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         Chemical Engineering:     more books (100)
  1. Chemical Engineering Solved Problems by N. S. Nandagopal PE, 2006-11-01
  2. Chemical Engineering Reference Manual 4ED by Randall N. Robinson, 1988-02
  3. Theoretical Chemical Engineering: Modeling and Simulation by Christo Boyadjiev, 2010-11-29
  4. Principles of Chemical Reactor Analysis and Design: New Tools for Industrial Chemical Reactor Operations by Uzi Mann, 2009-04-13
  5. Elementary Principles of Chemical Processes by Richard M. Felder, Ronald W. Rousseau, 2004-12-15
  6. Student Workbook to accompany Elementary Principles of Chemical Processes by Richard M. Felder, Ronald W. Rousseau, 2005-01-20
  7. Fluid Mechanics for Chemical Engineers (Chemical Engineering Series) by Noel de Nevers, 2004-02-20
  8. Chemical Engineering Design, Fourth Edition: Chemical Engineering Volume 6 (Coulson & Richardson's Chemical Engineering) by R K Sinnott, 2005-08-09
  9. Process Engineering Problem Solving: Avoiding "The Problem Went Away, but it Came Back" Syndrome by J. M. Bonem, 2008-07-21
  10. History of Chemical Engineering (Advances in Chemistry Series) by William F. Furter, 1980-06
  11. Chemical Reaction Engineering and Reactor Technology (Chemical Industries) by Tapio O. Salmi, Jyri-Pekka Mikkola, et all 2010-08-30
  12. Understanding Rheology (Topics in Chemical Engineering) by Faith A. Morrison, 2001-01
  13. Concepts of Chemical Engineering 4 Chemists (RSC '4' Chemists)
  14. Scaling Up!: Science, Engineering, And the American Chemical Industry (Bchoc Pub No 2) by John A. Heitmann, 1984-06-01

61. School Of Engineering
Curtin University of Technology, chemical engineering, chemical engineering About Us, Find Us. Building 204, Bentley Campus. Look us up on the Map.
Chemical Engineering
About Us




Chemical Engineering - About Us Find Us Building 204, Bentley Campus Look us up on the Map
Find Us

The Department

Strategic Plan
The Department The Department of Chemical Engineering at Curtin University of Technology, a fully established academic department, is well respected for its undergraduate and postgraduate programs. Research activities in the department have progressed substantially in the past 10 years and these continue to grow with participation in two CRCs, namely, the AJ Parker CRC for Hydrometallurgy and Coal in Sustainable Development. The department provides both undergraduate and postgraduate coursework and research (MEng and PhD) degrees in Chemical Engineering, many double degree programs, for example, with Applied Chemistry, Business Administration, Commerce, and Extractive Metallurgy as well as industrial short courses in targeted areas. Our vision Qualified, experienced staff are active in research through industrial contracts, collaborative projects, research grants and student projects at bachelor and research degree levels. The work is accommodated in laboratories which are well supported by technical staff and workshop facilities. There are 6 academic staff members and 5 postdoctoral fellows in the department. The annual undergraduate enrolment for all programs is about 70 and 10 for the postgraduate coursework program. The total student population is approximately 250 including 15 research postgraduates.

62. Chemical Engineering
Welcome to the Department of chemical engineering (ChE) at Kansas StateUniversity. This site was developed for current and prospective
Welcome Page Departmental Overview Prospective Students Current Students ... KATS Welcome to the Department of Chemical Engineering (ChE) at Kansas State University. This site was developed for current and prospective students, alumni, faculty, and research scientists and engineers worldwide. Department of Chemical Engineering
Kansas State University
Room 105, Durland Hall
Manhattan, KS 66506-5102
Fax: (785) 532.7372
You are Visitor #:
Thank You for Visiting!

63. Site Temporarily Unavailable
Consulting services in mechanical, environmental, and chemical engineering.
Sorry, this site is temporarily unavailable.
Please check back later.

