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21. Photographs > Individuals: Gaddard - Gwynn
Gray, Alphonso Alexander, 18351908. Gray, Arthur Powell, Jr. Greham, William, Mr.and Mrs. Gretter, Plummer. Guthrie, John Dennett 1878-. Gurernator, Louisa.
VHS photographic services
Please note: Images in the VHS photograph collection are not available in digital format and are available for consultation by appointment only. This index is organized by the surname of the sitter, and lists titles of folders that contain photographs of individuals and photographs of portraits. Topics that have a see also reference should be checked for additional materials in one or more of the other photograph lists. Gaddard, George Gail, Billy See: Gail, Charles Gail, Charles Gaines Family Gaines, Corralelia See groups: Russell, John Wilson, children of Gaines, Edmund Pendleton 1777-1849 Gaines, Francis Pendleton 1892-1963 Gaines, Greenville Gaines, Lizzie Taylor (Harris) Gaines, Margareta (Wrigley) Also Gaines, William Harris Gaines, McPherson Wrigley Gaines, Mary Lena

22. Migrations Project - Surname Page
John Henry FINNEY, abt 18351908, IL or IA. Thomas Guthrie, 1830-1912, Coweta County,GA. James R. HALEY, 1767-1853, VA Or MD. William HALEY, 1887-1963, Durham, England.

23. Autumnmist.homeip.net81/E-Books/-%20PROJECT%20GUTENBURG%20AUTHORS.TXT
Hans Gustav Adolf, 18471915 Grossmith, George, 1847-1912 Guest, Edgar A. (EdgarAlbert), 1881-1959 Guthrie, William, 1835-1908 Haaren, John H. (John Henry PROJECT GUTENBURG AUTHORS.TXT

1124 Gunn, Jeannie, 18701961 Guthrie, William, 1835-1908 Haaren, John H. (JohnHenry), 1855-1916 Habberton, John, 1842-1921 Hackers, the Hadden, J. Cuthbert
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Guthrie. 1861) Ruby (1905 ) Samuel (1828- ) Sarah B. (1859- ) Warner Baine (1898-) William Flemon (1884-1970) William Henry (1835-1908) William Riley
Betty ( - )
Briney (1878- )

Elizabeth (1738- )

Elizabeth ( - )
Polly (1770-1839)
Nicey G. (1829- )
Joseph Maynard ( - )
Betty Easley ( - )
William W. ( - )
Grace ( - )
Joseph William ( - )

Mary Jane (1857- )

Mary P. ( - )
Andrew (1862- )
Dorinda (1880-1977)

Elmer (Jack) ( - )
Henry Green ( - ) ... Luther E. (1886-1973)
Mike ( - )
Celia Alice (1883-1939)
Bradley Evans ( - ) Chester (1911-1991) Douglas Ray ( - ) Sara Ann ( - )
Callie ( - )
Matilda (1825-1908) Rachel (1828-1902)
Sarah J. ( - )
Elizabeth Evelyn (1895-1971) Flora (1891-1934) George Nelson (1906- ) Mary Jane (1910- ) ... William Harvey (1893-1979)
Mary Catherine (1876-1932)
Luther Coleman ( - )
China E. (1887- ) Col Talbert (1860- ) George M. (1886- ) James H. (1839-1916) ... Willie (1883- )
Lloyd Edward ( - )
Shadrack ( - )
Lori Barton ( - ) Milan Jane ( - ) Richard Milan ( - )
Paul Rodenhaver ( - ) Rennie Irene? ( - )

26. Names Index Page
Translate this page 1920) GRUNDEN, Margaret Hannah (1835-1908) GRUNDEN, Mary A (1838 Private-) GUTHERIE,Virginia Lee (Private-) Guthrie, Helen Goldie 1980) HACKER, William (ABT.
Family Tree Names
GARRISON, Charles (ABT. 1846-ABT. 1920)
GARRISON, Charles James
GARRISON, Clyde Dale
(ABT. 1825-ABT. 1870)

