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         Arbuthnot John:     more books (100)
  1. Mathématicien Écossais: James Clerk Maxwell, James Watt, Alexander Anderson, Peter Guthrie Tait, Eric Temple Bell, John Napier, John Arbuthnot (French Edition)
  2. Mathématicien Du Xviiie Siècle: Alexis Claude Clairaut, John Arbuthnot, Thomas Simpson, Brook Taylor, Robert Simson, Giovanni Domenico Maraldi (French Edition)
  3. Arbuthnot Family: Harriet Arbuthnot, John Arbuthnot, Sir Robert Arbuthnot, 4th Baronet, Charles Arbuthnot, Arbuthnot, Saskatchewan
  4. A Political Biography of John Arbuthnot (Eighteenth-Century Political Biographies) by Angus Ross, 2010-12-31
  5. 1735 Deaths: Clementina Sobieski, Francis Ii Rákóczi, Yongzheng Emperor, John Arbuthnot, Samuel Wesley, Charles Mordaunt
  6. An essay concerning the nature of aliments, and the choice of them, according to the different constitutions of human bodies. ... The fourth edition. To ... rules of diet ... By John Arbuthnot, ... by John Arbuthnot, 2010-06-10
  7. Fellows of the Royal College of Physicians: Ernest Jones, Henry Head, Simon Wessely, Michael Shepherd, John Arbuthnot, Liam Donaldson
  8. The Life and Works of John Arbuthnot by George A. Aitken, 1892-01-01
  9. Statistiker (17. Jahrhundert): Christiaan Huygens, William Petty, Johan de Witt, John Graunt, John Arbuthnot (German Edition)
  10. The Life and Works of John Arbuthnot by John & Aitken, George A. Arbuthnot, 1892
  11. Tables of antient coins, weights, and measures, explained and exemplified in several dissertations. By John Arbuthnot, ... The second edition. To which ... on Dr. Arbuthnot's dissertations by John Arbuthnot, 2010-06-16
  12. Practical rules of diet in the various constitutions and diseases of human bodies. By John Arbuthnot, ... by John Arbuthnot, 2010-05-27
  13. Wikiproject Scotland: John Arbuthnot, Robert Arbuthnot,
  14. John Bull in his senses: being the third part of Law is a bottomless-pit. Printed from a manuscript found in the cabinet of the famous Sir Humphry Polesworth. The third edition. by John Arbuthnot, 2010-06-10

81. John Arbuthnot Fisher - Quotes And Quotations
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Author: John Arbuthnot Fisher The Lost Blond
Bible Power

The XY Factor

Redneck Etiquette
The Pick Up

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82. Your Ancestors Entries For Arbuthnot
Search Result. Who Am I? Entries for Arbuthnot. Click on a nameto view the full record. Hits 1 Arbuthnot, John Wilfred.

68 185007-10 Newark F 2 Jacobus, Cornelius 11 Hamilton L 67-68 1850-05-02 NewarkF Jacobus, Cornelius L 67-68 1851-01-14 Newark M Arbuthnot, John L 93

