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         Altemus Henry:     more books (101)
  1. A Child's Life of Christ (in words of one syllable) by henry altemus, 1900
  2. ANIMAL STORIES FOR LITTLE PEOPLE by Henry Altemus, 1902-01-01
  3. Cinderella, or the Little Glass Slipper, and Other Stories by Various Authors, 1905
  4. THE WEE FOLKS' LIFE OF CHRIST by Henry Altemus, 1920
  5. Puss in Boots and Other Stories by Henry Altemus Co., 1983-01-01
  6. Thanatopsis and Other Poems by William Cullen Bryant, Henry Altemus, 2010-04-06
  7. Mother Animal Stories: A Book of the Best Animal Stories That Mothers Can Tell Their Children by Henry Altemus Co., 1909
  8. Laddie and Miss Toosey's Mission by Henry Altemus, 1897
  9. a cHILD'S sTORY OF THE bIBLE by Henry Altemus, 1899
  10. Don'ts for Boys by Henry Altemus Company, 1902
  11. Laddie by Henry Altemus, 1897
  12. Alladin of the Wonderful Lamp and Other Stories by Henry Altemus, 1911-01-01
  13. The Child's Life of Christ by Henry Altemus, 1899
  14. ALADDIN, OR THE WONDERFUL LAMP AND OTHER AND OTHER STORIES by Henry Altemus Company (Publisher), 1905-01-01

81. Vesalius Trust-Board Of Directors
Anne Altemus, Board 19952000 Bill Andrews, Board 1989 - 1994, 1996-2001 2001, Treasurer1995 - 1996 Tim Hengst, Board 1990 - 1995 Margaret Henry, Board 1989


About the Trust

Board of Directors
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Contacting the Trust

Trustees The business and affairs of the Vesalius Trust are managed by the fifteen members of the Board of Directors, informally known as the Trustees. The Trustees serve voluntarily, without compensation or remuneration. They are elected for three year terms. Nominations for election to the Board are made by the Trust's Executive Committee, who consider: the objective criteria of professional experience, AMI involvement, academic and professional affiliations as well as the intangible qualities of life experience, leadership ability, dedication, commitment, and zeal. Through their actions, the Trustees support the students and professionals in visual communications for the health sciences, but the Trustees act independently of any professional association. Current Trustees
    Karen Adsit, 2003-2006
    Anne Altemus, 2002-2005 Bill Andrews, 2003-2006 Mike Belknap, 2002-2005 Renee Cannon, 2001-2004

82. Pedigree Chart For Keith William CLAWSON
Translate this page Donahey, Brendlinger, Pittman, Stewart, Dias, Cline, George, Altemus, Kessler, Graham 1874-10MAR 1963) +-Hans Michael BALMER +Henry Michael PALMER
Contained within these files are family trees for
Clawson, Miller, Lute, Burkett, Donahey, Brendlinger, Pittman,
Stewart, Dias, Cline, George, Altemus, Kessler, Graham, Ow, and Beck.
(-BEF 1781) John CLAWSON (1781-AFT 1830) John B. CLAWSON (1811-23 MAR 1868) Elizabeth WINCHER Davis Benjamin CLAWSON (7 SEP 1846-29 DEC 1910) Josiah CLAWSON (-BEF 1781) Richard CLAWSON (1760-31 JAN 1826) Benjamin Richard CLAWSON (27 AUG 1781-28 MAR 1865) John MITCHELL Sarah MITCHELL (ABT 1760-19 APR 1827) Margaret ROSS Sarah CLAWSON (ABT 1818-26 FEB 1892) William DONAHEY Mary DONAHEY (18 AUG 1786-2 JUL 1838) Joseph CALDWELL Mary CALDWELL Jane MCGREW Harry Alfred CLAWSON (4 JUL 1868-21 DEC 1924) Jorg BURCKHARDT (ABT 1598-ABT 1652) Andreas BURCKHARDT (8 AUG 1649-18 OCT 1717) Appolonia MEYER (ABT 1607-ABT 1652) Andreas BURCKHARDT (9 APR 1676-) Anna Maria BRACHOLDT (2 AUG 1650-28 FEB 1710/11) Johann Jacob BURCKHARDT (9 OCT 1712-21 APR 1794) Jorg SCHNEIDER Margaretha SCHNEIDER (21 APR 1678-22 MAR 1719/20) Maria LUTZ John George BURCKHARDT (21 AUG 1753-2 JAN 1847) Sabina Dorthea NAEGELI (28 DEC 1721-1 JAN 1796) Andrew BURKETT David FOX, JR.

