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         Colby Charles William:     more detail
  1. Canadian types of the old regime. 1608-1698. by Colby. Charles W. (Charles William). 1867-1955., 1910
  2. The fighting governor; a chronicle of Frontenac. by Charles W. C by Colby. Charles W. (Charles William). 1867-1955., 1915-01-01
  3. The Founder of New France; a chronicle of Champlain. by Charles by Colby. Charles W. (Charles William). 1867-1955., 1915-01-01
  4. Canadian types of the old régime, 1608-1698 by Charles W. (Charles William), 1867-1955 Colby, 2009-10-26

1. Brooklyn Public Library /All Locations
4 Colby, Charles L., 1956 2001 1 Colby, Charles William, 1867-1955.3 Colby, Charlotte Dennett See Dennett, Charlotte 1. (Previous,938/search/aColby, C. B. (Ca
KEYWORD AUTHOR TITLE SUBJECT Mark Nearby AUTHORS are: Year Entries Colby, Albert Ladd, b. 1860.
Colby, Anita.

Colby, Anne, 1946-

Colby, Anthony Owen.
... Colby, C. B. (Carroll B.)
Colby, Carroll B. See Colby, C. B. (Carroll B.)
Colby, Charles C. (Charles Carlyle), 1884-1965.

Colby, Charles L., 1956-
Colby, Charles William, 1867-1955.
Colby, Charlotte Dennett See Dennett, Charlotte

Colby. (18141865) Richard Charles Richard Moses 1859- ) Susan Catherine Thomas (1853-1931)Thomas Cubitt (1771- ) William (1819- ) William (1867-1868) William

3. Project Gutenberg Author Index
Coke, Henry J. (Henry John), 18271916. Colby, Charles William, 1867-. Coleridge,Samuel Taylor, 1772-1834. Collins, JE (Joseph Edmund), 1855-1892.
Project Gutenberg
Author Index "C"
Cabell, James Branch, 1879-1958 Caesar, Gaius Julius, ca. 100-44 BC Cahan, Abraham, 1860-1951 Caine, Hall, Sir, 1853-1931 ... Curwood, James Oliver, 1878-1927
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4. Project Gutenberg Author Record
Project Gutenberg Author record. Colby, Charles William, 1867. Titles. ChroniclesOf Canada. To the main listings page. Main Project Gutenberg Web page (online).
Project Gutenberg Author record
Colby, Charles William, 1867-
Chronicles Of Canada
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6. Wayne County MI Land And Property Grantor 1700-1885; FHC Film #0926454
Colby, Isaac Colby, 138, 110, 1867/9. Harrision Colby, John Miller, 135, 415, 1869.Hannah Colby, William E. Barker, 198, 606, 1878. Hannah Colby et. al, Charles A.White, 211,

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Extracted, transcribed, and contributed by Marie H. LeRoy. You are the visitor since this counter was installed on January 10, 1999. Thank you for stopping by. Wayne County Grant/Grantor Land Indexes Colby, Cogger, Tuttle
FHC Film #0926446 Wayne County MI Index to Deeds – Grantee. v. R-V
Grantee (bought land) Grantor (sold land) Book # Page # Year
Almerin Tuttle David Thompson Abraham Tuthill GD? Charles Larned Almerine Tuttle Bank of MI SS Almerian Tuttle cc Trowbridge Almerian Tuttle cc State of MI Almerian Tuttle cc Charles D. Butler Almerin Nancy Tuttle George Budington Almerin Nancy Tuttle Almerin Nancy Tuttle Albert Tuttle Orson Ray Abner Tuttle Alex Bemiss Abner Tuttle Enoch Tuttle Almerin Tuttle Alex Stowell Abner Tuttle Rachel Tuttle Charles Tuttle Wm. Tuttle Durin Tuttle Joel Tuttle Daniel Tuttle Wm. Dunlap

7. Wayne County G & G Indexes Colby, Cogger. Tuttle 1885 - 1892
Isaac Colby, Hibbard Baker, 271, 512, Jacob Colby, William H. Langley, 129, 553,1869. Merrill Colby, Jr. Charles Churchby ex, 56, 345, 1852. Merrill Colby, HenryHouk et.

