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         Carpenter Edward:     more books (31)
  1. Edward Carpenter 1844-1929: Prophet of Human Fellowship by Chushichi Tsuzuki, 2005-09-15
  2. The village and the landlord / by Edward Carpenter by Edward (1844-1929) Carpenter, 1907-01-01
  3. Edward Carpenter, 1844-1929: Democratic Author and Poet (Friends of Dr. Williams's Library. Lecture, 24th, 1970) by Edward Carpenter, 1970-01
  4. Edward Carpenter, 1844-1929 (Local studies leaflet) by Edward Hartley, 1979
  5. Biography - Carpenter, Edward (1844-1929): An article from: Contemporary Authors by Gale Reference Team, 2003-01-01
  6. Chants of labour : a song book of the people : with music / edited by Edward Carpenter; with 2 designs by Walter Crane by Edward (1844-1929). Walter Crane (ill.) Carpenter, 1922
  7. The intermediate sex : a study of some transitional types of men and women / by Edward Carpenter by Edward (1844-1929) Carpenter, 1930-01-01
  8. Loves coming-of-age by Edward (1844-1929) Carpenter, 1927-01-01
  9. From Adam's peak to Elephanta: sketches in Ceylon and India - [Contents: Ceylon.--A visit to a gnani.--India.--The old order and the new influences] by Edward (1844-1929) Carpenter, 1904
  10. EnglandÃ?¯Ã'¿Ã'½s ideal, and other papers on social subjects / by Edward Carpenter by Edward (1844-1929) Carpenter, 1887
  11. The intermediate sex : a study of some transitional types of men and women / by Edward Carpenter by Edward (1844-1929) Carpenter, 1912-01-01
  12. Towards democracy. Complete in four parts. By Edward Carpenter. by Carpenter. Edward. 1844-1929., 1912-01-01
  13. My days and dreams. being autobiographical notes. by Edward Carp by Carpenter. Edward. 1844-1929., 1916-01-01
  14. The writings of Edward Carpenter, 1844-1929: A survey with notes on their availability by Jonathan Cutbill, 1980

81. Matt & Andrej Koymasky - Famous GLTB - Edward Carpenter
Edward Carpenter (1844 1929) UK Reformer, poet, philosopher and Gay RightsPioneer. Carpenter came of a naval family, though his father retired early.
Last update: August 28 th
Edward Carpenter
(1844 - 1929) U.K.
Reformer, poet, philosopher and Gay Rights Pioneer Carpenter came of a naval family, though his father retired early. He became fellow of Trinity Hall, Cambridge and curate to F. D. Maurice. A visit to Italy, "a new enthusiasm for Greek sculpture... and inspiring friendship", turned his thoughts in a different direction. In 1874 he abandoned fellowship and orders and moved north, eventually settling at Millthorpe, near chesterfield, where he pursued, by precept and example, his own concept of Socialism and communal fellowship. He wrote and lectured in supporto of varied progressive causes and his own lifestile and revolt against middle-class convention (expressed by sandals, vegetarianism, overt homosexuality, praise of manual labour and the working man) became an important symbol of liberation for many, including E. M. Forster. Of his many writings the best emembered is probably his long poem of very free verses Towards Democracy (published in 4 parts, 1883 - 1902), in which he expresses his millenarian sense of the cosmic consciousness and "spiritual democracy", and of the march of humanity towards "freedom and joy", much influenced by Whitman and the

82. AIM25: British Library Of Political And Economic Science: CHUBB, Percival Ashley
Rhys, William Dircks, George Dyke Smith, Henry Havelock Ellis, Thomas Davidson,Sidney James Webb, Professor Felix Adler, Edward Carpenter, Olive Emilie

83. Edward Carpenter Biografia No Eres El UNICO Adolescente Gay
Translate this page 1844 - 1929. Edward Carpenter fue un pionero socialista y un profeta radical de unanueva era del asociacionismo, en la cual las relaciones fueron transformadas
Edward Carpenter fue un pionero socialista y un profeta radical de una nueva era del asociacionismo, en la cual las relaciones fueron transformadas por una nueva conciencia espiritual. La forma en que el vivió su vida, junto con sus escritos literarios y poéticos, fue la esencia de su mensaje ante una sociedad arcaica. Y sin embargo no causo sorpresa que su reputación se diluyera rápidamente después de su muerte, convirtiéndose su figura en grande en la medida de que su ejemplo, su imagen comenzara a crecer a través de los resultados públicos de sus ideas, de sus propuestas y de sus acciones para cambiar las mentalidades. Carpenter a la edad de 13 años Ha sido descrito como poseedor de una extraordinaria combinación de cualidades: mezcla perfecta de carisma con modestia. Sus ideas tuvieron una enorme influencia durante los tempranos años del movimiento socialista en la Gran Bretaña: sin embargo, lo mas intensamente recordado dentro de los movimientos socialistas y cooperativistas fue su eslogan "Alzate Inglaterra", aunque sus escritos sobre la homosexualidad y la exposición abierta de su identidad son los que le hacen un personaje único en la historia reciente. Edward Carpenter nació el 29 de Agosto de 1844 (en el 45 de Brunswick Square) en una confortable situación familiar de clase media. Eran 1o niños en total: seis niñas y cuatro chicos. Pero en su adolescencia, Edward era el único chico entre las seis niñas de la casa, dado que la familia paso un año desplazada en Versalles en 1857 y los otros muchachos ya mas crecidos, tuvieron que incorporarse a las fuerzas armadas.

