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Dwight Yoakam, Vocals, Performer. Joe Ely, Vocals. Janis Ian, Composer, Vocals,Performer. James McMurtry, Vocals. John Prine, Composer, Vocals, Performer.
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82. Adrian Pertout's Biography
Ottmar Liebert, Mike Stern, Tom Coster, Bill Evans, Megadeth, Janis Ian (USA), INXS aswell as to record with Scottish singer and Performer Alan Stevenson in
PO Box 4172, Richmond East VIC 3121, Australia
Email: A Santiago , Chile, 17 October, 1963 [ ], and lived in Gorizia , Northern Italy for several years before finally settling in Melbourne , Australia in 1972. Over the years he has worked as a film composer performer producer arranger and writer University of Melbourne , and in 2003, a Master of Music (MMus) degree, majoring in composition. He is currently undertaking a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree at the University of Melbourne on an Australian Postgraduate Award scholarship, studying composition under the guidance of Brenton Broadstock.
The first composition written dates back to 1976, but current records are post 1980. Today his original works total 385, and include 110 vocal pieces, 174 instrumental pieces and 101 commissioned pieces. In 2002, he was the recipient of the Michelle Morrow Memorial Award for Composition , the Zavod Jazz/Classical Fusion Award , a finalist in the 2002 Icebreaker Composers' Competition (Surrey, UK), and highly commended in the

83. Am I Right - Names
James Wright, Richard Wagner, singer/songwriter/Performer of alternative countrymusic, Janis Ian, Janis Eddy Fink, Her two biggest hits were Society's Child (60s
@import url(/amiright_ie.css); Making fun of music. One song at a time... Check out Lisa Tucker's "Song Reader"
Misheard Lyrics
New Entries
... Inappropriate Other Stuff: Messageboard Articles Links About Us ... Names -> Music Performer Pseudonyms - Beginning With J
This is a list of names of famous people, who have changed their real name. I'm only looking for music performers, not actors or other famous people. Pseudonym Original Name Description Submitted by: J Majik Jamie Spratling Although he also performed as DJ Dextrous and Innervisions at various other times in his career, this is his most famous moniker, used to record one brilliant album and 3 singles. Bobo J Mega L. Troupe Member of the Onyx Cru. Info from Bobo J-Groove James Carson Info from Bobo J. Geils Jerome Geils rocker J. Mascis Joseph Mascis Ex-lead singer with Dinosaur, Jr. newave J. Quest John Raimundi Info from Bobo J.D. Souther James David Souther His hits were "Old and Lonely" and "Her Town Too" (with "Fire and Rain" guy James Taylor). Country J.J. Cale

84. Index
by Andersen, Hans ChristIan, 18051875 Snow-Bound at Eagle's, by Harte, Bret, 1836-1902Society's Child (audiofile), by Ian, Janis, Performer Society's Child
System of Doctor Tarr and Prof. Fether, The, by Poe, Edgar Allan, 1809-1849

85. Bands And Artists Website Results :: Linkspider UK
Hop (3); Horowitz, Vladimir@ (4); Ian, Janis@ (4); Indigo John, Elton@ (33); Joplin,Janis@ (26); Liberace@ (4 listings, lyrics, composer and Performer biographies.,Lesbian,andBisexual/ArtsandEntertainment
Bands and Artists Websites from Linkspider UK Keyword: Bands and Artists Linkspider UK Directory
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Directory Tree: Top Society Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual Arts and Entertainment ... Music : Bands and Artists (96) Add URL Advertise Here! Personalize Amazon ...
  • lang, k.d.
    See Also:
    • Arts: Music: Bands and Artists Folk * This - Site Includes photos, lyrics, biography, and samples of the work of folksinger and recording artist Jessica Ciokan. Anarchy Boy - Includes photos, stories, poetry, and original acoustic music by this gay musician and writer. Davidmahr - Davidmahr has been writing, producing and performing synthpop music since he formed his first band in 1991, Sacramentos The Innocents. Matt Yee's Cabaret Shows and Entertainment - Schedule, photos, biography, and press clips about this songwriter, pianist, storyteller and comedian specializing in cabaret entertainment and Hawaiian and pop music. Dixieland Dykes+3 - Official page of this San Francisco based dixieland band includes links. Phillips, Gretchen
  • 86. : Official Home Page For Janis Ian
    Features the song "Searching for America" in RealAudio from Ian's album "Hunger." Check clips from many of her recordings. Articles by Janis (March 1). Awards Incorrect Facts. Bio. Contacts Janis/Press/Bookings. Discography. Free MP3s BBC Radio 2"Janis Ian AT 50"
    Articles by Janis (April 1)

