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         Tyrrell Charles Alfred:     more detail

1. Virginia Tech Libraries: New Book List
A. Tyrrell, MD. Author Tyrrell, Chas. A. (Charles Alfred), 18461918. PublisherNew York Tyrrell's Hygienic Institute, 1920. Location NEWMAN.
New Book List January 2001 (select month)
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B C ... Theses
R: Medicine
Call: Title:
Pious traders in medicine : a German pharmaceutical network in eighteenth-century North America / Renate Wilson. Author: Wilson, Renate, 1930- Publisher: University Park, Pa. : Pennsylvania State University Press, c2000. Location: NEWMAN
Call: Title: A Southern practice : the diary and autobiography of Charles A. Hentz, M.D. / edited by Steven M. Stowe. Author: Hentz, Charles A. (Charles Arnould), 1827-1894. Publisher: Charlottesville : Published for the Southern Texts Society by the University Press of Virginia, 2000. Location: NEWMAN
Call: Title: Henry VIII's divorce : literature and the politics of the printing press / J. Christopher Warner. Author: Warner, J. Christopher (James Christopher), 1961- Publisher: Woodbridge, Suffolk, UK ; Rochester, NY : Boydell Press, 1998. Location: NEWMAN
Call: Title: The notorious astrological physician of London : works and days of Simon Forman / Barbara Howard Traister. Author: Traister, Barbara Howard.

2. Project Gutenberg Author Record
Project Gutenberg Author record. Tyrrell, Charles Alfred, 18461918.Titles. Royal Road To Health, The. To the main listings page. Main
Project Gutenberg Author record
Tyrrell, Charles Alfred, 1846-1918
Royal Road To Health, The
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3. Project Gutenberg Author Index
Tyrrell, Charles Alfred, 18461918. To the main listings page
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Author Index "T"
Tacitus, Cornelius Tagore, Rabindranath, 1861-1941 Taine, Hippolyte, 1828-1893 Talbot, Frederick Arthur Ambrose, 1880- ... Tytler, Sarah, 1827-1914
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4. Project Gutenberg Bibliographic Record
Project Gutenberg Bibliographic Record. Title Royal Road To Health, The.Author Tyrrell, Charles Alfred, 18461918. Notes. Language English.
Project Gutenberg Bibliographic Record
Title: Royal Road To Health, The
Author: Tyrrell, Charles Alfred, 1846-1918
Language: English Release Date: Oct 2002
File(s): Title Format Directory Filename Size Etext number Royal Road To Health, The (ASCII) trrth10.txt 338 KB Select (click on) a Title to view. Click the Author name above for more eBooks by that author
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Author Tyrrell, Charles Alfred, 18461918 Keywords Authors T Tyrrell, CharlesAlfred, 1846-1918; Titles R ; Subject Therapeutics; pharmacology. p

6. LitSearch: An Online Literary Database
Tyrrell, Charles Alfred (18461918) Works by this author Royal Road To Health,The. Copyright 2001 Keith Ito. All Rights Reserved. Admin Control Panel., Charles

7. LitSearch: An Online Literary Database
Royal Road To Health, The by Tyrrell, Charles Alfred (18461918). Copyright2001 Keith Ito. All Rights Reserved. Admin Control Panel.

8. Authors S-U
Langhorne, 18351910 Twm o'r Nant (Thomas Edwards), 1739-1810 Tyler, Royall, 1757-1826Tymon, Frank Tyndall, John, 1820-1893 Tyrrell, Charles Alfred, 1846-1918.
Home Author Title Topic ... Book Club The Worldwide Library making e-books available to everyone worldwide without charge now. WWL Author Index Start A B C ... Z
Sabatini, Rafael, 1875-1950
Saint-Simon, Louis de Rouvroy, duc de, 1675-1755
Saki, 1870-1916 AKA: Munro, Hector Hugh, 1870-1916
Salza, Giuseppe
Sand, George, 1804-1876
Sands, George W., ca. 1824-1874
Sanger, Margaret, 1879-1966
Sangster, Margaret E. (Margaret Elizabeth), 1894-1981
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9. Index
Translate this page 1739-1810 Gutenberg Tyler, Royall, 1757-1826 Gutenberg Tymon, Frank Gutenberg Tyndall,John, 1820-1893 Gutenberg Tyrrell, Charles Alfred, 1846-1918 Gutenberg.
Tagore, Rabindranath, 1861-1941 Gutenberg
Taine, Hippolyte, 1828-1893 Gutenberg
Talbot, Frederick Arthur Ambrose, 1880- Gutenberg
Tao, YuanMing Gutenberg
Tarkington, Booth, 1869-1946 Gutenberg
Tasso, Torquato, 1544-1595 Gutenberg
Taylor, Bayard, 1825-1878 Gutenberg
Taylor, Tom, 1817-1880 Gutenberg Teasdale, Sara, 1884-1933 Gutenberg Tegnér, Esaias AKA: Tegner, Esaias Gutenberg Tench, Watkin, 1759?-1833 Gutenberg Tenniel, John, Sir, 1820-1914 Gutenberg Tennyson, Alfred, Baron, 1809-1892 Gutenberg Terhune, Albert Payson, 1872-1942 Gutenberg Thackeray, William Makepeace, 1811-1863 Gutenberg Thackeray, William Makepeace, 1811-1863 AKA: Titmarsh, M. A. Gutenberg Thanet, Octave, 1850-1934 Gutenberg Thayer, William Roscoe, 1859-1923 Gutenberg Thebaud, Augustus J., 1807-1885 Gutenberg Theuriet, Andre, 1833-1907 AKA: Theuriet, André, 1833-1907 Gutenberg Thibault, Jacques Anatole Francois, 1844-1924

