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  1. Tattine by Ruth, Ide, Mrs. Charles W. Ogden, 2007-08-21
  2. TATTINE by Ruth (Mrs. Charles W. Ide) Ogden, 1912
  3. Little Pierre and Big Peter by Ruth (Mrs. Charles W. ide) Ogden, 1915-01-01
  4. Tattine by Ruth Ogden (Mrs. Charles W. Ide), 1903

21. Welcome To The University Of The South
Hock Established by Dr. and Mrs. Charles W. Hock of Hume - Established by Mrs.Sarah Foard Hume Lewis of Ide - Established by Mrs. Dora Donner Ide of New
April 1, 2003 Location: / School of Theology Home Admission Financial Aid Scholarship and Grant Information ...
Support Sewanee

Annual Gifts

Awards, Medals, and Prizes

Benefactions to the Seminary

General Scholarships
Scholarships with Dioscesan Preference
General Scholarships
The income from each of the following funds is awarded by the dean of the School of Theology in consultation with the Office of Financial Aid. Alexander - Established by Trinity Parish, Columbia, South Carolina. Beatty - Established by Mrs. Troy Beatty Jr. of Memphis, Tennessee, in memory of her husband, for, first, communicants of Grace-St. Luke's Church in Memphis; second, communicants of the dioceses of Tennessee; third, communicants of the Episcopal Church; fourth, students of established need and merit at the School of Theology; and fifth, students of any other Episcopal seminary. Boykin - Established by Ada T. Boykin for deserving students selected by said legatee. Bowden - Established by Mrs. Paul D. Bowden in memory of the Rev. Paul D. Bowden. Brown - Established by Mr. and Mrs. George C. Brown in memory of Percy Brown Sr.

22. Furnas County Marriage Index Ide - Jurey
William H. 2 13T 1 FEB 1887 Ide, Nathan J E. 4 182 23 FEB 1909 Johnson, Alsie Jackson,Charles A. 2 J. Heenan, Bridget 7 315 Johnson, Belle Mrs. Post, Theodore
-Ide - Ivy-
-Jackson - Jurey- Prepared for the Furnas County NEGenWeb Project by Moiya Stubbs.
This page was last updated 16 OCT 2001.
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23. Harvey W. Ide
Mary A, is the wife of Charles J. Schmelzer and lives in Kansas City, Missouri. EllaC. is the wife of Fred H. Anderson. Mrs. Judge Ide by her first
Harvey W. Ide
HARVEY W. IDE was one of the men who bore a conspicuous part in the early history of that section of Kansas around Leavenworth. He arrived when Kansas was a territory, and at the height of the epoch-making struggle over the slavery question. He was long distinguished as a lawyer, for many years was judge of the district bench, and a leader possessing not only brilliant intellectual qualities but that moral stability which is the expression of a strong character. He was born in Saratoga County, New York, April 19, 1833, and fourteen years later, in 1847, his father, Rodman Ide, moved to the Territory of Wisconsin, locating on a raw tract of land near Janesville in Rock County. His father was engaged in improving and cultivating his pioneer farm in Wisconsin until his death in 1872. Rodman Ide married Elvira Herrick, whose grandfather, Thomas Herrick, aided the colonies in their struggle for independence during the Revolution. It was in the environment of a Wisconsin homestead that the late Judge Ide came to manhood. To a sound intellect and sound body he brought, largely by his own exertions, a sufficient training and wherever possible he associated himself with men and books and other influences which would elevate and strengthen his capacity. He finished his education at Milton Academy, now Milton College. At the age of seventeen he was teaching school near Rockford, Illinois, just across the state line from his home county in Wisconsin. For several years he continued teaching and in the meantime read law. In 1856 before Judge J. R. Doolittle, who later became a United States senator, he was admitted to the bar at Janesville. During the remainder of that year he engaged in practice at Janesville.

