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         Chemical Engineering:     more books (100)
  1. Process Engineering for a Small Planet: How to Reuse, Re-Purpose, and Retrofit Existing Process Equipment by Norman P. Lieberman, 2010-09-28
  2. Chemical Process: Design and Integration by Robin M. Smith, 2005-04-18
  3. Computational Models for Turbulent Reacting Flows (Cambridge Series in Chemical Engineering) by Rodney O. Fox, 2003-12-08
  4. Fundamentals of chemical engineering by Charles M Thatcher, 1962
  5. Applied Mathematics for Chemical Engineers (Wiley Series in Chemical Engineering) by Richard G. Rice, Duong D. Do, 1994-12-06
  6. Chemical Looping Systems for Fossil Energy Conversions by Liang-Shih Fan, 2010-10-19
  7. Numerical Computation in Science and Engineering (Topics in Chemical Engineering) by C. Pozrikidis, 2008-09-11
  8. The Principles of Chemical Equilibrium: With Applications in Chemistry and Chemical Engineering by K. G. Denbigh, 1981-04-30
  9. Principles of Chemical Kinetics, Second Edition by James E. House, 2007-09-13
  10. Chemical Engineering Volume 2, Fifth Edition (Chemical Engineering Series) by J H Harker, J.F. Richardson, et all 2002-10-08
  11. Bioseparations Science and Engineering (Topics in Chemical Engineering (Oxford University Press).) by Roger G. Harrison, Paul W. Todd, et all 2002-10-31
  12. Modern Ceramic Engineering: Properties, Processing, and Use in Design, Third Edition (Materials Engineering) (v. 29) by David Richerson, 2005-11-04
  13. Analysis, Synthesis and Design of Chemical Processes (3rd Edition) by Richard Turton, Richard C. Bailie, et all 2009-01-03
  14. System Safety Engineering And Risk Assessment: A Practical Approach (Chemical Engineering) by Nicholas J Bahr, 1997-09-01

81. Index, Department Of Chemical Engineering At WU
Faculty. PostDoc. Research Assistant. Contact Info. People, Thank you for your interestin the chemical engineering program at Washington University at St. Louis!
Welcome! at Washington University Home Home
Faculty Staff Students Admissions
Undergraduate Programs
Undergraduate Research
Research Matrix
Photo Gallery Laboratories News Seminars
Employment Opportunities
Post-Doc Research Assistant Contact Info
T hank you for your interest in the Chemical Engineering program at Washington University at St. Louis!
O n these pages we trust you will find answers to your questions about the exciting opportunities at Washington University . If not, feel free to contact us with further questions.
W e encourage you to explore this web site and learn more about us and what we have to offer. S incerely, Milorad Dudukovic Department Chair
  • Title : Routine Air Monitoring Networks, Particulate Matter Supersites and Support for Health Assessments
  • Time: Tuesday, July 16; 9:00-10:30 AM
  • Address: Lopata 101
  • Lecturer: Dr. Paul Solomon
News Graduate Program Undergraduate Program Research ... by webMaster

82. Welcome To Discover Engineering Online
chemical engineering. Everything around us is made of chemicals. The earth, trees,rocks, cars, houses, and even you are all bunches of different chemicals.
Chemical Engineering
Everything around us is made of chemicals. The earth, trees, rocks, cars, houses, and even you are all bunches of different chemicals. When chemicals get together, they sometimes react to form new chemicals, like when food reacts with the chemicals in your stomach.
Chemical changes can be used to produce all kinds of useful products. Chemical Engineers use their knowledge of chemistry to discover and manufacture better plastics, paints, fuels, fibers, medicines, fertilizers, semiconductors, paper, and all other kinds of chemicals, by carrying out chemical reactions and purifications.
Chemical Engineers also play an important role in protecting the environment, inventing cleaner technologies, calculating environmental impacts, and studying the fate of chemicals in the environment.
Many Chemical Engineers are involved in recycling materials. Recycling helps the environment, and used materials get made into lots of neat products.
Some Chemical Engineers work in factories, while others work in laboratories. Still others work in universities, consulting firms, engineering firms, law offices, government agencies, and many other types of jobs.