GARRISON, Richard James
GARRISON, Ronald Charles

(ABT. 1887-ABT. 1950)
GASKILL, Hannah James
(ABT. 1800-ABT. 1870)
GATES, Alice Rosetta
(ABT. 1870-ABT. 1940) GAULTNEY, Grace (Private-) GAW, Martha (14 JUL 1847-SEP 1950) GAY, Charlie (1899-ABT. 1950) GAY, Colson (1894-ABT. 1950) GAY, Ed (9 NOV 1914-ABT. 1990) GAY, Elizabeth (SEP 1738-27 NOV 1813) GAY, Estell (1911-ABT. 1970) GAY, Eva (Private-) GAY, Fannie (ABT. 1903-ABT. 1905) GAY, Henry (ABT. 1865-ABT. 1940) GAY, Henry (ABT. 1854-ABT. 1930) GAY, Hugh (ABT. 1901-ABT. 1902) GAY, James (ABT. 1865-ABT. 1930) GAY, James Barney (28 MAY 1903-DEC 1986) GAY, Job (ABT. 1856-ABT. 1920) GAY, Liza (1904-ABT. 1950) GAY, Lonnie (Private-) GAY, Lottie (1887-ABT. 1950) GAY, Lucy (Private-) GAY, Lula (NOV 1890-ABT. 1950) GAY, Luther (1908-ABT. 1970) GAY, Margaret Walkup (1732-ABT. 1795) GAY, Mary Bell

27. University Of Rochester -- New Acquisitions, Victorian Biographies
CHARTERIS (Archibald Hamilton) 18351908. BOWRAN (John G.) ( Ramsay Guthrie ) TheLife of Arthur Thomas Guttery DD Original cloth HAIG BROWN (William) 1823-1907.
in the
Department of Rare Books and Special Collections
Victorian Biography Collection 1. ALLISON (William)1851- ALLISON (William) "My Kingdom for a Horse!" Yorkshire, Rugby, Balliol, the Bar, Bloodstock and Journalist Recollections. Original cloth. 352 pp. Frontispiece. Illustrated. London: Grant Richards Ltd. 1919 Barrister, journalist and bloodstock owner 2. ALMOND (Hely Hutchinson)1832-1903 MACKENZIE (Robert Jameson) Almond of Loretto. Being the life and a selection from the letters of Hely Hutchinson Almond M.A. Glasgow; M.A. Oxon.; LL.D. Glasgow; Headmaster of Loretto School (1862-1903). Original cloth. 408 pp. Frontispiece. London: Archibald Constable and Company Limited. 1905 Scottish educator 3. ASHWORTH (John)1813-1875 CALMAN (A.L.) Life and Labours of John Ashworth. The profits to be devoted to the Chapel for the Destitute. Preacher, manufacturer and writer 4. ASTLEY (Sir John Dugdale, Bart.) 1828­ ASTLEY (Sir John Dugdale, Bart.) Fifty Years of My Life in the world of sport at home and abroad. Fourth edition. In one volume. Original cloth. [392] pp. Frontispiece. London: Hurst and Blackett, Limited. 1895

28. Julian Browning Autographs Literature After 1850
Thomas Anstey Guthrie (18561934), humorous writer as F.Anstey, author William SomersetMaugham (1874-1965 Louise Chandler Moulton (1835-1908), American author.
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ANSTEY GUTHRIE, Thomas. Autograph Letter Signed, to Mrs.Anstruther, praising her play Old Clothes, with mild criticism of the lead, Jessie Bateman, and of the plot, suggesting that she gets it put on French's list. 2 pp. 6 x 4 inches, first page stained. 16 Duke Street Mansions, 15 March 1904. Thomas Anstey Guthrie (1856-1934), humorous writer as F.Anstey, author of Vice Versa. £65 AUSTIN, Alfred. Autograph Letter Signed, to Edward Arnold, the publisher, rejecting his proposal on the grounds that 'you greatly underestimate the terms my writings command'. 1 page 7 x 4.5 inches, fine. Swinford Old Manor, 12 December 1903. Alfred Austin (1835-1913), poet laureate. £75 BANVILLE, Theodore de. Autograph Letter Signed, addressed 'madame', saying that it would have given him much pleasure to meet Georges Hugo, but the severe illness of de Banville's wife means that this will not now be possible. In French. 1 page 8 x 5.5 inches, in good condition. Paris, 12 January 1889. Theodore de Banville (1823-1891), French writer. £65 BARING, Maurice. Autograph Letter Signed, addressed 'Dear Sir', suggesting that the true analogy of the popularity of Paradise Lost in Russia would be the popularity of Bunyan's Pilgrim's Progress in England. 2 pp. 7 x 4.5 inches. 3 Gray's Inn Place, High Holborn, 11 July 1905. Maurice Baring (1874-1946), author. £30

29. Food For Thought Biographies
Tait, Peter Guthrie (Scottish physicist, mathematician), 18311901. Tyndale, William(Eng. Tz'u-hsi (aka Hsiao-ch'in) (Chinese empress dowager), 1835-1908.

