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  1. The West Indian : a comedy, in five acts by Richard Cumberland 1732-1811 Inchbald Mrs. 1753-1821, 1809-12-31
  2. Every one has his fault; a comedy, in five acts; by Mrs. Inchbald 1753-1821, 1809-12-31
  3. The wedding day, a comedy, in two acts by Mrs. Inchbald 1753-1821, 1819-12-31
  4. King Henry IV: A historical play, in five acts (Inchbald, Mrs., 1753-1821. British theatre) by William Shakespeare, 1808
  5. The modern theatre; a collection of successful modern plays, as acted at the Theatres Royal, London Volume 1 by Mrs., 1753-1821 Inchbald, 2009-10-26
  6. Such things are; a play in five acts. As performed at the Theatre Royal, Covent Garden by Mrs., 1753-1821 Inchbald, 2009-10-26
  7. Inchbald, Hawthorne and the Romantic Moral Romance: Little Histories and Neutral Territories (Literary Migrations) by Ben P. Robertson, 2009-12-12
  8. Elizabeth Inchbald: England's Principal Woman Dramatist and Independent Woman of Letters in 18th Century London - A Biographical Study by Roger Manvell, 1988-05-31
  9. I'll Tell You What: The Life of Elizabeth Inchbald by Annibel Jenkins, 2003-04-11

21. Book People: Additions To The IPL Online Texts Collection 09-21-01
http// Dewey Subjects843 French Fiction Inchbald, Mrs., 17531821. _Nature and Art_.$1.html
Book People Archive
Additions to the IPL Online Texts Collection 09-21-01
  • From:
  • Subject: Additions to the IPL Online Texts Collection 09-21-01
  • Date: Mon, 24 Sep 2001 08:51:05 -0400

4/20 Lady Mary Wortley Montagu (16891762) Epistle from Mrs. Yonge to Her Entranceinto the World 1778 5/18 Elizabeth Inchbald (1753-1821) Biographical notes
English Honors Tutorial Restoration and 18th Century Women Writers Instructor: Linda Garber [LGLG@LELAND.STANFORD.EDU] Stanford University Spring 1988 Poetry Handouts include poems and biographical notes on poets 4/13 Aphra Behn (1640-1689) "The Willing Mistress" "The Disappointment" "To the Fair Clarinda, Imagined More than Woman" Anne Killigrew (1660-1685) "Upon the Saying that My Verses Were Written by Another" Lady Mary Chudleigh (1656-1710) "To the Ladies" Anne Finch, Countess of Winchelsea (1661-1720) "The Introduction" "The Answer" [to Pope] "Melinda on an Insippid Beauty" [after Sappho] 4/20 Lady Mary Wortley Montagu (1689-1762) "Epistle from Mrs. Yonge to Her Husband" "Verses Addressed to the Imitator of the First Satire of the Second Book of Horace" [to Pope] Charlotte Smith (1749-1806) "Pressed by the Moon, Mute Abitress of Tides" "Thirty-Eight" Black American Women Poets Beginnings of a concurrent tradition 4/20 Lucy Terry (1730-1821) "Bars Fight, August 28, 1746" Phyllis Wheatley (c.1753-1784) "To S.M. a Young African Painter, on Seeing His Work" "On Being Brought From Africa" Introduction to Literary Criticism and Library Research 4/27 Meet at circulation desk in Green Library; bring topics for senior thesis to discuss research strategies and practice using sources. Required Reading: Margaret Ezell, "Women Writers: The Female Perspective," in The Patriarch's Wife (Chapel Hill and London: The University of North Carolina Press, 1987), pp.101-126 (handout) Novels 5/4 Aphra Behn (1640-1689) Biographical notes, from Janet Todd, A Dictionary of British and American Women Writers, 1660-1800 (Totowa, N.J.: Rowman and Allenheld, 1985) (handout) Oroonoko, The Royal Slave [1688] 5/11 Fanny Burney D'Arblay (1752-1840) Biographical notes, from Todd (handout) Evelina, or the History of a Young Lady's Entrance into the World [1778] 5/18 Elizabeth Inchbald (1753-1821) Biographical notes, from Todd (handout) A Simple Story [1791] 5/25 Literary Criticism II Terry Castle, "Masquerade and Utopia II: Inchbald's 'A SimpleStory'" in Masquerade and Civilization (Stanford, CA: Stanford University Press, 1986), pp.290-330 (handout) short excerpt (by way of contrast) from Eva Figes, "The Gothic Alternative," in Sex and Subterfuge: Women Writers to 1850 (London and Basingstoke: The MacMillan Press, 1982), pp.60-61 (handout) 6/1 Mary Wollestonecraft (1759-1797) Biographical notes, from Todd (handout) A Vindication of the Rights of Women, excerpts [1792] (handout) The Wrongs of Woman, or Maria [unfinished novel, 1798]