83. Alex Perry's Page Of Mad Pictures
Senior undergraduate in chemical engineering and Engineering Public Policy minor has photos, biography and contacts.
Pictures Last Updated at 2120 on
Page Last Modified by aperry at 1700 on 01/29/2003

84. Northeastern University Chemical Engineering
Official web site.Category Reference Education College of Engineering......

85. Index
Department of chemical engineering. 303 Furnas Hall Box 604200 State University ofNew York at Buffalo Buffalo, NY 142604200. (716) 645-2911 Fax (716) 645-3822.
Department of
Chemical Engineering 303 Furnas Hall
Box 604200
State University of New York at Buffalo
Buffalo, NY 14260-4200
Fax News

86. Chemical Engineering Department At Loughborough University, England, UK
chemical engineering Department at Loughborough University, England,UK. Information on our undergraduate and postgraduate programmes
Welcome to the website for The Department of Chemical Engineering at Loughborough University.
Use the links on the left and right to navigate through our site. Should you require any additional information, please feel free to contact the Department directly. You can use the key contacts tab, just below the top image, for key personnel details and the search page for a search of our departmental web pages.

87. Caltech Division Of Chemistry And Chemical Engineering
member's research interests or the entire brochure. Faculty Positions.Looking for the chemical engineering Web Site? Check HERE.
One of six divisions at the California Institute of Technology, Chemistry and Chemical Engineering offers unique opportunities in a broad scope of traditional and interdisciplinary research areas. This site contains information for current and prospective students and researchers. If you cannot find what you need, check our search page. Division Seminars Click here for the latest updates. Norman Davidson Lecture State-of-the-art facilities, combined with world-class faculty. Myriad opportunites for research. A great intramural softball league in the summer. It's no wonder that Caltech is #1.
Quick Links
Applying to Caltech
Apply for graduate, postdoctoral, or undergraduate studies. Interested in Research?
Check the faculty pages for research interests, virtual lab tours, ... or DOWNLOAD PDF versions of each faculty member's research interests or the entire brochure. Faculty Positions
Looking for the Chemical Engineering Web Site? Check HERE
Home Caltech Home Program Classes Faculty ... Search

88. Chemical Engineering
School of chemical engineering Engineering North Building THE UNIVERSITY OF ADELAIDESA 5005 AUSTRALIA Email Telephone +61 8 8303 5455 Facsimile +61 8 8303
The University of Adelaide Home Departments Search
School of Chemical Engineering
Engineering North Building
SA 5005

Information For Current Students Future Students Staff Visitors Information About The School Our People Chemeng Home
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89. Chemical Engineering Education
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90. New Site - New Address
Provides pointers to available websites, ftp sites and databases.Category Science Technology chemical engineering Directories...... If you're looking for a chemical engineering consultant, we suggest visitingthe Chemical Consultants Network at http//
New Site - New Address
We're pleased to announce the grand re-opening of Dr. William Retallick's website. The new address is: If you're looking for a chemical engineering consultant, we suggest visiting the Chemical Consultants Network at:

91. Welcome To The School Of Chemical Engineering And Industrial Chemistry, UNSW
chemical engineering and Industrial Chemistry provides internationally recognisedresearch and teaching. University of New South Wales Banner.
About the school...
:: What are Chemical Engineering and Industrial Chemistry
Where are we?

