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  1. Karl Marx, 1818-1968 / [by Golo Mann, et. al.] by Karl, (1818-1883). Golo Mann. Ernst Bloch (et al.) Marx, 1968
  2. Marx, 1818-1883. Introduction et choix par Henri Lefebvre by Karl (1818-1883). Henri Lefebvre (ed.) Marx, 1947
  3. Abrege du ""capital"" de Karl Marx / par Carlo Cafiero ; traduit en Francais par James Guillaume by Karl (1818-1883) Marx, 1910
  4. La Russie / par Marx et Engels ; traduction et preface de Roger Dangeville by Karl (1818-1883) Marx, 1974
  5. Marx on economics / edited by Robert Freedman ; introduction by Harry Schwartz by Karl (1818-1883). Freedman, Robert (1921-) Marx, 1962-01-01
  6. Karl Marx (1818-1883), sociologo del modo de producion capitalista: (esbozo de una sociologia critica) (Coleccion Manifiesto ; 39 : Serie Sociologia) (Spanish Edition) by Lorenzo Diaz Sanchez, 1976
  7. Karl Marx (1818-1883): Eine Ringvorlesung der Universitat Munchen (Wissenschaft und Philosophie) (German Edition)
  8. Pariska komuna by Karl (1818-1883). Engels, Friedrich (1820-1895) Marx, 1971-01-01
  9. The Letters of Karl Marx, Selected and Translated with Explanatory Notes and an Introduction by Saul K. Padover by Karl (1818-1883) Marx, 1979
  10. Karl Marx, Frederick Engels on literature and art : a selection of writings / edited by Lee Baxandall and Stefan Morawski ; with introd. by Stefan Morawski by Karl (1818-1883). Frederick Engels. Lee Baxandall (ed.) Stefan Morawski (e Marx, 1974-01-01
  11. Capital a critique of political economy by Karl Marx. The proces by Marx. Karl. 1818-1883., 1906-01-01
  12. The eighteenth Brumaire of Louis Bonaparte / by Karl Marx ; translated by Daniel De Leon by Karl (1818-1883) Marx, 1913
  13. Histoire des doctrines Ã?¯Ã'¿Ã'½conomiques / Karl Marx ; publiÃ?¯Ã'¿Ã'½e par Karl Kautsky ; traduit par J. Molitor - [Complete in 8 volumes] by Karl (1818-1883) Marx, 1924
  14. The civil war in France : preceded by the two manifestoes of the General Council of the International on the Franco-Prussian War / by Karl Marx ; with a historical introduction by R.W. Postgate by Karl (1818-1883) Marx, 1921

1. Karl Marx, 1818-1883
Biography from The History Guide Lectures on Modern European Intellectual History.Category Science Social Sciences Marx, Karl......Karl Marx, 18181883. The worker becomes all the poorer the more wealthhe produces, the more his production increases in power and range.
Karl Marx, 1818-1883
The worker becomes all the poorer the more wealth he produces, the more his production increases in power and range. The worker becomes an ever cheaper commodity the more commodities he creates. With the increasing value of the world of things proceeds in direct proportion to the devaluation of the world of men. Labour produces not only commodities; it produces itself and the worker as a commodity and does so in the proportion in which it produces commodities generally. Marx, Economic and Philosophic Manuscripts The philosopher, social scientist, historian and revolutionary, Karl Marx, is without a doubt the most influential socialist thinker to emerge in the 19th century. Although he was largely ignored by scholars in his own lifetime, his social, economic and political ideas gained rapid acceptance in the socialist movement after his death in 1883. Until quite recently almost half the population of the world lived under regimes that claim to be Marxist. This very success, however, has meant that the original ideas of Marx have often been modified and his meanings adapted to a great variety of political circumstances. In addition, the fact that Marx delayed publication of many of his writings meant that is been only recently that scholars had the opportunity to appreciate Marx's intellectual stature. Karl Heinrich Marx was born into a comfortable middle-class home in Trier on the river Moselle in Germany on May 5, 1818. He came a long line of rabbis on both sides of his family and his father, a man who knew Voltaire and Lessing by heart, had agreed to baptism as a Protestant so that he would not lose his job as one of the most respected lawyers in Trier. At the age of seventeen, Marx enrolled in the Faculty of Law at the University of Bonn. At Bonn he became engaged to Jenny von Westphalen, the daughter of Baron von Westphalen , a prominent member of Trier society, and man responsible for interesting Marx in Romantic literature and Saint-Simonian politics. The following year Marx's father sent him to the more serious University of Berlin where he remained four years, at which time he abandoned his romanticism for the Hegelianism which ruled in Berlin at the time.