24. San Francisco Examiner, October 26, 1899: "Benjamin Ide Wheeler Invested With Ke
and Mrs. AA d'Ancona, Mrs. Benjamin Ide Wheeler, PresIdent Walcott, James A. Waymire,AL Whitney, Charles S. Wheeler Mrs. Wheeler, wife of the PresIdent of the
The San Francisco Examiner , Thursday morning, Oct. 26, 1899
Vol. 69, No. 118, p. 14
University Alumni the President's Hosts.
Banquet to Benjamin Ide Wheeler Seasoned with College Cries and Songs.
Hail! Hail!
The Chief has come;
What the hail do we care?
Thus, and with:
I yell, I yell,
Cornell! Cornell! The Alumni Association of the University of California greeted the new President of Berkeley, Benjamin Ide Wheeler, at the banquet given by them in his honor at the Palace Hotel. With college yells and college songs these former students, some of them dating as far back as the class of '65, testified to their love of their alma mater, their interest in its welfare and their desire for its success under the new chief. In boisterous, boyish manner the old-timers and the most recent graduates fraternized and gave Mr. Wheeler a graphic idea of what they meant by "the hot time in the old town," of which they sang. He, the object of it all, was equal to the occasion. He enjoyed the fun, addressed them in the same spirit of camaraderie which they displayed, and made such an excellent impression that before the evening was over the alumni had vociferously pledged their unswerving support to the new President.

25. EC Spirit Si Mistere
Mayo, Philip Melanchthon, Owen Meredith, J. Fitzgerald Molloy, Sarojini Naidu,Helen Nicolay, Frank Norris, Ruth Ogden Mrs. Charles W. Ide, Oliver Optic

26. Beers: Burig P. 810
In 1827 he was married to Fredericka Ide, who was born deceased wife of August Miller),Amelia (Mrs. Henry Snyder, of Moundsville, VA) and Charles H. In
Charles H. Burig, p. 810
Charles H. Burig was born December 21, 1838, at Furstenberg, Duchy of Brunswick, Germany, and came to America with his parents. He received his education at the common schools, at the same time, in his boyhood and early youth, assisting his father in the mill work, and the duties of the farm. Text taken from page 810 of:
Beers, J. H. and Co., Commemorative Biographical Record of Washington County, Pennsylvania Transcribed September 1997 by Cathy Cadd of Redmond, WA as part of the Beers Project
Published September 1997 on the Washington County, PA USGenWeb pages at Back to Beers Table of Contents Back to Beers Project Page

27. Bio5
Bio Index I Morrison Ide, Bela Clinton Iliff Kester, John Bonham Kiler, Jane,Mrs. Kimball, John Maria Zorada Kinnebrew, Marcus Kinney, Charles S. Kirchner
Bio Index K - Morrison Kalar, Johnson M. Kelsea, Henry Clay Kester, John Bonham Kiler, Jane, Mrs. Kimball, John Albion King, Charles O. King, Maria Zorada Kinnebrew, Marcus Kinney, Charles S. Kirchner, Gottlieb W. Kitchen, William Henry Klintworth, Gerd Kneppel Bros Kortner, Christian Kortner, James Krumlinde, John Charles M. Kuehl, Emma, Mrs. Kuhnle, Emanuel D. Bio Index J - Morrison Jack, Christine, Miss Jackson, William James, D. W. Jardine, John T. Jensen, Thomas Jespersen, Christian N. Jespersen, Hans I. Jessee, Archer Catron Jessee, Bert E. Johe, William Johnson, Albert Johnson, Charles H. Johnson, Edwin S. Johnson, Elvert Andrew Johnson, Ina Johnson, Niels Johnson, Peter Johnson, Thomas Jones, Albert Jones, J. Thomas Jones, Sophia F, Miss Jones, Sophie Butler, Mrs. Jones, Thomas Allen Bio Index H - Morrison Hahl, Ernest A. Hallstrom, Oscar E. Hampton, G. W. Hansen, Hans N. Hansen, Jacob P. Hansen, John C. Hansen, Morten Peter Hanson, Carl E. Harloe, Marcus, Capt. Harris, John L. Harrison, John H. Hart, Reuben Hasbesland, Hjalmar Hathway, Amos Riley Haun, Louis Z

of Sun the late Dr. Burt B. Ide, mother of Funeral from the resIdence of his daughter,Mrs. Charles Naditch 1120 31 May 1926 Baltimore North Charles Street, on