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Extracted, transcribed, and contributed by Marie H. LeRoy. You are the visitor since this counter was installed on January 10, 1999. Thank you for stopping by. Wayne County Wayne Grant/Grantor Land Indexes Colby, Cogger, Tuttle
FHC Film #0926461 Wayne County MI Grantor Index 1885-1892 v. T-Z Grantee (bought land) Grantor (sold land) Book # Page # Year
Thomas A. Perry Alice G. Tuttle Charles H. Parkehurst Alice G. Tuttle Mary (Harry?) Yankey Alice G. Tuttle Christian Perkin (?) Alice G. Tuttle Isaac Oivan (?) Alice G. Tuttle Dennis J.McCauley Abner Tuttle Thomas C. Fox Charles -? Tuttle Herman Beach (?) Charles Tuttle Herman Beach Catherine Tuttle Chester L. Yosh (?) Delphine Tuttle Thomas A. Perry George R. Tuttle Mary C. Yankey George R. Tuttle Charles H. Parkhurst George R. Tuttle Christian Perliss George R. Tuttle

8. Project Gutenberg
Coke, Henry J. (Henry John), 18271916. Colby, Charles William, 1867-. Coleridge, Samuel Taylor, 1772-1834
Project Gutenberg Part 1 Authors Use Control-f to find keywords This is Project Gutenberg. This list has been downloaded from: "The Official and Original Project Gutenberg Web Site and Home Page" ( PROJECT GUTENBERG ETEXTS AUTHORS IN ALPHABETICAL ORDER Last Updated: Saturday 30 March 2002 by Pietro Di Miceli ( The following etext have been released by Project Gutenberg. This list serves as reference only. For downloading books, please use our catalogs or search at: Or check our FTP archive at: and etext subdirectories. For problems with the FTP archives (ONLY) email, be sure to include a description of what happened AND which mirror site you were using. THANKS for visiting Project Gutenberg. * (No Author Attributed) A Young Girl Abbott, David Phelps, 1863-1934 Abbott, Edwin Abbott, 1838-1926 AKA: Square, A Abbott, John S. C. (John Stevens Cabot), 1805-1877 Ackland, T. S. (Thomas Suter), 1817-1892 Adams, Andy, 1859-1935

9. My Family
Charles William Colby was born on 25 MAR 1867 in Stanstead, Quebec,Canada. He died on 10 DEC 1955 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.




Charles Iowa COLBY Jr. was born about 1929 in Des Moines, Polk County, Iowa. (BOOK SOURCE: "The Colby Family in Early America" by Frederick Lewis Weis, Caledonia, The Colonial Press, pub 1970.) Parents: Charles Iowa COLBY and Ruth QIETE He was married to Mrs. Patricia COLBY about 1949. Charles Isaac COLBY was born on 31 OCT 1904 in Bowne, Kent County, Michigan. He died on 18 JUL 1980 in Lake Como, Putnam County, Florida. He had Social Security Number 372-03-0811. SS# issued in: Michigan
Residence code: Florida
ZIP Code of last known residence: 32057
As of April 1995, this ZIP Code was not in use by the U.S. Postal Service. The following primary location may have once been associated with this ZIP Code or may be in the same general geographic region of the U.S. It is also possible that the Social Security Administration had the wrong ZIP Code listed for this person.
Lake Como, Florida. Charles graduated from Curley School in 1920, Bowne, Kent County, Michigan. He graduated from Lowell High School in 1924, Lowell, Kent County, Michigan. He graduated from Davenport Business College in 1926, Grand Rapids, Kent County, Michigan. Parents: Earl Vernon COLBY and Inez Mae FREYERMUTH He was married to Thelma Helen JOHNSON about 1930. Children were:

10. My Family
Parents William Wallace Colby and Elizabeth Ann Florantha GEORGE. to Cyrene QUIMBYon 9 JAN 1867 in New SOURCE FHL Number 1000976; Colby, Charles M. Age 19




