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         Square A:     more books (99)
  1. All New Square Foot Gardening: Grow More in Less Space! by Mel Bartholomew, 2006-02-01
  2. The Cricket in Times Square (Chester Cricket and His Friends) by George Selden, 2008-04-01
  3. Square Foot Gardening: A New Way to Garden in Less Space with Less Work by Mel Bartholomew, 2005-04-02
  4. Washington Square by Henry James, 2009-05-19
  5. The Legend of Spookley the Square Pumpkin with CD by Joe Troiano, 2003-07-25
  6. (BEYOND THE SQUARE) CROCHET MOTIFS BY ECKMAN, EDIE[AUTHOR]Paperback{Beyond the Square: Crochet Motifs: 144 Circles, Hexagons, Triangles, Squares, and Other Unexpected Shapes} on 2008
  7. The Knitter's Companion Deluxe Edition w/DVD by Vicki Square, 2010-12-07
  8. One Square Inch of Silence: One Man's Quest to Preserve Quiet by Gordon Hempton, John Grossmann, 2010-03-02
  9. Red Square: A Novel (Mortalis) by Martin Cruz Smith, 2007-09-25
  10. The Ghosts of Martyrs Square: An Eyewitness Account of Lebanon's Life Struggle by Michael Young, 2010-04-13
  11. All New Square Foot Gardening Cookbook: Taking the Harvest to the Table by Mr. Mel Bartholomew, 2010-01-01
  12. The Union Square Cafe Cookbook: 160 Favorite Recipes from New York's Acclaimed Restaurant by Danny Meyer, Michael Romano, 1994-10-26
  13. Essential Guide to the Steel Square: Facts, Short-Cuts, and Problem-Solving Secrets for Carpenters, Woodworkers & Builders (Woodworker's Essentials & More series) by Ken Horner, 2007-12-01
  14. One Small Square: Woods by Donald Silver, Patricia Wynne, 1997-09-01

1. Duplicate A Cube, Square A Circle
duplicate a cube, Square A circle. post a message on this topic
a topic from geometry-pre-college
duplicate a cube, square a circle
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24 Nov 1997 duplicate a cube, square a circle , by Jeff Clark
24 Nov 1997 Re: duplicate a cube, square a circle , by AlPHa
25 Nov 1997 Re: duplicate a cube, square a circle , by John Conway
The Math Forum

2. NRICH Prime | Mar01 | Letme Try | Is A Square A Rectangle?
The Nrich Maths Project Cambridge, England. Mathematics resources for children, parents and teachers to enrich learning. Published on the 1st of each month. Problems, children's solutions, interactivities, games, articles, news
Let Me Try March 01
See Solutions
Is a square a rectangle?
How many rectangles can you find in this shape? How many of the rectangles are differently shaped? Can you find any that are 'similar' - that is the same shape but a different size?
Similar Problems: Rectangles
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Teacher's Notes
The lead question for this problem, "How many rectangles can you find in this shape?" is an ideal way to introduce children to consider the properties of rectangles. The aim is not to simply count the number of rectangles but to discuss what a rectangle is. This will lead to many questions that prompt children to generate a list of the defining properties of rectangles: What rectangles can be found in the room environment? Are they all the same? What is similar about them and what is different? What then do all rectangles have in common? This is an ideal opportunity to introduce a concept that can be difficult for children to grasp; a square is a rectangle. What is important is that children are able to rationalise why a square belongs in the shape classification 'rectangle' and to be able to construct the meaning and understanding for themselves. Some children might then be asked to consider rectangles within the quadrilateral family. Using polygon tiles, the shapes can be pre-sorted into quadrilaterals and other polygons. The question is, "Why do you think I have sorted the tiles this way?" This allows other questions to be raised: What do the various quadrilaterals have in common? What is similar about them and what is different? How can they be sorted and grouped?

