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         Japan:     more books (100)
  1. Tales of Old Japan (Classic Reprint) by Algernon Bertram Freeman-Mitford Redesdale, 2010-10-09
  2. The Religion of the Samurai A Study of Zen Philosophy and Discipline in China and Japan by Kaiten Nukariya, 2009-10-04
  3. Japan: An Attempt at Interpretation (Dodo Press) by Lafcadio Hearn, 2007-07-27
  4. Japanese fairy world. Stories from the wonder-lore of Japan by William Elliot Griffis, 2010-08-29
  5. Frommer's Japan (Frommer's Complete) by Beth Reiber, Janie Spencer, 2010-08-09
  6. Defense of Japan 1945 (Fortress) by Steven Zaloga, 2010-10-19
  7. Japan (Country Guide) by Chris Rowthorn, Andrew Bender, et all 2009-11-01
  8. Japan (Eyewitness Travel Guides) by DK Publishing, 2007-08-20
  9. A Modern History of Japan: From Tokugawa Times to the Present by Andrew Gordon, 2008-11-14
  10. The Rough Guide to Japan Fourth Edition (Rough Guide Travel Guides) by Jan Dodd, Simon Richmond, 2008-03-31
  11. Japan by Rail, 2nd: includes rail route guide and 29 city guides by Ramsey Zarifeh, 2007-08-01
  12. Japan at War: An Oral History by Haruko Taya Cook, Theodore F. Cook, 1995-04-04
  13. Peeps at Many Lands; Japan by John Finnemore, 2010-07-24
  14. Discover Japan (Full Color Country Guides) by Chris Rowthorn, 2010-04-01

1. The Japan Times Online
Online extension of The Japan Times.Category Regional Asia Japan News and Media Newspapers...... Koizumi puts US alliance ahead of UN Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi makes itclear that his government emphasizes Japan's alliance with the United States
Wednesday, April 2, 2003 Subscribe
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Postal agency becomes self-sufficient Japan Post

The Postal Services Agency becomes Japan Post, a huge public corporation that will operate on a self-sufficient basis.
Japan Post President Masaharu Ikuta launches the new public corporation. Koizumi's power appears to be slipping
Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi has gone from bypassing his party's power brokers to pleading with them unsuccessfully. Japan suspects missile launch by North
Japan says it has information that North Korea has fired another Silkworm antiship missile.
[More news stories]
BUSINESS Fraying business sentiment augurs poorly for recovery
Dented by falling stock prices and fears that the war in Iraq will hurt any nascent economic recovery, business sentiment remained weak in March. Fujitsu, AMD to meld flash-memory divisions [More business articles] OPINION Editorial: A timely resignation Pessimism about war looks overdone By David Howell INTERVIEW: Bunta Sugawara Confessions of a con artist By Mark Schilling and Mamiko Kawamoto FILM REVIEW: "Spider" To be or not to be real By Giovanni Fazio FILM REVIEW: "Rue des plaisirs" Too good to be true, can't take my eyes off you

2. Japan National Tourist Organization Website
Japanese government site providing information for online budget hotel reservations, regional guides, Category Regional Asia Japan Travel and Tourism......



ƒTƒCƒg“àŒŸõ Žg‚¢•û ƒVƒXƒeƒ€ƒƒCƒ“ƒeƒiƒ“ƒXî•ñ
V‹K“ü‰ïA JALƒJ[ƒh
6ŒŽo”­gƒX[ƒp[‘O”„‚èŒå‹óh@4/2@10:00‚æ‚è”Ì”„ŠJŽnI JALƒOƒ‹[ƒvA2003”N6ŒŽ`9ŒŽ‚̍‘“àü‰^’À‚ð“͏o 6ŒŽ‚́uƒo[ƒQƒ“ƒtƒFƒAv‚Í4ŒŽ17“ú‚æ‚è”­”„ŠJŽnI ... ƒŠƒ“ƒN‚ɂ‚¢‚Ä