84. I282: Gary John ARBUTHNOT ( - )
Gary John Arbuthnot. Father Louis Arbuthnot Mother Denise ROBERTSON _Louis Arbuthnot
Father: Louis ARBUTHNOT
Mother: Denise ROBERTSON
still living - details excluded HTML created by GED2HTML v3.0b-UNREGISTERED (5/28/97) on Tue Aug 15 11:53:23 2000.
Paul Desmond COLLINS
Father: Bryan Desmond COLLINS
Mother: Eileen (Norma) DOWER
Paul Desmond COLLINS
_Eileen (Norma) DOWER _Violet May BUTCHER ... INDEX
still living - details excluded HTML created by GED2HTML v3.0b-UNREGISTERED (5/28/97) on Tue Aug 15 11:53:23 2000.
Valmai Grace DOWER
Father: Arthur Reynolds DOWER
Mother: Catherine Bolitho LUKE
Family 1 Kenneth Norman HALL
  • Kerri Joan HALL
  • Mark Kenneth HALL _Arthur Reynolds DOWER ... INDEX
    still living - details excluded HTML created by GED2HTML v3.0b-UNREGISTERED (5/28/97) on Tue Aug 15 11:53:23 2000.
    Fanny HOLMES
    • BIRTH : 1877, Pleasant Creek, Victoria, Australia
    • DEATH : 1877, Stawell, Victoria, Australia
    Father: William Frederick HOLMES
    Mother: Mary Jane DOWER
    Fanny HOLMES
    _Mary Jane DOWER INDEX HTML created by GED2HTML v3.0b-UNREGISTERED (5/28/97) on Tue Aug 15 11:53:23 2000.
    Candy MASON
    Father: James MASON
    Mother: Dorothy PENTECOST Candy MASON _Lucinda DOWER INDEX HTML created by GED2HTML v3.0b-UNREGISTERED (5/28/97)
  • 85. Wills
    of Messrs Arbuthnot Co of Madras Merchants and Agents, as one of the Executorsappointed, reserving the right of William Reierson Arbuthnot, John YOUNG and
    The following table of Letters of Administration and Probates granted by the Supreme Court of Judicature at Madras was extracted from the Madras Almanac for 1860, pub. Pharaoh. It forms part of the Passages to India web site created by Sylvia Murphy of Sydney, NSW, Australia NAME DESCRIPTION PROBATE or ADMON GRANTED TO WHOM GRANTED ORR, Sutherland George Gordon Formerly of Aurungabad, in the East Indies, Esq., a major by Brevet in the Madras Army and a Captain in the 23 rd Regt. Of Madras L I Admon 21 Oct 1858 MALCOLM, Robert Formerly of the Madras Civil Service, but afterwards of Burnfoot in the Parish of Westerkirk in the county of Dumfries in Scotland, Admon 21 Oct 1858 JALLAND, William Gibson Late an Asst Surgeon in the service of the East India Company on their Madras Medical Establishment, Admon 25 Oct 1858 ALEXANDER, Richard, esq Late of Masulipatam, Merchant, Probate 4 Nov 1858 John William MAIDEN, Esq, the Master Attendant of Masulipatam GALL, George Lawrence Herbet Late a Captain in the 5 th Regt of M L C and late of Roy Bareilly in the Kingdom of Oude, in the East Indies

    86. Buch: Der Irak - Ein Belagertes Land
    Translate this page sind, den ehemaligen US-Justizminister Ramsey Clark, den Sozialwissenschaftler NoamChomsky, renommierte JornalistInnen wie Felicia Arbuthnot, John Pilger und
    Besprechung (junge Welt)
    Rüdiger Göbel
    Joachim Guilliard
    Michael Schiffmann
    Der Irak Ein belagertes Land Beiträge von:
    Felicity Arbuthnot, Phyllis Bennis, Jutta
    Burghardt, Noam Chomsky, Ramsey Clark,
    Robert Fisk, Rüdiger Göbel, Ulrich Gottstein,
    Joachim Guilliard, Denis J. Halliday, Karijn
    Kakebeeke, Mona Kammas, Ali Mansoor, Norman Paech, John Pilger, Scott Ritter, Daniel Rosenthal, Deirdre Sinnott, Hans-Christof von Sponeck, Voices in the Wilderness PapyRossa Verlag DiplomatInnen, Politiker, JournalistInnen und WissenschaftlerInnen berichten über ein fragwürdiges Kapitel der internationalen Politik: Die katastrophalen Folgen, die das Embargo gegen den Irak für dessen Bevölkerung hat PapyRossa Verlag, Köln, Mai 2001 Broschur 250 Seiten, DM 28, 00 ISBN 3-89438-223-6, Obwohl der Anlaß des Embargos gegen den Irak, die Besetzung Kuwaits, mit dessen militärischer Zerschmetterung im zweiten Golfkrieg längst hinfällig ist, ist es auf Betreiben der USA und Großbritanniens bisher in Kraft geblieben. Das Buch präsentiert eine Sammlung authentischer Quellen zur Lage der irakischen Bevölkerung und dokumentiert ein weithin verschwiegenes fragwürdiges Kapitel inter-nationaler Politik. Es vereint Autoren wie die UN-Diplomaten Hans von Sponeck und Jutta Burghard, die aus Protest gegen das Embargo von ihren Koordinations-funktionen zwischen den Vereinten Nationen und dem Irak zurückgetreten sind, den ehemaligen US-Justizminister Ramsey Clark, den Sozialwissenschaftler Noam Chomsky, renommierte JornalistInnen wie Felicia Arbuthnot, John Pilger und Robert Fisk, den UN-Waffeninspekteur im Irak Scott Ritter oder, als Stimme aus der irakischen Bevölkerung, den Germanistikprofessor Ali Mansour.