3. GameSpot Presents: The History Of Square - GameSpot
Article tracing the development of Square games.
Home News PC Games Xbox ...
Top 100 Searches

By Skyler Miller
Designed by Collin Oguro
In the 15 years since its humble beginnings as a game developer for the Famicom Disk System in Japan, Square has risen through the ranks to become one of the most important names in gaming. So important that its "defection" from Nintendo to Sony in the mid '90s may have been a key factor in the ultimate success of the PlayStation. So important that Electronic Arts formed a joint venture with the company. So important that Bandai's WonderSwan Color was considered an immediate contender in the Japanese portable market once Square announced that it would develop games for the system. One thing is clear: Square's games make headlines, sell systems, and generate enormous buzz. While the company is best known for its role-playing games, it has dabbled in other genres, especially in Japan. In fact, few know that the early NES hits Rad Racer and 3-D WorldRunner were Square creations. In general, though, its attempts to branch out have been met with limited success. RPGs are what Square does best, and with the Final Fantasy series, Square set the standard by which other RPGs are measured. Square first became known for its games on the NES and Game Boy, but it was on the Super NES that the company's talent really began to shine through. Final Fantasy III, Chrono Trigger, and Secret of Mana are well known as RPG classics, and all three were released within only a two-year span. These games quickly made Square one of Nintendo's top third parties and so well regarded that it was allowed to handle the development of Super Mario RPG. But from there, Square's relationship with Nintendo soured, all due to one little game...

4. Square And Nintendo - - Insight For The Electronic Entertain
News on the upcoming reunion of Square And Nintendo to produce Final Fantasy games for the Nintendo platforms via Square's new development studio called Game Designers Studio.

5. Meadow Spring Farm Bed And Breakfast - Kennett Square, Pennsylvania
A family farm for over 50 years. Summer guests can cool off in the swimming pool and relax in the sun. Paths surround the farm for leisurely strolls, or one may fish in the pond, gather eggs, or feed the rabbits, which the children love to do.
201 E. Street Road
(Route 926)
Kennett Square, PA 19348 Tel: (215) 444-3903 Located on Route 926 between
Meadow Spring Farm has been a family farm for over 50 years. Anne and her daughter, Debbie, operate the Bed & Breakfast with occasional help from one of eight grandchildren. We do our best to provide the most comfortable accommodations, and delight in helping you in every way. Peace and quietness abound on the farm, except for the rooster crowing at 4:30 a.m. and an occasional "moo" from the cattle. Anne likes to show off her perennial gardens She is also very proud of her cow, doll and Santa collections. Santas are only awake during December. Summer guests can cool off in the swimming pool and relax in the sun. Paths surround the farm for leisurely strolls, or one may fish in the pond, gather eggs, or feed the rabbits, which the children love to do! Play pool or ping pong in the game room. Carriage rides are available upon request. Meadow Spring Farm has been featured in Country Inn
Magazine, the Washington Post and the New York Times

6. A Brief History Of Square And Round Dancing - DOSADO.COM
Learn how this very American style of dancing has its roots all the way back to Rome.
The Original Community Page for Modern Western Square Dancing Home Clubs Articles Call Lists ... Resources
Submit New Listing Feedback Contact Us Search ... Link To Us
A Brief History of Square and Round Dancing
By Herb Egender
It is difficult to trace exactly the roots of our modern square and round dancing, for they are deep and varied. Certainly, the taproots go back to our English and French ancestors, but there are traces of Scottish, Scandinavian, Spanish, and other elements. One might speculate that the dance itself began as an imitative art, i.e., early man imitating some of the ritualistic dances of the animals. Historically, dance seems to have reached its low point during the days of the classical Greek, when it was looked upon as an ignoble activity. Aristotle was supposed to have said, "No citizen should pursue these arts (music and dance) so far that he approaches professional status," and relegated such activities to slaves, freedmen and foreigners. The great Roman, Cicero, said, "Nobody dances unless he is drunk or unbalanced mentally." Italy saw the renaissance of the dance in the 15th century, but France may be said to be the Mother of the modern art. Many of our dance terms show this French connection, including the call dos-a-dos, which means back-to-back. Unquestionably, the English ancestor of our modern square dance was the great Morris dance. It was an exhibition dance done by trained teams of Morris dancers - six men (women did not participate) in two rows of three. Later on, in the 17th century, country dances became all the rage in England. Many were longways or line dances, and some believe that the contra got its name either from a mispronunciation of "country" or from the fact that the dances were done in two, opposing lines. At the same time, people did "rounds for as many as will", some of which resembled the choral dances often danced in the naves of English churches.