84. Index
E. (1885 1956) CANFIELD Ida Carpenter Betsy Susanna Dr. Daniel Francis (1919 -) Edward J. (1846 1873 - 1955) Luther Calvin (1844 - 1929) Mantheno (1811
B C D ... Y
Eugene Wesley
Florence E.
George Daniel
Logan ...
Warren E.
Chester Abrams
Donna May
Edgar Edson
Robert Boal
John Vincent
Mary Jane
Amanda M.
Lucy B.
Mr. ...
William F.
Harriet Ann
Charles E.
Charles Sterling
Charles T.
Louis E.
Andrew Jackson
Susan Elizabeth
Lucy F.
Adelia Marie
Irvin Lee
James Richard
Lee R. ...
Arthur Benjamin
Clara Alice
Frank Album
Gladys ...
Nellie M.
Lucy May
Sarah 'Sally'
Charles F.
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Rear Adm. Charles Edgar
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Genevieve Beatta ...
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Alford Thomas
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Ebon George
Emma Julia ...
Sarah Sophia 'Sadie'
Avis Lenore
Charles W.
Frank ...
Mary Augusta
Isaac A.
Phila A.
Mary Jane
Alpha Belle
Edna Florence
Michael Frank
William Franklin
Elizabeth 'Betsey'
Dea. Benjamin

85. Untitled
Edward Carpenter 1844 - 1929. Edward Carpenter was a pioneering socialistand radical prophet of a new age of fellowship in which
Edward Carpenter - 1844 - 1929 Edward Carpenter was a pioneering socialist and radical prophet of a new age of fellowship in which social relations would be transformed by a new spiritual consciousness. The way he lived his life, perhaps even more than his extensive writings, was the essence of his message. It is perhaps not surprising that his reputation faded quickly after his death, as he lived much of his life modestly spreading his message by personal contact and example rather than by major literary works or through a national political career. He has been described as having that unusual combination of qualities: charisma with modesty. His ideas became immensely influential during the early years of the Socialist movement in Britain: perhaps Carpenter's most widely remembered legacy to the Socialist and Co-operative movements was his anthem England Arise! but it is his writings on the subject of homosexuality and his open espousal of this identity that makes him unique.

86. Encyclopædia Britannica
It means the ideal of the frontier, of Carpenter, Edward (1844–1929).The English writer Edward Carpenter is identified with whitman&fuzzy=N&ct=ebi&start=6&show=

87. A-Infos (en) Daily Bleed 6/28 Floyd Dell, Edward Carpenter,
lively. http// http// Edward Carpenter (18441929) dies.

ABRAMS, Virgil E. 1873, 1874, ACKLEY, Edward, 1871, 1945, BORDEN, Dwight C. 1844,1929, BORDEN, John M. 1811, 1877, CARON, infant, 1964, 1964, Carpenter, Arnold, 1805,1890,
Painted Hills Genealogy Society
Dedicated to making research accessible to everyone.
Cohocton, NY
Mary Tuma A-D E-J K-N O-S ... T-Z
ABBEY, Clarence ABBEY, Jennie May ABBEY, Mararet ABBOTT, Ada ABBOTT, Charles Spence ABBY Warren C ABEEL, Elson Frank ABEEL, Joseph ABEEL, Ledna C ABEEL, Majorie ABEEL, Robert Floyd ABEEL, William F ABRAMS, Jennie N. ABRAMS, S.R. Dr. ABRAMS, Virgil E. ACKLEY, Edward ACKLEY, Emma ACKLEY, Josephene Gr ADAMS, Lindsay ADAMS, Luella ADAMS, Lydia A. ADAMS, Mary, R. ADAMS, Nellie Gray AGARD, Erma Marthrs AGARD, Grant, M. AGARD, Harrison AGARD, Inez AGARD, Ivan AGARD, Julia, A. AGARD, Seth, M. AGARD, Synthia ALGER, Emeline ALLEN, Carl Nelson ALLEN, Hulda ALLEN, Steven ALLISON, Miles ALLISON, Rebecca ALMQUIST, Carl W E ALPAUGH, Bessie P ALPAUGH, Charles A ALPAUGH, Lillian B ALPAUGH, Myrtle E ALPAUGH, Robert B ALVERSON, Timothy John AMARAL, Albina F ANDREWS, Lewis F. ANDREWS, Lida ARDELL, Agusta, C. ARDELL, Eva E ARDELL, Geo. Judson ARDELL, George ARDELL, Harry, C. ARDELL, Martha