:: Meet our Staff
taught by the School
Centres and Facilities
:: The Cooperative Scholarship Scheme
Information for...
Prospective Students


Staff ... Alumni News and Events... Undergraduate Timetables Undergraduate Notices Upcoming Events Positions Available (including Scholarships Safety Information To find us, click the pictures above for a map of our campus. Click here for information about the University of New South Wales and Sydney. For further information, you can contact us by any of the following methods: School of Chemical Engineering and Industrial Chemistry The University of New South Wales UNSW SYDNEY NSW 2052 AUSTRALIA Australia : (02) 9385-4319 International : +61-2-9385-4319 Australia : (02) 9385-5966 International : +61-2-9385-5966 home sitemap search contact help This page was created on 7/2/2001 and last modified on 15/7/2002 and has been visited 328527 times. Please report any problems with this website to the Web Master This page is subject to the following

92. UCL Chemical Engineering Department
UCL (University College London), Welcome to the Department of chemical engineering, Moreinformation Currently in chemical engineering, UCL,
Welcome to the
Department of Chemical Engineering
GENERAL INFORMATION ACADEMIC STAFF RESEARCH FOR CURRENT STUDENTS FOR PROSPECTIVE STUDENTS UNDERGRADUATE POSTGRADUATE AFFILIATE RECENT NEWS STUDY ABROAD RAE 2001: 5*(A) IChemE VIRTUAL MILKROUND OTHER INFORMATION CONTACT CO CENTRE POSITIONS ... 2001 ANNUAL REPORT (pdf file) News! The Department's annual report for 2001 is now available. Situated in the heart of London on the main campus of UCL (University College London) , consistently ranked in the top three multifaculty UK universities, the department is one of the top research and teaching Chemical Engineering departments in the UK, achieving world class standing. For students , the Department offers a range of first degree and post-graduate courses in chemical engineering. These include four-year MEng degrees, some giving the opportunity for one-year's study abroad in Australia ( ), France, Germany, Italy, Spain, The Netherlands or the USA, a three-year BEng, and a one-year MSc in Chemical Process Engineering as well as a full PhD programme. In the last two years, all our courses have been re-accredited with distinction by the Institution of Chemical Engineers and have received a high grading in the Teaching Quality Assessment exercise carried out by the Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE) Research is a major departmental activity, as was recognised by the award of a 5*(A) rating in the recent

93. Mehran University Of Engineering & Technology, Jamshoro - Pakistan
Offer degrees in chemical engineering, Architecture, Civil Engineering, City Regional Planning, Computers Systems Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Electronic Engineering, Industrial Engineering Management, Mechanical Engineering, Metallurgical Engineering, Mining Engineering, Petroleum Natural Gas Engineering and Textile Engineering.
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94. Chemical Engineering At Virginia Tech
133 Randolph Hall (0211) Blacksburg, Virginia 24061 (540) 2316631Phone (540) 231-5022 Fax. -College of Engineering-. This site last
133 Randolph Hall (0211)
Blacksburg, Virginia 24061
(540) 231-6631 Phone
(540) 231-5022 Fax College of Engineering This site last modified 8/20/02 by ChE Computing

95. Chemical Engineering Tools
ChemE Tools. A Collection of Tools Useful to Chemical Engineers. MolecularWeight Calculation at FUBerlin. Type in a chemical molecular formula.
ChemE Tools
A Collection of Tools Useful to Chemical Engineers
Unit Conversion at EARDC-South Texas State U.
    Select Data: Force Pressure, Stress Energy, Work, Heat Viscosity Kinematic Viscosity Temperature Time Length Area Volume Mass Mass Density Velocity, Specific Discharge Gradient Volume Flow Rate Acceleration Hydraulic Cond., Permeability Transmissivity
Unit Conversion Factors at FU-Berlin
    Type Units in 1 or Select Units in 2. -1) From: To:
    -2) From:
    A a acre admiraltyknot alpha amp ampere amu angstrom apdram apostilb apounce appound ar arcdeg arcmin arcsec are argentinapeso arpentcan arpentlin astronomicalunit at atm atmosphere atomicmassunit au australiadollar austriaschilling avogadronumber bag bakersdozen bar barie barleycorn barn barrel barye baud bbl becquerel belgiumfranc bev biot bit block blondel boardfoot bohrmagneton bohrradius bolivar bolt boltzmannconstant bottommeasure Bq brazilcruzeiro brbushel brfldr brfloz brgallon brgill britainpound british britishthermalunit brpeck brpint brquart brton btu bu buck bushel byte C c cable cal caliber calorie calthermochem canadadollar candela carat cc cd cent cental centesimalminute centesimalsecond century cfs chain circle circularinch circularmil cl clusec cm colombiapeso comptonwavelength coomb cord cordfoot coul coulomb crith cruzeiro cubit cup curie cwt d da dalton day decade deg degC degree denmarkkrone dinar dioptre displacementton DM dm dollar doppelzentner dozen dr drachma dram drop dry dyn dyne dz e ecu electrongyromagnetic electronlande electronmass electronvolt ell emucapacitance emucurrent emuelpot emuinductance emuresistance energy engineerschain engineerslink epsilon