Betsey COLBY was born on 7 JAN 1786 in Sutton, Caledonia County, Vermont. SOURCE: Film 0027514; General index to vital records of Vermont, early to 1870 Vermont. Secretary of State. Parents: Deacon Thomas COLBY and Elizabeth ATWOOD Betsey COLBY was born on 19 DEC 1800 in Tunbridge, Orange County, Vermont. (SOURCE: Film 0027514; General index to vital records of Vermont, early to 1870 Vermont. Secretary of State.) Parents: John COLBY and Hannah COLBY Betsey COLBY was born about 1798 in Corinth, Orange County, Vermont. Parents: James COLBY and Caity BROWN She was married to Henry DAVIS about 1818. Betsey (Betty) COLBY was born in 1774 in Edgecomb, Lincoln County, Maine. Parents: Noah COLBY and Elizabeth DAVIS She was married to Ebenezer COLBY on 31 MAR 1793 in Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts. Children were: James COLBY Abial COLBY Henry COLBY Martha COLBY ... Eliza COLBY Betsey Anne COLBY was born in 1843 in Tunbridge, Orange County, Vermont. Parents: Wonderful COLBY and Olive LATHAM Betsey D. COLBY

11. Index; William Hayden
Coburn, Mary Ann and Seymour Hayden (02 Mar 1837). Colby, Archibald H. and Rowena Hayden Charles J. and Lucinda Cox (27 Jan 1867). Hayden, Charles William and Mary Kelsey (Oct
Index of Marriages
(?), Elizabeth and Austin Hayden
(?), Hepzibah and Peletiah Hayden
(?), Jane and Hiram Hayden ...
unknown ( , d. 1664)
Mary (b. 26 Mar 1744, d. 07 Oct 1791)
Mary Elizabeth ( , d. 22 Mar 1862)
Mary Elizabeth ( , d. 22 Mar 1862)
Mary Elizabeth ( , d. 22 Mar 1862)
A. P.
Dorothy (b. 05 Nov 1719, )
Dorothy (b. 05 Nov 1719, )
Harriet ...
Addison Henry (b. 06 Aug 1837, )
Antoinette (b. 01 Jun 1847, )
Henry ...
Moses (b. 01 Jun 1840, d. )
Eliza Hayes (b. 26 Feb 1832, )
Jane Maria (b. 17 Feb 1820, )
S. (Rev.)
Charles L. (b. 16 Sep 1848, )
L. Corintha (b. 04 Sep 1861, )
Nellie Louisa (b. 04 May 1853, )
Thomas J. ...
Thomas J.
Lucy Jane (b. 06 Aug 1833, d. )
Martha E.
Martha E.
Edna Pearl
Pearly C. (b. 1858)
Pearly C. (b. 1858)
Charles D.
Charles D. ...
Karla Louise
Karla Louise
Lani Marie
Lani Marie ...
Lori Jolene
Jennie M.
Jennie M.
Statia ...
Alson (b. 06 May 1792, d. 04 Apr 1880)

12. The Political Graveyard: Index To Politicians: Alexander
Alexander, Anson Colby also known as Anson C WH Bill Alexander; Alexander, BillSee William Vollie Alexander 18491927) also known as Charles B. Alexander
Questions? Return to The Political Graveyard main page
Index to Politicians: Alexander

13. Descendants Of William And Rebecca Simpkins Therrell - Name Index
_William, Sr. TIBBETTS _+ (1731 1807) Charles Nathaniel TIBBETTS (1867 m 1777 _John Colby TIBBETTS _ (1829
Descendants of William and Rebecca Simpkins Therrell
Name Index
Amelia J.
b.1821 - , , New Hampshire


Clara R.