89. I7504: Henry ALBERT (22 FEB 1862 - ____)
1863) Clarence Carpenter _ Edward CATE DETLING (1844 1929) _ _
22 FEB 1862 -
  • BIRTH : 22 FEB 1862, Polk, Washington Co., Wisconsin (probable location)
  • BAPTISM : 22 MAR 1862, St. Bridget Church, Wayne, Washington Co. Wisconsin
Father: John Conrad ALBERT
Mother: Anna Maria DETLING
Henry ALBERT _Martin DETTLING ... HOME HTML created by GED2HTML v3.6-WIN95 (Jan 18 2000) on 07/14/2002 09:36:33 PM Pacific Standard Time
Abigail ALLEN
1743 - 1750 - 25 MAR 1825
  • BIRTH : 1743 - 1750, Rockingham Co., New Hampshire (probable)
  • DEATH : 25 MAR 1825, Avon, Franklin Co., Maine
Father: John ALLEN , Jr.
Mother: Elizabeth CATE
Family 1 Titus PHILBRICK
  • MARRIAGE : 22 OCT 1767, North Hampton, Rockingham Co., New Hampshire
  • Betsey PHILBRICK
  • Abilgail PHILBRICK
    • DATA Abigail is referred to in these records as "consort of Titus Philbrick."
    HOME HTML created by GED2HTML v3.6-WIN95 (Jan 18 2000) on 07/14/2002 09:36:33 PM Pacific Standard Time
    Charles ALLSHOUSE
    Family 1 Manilla Josephine QUINN
  • Larry Hugo ALLSHOUSE
  • Jerry Thomas ALLSHOUSE
  • Annie Elizabeth ALLSHOUSE ... HOME HTML created by GED2HTML v3.6-WIN95 (Jan 18 2000)
  • 90. Section A Strongsville Ohio Cemetery Alphabetical Listing Of
    BARBER, William D, age 85, 1844 1929, 11/27/1929, B, 90.5, CAMPION, George Edward,age 80, 1898 - 1978, father, 6/29 Carpenter, Angelina P Ogilvy, 1844 - 1939, B, 57,c,
    Section A Strongsville Ohio Cemetery alphabetical listing of interments 1818-2001 including tombstone inscriptions HOME SECTION A SECTION B Alphabetical Cemetery Listing A thru H ... Alphabetical Cemetery Listing P thru Z ALCOX, Cora E 1864 - 1941, mother B c Alcox, Nina age 88, d. 5/11/1995 B c ALLEN, Andrew J age B g ALLEN, Effie L age 23, stone unreadable B ALLEN, Kathryn Ludwig age B f ALLEN, Olive Bedford age B e ALLEN, Sarah Ann age B e Anderson, Lucille age died 1/11/1995 B d ASHLEY B b ASHLEY, Catherine age B f ASHLEY, Etta age B c ASHLEY, Marcia A age wife of R M Ashley B d ASHLEY, Marcia Ann age 1 d.1864 B b ASHLEY, Margaret B age B g ASHLEY, Robert Carl age B e ASHLEY, Robert M age d.1875 B h ASHLEY, Sidney age d.1865 B b ASHLEY, Walter S age B a ATKINSON, Carrie Belle age B d ATKINSON, Florence age B h ATKINSON, Grant G age B f ATKINSON, May S age B e ATKINSON, Walter age B g AUHL, George age B f AUHL, Stella B age B h BABITZKY, Gustav age 1885 - 1964, father B h BABITZKY, Mary age 86,1887 - 1973, mother B f BAKER, Irwin age B b BALFOUR, Mary age B f BALFOUR, Western age B h BARBER, Arthur M age B a BARBER, Betsey Jane

