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  1. Handpicked Software for Mac OS X: The Best New Freeware, Shareware, and Commerical Software for Mac OS X --2002 publication. by Robert Ellis, 2002-01-01
  2. Freeware: Pretty Good Privacy, Trillian, Windows Live Messenger, Spotify, Kiss, Mercury Messenger, Virtualpc, Anim8or, Orbiter, Chemtoolbox (French Edition)
  3. Independent Type Foundries: Ray Larabie, Myfonts, List of Freeware Type Designers, Harold Lohner, Peter Bilak, Roy Cole, P22 Type Foundry
  4. [FREEWARE GAMES]Freeware Games by Books, LLC(Author)paperback{Freeware Games: SimCity, Castle of the Winds, Tribes 2, Icy Tower, Super Columbine Massacre RPG!, Command}15 09-2010
  5. Dos-Only Freeware Games: Bio Menace, Pong Kombat, God of Thunder, Ken's Labyrinth, Executioners, Jetpack, Popcorn
  6. Freeware as a competitive deterrent [An article from: Information Economics and Policy] by E. Haruvy, A. Prasad,
  7. Osiris (Serverless Portal System): Freeware, Web Portal, Microsoft Windows, Linux, Forum, Blog, Peer- to- Peer, Internet Service Provider
  8. Prime Time Freeware for AI (Selected materials from the Carnegie Mellon University Artificial Intelligence Repository, Issue 1-1)
  9. Palette (Freeware Game)
  10. Freeware
  11. Freeware: ICQ, Oberon, Netscape Navigator, Opera, Solaris, Adobe Reader, Winamp, QuickTime, Steam, Skype, ITunes, POW!, Phoner, MWconn (German Edition)
  12. Freeware 3d Graphics Software: Pov-Ray, Anim8or, Radiance, Terragen, Truespace, Kerkythea, Indigo Renderer, Mechanisto, Gelato
  13. 99 freeware portable type. progr on Flash-ROM ( CD) / 99 besplatnykh perenosn. progr na Flash-diske ( CD) by Bukirev V., 2008
  14. MacAddict October 2001 w/CD New Pro Macs, Adobe Illustrator Secrets, Charting Tricks in Excel, Nikon Coolpix 995 Rated, Avoid the Terminal, 150 Top Shareware & Freeware Apps on Disc, Trace Photos with Illustrator

21. Freeware - NONAGS
Software on the Internet The best site on the 'net for the latest and greatest Windows 95/98, Windows NT, and Windows 3.x software. Thousands of free
No frames page No frames page

22. SC/MP Elektor Emulator
freeware SC/MP Elektor CPU emulator for Win32 coded in VB6. Also featuring technical information.
    SC/MP Elektor Emulator V0.9 Background Info
    This Webpage is dedicated to the very first CPU I ever used and with which I build two homebrew systems. Over the last couple of years I've been working (haphazardly) on an emulator for this CPU. As of now I think the emulator functions well enough to put it up for those users that want to try it. However I will not make any guaranties to it's reliable functioning yet. The program must considered to be in the alpha-test fase.
    Any comments ....... Please E-mail me: Sipke de Wal
    SC/MP Emulator Downloads Download Elektor Emulator The Emulator was written in Visual Basic 6.0 and needs the required runtime-files which is also aviable Download NIBL Emulator The NIBL emulator was send to me by Henri Mason. He wrote this emulator in Microsoft Visual C++ and integrated the NIBL ROMS. This means that it runs the NIBL very tiny BASIC. When I get to it and I can find my old National Semiconductor documentation I will scan some more info on the NIBL stuff and make it aviable here
    In this documentation you will find technical background information on the SC/MP-CPU (say SCAMP) from National Semiconductor. This is additional information for those who want to work with the SC/MP Emulator. We will cover some history, hardware info, PIN-OUT-description, CPU-registerset, addressingmodes, the instructionset and some sample programs. Below a screendump of the emulator.