4. - Japan Travel Guide - Japan Living Guide
Describes many details of Japanese culture. Also offers tourist information and a search engine. Schauwecker's Guide to Japan. 24 February 2003
Schauwecker's Guide to Japan 2 April 2003 over 350,000 visitors per month advertising site map add url member area
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Tokyo Tokyo Narita Airport Kansai International Airport Chiyoda/Chuo/Minato Ku Shinjuku/Shibuya Ku Shinagawa/Ota Ku Taito/Sumida/Katsushika Ku Bunkyo/Toshima/Nerima Ku Nakano/Suginami Ku Meguro/Setagaya Ku Itabashi/Kita Ku Adachi/Arakawa Ku Koto/Edogawa Ku Western Tokyo Hokkaido Prefecture Aomori Prefecture Iwate Prefecture Miyagi Prefecture Akita Prefecture Yamagata Prefecture Fukushima Prefecture Tokyo Kanagawa Prefecture Chiba Prefecture Saitama Prefecture Ibaragi Prefecture Tochigi Prefecture Gunma Prefecture Niigata Prefecture Nagano Prefecture Yamanashi Prefecture Toyama Prefecture Ishikawa Prefecture Fukui Prefecture Shizuoka Prefecture Gifu Prefecture Aichi Prefecture Mie Prefecture Shiga Prefecture Kyoto Prefecture Osaka Prefecture Nara Prefecture Hyogo Prefecture Wakayama Prefecture Tottori Prefecture Shimane Prefecture Okayama Prefecture Hiroshima Prefecture Yamaguchi Prefecture Tokushima Prefecture Kagawa Prefecture Ehime Prefecture Kochi Prefecture Fukuoka Prefecture Saga Prefecture Nagasaki Prefecture Kumamoto Prefecture Oita Prefecture Miyazaki Prefecture

5. ƒAƒbƒvƒ‹ƒRƒ“ƒsƒ…[ƒ^
The summary for this Japanese page contains characters that cannot be correctly displayed in this language/character set.
SuperDrive“‹Ú‚ÌiMac‚¨‚æ‚ÑPowerMac G4‚ÉŠÖ‚·‚é d—v‚È‚¨’m‚点


»•i‚Ì‚²w“üE‚²w“ü‘Š’k‚́A‚¨‹CŒy‚É ƒAƒbƒvƒ‹ƒXƒgƒA ‚܂ŁB
0120-APPLE-1i0120-27753-1j ¢ŠE‚̃Aƒbƒvƒ‹ƒTƒCƒgF Choose... ƒAƒCƒ‹ƒ‰ƒ“ƒh ƒAƒWƒA ƒCƒMƒŠƒX ƒCƒ^ƒŠƒA ƒEƒNƒ‰ƒCƒi ƒI[ƒXƒgƒŠƒA ƒI[ƒXƒgƒ‰ƒŠƒA ƒIƒ‰ƒ“ƒ_ ƒJƒiƒ_ ƒXƒCƒX ƒXƒEƒF[ƒfƒ“ ƒXƒyƒCƒ“ ƒhƒCƒc ƒmƒ‹ƒEƒF[ ƒtƒBƒ“ƒ‰ƒ“ƒh ƒtƒ‰ƒ“ƒX ƒuƒ‰ƒWƒ‹ ƒxƒ‹ƒM[ “ìƒAƒtƒŠƒJ ƒƒLƒVƒR ƒˆ[ƒƒbƒp ƒ‰ƒeƒ“ƒAƒƒŠƒJ

6. Welcome To The Ministry Of Foreign Affairs Of Japan Web Site!
Official government ministry homepage with visa information, events, announcements and foreign policy Category Regional Asia National Ministry of Foreign Affairs...... On the current situation of the Iraq problem, I would like to share with the peopleof Japan the position of the Government, and seek for your understanding
US Mirror Site

Email Updates
Other ... More... 1. April
Press Conference by the Press Secretary (April 1)

I. Appointment of Ambassador in charge of reconstruction assistance to Iraq Fumiaki Takahashi
II. Suspension of humanitarian assistance to the Syrian Arab Republic
III. Meeting between Minister for Foreign Affairs Yoriko Kawaguchi and Commander in Chief of the United States Pacific Command Admiral Thomas B. Fargo More...
31. March
Press Conference by the Press Secretary (March 31)