64. JHU - Department Of Chemical Engineering
more! Spring 2003 Seminar Series. Chemical and Biomolecular EngineeringUndergraduate Program Information. Faculty Search. Research

65. Chemical Engineering @ Rice University
Welcome to the web site of the Rice chemical engineering Department. Welcometo the web site of the Rice chemical engineering Department.
Welcome to the web site of the Rice Chemical Engineering Department. We built this site as a resource for current and prospective students, alumni, faculty, and members of the science and engineering community. Our department is celebrating its 80th birthday this year with a renewed commitment to excellence. With the help of a select Advisory Board, we recently formulated a strategic plan to guide the growth of our research and educational programs. The implementation of this plan is well under way. Four new faculty members have joined the department since 1999; several more will be recruited in the next few years; a major renovation of our teaching and research laboratories has just been completed; and our graduate and undergraduate curricula have been restructured to meet the changing requirements of the industrial and academic employers of our graduates. We invite you to explore our site to get the full story about all these exciting changes, to learn about the research conducted by our

66. History Of ChEn: Timeline
A chemical engineering timeline, with digressions into other topics as a reference in time.
A Chemical Engineering Timeline
(Please forgive my digression into other topics) TIMELINE KEY Topics Relating to Chemical Engineering. A Digression into Miscellaneous Topics (often Chemistry) "Enough already... go to the end ~440 BC: Democritus proposes the concept an of atom to describe the indivisible and indestructible particles that were thought to compose the substance of all things. ~250 BC: Archimedes deduces the law of the levers and could evaluate the relative density of bodies by observing their buoyancy force when immersed in water. ~240 BC: Eratosthenes of Cyrene , director of Alexandria library, calculates the size of Earth by measuring the sun's shadow at noon in Siena (Egypt) and Alexandria. Pliny the Elder writes his Historia Naturalis, a 39 volume universal encyclopedia , compiling all that was known about the science of his day. Pliny died in Pompeii during the eruption of the volcano the year 79. Claudius Ptolemaeus (Ptolemy) writes a mathematical and geographical treatise describing all ancient knowledge concerning distances and locations on the earth. He also developed a star catalogue with 1022 entries. The Ptolomeic model placed the earth as the center of the universe; the sun, stars and planets revolved around the earth in circular orbits. This model remained the standard interpretation for more than a millennium, until the time of Copernicus.

67. MSU Department Of Chemical Engineering & Materials Science
Information for current students, faculty profiles, research projects, and degree programs.Category Reference Education Departments......Michigan State University Department of ChemicalEngineering and Materials Science.
ChEMS Home Faculty Office Staff Research Staff ... MSU
Degree Programs: Chemical Engineering
Undergraduate; Graduate; Continuing Education
... Graduate
Prospective Students - Start learning about opportunities from one of the links above.
Info For Current Students: Departmental Class Web Pages;
Course descriptions;

Professional and Student Organizations;

Course Overrides;
MSU Class Schedule Web Site.
Research: Current Projects;
Campus Facilities and Centers

Links for Friends and Visitors: Hire our Students; Visit the Dept.; Alumni; Advisory Board ... Department Friends and Supporters People and Addresses: Faculty: Office Staff; Research Staff; Frequently Requested E-mail addresses. 2527 Engineering Building East Lansing, MI 48824-1226 Phone: (517) 355-5135 FAX: (517) 432-1105 Building Map Links for Dept Faculty and Staff: Links and Resources General Calendars: Seminar Schedule;

68. The Department Of Chemical Engineering @ The Ohio State University
Upcoming seminars News and Events Courses/Spring 2002, Graduate Program· Undergraduate Program · People · Research. General Information
Upcoming seminars
News and Events

Courses/Spring 2002
Graduate Program Upcoming seminars
News and Events

Courses/Spring 2002
Graduate Program ... For Faculty and Staff

69. University Of Washington Chemical Engineering Department
Category Reference Education Seattle Departments

70. Chemical Engineering And Materials Science
The chemical engineering and Materials Science Department of the University of Californiaat Davis. chemical engineering and Materials Science Department v2.02.
Quick Links

My UC Davis

UCD Engineering

UC Davis Home


Materials Science

Central Facilities

To advance, through teaching and research programs, the frontiers of chemical engineering, biochemical engineering, and materials science and engineering; to educate students with a sense of professionalism and community; and to serve the public of California through outreach efforts.
No news is good news... Department Faculty Students Directory ... webmaster Chemical Engineering and Materials Science Department v2.02