23. National Art Library: Forster Collection
editions of dramatic works, many of which were produced in the eighteenth andnineteenth centuries by people such as Mrs. Elizabeth Inchbald (17531821).
The Forster Collection
John Forster (1812-1876) was a noted biographer, critic, essayist and historian, probably best remembered for his biography of his close friend, the novelist Charles Dickens (1812-1870). In the course of his life Forster collected a vast library, mainly, but not exclusively, of books and pamphlets. He bequeathed this collection to his wife until her death; whereupon it would pass to what was then the South Kensington Museum, so that it could be used by the nation. She generously waived her rights in order to fulfill his wishes more quickly. The Forster Collection is one of two very large and distinct collections within the National Art Library , the other being the Dyce Collection
English literature : from Augustan to Victorian
Forster was literary editor of the weekly Examiner from 1833 to 1847, and then its editor from 1847 to 1855. He arrived early enough in the literary world to know some of the later Romantic writers, such as Leigh Hunt (1784-1859); and remained long enough to see some of the first of the later Victorian novelists, such as George Meredith (1828-1909). The collection contains many nineteenth century novels which were given to him, either as review or presentation copies; and usually with an affectionate inscription from the author. One such example is Sartor Resartus (1838) by Thomas Carlyle (1795-1881). In addition to befriending some of the most famous writers of his day, Forster was also an influential critic who helped to establish younger literary figures, such as the poet Robert Browning (1812-1889). There is a copy of his work

24. Index
by White, Gilbert, 17201793 Naturalist On The River Amazons, The, by Bates, HenryWalter, 1825-1892 Nature And Art, by Inchbald, Mrs., 1753-1821 Nature Faker
Number "e", The, by Unknown

25. Index
18281906 Gutenberg Ide, Mrs. Charles W. AKA Ogden, Ruth, 1853-1927 Gutenberg Iles,George, 1852-1942 Gutenberg Inchbald, Mrs., 1753-1821 Gutenberg Inchfawn
Ibsen, Henrik, 1828-1906 Gutenberg
Ide, Mrs. Charles W. AKA: Ogden, Ruth, 1853-1927 Gutenberg
Iles, George, 1852-1942 Gutenberg
Inchbald, Mrs., 1753-1821 Gutenberg
Inchfawn, Fay AKA: Ward, Elizabeth Rebecca Gutenberg
Iron, Ralph, 1855-1920 AKA: Schreiner, Olive, 1855-1920 Gutenberg
Irving, Henry Brodribb, 1870-1919 Gutenberg
Irving, Washington, 1783-1859 Gutenberg Irwin, Will, 1873-1948 Gutenberg Ives, Charles, 1874-1954 Gutenberg PARTNERI PC REVUE

26. Theatre Journal, Volume 51 - Table Of Contents
Inchbald, Mrs., 17531821. Wives as they were, and maids as they are.Wives in literature. Masculinity in literature. Hansen, Kathryn.
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E-ISSN: 1086-332X
Print ISSN: 0192-2882
Theatre Journal 51.2, May 1999