83. Antique's From The 1800's & Jukebox's & Slots
IBChimes.jpg (18340 bytes) IBChimes2.jpg (32174 bytes) The ChimesPocket Size Book By Charles Dickens Henry Altemus Co. IBNature2
Books We have Books dating back into the 1800's City Ballads-City Festivals-Farm Festivals Books Circa 1881-1885-1892 1898 Military Book Sports Inter-National Circa 1960 416 Pages The Chimes Pocket Size Book By Charles Dickens Henry Altemus Co. Ralph Waldo Emerson Pocket Size Book Circa 1905 Henry Altemus Co. Old Fashioned Roses By James Longfellow Circa 1909 Grimm's Household Tales By Brothers Grimm Andersen's Fairy Tales By Hans Christian Andersen The Life Of Benvenuto Cellini 1914 By J.A. Symonds 464pg The Squirrel-Cage By Dorothy Canfield 1912 371pgs
The Birds Of America By John James Audubon 5th. Printing 1946 Macmillan Company New York Works By Washington Irving Pocket Editions World's 1000 Best Poems In Ten Alice's Fantasy The Incredible Cabbage Patch Phenomenon Homage To Salvador Dali 1980 Leon Amiel Publisher Dali 1968 By Harry Abrams Inc. Publishers Salvador Dali By Meryle Secrest 1986 Hardback 305 Pages Biography Dali By Dali Harry N. Abrams Publishers Kendrick Study Club Program 1915-1916 4 Pages 4" by 5" Please feel free to email us for anything Website design by

84. BookRags - E-Books Index
History of the Telephone, The, Herbert N. Casson. History of Tom Thumb,Edited by Henry Altemus. Hitchhiker's Guide to the Internet, Ed Krol.
Comprehensive Guides to Classic Literature Search Book Notes
and E-Books Browse By Letter A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W Y Z Featured E-Books Top 100 Classics More Classics
E-Books by Letter Hacker Crackdown Bruce Sterling Hamlet William Shakespeare Handbook of American Daguerrotype Samuel D. Humphrey Happy Prince and Other Tales, The Oscar Wilde Hard Times Charles Dickens Harvester, The Gene Stratton Porter Hated Son, The Honore de Balzac Haunted Bookshop, The Christopher Morley Haunted Hotel, The Wilkie Collins Heart of Darkness Joseph Conrad Heart of the West O Henry Hearts of Controversy Alice Meynell Heidi Johanna Spyri John Fox, Jr. Hellenica H.G. Dkyns Henry James Jr. William Dean Howells Her Father's Daughter Gene Stratton-Porter Her Prairie Knight B. M. Bower Heretics G.K. Chesterton Heritage of the Desert Zane Grey Heritage of the Sioux, The B.M. Bower Herland Charlotte Gilman Hermann and Dorothea Johann Wolfgang von Goethe Hermione's Little Group of Serious Thinkers Don Marquis Hero of Our Time, A M. Y. Lermontov Hero Tales from American History Lodge/ Roosevelt Herodias Gustave Flaubert Heroes Charles Kingsley Hidden Masterpiece, The

85. The Raven And Other Poems
regarding The Raven and Other Poems I have book with a soft brown suede leathercover with gold embossing, and has the publisher as Henry Altemus Company

