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         Reeve Arthur B:     more books (15)
  1. Constance Dunlap, woman detective by Arthur B. 1880-1936 Reeve, 2010-08-18
  2. The social gangster by Arthur B. 1880-1936 Reeve, 2010-08-08
  3. The romance of Elaine by Arthur B. 1880-1936 Reeve, 2010-08-06
  4. Guy Garrick by Arthur B. 1880-1936 Reeve, 2010-09-08
  5. The gold of the gods by Arthur B. 1880-1936 Reeve, 2010-08-01
  6. The war terror by Arthur B. 1880-1936 Reeve, 2010-09-10
  7. The war terror by Arthur B. 1880-1936 Reeve, 2010-09-10
  8. The treasure train by Arthur B. 1880-1936 Reeve, 2010-09-10
  9. The romance of Elaine [sequel to "Exploits of Elaine] by Arthur B. 1880-1936 Reeve, 2010-08-06
  10. The poisoned pen by Arthur B. 1880-1936 Reeve, 2010-09-06
  11. The film mystery by Arthur B. 1880-1936 Reeve, 2010-08-08
  12. The gold of the gods by Arthur B. 1880-1936 Reeve, 2010-08-01
  13. The silent bullet by Arthur B. 1880-1936 Reeve, 2010-08-08
  14. The Dream Doctor, The New Adventures of Craig Kennedy, Scientific Detective, by Arthur B. Reeve ... frontispiece by Will Foster by Arthur Benjamin (1880-1936) Reeve, 1917-01-01

41. EBooks (e-Books, EBook): Digital Book Index: Search By Author
AUTHOR, AUTHOR, TITLE, EDITION, FORMAT, PRICE, PUBORG. Reeve, Arthur B, The PoisonedPen, TxtG, n/c, GutenbergUS. Reeve, Arthur B, The Silent Bullet, Txt-G, n/c, GutenbergUS., Arth

42. Biblioteca Virtual
Lavender And Old Lace(.zip 109.17 Kb). Reeve, Arthur B. (Arthur Benjamin), (1880+ 1936). The Poisoned Pen(.zip - 231.31 Kb) The Silent Bullet(.zip - 195 Kb).

Reeve, Duane Baby Reeve, Elmer Baby Reeve, Hellen Baby Warren 1901 1994 WILLMOUTH,Frieda B. 1908 - 1973 WILLS Leonard R. 1911 - 1960 WOODWARD, Arthur H. 1909

44. Soule Cemetery #195
w of “ 1880 John E. Taylor 1858-1944 Mary B. Taylor 1858 Arthur DD 1888-19 JanetMills w of 1885-1959 NAST 1960 May Bell S. w of 1890- Reeve, William H
Soule Cemetery In the mid 1960's a group of local historians and members of the Owasco, NY Chapter of the DAR compiled a 10 volume listing of Cayuga County , NY cemetery records. These books generally cite the name and date (or year) of death as referenced in actual cemetery records or as contained on cemetery headstones. Copies of these cemetery index volumes are available for research in the Local History Room of Seymour Public Library, The Cayuga County Historian's Office and Luther Research Center at the Cayuga-Owasco Lakes Historical Society. (Town of Sennett) #195 Auburn Section
Chestnut Ridge Section

Fairview Section

Hillcrest Section

Morning Side Section
Mount Hope Section

Mount Pleasant Section

Mount Pleasant Annex

Pine Ridge Section
Westlawn Section
Thanks to Wilda Brown and Bonnie Tidd Miller for transcribing the information on this page into a digital format. You are our visitor since August 5, 1997