27. Postings On The Board
Fanny Price. The Oxford Companion has only this to say about Inchbald, Mrs.Elizabeth (17531821), nee Simpson, was a novelist, dramatist, and actress.
Laurie - [] Politics in the novels Dear ladies and gents, I am currently doing research about the rise of women in politics for a paper for my AP Government class and have come across a lot of books on the topic of politics in the novels of Jane Austen.  You'll have to excuse my relative ignorance of British politics during Austen's era, but where exactly do these politics crop up?  I obviously don't mean every instance, but a few examples would be helpful.  I would use this topic for my paper but my teacher says that our topics must be on American government.  (And by the way, this teacher does at times wear tweed). Where have I been?  A better question would be where haven't I been.  Fall of the senior year is a very busy time.  Between work, school, and filling out college applications, I've been lucky to sleep, much less have time to get on the Internet.  I'm still trying to catch up on some of the recent posts on the board but I haven't gotten too far yet.  I also haven't started rereading Mansfield Park yet.  I'm still halfway through the third Harry Potter.  I would strongly recommend the series, especially if you know kids around 9 or 10 years old.  They're cute.  I'll try to get back here more often - that is, if things ever slow down.

28. Women Writers And Other Influences In Jane Austen's Time
were Ann Radcliffe (17641823), Fanny Burney (1752-1840), Elizabeth Inchbald (1753-1821),Maria Edgeworth That would be Mrs. Selwyn whom I would describe as an
Women Writers and Other Influences
In Jane Austen's Time
A Male Voices Web Page April 21,1998
Revised : September 1, 2001 In this second page, we turn to the literature of Jane Austen's time. The emphasis is on those things that Jane Austen might have read - on possible Jane-Austen influences. We will discover that Jane Austen's time seems to have been a golden age for women writers. We also attempt to understand how the male voices of our Lady's time thought about women. - What were their attitudes? Here is a link to the Table of Contents
For This Page
Fashion in the
Regency Period The time of Jane Austen was an historical period in which English fashion moved away, for a time, from the more restrictive undergarments. Such things were worn before and after this period, but less so during.
A painting by Rolina Sharples This was the age of the "Regency" or "Empire" fashion , the fashion inspired by Napoleon's Josephine , we are told. The outer garments were the flowing styles they associated with classical times. Isn't it nice to think of Jane Austen's generation made more comfortable in this way! And isn't it wonderful to contemplate those high-waisted styles that so set off and so compliment the angelic female form? There was one amazing defection from this fashion trend

29. A Celebration Of Women Writers: I Listings
16th C.); Inchbald, Elizabeth Simpson (17531821) The Native Son (Gutenberg text).Irwin, Inez Lenore Haynes Gillmore (1873-1970); Irwin, Mrs. WA aka

30. Local Editions: Celebration Of Women Writers
Green, Anna Katherine aka Mrs. Charles Rohlfs (18461935) The Filigree Ball (1903). Inchbald,Elizabeth (1753-1821) Lovers Vows A Play in Five Acts
Local Editions by Author:
The goal of the Celebration of Women Writers is to provide a comprehensive list to access works by and about women writers on the net. The majority of works listed in the Celebration are stored elsewhere. However, a number of previously published works are being put online at the Celebration site. For the convenience of others who may wish to link to them, the Celebration maintains the following listing of its local on-line texts, organized by author. A listing of "Local Editions by Category" is also available.
Electronic Texts:

Colonial period, ca. 16001775Sources September 21, 2001. Inchbald,Mrs., 1753-1821. _Nature and Art_. http//digital.library.upenn

The square was named after Lord's Kensington's father, William Edwardes. In 1816,Mrs. Elizabeth Inchbald (17531821), the novelist and dramatist, lived at No.
BRIEF HISTORY DURING THE SNOW ERA (1813-58) A speculative builder, Louis Changeur, built Edwardes Square in 1811-19 on 11 acres leased from the 2nd Lord Kensington. The square was named after Lord's Kensington's father, William Edwardes. In 1816, Mrs. Elizabeth Inchbald (1753-1821), the novelist and dramatist, lived at No. 4 Earls Terrace (the short unlabeled street on the map above "Edwards," south of Kensington Road). Her romances, A simple Story (1791) and the Nature and Art (1796), written well before the birth of John Snow, were early examples of passion novels. A central garden was laid out in 1820 and the gardener's lodge was built in Greek revival style. LOCATION IN 1859 REYNOLDS MAP (Quarter Mile Section - P 2) Source : Weinreb B, Hibbert C (eds). The London Encyclopaedia Encyclopaedia Britannica, 2000. Old Ordnance Survey Map of 1871 Click here to see more details 12 years later

