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  1. The structure and meaning of psychoanalysis as related to personality and behavior by William (1869-) Healy, 0001-01-01
  2. New Light on Delinquency and Its Treatment: Results of a Research Conducted for the Institute of Human Relations Yale University by William (1869-1963) & Bronner, Augusta F[ox] (1881-1966) Healy, 1937
  3. Pathological Lying, Accusation, And Swindling; A Study In Forensic Psychology by Healy William 1869-, Healy Mary Tenney, 2010-09-30
  4. Honesty. a study of the causes and treatment of dishonesty among by Healy. William. 1869-, 1915-01-01
  5. The individual delinquent; a text-book of diagnosis and prognosi by Healy. William. 1869-, 1915-01-01
  6. Pathological lying. accusation. and swindling; a study in forens by Healy. William. 1869-, 1915-01-01

1. Project Gutenberg: Authors List
Headland, Isaac Taylor, 18591942. Healy, William, 1869-. Hearn, Lafcadio, 1850-1904
This is Project Gutenberg. This list has been downloaded from: "The Official and Original Project Gutenberg Web Site and Home Page" PROJECT GUTENBERG ETEXTS AUTHORS IN ALPHABETICAL ORDER Last Updated: Monday 03 September 2001 by Pietro Di Miceli ( The following etext have been released by Project Gutenberg. This list serves as reference only. For downloading books, please use our catalogs or search at: Or check our FTP archive at: and etext subdirectories. For problems with the FTP archives (ONLY) email, be sure to include a description of what happened AND which mirror site you were using. THANKS for visiting Project Gutenberg. * (No Author Attributed) Abbott, David Phelps, 1863-1934 Abbott, Edwin Abbott, 1838-1926 AKA: Square, A Abbott, John S. C. (John Stevens Cabot), 1805-1877 Adams, Andy, 1859-1935 Adams, Henry, 1838-1918 Adams, John Quincy, 1767-1848 Adams, Samuel, 1722-1803 Adams, William Taylor, 1822-1897 AKA: Optic, Oliver, 1822-1897

2. Browse Top Level > Texts > Project Gutenberg > Subject > Psychology
There is no description available for this text. Author Healy, William, 1869Keywords Authors H Healy, William, 1869-; Titles P ; Subject Psychology.

3. Wesleyan Methodist Baptismal Register
William Samuel, Healy, William, Anne, Goulborne, Goulborne, 185901-23, 3, 540, Huron,Stephen Township, Marthas L. Heaman, William, Jane, Stephen, Stephen, 1869-02-12,
Vol Pg# Dist./Co. Area Given-name Surname Father Mother Residence Birthplace Birthdate Bapt-date Bapt-place Minister Halton Co. Trafalgar Twp. Matilda Ann Healthy John Louisa Oakville Oakville Trafalgar Green, Rev. A.T. Lanark/Leeds Cos. William Cyrus Healthy John Louisa Smith Falls Smith Falls Elmsley Brewster, Rev. R. Oxford Co. Oxford Twp. Adalaide Cecelia Healy Jesse M. E. Kemptville Kemptville Oxford McDowell, Rev. D.C. Oxford Co. Oxford Twp. Alfred Holmes Healy Jesse M. E. Kemptville Kemptville Oxford McDowell, Rev. D.C. Wentworth Alice Maud Healy Egerton Bessie Hamilton Hamilton Hamilton Benson, Rev. M. London Bayham Twp. Eleanor Jane Healy Celurd Maria Bayham Bayham Middleton Kennedy, Rev. Geo. Wentworth Emma Beatric Healy Egerton Bessie Hamilton Hamilton Hamilton Benson, Rev. M. Oxford Co. Oxford Twp. Herbert Arthur Healy Jesse M. E. Kemptville Kemptville Oxford McDowell, Rev. D.C. Wentworth Mary VanNorman Healy Egerton Elizabeth Hamilton Hamilton Hamilton Johnston, Rev. H. Carleton Co. Goulborne Twp. William Samuel Healy William Anne Goulborne Goulborne Goulborne Tomblin, Rev. William Huron Stephen Township Marthas L.

4. Names Index Page
Lunsford Straughan (6 OCT 182511 JUN 1890) Healy, Violet Williams APR 1868) SEGGIE,George Lindsay (5 MAY 1869-3 JUN 1929) SEGGIE, George William (4 APR
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Family Tree Names
, Maria
, Mary

, Nancy
(11 SEP 1777-4 JAN 1856)
, Sophia

?, Lucy B.

