bibliographies Book chapters Book reviews Books Books, edited Conf. papers Conf. presentations Conferences Discussion groups Grants Journal articles Periodicals/series Proceedings Proceedings, papers Reports Special issues Theses Working papers Display All Henry David Thoreau (b.1817, d.1862) Prev Next AREAS OF EXPERTISE: POSITION: Deceased FACULTY/DEPARTMENT: INSTITUTION/ORGANIZATION: EMAIL: Unknown HIGHEST DEGREE: DEGREE FROM: Unknown SEX / LANGUAGE:
    Foster, David R.

    68. Oberlin College Archives | Letter Indices | Henry Churchill King Index - A
    Allen, George W. 1921 (1275) Allen, George W. 1921 (1275) Allen, Henry Bacon 1908 1907(1330) Alling, Morris E. 1907 (1332) Alma College 1916 (1337) Altemus Co.
    Inside Links: Henry Churchill King Papers (RG 2/6) Henry Churchill King
    Index to Correspondence, 1897-1928 Contents A Abbe, Alanson J. 1917 (14)
    Abbe, Cleveland 1904 (16)
    Abberger, Ethel Kulp 1921 (56)
    Abbott, Arletta M. 1903-23 (17)
    Abbott, Ernest Hamlin 1905 (59)
    Abbott, H.P. Almon 1916-17 (62)
    Abbott, Homer 1911 (70)
    Abbott, Ida 1904 (71)
    Abbott, J.E. 1909 (76) Abbott, Lyman 1903-14 (83) Abe, Yoshimune 1914 (97) Abell, Mrs. Mary C. 1919 (104) Aber, Loureine 1917 (107) Abraham Lincoln University 1924 (110) Academy of International Law at the Hague 1923 (113) Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia 1912 (122) Academy of The New Church 1917 (126) Academy Teachers 1915 (129) Ackerman, Arthur W. 1903-15 (130) Ackerman, Emily F. 1921 (137) Ackerman, Ernest V. 1921 (139) Acme Publishing Co. 1912 (141) Adams,C.A. 1905 (143) Adams,Charles H. 1908 (146) Adams,David E. 1926 (147) Adams,Earl F. 1911-15 (150)

    69. Henry Brouse, B: 1805 - PA
    S20360 Henry Brouse Born 3 MAR 1805 , Philadelphia, PA Marr - Died 23 DEC 1875- , Philadelphia, PA Father Thomas Brous Mother Susannah Altemus Other
    Family Group
    Husband Henry Brouse Born: 3 MAR 1805 - , Philadelphia, PA Marr: - Died: 23 DEC 1875 - , Philadelphia, PA Father: Thomas Brous Mother: Susannah Altemus Other Spouses: Wife Margaret Miles Born: 28 JAN 1800 - Died: 30 OCT 1880 - , Philadelphia, PA Father: Mother: Other Spouses: Children Henry Kelsay Brouse S20360 Born: 18 JUN 1840 - , Philadelphia, PA Marr: 1863 - Sarah Warner Wharton Died: 14 FEB 1925 - Baton Rouge, LA INDEX HOME EMAIL
    Generated on Monday, Feb 4 2002
    by UNREGISTERED GedHTree Version 2.10
    Family Group
    Husband Henry Kelsay Brouse Born: 18 JUN 1840 - , Philadelphia, PA Marr: 24 JUN 1863 - Died: 14 FEB 1925 - Baton Rouge, LA Father: Henry Brouse Mother: Margaret Miles Other Spouses: Wife Sarah Warner Wharton Born: 3 SEP 1839 - Bristal, PA Died: 20 APR 1886 - Father: Mother: Other Spouses: Children Mary Josephine Brouse S20360 Born: 1 SEP 1867 - Bristal, PA Marr: (multiple spouses) - Poythress Died: 13 APR 1930 - Portsmouth, Norfolk, VA INDEX HOME EMAIL
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    70. Book List
    Illustrated by M.deLipman and printed by Henry Altemus. In the frontblank page it neatly has a person's name and the date May 2, 1894.
    QUENTIN DURWARD/ THE FAIR MAID OF PERT H by Sir Walter Scott. (Bart.) pub. by A.L. Burt Co. There is no date of publishing shown.. On the spine of the book is stamped in gold THE WAVERLY NOVELS. there is 508 pages, plus additional pages of notes and a glossary. The book is VG with some fading of color on the book cover, some small spots. PRICE $12.00 plus $2.50 postage. LIBRARY OF UNIVERSAL HISTORY by Israel Smith Clare. pub. by Union Book Co. 1908. Illustrated with Maps, Portraits and Views. This is the first volume of a series of volumes dedicated to "A record of the Human Race from the Earliest Historical Period to the Present Time". A very comprehensive undertaking with 342 pages liberally sprinkled with illustrations. The author says it covers every phase of human life. This volume covers ancient history. Book Good with discolorations and fraying around the edges of the spines. PRICE $10.00 plus $3.00. THE CENTURY BOOK OF FACTS . Collated and edited by Henry W. Ruoff and pub. by the King-Richardson Co. in 1900. This book embraces history, Biogrpahy, Government, Law, Religion, Finance, Art, Science, etc. 682 pages Book VG with some fading and slight fraying along edges. PRICE $12.00 plus $3.00 postage. THE WORKS OF WASHINGTON IRVING . This book includes SALMAGUNDI and VOYAGES AND DISCOVERIES OF THE COMPANIONS OF COLUMBUS. With Frontpiece. Pub. by P.F. Collier and Son. MCMIV. 576 pages. This book is part of a series of books by Washington Irving on various subjects. Book VG. PRICE $10.00 plus $2.50 postage.