2. Terra - Marx, Karl (1818-1883)
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  • Karl Marx y Friedrich Engels
    Escritos, publicaciones, manifiestos y otros textos de Marx y Engels, políticos y filósofos alemanes, compilados por la Biblioteca de Autores Socialistas.
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3. Karl Marx, Membre De La Commune.
Proper Name Subject Marx, Karl, 18181883. Genre/Form Albumen, Cartes de visite, Portraits.
Title: Karl Marx, membre de la Commune.
Physical Description of Original Image: 11 x 7 cm.
Proper Name Subject: Marx, Karl, 1818-1883.
Genre/Form: Albumen, Cartes de visite, Portraits.
Linking Data: Forms part of album 10.
Accession No.:
The Siege and Commune of Paris Home Page

4. Marx, Karl (1818-1883) And Friedrich Engels (1820-1895) - Archive
Marx, Karl (18181883) and Friedrich Engels (1820-1895) Period Marx (1792-) 1835-1883(-1910) Period Engels 1820-1895 (-1924, 1935) Size 8 m. Finding Aid
International Institute of Social History
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Marx, Karl (1818-1883) and Friedrich Engels (1820-1895) Period Marx Period Engels Size
: 8 m. Finding Aid : inventory Biographical/historical note Marx, Karl Engels, Friedrich Contents Karl Marx papers Marx family papers : personal documents, correspondence, some manuscripts, notes and other documents of his wife Jenny Marx-von Westphalen, his daughters Eleanor, Jenny and Laura and of other relatives. Friedrich Engels papers Papers originating from and pertinent to both, Marx and Engels : files concerning the actions of the municipality of Elberfeld against communism 1845-1847, the Kommunistenbund 1848-1852, the Deutsche Flüchtlings-Komitee 1849-1850, the publishing of the Neue Rheinische Zeitung 1850, Carl Vogt 1853-1864 and the Marx-Engels Archiv [1894]-1924; issues of periodicals containing publications of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels 1838-1902; clippings containing reviews of publications by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels and articles on other subjects; pamphlets, leaflets, prospectuses and other printed material; manuscripts by Eduard Bernstein and other persons, in some cases with additional notes by Karl Marx [1838-1896]; correspondence between other persons related to the activities or the archives of Marx and Engels (1820) 1846-1895. NB. Only photocopies can be consulted. Part of the papers of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels at the RCChIDNI in Moscow; see also p. 420.

5. Marx, Karl 1818-1883
Translate this page Marx, Karl 1818-1883. La vie et l’œuvre de Marx présentent de nombreusesfacettes philosophe, économiste, historien, sociologue
Marx, Karl 1818-1883
3. En 1841, Feurerbach publie son essence du christianisme 1. Le matérialisme historique est la théorie selon laquelle la production des biens matériels détermine la vie sociale et l’apparition des idées : " Ce n’est pas la conscience qui détermine la vie, mais la vie qui détermine la conscience ". L’histoire ne s’explique donc pas par l’action volontaire et concertée des hommes : " les hommes font l’histoire mais ils ne savent pas l’histoire qu’ils font ". 3. Pour aboutir à la société sans classe, Marx fixe 4 étapes. Une phase révolutionnaire et violente pour désaisir la bourgeoisie de son capital. Une dictature du prolétariat, autoritaire, pour éviter les actions contre-révolutionnaires. Le socialisme pour relancer la production économique, phase durant laquelle on appliquera la formule " à chacun selon son travail ". Enfin le communisme qui consiste à réaliser la distribution égalitaire des produits et permettre la libre organisation des collectivités. La formule dominante devient alors " à chacun selon ses besoins ". 1. En matière religieuse Marx reprend l’analyse de Feurerbach. Tout d’abord il y a la projection des qualités de l’homme générique en un Dieu, laquelle s’explique par des causes sociales et réelles ( " La religion est le soupir de la créature opprimée, le sentiment d’un monde sans cœur, et l’âme d’une société sans âme. Elle est l’opium du peuple ".)

6. Capital -- Volume 1
Marx, Karl (18181883) and Friedrich Engels (1820-1895). Period Marx (1792-) 1835-1883 (-1910)
Karl Marx's
volume 1
M arx's greatest single work. ONLINE VERSION: The English edition of 1887, as edited by Frederick Engels including changes made by Engels himself in the 4th (1890) German edition. These changes are indicated as they are found. Transcribed for the Internet by K.K. Campbell, Hinrich Kuhls, Allan Thurrott, Bill McDorman, Bert Schultz, Martha Gimenez.

