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         Environmental Chemistry:     more books (100)
  1. Environmental Chemistry by Colin Baird, Michael Cann, 2008-02-15
  2. Environmental Chemistry & Solutions Manual by Colin Baird, 2008-02-15
  3. Environmental Organic Chemistry by Rene P. Schwarzenbach, Philip M. Gschwend, et all 2002-06-15
  4. Chemistry for Environmental Engineering and Science by Clair Nathan Sawyer, Perry L. McCarty, et all 2002-09-01
  5. Fundamentals of Environmental Chemistry, Third Edition by Stanley E. Manahan, 2008-12-18
  6. Environmental Chemistry, Ninth Edition by Stanley E. Manahan, 2009-12-17
  7. Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry (Topics in Environmental Chemistry) by Donald G. Crosby, 1998-02-26
  8. Chemistry for Nonchemists: Principles and Applications for Environmental Practitioners by Frank R Spellman, 2006-03-03
  9. Chemistry for Environmental and Earth Sciences by Catherine V.A. Duke, C.D. Williams, 2007-10-01
  10. Environmental Chemistry: Green Chemistry and Pollutants in Ecosystems
  11. Environmental Chemistry at a Glance by Ian Pulford, Hugh Flowers, 2006-09-11
  12. Principles of Environmental Chemistry by James E. Girard, 2009-07-23
  13. Applications of Environmental Aquatic Chemistry: A Practical Guide, Second Edition by Eugene R. Weiner, 2008-01-17
  14. Environmental Chemistry, Eighth Edition by Stanley E. Manahan, 2004-08-26

1. American Chemical Society
Division of environmental chemistry. Home Page. The Division of EnvironmentalChemistry web site has been combined with the Division's newsletter.
American Chemical Society
Division of Environmental Chemistry
Home Page
The Division of Environmental Chemistry web site has been combined with the Division's newsletter. Click here to go to the new web site at

2. The Hites' Laboratory For Analytical Environmental Chemistry
We apply organic analytical chemistry to the understanding of environmentalproblems. Almost pollutants. for Analytical environmental chemistry
for Analytical Environmental Chemistry
The Hites' Research Group at Indiana University is affiliated with the School of Public and Environmental Affairs (SPEA) and the Department of Chemistry . We apply organic analytical chemistry to the understanding of environmental problems. Almost all of our work uses gas chromatographic mass spectrometry for the analysis of trace levels of potentially toxic environmental pollutants. Specific research areas include: global scale transport of halogenated compounds, rate of reactions of pollutants with OH and O , and anthropogenic organic pollutants in the Great Lakes.
Ronald A. Hites
Current Research Interests
The Automated Toxaphene Quantitation Program
Integrated Atmospheric Deposition Network Quality Assurance Project Plan (pdf file)
Former Group Members
Selected Publications
Related Links
News and Events ...
Pictures For more information concerning our research activities, please contact:
Ronald Atlee Hites
Indiana University
School of Public and Environmental Affairs and Department of Chemistry
SPEA 410
Bloomington, IN 47405

Small environmental consulting business(hispanic woman owned) offering a variety of environmental services as field audits, laboratory audits, translations, project management, environmental chemistry training, and data review.
ANAMAR Environmental Chemistry, Inc. is a Hispanic woman-owned small business offering a variety of environmental services to
government, industrial, and private enterprises as well as other professional consulting organizations. TRAINING



4. The Environmental Chemistry Research And Instructional Program At SUNY ESF
A formal curriculum in environmental chemistry was established at the SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry
CCGS Limnos - G. Boyer participated in a Lake Ontario cruise looking at the production of toxins by cyanobacteria
A formal curriculum in Environmental Chemistry was established at the SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry in 1976. There are now Environmental Chemistry programs at the BS, MS and Ph.D. levels, with 5 core faculty members and an equal number of contributing faculty in the Chemistry Department participating. This remains one of the few Ph.D. programs in environmental chemistry resident in a Chemistry Department anywhere in the country, and one of the largest. Along with the entire Chemistry Department, the environmental chemists have moved into the brand new and newly equipped Jahn Laboratory Dr. John Hassett , Chairman Phone 315.470.6855
Department of Chemistry
1 Forestry Drive
Syracuse, NY 13210 FAX 315.470.6856 Questions or Comments, contact:
D.L.Johnson Last updated:
Visitors since 12/01/99