    71. WHB Web-site - Honoring Those Who Served In World War II
    Simon Alpert Theodore Alpert John P. Altemus Theodore B. Altemus ArmaE. Andon Henry Andrechu David H. Atwater, Jr. John J. Atwater, Jr.
    Incorporated Village of
    Westhampton Beach
    and surrounding Westhampton
    Honor Roll of Her Sons and Daughters
    Who served in the Military in World War II The Westhampton War Memorial Veterans' triptych was a landmark on the Village Green until the early '50s, when the funds which supported it went into the Westhampton War Memorial Ambulance Association and its building on Mill Road.
    The names, listed in three columns on the page below, were in white on a blue field... except those on a gold field who lives were lost in service to our country.
    (Left) Dorothy Overton and Michigan's Andy Wind at the War Memorial, circa
    (Photos courtesy of Dorothy Overton Jessup
    Norris F. Abbott
    Marie Afterman Henry Afterman William Allen Wilbur M. Alling, Jr. Simon Alpert Theodore Alpert John P. Altemus Theodore B. Altemus Arma E. Andon Henry Andrechu David H. Atwater, Jr. John J. Atwater, Jr. B Anton Baker M. Adrian Ball John Bandrowski John J. Bandrowski Stephen Bandrowski Andrew R. Barnish Charles E. Barnish Michael Barnish, Jr.

    72. THOREAU, David Henry, 1817-1862
    Walden and other Writings of Henry David Thoreau, New York Modern Library, 1992. Philadelphia H. Altemus, 1899? / New York AA Knopf, c1992/ Walden, or
    THOREAU, David Henry, 1817-1862.
      A Pig Tale, New Fairfield, Conn.: Bruce Rogers, 1947. A Week on the Concord and Merrimack Rivers , Avon, Conn.: Limited Editions Club, 1975./Princeton, N.J.: Princeton University Press, 1980. /Franklin Center, Pa.: Franklin Library, 1983./ New York : AMS Press, 1982. /New York, N.Y.: Literary Classics of the United States: Distributed to the trade in the U.S. and Canada by Viking Press, c1985. A Yearning toward Wildness , Atlanta: Peachtree Publishers, c1991. / New York: Penguin Books, 1993. An American Landscape , New York: Paragon House, 1991. Autumnal Tints , Bedford, Mass.: Applewood Books, [1996] Backwoods and along the Seashore , Boston: Shambhala, 1995. Cape Cod , Portland, Me., Printed at the Anthoensen Press for the members of the Limited Editions Club, 1968/ New York: AMS Press, [1982] /Boston: Little, Brown, c1985. / Princeton, N.J.: Princeton University Press, 1988/City at bay: 1979 New York: Arbor House, c1979 Princeton, N.J.: Princeton University Press, 1993. Civil Disobedience, and other Essays