33. 19th Century British And Irish Authors
Chronological list of authors with hyperlinks to sites about them and their works.Category Arts Literature World Literature British 19th Century...... 1815); Elizabeth Inchbald (17531821); William Drennan (1754-1820); GeorgeCrabbe (1754-1832); William 1814-45); Ellen Wood Mrs Henry (1814-87
19th Century British and Irish Authors
(Chronological Order)
Other British and Irish Authors
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  • Richard Brinsley Sheridan (1751-1816)
  • Thomas Chatterton (1752-1800)
  • Fanny Burney (1752-1840)
  • George Ellis (1753-1815)
  • Elizabeth Inchbald (1753-1821)
  • William Drennan (1754-1820)
  • George Crabbe (1754-1832)
  • William Godwin (1756-1836)
  • William Blake (1757-1827)
  • Harriet Lee (1757-1851)
  • Mary Robinson (1758-1800)
  • Elizabeth Hamilton (1758-1816)
  • Robert Burns (1759-96)
  • Mary Godwin ( nee Wollstonecraft) (1759-97)
  • William Lisle Bowles (1762-1850)
  • Joanna Baillie (1762-1851)
  • William Cobbett [Peter Porcupine] (1763-1835)
  • Robert Bloomfield (1766-1823)
  • Thomas Robert Malthus (1766-1834)
  • Maria Edgeworth (1767-1849)
  • John Hookham Frere (1769-1846)
  • Amelia Opie (1769-1853)
  • George Canning (1770-1827)
  • 34. Biblioteca Virtual
    Little Masterpieces Of Autobiography Actors (.zip 105.5 Kb). Inchbald,Mrs., 1753-1821. Nature And Art (.zip - 109 Kb). Inchfawn, Fay.
    Obras por autor - I
    Ian, Janis, Performer Society's Child (lyrics) (.zip - 6 Kb) Ibsen, Henrik (1828 + 1906) The Doll's House; a play (.zip - 56 Kb)
    An Enemy Of The People (.zip - 67 Kb)

    Ghosts (.zip - 49 Kb)

    The Lady From The Sea (.zip - 57 Kb)
    Rosmersholm (.zip - 60.79 Kb)
    Iles, George (1852 + 1942) Little Masterpieces Of Autobiography: Actors (.zip - 105.5 Kb) Inchbald, Mrs., 1753-1821 Nature And Art (.zip - 109 Kb) Inchfawn, Fay AKA Ward, Elizabeth Rebecca The Verse-Book Of A Homely Woman (.zip - 28 Kb) Irving, Henry Brodribb (1870 + 1919) A Book Of Remarkable Criminals (.zip - 222 Kb) Irving, Washington (1783 + 1859) Adventure Of The Black Fisherman (.zip - 286.84 Kb)
    The Adventures Of Captain Bonneville, U. S. A., In The Rocky Mountains And The Far West (.zip - 265.66 Kb)

    Astoria, or, anecdotes of an enterprise beyond the Rocky Mountains (.zip - 357.53 Kb)

    Chronicle Of The Conquest Of Granada (.zip - 339 Kb)
    Wolfert Webber, or Golden Dreams (.zip - 286.84 Kb)
    Irwin, Will (1873 + 1948) The City That Was; a requiem of old San Francisco (.zip - 21 Kb)