7. Martyrdom To Morgan
Marx, Karl, 18181883 The abolition of landed property 1975; Marx,Karl, 1818-1883 Capital 1975; Marx, Karl, 1818-1883 Capital III
Martyrdom to Morgan

8. Marx, Karl (1818-1883) Philosophy Discussion Deck
Marx, Karl (18181883) Discussion Deck PHILOSOPHY FRIGATE If ye would like to moderatethe Marx, Karl (1818-1883) Discussion Deck, please drop becket@jollyroger,Karl(1818-1883)hall/shakespea
Marx, Karl (1818-1883)
Discussion Deck

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Marx, Karl (1818-1883) Discussion Deck
Welcome to the Marx, Karl (1818-1883) Discussion Deck. Post yer opinion, a link to some of yer work, or yer thoughts regarding the best books and criticisms concerning Marx, Karl (1818-1883). We'd also like to invite you to sail on by the Marx, Karl (1818-1883) Live Chat , and feel free to use the message board below to schedule a live chat. And the brave of heart shall certainly wish to sign their souls aboard The Jolly Roger . Marx, Karl (1818-1883), Philosophy, Aristotle, and Philosopher all sail aboard The Jolly Roger If ye long for truth and the honest sea,
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Philosophy Philosopher Aristotle
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9. Marx
A brief discussion of the life and works of Karl Marx, with links to electronic texts and additional Category Science Social Sciences Marx, Karl......Karl Marx (18181883).
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Karl Marx
Life and Works


Internet Sources
Karl Marx was born and educated in Prussia, where he fell under the influence of Ludwig Feuerbach and other radical Hegelians. Although he shared Hegel 's belief in dialectical structure and historical inevitability, Marx held that the foundations of reality lay in the material base Rheinische Zeitung . Although he also attempted to earn a living as a journalist in Paris and Brussels, Marx's participation in unpopular political movements made it difficult to support his growing family. He finally settled in London in 1849, where he lived in poverty while studying and developing his economic and political theories. Above all else, Marx believed that philosophy ought to be employed in practice to change the world. The core of Marx's economic analysis found early expression in the Economic and Political Manuscripts of 1844 There, Marx argued that the conditions of modern industrial societies invariably result in the estrangement (or alienation ) of workers from their own labor. In his review of a Bruno Baier book

10. Karl MARX (1818-1883)
Biographie détaillée de Karl Marx.Category World Français Philosophie Philosophes Marx, Karl...... Marx Karl - Sa vie son oeuvreMarx (1818-1883) ET MarxISME. Plus d’un siècle après sa mort
Sommaire Presse de l'éducation Associationsprofessionnelles Syndicats ... Emplois 
ARFE-CURSUS Karl MARX (1818-1883)
Marx Karl
- Sa vie son oeuvre MARX (1818-1883) ET MARXISME Plus d’un siècle après sa mort, Karl Marx apparaît bien comme le premier théoricien du " socialisme scientifique " (même s’il n’est pas l’inventeur de cette expression, déjà utilisée avant lui par Proudhon) et, à ce titre, comme l’initiateur du mouvement ouvrier international contemporain. Toutefois, la présentation de sa théorie n’a jamais cessé d’être l’enjeu de luttes idéologiques, donc, en dernière instance, politiques. e Internationale ; et, dans la quatrième, la période actuelle, celle de la généralisation des luttes révolutionnaires à l’échelle mondiale, des scissions du mouvement communiste international et de la crise du " ". Ainsi en est-il des controverses qui portent sur la nature et le sens de la philosophie qui " fonderait " la théorie et la pratique du marxisme

11. Karl MARX (1818-1883)
Marx Karl - Sa vie son oeuvre;- Liens sur internet. RECHERCHE Faire une recherche sur le site
Sommaire Presse de l'éducation Associationsprofessionnelles Syndicats ... Emplois 
ARFE-CURSUS Karl MARX (1818-1883)
Marx Karl
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  • 13. Karl Marx (1818-1883)
    Karl Marx (18181883). Robert Sullivan, Visiting Assistant Professor of English,Brown University. Marx was one of the great thinkers of modern times.
    Karl Marx (1818-1883)
    Robert Sullivan, Visiting Assistant Professor of English, Brown University
    Marx was one of the great thinkers of modern times. Born in Prussia, he led an itinerant existence and had various interests; in his youth he wrote lyric poetry, later he became a newspaper man, and eventually a theorist advocating social reform. From his student days Marx was interested in philosophy (his doctoral dissertation concerned itself with aspects of Greek philosophical systems) and, after reading extensively in anthropology and economics, he arrived at a formulation of his own "philosophical anthropology" the science of human beings in society. Despite what has been proclaimed and enacted in his name (later in life he would protest that he was not a "Marxist" as the term had come to be understood), Marx was concerned ultimately with human freedom, reviving the ancient concept of communism, wherein human beings could fulfill their cooperative roles within society without fear of exploitation. He saw the historical stage of capitalism as the "insidious" antagonist of such freedom; insidious because unlike serfdom (capitalism's predecessor in the evolution of social relations) capitalism was (is?) able to perpetuate the illusion of freedom even though its raison d'etre relies on those who have nothing to sell but their labor and those, who through the power of capital and property, exploit such labor for profit. It is important to point out that Marx did not view capitalism as an aberration in society's evolution toward true freedom, but as a necessary historical stage in that evolution.