45. Re - New General Catalog Of Old Books & Authors
w John C HAMILTON) b 1867 Correspondence Between William B Reed And Worleys 1936Terence REESE (M c1914 1996) Arthur Benjamin Reeve (M 1880
New General Catalog of Old Books and Authors
Author names starting with Re
Follow these links for explanations of the of this catalog, its condition of use , the dates , the general abbreviations , the language abbreviations , the nationality abbreviations electronic library codes used, and for advice on buying or borrowing selling or valuing old books. If you have any corrections, additions or other suggestions, please send them to SA R R nee A nee AU RY) A REALIST (see: Edward Charles FR A DA Y) Rev, Thomas Osmotherley REAY (M: 1834 Jan 24 - 1914 Jun 14) REBECCA (see: Frieda Meredith DI ETZ) Elizabeth REBBECK, nee RO AN) Zygyne REBEL (see: Albert HA RO PA RGETER) James W REDFIELD (M: ? - ?) A BR nee HA MILTON) Ridley REDWAY (see: Charles Harold St John HA nee nee nee nee AM BLER) Else REED, nee A R B nee R MA G A ... R nee R R R HA RRISON) Uncle, REG (see: E Page WO nee VI CTOR) Emilio REGGIO (M: ? - before 1952) REGIOMONTANUS (see: Johann LLER) REGIS (see: R M WH The Unforseen Return [Fr-?] (tr Frank J MORLOCK) [2002?] The McNaughtens [Fr-?] (tr Frank J MORLOCK) [2002?]

Reeve. Edward Arthur (18311909 Elnora (1906-1984) Hovey B. (1892-1956) Jeanette (1898-1915)John E. Joel (1870-1951) Leumas M. (1895-1900) Lillian (1892-) Mae
Back to previous index. Beverley (1710-1713)
Beverley ( - )

Beverley II (1713- )

Brett (1731-1759)
William II (of Chatsworth' ) (1681-1742)
Betty (1933-1994)
Lillian ( - )
I (820-866)
II (855-890)
I ( - )
I ( - )
George ( - )
Zillah ( -1837)
Joseph ( - )
Daniel ( - )
Esther ( - )

Eva Lousie (1914-1975)

Jesse ( - )
William Loggins (1893-1938)
George (1608-1671) Mildred (1642-1694) Robert (1551-1656)
Margaret ( - )
John ( - )
Mae Maxine (1925- ) Mary Oleda (1923- )
Louisa (1855-1897)
David Franklin ( - ) Edwin Ross ( - ) James Ross ( - ) Robert Wiltse ( - ) ... Scott Edwin ( - )
Daniel L. ( - )
Sarah A. ( - )
Ann ( - )
Art ( - ) John ( - ) Lulu G. (1876- ) Martha (1756-1821) ... Sarah (1833-1911)
David ( - )
Anna Wickham (1814-1890)
Bessie (1904-1960) Marvin ( - )
III (928-973) III (928-973) III (928-973) IV ( -1013) ... V ( -1039)
Malinda L. (1853-)


48. Male Celebrity Baby Names
1964) army officer Macaulay, Thomas B. (10/25 12/27/1947) hockey player Reeve, Christopher(09/25 1874-1938) educator, administrator Schopenhauer, Arthur (02/22
MALE Celebrity Names A-I ] [J-Z] [ FEMALE Celebrity Names] [ Surf by category View all All names on the web site, including all Surf By Category names, are analysed using the English alphabet. These free first name analyses paragraphs are NOT applicable to names spelled using a language that has a different alphabetical order, or additional symbols. The extent to which English has been a part of your life determines the degree of influence of the spelling of your name using the English alphabet. If you have any questions, please call our head office at 1-604-263-9551 for further information and assistance. Jackson, Andrew "Hickory" (03/15/1767-1845) 7th US President, soldier, lawyer
Jackson, Bo (11/30/1962-) football player
Jackson, Jesse Louis (10/08/1941-) civil rights leader
Jackson, Michael [Michael Scruse] (08/29/1958-) singer, songwriter
Jackson, Phil (09/17/1945-) basketball coach
Jackson, Reginald Martinez "Reggie" (05/18/1946-) baseball player
Jackson, Samuel L. (12/21/1948-) actor
Jackson, Thomas Jonathan "Stonewall" (01/21/1824-1863) confederate army general

49. Food For Thought Biographies
Reeve, Tapping (American lawyer, educator), 17441823. Russ, Joanna (American writer),b.1937. Russell, Bertrand Arthur William (English math., philosopher), 1872