86. Violet Books: Fairyland Gallery II
The Cat and the Mouse A Book of Persian Fairy Tales (Philadelphia Henry Altemus,1906) is edited with an introduction by Hartwell James and includes forty
Violet Books
Fairyland Gallery, Part II
Click on any thumbnail to see a larger view of that cover. The Cat and the Mouse: A Book of Persian Fairy Tales (Philadelphia: Henry Altemus, 1906) is edited with an introduction by Hartwell James and includes forty illustrations by John R. Neill. The title story is the real winner of the collection, a long tale of the war between the mice and the cats, the mice being the winners, with illustrations reminiscent of Persian miniatures. The Mouse Miller and Other Stories Virna Sheard's The Golden Apple Tree Mrs. Musgrave's Victorian fairy tale In Cloudland Mrs. W. J. Hays' The Adventures of Prince Lazybones and Other Stories consists of four young-adult, literary fairy tales, a follow-up to Mrs. Hays earlier Princess Idleways. Alice Brown was one of the leading authors of New England regional tales of the Victorian era. In the new century, when most regionalists were considered passe, Alice had a second career as modern novelist and as playwrite. Among her plays is this lovely fairy tale, The Golden Ball

87. Welcome To
ed.), Milton's Paradise Lost Henry Altemus Philadelphia, 319 pp.; clean text andpictures, but outer cover has bumped corners, edge wear, some surface fading.

88. Military Ancestors Of Our Family
World War I (19141918). Louis Aberg (1896-1961). William B Altemus (1877-1949). WilliamA Doyle (1897-1936). John Henry Ellis (1915- ). John W Folk (1894- ).
Military Ancestors
from the
Revolutionary War
to Vietnam
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MILITARY WAR INDEX Revolutionary War War of 1812 Battle of Waterloo Black Hawk War ... Vietnam War
Revolutionary War (1775-1782)
Frederick Bachman (1758-1823) Conrad Bender (1755-1823) Jacob Bender (1722-1786) Johann George Bender (1759-1828) Anthony Boucher (Bowsher, Bauscher) (1755-1837) John Peter Boucher (Bauscher) (1753-1839) Philip Boucher (Bausher) (1757-1845) Tobias Boucher (Boutcher, Bausher) (1758-1810) Aquilla Carmack (1754-1811) Cornelius Carmack (1736-1824) Evan Carmack (1740-1830) Levi Carmack (1750-1785) William Carmack (1738-1825) Christopher Dennison (1743-1839) Jacob Grammer (1747-1815) Tobias Hammer ( -1815) (Captain) John Murray (1751-1833) (Major) George Ovelman (1758-1841) John Phillips (1738-1806) David Plaine (Patriotic Service) (1741-1801) Jeremiah Reed (1762-1838) (Captain) John Reed (1730-1803) David Strawn (1755-1837) Isaiah Strawn (1758-1843) Jacob Strawn (Strawhen) (1717-1800) James Tannyhill George Van Buskirk (1721-1800) (Major) Gist Vaughn (1718-1800)
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War of 1812
Anthony Boucher (1792-1861) Daniel Boucher (1789-1856) John Boucher (1782- ) John Henry Boucher (1780- ) Peter Boucher (1782-1844) William Boucher (Bowsher, Bauscher) (1769-1848)

89. Sir John Lubbock. Choice Of Books (1896)
Source Lubbock, Sir John. The Choice of Books . Philadelphia Henry Altemus, 1896.© 1896 by Henry Altemus. (Reprinted, with a few changes, in The Rt. Hon.
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Books and Libraries What Books to Read Great Books Lists > Sir John Lubbock. Choice of Books (1896)
Choice of Books by Sir John Lubbock (1896)
Lubbock's list was first published in 1886. I have transcribed the version published in 1896 and noted changes made by the time it was reprinted in 1930. "I drew up the list, not as that of the hundred best books, but, which is very different, of those which have been most frequently recommended as best worth reading."
List of 100 Books
Works by Living Authors are omitted.
  • The Bible The Meditations of Marcus Aurelius Epictetus [Seneca (added in 1930 edition)] Aristotle's Ethics Analects of Confucius St. Hilaire's "Le Bouddha et sa religion" Wake's Apostolic Fathers Confessions of St. Augustine (Dr. Pusey) The Koran (portions of) Spinoza's Tractatus Theologico-Politicus Comte's Catechism of Positive Philosophy [omitted in 1930 edition] Butler's Analogy of Religion Taylor's Holy Living and Dying Bunyan's Pilgrim's Progress Keble's Christian Year Xenophon's Memorabilia Aristotle's Politics Demosthenes' De Corona Cicero's De Officiis, De Amicitia, and De Senectute