Chemistry Department Web Resources

5. Oak Crest Institute Of Science
Nonprofit environmental chemistry research and education organization.

6. Springer LINK: The Handbook Of Environmental Chemistry
Scientists affiliated with departments/institutes subscribing to The Handbook ofenvironmental chemistry as a whole also have full access to all papers in PDF
Editor-in-Chief: Prof. Dr. Otto Hutzinger
  • Access to tables of contents and abstracts is free for everybody. Scientists affiliated with departments/institutes subscribing to The Handbook of Environmental Chemistry as a whole also have full access to all papers in PDF form.
    (Point your librarian to the LINK access registration form
Vol. 1 Series: The Natural Environment and the Biogeochemical Cycles
ISSN: 1433-6820 (printed version)
ISSN: 1616-864X (electronic version)
Vol. 2 Series: Reactions and Processes
ISSN: 1433-6839 (printed version)
ISSN: 1616-8658 (electronic version)
Vol. 3 Series: Anthropogenic Compounds
ISSN: 1433-6847 (printed version)
ISSN: 1616-8666 (electronic version)
Vol. 4 Series: Air Pollution
ISSN: 1433-6855 (printed version)
ISSN: 1616-8674 (electronic version)
Vol. 5 Series: Water Pollution
ISSN: 1433-6863 (printed version)
ISSN: 1616-8682 (electronic version)

7. Environmental Chemistry ESM 552
Environmental Science and Management Program environmental chemistry 552 Professor H. M. (Skip) Kingston environmental chemistry ESM 552 3cr

8. Postdoctoral Program In Environmental Chemistry
on the presentations and discussions at that meeting, the Foundation initiated theCamille and Henry Dreyfus Postdoctoral Program in environmental chemistry.
Deadline: February 26, 2004
Announcement : July 2004
Introduction Eligibility and Scope Online Application Procedure Proposal Submission Deadlines ... Award Recipients: Postdoctoral Program in Environmental Chemistry
In 1994, the Camille and Henry Dreyfus Foundation invited distinguished chemists and chemical engineers to a conference exploring the impact of chemistry on the environment. Based on the presentations and discussions at that meeting, the Foundation initiated the Camille and Henry Dreyfus Postdoctoral Program in Environmental Chemistry. First awards were made in 1996. The program invites experts in environmental science to submit proposals for the training of Ph.D. chemists and chemical engineers in research activities related to chemistry and the environment. Each awardee may then appoint a postdoctoral scientist to spend up to two years in a program intended to stimulate the postdoctoral scientist to carry out further research in support of environmental understanding and values. In general, five institutions are selected annually to receive a total award of $96,000 each.
Eligibility and Scope
The program is open to all academic and other not-for-profit organizations that have well-established research efforts in environmental science or engineering. These research activities need not be located in traditional departments in the chemical sciences.

9. University Of Plymouth - BSc (Hons) Environmental Chemistry
BSc environmental chemistry integrates theoretical and practical chemistry with contemporary and provocative

10. Environmental Chemistry
environmental chemistry. at the University of Illinois, UrbanaChampaign Campus
Environmental Chemistry at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign Campus
  • American Chemical Society- Certified Undergraduate Environmental Chemistry Option. Contact Person: Prof. Steven Zumdahl,
  • Description of the option:
This option is designed to provide a background in environmental chemistry that has sufficient breadth and depth to prepare a person to work as an environmental chemist in the public or private sector and/or to pursue an advanced degree in the field. Students who complete this option will be certified in environmental chemistry by the American Chemical Society (ACS). The Environmental Chemistry Option is based on the UIUC Chemistry Department' s Specialized Curriculum in Chemistry. Therefore, to be certified in this option, the student must satisfy all of the requirements for the Specialized Curriculum in Chemistry. To complete the Environmental Option, one course (descriptions follow) must be selected from each of four of the following categories (A-E): A. General environmental chemistry, NRES 251 or CEE 241