50. South Asian Literature In English, Pre-independence Era
Trans. by Sachindralal Ghose. Edited by Arthur Isenberg. Trans. by Edward B.Eastwick. London Reeve, 1885. Dutt, Shoshee Chunder, 18241885. pseud.
South Asian literature in English,
Pre-independence era
Compiled by Irene Joshi.
University of Washington Libraries Last updated May 8, 1998 Table of Contents:
General works on history and criticism


Fiction history and criticism

Fiction anthologies
Poetry works by individual authors
Back to South Asia Section Home Page General works on history and criticism published before 1948 All India Writers Conference, Jaipur, 1945
  • Indian writers in council. Bombay: International Book House, 1947.
Bhushan, V.N.
  • The moving finger: anthology of essays in literature and aesthetic criticism of Indian writers. Bombay: Padma Pub., 1945.
Iyengar, K.R. Srinivasa
  • The Indian contribution to English literature. Bombay: Karnatak Publishing House, 1945. 312 p.
  • Indo-Anglian literature. Bombay: International Book House, 1943. 70 p.
  • Literature and authorship in India. London: Allen and Unwin, 1943. 46 p.
  • On beauty. Baroda: Padma Pub., 1945. 45 p.
Oaten, Edward Farley
  • Sketch of Anglo-Indian literature. London: Kegan Paul, 1908. ix, 215 p.
Sarkar, Benoy Kumar

51. Classic Book Author Index, Plays, Religious Manuscripts, Historic Documents, And
William Jefferson, 1946 AKA Clinton, Bill, 1946- Clough, Arthur Hugh, 1819 Korzeniowski,Josef Teodor Konrad, 1857-1924 Converse, Florence, b. 1871 Conwell
var TlxPgNm='authorindex'; Classic Book Author Index, Plays, Religious Manuscripts, Historic Documents, and much more!
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Public Relations Speeches Marketing Advertising Resume Writing National Telemarketing Flat-Rate Long Distance Telephone! National Telemarketing Call Center Media Promotion, including Newspaper, Broadcast, and Internet Advertising Infomercials Classic Book Author Index, Plays, Religious Manuscripts, Historic Documents, and much more!
Classic Book Author Index, Plays, Religious Manuscripts, Historic Documents, and much more!
AUTHORS in Alphabetical Order
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SYNOPSES of Selected Classics

. Easy for students and teachers to String Search, Highlight Text, etc. Classic Book Author Index, Plays, Religious Manuscripts, Historic Documents, and much more! Advertising Auctions Autos Attorneys ... Legal Forms
Any A. Adams Audubon Bierstadt Botero Braque Cappiello Cassatt Cezanne Chagall Dali Da Vinci Degas Dufy Escher Gauguin Hockney Homer Hopper Kandinsky Kimble Klee Klimt Lichtenstein Magritte Matisse Michelangelo Miro Modigliani Mondrian Monet Mucha O'Keeffe Picasso Pissarro Raphael Remington Renoir Rivera Rockwell Rodin Rousseau Toulouse-Lautrec Van Gogh Vettriano Warhol Art Wolfe Wyeth
Abbott, David Phelps 1863-1934

52. Biographies Of Marine Taxonomists & Their Friends. III
Mr. B. Lafferty, 19, first drew the attention of Haeckel, 1869), Cerastoderma lamarckiReeve, 1844, Hyattella Arthur Looss, 1861-1923, German helminthologist
Biographical Etymology of Marine Organism Names. III
The Letters L, M, N, O. Pierre Laboute Colobomolgus laboutei Henri de Lacaze-Duthiers Poliopsis lacazei Joubin, 1890, Eurypon lacazei (Topsent, 1891), Polysyncraton lacazei (Giard, 1872), Pontocaris lacazei Yves Delage Chthamalophilus delagei Ellipinion delagei Mesoglicola delagei Quidor, 1906, Nephasoma delagei Diphasia delagei Bernard Germain Etienne de la Ville sur Illon, Comte Histoire Naturelle Juan Batista de Lacerda Paralaophonte lacerdai Mr. B. Lafferty , 19-, first drew the attention of the author to Turbinella laffertyi Kilburn, 1975. Patrick La Follette , 19-, US malacologist. Professor de Lafoye , 1?-18, University of Caen, French amateur botanist, is hidden in the name Lafoea Lamouroux, 1821. Lacking information about Jean-Paul , 19-, in the copepod name Cerviniella lagarderei Bodin, 1967. He has published on Natantia. Lacking data about Fernando Lahille Didemnum lahillei Mr. Frank Fortesque Laidlaw Scala laidlawi Lacking information about the Russian geophysical researcher in the Arctic and Antarctic area A.F. Laktionov in the isopod name Tytthocope laktionovi (Gurjanova, 1946).