90. BOOK SAFARI: Aircraft Boys Books
This series consists of one volume entitled The Aircraft Boys and the PhantomAirplane which was published by Henry Altemus Company in 1932.
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AIRCRAFT BOYS By Latharo Hoover This series consists of one volume entitled The Aircraft Boys and the Phantom Airplane which was published by Henry Altemus Company in 1932. A second title, The Aircraft Boys in the Mayan Temples , was advertised but never published. JUDGE A BOOK BY THE COVER!
Whenever you see the highlighted word View you can click on it if you want to see a picture of that book... Henry Altemus Company Editions: Sorry, no titles available at this time... Send us an Email and we'll let you know when titles become available! Click here for a listing of other Aviation Stories Other Series by this Author...
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91. Adventures Of A Brownie - Altemus-1900 - Ashby's Vintage Books (0012)
PUBLISHER Henry Altemus Company Philadelphia, PA , no date (circa 1900). Bookfrom Altemus Young People's Library. Decorated green cloth hard bound.
Ashby's Vintage Books
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Judith Ashby
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Portland, OR 97290-0664 Phone: No phone calls please
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Adventures of a Brownie - Altemus-1900
Books Fairy Tales Antique DESCRIPTION: Brownie is a “sober, stay-at-home household elf, full of fun and mischief and up to all sorts of tricks, but he never did anybody any harm unless they deserved. This offering is for a collection of six Brownie adventure stories written by Miss Dinah Mulock (Criak) of Little Lame Prince fame. ADVENTURE THE THIRD: Brownie in the Farmyard ADVENTURE THE FOURTH: Brownie's Ride ADVENTURE THE FIFTH: Brownie on the Ice PUBLISHER: Henry Altemus Company Philadelphia, PA , no date (circa 1900). Book from Altemus Young People's Library. Decorated green cloth hard bound. No dust jacket. 5 ¼” X 6 ¾” tall. 161 pages followed by 16 pages of ads. 18 black and white illustrations. CONDITION: Book in good condition. Covers show signs of wear and soiling. Previous owner’s inscription on front end paper. Missing frontispiece. No other missing pages. Text and drawings clear and crisp. Underlining of words on various pages erased. No rips or tears detected.