Elizabeth V.
b.1862 - of, , Illinois

Hazel M.
d.1963 -
b.1850 - of Stewartstown, Coos, New Hampshire
Joan Joan Josephine ... Letetia b.1824 - , , Ireland Lizzie m.1854 - Lydia Mary L. Mary Margaret Mr. ... Nora b.1861 - , , Vermont Pat Rose Sara Staci ... Verna
Ada F. b.1864 - Beverly, Essex, Massachusetts
Grace M. b.1876 - Pittsburg, Coos, New Hampshire Harriet b.1832 - of Weymouth, Norfolk, Massachusetts Mary b.1828 - of Weymouth, Norfolk, Massachusetts Samuel b.1791 - of Weymouth, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Ann Elizabeth Laura Jean Lisa Marie Robert Henry ... Robin Lynn
Kenneth Monroe
Geraldine Bernadette
Adaline T. b.1830 - Quincy, Norfolk, Massachusetts Dorcas b.1821 - Hill, Merrimack, New Hampshire Elizabeth b.1824 - Hill, Merrimack, New Hampshire Golda Lynn Lela May (Drew) Lucy M. b.1822 - Ashford, Windham, Connecticut Mary Lincoln b.1837 - Hingham, Plymouth, Massachusetts

14. Browse Top Level > Texts > Project Gutenberg > Authors > C
Shrewsbury), 18761944; Cohen, Josef, 1886-; Coke, Henry J. (Henry John),1827-1916; Colby, Charles William, 1867-; Coleridge, Samuel Taylor

15. Family History Of Laura Ingalls WILDER
De Smet, SD 2 Father Landsford Whiting INGALLS Mother Laura Colby Charles Ingallswas 11 Jan 1835 as the birth date for Charles INGALLS. 3 Anderson, William.
Family History of Laura Ingalls WILDER
Laura Ingalls Wilder Web Sites
The Kansas Heritage Server would like to thank Rebecca Irby (irby1@MARSHALL.EDU) for providing this information. Return to the Kansas Family History
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16. Genealogy Data
V. Birth 19 JAN 1868 Perciful, William M. Birth Spouse , Shelly ChildrenKeyser, Charles Jr 7 DEC 1881 MO Parents Father Haddix, Colby Mother
Genealogy Data
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Baker, Joahanna
Birth : 1807 NC
Death : 1870
Family: Marriage: 1825
Spouse: Hurst, Squire
Birth : 1801
Death : 1851 Knox Co., KY
Parents: Father: Hurst, John
Mother: _, Nancy
Children: Hurst, Calloway
Hurst, Rebecca
Hurst, John Hurst, Elizabeth ...
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Perciful, Rebecca Birth : 1836 Family: Spouse: Hurst, Calloway Birth : 1826 TN Parents: Father: Hurst, Squire Mother: Baker, Joahanna Children: Hurst, Galena Birth : 1853 Hurst, Elizabeth Birth : 1855 Hurst, John Freeman Birth : 1857 Hurst, George R. Birth : 1859 Hurst, Solomon E. Birth : 1860 Hurst, Mary Birth : 1864 Hurst, Marshall C. Birth : 1866 Hurst, Malinda Birth : 1867 Hurst, Joahanna Birth : 1870 Hurst, James W. Birth : 1872 Hurst, Amanda Birth : 1874
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George, Lydia Family: Marriage: 4 NOV 1723 in Hoggeston, Bucks Co., Eng. Spouse: Hurst, William Birth : 16 OCT 1698 Leckhampstead, Bucks Co., Eng. Death : 1729 Hoggeston, Bucks Co., Eng. Parents: Father: Hurst, Christopher

Chase Knox 1853 1921 1913 - 1915 William Jenings Bryan Lyon Polk 1871 - 1943 1920- 1921 Bainbridge Colby 1863 - 1950 1921 - 1925 Charles Evans Huges
In 1776 thirteen British colonies on the eastern seaboard of northern America unilaterally declared their independence from Great Britain, joining in a "perpetual" confederation of independent states, to be known as the United States of America. After Great Britain, by the Treaty of Paris of 1783, had recognised the independence of the new state, a federal constitution was adopted and in 1789 a central government was established. (1) (1) The thirteen colonies which declared their independence in 1776 were : Connecticut, Delaware, Georgia, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Virginia With the exception of North Carolina and Rhode Island - who only did so later - they all ratified the federal constitution before its coming in to effect in 1789. In the course of the following years new states , carved out of territories, annexed to the US after 1776, were added to the union.