?, Ruth

ABLES, Sunda
(WFT Est. 1838-1870-WFT Est. 1849-1950)
ASH, Emmaline


ASHCRAFT, Charlotte
ASHCRAFT, Dorthy ... BARBARY, (ABT. 1755-21 AUG 1820) BATES, Brittany Ann BATES, Duane BATES, Ryan BEATY, John N. ... CHAPMAN, Homer R. (-28 DEC 1969) CLEMENS, Clifford CLEMENS, Dorsey CLEMENS, Madeline CLEMENS, Mary ... COWELL, Louisa J. (1848-12 JUL 1918) CRONIN, Baby CRONIN, Bernard J. (-18 OCT 1969) CRONIN, Harry Colon (9 FEB 1943-23 FEB 1992) CRONIN, Jeremiah (-17 AUG 1931) CRONIN, John Joseph (11 MAR 1938-25 SEP 1938) CRONIN, Mary Elizabeth (30 JUN 1939-30 JUN 1939) CRONIN, Thomas Frances (2 FEB 1899-13 OCT 1973) CRONIN, Thomas Patrick CRONIN, Virginia Lee DEW, Donna Irene DEW, Karen Ann ... EFAW, James Holbert (13 OCT 1923-2 MAR 1999) EFAW, James Joback

5. San Francisco Call Newspaper: Vital Records For 1869-1895 - Index
Index to Files 18691895. from Haswell, Mary W. Surnames from Hausman, William Edward;Surnames Haynau, daughter of Arnold; Surnames from Healy, John; Surnames
San Francisco Call HOMEPAGE FEEFHS FrontPage Newsletter ... FEEFHS Website Index
The San Francisco Call Database
Index to Files 1869-1895
Jim W. Faulkinbury, CGRS Latest Update: 16 February 2003
The following Web-Base files are now available (and all available surnames listed in them are indexed by the Website Index
Note: The files below in bold are now posted on this website.

6. List 872: Juvenile Delinquency
45. Healy, William (18691963) Bronner, Augusta Fox (1881-1966). Delinquentsand Criminals Their Making and Unmaking. Studies in Two American Cities.
John Gach Books, Inc.
List 872: Juvenile Delinquency
Created: 25 May 2002
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1. Ackerson, Luton (born 1892).
Children's Behavior Problems: A Statistical Study Based Upon 5000 Children Examined Consecutively at the Illinois Institute for Juvenile Research I: Incidence, Genetic and Intellectual Factors. Chicago: The University of Chicago Press, [1931]. 8vo. 1st Edition. [xxii]+268pp. 57 text figurs. 55 tables. Brown cloth with gilt front cover device. Slight spotting to right edge of text block, else a very good copy. Weight: 1 pound 10 ounces = 754 grams. SIZE: 23.3 x 15.5 x 2.5cm. Herbert S. Conrad's copy, signed and with his pencil-lining and marginal notes. Inquire Order
2. Adler, Herman M.

7. The Significance Of Mount Shasta As A Visual Resource In 19th And Early 20th Cen
Henry (18591936); Hart, Joseph (a.1901); Healy, Joe; Heath 1878); Wandesforde, JuanBuckingham (1817-1902); Watts, William Clothier (1869-1961); Welch
Mount Shasta as a Visual Resource
Early Artists
Mostly limited to artists born before 1900. A list of approximately 175 artists whose artwork depicts Mount Shasta, but does not include photographers. This is an ongoing list updated as of December 1991. Compiled from various sources including auction records, exhibition catalogs, art books, art gallery exhibitions, private collections, etc. Note that Titian Ramsay Peale (1799-1885), traveling southward as naturalist with the 1841 Wilkes-Emmons overland expedition, lost his sketching materials while crossing the Umpqua Mountains in southern Oregon. No depiction of Mount Shasta by Peale is known to exist. Thus only his fellow expedition members, the world-reknowned geologist James Dwight Dana and the official expedition artist Alfred Thomas Agate, both of whom did sketch Mount Shasta, share the honor of creating the earliest bona-fide pictures of Mount Shasta. Titian Peale, because of his stature as an American artist and his presence at Mount Shasta in 1841, is included in the following list. Adam, William (1846-1931);