    87. Ancestry Message Boards [ ]
    20 Aug 2001; John Arbuthnot 2 July 189325 Nov 1954 New York Los Angeles,CA Elizabeth Henry 20 Aug 2001; Arbuthnot Graves in
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    88. Portraits Of Statisticians
    ANDERSON, Theodore Wilbur 1915. ANDERSON, Virgil 1915-. Arbuthnot, John 1667-1735.ARMITAGE, Peter 1924-. ARNAULD, Antoine 1560-1619. B. BABBAGE, Charles 1792-1871.
    Portraits of Statisticians
    Click here for information about sources
    To save space, files are saved in gzipped format. Some browsers are set to unzip on the fly. If yours is not, copy the file into your own area and gunzip it. This page is created by Peter M Lee . The original is at the University of York
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  • ADRAIN, Robert
  • AIRY, Sir George Biddell
  • AITKEN, Alexander Craig
  • ANDERSON, Theodore Wilbur ...
  • ARNAULD, Antoine
  • BABBAGE, Charles
  • BAILY, Francis
  • BARNARD, George Alfred
  • BARRETT, George ...
  • BOSKOVIC, Rudjer Josip, S.J. 1711-1787 = BOSCOVICH, Ruggiero Giuseppe = BOSCOVICH, Roger Joseph
  • BOWLEY, Sir Arthur Lyon
  • BOX, George Edward Pelham
  • BUFFON, George Louis Leclerc, Comte de
  • BURR, Irving ...
  • BUNYAKOVSKII, Viktor Yakovlevich
  • CANTELLI, Francesco Paolo
  • CARDANO, Gerolamo
  • CAUCHY, Augustin-Louis When older ...
  • CHEBYSHEFF, Pavnutii Lvovich 1821-1894 = TCHEBYCHEFF, Pafnuty Lvovitch = CEBYSEV, Pafnuty Lvovitch
  • CHERNOFF, Herman
  • COCHRAN, William Gemmell
  • CONDORCET, Marquis de 1743-1794 = CARITAT, Marie-Antoine-Jean-Nicolas
  • COX, Sir David (Roxbee)
  • 89. I592: Barbara (____ - ____)
    Eastern Standard Time. Catherine Arbuthnot. . Father RobertArbuthnot Family 1 John ALLARDICE +Janet ALLARDICE.
    Family 1 Georg KARG
  • Balthazar KARG INDEX HOME HTML created by GED2HTML v3.6-WIN95 (Jan 18 2000) on 01/01/2003 08:03:59 PM Eastern Standard Time
    Catherine ARBUTHNOT
    Father: Robert ARBUTHNOT
    Family 1 John ALLARDICE
  • Janet ALLARDICE Catherine ARBUTHNOT INDEX ... HOME HTML created by GED2HTML v3.6-WIN95 (Jan 18 2000) on 01/01/2003 08:03:59 PM Eastern Standard Time
    Agnes CANNON
    Father: John CANNON
    Mother: Ann *UNKNOWN*
    Family 1 George SMITH
    _Rich CANNON
    _John CANNON Agnes CANNON ... HOME HTML created by GED2HTML v3.6-WIN95 (Jan 18 2000) on 01/01/2003 08:03:59 PM Eastern Standard Time
    John Charles COX
    2 May 1847 - 30 Sep 1849
    • BIRTH : 2 May 1847
    • DEATH : 30 Sep 1849
    Father: John Charles COX
    Mother: Sarah Ann ERVIN
    _Lovisa HORGER
    John Charles COX _James ERVIN ... HOME HTML created by GED2HTML v3.6-WIN95 (Jan 18 2000) on 01/01/2003 08:03:59 PM Eastern Standard Time
    William ERVIN
    Father: William Fletcher ERVIN
    Mother: Mary H. CONNORS
    _John MARION , Jr._
    _Mary WICKAM _John BAXTER ... HOME HTML created by GED2HTML v3.6-WIN95 (Jan 18 2000) on 01/01/2003 08:03:59 PM Eastern Standard Time
    William FLEMING
    • BIRTH : Ireland
    • REFERENCE : Michael Welling
    Father: John FLEMING
    Mother: Janet (Jeanet) WITHERSPOON
    William FLEMING
    _John WITHERSPOON INDEX ... HOME HTML created by GED2HTML v3.6-WIN95 (Jan 18 2000)
  • 90. Chronology Of Probabilists And Statisticians Index By Name And Date
    Arbuthnot, John Bayes, Thomas Bernoulli, James (Jacob) Borel, Emile Buffon, GeorgesCaramel, John Cardan, Girolamo Cauchy, Augustin Lois Chapman, Sydney
    Index of Probabilists and Statisticians Arbuthnot, John
    Bayes, Thomas