I. Meeting between Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi and Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade Yoon Young-kwan of the Republic of Korea
II. Yen loan to the Socialist Republic of Viet Nam III. Dispatch of Government aircraft to the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan More... The Issue of the Name "Sea of Japan" Changing in the name of the "Japan Sea" [PDF] Efforts of the Government of Japan ... Calendar of ASEAN-Japan Exchange Year 2003 Programmes/Events (updated) 29. March Opening Statement by Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi at the Press Conference on the Passage of the FY2003 Budget (Prime Minister of Japan and His Cabinet Official Website) 28. March Comment by the Chief Cabinet Secretary Yasuo Fukuda (The Successful Launch of the Information Gathering Satellites by the Fifth H-IIA Rocket) Press Conference by the Press Secretary (March 28) Exchanges of Notes concerning the Contribution of Supplies and Services to the Armed Forces or Other Similar Entities of Canada and Greece Assistance for Opium Poppy Eradication in the Shan State of the Union of Myanmar by the Trust Fund for Human Security ... "What's New" Archives Ministry of Foreign Affairs

7. Welcome To The International University Of Japan -
Graduate School of International Relations and Graduate School of International Management (MBA Program). Located in Niigata Prefecture.
Shortcuts Admissions: Apply Online Financial Aid Request Info Academics: MBA Program Intl Relations Helpful Info: IUJ FAQ Virtual Tour Contact Us Site Map Graduate School of International Management


Graduate School of International Relations
GSIR General

Int'l Development Program

Int'l Relations Program

Intensive International Executive Program
(Japanese) Intensive English Program IUJ Research Institute Library Services Student Services ... Global Communication Platform
Welcome to the International University of Japan. From our vantage point in the heart of Asia, we offer a unique perspective of the world in a lively global setting. At the International University of Japan, our culturally diverse campus, coupled with our location and our insight of Asia, will enrich your educational experience.
Website Search
IUJ Web Pages Campus Events Announcements Case Writing Position GSIM is inviting applications from candidates who could communicate in Japanese (read, write, speak) and having excellent writing and inter-personal skills in English. The Fall 2002 IUJ Entrance Ceremony The Fall 2002 IUJ Entrance Ceremony was held on September 25, 2002. 120 students coming from 38 different countries joined IUJ. Following IUJ's Chairmans Welcoming speach by Dr. Sogo Okamura, Dr. Tsuneo Nakahara, Advisor of Sumitomo Electric Industries Ltd. gave a Congratulatory Address.

8. CIA - The World Factbook 2002 -- Japan
Broad overview of Japan's people, geography, government, economy, communications, transport, military, and international issues.
Select a Country Afghanistan Albania Algeria American Samoa Andorra Angola Anguilla Antarctica Antigua and Barbuda Arctic Ocean Argentina Armenia Aruba Ashmore and Cartier Islands Atlantic Ocean Australia Austria Azerbaijan Bahamas, The Bahrain Baker Island Bangladesh Barbados Bassas da India Belarus Belgium Belize Benin Bermuda Bhutan Bolivia Bosnia and Herzegovina Botswana Bouvet Island Brazil British Indian Ocean Territory British Virgin Islands Brunei Bulgaria Burkina Faso Burma Burundi Cambodia Cameroon Canada Cape Verde Cayman Islands Central African Republic Chad Chile China Christmas Island Clipperton Island Cocos (Keeling) Islands Colombia Comoros Congo, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Republic of the Cook Islands Coral Sea Islands Costa Rica Cote d'Ivoire Croatia Cuba Cyprus Czech Republic Denmark Djibouti Dominica Dominican Republic East Timor Ecuador Egypt El Salvador Equatorial Guinea Eritrea Estonia Ethiopia Europa Island Falkland Islands (Islas Malvinas) Faroe Islands Fiji Finland France French Guiana French Polynesia French Southern and Antarctic Lands Gabon Gambia, The

9. Library Of Congress / Federal Research Division / Country Studies / Area Handboo
Overview of Japanese life, history, and culture by the US Library of Congress.
JAPAN - A Country Study
Search Japan
Include word variants Use only words as entered.