10. Index
Howells, William Dean, 18371920 Rowdy of the Cross L, by Bower, BM, 1874-1940 RoyalRoad To Health, The, by Tyrrell, Charles Alfred, 1846-1918 Royalty Restored
Russia, by Wallace, Donald Mackenzie, Sir, 1841-1919

11. Autumnmist.homeip.net81/E-Books/-%20PROJECT%20GUTENBURG%20AUTHORS.TXT
18351910 Twm o'r Nant (Thomas Edwards), 1739-1810 Tyler, Royall, 1757-1826 Tymon,Frank Tyndall, John, 1820-1893 Tyrrell, Charles Alfred, 1846-1918 US Arms PROJECT GUTENBURG AUTHORS.TXT

12. Project Gutenberg: Authors List
bobe-books is an online internet publishing site. Babbage, Charles, 1791-1871. Bacheller, Irving, 1859-1950. Holmes, Thomas, 1846-1918. Homer. Honig, Winfried Charles A. (Charles Alexander), 1858-1932. Ollivant, Alfred, 1874-1927
This is Project Gutenberg. This list has been downloaded from: "The Official and Original Project Gutenberg Web Site and Home Page" PROJECT GUTENBERG ETEXTS AUTHORS IN ALPHABETICAL ORDER Last Updated: Monday 03 September 2001 by Pietro Di Miceli ( The following etext have been released by Project Gutenberg. This list serves as reference only. For downloading books, please use our catalogs or search at: Or check our FTP archive at: and etext subdirectories. For problems with the FTP archives (ONLY) email, be sure to include a description of what happened AND which mirror site you were using. THANKS for visiting Project Gutenberg. * (No Author Attributed) Abbott, David Phelps, 1863-1934 Abbott, Edwin Abbott, 1838-1926 AKA: Square, A Abbott, John S. C. (John Stevens Cabot), 1805-1877 Adams, Andy, 1859-1935 Adams, Henry, 1838-1918 Adams, John Quincy, 1767-1848 Adams, Samuel, 1722-1803 Adams, William Taylor, 1822-1897 AKA: Optic, Oliver, 1822-1897

13. Ba9ta - Bath Veterans-National Cemetery - Bath, Steuben Co., NY
Thompson, Adolphus, 1814, 1899. Thompson, Alfred, 1905, 1981. Trusievitz,Walter, 1916, 1989. Trutt, Charles O. 1891, 1956. Tyrrell, Vincent, 1913,1992.
Bath Veterans-National Cemetery
Part of the Steuben Co., NY GenWeb Judy Allen Cwiklinski coordinator Back to Home Back to Bath Bath VA Index Ta-Ty Tabut, Louis Tack, John Taft, George R. Taget, William R. Taggart, Daniel E. Taggart, William Talbot, Frank J. Tall, Richard Tallman, Arthur W. Tally, Francis E. Jr. Tamburrino, Vito Mario Tanchak, Frank Tanner, Francis M. Tanner, Nell Tanner, Raymond L. Tanner, Stuart W. Tanner, Watson B. Tappan, Orson C. Tappan, Paul W. Tappen, John Tarble, Samuel A. Tarbox, George Tarfor, Hugh Tarmele, William F. Tarmey, Martin Tarnnes, Edward Tarry, William Tate, James Tatum, James Taylor, Alfred Taylor, Charles Earl Taylor, Edward Taylor, Francis X. Taylor, George F. Taylor, Isaac W. Taylor, James Taylor, James B. Taylor, John Taylor, Lewis Taylor, Martin G. Taylor, Mary G. Taylor, Robert G. Taylor, Thomas Taylor, Victor Richard Taylor, Wallace P. Taylor, William Taylor, Willie Teachman, David Teague, Freeman B. Tealle, Charles W. Tears, James Gardner Teed, John A. Teer, Thomas Tefft, Lorenzo P. Tegtmeier, Charles Tellardin, Arthur J.