18. Groups
Cohen, Lazarus. Colby, Thomas Frederick (17841852). Williams, Sir Thomas (1762?-1841).Wollaston, William Hyde (1766-1828). Wood, Sir Charles (1800-1885).
Tidal correspondents of the nineteenth-century up to 1861. Back Abram, John Acland, Arthur Hugh Aird, Airy, George Biddell Alderson, Sir James Andrews, T. Argent, J. Bache, Alexander Dallas Baily, Francis Bald, William Ballingell Barlow, Peter Barnden, George Barnett, Edward Barrow, Sir John Basset, J. Bax, Henry B. Bayfield, Capt. Henry W. Bayley, J. Beacham, J. W. Beaufort, Sir Francis Becher, A. B. Beechey, Frederick William Belcher, Sir Edward Bennet, John Joseph Bennett, Thomas F. Bevan, B. Blackwood, Capt. John Bowditch, Nathaniel Braaksma, H. Bronwin, B. Brown, Alix Brown, Joseph Brown, T. Buckingham, Marquis of Bullock, Bunt, Thomas Gamlen Burdwood, John Bushey M Bywater, Thomas Caley E Campbell, Colin Campbell, Capt. William Carne, Joseph Carpenter, Lant Cerquero, Don J Challis, James Chatham, Earl of Chazallon, Antoine-Marie-Rémi (fl.1839-1862) Chevallier, Edgecumbe Children, John George Christie, Samuel Hunter Church Clarke JT Clibborn, Edw Coates, Thomas Cohen, Lazarus Colby, Thomas Frederick

19. Coles County Marriages 1851
Coffey, Jane, 1855. Coffey, Jeremiah, 1856. Coffey, William H. 1855. Coffman, CharlesW. 1869. Cohoon, Charles, 1852. Colamer, George A. 1861. Colby, Charles H. 1861.
Coles County Marriages 1851 - 1870
Please Note: If a name appears two or more times in the same year, that means that more than one person by that name got married during that year. A B C D E F G ... X Y Z
Cackley, Job Cade, Jennie Cade, Kate Cain, John W. Cain, Reason W. Cain, Thomas Calaway, Ma;rtha Jane (Mrs.) Calaway, Malinda Caldwell, Mary E. Calhoon (Calhoun), Sally Ann Calhoon, Jackson Calhoon, Sarah Ann Calhoun, Elizabeth Calhoun, Missouri Calhoun, Permelia Callahan, Hanah Callaway (Calloway), Sarah Calligan, Catherine Calloway, Jeremiah Calvert, David H. Camell (Cornell), Willis Camfield, Katorey F. Camp, Albert Camp, Catharine Camp, George Camp, James Monroe Campbell, Ali Ann Campbell, Allen Campbell, Allen Campbell, Allen Campbell, Catharine Campbell, Clara Campbell, David

20. Nova Scotia History Books.
See Charles W. Colby's work, The Founder of New France in the 32 Champlain's Island(Ste. Croix) ; by William Francis Ganong; (New Brunswick Museum, 1945).

Books on Nova Scotia C Click the letter and you will be brought to the appropriate list. A B C D ...
Calnek, William A.
  • History of the County of Annapolis (1897); (Belleville: Mika, 1972).
  • History of ... (1913) (Belleville: Mika, 1973). by Savary
    § Supplement to Calnek's work of 1897.
    Cameron, H. L.:
  • Nova Scotia Historic Sites (Ottawa, 1956).
    Campbell, Duncan:
  • Nova Scotia in Its Historical, Mercantile and Industrial Relations ; (Montreal: John Lovell, 1873). ( NOTE: I have a spare copy and I will sell it; e-mail me for details.
  • Beyond the Atlantic Roar: A Study of the Nova Scotia Scots ; (Toronto: McClelland and Stewart, 1974).
    Campbell, George Graham (1904-1972):
    § A local boy from Stewiacke, Dr. Campbell became the Principal of Sydney Academy.
  • History of Nova Scotia ; (Toronto: Ryerson, 1948).
  • Castaway on Cape Breton: Ensign Prenties' Narrative, 1780 (Wreck Cove, Cape Breton: Breton Books, 1991).
    § To which is added Samuel Burrows' Narrative of Shipwreck on the Cheticamp Coast, 1823.
    Careless, J. M. S.:
    § Taught at both Toronto and Harvard.
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