11. Environmental Chemistry Group
environmental chemistry Group Click here to search the chemsoc Conferences and Eventsdatabase for meetings organised by the environmental chemistry Group.
Environmental Chemistry Group Environmental Organisations on the Web Click here for the latest Bulletin * These are PDF files and require the Adobe Acrobat Reader Forthcoming Events Click here to search the chemsoc Conferences and Events database for meetings organised by the Environmental Chemistry Group Submit details of a Group meeting to the chemsoc Conferences and Events database For further information please contact the Secretary of the Group: Dr A Robert MacKenzie , Environmental Science Department, Lancaster University, Lancaster LA1 4YQ, UK, tel +44 (0) 1524 593970, fax +44 (0) 1524 593985, Email RSC Contact: Sean McWhinnie , Royal Society of Chemistry, Burlington House, Piccadilly, London W1J 0BA, tel +44 (0) 20 7440 3309, fax +44 (0) 20 7437 8883, Email For queries or contributions regarding the Newsletter, contact: Rupert Purchase

12. Savannah River Ecology Lab (srel) An Academic Research Institution
Research related to environmental effects from DOE nuclear facilities near Aiken, South Carolina, including radioecology, ecotoxicology, phytoremediation, herpetology, environmental chemistry, and ecological stewardship.
What's New!!!!

13. Environmental Chemistry
environmental chemistry Links to background materials, internet articles, governmentand organization sites, international sites, and university contacts are
compiled by Audrey Sanderson: send updates, corrections, and additions to email Reducing emissions Chemical and Engineering News, July 1996 Conference spotlights efforts aimed at working toward zero emissions in manufacturing while achieving economic growth . Environmental Chemistry Links to background materials, internet articles, government and organization sites, international sites, and university contacts are compiled at this site. Environmental Chemistry Teaching resources and projects are compiled her by Woodrow Wilson Workshop participants. Environmental News source for Environmental chemistry issues. Lists daily stories of environmental chemistry interest, and offers a SEARCH engine for chemistry related sources! Chemistry of the Atmosphere Questions and answers to determine how much one knows. Offered by the chem faculty teams at 3 northern Minnesota colleges. Journal: An online searchable journal published by the Americal Chemical Society. Note copy restrictions. This impressive periodic table lists the biological applications and implications of the first 112 elements! Select an element, scroll to locate the "Biology" category to access the biological information

14. Chemistry - Environmental Chemistry
Advertisement. environmental chemistry Guide picks. Environmentalchemistry notes, lectures, and articles are listed. Water Quality
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Environmental Chemistry
Guide picks Environmental chemistry notes, lectures, and articles are listed.
Water Quality File

This page has links to many suppliers of drinking water from around the world who publish chemical analyses of their product. How To Remove Fluoride from Drinking Water
This is a list of methods that can be used to remove fluoride from drinking water. There's also a list of methods that do not remove fluoride and suggestions for ways to minimize fluoride exposure. References for the fluoridation controversy are included. Product Summary - Pur Water Filtration Pitcher Pur water filtration products offer state-of-the-art filtration of microbiological contaminants, as well as of sediment, heavy metals, and certain organic substances. Here is a summary of the main product features and links to compare prices on different models. Water Filters that Remove Fluoride This is a compilation of online vendors and manufacturers of water filters designed to remove tap water. A variety of filter types and price ranges are covered. Tabletop, undersink, and refrigerator models are all available.

15. Soil And Environmental Chemistry At Stanford University
Soil and environmental chemistry Program at Stanford University focuseson the transport of trace elements through soils.
ContactUs Presentations Research Briefs
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16. Environmental Chemistry, Department Of Chemistry
april 2001. Britt, AnneLine, Mads, Stroyer Bo, Tina, Rocio, Trine, Kurt Malene,Britta, Ulla Lohse, Anja, Helle, Kristina, Christina. environmental chemistry.