    35. WRITING WOMEN: 4Hons Victorian Core Lecture
    The women writers in the First Series were Frances Burney (17521840); Mrs Inchbald(1753-1821); Madame de Stael (1766-1817); Mrs Barbauld (1743-1825); Hannah
    Handout for
    LITERATURE 1830 to 1890
    Ms Aileen Christianson - WRITING WOMEN:
    Victorian Core Lecture, week 2
    In the Strand Street in London town Something quite nice for half a crown Butin the dark what comes amiss? Except bad breath and syphilis. Catherine J. Hamilton, Women Writers: Their Works and Ways First Series (1892), Second Series (1893). The women writers in the First Series were: Frances Burney (1752-1840); Mrs Inchbald (1753-1821); Madame de Stael (1766-1817); Mrs Barbauld (1743-1825); Hannah More (1745-1833); Lady Anne Barbard (1750-1825); Joanna Baillie (1762-1851); Lady Nairn (1766-1845); Mrs Radcliffe (1764-1823); Maria Edgeworth (1767-1849); Amelie Opie (1769-1853); Jane Austen (1775-1817); Lady Morgan (Sydney Owenson (1783-1859); Susan Edmonstone Ferrier (1782-1854); Mary Russell Mitford (1787-1855); the Countess of Blessington (1790-1849). In the Second Series, the writers were: Mrs [Felicia] Hemans (1793-1835); Mrs [Anna] Jameson (1794-1860); Frederika Bremer (1801-1865); Harriet Martineau (1802-1876); Letitia Elizabeth Landon (Mrs MacLean) (1802-1838); Honourable Mrs. Norton (Lady Stirling-Maxwell) (1808-1877); Elizabeth Barrett Browning (1809-1861); Mrs [Elizabeth] Gaskell (1810-1865); Charlotte Bronte (1816-1855); George Eliot (Mary Ann Cross) (!819-1880); Adelaide Ann Proctor (1825-1864); Louisa May Alcott (1832-1888). As we advance farther into the nineteenth century, we do not find that gaiety, that intense joy of living which are so characteristic of Fanny Burney and Lady Morgan. Our women writers have become less amusing; they are terribly in earnest, much impressed with the seriousness of life, and with difficult social problems. (Preface to Second Series)

    36. Authors G-I
    Ibsen, Henrik, 18281906 Ide, Mrs. Charles W. AKA Ogden, Ruth, 1853-1927 Iles, George,1852-1942 Inchbald, Mrs., 1753-1821 Inchfawn, Fay AKA Ward, Elizabeth
    Home Author Title Topic ... Book Club The Worldwide Library making e-books available to everyone worldwide without charge now. WWL Author Index Start A B C ... Z
    Gaboriau, Emile, 1832-1873
    Galsworthy, John, 1867-1933
    Galt, John, 1779-1839
    Gamble, Eliza Burt
    Gardner, William, b. 1861
    Garis, Howard Roger, 1873-1962
    Garland, Hamlin, 1860-1940
    Gaskell, Elizabeth Cleghorn, 1810-1865
    Gatlin, Dana
    Gautier, Theophile
    Gay, John, 1685-1732 Gibbon, Edward, 1737-1794 Gibbs, Philip, 1877-1962 Gilbert, W. S. (William Schwenck), Sir, 1836-1911 Gildas, 516?-570? AKA: Gildas surnamed 'Sapiens', or The Wise Giles, Herbert Allen, 1845-1935 Gillmore, Inez Haynes, 1873-1970 Gilman, Charlotte Perkins, 1860-1935 Ginzberg, Louis, 1873-1953 Gissing, George, 1857-1903 Gladstone, W. E. (William Ewart), 1809-1898 Glasgow, Ellen Anderson Gholson, 1873-1945 Godwin, William, 1756-1836 Goethe, Johann Wolfgang von, 1749-1832 Gogol, Nikolai Vasilevich, 1809-1852 Goldman, Emma, 1869-1940 Goldsmith, Oliver, 1728-1774

    37. Studieninformationen - Leseliste Für Das Anglistik-Studium
    Inchbald (1753-1821). A Modern Utopia; VirginiaWoolf (1882-1941). Mrs. Dalloway; To the Lighthouse; The Waves;. 6. 20.