W. (18351908) Joshua W. (1835-1908) Joyce Helene Alvin ( - ) Leonard William LeonardWilliam Lester Douglas Mickael Gene ( - ) Millard Guthrie (1911-1993


Back to previous index. Richmond Gates (1782-1845)
Richmond Gates (1782-1845)

Richmond Sturgis (1893-1986)

Robert (1800- )
William Lott (1839- )
Charlotte E. (1880- )
Amanda ( - )
Arden Lea

Bertha Irene (1906-1998)

Beryl Marie ( - )
... Wilma Jane (1920-1997)
Ada (1878- ) Alexandra Grace ( - ) Alice Jean ( - ) Alice Jean ( - ) ... Zora ( - )
Debbie Debbie Mary ( - ) Richard ( - ) Go to next index.

31. Anniedragon
of railroads in China, 18761937 / Ralph William Huenemann and times of Tz`u-hsi,1835-1908, Empress dowager AUTHOR Guthrie, Doug, 1969- TITLE Dragon in a three
Leyburn Library Search for " dragon
(limited to potentially useful sources) THE TOP 10 : AUTHOR Bloodworth, Dennis.
TITLE An eye for the dragon; Southeast Asia observed, 1954-1970.
IMPRINT New York, Farrar, Straus and Giroux [1970]
CALL NO. DS518.1 .B56.
AUTHOR Cox, Christopher R.
TITLE Chasing the dragon : into the heart of the Golden Triangle
CALL NO. DS526.9 .C69 1997.
AUTHOR Heuvelmans, Bernard.
On the track of unknown animals / Bernard Heuvelmans ; translated from the French by Richard Garnett ; with 120 drawings by Alika Lindbergh and an introduction by Gerald Durrell. IMPRINT London ; New York : Kegan Paul International ; New York : Distributed by Columbia University Press, 1995. CALL NO. QL88.3 .H4813 1995. AUTHOR Su, Hsiao-k`ang, 1949- TITLE Ho shang. English. IMPRINT Ithaca, N.Y. : East Asia Program, Cornell University, CALL NO. DS721 .S79413 1991. TITLE Reading the literatures of Asian America / edited by Shirley Geok-lin Lim and Amy Ling.

32. Names Index Page
Robert Norman Gutelius, Isabel Eaton Guthrie, Joseph Gutz Hill, William Henry Hill,William Nathan (27 JUN Hodgins, John Hodgins, John (18351908) Hodgins, John
Sparling and Irish Palatine Genealogy
Family Tree Names
Gregg, Arthur
Gregg, Harold

Gregg, Margaret Jane
(17 DEC 1867-10 AUG 1946)
Gregg, Mildred Edith

Gregory, Marian

Gregory, UNKNOWN

Grey, Roy Leslie
Griffin, Ellen
(18 APR 1822-)
Griffin, Henry
(09 DEC 1819-)
Griffin, James

Griffin, John
(15 JAN 1815-) Griffin, Mary Griffin, Patrick (24 JUL 1817-) Griffin, Patrick Griffith, Allan (07 JUL 1919-1981) Griffith, Richard Griffith, Robert Grifiin, Margaret Grinder, Mary Louisa ... Gunn, Jane (abt 1840-1920) Gunn, Robert Gunter, Amy Elsie Gustafson, D Gustin, Gerald ... Hadlock, Franklin Pierce (ABT 1850-) Hafen, Alden Hafen, Dale John Hafen, Eva Hafen, Gerald W. ... Hafen, Walter (ABT 1908-) Haggerty, Madge I Haggins, Andrew Vivian Howe Haggins, Dale Andrew Haggins, Gary Paul ... Haight, Allan (-19 FEB 1973) Haine, Cuthbert L Haines, Aaron (04 NOV 1810-) Haines, Charles (abt 1841-21 JAN 1863) Haines, Robert Atkin (abt 1844-) Haines, Ruth Haines, Samuel (abt 1840-) Haines, Samuel (13 DEC 1783-17 DEC 1873) Haines, UNKNOWN Hainsworth, Esther Hale, Edith L J Halkett, Barbara Agnes ... Hall, Eliza (1855-24 JAN 1899) Hall, Mary Jean

