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         Java:     more books (100)
  1. Java Generics and Collections by Maurice Naftalin Maurice, Philip Wadler, 2006-10-17
  2. Murach's Java SE 6: Training & Reference by Joel Murach, Andrea Steelman, 2007-04-20
  3. Java How to Program: Early Objects Version (8th Edition) by Harvey M. Deitel, Paul J. Deitel, 2009-03-27
  4. Java: A Beginner's Guide, 4th Ed. by Herbert Schildt, 2006-12-01
  5. Java The Complete Reference, Seventh Edition (Osborne Complete Reference Series) by Herbert Schildt, 2006-12-01
  6. Learning Java by Patrick Niemeyer, Jonathan Knudsen, 2005-05-20
  7. Effective Java: Programming Language Guide (Java Series) by Joshua Bloch, 2001-06-15
  8. Beginning Java EE 6 with GlassFish 3, Second Edition by Antonio Goncalves, 2010-08-24
  9. Data Structures and Algorithms in Java (2nd Edition) by Robert Lafore, 2002-11-16
  10. The Art and Science of Java by Eric Roberts, 2007-03-01
  11. Java(TM) Puzzlers: Traps, Pitfalls, and Corner Cases by Joshua Bloch, Neal Gafter, 2005-07-04
  12. Java Pocket Guide (Pocket Guides) by Patricia Liguori, 2008-03-05
  13. Killer Game Programming in Java by Andrew Davison, 2005-05-20
  14. Sams Teach Yourself Java 6 in 21 Days (5th Edition) by Rogers Cadenhead, Laura Lemay, 2007-06-04

21. Javalobby
Independent organization that supports the promise of java's "Write Once, Run Anywhere" Category Computers Programming Languages java Resources...... Forums. Improving java 727 Msgs in 178 Topics. Product Announcements 2261Msgs in 1036 Topics. General java Discussion 1812 Msgs in 617 Topics.
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Forums Improving Java
727 Msgs in 178 Topics Javalobby Frontpage
9894 Msgs in 563 Topics Product Announcements
2295 Msgs in 1056 Topics General Java Discussion
1815 Msgs in 619 Topics Java Code Examples
268 Msgs in 126 Topics Javalobby Enhancements
300 Msgs in 133 Topics Old Javalobby Posts
4110 Msgs in 238 Topics Newsletter Discussions 27 Msgs in 11 Topics Got Java?

22. Free Java Chat Applet For Your Web Site
java chat applets to jump start your new web site.
Our FREE Java chat client is a feature-rich, IRC-compliant web interface. It allows real-time chat on a web page, in conjunction with a web servers run by our affiliate . The Java client is designed to "spice" up your web page by adding on-line interactivity.
Want to Advertise your site, share some tips or ask some questions? Click here For our Message Board.
Don't have a web site? Click Here for your FREE 3mb site. No Banners No Obligation, a Free Java Chat Affiliate.
Attention!! The Java Chat is 100% FREE no banner ads no obligation click the products link to get started now. Our Network is accessible through most popular irc clients at port 6667
Adding the chat to your web-page is only the first step. You must also register your channel (also free) in order to reserve it for your use only and in order for you to have control of it. /Msg NickServ help ChanServ help BotServ Help to learn how to do this on your own or /join #help for live assistance. #Help can also be accessed through the chat on our services page.

23. Java-Linux
Blackdown's work formed the basis for Sun's official JDK for Linuxx86. Work continues on porting Category Computers Programming Implementations Standard Edition...... Us Site Mirrors. Join the Oct. 15 chat on java Technology on Linuxwith guests Calvin Austin, Hui Huang, and Juergen Kreileder.

Status Bookstore News and Distribution ... Site Mirrors
Join the Oct. 15 chat on Java Technology on Linux
with guests Calvin Austin, Hui Huang, and Juergen Kreileder

24. Java Vs. Javascript
History and features of each language
Java vs. Javascript
Most of the time, when a computer program is translated into machine code ("compiled") so a computer can understand it, the resulting machine code can only be understood by other computers of the same system type. Java, however, is different. When a Jav a program is compiled, it can be run on various platforms (it is "portable"). This portability, and the fact that Java applets are small and speedy, make Java an ideal programming language for the Web. The Web itself is platform independent. ( Javasc ript takes this furthera Javascript applet does not need to be compiled. This is one of the biggest differences between Java and Javascript.) Java is easier to learn than C++, the language it was modeled upon. For experienced programmers, it is quite simple. Novice Java programmers, on the other hand, first have to understand the basics of object oriented programming. References: DevEdge Champion
Engst, Adam C.
Reading the Coffee Grounds

In MacWeek Online December 3, 1997 Harold, Elliotte Rusty

25. Apple - Mac OS X - Technologies - Java
Apple's java implementation. Currently supports JDK1.3 and native "Aqua" look and feel on MacOS X.Category Computers Programming Languages java Implementations......Learn more about java, Software Update java 1.4.1 Software Update The java 1.4.1release works on all Macintosh computers running Mac OS X v.10.2.3 or later.
var wtl_loc = document.URL.indexOf('https:')==0?'':''; document.write(""); var SERVER= ""; var ORDER= ""; var INVOICE= ""; var CARTVIEW= ""; var CARTADD= ""; var CARTREMOVE= ""; var CHECKOUT= ""; var CARTBUY= ""; var ADCAMPAIGN= ""; var adname="";
Learn more about Java Java 1.4.1 Software Update
The Java 1.4.1 release works on all Macintosh computers running Mac OS X v.10.2.3 or later.
Developer Resources

Get all the support you need to develop Java applications on the Mac, including the full Java 1.4.1 developer update with tools, documentation, examples and source code.
Official Java Site