    Leseliste Englische Literatur:
    Vom 16. bis zum 20. Jahrhundert
    Herausgegeben von den Fachvertreter
    Mai 2002 Download: im PDF-Format im Word2000-Format Inhalt: 16. und 17. Jahrhundert
    19. Jahrhundert

    20. Jahrhundert (bis ca. 1950)

    20. Jahrhundert (ab ca. 1950)
    ... Leseliste Amerikanistik Vorbemerkung Die nachfolgende Leseliste versteht sich als Vorschlagsliste.
    Fast alle relevanten Gedichte und Short Stories finden sich in der Norton Anthology of English Literature, der Oxford Anthology of English Literature, oder der Norton Anthology of Poetry. Simon Armitage and Robert Crawford, eds. The Penguin Book of Poetry from Britain and Ireland since 1945 (London: Penguin, 1998), oder Michael Hulse, David Kennedy and David Morley, eds., The New Poetry (Newcastle upon Tyne: Bloodaxe, 1993). - jeweils 5-15 Titel aus drei unterschiedlichen Themenbereichen aus der englischen und amerikanischen Literatur.

    38. New Books
    PR 3518 Inchbald, Mrs, 17531821. - Selected comedies / Elizabeth Inchbald/introduction and notes by Roger Man. - Lanham University
    This is a list of items currently on the New Books Display in Zone GCof the Main Library. They will be displayed until 21/02/03 when they willbecome available for loan. You may place a reservation by using the link byeach record, or by searching the Online Library Catalogue . When the item isavailable for you at theMain Library Issue Desk you will receive a printed, or emailed, notification.Please remember that your reservation may not be the first in any queue. This list is arranged in order of classmark. Click here here to findout more about which classmarks correspond to which subjects. B C D E ... Z
    B 738.K6/C
    The Cambridge translations of medieval philosophical texts. - Vol.3 : Mindand knowledge / edited by Robert Pasnau. - Cambridge : Cambridge UniversityPress, 2002. - (The Cambridge translations of medieval philosophical texts ;3). - 0521793564
    Main Library 22141928 Go to catalogue record B 821/T
    Todorov, Tzvetan, 1939-. - Imperfect garden : the legacy of humanism / byTzvetan Todorov. - Princeton, N.J.; Oxford : Princeton University Press,2002. - 0691010471
    Main Library 22262253 Go to catalogue record B 945.D36/D

    39. OAI Site: Dlpscoll
    By Mrs. Inchbald /title creator Mrs. Inchbald, 17531821 /creator publisher Printedfor GGJ and J. Robinson /publisher date 1791 /date rights Copyright
    OAI Site: dlpscoll
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    40. Livres Anciens, Rare, Ancien, Precieux, Livres D'occasion, Gravures, Cartes Post
    Translate this page Elizabeth Inchbald (1753-1821), huitième enfant de simples cultivateurs catholiquesdu Suffolk des tournées dans le Yorkshire, se lia avec Mrs Siddons, une
    (3918 librairies)
    Rejoignez livre-rare-book

    Vente Publique


    Liens / Links
    librairies, livres d'occasion, anciens et modernes THESAURUS

    Livres anciens

    Librairie Les Amazones
    - Paris, France - 33+ 01 40 46 08 37
    Librairie Les Amazones - Paris, France - 33+ 01 40 46 08 37
    Edition originale en français. La traduction est de l'abbé Morellet. L'originale italienne de cet ouvrage qui eut un succès retentissant en Europe est de 1764. Beccaria s'y élève contre la torture, et dénonce en juriste la barbarie de certaines peines. Nourri de Bacon et de Montesquieu, il prône la séparation du droit pénal et de la religion.
    Librairie Les Amazones
    - Paris, France - 33+ 01 40 46 08 37
    L'Apothéose du beau sexe. Londres, Van der Hoek, 1712. Pëtit in 8 , Veau marbré, défauts aux coiffes, restaurations, tranche rouge. XLVI-138 pp.-(17)ff.,
    Librairie Les Amazones
    - Paris, France - 33+ 01 40 46 08 37

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