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         Ibsen Henrik:     more books (100)
  1. Ghosts and Other Plays by Henrik Ibsen, John Knowles, 1964-06-30
  2. Ibsen's Plays II: Ghosts, An Enemy of the People & The Wild Duck (Cliffs Notes) by Henrik Ibsen, 1988-12
  3. The Plays of Ibsen, Volume 3: Ghosts, The Wild Duck, The Master Builder, An Enemy of the People by Henrik Ibsen, 1986-03-01
  4. Ibsen: Plays (Oxford Paperbacks, 254) by Henrik Ibsen, James Walter McFarlane, 1971-06
  5. Ibsen's Women by Joan Templeton, 2001-06-18
  6. The Master Builder and Other Plays (Penguin Classics) by Henrik Ibsen, 1959-02-28
  7. Ibsen and the Greeks: The Classical Greek Dimension in Selected Works of Henrik Ibsen As Mediated by German and Scandinavian Culture by Norman Rhodes, 1995-06
  8. Henrik Ibsen's Hedda Gabler: A Routledge Study Guide and Sourcebook (Routledge Guides to Literature)
  9. Ibsen:The Complete Major Prose Plays by Henrik Ibsen, 1978-04-01
  10. Ibsen: A Doll's House (Plays in Production) by Egil Tornqvist, 1995-05-26
  11. Ibsen Translated: A Report on English Versions of Henrik Ibsen's Peer Gynt and a Doll's House by Kristian Smidt, 2000-02
  12. Ibsen and the Theatre: The Dramatist in Production (The Gotham library of the New York University Press)
  13. Ibsen's Forsaken Merman: Folklore in the Late Plays by Per Schelde Jacobsen, Barbara Fass Leavy, 1990-11-01
  14. Eight Plays by Henrik Ibsen, Eva Le Gallienne, 1981-11-01

61. Ibsen, Henrik
Ibsen, Henrik. 18281906, Norwegian dramatist and poet. His earlyyears were lonely and miserable. Distressed by the consequences
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    Ibsen, Henrik 1828-1906, Norwegian dramatist and poet. His early years were lonely and miserable. Distressed by the consequences of his family's financial ruin and on his own at sixteen, he first was apprenticed to an apothecary. Not long after this he began writing poetry, and in 1850 he published his first play, Catilina, a tragedy in verse. In 1851 he began an extended apprenticeship in the theater, first as stage manager and playwright with the National Stage in Bergen and in 1857 as theater director for the Norwegian Theater in Oslo. His early plays for the most part went unrecognized or were greeted with opposition and critical hostility. As a man far in advance of his times, Ibsen was condemned for unveiling truths which society preferred to keep hidden. In 1864, dissatisfied with the backwardness of Norway, he went to Italy. He wrote the bulk of his drama there and in Germany. His career can be divided into three periods. The first phase, that of poetic dramas, dealt primarily with historical themes, folklore, and romantic pageantry. His name was established with the publication of Love's Comedy (1862). However, it was in 1866 that he reached prominent stature as a dramatist, when he published the first of his major works
  • 62. Kunstnett Norge
    hyppigste ord og ordklasser. Henrik Ibsen (18281906) Engelsk-språkliginnføring i Ibsens liv og diktning. Henrik Ibsens hånd

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    unrestricted texts Ibsen, Henrik. The Wild Duck 1884 Ibsen, Henrik,18281906. The League of Youth 1869 Imboden, G. Augusta County
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    Ibsen, Henrik
    Ibsen, Henrik, 1828-1906.
    Imboden, G
    Imboden, George W.
    Imboden, George Washington
    Imboden, J. D.
    Imboden, J.D.

    64. Plays By Acts
    Ibsen, Henrik (18281906), The Wild Duck , Contemporary Drama 13 Plays ed. byStanley Clayes and David G. Spencer PN 6112 .C57 1970 AND Classic Theater The

    65. Odin - The Dramatist Henrik Ibsen
    The dramatist Henrik Ibsen. Henrik Ibsen (18281906) published his last drama,«When We Dead Awaken», in 1899, and he called it a dramatic epilogue.

