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61. Biblioteca Virtual
Mashonaland(.zip 54.41 Kb). Woman and Labour(.zip - 125.73 Kb). Schreiner,Olive (1855 + 1920). AKA Iron, Ralph. Dream Life And Real
Obras por autor - S
Sabatini, Rafael (1875 + 1950) Bardelys The Magnificent; being an account of the strange wooing pursued by the Sieur Marcel de Saint-Pol, marquis of Bardelys...(.zip - 166 Kb)
Bardelys The Magnificent; being an account of the strange wooing pursued by the Sieur Marcel de Saint-Pol, marquis of Bardelys...(.zip - 165 Kb)

Captain Blood(.zip - 251 Kb)

Captain Blood(.zip - 249 Kb)
Suitors Of Yvonne; being a portion of the memoirs of the Sieur Gaston de Luynes
(.zip - 136 Kb)
The Tavern Knight(.zip - 155 Kb)

The Trampling Of The Lilies(.zip - 156 Kb)
Saint-Simon, Louis de Rouvroy, duc de (1675 + 1755) Memoirs Of Louis XIV And His Court And Of The Regency Complete(.zip - 884 Kb)
Memoirs Of Louis XIV And His Court And Of The Regency Volume 1(.zip - 83 Kb)

Memoirs Of Louis XIV And His Court And Of The Regency Volume 2(.zip - 79 Kb)

Memoirs Of Louis XIV And His Court And Of The Regency Volume 3(.zip - 60 Kb)
... Memoirs Of Louis XIV And His Court And Of The Regency Volume 15(.zip - 60 Kb) Saki (1870 + 1916) AKA Munro, Hector Hugh

62. Hilton Cemetery,Troy Township, Bradford County, PA
Leonard, Noah, Dec. 9, 1875, 83y, Beautiful Iron fence, badly in need of attention. 7,1798, Dec 4, 1877, MOTHER. Ralph R. Jan. Edward W. 1855, 1920, FATHER.
Hilton Cemetery, Troy Township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania How To Use This Site Troy Township Page No Commercial Use Contact Joyce Photos by Joyce M. Tice Hilton Cemetery A terraced hillside cemetery located on the north side of U.S. Route 6 just west of the intersection with County Route T328. Copied June 21, 1982 by Edna Foster Watson and Ellen R. Glueck. Bruce Preston of Independence, Missouri retyped and prepared it for online viewing Sept. 1997
Surname First Name Birthdate Deathdate Age Inscription or Note Rockwell Orlando W. Apr. 24, 1830 Dec. 12, 1909 Mary E. Dec. 14, 1836 Feb. 9, 1922 Louisa Nov. 25, 1867 daughter of O. W. and Mary E Hosley Emily Dec. 8, 1870 wife of James O.(Stone flat and broken) Shattuck George W. Sep. 12, 1872 (Stone flat and broken) Hilton Joseph Oct. 7, 1873 Harriet Apr. 4, 1875 Wife of Joseph Leonard Noah Dec. 9, 1875 Beautiful iron fence, badly in need of attention. On gate, Noah Leonard 1860. Noah Died Dec. 9, 1875 83y Lucinda Q. Tilly July 9, 1838 Sarah May 18, 1846 wife of Tilly - (buried too deep for age) Upham Leonard June 8, 1880