    Bernoulli, James (Jacob)

    Borel, Emile
    Wilcoxon, Frank

    Index of Probabilists and Statisticians Cardan, Girolamo
    Kepler, Johannes
    Descartes, Rene
    Fermat, Pier de
    Caramel, John Schooten, Frans van Graunt, John Pascal, Blaise Huygens, Christiaan Newton, Isaac Leibnitz, Gottfried von Sauveur Bernoulli, James Craig, John Arbuthnot, John Roberts, Francis Moivre, Abraham de Montemort, Pierre Bernoulli, Nicholus Cotes, Roger Bayes, Thomas Euler, Leonhard Buffon, Georges Laplace, Pierre Simon Legendre, Adrien Fourier, John Baptiste Joseph Guass, Carl Fredrich Poisson, Simon Denis Cauchy, Augustin Quetelet, Adolphe Dirichlet, Johann DeMorgan, Augustus Nightingale, Florence Chebychef, Pafnuty Galton, Francis Venn, John Lexis, Wilhelm Edgeworth, Francis Markov, Andrei Pearson, Karl Yule, George Borel, Emile Gosset, William Chapman, Sydney Fisher, Ronald Wilcoxon, Frank Neyman, Jerzy Deming, Edwards W. Kolmogrov, Andrey Newmann, John von Feller, William

    91. John Arbuthnot, Scottish Physician
    Visit Birnam Home Page, Click here for the new Dougie MacLean CD. John Arbuthnot(16671735). John Arbuthnot was born in Inverbervie, Scotland.
    Home Page

    John Arbuthnot
    John Arbuthnot was born in Inverbervie, Scotland. He studied at Marischal College, Aberdeen, then took a medical degree at the University of St Andrews graduating in 1696.
    He translated Huygens' tract on probability in 1692 and extended it by adding to it a few further games of chance. This was the first work on probability published in English. In 1696 he graduated with a medical degree.
    Arbuthnot then went to London and gave lessons in mathematics. Around this time (1700) he published: Essay towards a natural history of the Earth and Essay on the usefulness of mathematical learning.
    He was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society in 1704, and in 1705 he was appointed physician to Queen Anne.
    He continued his scientific work submitting a paper to the Royal Society in 1710 discussing the slight excess of male births over female births. This paper is perhaps the first application of probability to social statistics. In this paper he claims to demonstrate that divine providence, not chance, governs the sex ratio at birth.