Dictionary of Phrase and Fable (Philadelphia Henry Altemus, 1898),ed. by Ebenezer Cobham Brewer (searchable HTML at Bartleby);
Depan Tokoh Kolom Diskusi ... (Philadelphia: Henry Altemus, 1898) , ed. by Ebenezer Cobham Brewer (searchable HTML at Bartleby)
  • The Dictionary of Phrase and Fable (based on 1894 edition) , ed. by Ebenezer Cobham Brewer (frame- and JavaScript-dependent HTML at Bibliomania)
  • The Reader's Handbook by Ebenezer Cobham Brewer (frame- and JavaScript-dependent HTML at Bibliomania)
  • Literary Taste: How to Form It, With Detailed Instructions for Collecting a Complete Library of English Literature by Arnold Bennett (Gutenberg text; unofficial until 31 Jan 2003)
  • Censorship in Romania by Lidia Vianu (frame and cookie-dependent page images at Electric Press)
  • Images of Crisis: Literary Iconology, 1750 to the Present by George P. Landow (illustrated HTML at Brown)
  • Criticism and Fiction by William Dean Howells (Gutenberg text; unofficial until 31 Aug 2002)
  • Critical Genealogies: Historical Situations for Postmonder Literary Studies by Jonathan Arac (page images at
  • The Critical I by Norman N. Holland (HTML at
  • 93. 1896
    CANADIAN CHILDREN'S BOOKS 1799-1939 Title Page Table of Contents Preface Guide to Symbols ... Illustrations 327 ARCHER, Andrew. This prosaic history of Canada only occasionally reveals the author's feelings on a subject, such as the expulsion of the Acadians. 328 ARNOLD-FORSTER, Hugh Oakeley, 1855-1909. GRAFTON'S HISTORICAL READERS/ [rule] /"THINGS NEW AND OLD"/OR/ Stories from English History/For the Use of Schools/BOOK III. [IV., V., VI.] / AUTHORIZED FOR USE IN THE PROVINCE OF QUEBEC/BY/H.O. ARNOLD-FORSTER/AUTHOR OF/"THE CITIZEN READER," "THE LAWS OF EVERYDAY LIFE,"/"THIS WORLD OF OURS," ETC./ILLUSTRATED/ [rule] /Entered according to the Act of Parliament of Canada, in the year 1896, by/F.E. GRAFTON & SONS, at the office of the Minister of/Agriculture at Ottawa./ [rule] /F.E. GRAFTON & SONS/ Publishers-Montreal/1896/ [line 13 is within an ornamental rectangle]. Stories of British history increasing with reading difficulty through each volume. Volume VI ends with the Stuart period. The poems at the end of each volume are by British poets, many relating to historical episodes. 329 ASHLEY, Barnas Freeman, b. 1833.

    94. PD Reader - Sitemap
    Commedia. Allen, Emory Adams. Allen, James Lane Choir Invisible, The.Altemus, Henry. Altsheler, Joseph Alexander. Amundsen, Roald Fortunes
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    95. Jerome K. Jerome: Bibliography
    by D. Allen Sons London/New York. Told After Supper Published 1891 by LeadenhallPress London AND Simultaneously Published by Henry Altemus Philadelphia.
    Jerome Klapka Jerome
    Known by his friends and family simply as " J ".
    Contents His Life and Times (Biography) Photo Album J's Other Spots in the Shade (links) J's Reading Room (Bibliography) ...
    Where in the World
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    Feedback is appreciated Please visit the other sites run by Christine at:
    "The Zachman Zone"
    J's Reading Room Jerome's published work has been printed all over the world! I've made an attempt to create a list of his work that was printed during his lifetime, excluding the many re-prints when possible. You will find links to information about each book (including a scan of the cover, synopsis, and other relevant details). Not all of these listings have the additional information links. However, I will add more, as these rare books become available to me to review. The written works of Jerome Klapka Jerome are vast and extensive, not including stories written for multiple author publications. I know this is nowhere near being a complete catalog, but it's probable that it will be the most complete listing on the Internet. And I'm adding more information as it becomes available to me. The following information has been acquired through the Library of Congress, Advanced Book Exchange, and my own personal Jerome collection. Alphabetical by Title A thru I J thru M N thru So St thru Thr ... To thru Z All Roads Lead to Calvary
    London American Wives and Others

    96. Henry E. Turlington: An Inventory Of His Collection Of Cyril Kay-Scott And Evely
    Frames Version Print Version Raw XML File (59k)
    Descriptive Summary Biographical Sketch Scope and Contents Restrictions ... Henry E. Turlington CollectionIndex of Correspondents
    Henry E. Turlington:
    An Inventory of His Collection of Cyril Kay-Scott and Evelyn Scott Materials at the Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center
    Descriptive Summary
    Creator Turlington, Henry Title The Henry E. Turlington Collection of Cyril Kay-Scott and Evelyn Scott Materials Dates: 1881-1987 (bulk 1920-1957, 1983-1985) Abstract: This collection consists of correspondence, manuscripts, printed material, photographs, postcards, legal and financial documents, musical scores, maps, artwork, and a diary. The materials were collected by Turlington, a rare book dealer in North Carolina, and document the lives and works of Cyril Kay-Scott (born Frederick Creighton Wellman), an explorer, anthropologist, bacteriologist, journalist, linguist, economist, and latter-day Renaissance man, and his wife Evelyn Scott (born Elsie Dunn), a writer who became a literary force during the 1920s and 1930s. Quantity: 9 boxes, 1 oversize box