63. 1Up Info > Schreiner, Olive (South African Literature, Biographies) - Encycloped
Schreiner, Oliveshr ´n r Pronunciation Key, pseud. Ralph Iron, 1855–1920,South African author and feminist, b. Wittebergen Reserve, Cape Colony.
You are here 1Up Info Encyclopedia South African Literature, Biographies Schreiner, Olive ... News Search 1Up Info
South African Literature, Biographies Schreiner, Olive Related Category: South African Literature, Biographies Schreiner, Olive [shr r] Pronunciation Key , pseud. Ralph Iron, The Story of an African Farm Wuthering Heights, is an intense story of two children living in the African veldt; it was controversial because of its feminist and anti-Christian sentiments. Her later works included Dreams (1921), a collection of allegories; Women and Labour (1911); and a significant novel, unfinished, From Man to Man (1926). Her letters were edited (1924) by her husband, S. C. Cronwright-Schreiner, who also wrote her biography (1923, repr. 1973).
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baron, 18341900 Inchbald, Mrs., 1753-1821 Inchfawn, Fay AKA Ward, Elizabeth RebeccaIron, Ralph, 1855-1920 AKA Schreiner, Olive, 1855-1920 Irving, Henry
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For downloading books, please use our catalogs or search at: Or check our FTP archive at: and etext subdirectories. For problems with the FTP archives (ONLY) email, be sure to include a description of what happened AND which mirror site you were using. THANKS for visiting Project Gutenberg. * (No Author Attributed) 321 AKA: KB A Young Girl Abbott, David Phelps, 1863-1934 Abbott, Edwin Abbott, 1838-1926 AKA: Square, A Abbott, John S. C. (John Stevens Cabot), 1805-1877 Ackland, T. S. (Thomas Suter), 1817-1892


HERBERT A. 1869 1914 H/O NELLIE B. JUDSON Ralph 1806 1888 H 6 MAY 1880 H/O LUCY Lothas Iron bars and 1838 1913 Asleep in Jesus KING ROSE S. 1855 1920 D/O
CENTER CEMETERY, East Hartford, Hartford County, Connecticut Made available to The USGenWeb Archives by John J. Spaulding

67. WebGED: Family Tree Data Page
Nathan's son, Joseph, moved to Iron Ridge, Wisconsin Mae (1880 1965) childDuxbury, Ralph Price (1882 Duxbury, Joseph Henry (1855 - 1920) b. 7 AUG
previous go to surnames Duxbury, John Charles
b. 15 JUL 1960
Duxbury, Allen Neal(1936 - )
mother: Haddon, Betty Joyce(1937 - ) Duxbury, John Clarke
b. 28 NOV 1951
Duxbury, John Alan(1925 - )
mother: Spencer, Dorothy Maye(1927 - ) Duxbury, John E
b. 1852 in Wisconsin, USA
d. 1936
Duxbury, Edward(~1823 - 1905)
mother: Garside, Nancy(1823 - 1902) Duxbury, John Edward b. 20 DEC 1938 in Cape Town, South Africa father: Duxbury, Frank William(1903 - 1974) mother: Way, Violet Gladys Askew(*1912 - ) spouse: Jennings, Moira (1936 - ) child: Duxbury, Gavin John (1970 - ) child: private Duxbury, John Eli b. 1872 d. 1913 spouse: Duxbury, Annie (~1873 - ) child: Duxbury, Elizabeth (1898 - 1985) Duxbury, John Frank b. 19 AUG 1927 father: Duxbury, Frank(1893 - 1971) mother: Needham, Grace Annie(1902 - 1982) spouse: Lem, Dawn (*1930 - ) - m. 1951 child: Duxbury, Linsey Jayne (1955 - 1984) child: Duxbury, Lisa (1965 - ) Duxbury, John Frederick b. 1941 father: Duxbury, Lloyd Marshall(1913 - 1988) mother: Bowman, Lorna(*1913 - ) spouse: Trekofski, Karen (*1942 - ) child: Duxbury, John Bradley (1970 - )

S.Ellis (18401916) Thomas Jefferson Ralph W· Emerson The Call of the Wild The IronHeel The 1900) Sesame And Lilies Oliver Schreiner (1855-1920) Dream Life