    Norwegian pages

    Norway in facts and figures About Norway ... Contact Normal Full Screen Language
    The dramatist Henrik Ibsen
    Henrik Ibsen was also a major poet, and he published a collection of poems in 1871. However, drama was the focus of his real lyrical spirit. For a period of many hard years, he faced bitter opposition. But he finally triumphed over the conservatism and aesthetic prejudices of the contemporary critics and audiences. More than anyone, he gave theatrical art a new vitality by bringing into European bourgeois drama an ethical gravity, a psychological depth, and a social significance which the theatre had lacked since the days of Shakespeare. In this manner, Ibsen strongly contributed to giving European drama a vitality and artistic quality comparable to the ancient Greek tragedies. It is from this perspective we view his contribution to theatrical history. His realistic contemporary drama was a continuation of the European tradition of tragic plays. In these works he portrays people from the middle class of his day. These are people whose routines are suddenly upset as they are confronted with a deep crisis in their lives. They have been blindly following a way of life leading to the troubles and are them Life and writing Ibsen's biography is lacking in grand and momentous episodes. His life as an artist can be seen as a singularly long and hard struggle leading to victory and fame - a hard road from poverty to international success. He spent all of 27 years abroad, in Italy and Germany. He left his land of birth at the age of 36 in 1864. It was not until he was 63 that he moved home again, to Kristiania (now Oslo), where he would die in 1906 at the age of 78.

    66. Henrik Ibsen: Biography Of Henrik Ibsen
    Index Biography of Henrik Ibsen. Ibsen, Henrik (18281906), the foremostdramatist of Norway. Although intensely Norse in his writings
    Biography of Henrik Ibsen
    While other boys were playing Ibsen was fond of making cardboard men and women, and setting them up in postures as though acting. He also acquired quite a reputation for magic. This he effected by means of a large dry goods box, inside of which he bribed a younger brother to hide and pull the strings. In this way, apparently by means of wise incantations, he made his Punch and Judy figures answer all sorts of questions, ridiculous and otherwise. The lad inside the box made the figures nod or shake their heads according to the exigencies of the occasion. It is said that Ibsen succeeded in guarding the deception well. Ibsen was a young fellow of intensely democratic ideas. He chafed against the restraints of society. He was willing enough to behave himself, but he did not want to be required by society to do so. Public sentiment irked him. He felt that it was a tyrant requiring the individual to do this or that, whether he would or not. While studying Cicero's Orations and Sallust's Catiline with a view of a future examination as an apothecary, he became impressed with the idea that Catiline was a persecuted hero. Instead of taking Cicero's and Sallust's view that Catiline was a desperate, unprincipled adventurer, the prey of unholy passions, he idealized him as A man whose heart is stirred in freedom's cause

    67. Ibsensenteret - Henrik Ibsen.english
    Library devoted to the study of the Norweigian playwright includes a biography and an introduction to the Center's activities and collections. (1828 1906). Henrik Ibsen. Chronology of the life of Henrik Ibsen

    Henrik Ibsen
    Chronology of the life of Henrik Ibsen The Collection Activities ... Links
    (20 March 1828 to 23 May 1906)
    Catiline , which was published in 1850 under the pseudonym Brynjolf Bjarme. The Warrior's Barrow was written and performed in 1850, as the first of Ibsen's plays to reach the stage. However, it was not published until much later. Ibsen lived in Christiania (now Oslo) from 1850 to 1851 to complete his upper secondary education. There he was bombarded with impressions gained from spending time in the company of personalities such as P. Botten-Hansen and Vinje. Together, they published a weekly magazine entitled Andhrimner in 1851. It consisted largely of social criticism in the guise of satire.
    From 1851 to 1857, Ibsen was playwright in residence and director of the theatre in Bergen.
    While there, he wrote (written in 1852), (written in 1854, published in 1857), The Feast at Solhaug (written in 1855, published in 1856), and Olaf Liljekrans The Vikings at Helgeland The Pretenders Sigurd Slembe The Pretenders is considered the main work of historical fiction produced during this era. Henrik Ibsen married Suzannah Thoresen (1836-1914) in 1858. Soon after, he wrote the poem "On the Heights"(1859) and the play