33. McElroy (Clarence Underwood) Collection
Coke, James Guthrie, 18661938 I,B3,F3-6; I,B5 Skiles, William Hamilton, 1799-1882 Will, 1881 II,B3,F2. Smallhouse, Charles G., 1835-1908 I,B1,F4; VII,B3,F8

34. James F. Drake, Inc. Collection Of Autograph Letters And Autographs, Index Of Co
White House)4.1. Adams, William Henry Davenport4.1 1. Appleton, William Henry4.1. Archer, William4.2 Sydney7.7. Guthrie, James Secretary of Treasury7.7
James F. Drake, Inc. Collection of Autograph Letters and Autographs, ca. 1678-1930
Index of Correspondents
Names in bold appear in the RLIN record. Abbe, C. A. B. [Mrs. Robert Abbe]1.3
Abbey, Henry Eugene4.1
Aberdeen, John Campbell Gordon, 1st Marquis5.1
Adams, Sherman (The White House)4.1
Adams, William Henry Davenport4.1
Adderley, Charles Bowyer [Baron Norton]4.1
Adler, Cyrus4.1
Ailembach, D.4.1
Akers, Benjamin Paul4.1
Akers, Elizabeth4.1
Alcott, Amos Bronson4.1 Aldrich, Louis5.1 Aldrich, Thomas Bailey4.1 Alec-Tweedie, Edith14.2 Alexandra, Queen, consort of Edward VII, King of Great Britain4.1 Alfonso XII, King of Spain4.1 Alford, Henry4.1 Alger, Russell Alexander (War Department, Washington)4.1 Althorp, Lord Chamberlain [fl. 1906] 5.1 Ames, Winthrop (The New Theatre)2.7 Ammen, Daniel (Navy Department, Washington)4.1 Anderson, John, Jr., b. 18542.8 Anderson, Leslie W. (Walter M. Hill, Bookseller and Importer)3.5 Anderson, Rasmus Bjorn (Legation of the United States, Copenhagen)4.1 Andrews, J. A. (Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Executive Department) 4.1 Annesley, Rosa4.1

35. Stanfield - Iowa Burials
TOMLINSON,William M, husb of Mrs Fanny Stanfield widow of John of Elizabeth Rees,1814, 6 Jun 1895, Guthrie co,IA, Harriet A, wife of PH Stanfield, 1835, 1908, Unionco
Iowa Burials 1860-1938
Individual Relative/
Military Service Birth Date Death Date County Cemetery Town Reference
STANFIELD,Lucinda wife of R Stanfield
[Lucinda McMullen] 7 Mar 1855 15 May 1885 Adair co,IA Oakwood cem Casey ACDB STANFIELD,Harry 3 Apr 1876 15 Dec 1879 Audobon co,IA Luccocks Grove cem Leroy ACDB STANFIELD,Bessie L 26 May 1878 11 Jan 1900 Boone co,IA W Linwood cem Des Moines ACDB STANFIELD,Cora Lee 14 Nov 1872 15 Nov 1887 Boone co,IA W Linwood cem Des Moines ACDB STANFIELD,Elizabeth A 20 Feb 1857 31 May 1915 Boone co,IA W Linwood cem Des Moines ACDB STANFIELD,John son of Benjamin;
husb of Mary Ann O'Dell 2 Dec 1809
Baltimore co,MD 1 Aug 1882 Boone co,IA W Linwood cem Des Moines ACDB STANFIELD,Mary A wife of John Stanfield Boone co,IA W Linwood cem Des Moines ACDB STANFIELD,Mary E 12 Jul 1876 12 Jan 1899 Boone co,IA W Linwood cem Des Moines ACDB STANFIELD,Silas T 10 Jan 1848 11 Mar 1935 Boone co,IA W Linwood cem Des Moines ACDB STANFIELD,Dorothy Maude Calhoun co,IA Lake City cem Lake City ACDB STANFIELD,Frank Calhoun co,IA Lake City cem Lake City ACDB STANFIELD,Hannah