10. ¥¤¥ó¥Õ¥©¥·¡¼¥¯
The summary for this Japanese page contains characters that cannot be correctly displayed in this language/character set.
var ExpandLoaded = false;
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... PDA
infoseek, ¤ª¤è¤Óinfoseek¥í¥´¤Ï ³ô¼°²ñ¼Ò¥¤¥ó¥Õ¥©¥·¡¼¥¯¤Î¾¦É¸¤Ç¤¹¡£
Infoseek Japan K.K.

11. Daryl And Joel's Photo Tour Of Japan
Author visited Kyoto, Hiroshima, Tokyo, and Nikko. Many pictures.

Pictured fresh off the airplane after a 14 hour flight from Houston to Tokyo are Michael and Mike (whom we met at the Houston airport), Joel, Daryl, Raul, and Tom. T oward the end of April, Daryl got a call from our good friend Raul. Raul mentioned that he and Tom were going to Japan in a couple of days. Continental was running a super special promotional offering round-trip Tokyo tickets for only 25,000 frequent flyer miles. Deciding that this was too good a deal to pass up, we dropped everything and found ourselves on the same plane with them two days later. Follow our journey as we navigate this beautiful county. Click here for the first stop: Kyoto If you've browsed through our Japan pages and you are interested in more Japan web sites, return here and utilize the Japan Ring. It will take you to other people's web sites that may not be specific to travel photos, but relate to Japan in some fashion. This Japan Ring site is owned by Joel Anderson
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12. Japan
An American teacher who spent three weeks in Japan writes about her experiences. Site includes information on the country's system of education, its people, and culture and traditions.
My Trip to Japan: a 3 week never-to-be-forgotten adventure... by Helen DeWitt I spent 18 days in Japan as a guest of the Japanese Government thanks to the Fullbright Memorial Fund Teacher Program . Part of the time, I was in Tokyo attending seminars about Japan's educational system and its culture. Part of the time, I was in Utsunomiya City where I visited a variety of schools and experienced Japanese hospitality first hand. While in Japan, I was able to learn a great deal about the Japanese educational system and about some of Japan's culture and traditions. I was able to experience the warmth and genuine friendliness of the people who live across the ocean from me. I want to share a few of my experiences with you..... Click on the Underlined Topic that interests you....[pictures and text will follow] Be sure to click Back Button to return to this page for more choices. Japan... Japan [Map Info] Japanese Garden with carp [ New Otani Hotel] Sightseeing in Tokyo Supreme Court Diet Imperial Palace Asakusa-Sensoji Temple Subway system ... Welcome Reception for FMF teachers [Tokyo] Traditional Music [ the Koto and the Shakuhachi] Play Koto Online Sports Day at Jiyu Gakuen School Street scenes [nearJiyu Gakuen School] Sightseeing near Nikko: 5 story Pagoda Kegon Falls Mayor [ Utsunomiya City Hall] School Board [ Utsunomiya City] Welcome Reception for FMF teachers [ Utsunomiya City] Utsunomiya University Utsunomiya City Toyosato-Chuo Elementary School : Welcome Ceremony Typical Day Calligraphy Class Japanese Numbers ... OtherClass Pictures Utsunomiya City Toyosato Junior High School:

13. Japan National Tourist Organization Website
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14. The Rising Sun News
A collection of news, pictures and information on the J.League and Japan's national soccer team(including U23), plus a preview of the 2002 World Cup in Japan and Korea. Visitors can view the goal replays of weekly J.League matches as well.

15. Lycos Japan
The summary for this Japanese page contains characters that cannot be correctly displayed in this language/character set.