    14. Karl Marx (1818-1883) Library Of Congress Citations
    Book Citations First 20 Records. Author Marx, Karl, 18181883. Eastman,Max, 1883- ed. Control No. 32034340 Author Marx, Karl, 1818-1883.

    Karl Marx (1818-1883)
    : Library of Congress Citations
    The Little Search Engine that Could
    Down to Name Citations LC Online Catalog Amazon Search Book Citations [First 20 Records] Author: Marx, Karl, 1818-1883. Title: Capital, the Communist manifesto and other writings, by Karl Marx, edited, with an introduction, by Max Eastman; with an unpublished essay on Marxism by Lenin. Published: New York, The Modern library [c1932] Description: xxvi, 429 p. 17 cm. Series: The modern library of the world's best books LC Call No.: HB501.M48 E3 Dewey No.: 331 330.1 Notes: "First Modern library edition." Subjects: Capital. Socialism. Economics. Other authors: Lenin, Vladimir Il.ich, 1870-1924. Eastman, Max, 1883- ed. Control No.: 32034340 Author: Prenant, Marcel, 1893- Uniform Title: Biologie et marxisme. English Title: Biology and Marxism, by Marcel Prenant ... Translated by C. Desmond Greaves. With a foreword by Joseph Needham ... Published: New York, International publishers [1938] Description: xxiii, 223 p. illus. 22 cm. LC Call No.: QH311 .P83 Dewey No.: 574 Notes: Printed in Great Britain. "First published 1938." Bibliography: p. 206-210. Subjects: Biology. Dialectical materialism. Marx, Karl, 1818-1883. Other authors: Greaves, C. Desmond, tr. Control No.: 38030583 //r87

    15. - Karl Marx (1818-1883)
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    16. PROJECT GUTENBERG - Catalog By Author - Index - Marx, Karl, 1818
    Etexts by Author Marx, Karl, 18181883 M Index Main Index Eighteenth Brumaire of Louis Bonaparte; The Communist Manifesto.

    17. PROJECT GUTENBERG - Catalog By Author - Marx, Karl, 1818-1883
    Etexts by Author Marx, Karl, 18181883 M Index Main Index Eighteenth Brumaire of Louis Bonaparte LANGUAGE English SUBJECT

    18. Terra - Marx, Karl (1818-1883)
    Marx, Karl (1818-1883) . Home Ciencias Sociales Filosofía Filósofos Marx, Karl (1818-1883). Sitios, Karl Marx
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    • Karl Marx y Friedrich Engels
      Escritos, publicaciones, manifiestos y otros textos de Marx y Engels, políticos y filósofos alemanes, compilados por la Biblioteca de Autores Socialistas.
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    19. Marx, Karl (1818-1883)
    Karl Marx
    16. April Der preußische Innenminister weist alle Polizeibehörden an, die Mitarbeiter der "Deutsch-Französischen Jahrbücher" (Ruge, Marx, Heine, Bernays) beim Überschreiten der Grenze zu verhaften.
    21. September Heine berichtet Marx über seinen Aufenthalt in Hamburg und die Ausgabe der "Neuen Gedichte", für die er ihn um journalistische Hilfe, eventuell einen Abdruck im "Vorwärts!", bittet.
    07. Oktober Marx bedankt sich bei Heine (über Campe) für die Übersendung von "Deutschland. Ein Wintermärchen" (Hamburg: Hoffmann und Campe)
    25. Januar Der französische Innenminister verfügt die sofortige Ausweisung der Mitarbeiter des "Vorwärts!". Diese ist jedoch nicht auf Heine, der unter französischer Herrschaft geboren wurde, anwendbar.
    01. Februar Marx, der Paris am gleichen Tag verläßt und nach Brüssel reist, verabschiedet sich von Heine mit freundschaftlichen Grüßen.
    24. März

    20. Marx, Karl (1818-1883)., Capital: A Critical Analysis Of Capitalist Production..
    Bennett Gilbert. Marx, Karl (18181883). Capital A Critical Analysisof Capitalist Production . New York, Appleton Co., 1889.
    Bennett Gilbert
    Marx, Karl (1818-1883). Capital: A Critical Analysis of Capitalist Production.... The first American edition of the most powerful work of nineteenth-century economic and social thought. Octavo: xxxi, (i), 816pp. Original light brown pebbled publisher's cloth, gilt-lettered backstrip (light rubbing). Very good. Click here to see an image of this item. This item is listed on Bibliopoly by Bennett Gilbert ; click here for further details.

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