36. PleasRidBloomal
G. 1812 1880 CARTER, Eliza A. Guthrie 1851 1889 Daughter of William N. Mary C. (Griffin)Riley 1 GRIFFIN, Infant 2 GRIFFIN, Isabell HOLCROFT 1835 1908 Wife of
Thompson's Pleasant Ridge - Bloom Cemetery Surnames A - L
(Updated to December 26, 2001) SURNAME Given Name MAIDEN-OTHER Report: WEB-1
ACKERMAN, Emma J. 1877 1886 12-15-1877 11-03-1886
ALLBAUGH, Byron Leroy 1932 1932 02-12-1932 02-14-1932
ALLBAUGH, Della May LOOKER 1868 1916 09-28-1868 11-13-1916
Etta (Towne) Looker.
ALLBAUGH, Donnie Alice 1891 1892 09-15-1891 05-15-1892
ALLBAUGH, Edward William 1888 1972 08-18-1888 11-08-1972
Katherine Sarah (Martin) Allbaugh.
ALLBAUGH, Elijah 1865 1934 05-17-1865 09-30-1934
Married Della May Looker on January 13, 1889. Aged 69Ys 4Ms 13Ds Married Allbaugh. ALLBAUGH, Katherine Sarah MARTIN 1861 1950 04-24-1861 07-02-1950 (Harrison) Martin. ALLBAUGH, Lulu Maude 1895 1991 08-20-1895 09-14-1991 ALLBAUGH, Marguerite MOHRMANN 1927 Married Robert John Allbaugh on February 1, 1945. Death date blank! ALLBAUGH, Marjorie HUNTER 1891 1917 11-25-1891 12-05-1917

37. La Porte Mixed Cemetery Databases
HF 1847 1906 Becker, Caroline. HF 1835 1908 Becker, Frank X. SL 1826 1862 Griswold,Amos. GC 1822 1873 Guthrie, James P. WD 1870 1874 Hellbach, William.
Plumas County Adventures
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Back to La Porte Cemetery Database
Database for Cemeteries near La Porte, California
For more information on these cemeteries and/or La Porte contact Carla: Secret Diggings Cemetery (SD) This cemetery is located 1.5 miles south of La Porte, California on the Old Sawmill Road. Gibsonville Cemetery (GC) This cemetery is located 7 miles north-east of La Porte, California on the La Porte-Quincy Road. Whiskey Diggings Cemetery (WD) This cemetery is located 8 miles north-east of La Porte, California on the Johnsville Road. It is on the south shore of Lake Delahunty. Port Wine Cemetery (PW) This cemetery is located 4.5 miles south-east of La Porte, California on the west side of the Scales Road. Flume Camp Grave (FC) This cemetery is located 6 miles south-east of La Porte, California on the Happy Hollow Road. St. Louis Cemetery (SL) This cemetery is located 5 miles north-east of La Porte, California on the west side of Table Rock Road, about 0.25 milewest of the old school house foundation. Pine Grove Cemetery (PG) This cemetery is located 7 miles north-east of La Porte, California on the east side of Table Rock Road.

38. Isaac-ArabellaLanier
Joseph Nix. 10 Burwell C. Lanier, Jr, 1820 1895 +Laura America Prudence Ford1835 - 1908. 2nd wife of William Dickson Lanier, Jr. Mary Guthrie 9 Clarissa
The Lanier Home Page
Compiled by Wayne D. Lanier
Isaac Lanier
8 Isaac Lanier 1767 - 1827
+Arabella Clinton - 1793 Isaac Lanier, son of Burwell and Elizabeth (Hill) Lanier, b. 1767 Carteret Co. N.C.
lived later in Anson Co. N.C. m. Duplin Co. N.C. May 6, 1790 Arabella Clinton,
daughter of the Rev. Richard Clinton. They had Burwell Clinton Lanier, b. Duplin Co.
and named for his two grandfathers, and twins, Arabella, and Isaac Hill Lanier b. Anson
Co. The mother Arabella died 1793, and Isaac Lanier married again in Duplin Co. about
1796 Mary Dickson b. Oct. 20, 1776, daughter of William Dickson, and sister of
Ann Dickson who maried Isaac's brother. In 1809, Clement Lanier, younger brother,
died in Montgomery Co. N.C. which had been part of Anson Co., leaving 3840 acres
of land in Stewart Co. Tenn. to his brothers and sisters, ten in all. James, son of Sampson deceased, sold his one-tenth to Joseph Pickett of Anson Co.; Isaac Lanier bought from his brother William, brother Thomas, and sister Elizabeth Jennings their

39. Index
. Book Benjamin Franklin (18351908). . . Book Carroll ( - ). . ( - ). . . BookWilliam Stokely (1887-1973). . . . Book Guthrie Laura Elsa (1867-1891). . .

Va Augustus H. Darby James Duncan William F. Dexter Fry 5 Nov 62 Thomas M. GuthrieThomas A G. Kelley James Walsh Kelley 18351908 Edgewood Cemetery, Saltsburg

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