69. Nineteenth-Century Fiction: Bibliography
Schreiner, Olive, 18551920 1883, The Story of an African FarmA Novel. By Ralph Iron. In Two Volumes (Chapman and Hall, London
Nineteenth-Century Fiction
Bibliography SEARCH Database Home Chadwyck-Healey The ARTFL Project ... Back to EFTS
Nineteenth-Century Fiction Bibliography
Ainsworth, William Harrison, 18051882 [ Jack Sheppard. A Romance. (Richard Bentley, London, 1839) [ Answrth,W:JackSheppardRomance ] (genre=m). Allen, Grant, 18481899 [ The Woman Who Did: By Grant Allen (Roberts Bros., Boston, 1895) [ Allen,G:WomanWhoDid ] (genre=m). Austen, Jane, 17751817 [ Lady Susan [in, The Works of Jane Austen; Volume VI; Minor Works] (Geoffrey Cumberlege, Oxford, 1954) [ Austen,J:LadySusan ] (genre=f). Austen, Jane, 17751817 [ The Watsons [in, The Works of Jane Austen; Volume VI; Minor Works] (Geoffrey Cumberlege, Oxford, 1954) [ Austen,J:Watsons ] (genre=f). Austen, Jane, 17751817 [ Sense and Sensibility. A Novel. In Three Volumes. By a Lady. (T. Egerton, London, 1811) [ Austen,J:SenseSensibilityNovelInThreeVolumesByLady ] (genre=f). Austen, Jane, 17751817 [ Pride and Prejudice: A Novel. (Printed for T. Egerton, London, 1813) [ Austen,J:PridePrejudice ] (genre=f).

70. Indian Mound Cemetery
1890, Father Ralph H., 1878 1920, Ralph Edith M 1912, Father Libbie A. hiswife, 1855 - 1920, Mother Fred A 13, 1875 (small Iron dog, on base, by his
Moravia, New York
Transcribed by Steve and Pat McKay
The following entries are for the most part arranged in alphabetical order. An exception to this occurs when two different last names appear in the same cemetery lot. Everyone on a lot is listed together. To aid in locating someone listed under a different surname, cross reference entries have been added.
The headstone readings listed on this site were taken in the mid-1960s and therefore do not contain burials after that time.
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Cayuga Co. NY Cemeteries
If You Have Any Questions, Let Us Know. Steve and Pat McKay

71. Benjamin Goodner
a piece of property there in the Ralph Addition, as 2e Julia Goodner (1855–1920). ShippingSupervisor with Iron Fireman, Electronic Division, Portland, Oregon
Benjamin Goodner Benjamin Goodner , the seventh child of Conrad and Elizabeth (Scherrer) Goodner, was born in Sullivan County, Tennessee, June 4 th Here he remained until he was almost nine years of age, when in May of 1804, his father sold the farm on which they were living and moved away. It is thought that they lived in Greene County for awhile, but if so their stay there was brief, for they moved to Smith County, Tennessee, shortly after their removal from Sullivan County. Benjamin then received the first rudiments of education in the backwoods schools of Sullivan County. The family remained in Smith County until about 1811 or 1812, when they removed to the Illinois Territory. Benjamin, being then 16 or 17 years of age, accompanied them. In 1813, the family was living in Johnson County, Illinois Territory, residing near old Fort Massac. They lived here a year or so, and then removed to Randolph County, and from there to St. Clair County, where they finally made their permanent resting place. The first requisite in those early pioneering days was to make a living, and in this Benjamin helped his father on the farm.

72. EL-2Ridgelawn Cemetery, Lorain Coounty OH
the old cemetery, all enclosed within an Iron fence Julia, 1910 Carl E., 18811915Ralph C., 1886 mother, 1829-1920 Alice DEWEY TYRRELL, 1855-1920 THEOBALD George
EL-2 RIDGELAWN CEMETERY, Elyria, Lorain Co., OH Copied from Lorain County's out-of-print publication,
Cemetery Inscriptions of Lorain County, Ohio 1980, pps 234-276
by volunteer, Denise Higgins Branch, 2002.

On the west side of Gulf Road, between Ridge Street and Columbus Street, this includes what was earlier referred to as the "Old Elyria" cemetery. Burials go back as far as 1817, and probably earlier. Heman Ely, 1775-1852, the founder of Elyria, and numerous members of his family are buried in the family plot here, in the southwest corner of the old cemetery, all enclosed within an iron fence. When Charles Arthur Ely sold the six lots to the city in 1854, he had reserved a section of Lot #153 for himself and descendants. A handsome Civil War Monument is the site of annual Memorial Day programs.
Only burials to 1930 are recorded and may not be complete.
For more information contact Ridgelawn Cemetery, 328 Broad St, Elyria OH 44035, Attn. Cemetery
Division, or call Stan, Supervisor, 440-322-3896
Return to Cemetery page
For faster navigation use shortcut Ctrl+F and enter page number or surname.