23. Shareware And Freeware From PADfiles - Developers: Submit Your Programs PAD File
Get the best shareware and freeware for Windows, straight from the authors. Developers can submit PAD files.
The best Shareware and Freeware for Windows
presented by the authors themselves Long descriptions
part 1
Long descriptions
part 2
... TOP
Welcome to PADfiles, where a group of top notch software developers present their best recent shareware and freeware for Windows! Crash Course Delphi Step-by-step Delphi programming tutorial for beginners NameScanner Quickly scan a list of domain names for availability Style One A Windows utility that makes it quick and easy to add style to your web-pages eMNGma Tomorrows view of the Web today: create stunning animations quickly. Multimedia Manager View, play and manage your multimedia files in style WallMaster Pro Master your desktop wallpaper in just a few minutes PlanBee Critical Path Project Management Planning Tool - alternative to MS Project ParseRat Aesop's Fables Read Aesop's Fables in style with this e-book Ultimate CoffeEbook Discover a wealth of information on the humble coffee bean and learn to enjoy it Dictionary of Concise Writing Add power to your communication with this invaluable writing companion. Dimwit's Dictionary Find out what not to do with this companion to the Dictionary of Concise Writing NotePager 32 Easy to use alphanumeric paging software solution for mobile phones and pagers NotePager Net Full feature network paging software for mobile phones and pagers PageGate Network paging gateway for pagers and cell phones WebGate Internet paging gateway that allows for email/web messages to be sent to pagers Dissect Image A tool for converting images into WBMP and for filtering images

24. RetroBase - Roms, Sega, Nintendo, SNES, Neo Geo
Emulation news site with emulators and freeware ROMs of several consoles for download. Also includes game reviews, videogame music and Java arcade games.

25. Welcome To, The Place To Find Free Java Applets, Tutorials, Ref
Directory of applets, tutorials, references, and articles.Category Computers Programming Languages Java Resources......Welcome to, an excellent starting point to everythingJava on the net! '); } else if (bV =3) {document.write(''); document
'); document.write(' Top IT News
Recommended sites
Main Menu
Welcome to , an excellent starting point to everything Java™ technology on the net! At a glance: What's New page.
Java™ Applets

Java applets of various types to add Java power to your site. If you're a Java developer, learn from their source codes.

Tutorials and online courses on Java learning. Java™ Sites and Zines
(Commercial) sites devoted exclusively to Java. Great way to keep up with the latest happenings in the Java Community. Java™ Books Java books, complete online versions of Java books. JSP and Servlets Tutorials and code on JSP and servlets JavaScript This section contains info and resources on JavaScript, a programming language completely different from Java. receives rave reviews from the editors at Techsightings! "...Too many websites on any subject, including Java, come and go too rapidly for any living human to keep up with them. But is a rich resource, one every Java developer (or wannabe) should bookmark, just as it claims.

26. Windows Shareware For 3.x, 95 And NT
Assorted Windows shareware and freeware including award winners in both 16 and 32 bit versions.
Shareware and Freeware for Windows 3.x, Windows 95 and Windows NT, from Oakley Data Services Our complete range of software is here, including those that we publish from Insight Software Solutions of the USA. Click on the product name for a fuller description, download links, screenshots etc. If you would rather not download we also have this complete range, plus many more besides from other companies in the industry, available on a low-cost CD-Rom . The CD has a friendly interface with full descriptions of all the products, together with screenshots and simple installation mechanisms. Capture Express Screen Capture WebCompiler 32bit version of our popular HTML compiler Macro Express I Recent Documents Replaces the "Documents" entry on the Start Menu with a complete document managament subsystem. Smart Accounts Powerful but simple to use Personal Finance manager for Windows Smart Address A sophisticated Windows address management system. Direct Links to any Word Processor, Mail-Merge Data file Creation for MS-Word, Modem Support, sophisticated reporting Mail-Shot capabilities, Reminder systems, callbacks. SmartBoard XP A Windows 95/NT Clipboard Extender supports all clipboard formats. Collect items copied to the clipboard and paste back days or weeks later with a single mouse-click. Create boilerplate text items, add templates, grab graphics.

27. SGI Freeware - February 2003 Edition
This is the February 2003 edition of the SGI® IRIX® freeware distribution. TheFuture more. Using freeware more. Downloading Installing packages more.
SGI Freeware IRIX Freeware homepage Alphabetical By Date ... Email Us Related Sites Switch to FTP Mirror sites SGI TechPubs Library SGI Open Source Projects This is the February 2003 The open source software packages on this site are authored and provided by many generous individuals and organizations throughout the world. It is through their efforts that these useful and high-quality software packages exist. The software in these packages is not supported by SGI. While we cannot make any promises, freeware volunteers may be able to help resolve problems you encounter in the installation, setup, or execution of this software. Please send us e-mail with feedback, bug reports, patches, etc. FAQ 2.2 NOTE: fw_gcc/3.2.1 should only be used on systems running IRIX 6.5.18 or later. It accidentally picked up some version-specific headers. Older system can still run Recent changes:

28. AAA-Software E-zine On The Net.
Free tips and downloads for Macintosh and Windows PC freeware and shareware.

Online Archive
Add A Program Advertising Link To Us ... Free E-cards
"This is one of the best ezines for finding useful programs on the web.
Congratulations on a great web site and newsletter!"
A happy subscriber. If you want to be informed about the latest free- and shareware for the Windows
platform, AAA-Software E-zine is what you need!
Subscribe today for free , and every month we'll bring you the newest download
links and best shareware tips, straight from the Internet to save time and money! Subscribe today and you'll get a FREE GIFT!
"Dirk, You did it again! In your last issue of your ezine you
offered a free download about learning how to use a ws-ftp program. I had downloaded one of these programs a while again, but didn't understand how to use it. And now because of you I have step-by-step directions on how to use it. THANK YOU! When I get my web site built and running I would like to have a sign up link on my site of your ezine subscrption. I want everyone that visits my site to know that

29. SGI Freeware Alphabetical Index
PreConfigured, Pre-Compiled and Inst-Packaged for IRIX 6.5 and upwardsClick on a product name for description and notes Click
Pre-Configured, Pre-Compiled and Inst-Packaged
for IRIX 6.5 and upwards
Click on a product name for description and notes
Click on the question mark icon for dependency information
Click on the install icon to auto-install a package
Release Notes Description Build Date Size Rq Download Text to PostScript converter 3.4 MiB abiword-1.0.3 Cross-Platform Word Processor 32.1 MiB agrep-2.04 grep with approximate matching capabilities 0.3 MiB align-1.0.0 text filter for aligning columns 0.2 MiB amanda-2.4.2p2 Network Disk Archiver 2.9 MiB amp-0.7.6 mpeg audio player 0.4 MiB analog-5.30 HTTPD log file analyzer 3.3 MiB antiword-0.32 Convert MS Word documents to text or PostScript 0.6 MiB aolserver-3.3 A multithreaded, Tcl-enabled web server 6.3 MiB apache-1.3.27 Apache web server 7.8 MiB Apache web server 8.4 MiB atk-1.0.3 GTK2 accessibility toolkit 1.2 MiB audiofile-0.2.3 API for accessing audio files 1.3 MiB autoconf-2.54 Automatically configure source 1.9 MiB automake-1.6.2 Generate autoconf files 1.3 MiB balsa-1.2.4 GNOME mail client 4.6 MiB

30. DimensioneX Multiplayer Adventure Development Kit - Online Game
Offers a freeware Java software capable of building and running multiplayer adventure games, playable with any browser. Several multiplayer games are available for free as a demo.
Quick Search
Multiplayer Adventure Game Development Kit (Freeware) Latest News What is it? 27-Feb-2003 DimensioneX version 5.0.3 has been released! Download it now and check out the improved user interface. 13-Jan-2002 A guide on how to produce localized versions of DimensioneX game engine is available 4-Jan-2003 DimensioneX version 5.0.0 was been released. This release dropped XML coding and added easy on-screen debugging. 18-Dec-2002 DimensioneX runs on the new and stable Tomcat 4.1.17. Learn how It is a freeware software kit for developing and running multiplayer adventure games. Learn more... Once you have it working on your PC you can easily develop an role-playing adventure game with the scenes and characters you like and, as soon as you are connected... your game works as an online multiplayer game so you can invite friends! Use it also to create a graphic and interactive chat environment! Features Play online now! Runs on any computer , Windows, Linux and Mac.

31. FREEWARE GUIDE - Your Guide To The Best Free Software And Freeware Sites!
Daily news of freeware updates, Program of the Month, freeware links, Free Software,Shareware links, Free Downloads, Free Web Space, Free Top Sites, Free
Freeware Arena
It's Free 4 U


What's New

Program Of The Month!

Top 10 Freeware

Free Downloads
Add Software
(Freeware only) Search Monthly Newsletter (join the mailing list) Last updated: March 18, 2003 Acronis Download Center Top Sites 100 Freeware 100 GameS Top Computers Vonna ... more... Top Referrers Top Software Sites more... Nero CD Rom Burning Software. Only $29.99! Featured Freeware WireKeys Version 1.4.3, release date: March 15, 2003 System utility which helps to work in Windows. Hot key oriented. Features (every action can be connected to the hot key): - Full 'Win' key support for your hot keys - Additional text clipboards (unlimited clips+history of use) - Screen shot making - Ability to: kill non-replying tasks, minimize any application to tray, quickly run any application, quickly move off-screen windows back, quickly shutdown/restart your computer, run and enable/disable screen saver, convert selected text from wrong keyboard layout, run selected text as from command string, control sound volume, quickly start default browser or email client Download (392 kB) BazookaBar Are You - Sick of pop up and pop under ads?