    Contacts: Janis/Press/Bookings
    ... (Feb. 11)

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    87. Janis Ian Articles
    Articles by Janis Ian Read Janis' follow up to this article FALLOUT a follow up to The Internet Debacle on the slagheap of history.". (Janis Ian during a live European radio interview, 9-1-98)
    HOME bio tour info discography ... message board
    Originally written for Performing Songwriter Magazine, May 2002
    * Shortly after this article was turned in, Michael Greene resigned as president of NARAS. Read Janis' follow up to this article: FALLOUT - a follow up to The Internet Debacle "The Internet, and downloading, are here to stay... Anyone who thinks otherwise should prepare themselves to end up on the slagheap of history." (Janis Ian during a live European radio interview, 9-1-98) *Please see author's note at end! When I research an article, I normally send 30 or so emails to friends and acquaintances asking for opinions and anecdotes. I usually receive 10-20 in reply. But not so on this subject! I sent 36 emails requesting opinions and facts on free music downloading from the Net. I stated that I planned to adopt the viewpoint of devil's advocate: free Internet downloads are good for the music industry and its artists. I've received, to date, over 300 replies, every single one from someone legitimately "in the music business." What's more interesting than the emails are the phone calls. I don't know anyone at NARAS (home of the Grammy Awards), and I know Hilary Rosen (head of rhe Recording Industry Association of America, or RIAA) only vaguely. Yet within 24 hours of sending my original email, I'd received two messages from Rosen and four from NARAS requesting that I call to "discuss the article."

    88. Feature Artist - November '97 - JANIS IANHer First Self-titled Album Came Out In
    TABU (by Janis Ian). Janis wrote this little number on Friday An original rewrite by Janis Ian herself . to the music of Janis Ian's "Tattoo", from her
    Feature Artist
    Donn Jehs
    Artist: "JANIS IAN" Title: "HUNGER" Label: Windham Hill Release Date: Rating: Born in 1951, "Janis Ian," like many of us, grew up in that hippie world of "free love" and "peace," but even at the age of 15 was able to stick a pin in the side of an uptight society with her ballad of interracial love, "Society's Child." Looking back at that time Janis jokingly says, "I made the right wing unhappy singing about dating the wrong kind of people. I made the left wing unhappy because I ended the relationship and made the folk world unhappy because I used drums on the record!" It wasn't as humorous back then, but it launched a career that spans thirty years, with Grammy nominations in all four decades from the 60's to the 90's.
    Her first self-titled album came out in 1967 and garnered her the first of nine Grammy nominations. The seventies saw three albums, "Stars," "Between The Lines," and "Aftertones." The first gave us "Jesse" which Roberta Flack turned into a charttopper, the second produced "At Seventeen" and her first Grammy. The third gave us Janis in the company of Phoebe Snow and Odetta, a trio of critically acclaimed songbirds.
    As the eighties opened she scored with a disco hit "Fly Too High" from the Jodie Foster movie "Foxes," then virtually disappeared from the pop scene for nearly a decade beset by health and financial problems (due to corrupt business managers).