The whole group attends the conference "Kampen om Klimaet" 19. april 2001. Britt, Anne-Line, Mads, Stroyer
Bo, Tina, Rocio, Trine, Kurt
Malene, Britta, Ulla
Lohse, Anja, Helle, Kristina, Christina
Environmental Chemistry
    The research in atmospherical environmental chemistry involves experimental studies of atmospheric processes leading to formation of air polluting components and deposition of air pollution. The studies include non-linear atmospheric-chemical reactions, especially the conversions of the circulation of nitrogen, carbon or sulphur in the atmosphere under Danish climatic and meteorological conditions.
Research Assistant Michael Evan Goodsite Associate Professor Torben Stroyer Hansen Associate Professor Christian Lohse M.Sc. Student Birgitte Daugaard M.Sc. Student Sabine Meng Jensen M.Sc. Student Kurt Johansen M.Sc. Student

17. Environmental Chemistry Resources
Resources relating to environmental chemistry, including Journals, Research Groups,General Resources, Societies and Software. Contact Webmaster Site Map
Agricultural Chemistry Analytical Chemistry Biochemistry Chemical Education ... Software August 3-7,1998
1998 International Water Resources Engineering Conference
The Peabody Hotel Memphis, TN
Contact: Dr. Steven R. Abt Engineering Research Center Colorado State University Fort Collins, CO 80523 Phone: 970-491-8203 Fax: 970-491-8462
September 7-11,1998
International Conference on Early Warning Systems
Reduction of Natural Disasters
Postdam Germany
September 21-25,1998:
9th International Meeting of the Humic Substances Society
University of Adelaide, Australia

A quarterly magazine about how scientific methods are used
to understand our impact on the environment and to
develop strategies for sustaining natural resources.
Environmental Science and Technology Green Chemistry
Royal Society of Chemistry Publication Journal of Environmental Monitoring
Royal Society of Chemistry Publication
Centre for Analytical Research in the Environment

Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine Chemical and Environmental Research and Development
Los Alamos National Laboratory Ecology and Environmental Science Research University of Kuopio Environmental and Analytical Chemistry Bristol University Environmental Chemistry Group Odense University Environmental Chemistry Group The University of York Environmental Chemistry Initiative:A Joint Project Louisiana State University Southern Universiy Environmental Chemistry Research University Endinburgh Environmental Engineering Division School of Chemical Engineering University of Birmingham

18. The Environmental Chemistry And Technology Program Is Housed In
Information for prospective and current students in environmental chemistryand Technology at the University of WisconsinMadison.
The Environmental Chemistry and Technology Program is housed in the Water Science and Engineering Laboratory Environmental Chemistry and Technology Program
Room 122
680 North Park Street
Madison, WI 53706-1481 Tel: 608/263-3264
Fax: 608/262-0454
Environmental Chemistry

and Technology News

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19. Chemistry - Links For Chemists - Topics - Environmental Chemistry
WWW VL logo, Links for Chemists Chemistry section of the WWW Virtual Library.Virtual Library Science Chemistry environmental chemistry Resources.
Links for Chemists
Chemistry section of the WWW Virtual Library
Virtual Library
Science Chemistry : Environmental Chemistry Resources
  • 2,4-D Research Data (Selective herbicide) US Air Quality Information for the UK @ AEA Technology UK Airsite @ North Carolina US Alternative Fluorocarbons Environmental Acceptability Study (AFEAS) US American Chemical Society - Division of Environmental Chemistry @ Duquesne US Army Acquisition Pollution Prevention Support Office (AAPPSO) US A Self-contained Atmospheric chemistry coDe (ASAD) @ Cambridge UK Atmospheric Chemistry Studies in the Oceanic Environment (ACSOE) @ UEA UK (Sceptical environmentalist, where the term environmentalist is used in the loosest possible sense) DK
      (Environmentalist) DK
    Bromine Science and Environmental Forum BE Bundesumweltministerium DE Burning Waste in Kilns UK vs. US California Environmental Protection Agency (Cal/EPA) US Carbon Dioxide Information Analysis Center @ Oak Ridge US Carbon Sequestration @ DOE US Center for Clouds, Chemistry and Climate (C4)
  • 20. A Taylor & Francis Journal: Toxicological & Environmental Chemistry
    Toxicological environmental chemistry. Toxicological and EnvironmentalChemistry is currently abstracted/indexed in Chemical Abstracts.
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    Editor Hartmut Frank
    Editorial Information
    Publication Details:
    Volume 85, 2003, 6 issues per year
    ISSN Print 0277-2248 2003 Subscription Rates
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    Institutional Rate: £4050/ US$4950
    of CrossRef

    Aims and Scope: Toxicological and Environmental Chemistry is devoted to the general chemistry,environmental analysis, biochemical toxicology and ecotoxicology of xenobiotics and natural toxins.

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