SC Hyde, George Ide, William B Ide, William B W Wakefield, Leroy Wakefield, LeroyWaldron, Charles Walker, William Patrick Walsh, John Walsh, Mrs Nannie Walsh
. USGENWEB NOTICE: In keeping with our policy of providing free genealogy information on the Internet, data may be freely used by non-commercial entities, as long as this message remains on all copied material. These electronic pages may NOT be reproduced in any format for profit or presentation by other organizations. Persons or organizations desiring to use this material for purposes other than as stated above, must contact the submitter or the listed USGenWeb archivist. Uploaded 6 February 1998 by: Steve Williams Email:

30. MSS 56, The John Kirkpatrick Papers In The Irving S. Gilmore Music Library Of Ya
19831990. — 3 items see also Ide, Chester (1976) Kirkpatrick, John 80thbirthday. 5 items. Winters, Mary (Mrs. Charles Ernest). — 1974.
MSS 56, The John Kirkpatrick Papers in the Irving S. Gilmore Music Library of Yale University
Sub-series I.A:
Personal Correspondence
Folder 37/417
WDR/WDF (Cologne)
see Helms, Hans G. (1970 Apr 10 enc.)
WGBH (Boston)
see Ruggles, Carl: correspondence with John Kirkpatrick (1968 Oct 23; 1970 Nov 10)
WHCU (Ithaca)
see Cornell University (1951 Apr 18)
WLRN (Miami)
WNYC (New York)
see also Queens College WUHY-FM (Philadelphia) see Wilson, Donald Folder 37/419 see also Charles Ives Society, The (1974 Aug 29) Folder 37/420 Folder 37/421 Wadleigh, Mary Rogers (Mrs. F. R., Jr.) Wadsworth, Reverdy Wagenaar, Bernard Wagner, Donna McNeill see Cornell University: students Wagner, Josef Wagner, Roger see California State College (1972 Sep 21 enc.) Wagoner, Shirley E. see Cornell University: students Wahl, Jean see Mount Holyoke College (1944 Oct 26) Waite, Janet Ann see Coy, Janet Waite Waite, Jean Kirkpatrick (Mrs. William H.) see Kirkpatrick, Jean Waite, William G. see Brownlow, Henry M. (1966 Feb 17) Yale University: students/Napiorkowski (1973 Feb 1) Waldbauer, Ivan F.

31. MSS 56, The John Kirkpatrick Papers In The Irving S. Gilmore Music Library Of Ya
Ratner, Letitia Ide (Mrs. Victor M.) see Ide, Chester (1946 Jun 26 et al.). Ruggles,Violetta Johnson (Mrs. Charles Henry) see Ruggles Family.
MSS 56, The John Kirkpatrick Papers in the Irving S. Gilmore Music Library of Yale University
Sub-series I.A:
Personal Correspondence
Folder 30/324
RCA Manufacturing Co., Inc.
RCA Victor Record Division
RILM Abstracts

see also
Raab, Emil
Radd, John A.
Radway, Minnie A. Ragtime Society, The Rahm, Barbara Lull Raieff, Josef
see Tureck, Rosalyn (1953 Jun 12) Rainey, Lawrence Raiselis, Robert see Yale University: students Rajaraman, R. ("Doug") see Cornell University: students Ramsey, Basil see Ramseyer, Frank W. see Wheaton College (1951 Feb 27, Mar 28) Randall, Angela E. Randel, Don M. see Cornell University (1972 Feb 15) Randlett, Samuel L. see Ives dissertations: correspondence Rarig, Howard R., Jr. see Ives dissertations: correspondence Rascher, Sigurd M. Rasmussen, Jane E. Rathburn, Eldon see Perlis, Vivian (1975 Apr 2) Ratner, Letitia Ide (Mrs. Victor M.) see Ide, Chester (1946 Jun 26 et al.) Rau, A. E. ("Becky") see Winona, MN Rautenberg, Ted Rawitz, Joan see Cornell University Music Review: correspondence (1965 Aug 10) Ray, Gordon N. see Guggenheim Foundation (1964 Sep 28) Re, Joan