71. Environmental Engineering, Pollution Control And Prevention, Waste Minimization,
Located in Wolfville, Nova Scotia, Canada, the EnviroChem Engineering Consultants firm offers chemical engineering services as well as environmental engineering services. Their environmental services include ambient air monitoring, stack sampling and air dispersion modeling using models such as ISC3, AFTOX, SLAB, CALINE3 and SCREEN3.
Computer Modeling of Environmental Systems
One of EnvironChem Engineering Consultants (ECE) main areas of expertise is in the application of environmental models. We are dedicated to the application of innovative and cost effective solutions to environmental problems. Our services range from simple screening level assessments to complex multi-dimensional applications, for the purposes of:
  • Evaluation of environmental data Prediction/evaluation of environmental spills Evaluation of thermal discharges/temperature modeling Storm water hydraulics and flooding Evaluation contaminant transport Determination of maximum ground-level concentrations Calculation of effective stack height Particulate distributions, terminal or settling velocity Deposition of particulate from stacks Estimation of emission rate from monitoring data, emission factors, and mass balance Modeling of methane emission from landfills Modeling of atmospheric and noise impacts from mobile sources
ECE identifies and applies innovative computer models and integrated database management systems customized for clients for pollutant source assessment, monitoring, design of pollution control equipment, and remediation activities. Also, the firm offers high quality training for environmental professionals interested in understanding the full impact of computer modeling on the environment and natural resources. All in-house models have been purchased from various commercial vendors or compiled from public domain sources such as EPA, USAF, API, Ontario MEE, Alberta MoE, etc. Most of programs are designed for MS-DOS platform, but there are also several programs written for MS Windows or Unix platforms. Our powerful, up-to-date PCs connected with digital post-processors, color printers, scanners, etc., assures that all projects are of the highest professional standards and are completed on time, on budget, and to the client's total satisfaction.

72. The University Of Melbourne > Chemical Engineering
Home Page for the Department of chemical engineering, The Universityof Melbourne. Home Page for the Department of Chemical
Created: 25 May 1999
Last modified: 4 March 2003
The University of Melbourne ABN: 84 002 705 224
CRICOS Provider Code: 00116K Authorised by: Head of Department
Webspace provided by ECR
Maintained by: Fiona Ellis, Faculty of Engineering
General Enquiries to: Annmaree Sharkey:
Student Enquiries to: Joan Gravina
Web enquiries to: Fiona Ellis

73. Chemical Engineering
The homepage leads to a great deal of information about the department in these categories undergraduate Category Reference Education School of Engineering...... Welcome to the chemical engineering at the University of Rochester.As you will discover, our faculty and students are conducting
- Select a Section - Living at the College Learning at the College Admission to the College Alumni of the College Eastman School of Music School of Medicine and Dentistry School of Nursing Simon School Warner School Graduate Studies Information Technology Services Libraries Medical Center Research Strong Health System Working at the University Phone Book Search and Index Contact the University News and Facts



Grad Study
to the Chemical Engineering at the University of Rochester . As you will discover, our faculty and students are conducting well-funded research at the forefront of modern chemical engineering. Our goal is to help you achieve your educational and career objectives. We look forward to receiving your application to our undergraduate and graduate programs leading to the Bachelor's, Master's, and Doctoral degrees. For post-doctoral fellowships, please contact the faculty members regarding research opportunities and openings. This site is best viewed with the latest versions of either
, or
Mircosoft Internet Explorer.

74. Department Of Chemical Engineering: UVA
Welcome to the website for the Department of chemical engineering atthe University of Virginia. Here you will find advanced study
Tuesday, March 18, 2003
Dept Overview


Faculty ...
UVa Home

Department of Chemical Engineering @ University of Virginia
102 Engineers' Way
P.O. Box 400741
Charlottesville VA 22904-4741
Send comments about the website to

75. Chemical Engineering Auburn University
Auburn University Department of chemical engineering Auburn AL 368495127. Departmentof chemical engineering Departmental Accreditation Information.
Auburn University
Department of Chemical Engineering
Auburn AL 36849-5127 faculty staff undergraduate graduate ... contact us [This page last updated Friday, 21-Feb-2003 07:22:22 CST ]
General Information
Department of Chemical Engineering
230 Ross Hall
Auburn University, AL 36849-5127
(334) 844-2063 (FAX)
Welcome Message
Overview of Auburn Chemical Engineering

History of Auburn Chemical Engineering

Message from the Department Head
Departmental Photo Album
Auburn University
Auburn University Home Page
University Relations
Graduate School Registrar ... Maps
Auburn Community
The Auburn Community Tourism Maps Current Weather and Forecast
Need More Information? Contact... Executive Committee Graduate Program Committee Undergraduate Program Committee
Graduate Program Information ... Webmaster
Department of Chemical Engineering Departmental Accreditation Information
ABET Website Accreditation Board of Engineering and Technology (ABET) What is Accreditation?