7. Station Square - Pittsburgh Pa
©19962002 Forest City Station Square Associates, all rights reserved. Unauthorizedduplication of this site or its contents is strictly prohibited.
Unauthorized duplication of this site or its contents is strictly prohibited.

8. Western Square Dancing - DOSADO.COM. The Premier Internet Portal To Western Squa
Internet portal presents topical directory, articles, call lists and definitions.
Click here for the world's largest selection of Square Dance Music from
The Original Community Page for Modern Western Square Dancing Home Clubs Articles Call Lists ... Resources
Submit New Listing Feedback Contact Us Search ... Link To Us
"We think that you have a great site, and refer to it often, and we also recommend it to other dance leaders and dancers who are looking for information , supplies or music. Thanks for what you do. You certainly save me alot of time and make my extremely busy life go smoother!!!" - - Carol Belk, Mississippi
Search WWW Quick Find Site Index Home



National Conventions
... Exhibition Groups Articles History Multicycle Classes Challenge Dancing Humor ... Non-Callerlab Callers Corner Callers Listing Cuers Listing Callers Wanted Callers Colleges ... Record Producers Software Resources Publications General Resources Mailing Lists Newsgroups Related Dance Forms Round Dancing Contra Dancing Traditional Country Vendors Submit New Listing Feedback Contact Us Link To Us Click here to visit American Square Dance A monthly magazine Click here to visit Square Dancing Today A new quarterly magazine Here's what our visitors have to say...

9. China Expert Pye Examines Tiananmen Massacre
Account of a lecture by Lucien Pye on the massacre and its place in Chinese history.
China expert Pye examines Tiananmen massacre
By Sophia Yee The Tiananmen Square crisis and how it fits into Chinese history was the focus of a lecture given on Monday by Professor Lucian W. Pye of the Department of Political Science. The lecture was part of the Independent Activities Period series, "Communism in Crisis." According to Pye, Tiananmen has become a symbol of change and of the uncertainty that has overtaken the Communist world. "Tiananmen has become a word that fits in politics, like Hiroshima, the Berlin Wall, and Pearl Harbor," he said. Pye emphasized that even though the country's mood remained good until 1987, many problems existed in China even four years before the Tiananmen crisis. He said that Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping's ideas were focused on economic reform, and the West assumed that this would move China gradually towards capitalism and democracy. He added that "the Chinese thought a compromise between a market economy, a command economy and a socialist economy [would] be possible. However, the Chinese seemed to be having spurts moving ahead, then stopping." When Deng began his reforms, there was an "outburst of energy, and the mood of the people shifted from pessimism back to optimism." Discontent grew, however, as inflation aggravated agricultural problems, leading the government to give the peasants IOUs instead of cash for their grain, he noted.

10. New Zealand 34th National Square Round Dance Convention
Site contains details of the New Zealand National Square And Round Dance Convention, to be held in Wellington, New Zealand, 24 June, 2000.

11. Error 404 - Page Not Found
A haunted school house in Twinsburg. Photos, a legend , dates of operation, rates, and location.

12. Armory Square And Downtown Syracuse NY
Guide to galleries, shops, music, restaurants, clubs, events and other attractions in Armory Square Category Regional North America Syracuse Guides and Directories......Historic Armory Square shopping, dining, music, and events in downtownSyracuse NY. Visit Armory Square OnLine
Visit Armory Square On-Line: Calendar of Events Entertainment Shopping Restaurants and Dining Major Downtown Attractions Local Businesses Hotels and Lodging Armory Square Map Downtown Syracuse Map Add/modify your listing Add an Event Other Web Links
A is your guide to galleries, shops, music, restaurants, clubs, events and other attractions in Armory Square and downtown Syracuse NY.
T his historic downtown area offers some of the best and most unique shopping, dining, and entertainment in Syracuse and Central New York.
C heck out the Armory Square Events Calendar for music, shows, events, and daily happenings in Armory Square and downtown Syracuse New York.
Armory Square Events Calendar