32. Rehabilitation Center For Children & Adults: Board Of Governors
Mr. John W. Georgas Mr. William Gubelmann Mr. Edward L. Hennessy Jr. Mr. ThorntonM. Henry Mr. Ted Hepburn Mrs. Richard S. Johnson Mrs. Charles Ide Kane Mr
Board of Governors
Executive Committee
Mr. J. Bradford Greer
President Mr. Barron Collier
1st Vice President Mrs. Patrick Henry
2nd Vice President Dr. John C. Whelton
3rd Vice President Ms. Barbara A. Moore
Treasurer Mrs. Peter W. Mettler
Corresponding Secretary Mr. James A. Farrell
Immediate Past President
Mrs. Mortimer L. Curran
Mrs. Bernard F. Curry
Ms. Kathy M. Delaney Mrs. Thorne Donnelley Jr. Mrs. Allan W. Ferrin Mrs. George E. Ford Mrs. Naoma Donnelley Haggin Mrs. Louis O. Hilton Mrs. Page Hufty Mr. Hewlett Kent Mrs. William F. Koch Jr. Mrs. Emily Bowman Leikin Mrs. William B. Miner Mr. William H. Minor Jr. Mrs. Martin A. Purcell Mr. Kenneth Schrader Mr. Manley H. Thaler EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR Pamela J. Henderson
Board of Governors
Mrs. William G. Anlyan Mr. Anthony K. Baker Mrs. Robert I. Ballinger Mr. Warren W. Borsch III Mrs. William H. Brinckerhoff Mrs. Ralph A. Carabasi Mrs. Jeannette Corbett Mr. C. Ray Dorsey III Mr. Donald R. Edge Mrs. John M. Farrell Mrs. Joseph P. Flanagan Mrs. Robert Francis Mr. John W. Georgas

xxx1818 Jul 1999 A Question of Latitude, by Richard H.DavisRHD 21qlttdxxx.xxx1817Jul 1999 Tattine, by Ruth Ogden Mrs. Charles W. Ide tttnexxx.xxx1816

34. "Mary Garrett Hay Loses State Post," [1920]
Robinson and Mrs. Ruth Litt, of Manhattan; Mrs. Charles H. Sabin, of Suffolk; Mrs.Arthur L chairman of Albany County, who succeeds Alba M. Ide, of Troy
Document 8: Unidentified Newspaper clipping, [Brooklyn?] Mary Garrett Hay Scrapbook, 1895-1928, Manuscript and Archives Section, New York Public Library. Introduction This story noted Mary Garrett Hay's removal from state Republican party office, due to her opposition to Wadsworth. However, other less visible suffragists remained on the Executive Committee.
Mary Garrett Hay Loses State Post
Woman politican, Foe of Wadsworth, Dropped From Executive Committee. Glynn Names New Group. Brooklyn Loses one PlaceKracke Reappointed. State Chairman George A. Glynn announced a reorganization of the Executive Committee of the Republican State Committee last night. One of the features of the changes is a loss of one place on the group from Brooklyn. Ex-Public Service Commissioner F. J. H. Kracke, of Flatbush, was continued as a member. Mrs. William C. Beecher, of the Heights, was dropped upon her own application, it was announced. Her place was taken by Mrs. Charles H. Sabin, of Suffolk County. This gives the far eastern Long Island county two places, for Mrs. Ruth Litt was continued on the committee. In the announcement for the list Mrs. Litt was credited to Manhattan. Mary Garrett Hay Dropped Another important shift was the elimination of Miss Mary Garrett Hay. Her place was taken by Mrs. Douglas Robinson, a relative of the late Col. Roosevelt. Miss Hay, who won attention in the fight for suffrage and was classed as one of the shrewdest women politicians in the country, has lost much prestige in Republican affairs by her announcement of opposition to United States Senator James W. Wadsworth Jr.