    89. AFTERTONES - The UK Home Of Janis Ian Song Re-writes
    A celebration of the art and the soul of Janis Ian, singersongwriter supreme, through the medium of respectful re-writes of some of her songs, inspired by events realised through her own Message Board great writer and singer Janis Ian, through the medium of my the Message Board of Janis' own website, along with those
    Welcome to the first 2003 edition of
    The UK Home of Janis Ian song Re-writes !
    .. celebrating the art and the soul of the great writer and singer Janis Ian , through the medium of my "re-writes" of her glorious songs. These were all originally published on the Message Board of Janis' own website, along with those of other re-writers, especially "Dee". Enjoy them ... then follow the like-minded links ... Trovador
    "On the way to me" Janis Who? Trovador? The Portrait Gallery ... The Crossword (still unsolved!) e-mail Trovador Top of Page Click on a song: Bright Lives and Goddesses Business I Would Like To Swim ... from "I Would Like To Dance" on the album Aftertones New on Jan 8th Laughtertones (for Dee) ... from "Aftertones" on the album Aftertones Mooses ... from "Roses" on the album Aftertones Paint Time ... from "Page Nine" on the album Stars Philadelphia Nerd ... from "Cosmopolitan Girl" on the album Mary's Eyes Slenderness ... from "Tenderness" on the album Revenge This Height ... from "This Night" on the album Uncle Wonderful When You're Fifty-one And ...

    90. The Internet Debacle By Janis Ian
    OF GUITARS RIGHTEOUS MEN by Janis Ian http// One day anotherperformer mentioned that it was a Martin D18; when I got home I said Dad!
    by Janis Ian
    Reprinted by Permission "There are men who steal silver, and men who steal gold
    But the worst kind of thief is the man who steals your soul" It started with my father, who made the transition from chicken farmer to music teacher when I was around three. Actually, it started with his membership in various socialist organizations, since he needed a guitar to take to the meetings when he led them in singing. No, I guess it started before that, when he bought The Guitar. He bought it in 1948 from the widow of a farmer who'd had it laying around in her attic for years. When she asked what he thought it was worth, he replied "I dunno - 25 bucks?" He brought it home three years before I was born, and began learning to play. It was rural New Jersey; there weren't exactly a lot of other guitarists around. He got a Pete Seeger book with chord diagrams, subscribed to Sing Out!, and we were on our way. I grew up with that guitar. It was miles too big for me, a colorful, beat-up window into another world. My small fingers could barely get around the neck. As I began learning chords, I discovered new ways of fingering them to compensate for my size. To this day I play a D chord "wrong", but it works for me. The Guitar went everywhere - to summer camp, where my father obtained 8-week stays for us by teaching music for nothing; to my grandparent's, where we went every weekend to pick up groceries from my grandfather the bagger. It went with him to work, it went with us to play.

    91. Spying Janis
    When a Performer panders to an audience, there is an element of disdain in it, and JanisIan, Sat., June 23, 7 and 10 pm, $25, at the Point, 880 W. Lancaster
    cover story



    ... Advertise with Us music
    Spying Janis
    Janis Ian discusses the Internet, aging, sexuality and life under the gaze of the FBI. by Mary Armstrong Janis Ian Foxes God and the FBI (Windham Hill), is a scathing look not only at her own file as revealed, albeit in expurgated form, but also the very long ones that were kept on her parents. The song has an ornery groove, telling just what she learned about what they learned, delivered in incredulous rhyme. For having the temerity to believe in civil rights, her folks were snooped on for enough years to prevent her father from ever winning tenure as a teacher. . In addition to writing articulate and moving lyrics, Ian has written a vast number of magazine pieces, which are posted on the site. Some are biographical, some are whimsically political and others are practical good advice for people who want to follow her into the singer/songwriter trade. Janis Ian, Sat., June 23, 7 and 10 p.m., $25, at the Point, 880 W. Lancaster Ave., Bryn Mawr, 610-527-0988,

    92. MSN Entertainment - Music: Joni Mitchell
    in the same numbers enjoyed by contemporaries like Carole King, Janis Joplin, or Backedby rockjazz Performer Tom Scott, Mitchell's music began moving into

    93. Michael Camp: - Songwriter - Publisher - Performer
    amount of fun. One of the many highlights of that experience wasworking with my friend Janis Ian's online auction. We sold her
    michael camp document.write(str); HOME
  • Personal Bio
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  • Message Board ...