Dining Lodging ... Web Links
Visit CNY Music for all the music in Central New York! Ring Hub Random < Prev Next >> ...
Steve Johnson
, Auburn, New York

13. The Square Apparel
Distinctive square dance apparel, two piece sets, petticoats.
The Square Apparel
home of Suzi's Ruffles
Home Suzi's Ruffles current Season Square d'Lite Pick Your style ...
Suzi's Favorites
These sets are available year round.
Square Dance Sets
Off the Rack
These sets are ready for less than two week, or sometimes immediate delivery.
Square D'Lite Sets
Sets Priced at $87.50
Pick Your Style
The outfits you will see are made to order, so please allow 4 weeks for delivery.
The Square Apparel is available to set up at dances in Texas. Call Suzi Froberg at 281-469-1951 for more information.
We have information for shops interested in wholesale prices and availability of catalog items. visitors to this site since Jan 15, 2000
Contact Information
Telephone Order in person at in US and Canada FAX Postal address
8902 Taub Rd., Houston, TX 77064
Electronic mail
General Information:
Sales: (do not send credit card information by e-mail)
Online Ordering: under construction Customer Support:

14. Online Mall - Access Market Square - World's First Virtual Market Place
Online Mall Access Market Square - The World's First! Text Only Browsers, ClickHere! E-mail Access Market Square At For Marketing Information
Online Mall - Access Market Square - The World's First!
An All Occasion (birthday, anniversary, etc.) Reminder Service that also provides personalized gift ideas. Web Trade Center
Online Classified Ads AMS Worldwide
The world's first centralized site for regional businesses! Shopping Search Words
Hint : Enter names of items, brandnames,
product types, or store names.) The World's Marketplace, Access Market Square , is the center point for products and services on the web. As the world's first Online Mall, we have made online shopping easy and secure, so your time with AMS and its affiliated sites will be your most enjoyable internet shopping experience yet.
Check out our Awards Page!

Text Only Browsers, Click Here!
E-mail Access Market Square at For Marketing Information Access Market Square Inc. Online Mall
Keywords : online mall, center, shops, classifieds, virtual,cyber, internet, shopping, mall, special, reminder, on-line

15. EarthCam - New York City - Times Square
With five unique views of Times Square, this webcam makes it easy to see how New Yorkers are ringing in the millennium.

16. Square Enix
Squaresoft's official site. News and information about upcoming and current releases.Category Games Video Games Developers and Publishers S Square......

17. Square D - Electrical Distribution, Control And Power Management
Supplies electrical distribution, industrial control and automation products, systems and services .Category Business Electronics and Electrical Design and Integration......Square D for electrical distribution and control, power management and automationproducts. Read more Square D brand celebrates centennial in 2003.

Click here to logon to

My Schneider Electric

The industry leading panelboard line meets even the most demanding applications.
Square D offers a line of watertight, corrosion-resistant NEMA Type 4X safety switches in fiberglass-reinforced polyester enclosures.
Offering more performance and more component options than the competition, Square D motor control centers include a feature-rich modular design engineered to deliver rugged, dependable service for years to come.

SQUARE D brand celebrates centennial in 2003.

The POWERPACT Q-Frame series of 240 V thermal-magnetic molded case circuit breakers provide a robust line of "no frills" breakers.
SQUARE D is a market-leading brand of electrical distribution, industrial control and automation products, systems and services, and is the flagship brand in the U.S. for the North American Division of Schneider Electric. SQUARE D products are found in all types of residential, commercial and industrial construction, in a wide range of manufacturing and processing facilities, and in or on the products of other manufacturers. Schneider Electric, headquartered in Paris, France, is a global electrical industry leader with 2002 sales of approximately US$9.5 billion. Please use the links below to find out more about our company, products and services.

18. Washington Square News
Daily student newspaper of New York University.Category News Colleges and Universities United States New is the website of New York University's daily student newspaper,the Washington Square News. The Washington Square Arch currently 52°,
The Washington Square Arch
Court hears UMich

Artists or Elitists?