Lycosƒ[ƒ‹ Tripod V’… ... ƒwƒ‹ƒv 2003”N04ŒŽ02“ú…—j“ú
ƒc[ƒ‹ F IP“d˜b eƒJ[ƒh ƒc[ƒ‹ƒo[ ƒ‚ƒoƒCƒ‹ ...
LycosƒLƒƒƒŠƒAEƒAƒ‹ƒoƒCƒg - ƒiƒŠƒƒC

ƒAƒ‹ƒoƒCƒg Lycos Girls EXPRESS t‚̐V¶Šˆ“ÁW
t‚Í ‚Í‚¶‚Ü‚è‚Ì‹GßBƒCƒ“ƒeƒŠƒAA—¿—A‚¨‚µ‚á‚ê‚ȂǐV‚µ‚¢‰½‚©‚ðŽn‚ß‚½‚¢‚ ‚È‚½‚ðƒoƒbƒNƒAƒbƒvB
Lycos Girls
t‚̐V¶Šˆ“ÁW LycosƒJ[ƒh
... Lycos΢
“ÁW T.M.R. ƒfƒBƒJƒvƒŠƒI SEX and the CITY ƒhƒbƒOƒJƒtƒF PR F
  • Ž©•ª‚Å’T‚·HƒGƒCƒuƒŠƒbƒN‚Å’T‚·HŒ«‚¢“]E‚Ì•û–@‹³‚¦‚Ü‚·I y–³—¿zŽ©“®ŽÔ•ÛŒ¯Å‘å‚P‚UŽÐˆêŠ‡Œ©Ï‚è‚Å•ÛŒ¯—¿‚ð“O’ê”äŠrI l‹C‚Ì‘¬UƒXƒŠƒ€ƒR[ƒX‚ª5‰ñ‚Å9,000‰~‚ŁIyƒGƒXƒeEƒLƒ…[ƒYz ”NŽû400–œ‰~ƒNƒ‰ƒX‚̐lÞ‚ɃXƒJƒEƒg‚ªW’†I ... ƒ”ƒBƒgƒ“@˜b‘è‚̐Vì ƒ‹ƒCEƒ”ƒBƒgƒ“‚̃`ƒFƒŠ[ƒuƒ‰ƒbƒTƒ€I‚±‚̃Lƒ…[ƒg‚³AŒ©‚‚¯‚½‚瑦GETI Sound Space ƒvƒ‚ª‘I‚ÔNakamichiB‹†‹É‚̃nƒCƒGƒ“ƒhEƒVƒXƒeƒ€EƒI[ƒfƒBƒIB ‚¨’m‚点 Lycos Girls ƒŒƒVƒsƒT[ƒ` - 6,500Œ‚©‚ç’T‚¹‚邨—¿—ƒŒƒVƒsI Lycosƒgƒ‰ƒxƒ‹ ŠCŠOƒcƒA[ - ˜b‘è‚̍‚Œ´‘IŽè‚ð‰ž‰‡‚µ‚ɍs‚±‚¤I LycosƒLƒƒƒŠƒAEƒoƒCƒg - Ž©“]ŽÔƒ^ƒNƒV[‚ð‚Í‚¶‚ß‚éE×”ö—FŽq‚É•·‚­ Lycos Girls - l‹CƒfƒŠ‚̏tƒƒjƒ…[“ÁW ƒjƒ…[ƒX ƒƒCƒ‰ƒNí‘ˆ„‹ó”š‚ÅŽs–¯‚P‚XlŽ€–S@•Ä‘哝—́uŸ—˜‚É‹ß‚‚­v - –ˆ“úV•·-‘S•¶ [ŽÊ^] ƒƒCƒ^[ ƒgƒsƒbƒNƒX ƒŒƒXƒŠ[Eƒ`ƒƒƒ“Ž©ŽEH“]—ŽŽ€ •ÄŒRulŠÔ‚̏‚vƒoƒX”šŒ‚‚© ˜A‘±’Ê‚è–‚H‚Ü‚½Ž©“]ŽÔ‚̏— ... TOKIOŽRŒû‚É”Mˆ¤’†‚̏—« ŒÂlÝ’è MyLycos V‹K“o˜^ ƒƒOƒCƒ“ ¡“ú‚Ì“V‹C •ÒW ‰²—rÀ •ÒW Lycosƒ~ƒ…[ƒWƒbƒN ƒA[ƒeƒBƒXƒg“ÁW CDƒsƒbƒNƒAƒbƒv ... ƒ‰ƒCƒRƒXŒ¢ ƒhƒ‰ƒCƒuƒ”ƒBƒWƒ‡ƒ“(TM)AdriveVision(TM)‚́Aƒ‰ƒCƒRƒXƒWƒƒƒpƒ“Š”Ž®‰ïŽÐ‚̏¤•W‚Å‚·B
  • 16. Japan Flags Japanese Flag
    Images in several sizes.