96. Welcome To Chimique Chemicals
Listing of this chemical engineering companys business activities and services
Last Updated on 7th April 2000b
Equipment Tel: 65-4822173(3 LINES) Fax: 65-4824427 Email: Address:Block 1, #02-07,Ang Mo Kio Industrial Park 2A, AMK Tech 1, Singapore 568049 Please contact the following for more details:

97. Welcome To Chemical Engineering At Iowa State University
Students Prospective Graduate Students Current Students Alumni Information DepartmentInformation Faculty and Staff College of Engineering Iowa State

Prospective Undergraduate

Prospective Graduate

Current Students

Alumni Information

Department Information

Faculty and Staff
Locator Map

Quick Search: 2114 Sweeney Hall Iowa State University Ames, Iowa 50011-2230 Phone: 515/294-7642 Fax: 515/294-2689 Undergraduate Information: Graduate Admissions Information: Chair, Charles E. Glatz: Research Associate Position

98. The Canadian Journal Of Chemical Engineering - Home Page
The Canadian Journal of chemical engineering is recognized internationallyas being one of the leading publications in its field.
The Canadian Journal of Chemical Engineering is recognized internationally as being one of the leading publications in its field. Published on a non-profit basis by the Canadian Society for Chemical Engineering, the Journal carries original research papers, in either English or French, dealing with the theory or practice of chemical engineering, biochemical engineering, environmental process engineering and applied chemistry. The Journal publishes six issues a year. Each volume contains 160 to 190 pages of fully reviewed articles, notes or reviews, plus book reviews and letters to the editor, totalling some 1050 pages every year. What's New?
Major Special Issue for 2003

Proceedings of the 6th International Conference on Gas-Liquid and Gas-Liquid-Solid Reactor Engineering
August 17-20, 2002

99. School Of Chemical Engineering And Materials Science
School of chemical engineering and Materials Science. chemical engineering was firsttaught at OU in 1912 and the first graduate degree was granted in 1918.
School of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science
Chemical engineering was first taught at OU in 1912 and the first graduate degree was granted in 1918. Over the years that followed, the program has developed curricula with traditional strength in fundamentals, while tailoring electives for specializations suited to contemporary and future industrial need. In 1963, the Schools of Chemical Engineering and Metallurgical Engineering were combined into the School of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science (CEMS). The Chemical Engineering program at the University of Oklahoma is one of the largest programs in the College of Engineering. Historically it has been closely aligned with the petroleum and petrochemicals industry, but it is now branching out into the newer areas of materials science and biotechnology. There are currently about 330 students served by 16 faculty members, with a student-faculty ratio of 22.
Program Strengths
1. The chemical engineering faculty is dedicated to both teaching and research and exhibits high morale and enthusiasm. There is good diversity with regard to specialization, age, and PhD institution.

100. Why Not Chemical Engineering?
Use this site to discover more about chemical engineering a professional careerthat; pays well, allows you to travel the world (if you want), is challenging
Use this site to discover more about Chemical Engineering - a professional career that; pays well, allows you to travel the world (if you want), is challenging, and important to society.
If you have any feedback on the site please email

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