32. HP E3000 Software Downloads
HewlettPackard's own site for HP e3000 freeware, some of which is supported to various degrees by HP support or directly by CSY. HP produced and supported software includes Apache, BIND/DNS, Java, LDAP, LineJet Utilities, Patch/iX, Porting Scanner, Porting Wrappers, Samba, VT3K.
summary of site-wide JavaScript functionality printable version hp e3000 software downloads search contact hp jazz home software downloads java hp partners register for more info Note: some links on this page require the use of the Adobe Acrobat Reader plug-in or Info-ZIP IMPORTANT! - some of the HP software contained on Jazz is supported to various degrees by HP Support or directly by CSY. Items without explicit support claims should be assumed to be UNSUPPORTED. Each download should be fully tested on a non-production system before releasing it to your end-users. Please read the MOVER note at the end of this page. Please read the directions at the end of this page that discuss various ways to unpackage and transfer some of the files found on Jazz. Want to develop some software of your own but lack access to a suitable e3000 with all of the required tools? No problem! Check out the new CSY Public Access Development System program where you can register for Internet access to a fully-loaded e3000 development machine. open source software produced/ported and "supported" by hp open source software produced/ported as unsupported freeware by hp open source software produced/ported and "supported" by companies other than hp open source software produced/ported by individuals: binary-only software produced/ported and "supported" by hp alphabetical freeware listing

33. FreewarePalm: The One And Only Site For Downloading Freeware Files For PalmOS Ha
This is an excellent resource for those of you interested in freeware for your Palm OS handheld. Category Computers Systems Software Shareware Directories......freewarePalm is the 1 internet resource and portal for 3Com PalmPilot freeware and software applications. freewarePalm has the
Search the web for: Accounting Software Card Games Gifts Download Music ... Digital Cameras Our PDA network: Freeware Palm Freeware Pocket PC Palm Gaming World var test=0; document.write("<");document.write("! "); document.write(" ");document.write(">"); FreewarePalm Last Updated: Monday - March 17, 2003 Category Astrology



It is the #1 internet resource for Pocket PC freeware files.
Be sure to visit
Pen+ v1.0

Category: Graphics Utilities Pen+ is a great app that allows you to draw directly on the screen. With several useful features: 7 screens, pen colour selection (or grayscale), 3 pen widths, etc. more... PocketTEA v2.4c Category: Travel Utilities PocketTEA is designed to be a simple travel expense tracker. It has configurable expense categories and payment types. It supports trip templates and expense item searching with totals. more...

34. Starz Freeware License
Breakout variant for Windows in which you don't lose a life when the ball misses the paddle, but rather your score goes down.
Starz This version is limited to number of levels you can play, but gameplay is fully functional. Also check out the new game demo: License Agreement FREEWARE LICENSE AGREEMENT
You should carefully read the following terms and
conditions before using this software. Your use of
this software indicates your acceptance of this license
1. Install and use an unlimited number of copies for personal use.
1. Sell Starz or any portion of it.
2. Decompile, disassemble, reverse engineer or modify the Starz executable or any portion of it.
3. Distribute Starz in any form. THIS SOFTWARE IS SOLD AS IS AND WITHOUT WARRANTY OF ANY KIND EXPRESSED, IMPLIED OR OTHERWISE, INCLUDING WITHOUT LIMITATION, ANY WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. The user must assume the entire risk of using the program. Starz is in it's entirety for entertainment purposes only. Starz - Self Extracting File (83kb) Starz - Zip File (44kb) Note: If you have a zip/unzip program, the zip file is a lot quicker download! Join Ayretek's Game News Mailing List !