8. The Significance Of Mount Shasta As A Visual Resource: Index Of Artists
1936) Harris, (c. 1889) Hart, Joseph (a.1901) - Healy, Joe - Heath Accuracy, SanFrancisco Art Boom Watts, William Clothier (1869-1961) - Watercolor
Mount Shasta as a Visual Resource
Index of Artists
Adam, William (1846-1931) -
Agate, Alfred Thomas (1812-1846) - Wilkes Expedition Artists Artists of Mount Shasta Value of Artist Biographies
Armstrong, Bradley Adan (1818-1904) -
Armstrong, George Frederick (1852-1912) -
Armstrong, William Weaver (1862-1906) -
Ayres, Thomas Almond (1816-1858) - Early Illustrators
Baumgras, Peter (1827-1903) - Artists of Mount Shasta
Barchus, Eliza Rosanna (1857-1959) - Artists of Mount Shasta Pacific Northwest Artists Women Artists
Bates, W. J. (a.1915) -
Beardzley, Carl A. -
Best, Arthur William (1859-1935) - San Francisco Art Boom Best, Harrie Cassie (1863-1936) - San Francisco Art Boom Bierstadt, Albert (1830-1902) - Introduction Artists of Mount Shasta Topographical Accuracy Clarence King ... California Plein Air Painters Bloomer, Hiram Reynolds (1845-1911) - San Francisco Art Boom Borg, Carl Oscar (1879-1947) - California Plein Air Painters Boyner, George Don (a.1929) - Brandes - Breckman, Benjamin (a.1910) -

9. Burnsland Cemetery Index, Calgary, Alberta, 1994
Heal, Captain Herbert Newton, RCA, 1941. Heal, Headley F. 1930. Healy, FrancesMary, 1869-1927. Healy, John William, 1928. Healy, Lillian E. 1929. HEAP, ML, 07041955.
Canada BC Alberta Saskatchewan Manitoba Ontario Quebec Newfoundland New Brunswick Nova Scotia PEI YK NT
Birth Marriage Census Death Other
Contact: safemail("webster","","AFHS")
18 Jul 2002
Burnsland Cemetery Index, Calgary, Alberta, 1994
These data were compiled by AFHS volunteers in 1994, based on both monument and burial information. Every effort has been made to ensure accuracy, but human errors are always possible. Confirming the information with personal observation or other sources is always advisable. Basic information has been provided on this website. Burial records obtained from the City of Calgary, show a burial date in the format 23061999 (d/m/yr) When this is the only date available for an individual, it is the one used in the index. Additional information (e.g., monument inscriptions and burial information that may include exact birth and death dates, parents, spouse, etc.) may be available in some cases and can be obtained from the Projects Coordinator, Judie Riddell at safemail("projects","","Projects Chair")

10. County Cork Surnames H
net, HIGGINS, John L. *, Mary Anne Healy, Richard Higgins Edward, Unknown, Boston,MA Iowa, c. 186970, Catholic, HILL, William, *, Jane Parkinson(m. 1773 Cork Surnames H.htm
Ginni Swanton's Web Site
County Cork Surnames
Researcher Surname First Name Year of Birth Spouse Parents Children Location Emigrated to Timeframe Other HACKETT James Maria Donovan (m. 4/20/1828) Unknown Bartholomew, b. 1830 in Tasmania Carrigaline, County Cork Died in Cork; wife emigrated to Albany NY Seeking parents, siblings, possible other children HADDEN Mary Jane Melvin A. Davis William Hadden, Mary Strong County Cork Waukegan, WI Married 12-30-69 HALL John May 12, 1836 Ellen Augusta Thornton Unknown Youghal, Cork Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada Believed to be Methodist HALLAHAN Honora December 1841 Castletownsend, County Cork England before 1859 Catholic, married in Croydon England in 1859, to US about 1865 HALLAHAN William November 15, 1845 Jane Moxley (b. 1850) Patrick Hallahan and Catherine McCarthy Mary, Katherine, Patrick, Richard, Ellen (Sister Mary Robert), William, John, James, Daniel, Robert, Jane Aghyohill, Boulteen, County Cork