W. Horan Brunswick Saint Peter's O'Brien Alfred W. 07 Saint Peter's O'Brien Mary 18841974 Charles V. Delaney Brien Mary A. 1896 John E. Tyrrell East Greenbush

15. Biblioteca Virtual
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16. Ferrater Mora: Diccionario De Filosofía: Cuadro Cronológico
Translate this page 1909) Steiner, Rudolf (1861-1925) Tyrrell, George (1861 1901) Morris, Charles (1901-1979)Nagel, Ernest (nac. 1902) Tarski, Alfred (1902-1983) Vassallo, Ángel
The Encyclopedist
Previous: Pres. por Priscilla Cohn (1994)
1) Los nombres de autores desde Tales de Mileto ( ca. fl. ca. ca. circa ] o 'cerca', 'hacia', 'alrededor de', 'aproximadamente'), se ha considerado como si fuera segura. 'fl.' floruit floruit.
Antes de J.C.
Siete Sabios
Tales de Mileto ( ca.
Anaximandro ( ca.
siglo VI)
ca. fl.

Hipodamo de Mileto (fl. ca. ca. ca. ca. Leucipo ( fl. fl. ca. Cratilo (siglo V) Hippias (siglo V) fl. fl. Meliso ( fl. Filolao ( fl. fines siglo V) Euclides de Megara ( ca. ca. Arquelao ( fl. ca. ca. ca. fl. ca. Euclides de Alejandria (fl. 365) Jenofonte ( ca. ca. Eudoxo de Cnido ( ca. Mo-Tse ( ca. ca. Espeusipo ( ca. ca. fl. ca. fl. Arquitas (siglo IV) Yang-Chu (siglo IV) Teofrasto ( ca. Mencio ( ca. Chuang-Tse ( ca. ca. Aristoxeno (nac. ca. Onesicrito (gl. 330) Crates de Tebas ( fl. fl. Demetrio de Falera ( ca. Epicuro ( ca. Clearco (nac. 340) Creantor (340-290) Menedemo de Eretria ( ca. ca. ca. ca. Cleantes (331/330-233/232 o 232/231) ca. ca. fl. ca. Evemero ( fl. ca. ca. Arcesilao ( ca.

1866 GROVELAWN E. WEST LAWSON, Alfred 1839 1889 1862 1913 CITY OF ELWOOD LAWSON,Charles O. 1870 1921 1945 EAST MAPLEWOOD LAWSON, VIOLA (Tyrrell) 1874 1951

18. Untitled
600 10 A^Lloyd, Charles ^C^Bishop of Oxford ^D^17841829 A^Lloyd, Charles ^D^1775-1839.^ 000256 700 10 A^Hill, Alfred^E^ed.^ A^Hill, Alfred ^D

19. AM-1Cleveland St Cemetery, Amherst Twp, Lorain Co OH
S., 18331894. Alfred P., 1865-1885. Charles A., 1867-1912 12y 2m 20d. Charles A., son, d Jan 1860, 3y 7, 1827, 5m. Charles, son S M, d Mar
AM-1CLEVELAND STREET CEMETERY, AMHERST TWP. Copied from Lorain County's out-of-print publication,
Cemetery Inscriptions of Lorain County, Ohio 1980 , pps. 3-24,
by volunteer, Jean Diedrick.
Any additions and corrections to the book are noted in red. Located on the south side of Cleveland Street, 6/8 mile east of Town Hall. First cemetery in Amherst, the oldest stone being that of Georgiana B. Town who died May 1, 1819. In 1849, John and Esther Nelson sold 76 square rods in Lot #23 to the Amherst Township Trustees. This contained all of the cemetery except that known as the old burying ground which bounds it on the west. Contact: Cleveland Street Cemetery, c/o Office of the Mayor, 206 S Main St.,
Amherst OH 44001, Telephone: 440-988-4380 Pg. 3 JACOBS
George, 1860-1909
Margaret, 1827-1909
Robert, d Feb 25, 1881, 88y 10m GAR
STANG Adam, d May 21, 1885, 56y 4m 29d GAR Olive, wife, Dec 24, 1834-Feb 2, 1915 SPIEGELBERG Johannes, d Feb 6, 1864, 61y 5m 3d Barbara, d Dec 21, 1878, 71y 1m 6d

20. EL-2Ridgelawn Cemetery, Lorain Coounty OH
B., 18261898 BATT Katie C., wife Alfred, May 13 M., mother, 1829-1920 Alice DEWEYTYRRELL, 1855-1920 George, father, 1860-1926 METCALF Charles Adelbert, husb
EL-2 RIDGELAWN CEMETERY, Elyria, Lorain Co., OH Copied from Lorain County's out-of-print publication,
Cemetery Inscriptions of Lorain County, Ohio 1980, pps 234-276
by volunteer, Denise Higgins Branch, 2002.

On the west side of Gulf Road, between Ridge Street and Columbus Street, this includes what was earlier referred to as the "Old Elyria" cemetery. Burials go back as far as 1817, and probably earlier. Heman Ely, 1775-1852, the founder of Elyria, and numerous members of his family are buried in the family plot here, in the southwest corner of the old cemetery, all enclosed within an iron fence. When Charles Arthur Ely sold the six lots to the city in 1854, he had reserved a section of Lot #153 for himself and descendants. A handsome Civil War Monument is the site of annual Memorial Day programs.
Only burials to 1930 are recorded and may not be complete.
For more information contact Ridgelawn Cemetery, 328 Broad St, Elyria OH 44035, Attn. Cemetery
Division, or call Stan, Supervisor, 440-322-3896
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