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         Inchfawn Fay:     more books (58)
  1. Something more to say: a personal recording by Fay INCHFAWN, 1965
  2. Not the final word: Or, A joyful tribute by Fay Inchfawn, 1969
  3. The adventures of a homely woman, by Fay Inchfawn, 1925
  4. Picnic on the hill, and other poems by Fay Inchfawn, 1972
  5. The Beautiful Presence in the Garden of the Soul by Fay Inchfawn, 1946
  6. Little Donkey by Fay Inchfawn, 1971
  7. A Book of Rememberance by Fay Inchfawn, 1000-01-01
  8. The Verse-Book of a Homely Woman by Fay Inchfawn, 2010-07-24
  9. The Verse-Book of a Homely Woman by Fay Inchfawn (Elizabeth Rebecca Ward), 2008-08-20
  10. A BOOK OF REMEMBRANCE. by Fay. Inchfawn, 1946-01-01
  12. Living in a village by Fay INCHFAWN, 1937-01-01
  13. Songs of the ups and downs by Fay INCHFAWN, 1924
  14. Those Remembered Days. A Personal Recording by FAY INCHFAWN, 1964

1. Non-fiction Authors I
33 p536. Inchfawn Fay Adventure called Love The (R)
I A H: Wise-Hearted Women (R)
Illustrated Sporting and Dramatic News: Jack, the Railway Dog (N)
Imandt Franziska: Homeless Women of London The (G)
Imandt Franziska: Housewife's Serious Outloook The (L)
Imandt Franziska: How the Daughter Fares on the Continent (T)
Inchfawn Fay: Adventure called Love The (R)
Inchfawn Fay: After the By-Path Meadow (R)
Inchfawn Fay: Book of Remembrance A (R)
Inchfawn Fay: Glad Rags! (R)
Inchfawn Fay: Heartsease (R)
Inchfawn Fay: How I Write my Poems (V) Inchfawn Fay: Leaving an Old Love (N) Inchfawn Fay: Lovers - in Heaven? (R) Inchfawn Fay: Playing with Fire (R) Inchfawn Fay: Road I used to know A (R) Inchfawn Fay: Tarrying (R) Inchfawn Fay: To a Bride (R) Inchfawn Fay: Verse-Book of a homely woman The (V) Inexperienced Mountaineer An: How we Went to the Grands-Mulets (T) 1883.04 Summer Quiet p11 Inge Dr: Lay Thoughts of a Dean (V) Ingham Claire: Are you Building a Distinguished Personality? (R) Ingham Claire: My Chat with Helen Keller (B) Ingham Claire: Singing to Madame Galli-Curci (M) Ingham Sarson C: Five Daughters of Zelophehad The (R) Ingham Sarson C: Miriam or Pride goeth before a Fall (R) Ingham Sarson C J: Beatrice A Study for Girls (B) Ingham Sarson C J: From Science to Religion (B) Ingham Sarson C J: Keats: The True Grecian (V) Ingham Sarson C J: Two Ladies of the Stuart Period (B) Ingilby Eunice: My Butterfly Pets - a New Hobby for you (N) Ingram Iris: Decorative Value of Stone The (N) Ingram Iris: Hot Weather in your garden (N) International An: Hockey Lessons (P)

2. Fiction By Author I
Page(s) 64. Inchfawn Fay Buntys Wet Saturday. Volume 45
Ierne Ormsby: Deputies
Volume 53
Page(s) 64 Inchfawn Fay: Buntys Wet Saturday
Volume 45
Page(s) 334 Inchfawn Fay: Heartsease
Volume 45
Page(s) 641 Inchfawn Fay: Adventures of a Homely Woman The
Volume 46
Page(s) 15 93 179 240 303 326 434 476 552 590 674 Inchfawn Fay: Mary
Volume 47
Page(s) 482 534 597 643 Inchfawn Fay: Buntys Christmas Eve Volume 48 Page(s) 189 Inchfawn Fay: Tadpole Time Volume 48 Page(s) 563 Inchfawn Fay: Juniper Tree The Volume 49 Page(s) 193 Inchfawn Fay: Bunty and a Friend Volume 50 Page(s) 215 Ingham Sarson C: Miriam Volume 6 Page(s) 660 Ingham Sarson C J: Belle of Birchwoods The Volume 6 Page(s) 769 798 811 828 Ingham Sarson C J: Avie Woodfield's Wants Volume 9 Page(s) 297 309 339 Ingham Sarson C J: Hilary or the Amateur Surgeon Volume 17 Page(s) 568 582 600 610 Ingham Sarson C J: Crumpled Rose Leaves Volume 1889.11 Christmas Cherries Page(s) 31 Ingham Sarson C J: Wandering Wings Volume 1890.11 A Garden of Gillyflowers Page(s) 19 Ingham Sarson C J: Illustration An Volume 1903.25 Extra Christmas Part