73. Waukegan Public Library /All Locations
Mark Nearby AUTHORS are Year Entries Iron Frog Productions 1997 1 Iron Ralph 18551920 See Schreiner Olive 1855 1920 1 Ironquill 1841 1911 See Ware,1899,1901/search/aIrons, Jeremy, 1948-/a
WORD AUTHOR TITLE SUBJECT Children's Collection Bookmobile Collection Audio/Visual Collection Spanish Collection View Entire Collection Mark Nearby AUTHORS are: Year Entries Iron Frog Productions Iron Ralph 1855 1920 See Schreiner Olive 1855 1920
Ironquill 1841 1911 See Ware Eugene Fitch 1841 1911
Irons Diane 1949
Irons Diane H See Irons Diane 1949
Irons Jack G
Irons Jeremy 1948
Irons Nicholas
Irons Peter 1940 See Irons Peter H 1940
Irons Peter H 1940

Ironside Michael 1950

Ironside Virginia

74. Wh - New General Catalog Of Old Books & Authors
1903) ( ps Nym CRINKLE) A The Iron Trail 1876 WHELAN, later BYRNE, Mrs LAWRIE(F 1855 1920) (ps May Crowns (w Katharine HULL) f c1947 Ralph WHITLOCK (M
New General Catalog of Old Books and Authors
Author names starting with Wh
Follow these links for explanations of the of this catalog, its condition of use , the dates , the general abbreviations , the language abbreviations , the nationality abbreviations electronic library codes used, and for advice on buying or borrowing selling or valuing old books. If you have any corrections, additions or other suggestions, please send them to nee LEE (F: c1632 - 1685 Oct 29) Anthony (P) WHARTON (see: Alister Mc ALLISTER) Clarence WHARTON (M: 1873 - 1941) Edith (Newbold) WHARTON, nee The Valley Of Decision [1902] Sanctuary [1903] Q Q Q J Fighting France, From Dunkerque To Belfort [1915] Q Q Summer [1917] The Marne [1918] Q The Glimpses Of The Moon [1922] A Son At The Front [1923] Bunner Sisters [?] Mr Jones [?] The Refugees [?] Dieu D'Amour [?] Edward Clifton WHARTON (M: ? - ?) A The Cornucopia Of Old, The Lottery Wheel Of The New [?] Francis WHARTON (M: ? - ?) A Literary Blunders;...The History Of Human Error [1893] Merlin [1906] Phillis WHEATLEY, Mrs PETER ? (F: c1753 - 1784 Dec 5)

75. Literature At
Dreams, by Schreiner, Olive, 18551920. Essays _ Second Series, by Emerson, RalphWaldo, 1803-1882. Industrial Biography, Iron Workers And Tool Makers, by Smiles

the old cemetery surrounded by a wrought Iron fence Davis, Mary J. wife of CharlesC 1855 1920 Davis, Morton Mar 22 1893 Nov 26 1961 Groseclose, Ralph Brown son
OTHER CEMETERIES IN THE AREA Last updated DEC. 10, 2000 Following are my records of some of the other cemeteries in Wythe County, and the surrounding areas. Bogle Cemetery, Bland County, VA.
Alexander Cemetery, Rural Retreat, VA.
William Cemetery, Rural Retreat, VA.
Burress Cemetery,
Bland County, VA.
Calhoun Cemetery,
Crow Hollow, Atkins, VA.
Childress, William Cemetery,
Bland County, VA.
Crigger (Carmi) Cemetery,
Camp, VA.
Davis Cemetery,
Lover's Lane, Wytheville, VA.
Davis Cemetery,
Cripple Creek, VA.
Foglesong, Simon Cemetery,
Crawfish Valley, Rural Retreat, VA.
Fox, Gabriel Cemetery,
Tazewell County, VA. Fry, Valentine Cemetery, Cripple Creek, VA. Gose, Stephen Cemetery, Bland County, VA. Hart, Valentine Cemetey. Wythe County, VA Hicks, Joseph Cemetery, Bastian, VA. Justice, John Cemetery, Bland County, VA. Keesling, Peter Cemetery, Cedar Springs, VA. Kidd, Archibald Thompson Cemetery, Bland County, VA. Levitt Cemetery, Bland County, VA. Looney, Henry J. Cemetery, Bland County, VA. Scott (Snavely, John) Cemetery,