    73. AXE - Special Collections - Charles Monroe Sheldon - Checklist Of Books & Public
    . The Crucifixion of Philip Strong. Philadelphia Henry Altemus Company,nd 813.4 Sh43c. Philadelphia Henry Altemus, 1900. 813.4 Sh43ro 1900a.
    Skip navigation links and go to page title Axe Home Questions? Search Engines ... Catalog
    in The Charles Monroe Sheldon Collection Return to the Charles Monroe Sheldon Collection. Arthur, T[imothy] S[hay]. Ten Nights in a Bar-room; and, In His Steps by Charles M. Sheldon. New York: Odyssey Press, 1966. 813.3 Ar78te 1966 Hale, Edward Everett. If Jesus Came To Boston. Boston: J. S. Smith, 1894. 813.4 H131i Hoover, Francis T. Not in His steps; a Story of the Ministerial Dead-line of Fifty Years. Cleona, PA: Holzapfel Publishing Company, 1911. 813.52 H769n Long, Ray. As I look at Life, Intimate Stories of Love, Marriage, Divorce, Fortune, Adventure, Health, by Fourteen Famous Men and Women Who Have Lived and Felt the Strange Experiences They Tell. New York: [n.p.], 1925. 818.008 L853a2 Miller, Timothy. Following in His Steps: a Biography of Charles M. Sheldon. Knoxville: University of Tennessee Press, 1987. 813.4 Sh43Bm Ripley, John W. The Strange Story of Charles M. Sheldon's In His Steps. Topeka, KS: s.n., 1968. 813.4 Sh43iDr Sheldon, Charles Monroe. A Builder of Ships; the Story of Brander Cushing's Ambition. New York: George H. Doran Company, 1912. 813.34 Sh43b

    74. *H* Book Titles
    The History of Tom Thumb, (edited by Henry Altemus). History of Troilusand Cressida, William Shakespeare. His Wedded Wife, Rudyard Kipling.
    Hypertexts Downloads CD-ROMs ... FAQ
    "H" Titles
    A B C D ... Z
    "H" Titles
    Hacker Crackdown Bruce Sterling Hackers: heroes of the computer revolution Steven Levy Hamlet, Prince of Denmark William Shakespeare Hans Brinker and the Silver Skates Mary Mapes Dodge Happiness Anton Chekhov The Happy Family Hans C. Andersen Fairy Tales Hans Christian Andersen Oscar Wilde Hard Times Charles Dickens The Harvester Gene Stratton-Porter The Hated Son Honore de Balzac The Hatred of the Queen The Haunted and the Haunters Edward George Bulwer-Lytton The Haunted Bookshop Christopher Morley The Haunted Hotel Wilkie Collins The Haunted House Charles Dickens Haunted Man/Ghost's Bargain Charles Dickens The Head-Gardener's Story Anton Chekhov The Heathen Jack London A Heap O' Livin' Edgar A. Guest

    75. The Brother To The Ox
    The Brother to the Ox . By William J. Lampton. Yawps and Other Things(Philadelphia Henry Altemus Co., 1900). During the 1890s and
    The Man with the Hoe

    The Painting

    The Poem

    The Debate

    Women's History Month Resources
    The "Brother to the Ox"
    By William J. Lampton
    Yawps and Other Things (Philadelphia: Henry Altemus Co., 1900). During the 1890s and early 1900s, William James Lampton was among a small group of freelance writers who became known as the "Poets of Printing House Square" for their frequent contributions of light verse to newspapers and magazines published in New York City. Many of the verses collected in Yawps and Other Things first appeared in the New York Sun, a conservative newspaper that opposed both labor and civic reforms. In 1899, the Sun ran a contest anonymously sponsored by railroad baron Collis P. Huntington offering a prize of $700 for the best poem countering Edwin Markham's "The Man with the Hoe." [Suggested by Markham's Famous Poem of "The Man With the Hoe."] Say, Brother to the Ox, stand up, And tell the Poet who Thus calls you names to go to Aitch, And do it p d q. Your leaning on the hoe is rot; You haven't got a hoe;

    76. Glossolalia #9
    Contributors to this issue Reed Altemus Benjamin H. Henry http//
    EDITOR: J. Lehmus
    Kauristie 24
    02860 Espoo, Finland
    airy leaf tongs volume limit crosses in a had minute point punt is it lung been over nine past passing definite bells when canal in bearing geometry cancel sniff coitus ditch tense sling bent gone with pen pendulum guess bare - bond belt joint detain tentative gulch belch melt moon can it ban brother gotten with breath bringing tallow pin happen going up three pillow when she other to a held hallow pitch detritus lather joint blower apostate -