I can feel the earth turning below me as Gallatin's rolling in his grave right now.
Sayu Bhojwani

I interviewed Sayu Bhojwani, the commissioner of the Office of Immigrant Affairs and Language Services, last Thursday.
calendar 8:00p Conception '03 So trusty old Program Board is once again spotlighting the best and brightest, or perhaps the freaky-deakiest, of you folks out there for "Conception '03"art and music "for students, by students." With one night of hand-picked visual and performance art and another of our own musical geniuses, you are getting all sorts of bang for your one buck. "Yeah, sounds more like 'Misconception '03," you might joke, but hey, give these folks credit and at least call it "Cesarean Section '03" because this just might be the birth of something beautiful. After all, such local musical luminaries as Interpol, Molotov Cocktail, Nakatomi Plaza, The Revolving Dorks and Avenue D all have NYU ties. So why not rock out like we are a real school? Kristine Brabson 8:30p Pele with El Guapo Pele cooks up an experimental jazzy sound that should prove enticing, and El Guapo are out pushing their just-released album, Fake French. While the D.C. band's last showing in New York with Dismemberment Plan was subpar, El Guapo's latest album has quippy, electronic appeal that you can only hope translates to the stage. Also performing are The A-Set and Fort Ancient.

19. Shaker Square Area Development Corp. -- Mission And Objectives
A nonprofit corporation that provides the people and businesses of the Shaker Square Area with the leadership and action needed to foster wellmaintained, economically strong neighborhoods.
Shaker Square Area Development Corp. Shaker Square Area Development Corporation’s (SHAD's) mission is to provide the people and businesses of the Shaker Square area with the leadership and action needed to foster well-maintained, economically strong neighborhoods. A diverse membership of 1000 individuals and businesses support SHAD in its pursuit of the following objectives To maintain and promote the 4000 units of apartment/condominium housing located in the Shaker Square area. To promote home ownership and housing maintenance in the Fairwood, Ludlow, CHALK and Chadbourne- Drexmore neighborhoods. To revitalize and promote Shaker Square, Larchmere and Shaker Boulevard West as regional shopping, entertainment and business districts. To preserve, protect and enhance the area's landmark architecture, public spaces and green spaces. To address security and quality of life issues within our physical environment. To foster neighborhood pride and collaboration.

20. Lenox Square, Lenox Square Atlanta, Georgia. Lenox Square Detailed directions areavailable by calling Lenox Square's 24hour Shopping Line at 404-233-6767.
Lenox Square
Atlanta, Georgia
Register With Us
Buy Gift Certificates Find Another Simon Mall Restaurants ... Leasing Lenox Square
Offering "Legendary Shopping," Lenox Square has been the Southeast's premier shopping destination for over forty years. Lenox Square is anchored by Neiman Marcus, Macy's and Rich's-Macy's, and will present Bloomingdale's to Atlanta in fall 2003. Featuring 230 specialty stores, Lenox Square offers the most exclusive shopping in Atlanta. Guests are treated to unique specialty retailers such as BCBG, Burberry, Brooks Brothers, Cartier, Louis Vuitton, Hermes, Ferragamo, Ralph Lauren, St. John's Knits and Versace Jeans Couture. Experience fine dining at the new Clubhouse, Brasserie Le Coze or Prime. We also invite you to enjoy a meal at one of five casual eateries, or even a quick bite at one of a wide selection of specialty food shops at our Market Food Court. Lenox Square. Truly, legendary shopping - then, now and always. Be Part of Lenox Square's Unique Summer Retrospective of Photographs, Writings and Memorabilia Do you remember your first visit to Lenox Square? Your first July 4 celebration? Do you remember when construction of the mall began on the old Ottley estate, or perhaps the mall's grand opening in 1959? When Lenox Square was a small, open-air center with only 60 shops? When Macy's was Davison's, or when stores like Muse's, J.P. Allen, Thompson Boland Lee and Colonial Grocery were leading retailers? Was your first job at Lenox Square?

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