  • Flag Identifier
  • Country Facts
  • Geography ...
    Flags of Japan
      Sydney 16-Sep-00 ( Reuters
      This flag of Japan is intended for representational purposes and no claim to technical accuracy is made. Click on the link above to read the terms for use of this Japanese flag on your web page.

    Revised 13-Apr-00
    Photius Coutsoukis - USA Immigration Services. U.S Green Cards, Visas, Citizenship, Green Card Lottery, INS Forms, Immigration Information. - USA Immigration Services. U.S Green Cards, Visas, Citizenship, Green Card Lottery, INS Forms, Immigration Information.
  • 17. ¥¤¥ó¥Õ¥©¥·¡¼¥¯
    Japanese External Trade Organization. Economic, export and investment information, including an export assistance program.
    var ExpandLoaded = false;
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    ... PDA
    infoseek, ¤ª¤è¤Óinfoseek¥í¥´¤Ï ³ô¼°²ñ¼Ò¥¤¥ó¥Õ¥©¥·¡¼¥¯¤Î¾¦É¸¤Ç¤¹¡£
    Infoseek Japan K.K.

    18. Japan Information Network:Top
    A fun approach to a guide. Lots of current information.Category Regional Asia Japan Society and Culture......Japan Information Network Japan Access, Concise introductions of typical topicsrelated to themes such as Japanese geography, economy and culture.

    What's New Mail Service Link Us ... Original Site
    Insights into the life and culture of modern Tokyo and its former incarnation Edo, the shoguns' capital of which 2003 marks the 400th anniversary. Tokyo Past and Present also provides suggestions for visitors and tips on enjoying a stay in Tokyo.
    NIPPONIA is a quarterly magazine introducing contemporary Japanese culture and society to people all over the world (available online in English, Chinese, Korean, French, Spanish and Russian). The print version of the magazine is available at Japanese Embassies and Consulates. Short, engaging dispatches on the latest trends in Japanese business and economy; science and education; society; sports; and fashion, arts, and entertainment. Monthly features give you a more in-depth look at what's happening in Japan. Concise introductions of typical topics related to themes such as Japanese geography, economy and culture. Japan Atlas offers easy access to the unique features of Japan by clicking " Index by Region " and/or 7 areas of interest: Historic Sites Festivals Architecture Nature ... Advanced Technology and Communities The Virtual Museum of Traditional Japanese Arts offers a comprehensive view of traditional Japanese culture and pastimes. Among the works of art shown are many that have been designated national treasures.

    19. Guide To Japan
    Umfangreiche Informationen ¼ber das moderne und traditionelle Japan, Fotogalerie, PenPalForum, Chat, Online-Diskussionen und Japan-Shop.
    English Version Nach Japan reisen In Japan leben Kunst und Handwerk ...
    Finden Sie Brieffreunde, diskussieren Sie japanische Themen oder stellen Sie Fragen zu Japan in unserem Kommunikationsforum: Japan PenFriend Live Chat
    Diskussionen ... English Version 1996-2002 by Schauwecker's Guide to Japan

    Learn all about the land and people of Japan. Explore its tradition and culture, learn about its schools Category Kids and Teens School Time World Cultures Asia Japan...... ABOUT KIDS WEB Japan Send your comments/requests by email to kidsweb@jcic.or.jpFor questions about Japan, click here. Updated February 14, 2003.
    Monthly News: Updated on March 31.
    Virtual Japanese Culture:
    Updated on March 31. ...
    Send your comments/requests by e-mail to
    For questions about Japan, click here.
    Updated March 31, 2003
    Japan Access
    Japan Atlas The Virtual Museum Trends in Japan ... The Japan of Today

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