11. Bedingfield Family Tree Index
1935); Gladstone, Mary (?-1833) srb; Healy Frances Jean Wilson David srb; ElizabethAmy (1869-1922) srb; James William (1786-1861) srb. Zufelt, Elizabeth (?-?) srb.
Bedingfield Family Tree Name Index Sky River Home
Please Note : The Bedingfield Family Tree section is a work-in-progress. My card file information has been entered and checked, but there may be errors. This information is available through the Name Index . Supplementary information which is available for certain individuals is accessible from the Biographical Notes Index and their individual records. Please email me with any documented corrections, additions or research leads, and i will try to incorporate them if warranted. My email address is
- Stephen Bedingfield Name Index (Last Update: Wednesday, January 01, 2003 09:53:18 PM Key: srb = direct ancestor of Stephen Robert Bedingfield

12. Mallow
101867 Catherine to Richard Fitzgerald and Ellen Healy, laborer, William Ellen Fitzgerald,William St., Fermoy 12-31-1868 William to Patrick BOOK 4, 1869-1891.
Mallow Civil Reg
Co. Cork
Updated 4 July 1999 Transcribed from public records by Patty Pickett and posted here with her kind permission. Fermoy, Mallow and Mitchellstown, fiche number 6026294, LDS fiche listed under Ireland Cork Mallow Civil Reg (British Book area 941.95 v2bm) Birth, death and marriages from 1866-1963 for the above areas in Mallow. Appendage to Book 1 Margaret Creedon born to Michael Creedon and Ellen Horgan, he was a farmer, Bridgetown, born 12-27-1866
Catherine Lucey born to Michael Lucey (laborer) and Margaret McCarthy born 2-15-1867 Currabeg
These were the first three deaths on one page so I jotted them down quickly before having to leave but there are many before and some after as well
Charles Dwyer Forde, age 56, Batchelor, cargrasses, 4-2-1940 d
Richard Fitzgerald, 71, Laborer, married, Ballinora 1-17-1941 d
Daniel Forde, 87, married, farmer, Knickfogue 1-8-1944 d BIRTHS Mallow from Annabella Co. Council Offices, Mallow Ireland Book 1 1864-1865 Reg. in Mallow 2-15-1864 Ellen Fitzgerald to Edmund F and Mary Hobleham, laborer Fermoy

13. Webster Co, Iowa
1898 Corpus Christi lot 52 Coyne, John 18691923 Corpus 1910 (b. Ireland-wife KatherineMurphy) Healy, Thomas D 1909 Corpus Christi lot 47 Jackman, William d. 1
THE IRISH IN IOWA WEBSTER CO, IOWA Records for Irish surnames being researched in Webster Co, IA Webster Co, IA Marriages-Corpus Christi 1856-1899
Butler, Ellen-Smith, John W 24 Jul 1883
Callaghan, Bernard-Haley, Delia 3 Feb 1858
Callaghan, James W-Mulligan, Anna 11 Jul 1880
Callaghan, John-O'Hearn, Martha Ann 25 Nov 1877
Callaghan, Richard-Lorden, Margaret 28 Jan 1880
Callaghan, Timothy-O'Connell, Mary E 23 Apr 1883
Calighan, Susanna, McCosker, Jacob 25 Jan 1864
Callaghan, Bridget-Ryan, Matthew 3 Nov 1877
Connors, Charles-Murphy, Mary 18 May 1885
Connors, Thomas-Horrigan, Brigitta 22 Jun 1866 Connors, Catherine-Dempsey, James 1 Jun 1879 Connors, Sarah-Stock, Lawrence 9 May 1894 Connors, Winifred-Burke, Patrick 23 Jun 1866 Coughlan, Jeremiah R-Nash, Mary 2 Nov 1875 Coughlin, James H-Slattery, Teresa C 14 Oct 1895 Coughlon, D.S.-Lennan, Ellin A 10 Feb 1874 Coyne-Sarah E-Francis, Michael 17 Feb 1896 Early, John-McLoughlin, Esther 6 Apr 1880 Furlong, J.M.-Meloy, Daniel C 23 May 1887 Furlong, Sara-Mitchell, Peter M 21 Jan 1884 Halligan, Edward-Keena, Annie 24 Sep 1882