    68. Ibsen, Henrik
    Henrik lbsen. Geboren am 20.3.1828 in Skien.

    69. Quotations
    ATTRIBUTION Henrik Ibsen (1828–1906), Norwegian dramatist. Dr ATTRIBUTIONHenrik Ibsen (1828–1906), Norwegian dramatist. Dr
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    An Enemy of the People
    By Henrik Ibsen QUOTATION: The worst enemy of truth and freedom in our society is the compact majority. Yes, the damned, compact, liberal majority.
    QUOTATION: The thing is, you see, that the strongest man in the world is the man who stands alone.
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    70. Offline Seznam Personálních Autorit - Ibsen, Henrik 1828 - 1906
    Ibsen, Henrik 1828 1906 Záhlaví, Název, Signatura. ANDERSEN, Merete Morken,Ibsenuv lexikon, S 16145. ARPE, Verner, Bildgeschichte des Theaters, S 6264.
    Ibsen, Henrik 1828 - 1906
    Záhlaví Název Signatura ANDERSEN, Merete Morken Ibsenùv lexikon S 16145 ARPE, Verner Bildgeschichte des Theaters S 6264 ASTER, E. von Ibsen und Strindberg 4 L 1751 BLOOM, Harold Kánon západní literatury X 6214 BROCKETT, Oscar G. Dìjiny divadla S 16265 CÍSAØ, Jan Svìtoví dramatici X 5715 CÍSAØ, Jan Svìtoví dramatici X 5787 ÈAPEK, Karel Divadelníkem proti své vùli S 7141 DEAK, Frantisek Symbolist Theater S 15771 DEÁK, František Symbolistické divadlo S 17867 DiYANNI, Robert Drama S 18037 DOUMIC, René De Scribe a Ibsen S 1265 FRÖHLICH, F. Munch - Strindberg - Ibsen GALERIE Galerie nesmrtelných D 12796/4 HANS, Wilhelm Osud a vùle L 1056 HARTNOLL, Phyllis A concise history of the theatre S 16620 HILAR, Karel Hugo O divadle S 18032 HOØÍNEK, Zdenìk Cesty moderního dramatu S 15614 HOØÍNEK, Zdenìk Køižovatka IBSEN, Henrik Divoká kachna BC 216 IBSEN, Henrik Hry IV B 13419 IBSEN, Henrik John Gabriel Borkman JC 4972 IBSEN, Henrik Nora B 12641 IBSEN, Henrik Paní z námoøí BB 1073 IBSEN, Henrik Peer Gynt AG 2756 IBSEN, Henrik Peer Gynt JC 3931 IBSEN, Henrik Peer Gynt. En folkefiende. Vildanden

    71. Ibsen Hendrik (1828-1906) Dramaturge
    Translate this page Ce site est optimisé pour une résolution 800 par 600. caricature.

    72. Henrik Ibsen, 1828 – 1906
    Henrik Ibsen. 1828 – 1906. Ibsen is a worldfamous playwright andgenerally acknowledged as the founder of modern prose drama. He
    Henrik Ibsen Ibsen is a world-famous playwright and generally acknowledged as the founder of modern prose drama. He moved away from the Romantic style, unmasking the romantic hero, and brought the problems and ideas of the day onto his stage. He found himself unable to identify with any existing forms of drama, so Henrik Ibsen set out to create his own. Along the way, Ibsen experienced multiple shifts in dramatic form and philosophy as he gradually came to terms with the intellectual, emotional, and spiritual forces that were at war within his complex psyche. But throughout, his plays are characterized by their rebellious spirit and their unforgiving scrutiny of Ibsen's own faults and virtues. For half of a century he had devoted his life and his energies to the art of drama, and he had won international acclaim as the greatest and most influential dramatist of his time. - Born in 1828 in Skien / Norwy - Son of a rich business man, who went bankrupt when Henrik was 8 years old (this bitter experience became later subject of several of his plays)