76. Caltech: Division Of Chemistry And Chemical Engineering
Chemistry and chemical engineering.
Division of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering
Peter B. Dervan, Chairman
John F. Brady, Executive Officer for Chemical Engineering
Dennis A. Dougherty, Executive Officer for Chemistry Chemistry and Chemical Engineering together form one of the six academic Divisions at Caltech. Having the two disciplines in the same Division greatly facilitates cooperation in both teaching and research. There is a long history of fruitful interactions between chemists and chemical engineers at Caltech. For much more information on each program, follow the appropriate link below.
  • Many members of the Division are also involved in the new Graduate Program in Biochemistry. For more information see the following link.
  • For general information on the graduate program at Caltech, including application forms, go to the Caltech Graduate Office Caltech World Wide Web /

    77. Chemical Engineering At Birmingham
    The School of chemical engineering site containing information on courses and research resources for Category Reference Education Departments and Programs...... What's new .. Successful chemical engineering graduates are creative, numerate,good communicators and skilled at solving problems and delivering results.
    Welcome The Chemical Engineering homepage has relocated. You will be re-directed in a few seconds. Otherwise please click here These pages are maintained by Engineering at Birmingham

    78. Chemical Engineering Department At The University Of Connecticut
    facultyb.gif (4112 bytes), chemical engineering Department. undergradb.gif(4112 bytes), 191 Auditorium Road, Unit 3222 Storrs, CT 062693222.
    University of Connecticut Chemical Engineering Department 191 Auditorium Road, Unit 3222
    Storrs, CT 06269-3222 Phone: (860) 486-4019
    Fax: (860) 486-2959 Chemical Engineering Department
    Endowed Chair Search

    General Information

    News, Events and Awards

    Seminar Schedule
    ... "Principles 2002" Newsletter (PDF) Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU)
    Summer 2003 Program Information and Application

    Faculty and Research
    Faculty Listing

    Research Programs
    Undergraduate Program General Information Educational Mission Statement Curriculum and Plan of Study AIChE Student Chapter Home Page Graduate Program General Information Ph.D. Program M.S. Program Scientist to Engineer Program ... Apply Faculty Authored Software Control Station for process control Polymath for numerical computations Faculty Authored Books Computer Aided Molecular Design Other Links UConn School of Engineering UConn Home Page

    79. The Division Of Chemical Engineering
    People Staff Postgraduates Vacancies. Undergraduate Studies What is ChemicalEngineering? Maintained by chemical engineering Web Master.
    World Class: Be Part of It Search: ChemEng All UQ for:
    About the Division

    Undergraduate Studies

    Research Programs

    ©2003 The University of Queensland, Australia ABN: 63 942 912 684 Authorised by: The Head of Division Maintained by: Chemical Engineering Web Master Last Updated: 28 February 2003

    80. Home : Chemical Engineering - Oregon State University
    Text Version, Introduction to the Department. New ChE Undergraduate AdvisingGuide (pdf format). New BioE Undergraduate Advising Guide (pdf format).
    OSU Calendar Find Someone OSU Maps OSU Sitemap
    ChE's First Rhodes Scholar Returns Home
    Ever since she was a child growing up in Portland, Debra Johnson has been captivated with Oregon State University. "I always had my heart set on Oregon State," she says. "I wanted to be just like my dad when I grew up. He studied engineering at OSU. He's my hero." So it's not surprising that Johnson was just a sixth grader when she first announced her plans to attend OSU to study engineering.... Read the full story Recent Headlines... Follow a ChE Alum Through Space MOMENTUM! @ OSU Engineering, Vol. II, Iss. III More...
    Pettit and crew will come home in Soyuz More...
    Pro School, Scholarship, and MECOP/CECOP Applications now online. More...
    National Engineers Week at Oregon State More...
    MOMENTUM! @ OSU Engineering, Vol. II, Iss. II More...
    OSU Internship Program Thrives Despite Economic Downturn More...
    MOMENTUM! @ OSU Engineering, Vol. II, Iss. I More...

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