    91. Light From The East (in MARION)
    Light from the East. Title Light from the East; being letters ongñanam, the divine knowledge, edited by Edward Carpenter. Author
    Light from the East
  • Subject:
    • 156 p. ports. 19 cm.
    LC Card no:
  • System ID no:
    • AAE-9594
    CLEVELAND/John G. White Coll.
    • CALL NUMBER: 293.278 Ar84L Reference NonCirculating
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    92. The Daily Bleed's Anarchist Encyclopedia; A, Gallery Of Antiauthoritarians, Sain
    Information about hundreds of Anarchists, many with dedicated biography pages or links to online resources.Category Society Politics Anarchism People...... Carpenter, Edward. (18441929).Early British gay rights activist, utopian libertarian socialist, poet, songwriter. Daily Bleed , June 28, 1929. ?
    The Anarchist Encyclopedia
    D ...
    Editors note: Most names in red link to pages other than our own. Where no source is cited, these are generally linked to l'éphéméride Anarchiste Most entries from l'éphéméride Anarchiste Daily Bleed Archives by name or event. clickable button which retrieves our page. Names in white will have pages or links added eventually. Sources for other links are cited. For entries in a language you can't read, try the free online translator, Babel Fish . Translations are crude but useful.
    • ABAD de SANTILLAN, Diego.
      Added 7/15/2001 alt; Diego Abad de Santillán
    • ABARNO, Frank.
    • ABBEY, Edward.
      (1927-1989), American anarchist, eco-defender, novelist, wrote The Monkey Wrench Gang
    • ABBOTT, Leonard.
    • ABRAMOWSKI, Edward.
      (1868-1918), Polish philosopher, psychologist, sociologist, anarchist, father of Polish cooperative movement.
      Daily Bleed August 17, 1868
    • ACCIARITO, Pietro.
      (1871­1943) Italian anarchist, attempted to stab the king of Italy, sent to prison for life.
      added October 2002
    • ACIN AQUILUE Ramón added October 2002
    • ACKELSBERG, Martha.

    93. Obituaries Of Hamilton Co., IL
    Harry S. Carpenter (18591905). Milton Carpenter (1807-1848). Ben Chatman (1854-1917). ThomasEdward Hutchcraft (1873-1988). Berry William Mitchell (1844-1929).
    Obituaries Index: A B C D ... Z Note: Women are index under their married name. - A - Eliza A. (Wilson) Allen Frank A. Allen Warner P. Anderson Winneford Anderson ... Back to top - B - Floyd D. Barringer Edna Earl (Tate) Beachum Arthur C. Bond (1954-1892) (Photo) Carl Cecil Bond Cecil M. Bond (1915-1966) (Photo) Donald Carl Bond Edith Davis Bond (1868-1932) Photo here! Eliza B. Wagenick Bond (1912-1894) (Photo) Ellett B. Bond Goldie Crisel Bond Ellett B. Bond Jesse F. Bond ... Leonard Bond (1842-1910) *Photo Madlen (Mitsdarffer) Bond Samuel Riley Bond Serena Hensley Bond Wilburn Bond ... Back to top - C - Eliza Eleanor Mitchell Campbell Joseph F. Campbell Marshall Campbell Mary Melvina York Campbell ... Susan Carr Campbell (1848-1928) Photos! Wallace Alex Campbell John Canterbury Harry S. Carpenter Milton Carpenter ... Back to top - D - Gladys Anne Shumate Daily Marion D. Dale William Riley Daniel Mary Donley Davis (1867-1953) Memorial Card William Henry Davis Virgil Proctor Davis Elizabeth Coker Duncan Davison Lawrence Orvill Deitz ... Edward F. Donley

    94. Henry S. Salt - Wanted Items
    Source 2) The First Fabrians by N and J MacKenzie (New York, 1977) (Source 2) EdwardCarpenter 18441929 Prophet of Human Friendship by C. Tsuzuki (Cambridge
    Wanted Salt wrote for several journals, especially during the 1880's, and as yet few appear in our collection. If you have access to the following essays or journals please contact us: Humanity, The Humanitarian, The Humane Review, Justice Progress To-day The Nineteenth Century, Temple Bar Seed-time (The Fellowship of the New Life) , Hygienic Review, Social Democrat, The Gentleman's Magazine, Time. Also wanted are reviews of Salt's books or essays, some of which will have appeared in The Socialist Review Times Literary Supplement, etc Wanted Items
    A Group of Unpublished Letters by Henry S. Salt to Joseph Ishill Oriole Press, Berkeley Heights, New Jersey 1942
    An Examination of Hogg's 'Life of Shelley'
    Consolations of a Faddist,
    Verses Reprinted from 'The Humanitarian', A. C. Fifield, London, 1906
    Cvm Grano, Verses and Epigrams Oriole Press, Berkeley Heights, New Jersey, 1931
    Eton under Hornby: Some Reminiscences and Reflections A. C. Fifield, London, 1910
    Homo Rapiens, and Other Verses

    95. Altrestorie
    scritti, riediti ed affidati per gentile concessione dell’autore.
    In questa sezione della mia home page potrete trovare:
    "Peppinella", gay confinato alle Tremiti nel 1939 - di Giovanni Dall'Orto

    1708, processato a Brescia don Giuseppe Beccarelli - di Stefano Bolognini

    1727. processati a Bologna Leopoldo Taruffi, Antonio Cavedagna e Matteo Ricci - di Stefano Bolognini

    1354, processato a Venezia Rolando Roncaglia - di Giovanni Dall'Orto
    vai a "i gay nella storia"

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