    73. Research Guide: Henrik Ibsen
    Ibsen Henrik 1828 1906 (main heading is subdivided) Ibsen Henrik 1828 1906 Adaptations Ibsen Henrik 1828 1906 - Bibliography Ibsen Henrik 1828 1906
    Research Guide to Henrik Ibsen
    Resources on the Web Reference Books CONSULS Catalog Periodical Indexes ... Questions?
    Resources on the World Wide Web
    Here is a list of links to help you explore the growing number of Web sites devoted to drama and theater: For correct citation format, please see the online MLA Style via Yahoo!
    Reference Books for Background Information
    Reference books are shelved by Library of Congress call number in the reference stacks on the first floor of the Haas Library . They may not be checked out, but photocopiers are available for student use on the first and third floors of the Haas Library (ten cents per page).
    General Background on Literature
    Benet's Reader's Encyclopedia Ref Ref PN 41.B4 1987

    74. Henrik Ibsen At Essays, Resources
    Includes complete text of several plays.Category Arts Literature World Literature Norwegian Ibsen, Henrik...... Ibsen, Henrik (1828—1906), Norwegian dramatic and lyric poet, eldest son of KnudHenriksen Ibsen, a merchant, and of his wife Marichen Cornelia Altenburg

    75. Peer Gynt By Henrik Ibsen (1828 - 1906)
    Mega Essays Search. Get your essays here, 86,000 to choose from! EssaysPeer Gynt by Henrik Ibsen (1828 1906). Type of Work Poetic drama.
    Popular Links:
    Peer Gynt
    by Henrik Ibsen (1828 - 1906)
    Type of Work:

    Poetic drama Setting
    Norway, Morocco and Egypt; nineteenth century Principal Characters
    Peer Gynt, a non-heroic Norwegian farm boy
    Aase, his mother
    Solveighis faithful love The Troll King The Button Molder, a "judge" of humanity Story Overveiw "Peer, you're lying!" cried Aase to her son - and he was lying. He had been weaving a fantastic tale of a ride he'd taken on a runaway reindeer when Aase realized that the story was one she had beard as a young woman. She berated Peer and wept. Aase had hoped that her son would win the heart of pretty Ingrid Hegstad, a local farm girt. However, Peer hadn't shown much interest in Ingrid - until he discovered that her wedding was to take place that very evening; it was only then that he resolved to attend the marriage and talk the girl's father into letting him take the place of the intended bridegroom. When his mother protested, he seized her, placed her on the millhouse roof, and went merrily off, leaving her screaming. Rescued by neighbors, Aase, fearing trouble, followed after him. At the wedding, Peer was shunned by all except a young girt named Solveig, with whom he danced during the festivities. Her innocence attracted him. But sadly, as the celebration wore on, Peer, now quite drunk, kidnapped the bride, shamed her ' and then abandoned her. This brought down thewrath of the entire community on his head, but in characteristic fashion, Peer simply ran away into the forest.

    76. Little Blue Light - Henrik Ibsen
    Henrik Ibsen (1828 1906) Playwright, Norwegian dramtist consideredthe Shakespeare of the modern era for his realistic portrayals

    77. Crouse Autograph Collection - Search Results
    Ibsen, Henrik Johan (1828 – 1906) Norwegian Poet and Dramatist. His plays werenoted for their psychological insight, symbolism and social criticism.

    78. IPL Online Literary Criticism Collection
    To the lobby of the Internet Public Library. Online Literary Criticism Collection.Henrik Ibsen (1828 1906). Nationality Norwegian, Periods Scandinavian.

    79. Literary Encyclopedia
    Ibsen, Henrik. (1828 1906), Domain Literature. StatusMajor. Playwright. Active 1866 - 1906 in Norway, Italy, Germany, Europe.

    80. Innovative Library /All Locations
    19, I Pai Sha 1886 1921, 1984, 1. 20, I Pu Sheng 1828 1906 see Ibsen Henrik1828 1906, 1. 21, I Pu Sheng Heng Li 1828 1906 see Ibsen Henrik 1828 1906,1.,1901/search/ai/ai/13,1658,3065,B/browse

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