3. Fay Inchfawn
Fay Inchfawn. The Verse Book of a Homely Woman.
Fay Inchfawn The Verse Book of a Homely Woman

4. Zero Into The UK's Essential Search
A Hockey Story Anon Tactful One The Inchfawn Fay Tadpole Time Stevenson Mabel MTaking out Aunt Ann Hardesty Dora M Tale of a Bag The Lamb Ruth Tale of a
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  • 5. Christian Brethren Archive Catalogue - I
    (GC53726) (Select Leaflets, No. 11.) 11654. Inchfawn (Fay) The adventures of a homely woman.
    John Rylands University Library of Manchester
    Christian Brethren Archive Catalogue - I
    Index to the Catalogue I AM ALL WRONG "I am all wrong." [?London,] T.Weston, [n.d.] 4p. 5". (772141/KR18229) (Gospel Gleanings' Booklets No.14) I BELIEVE IN THE FORGIVENESS OF SIN S "I believe in the forgiveness of sins." London, A.S.Rouse,[n.d.] 31p. 5". (776004) I COME QUICKLY "I come quickly." London, James Carter, [c.1893.] 16p. 4". (900438) (Prophetic Series Nos.63,64) I HAVE BEEN BROUGHT UP IN IT "I have been brought up in it." [?London,] T.Weston, [n.d.] 4p. 5". (772141/KR18227) (Gospel Gleanings' Booklets No.12) I HAVE INSURED MY LIFE I have insured my life for L500. [?London,] T.Weston, [n.d.] 4p. 5". (772141/KR18231) (Gospel Gleanings' Booklets No.24) I HOPE HE WILL OVERLOOK THE PAST "I hope he will overlook the past." [?London,] T.Weston, [n.d.] 4p. 5". (772141/KR18233) (Gospel Gleanings Leaflets No.38) I WANT SALVATION "I want salvation." Manchester, W.B.Horner, [c.1874.] [4]p. 6.5". (775800/KR17976) (Manchester Tracts: Gospel Series No.303) I WILL KEEP THEE "I will keep thee": a gem of antiquity. London, Alfred Holness, [n.d.] [4]p. 4". (GC53591)

    6. Project Gutenberg Author Index
    Imbert de SaintAmand, Arthur Léon, baron, 1834-1900. Inchbald, Mrs., 1753-1821.Inchfawn, Fay. Inge, William Ralph, 1860-1954. Irving, Henry Brodribb, 1870-1919.
    Project Gutenberg
    Author Index "I"
    Ian, Janis, Performer Ibsen, Henrik, 1828-1906 Iles, George, 1852-1942 Imbert de Saint-Amand, Arthur Léon, baron, 1834-1900 ... Ives, Charles, 1874-1954
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    7. The Verse-book Of A Homely Woman
    Inchfawn, Fay, 1880 . The verse-book of a homely woman
    Inchfawn, Fay, 1880- . The verse-book of a homely woman
    Electronic Text Center, University of Virginia Library
    The entire work
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  • Part 1 Part I: INDOORS
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    Top Level Texts Project Gutenberg Authors I Inchfawn, Fay VerseBookOf A Homely Woman,The, 2002. There is no description available for this text.

    Fay Inchfawn.

    10. Browse Top Level > Texts > Project Gutenberg > Titles > V
    There is no description available for this text. Author Inchfawn, Fay KeywordsAuthors I Inchfawn, Fay; Titles V ; Subject English Literature. Verses, 2003.

    11. Project Gutenberg Titles By Inchfawn, Fay
    Project Gutenberg Titles by. Fay Inchfawn. The VerseBook of a HomelyWoman. You can also look up this author on The Online Books Page, Fay

    12. Project Gutenberg Author Record
    Project Gutenberg Author record Inchfawn, Fay Name Variant name Ward, Elizabeth Rebecca Titles VerseBook Of A Homely Woman The Return to the main index page Main Project Gutenberg Web page

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    The Great Salt Lake Trail Inchfawn, Fay (Ward, Elizabeth Rebecca)
    Not Found
    The requested URL was not found on this server. Apache Server at

    14. Project Gutenberg Author Record
    Project Gutenberg Author record. Inchfawn, Fay. Titles. VerseBook Of A HomelyWoman,The. To the main listings page. Main Project Gutenberg Web page (online).
    Project Gutenberg Author record
    Inchfawn, Fay
    Verse-Book Of A Homely Woman,The
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    15. Litteraturnettet
    Inchbald, Mrs. Inchfawn, Fay. Indreeide, Erling

    16. THE BRETHREN: Secondary Sources
    Inchfawn, Fay, The Adventures of a Homely Woman (London, 1925) 314pp. (CBA 11854); A Book of Remembrance (London, c. 1936) pp.

    2002 edition: Compiled by David Brady Part of the Special Collections Guide: Christian Brethren printed collection
    The following bibliography is based primarily on the holdings of the Christian Brethren Archive in the John Rylands University Library of Manchester; hence the CBA shelfmarks quoted at the end of most entries. It is recognized that there are probably many other items, as yet unknown to the compiler, which might be added to the bibliography and advice on additions or corrections is welcome. Please contact David Brady, John Rylands University Library of Manchester, Oxford Road, Manchester M13 9PP, U.K.; tel. 0161-275 8723; email . It is hoped that the bibliography in its present form will enable researchers to identify important studies of the Brethren in their various facets.
    Local Histories Exclusive Brethren Histories of Individual Assemblies ... Biography GENERAL B eattie, David Johnstone, Brethren: the Story of a Great Recovery , rpt. (Kilmarnock, 1944) 336 pp. (CBA 880)

    17. LitSearch: An Online Literary Database
    Inchfawn, Fay (00) Works by this author Verse-Book Of A Homely Woman,The.Copyright 2001 Keith Ito. All Rights Reserved. Admin Control Panel., Fay

    18. LitSearch: An Online Literary Database
    Authors whose last names begin with 'I' Ian, Janis, Performer Ibsen, Henrik Iles,George Inchfawn, Fay Irving, Henry Brodribb Irving, Washington Irwin, Will

    19. Books On-line: Search Results
    SEARCH RESULTS. You requested author names starting with Inchfawn, Fay . Inchfawn,Fay The VerseBook of a Homely Woman (Gutenberg text). 1 item was found.

    20. Books On-line: Authors Starting With "I"
    Inchfawn, Fay The VerseBook of a Homely Woman (Gutenberg text); Indian Chiefs andPrincipal Men Minutes of the General Council of Indian Chiefs and Principal

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