    92. Project Gutenberg Bibliographic Record
    Project Gutenberg Bibliographic Record. Title History Of John Bull. AuthorArbuthnot, John. Notes. Language English. Release Date May 2001. File(s)
    Project Gutenberg Bibliographic Record
    Title: History Of John Bull
    Author: Arbuthnot, John
    Language: English Release Date: May 2001
    File(s): Title Format Directory Filename Size Etext number History Of John Bull (ASCII) jhnbl10.txt 219 KB Select (click on) a Title to view. Click the Author name above for more eBooks by that author
    To the main listings page
    Main Project Gutenberg Web page (online)

    93. This Is Jersey - Art - Paul John Kilshaw
    Paul John Kilshaw Curriculum Vitae Paul lives near Gorey village and has his studioin an old coach house, where he continues to explore his passion for line
    Curriculum Vitae
    Paul lives near Gorey village and has his studio in an old coach house, where he continues to explore his passion for line, texture and colour. During the winter months he focuses on his abstracts, while in the summer his thoughts are drawn to the earth's shapes and curves which are portrayed in his landscapes. - P. J. Kilshaw.
    Divisional Spaces Awoken
    Mixed Media
    Primary Divisions Within
    Mixed Media
    75cm x 100cm
    Zone, Touch, Sound
    Mixed Media
    102cm x 76cm Union of Zones Mixed Media 50cm x 75cm Primal Light Mixed Media 50cm x 75cm Envelopes of Time Mixed Media 50cm x 75cm Space as a Deity Mixed Media 82cm x 117cm Red Space with its Absolute Directions Diptych Mixed Media 117cm x 82cm Postures of Space Mixed Media 82cm x 112cm His early works in Jersey were related to landscape, which echoed the principles of cubism. In the mid 80s his work changed to expressionism resulting in bright colours, firmer contours and lines. Paul enjoys working in all mediums and having challenging commissions. Presently he is painting vibrantly on large ceramic shapes in association with the Jersey Pottery. You can see his work locally at the Jersey Museum, the award winning restaurant Suma's, Befani's, St. Saviour's Hospital and the General Hospital. There are many paintings in private collections in Australia, New Zealand, North America and Europe.

    94. Baltersan
    Marriages} 1738 (14 September) Alexander Arbuthnot served heir to his brother JohnArbuthnot junior of Caterline, late Shipmaster in Montrose, Heir General.
    I came across the Arbuthnot web site when checking on links with Baltersan and thought you may wish to receive what I know about Hugh Arbuthnot who inherited Baltersan from his cousin, John in 1722.
    I have a photocopy of the Testament of John Kennedy of Baltersan of whom it says, "died abroad in London". Hugh Arbuthnot was a sea captain based at Deptford which makes me think he was lodging with his cousin. There is a wonderful old church with numerous 17th century monumental tombs in Deptford - the time I visited it was locked fast. I wonder if John Kennedy's tomb is in there ?
    Hugh Arbuthnot took up residence at Baltersan (1 mile from Maybole in Ayrshire) and became a Burgess of the Burgh of Ayr.
    The Fergusson of Kilkerran family papers have numerous mentions of Hugh in his dealings with them. If you have any aditional information on Hugh, I would be most appreciative. I think he must have died c. 1750 - certainly Baltersan was a ruin by 1764 and there is evidence of a major fire having reduced the building a long time ago.
    I am aware of Arbuthnots of Montrose being mariners and wonder if I can establish a link between Baltersan (c.1750) and Dundee (1790). The reason for this is most unusual. Two of the windows at Baltersan had wooden shutters which slid into the thickness of the wall - unique in Scottish 16th c. architecture. The next time this feature appears is in a sea captain's house (Captain Rattray) in Dundee !

    95. ·j´Mµ²ªG¸Ô²Ó¸ê®Æ
    The summary for this Chinese (Traditional) page contains characters that cannot be correctly displayed in this language/character set.

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