53. Project Gutenberg Titles
18431916 Cranford, by Gaskell, Elizabeth Cleghorn, 1810-1865 Cratylus , B. Jowett,Trans Enrico, 1856-1929 Crisis in Russia, The, by Ransome, Arthur, 1884-1967
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54. Petymol.l.html
Mr. B. Lafferty, 19, first drew the attention Haeckel, 1869), Cerastoderma lamarckiReeve, 1844, Hyattella Arthur Looss, 1861-1923, German helminthologist
Biographical Etymology of Marine Organism Names. L The scaphopod name Cadulus labeyriei Scarabino, 1995 is honouring Dr Laurent Labeyrie , 19-, CNRS Gif-sur-Yvette, cruise leader of the ESTASE 2 Expedition aboard R. V. "Jean Charcot". Lacking information about J. Laborel , 19-, in the scleractinian name Dendrophyllia laboreli Lacking information about Labourg in the monogenean name Diplectanum labourgi Oliver, 1973. Pierre Laboute Colobomolgus laboutei Citorclinum laboutei Etisus laboutei Crosnier 1987, Suberea laboutei Bergquist ,1995, Echinochalina laboutei Pteroeides laboutei d'Hondt, 1984, Pteronisis laboutei Noumea laboutei Rudman, 1986, Cirrhilabrus laboutei Hydrophis laboutei Hexagonalia laboutei Galil, 1997, Biemna laboutei Hooper, 1996, Suberea laboutei Bergquist, 1995, Amphicarpa laboutei (Dr. Alain Crosnier, MNHN, Paris kindly provided some of this information) Lacking information about Lacanienta in the gastropod name Oliva lacanientai Henri de Lacaze-Duthiers Poliopsis lacazei Joubin, 1890, Eurypon lacazei (Topsent, 1891)

55. American Authors, 19th Century
Tarlton Law Library Law in Popular Culture Collection - The Print Collection AMERICAN AUTHORS, COLLECTIONS AMERICAN AUTHORS, 19TH CENTURY

PS 153 I52 A33 2001. Adamson, Joni, 1958-AMERICAN INDIAN LITERATURE, ENVIRONMENTAL JUSTICE, AND ECOCRITICISM : THE MIDDLE PLACE / JONI ADAMSON. Tucson : University of Arizona Press, c2001. PS 153 M4 G87 1995. Gutierrez-Jones, Carl Scott. RETHINKING THE BORDERLANDS : BETWEEN CHICANO CULTURE AND LEGAL DISCOURSE / CARL GUTIERREZ-JONES. Berkeley : University of California Press, c1995. PS 169 L37 B49 1997. BEYOND PORTIA : WOMEN, LAW, AND LITERATURE IN THE UNITED STATES / EDITED BY JACQUELINE ST. JOAN AND ANNETTE BENNINGTON MCELHINEY. Boston : Northeastern University Press, c1997. PS 169 L37 W74 2000. Wright, Charles Alan. A COLLECTION OF REVIEWS FROM THE FICTIONAL LAWYER / BY CHARLES ALAN WRIGHT. Philadelphia, Pa. : American Law Institute-American Committee on Continuing Professional Education, c2000. PS 261 L38 1984. Law and Southern Literature Symposium (1983 : Jackson, Miss.). THE LAW AND SOUTHERN LITERATURE SYMPOSIUM. Jackson, Miss. : Mississippi College Law Review, 1984.

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