    77. The Inferno: Introduction
    This translation of Dante's Inferno is presented exactly as it was publishedcirca 1887 by Henry Altemus Publishing (now believed to be defunct).
    Written by Dante Alighieri Translated by Henry Francis Cary, M.A. Illustrated by Gustave Dore Edited by Henry C. Walsh, A.M. Restored for the web from the original 1800's text by Kevin Kelm
    Thanks to Don Harrington for lending the original text WEBMASTER'S NOTES This translation of Dante's Inferno is presented exactly as it was published circa 1887 by Henry Altemus Publishing (now believed to be defunct). Some spellings and language are not common anymore, and may seem outright wrong (some may be legitimate typesetting errors), but I'm presenting everything exactly as I found it. Gustave Dore is widely known to be one of if not the best, most prolific lithograph artists, ever Clicking on any of the small engravings in the text will give you a full-screen version of that image in another browser window (where supported). Because the subject matter is challenging, I've used a larger font for the text to aid readability. To the best of my knowledge, this work in its entirety is released to the public domain. Click here to move to the first chapter> Canto I D ANTE was born in Florence in the year 1265, His father, Alighiero degli Alighieri belonged to one of the noble families of Florence. The poet was christened Durante, which, according to the Italian custom, was endearingly abbreviated to Dante. The history of his early years is not very well known; he had for a tutor the celebrated Brunetto Latini, and it is the general opinion that he studied at Bologna. Certain it is that he was deeply versed in the learning of his age in history, philosophy and theology, besides music and the liberal arts. He early showed signs of a rare genius, and also, if we may believe Boccaccio, of an amorous disposition. At the age of nine he is said to have fallen in love with Beatrice, whom he has so celebrated. She was the daughter of Folio Portinari, a Florentine noble. His passion for her seems to have been of the chaste and Platonic kind, according to the autobiography of his youth, the

    78. Uncle Tom
    1897. pg. 33, Uncle Tom hears of his sale Philadelphia Henry AltemusCo., 1900. Altemus Young People's Library. 1st page. Uncle
    Uncle Tom
    Cambridge Edition, 1891

    Portrait by E.W. Kemble
    Uncle Tom and Aunt Chloe at home Uncle Tom
    Cambridge Edition, 1891

    Portrait by E.W. Kemble
    Uncle Tom and Aunt Chloe at home ...
    Tom learns of his sale

    79. List Of Authors A
    etext03/ .. Disk 2 Henry Altemus .. The History of Tom Thumb,etc. . etext99/ .. Disk 1 Joseph A. Altsheler ..
    Back To HOMEPAGE Browse By Title Browse By Author Browse by Genre or Category Books by Author: A
    B C D ... W X Y Z
    Authors A:
    Off line Links: (click on the book title ...... to unzip it. If you have installed an unzip program already. This link works offline
    Author Title Location of book on CD Located on Disk No.
    David P. Abbot
    A Doctor of the Occult ......... etext00/ ..... Disk 1
    D. P. Abbot
    Fraudulent Spiritualism Unveiled ......... etext00/ ..... Disk 1
    David P. Abbot
    How the Tricks Succeeded ......... etext00/ ..... Disk 1
    David P. Abbot
    Mind Reading in Public ......... etext00/ ..... Disk 1
    David P. Abbot
    Some Famous Exposures ......... etext00/ ..... Disk 1
    David P. Abbot
    The Name of the Dead ......... etext00/ ..... Disk 1 Edwin A. Abbott Flatland ......... etext95/ ..... Disk 1 Edwin A. Abbott

    80. Classic Book Author Index, Plays, Religious Manuscripts, Historic Documents, And
    1927 Alcott, Louisa May, 18321888 Aldrich, Thomas Bailey, 1836-1907 Alger, Horatio,1832-1899 Allen, James Lane, 1849-1925 Altemus, Henry Altsheler, Joseph A
    var TlxPgNm='authorindex'; Classic Book Author Index, Plays, Religious Manuscripts, Historic Documents, and much more!
    Launch Your Business or Web Site to Millions!
    Public Relations Speeches Marketing Advertising Resume Writing National Telemarketing Flat-Rate Long Distance Telephone! National Telemarketing Call Center Media Promotion, including Newspaper, Broadcast, and Internet Advertising Infomercials Classic Book Author Index, Plays, Religious Manuscripts, Historic Documents, and much more!
    Classic Book Author Index, Plays, Religious Manuscripts, Historic Documents, and much more!
    AUTHORS in Alphabetical Order
    TITLES in Alphabetical Order
    SYNOPSES of Selected Classics

    . Easy for students and teachers to String Search, Highlight Text, etc. Classic Book Author Index, Plays, Religious Manuscripts, Historic Documents, and much more! Advertising Auctions Autos Attorneys ... Legal Forms
    Any A. Adams Audubon Bierstadt Botero Braque Cappiello Cassatt Cezanne Chagall Dali Da Vinci Degas Dufy Escher Gauguin Hockney Homer Hopper Kandinsky Kimble Klee Klimt Lichtenstein Magritte Matisse Michelangelo Miro Modigliani Mondrian Monet Mucha O'Keeffe Picasso Pissarro Raphael Remington Renoir Rivera Rockwell Rodin Rousseau Toulouse-Lautrec Van Gogh Vettriano Warhol Art Wolfe Wyeth
    Abbott, David Phelps 1863-1934

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