35. EuroCool - EuroCool - Palm And Visor Software
Over 1200 Palm Pilot freeware, shareware, and commercial apps. Find the latest apps, what's coolest, all time favorites, or just browse by category.
The palm software site. Welcome to the EuroCool archive!
Over 5000 Palm apps listed. Home Submit Advertise Shopping cart ... Contact Search for apps Shop with Amazon Discount Books
Latest Apps
DVD Track (IEO) Mileage Track (IEO) My Leave Balance(Color and BW) ... Palm makes Tungsten W release official
Palm App Archive Books, cases, stylus and gifts...
Save money by shopping online with Latest Apps...
PalmPilot apps hot off the press from around the world... All Time Favourites...
the PalmPilot apps that everyone is downloading... Coolest...
the apps receiving the best reviews from PalmPilot users... Categories...
find the calculator, game, e-mail sync, etc. that you are looking for... Authors...
check out the PalmPilot apps by your favourite author... Software Type...
browse the freeware, shareware, and commercial software in the EuroCool Palm Pilot archive... EuroCool Site Services Subscribe Receive notifications by e-mail of the latest and greatest Palm apps listed at EuroCool. Subscribe to our weekly bulletin that includes the Top 10 Apps and the best reviews written about PalmPilot apps. Advertise Advertise on EuroCool! We are currently one of the most frequently visited PalmPilot sites on the internet.

36. Tucows Downloads - Download Freeware And Shareware Software.
freeware and shareware downloads for Windows, Macintosh, Linux and PDA. Mirror locations throughout Category Computers Software Shareware Directories......Download freeware and shareware software, from the largest online softwaredownload site. Downloads for Windows, Macintosh, Linux and PDA.
Tucows downloads - Download freeware and shareware software, themes and games for Windows, Linux, Macintosh and PDA. Wholesale
for Resellers
•Download Store



ARCHIVED Q4/Year-End 2002

in every
Software Flavor Sign Up Here DESKTOP SOFTWARE Windows Macintosh Linux Windows Themes ... Software Store Secure IE Professional WorkgroupMail Mail Server 7.1.1 This program blocks pop-ups, Flash ads and malicious files. This e-mail server provides Internet mail and internal mail. PDA Software Computer Games EPOC Newton ... CHOOSE YOUR MIRROR for in All Software BeOS Games Linux Macintosh OS/2 PDA Epoc PDA Newton PDA Palm PDA Pocket PC PDA RIM PDA Series 3 PDA Siena Themes Themes Cursors Themes Editors Themes ICQ Skins Themes Icons Themes Wallpaper Winamp Skins Screen Savers Startup Screens Windows Windows 3x Super Search SITEMAP FEEDBACK ... EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES ©2003 Tucows Inc. TUCOWS and NEWSDIRECTORY.COM are registered trademarks of Tucows Inc. All other trademarks and service marks are the properties of their respective owners. Tucows Inc. has no liability for any content or goods on the Tucows site or the Internet, except as set forth in the terms and conditions and privacy statement.

37. FreewareArena
A good freeware site, also has listings of useful services. For beginners and pros alike. All done by 1 man.Category Computers Software freeware Directories...... Breaking NEWS The freeware BOOK 9 is now available at last . How to submit freeware? You can submit freeware (only
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FreewareArena Mail

Site of the Week WANTDBEST Search Login Nickname Password Don't have an account yet? You can create one . As a registered user you have some advantages like theme manager, comments configuration and post comments with your name. Free Virus Scan customized for phpNuke by Claus Bamberg :: Breaking NEWS :: The website for Orien's Enhancer Gold is down..and I have no information as to why or when it will be back up. I apologize for this inconvenience. I will post an update if and when this is resolved. The FREEWARE BOOK #9 is now last.... :: Download Questions :: A number of author's sites are not condusive to utilize direct download links, so I have noted on their descriptions as to if you have to visit the author's site to be able to download a program :( :: Popularity Facts :: Download totals are reset each week, as well as Web Link totals. This is to give a better and more up to date rating system for letting visitors know what is popular in these categories. News : Please contact me Could the person who posted anonymously regarding HandyBits software please get in touch with me so I can address what you wrote. Thanks

38. Freeware World Team
Links naar programma's die op categorie staan geselecteerd.

39. ... Freeware, Cardware Und Public Domain Software
Freeware, Cardware und
Public Domain Archiv.
Kostenlose Software mit Kurzbeschreibung und direktem Download.
Leider kann Ihr Browser keine Rahmen darstellen !

Freeware Free Cardware Shareware Software Download Freestuff Gratis Kostenlos umsonst Public Domain Sammlung 32bit 32-bit win95 win98 winNT windows95 windows98 windowsNT utility tools Scherzprogramme.

40. AstroTips - Astronomy Freeware And Shareware
Information on selected astronomy free software. Read a comment, see a screenshot and download.
A stro T ips
Astronomy Freeware and Shareware
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