35. National Grange
Master Charles Foreman RR1, Box 167A Walker, 64790 Tel (417) 465-2389 Fax (417)465-2389, Lecturer Mrs. Dee Ide 701 W. Elm Shelbina, 63468 Tel (573) 588
Home News and Events Legislation Action Grange ...
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RR1, Box 167-A
Walker, MO 64790
Tel:(417) 465-2389
Fax:(417) 465-2389
Charles Foreman

RR1, Box 167-A
Walker, 64790
Tel: (417) 465-2389 Fax: (417) 465-2389 Lecturer Mrs. Dee Ide 701 W. Elm Shelbina, 63468 Tel: (573) 588-7562 Dir. of Junior Grange Activities Mrs. Dee Ide 701 W. Elm Shelbina 63468 Tel: (573) 588-7562 Director of Youth Activities Mrs. Dee Ide

36. G_ide.html
202. Gentle, JW. 177. George A. Ide Son. 327. George, Jeanette. 635. 132, 191,192. Glasco, S. 129. Glattly, Charles. 112. Glatty, Mrs. 110. Goben, Perry F. 204.
Index to History of Union County
by Ide
D ...
Gager, W. W. Galbreath, Mary F. Gard, Letitia Gardner, Emma Garfield, President Garmon, Gladys (Lorimor) Garrison, Cpl. Bert E. Garrison, George Garrison, George E. Garrison, Maurice Garrison, Milton L. Garrison, Minnie (Whittington) Garrison, Mrs. Hattie Gaston, Rev. W. L. Gault, Dave Gault, James Gault, Roy B. Gauvain, Antonio Gay, George Gear, Governor of Iowa Gebson, Louis Gebson, O. B. Geis, Bernice Geis, Cornelius M. Geis, Edward Geis, Elizabeth Geis, Emma (Ours) Geis, Frank Geis, Fred O. Geis, George Geis, Henry Geis, Jacob Geis, John Geis, Laura Geis, Lewis Geis, Louis Geis, Maria Geis, Maria (Eck) Geis, Mary Ann (Shoe) Geis, Mary Ann (Shoe-Smith)) Geis, Nicholas Geis, Sebastian Gent, Clara (Miller) Gent, Nicholas Gentle, George W. Gentle, J. W. George, Jeanette Gessford, Elizabeth (Davenport) Gessford, Mary Gessford, Stephen Gibson, Charles T. Gibson, Eliza (Carlisle) Gibson, George H. Gibson, Hon. John Gibson, John Gibson, Lew Gibson, Marietta (Hoover) Gibson, Mrs. John Gibson, O. B. Gibson, Roscoe C.

37. Index
Translate this page 1828-1862 Gutenberg O'Neill, Eugene, 1888-1953 Gutenberg O'Reilly, AJ (AugustineJ.) Gutenberg Ogden, Ruth, 1853-1927 AKA Ide, Mrs. Charles W. Gutenberg Ogg
O'Neill, Eugene, 1888-1953 Gutenberg
O'Reilly, A. J. (Augustine J.) Gutenberg
Ogden, Ruth, 1853-1927 AKA: Ide, Mrs. Charles W. Gutenberg
Ogg, Frederic Austin, 1878-1951 Gutenberg
Ohiyesa AKA: Eastman, Charles A., 1858-1939 Gutenberg
Ohnet, Georges, 1848-1918 Gutenberg
Okakura, Kakuzo, 1862-1913 Gutenberg
Olcott, Frances Jenkins Gutenberg Oliphant, Laurence, 1829-1888 Gutenberg Oliphant, Mrs. (Margaret), 1828-1897 Gutenberg Oliver, Charles A. (Charles Alexander), 1858-1932 Gutenberg Ollivant, Alfred, 1874-1927 Gutenberg Omar Khayyam, 11th century Gutenberg Oppenheim, E. Phillips (Edward Phillips), 1866-1946 Gutenberg Optic, Oliver, 1822-1897 AKA: Adams, William Taylor, 1822-1897 Gutenberg Orczy, Emmuska, Baroness, 1865-1947 Gutenberg Orleans, Charlotte-Elisabeth, duchesse d', 1652-1722 Gutenberg Orr, Sutherland Mrs., 1828-1903 Gutenberg Orth, Samuel Peter, 1873-1922