    97. The Henry E. Turlington Collection Of Cyril Kay-Scott And Evelyn Scott Materials
    The Henry E. Turlington Collection of Cyril Kay-Scott and Evelyn Scott Materials
    Index of Correspondents
    Names in bold appear in the RLIN record.
    Adamson, E. McC.4.1
    Allatt, Edward8.4
    Altemus, Dolores (University of Delaware)8.15
    Arrington, Cathie (Jonathan Cape Ltd., London)8.12
    Ascoli, Max6.7
    Bach, Peggy (Louisiana State University, Department of Philosophy) 8.6
    Bachus, Edward J. (Skidmore College)8.15
    Ballantine, Ian8.15
    Begum, Khani (Southern Illinois Unversity at Carbondale)8.15
    Bellflower, Bob (The University of Manchester Department of American Studies)8.5 Bertholf, Robert J. (SUNY Buffalo)8.15 Blackburn, Joseph (University of Illinois)8.15 Blair, Dorothy6.7 Blum, Frances E.6.7 Bogan, Louise, 1897-1970 Boyle, Kay, 1902-1992 Bradshaw, P. R.8.3 Browning, Paul F. (Christie's London)8.3 Buckingham, Valerie (Jonathan Cape, Ltd., London)8.12 Burn, G. Pelham (Bertram Rota Ltd, Booksellers, London)8.3 Bynner, Harold Witter, 1881-1968 Byron, Debra (Jonathan Cape, Ltd., London)8.12 Calder, Liz (Jonathan Cape Ltd., London)8.6, 8.12 Callard, David Arthur, b. 1950

    98. Margarethe , B: -
    Wife S20360 Susannah Altemus Born Died - Father Mother Other Spouses ChildrenHenry Brouse S20360 Born 3 MAR 1805 - , Philadelphia, PA Marr - Margaret
    Family Group
    Husband Born: - Marr: - Died: BEF. 21 OCT 1783 - Father: Mother: Other Spouses: Wife Margarethe Born: - Died: AFT. 1800 - Father: Mother: Other Spouses: Jacob Foulkrod Children INDEX HOME EMAIL
    Generated on Monday, Feb 4 2002
    by UNREGISTERED GedHTree Version 2.10
    Family Group
    Husband Peter Brous Born: 17 DEC 1783 - Marr: 9 DEC 1809 - Second Presbyterian Church, Philadelphia, PA Died: 4 NOV 1860 - , Marion Parish, LA Father: Henry Brouse Mother: Ann Craven Other Spouses: Wife Rebecca Ann Schock Born: ABT. 1790 - Died: - Father: Henry Schock Mother: Elizabeth Foulkrod Other Spouses: Children Sarah Brous S28760 Born: 1812 - , , PA Died: - Elizabeth Brous S28760 Born: ABT. 1814 - , , Pa Died: - James M. Brous S28760 Born: 5 APR 1817 - , , PA Died: - Benjamin F. Brous S28760 Born: 25 SEP 1824 - , , PA Died: - Eli Brous S28760 Born: 9 OCT 1826 - , , PA Died: 1891 - , Hood, TX

    99. Literature Sites
    Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad. The History of Tom Thumb edited by HenryAltemus. The House of Seven Gables by Nathaniel Hawthorne. The Iliad of Homer.
    Literature Project Sites Literature Project by Title:
    Abraham Lincoln Biography by James Russell Lowell The Adventures of Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain Aeneid by Virgil The Age of Innocence by Edith Wharton ... The Wind in the Willows by Kenneth Grahame
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