    Taylor Guitars

    also, Martin, Fender, Rose and Larivee Guitars Elixir Guitar Strings
    Michael is one of the first artists to receive an endorsement from Elixir Strings and plays them exclusively on all of his instruments.
    An Early Start
    My great grandfather was an accomplished pianist. So was my mother. She got me started with piano lessons at the age of four, guitar at eight...and inspired by her, I have had a true love for music of all kinds throughout my life. First there were recitals, then gigs at the local YMCA with a rock band during high school, then my thumb and the highway at seventeen. I play music because I love music, and sharing it makes me love it even more. I have performed to over a million people in the past thirty years. What a ride it's been. Before the Internet, cassette tapes and CDs, being a traveling musician wasn't much more glamorous than being a truck driver. You drove, you stopped, you played, you drove some more. You'd call ahead a few weeks in advance (now it's years), talk to some club owner about dates, time and pay, and you just showed up. You didn't make a lot of money, but it was fertile ground for new songs, and the songs kept you driving. I come from that life. I played a little cross-country circuit for years ... Michigan, Colorado and Texas - the midwest. I hitch-hiked, rode the trains and planes and used up a dozen cars and vans over the years. I played in bars, restaurants, night-clubs, strip-joints, coffeehouses, festivals, carnivals, county fairs and health food stores. I played anywhere to anyone who'd have me.
  • 94. BBC Radio 4 - Factual - Desert Island Discs - Cornelia Parker
    A series 25 Years of Rock and Roll 1972 Track 11 Label Connoisseur CollectionRec No YRNR CD 72 3. ‘Cry Baby’ Performer Janis Joplin Composer J






    1 April 2003
    Text only

    BBC Homepage

    BBC Radio
    Radio 4 Programme Finder: A-Z Listen Again What's On Presenter Biogs ... Factual Services: Tickets Tour Radio 4 Have Your Say Weather ... Help Like this page? Send it to a friend! Desert Island Discs MISSED A PROGRAMME? Go to the Listen Again page This Week's Guest: Cornelia Parker  Sunday 16 February Repeated Friday 21 February Cornelia's choice Sue Lawley's castaway this week is the artist Cornelia Parker. Cornelia grew up in the country where she lived on a small holding looked after by her father. She spent much of her time mucking out pigs, milking cows, laying hedges and tying up tomato plants. Her means of escape was to run into the fields to daydream. English and Art were her favourite subjects, and a trip to the Tate Gallery in London with her school aged 15, confirmed that Cornelia wanted to be an artist. After studying art at college, Cornelia turned her hand to sculpture, inspired by the Arte Povera movement in Italy which rejected traditional marble and bronze and used any materials they chose. She developed her style by mixing with other students and collaborating with theatre groups. Cornelia liked the idea of her work being ephemeral and didn’t worry about it’s existence beyond an exhibition. For her first solo exhibition in 1980 she showed a number of pieces and because she had nowhere to store them, told the organisers that afterwards they could give them to local schools. “I don’t know what they did with them!” she says.

    95. Musicians Tell It Like It Is By Shawn Medero - 79 Decibels
    sharing. You may not remember Janis Ian but she was the first performeron Saturday Night Live. Comments. Post a comment *. * I
    @import "/style.css"; An Earnest Exploration of the Internet Captured in the Current Format Called A Weblog By Shawn Medero Skip over navigation
    Musicians tell it like it is
    Written July 08, 2002 02:43 PM
  • I've just read two of the best articles on the music business... written by... Artists. First, is John Densmore (of The Doors), who rails against the commercialism of rock and wonders why even a certain member of his own group has no ethics. Second is Janis Ian's rant against the RIAAs negative attack on internet file sharing . You may not remember Janis Ian ... but she was the first performer on Saturday Night Live.
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    Post a comment * * I can and will delete any off-topic or inappropriate comments from this page at any time. My site, my rules. Understand that I am pretty liberal about this whole business anyway, but I don't want any hard-feelings when I can your post for some reason, contact me and we can discuss the differences.
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  • 96. A2Z Birthdays
    b. in New York City; RNJanis Eddy Fink; some esque), Dudley Do Right, Suddenly Susan'sIan, Pinocchio (voice b.3/26/1968 Alternative Rock Performer of Smashing

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