14. William A. Olson, 1911-1985
University Press, 19691974 3 96 Craig, William 2 97 photos (Nez Perce War 1877)29 113 Healy Creek, nd 1 124 Camas Prairie, White Bird, Salmon, 1869-1904 5
Manuscript Group 393
William A. Olson, 1911-1985
Papers, 1964-1978
6.5 cubic feet The papers of the William A. Olson were donated to the University of Idaho Library by his son William T. Olson in June 1996. They were processed by Judith Nielsen in February 1998.
William A. Olson was born June 16, 1911, at Breckenridge, Minnesota, the son of Carl Henning and Laura Enderson Olson. As a young man he moved with his family to Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. He attended the University of Idaho, graduating with a B.S. degree in business with a major in accounting in 1939. He served as secretary of the Coeur d'Alene Chamber of Commerce, and in 1941 he became the first full time alumni secretary of the University of Idaho. He married Julia Hunter on August 28, 1937, at Coeur d'Alene. In 1942 he joined the U.S. Air Corps and was stationed at the Salt Lake City Air Base, and later served in the South Pacific. In 1946, following his military service, he moved to Pocatello where he worked for M.T. Deaton Co. as an accountant for two years. In 1948 he opened his own public accounting firm in Boise where he continued until his retirement in January of 1979. He was past president of the Idaho Society of Certified Public Accountants, a member of the Elks Club, and a member of the Kappa Sigma Fraternity. He was also an avid collector of Idaho history. He died in Boise on October 18, 1985.

15. Amherst College Biographical Record: Class Of 1868
Taught Monson Acad., 186869; Andover T. S., 1869-71; taught Phillips Acad., Andover,1871-73; studied Pope, William Greenleaf Elliot. Williams, John Healy.
Home Genealogy Amherst College Biographical Record
Amherst College Class of 1868
(from the Amherst College Biographical Record, Centennial Edition (1821-1921) Previous Class... Menu Index ... Ball , William Creighton Ballantine , Henry Bayley , Edwin Fisher Brooks , Charles Grosvenor Brown , William Atherton Buchanan , Abner Thomas Buffum , George Tower Cobleigh , Nelson Farr Coburn , George Albert Davis , Robert Henry De Coster , Cyrus Cole Eaton , Thomas Elliot Newton Eaton , William Wells . S. of Prof. James Stewart and Louisa (Howard), b. Colchester, Conn., Aug. 24, 1846. M. A., A. C., 1871. Phi Beta Kappa; Psi Upsilon. Married D. 30, 1885, Mary M., da. of Rev. Austin H. Wright, M. D., miss'y in Persia. Bro. James H. (A. C. 1865) George T. (A. C. 1878) Felch , Charles Benjamin French , Harlan Page Fuller , Albert Cotton Gleason , Aurelius Lawrence . S. of David Lucas and Caroline (French), b. French Creek, N. Y., N. 18, 1846. Delta Kappa Epsilon. Prepared Quincy H. S. and Mayville (N. Y.) Acad. Rochester T. S., 1868-71; ordained W. Springfield, Penn., Je. 6, 1872; p. there, 1872-73; prin. Lansing (Mich.) H. S., 1873-77; clerk in office state bd. of health Lansing, Mich., 1877-84. D. Lansing, Mich., D. 21, 1884. Married Ap. 6, 1872, Mrs. Frances (Mathewson) Schiaffino, da. of Andrew Angell Mathewson, Pulaski, N. Y. 5 ch.

16. Project Gutenberg Author Index
Healy, William, 1869. Hearn, Lafcadio, 1850-1904
Project Gutenberg
Author Index "H"
Haaren, John H. (John Henry), 1855-1916 Habberton, John, 1842-1921 Hackers, the Hadden, J. Cuthbert (James Cuthbert), 1861-1914 ... Hyne, C. J. Cutliffe (Charles John Cutliffe), 1866-1944
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17. Web Site Under Construction
28 NOV 1958) Healy, Alfred ( 1869 ) Healy, Catherine ( 24 DEC 1840 - ) Healy, Dominick ( 4 APR 1849 - ) Healy, Thomas ( 1843 - 3 FEB 1897) Healy, William Gregory ( 9 MAY 1852
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18. PROJECT GUTENBERG - Catalog By Author - Index - Healy, William,
Etexts by Author Healy, William, 1869 H Index Main Index Pathologyof Lying, accusation, and swindling a study in forensic psychology.

19. Newark BirthsFor Further Information On The Below Newark Births, Please Email Me
Husband James William (O'Keefe) O'Keeffe Wife Mary Alice Healy. Born ABT 1835 at Died 1869 at Father Mother Other Spouses

20. PROJECT GUTENBERG - Catalog By Author - Healy, William, 1869-
Etexts by Author Healy, William, 1869 H Index Main Index Pathologyof Lying, accusation, and swindling a study in forensic psychology ADD.

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