38. Women In The Civil War Master Index
J. Howe, Mrs. Charles Howe, Mrs. T. 0. Howell, Mrs. Howland, Mrs. Eliza W. Howland,Mrs. Robert S. Humphrey, Miss Husband, Mrs. Mary Morris Ide, Mrs. Ives, Mrs
Women in the Civil War Index

39. Special Collections
Hutton, Mrs. JC. Hyde, Mrs. Fred. Ide, Mrs. HP. Jackson, Mary P. Loucke, Mrs. Lovell,Mrs. BD. Ludington, Katharine. Lugg, CH. Lugg, Charles H. Lumbard, EB.
Mamie Shields Pyle, Papers 1911-1919
"Aberdeen Daily American" [Aberdeen, SD] "Aberdeen News" [Aberdeen, SD] "Alexandria Herald" [Alexandria, SD] "Blunt Advocate" [Blunt, S.D] "Dakotan" [Pierre, SD] "New York Tribune" [New York, NY] "The Clipper" [Canistota, SD] "The Democrat" [Wessington Springs, SD] "The Enterprise" [Worthing, SD] "The Gazett" [Burke, SD] "The Register" [Tyndall, SD] Acker, Mrs. C.S. Allen, Mrs. Charles C. Allen, Mrs. Charles R. Amaden, C.S. American Press Assoc. Anderson, C. H. Anderson, Elmer W. Anderson, John Q. Anderson, Mrs. Frank Anderson, Mrs. J.Q. Anding, Ida M. Atwater, Harry P. Bacon, Mrs. M. E. Bagley, Grace H., (Mrs. Frederick P.) Baisch, Mrs. R. W. Baisch, Mrs. Stella P. (Mrs.R. W.) Barbee, Mrs. A. J. Barkley, Mrs. W.E. Barnes, H.E. Barnhart, Mrs. W. H. Barron, Mrs.James Barry, Herbert Bastian, T.E. Bates, Eleanor Bates, Mark P. Beach, Metta W. Beach, Mrs. B. E. Beebe, Alice C. Beebe, Mrs. Lucy V. Beebe, Mrs. Marcus P. Beebe, Mrs. Plin Bennett, Mrs. M. M. Bennett, Mrs. M.M. Benson, Lewis Berry, Mrs. S. B.

40. I
Iahins, Wm. tailor, rear of 191 Aliceanna. Iams, Charles, finisher, 38 s Poppleton. Ibbott,Frederick, 80 Block. Ichle, Mrs. Christina, 71 Granby. Iddings, Wm. Ide, Rev. Wm.
Last First Middle Occupation Address Iahins Wm.
tailor rear of 191 Aliceanna Iams Charles
finisher 38 s Poppleton Iams Lizzie
46 s Poppleton Iams Wm.
blacksmith 38 s Poppleton Ibbott Frederick
80 Block Ichle Mrs. Christina
71 Granby Iddings Wm.
228 Hollins Iding J H supt. Maryland Penitentiary dw 71 Harford av Ide Ernest
cabinet maker 248 Canton av Ide Rev. Wm.
274 Canton av Iglehart G Leslie 264 w Lombard Iglehart John P conductor city cars 159 Hollins Iglehart Wm. H clerk Adams Express 151 Barre Ighurst Wm.
carpenter 247 s Broadway Igo Michael grocery s e cor Davis and Foundry Igo Emma bleaching and pressing 137 Lexington Ihde Henry tobacconist 153 e Broadway Ijams Alfred 2 Aisquith Ijams Franklin F 435 w Fayette grocers n w cor Gay and Front Ijams Jacob W painter 1 s Oregon Ijams John P carpenter 230 Hollins Ijams John T clerk 81 s Exeter Ijams John P carpenter 132 Hollins Ijams Oliver grocery 38 s Republican Ijams Wm. H 50 Fawn Ijams William boot fitter 485 w Fayette Ijams Wm. Howard at custom house dw 58 s High Ilgenfritz Geo. J shipsmith 194 Register Iller Henry cooper 340 s Charles Ilgenfritz Agnes 17 Shakspear Ilgenfritz Marcellus S butter 56 n Eutaw Ilgenfritz Oliver ship carp.

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