77. WebGED: Crosby Connections Data Page
21 FEB 1858 in Parowan, Iron, UT spouse Leverton, Ralph Ernest (private) male fatherLeverton West, Nathan E -child West, Sarah Helen (1855 - 1920)
previous go to surnames Lanpher, Henry - male
Crosby, Delia (1827 - ) Lantz, Bertha May - female
b. 8 FEB 1888 in Indiana
d. 11 DEC 1969 in Ft. Wayne, IN
Crosby, Edward Clark (1880 - 1941)
child: Crosby, Abner (private)
Crosby, Robert (private)
Crosby, Elaine (private)
Crosby, Josephine (private)
Crosby, Eloise (private)
Crosby, Thomas Willard (1929 - 1999) Lapham, Florance - female b. 11 MAY 1885 in Washington, DC father: Lapham, Frank A mother: Perry, Lydia spouse: Crosby, Walter Wilson (1872 - ) - m. AUG 1921 Lapham, Frank A - male spouse: Perry, Lydia child: Lapham, Florance (1885 - ) Lappadge, Avice - female b. ABT. 1580 in Borford, Suffolk, . England spouse: Daggett, William (~1567 - ) child: Daggett, John Sr (? - 1673) Larimie, Elizabeth - female spouse: Crosby, Frederick L (1846 - ) - m. 20 FEB 1868 child: Crosby, Mary Elizabeth (1870 - ) child: Crosby, Clara Maria (1872 - ) child: Crosby, Ann Hunter (1873 - ) Larned, George - male spouse: Brown, Anna Dorinda child: Larned, Susan Mason (1810 - 1849) Larned, Susan Mason - female b. 10 MAR 1810

78. Pleasanton Public Library /All Items
1 Iron On Decals see Iron On Transfers 1 Iron Proteins see also Lactoferrin1 Iron Ralph 1855 1920 see Schreiner Olive 1855 1920 1 Iron,1927/search/d?Iron Metallurgy

79. Pleasanton Public Library /All Items
Iron On Decals see Iron On Transfers Iron Proteins see also LactoferrinIron Ralph 1855 1920 see Schreiner Olive 1855 1920 Iron Structural 3,1927/search/dIron Metallurgy.
WORD AUTHOR TITLE SUBJECT Children's Collection Young Adult Collection Adult Collection Large Type Collection View Entire Collection Mark No matches found; nearby SUBJECTS are: Year Iron Horse Vineyards
A cultivated life [sound recording] / Joy Sterling.; Audiobooks ; Cas 641.22097 STERLING Vintage feasting / Joy Sterling.; Non-Fiction ; 641.22 STERLING Iron Horses Locomotives See Locomotives
Iron Horses Railroads See Railroads
names of individual railroads; and headings beginning with the word Railroad.
Iron Industry And Trade
4 Related Subjects
Iron Industry And Trade

Iron and steel / J. P. Saville.; Children's Non-Fiction ; J672 SAVILLE Iron Industry And Trade Employees See also Iron And Steel Workers
Iron Industry And Trade Massachusetts Fiction

The iron peacock. Illustrated by Robert MacLean.; Children's Fiction ; J CLARKE,M Your entry Iron Metallurgy. would be here Iron Mines And Mining Fiction
The journal of Otto Peltonen, a Finnish immigrant / by William Durbin.; Children's Fiction ; J DURBIN,W

80. The Lost Continent Of
18151882 Doctor, The A Tale Of The Rockies, by Connor, Ralph, 1860-1937 Life AndReal Life; a little African story, by Schreiner, Olive, 1855-1920 Dream Of




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