The source for Java technology from Sun Microsystems.
Java Community Process

The JCP is the independent standards body which defines the future of Java. Apple is a proud member of the JCP Executive Committee.
Java Applet Showcase
The following are links to sites that make use of Java PopCap Games Yahoo! Games

26. Sun Microsystems - Java $B%F%/%N%m%8(B
Japan $B$49XF~$K$D$$$F(B My Sun $B3F9q$N%5%$%H(B ... <%S%9(B
Java $B%F%/%N%m%8(B
$B%;%-%e%j%F%#>pJs(B $BJ@ e$NCm0UE@$K$D$$$F$*CN$i$;$$$?$7$^$9(B Security Bulletin #00220
zlib$B05=L%i%$%V%i%j$K4XO"$7$?%;%-%e%j%F%#>pJs$N$*CN$i$;(B Security Bulletin #00218
Bytecode Verifier$B$K4XO"$7$?%;%-%e%j%F%#>pJs$N$*CN$i$;(B
$B4XO">pJs(B Java$B%F%/%N%m%84XO">pJs$O2 <$5$$(B Forte for Java
Java$B%"%W%j%1! Java Developer Connection
Java$B3+H/ pJs(B
Java$B%F%/%N%m%8>pJs8;(B($B1Q8l(B) pJs(B $B$*Ld$$9g$o$;(B Privacy

27. Java, OOAD, CORBA By Ugo Landini
Presenti sezioni sull'analisi e sul design orientati agli oggetti; inoltre varie risorse su java, Corba ed Uml.
Home Analisi e Design Java CORBA ... Mail Ultimo Aggiornamento: For English speaking people Benvenuti nel mio sito: in queste pagine si discute di Programmazione, di Analisi e di Design orientati agli oggetti nonchè di Java, CORBA ed UML. Chi vuole avere maggiori informazioni o dare qualche consiglio segua i link.
News E' nata ProjectOO , una "smart company" agile e snella, pesantemente basata su Internet, che si occupa, fra le altre cose, di Mentoring su progetti OO ma anche di corsi di Analisi e Design OO, di Java (livello base, avanzato, specifico per Enterprise API), di UML, Project Management e quanto altro di buono c'è oggi nel mondo Object Oriented. L'organizzazione Net-based permette di offrire corsi a prezzi economici ma al contempo esaustivi, quindi dateci un'occhiata! Links immediati Patterns di basso Accoppiamento ed alta Coesione Pattern Iterator Pattern Marker Interface Pattern Composite Expert Creator , Legge di Demeter Aggiornata sezione Design Patterns : GRASP Patterns Pattern Decorator Aggiunta recensione di Applying UML and Patterns Confronto: Java è più semplice di C++?

28. Developer Services
Developer Services. Use this site to find the latest technical information aboutjava TM technology. Popular java Forums, please help with JTable and

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- Web Services - Wireless ... Java BluePrints Printable Page
Developer Services
Use this site to find the latest technical information about Java TM technology. Registration is required to access certain areas. Developer Connection
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Bug Database Search the database, submit new bugs and vote on what bugs you want fixed. Subscribe to Bug Watch for notification on bug fixes. Java Community Join the developer community on a variety Java topics, learn about Java User Groups (JUGs), chat with experts, and more. Early Access Downloads Download the first public releases of Java technology-related software and software specifications. Forums Get expert advice on technology questions from the growing community of Java users. Newsletters Subscribe to Java technology developer newsletters and keep informed of upcoming events, new products, programming tips, and more. See archives Support Solve your technical problems with options ranging from self-help Forums to third-party programs or Sun professional support. Chats Get insights from Sun engineers and other Java software insiders on a variety of hot topics in Java technology.

29. The Wonders Of Java Object Serialization
Object serialization tutorial
ACM Crossroads Student Magazine
The ACM's First Electronic Publication Crossroads Home
Join the ACM!

Search Crossroads
... Crossroads / The Wonders of Java Object Serialization
The Wonders of Java Object Serialization
by Brian T. Kurotsuchi
With the release of Java 1.1, the Java community has gained access to a wide variety of features that were not available in Java 1.0. Some of the important features include remote method invocation (RMI), Java database connectivity (JDBC) (or more specifically the java.sql package [ ]), inner classes (nested classes), reflection, Java native interfaces (JNI), JavaBeans, internationalization, JAR files, and object serialization. With all of these new features, the possibilities for Java programs expand significantly compared to the ``old days'' of 1.0. This article will attempt to render a good explanation and tutorial through one of these new features: object serialization
Object Serialization in 25 Words or Less
Quite simply, object serialization provides a program the ability to read or write a whole object to and from a raw byte stream. It allows Java objects and primitives to be encoded into a byte stream suitable for streaming to some type of network or to a file-system, or more generally, to a transmission medium or storage facility.
First Thoughts
At first glance, serialization may sound like a very powerful feature or a fairly insignificant one. Serialization of objects does not sound very profound on the outside, but when one considers the tasks that could be made easier and the features that can be added to the Java world with serialization, the implications can be interesting.

30. New To Java(TM) Programming Center
Site from Sun, the makers of java, targeted at getting newcomers quickly up and running with java.Category Computers Programming Tutorials Beginner Level......New to java TM Programming Center The java TM programming language is robust andversatile, enabling developers to Which java technology should you use?

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- Web Services - Wireless ... Java BluePrints Printable Page
New to Java TM Programming Center The Java TM programming language is robust and versatile, enabling developers to:
  • Write software on one platform and run it on another. Create programs to run within a web browser. Develop server-side applications for online forums, stores, polls, processing HTML forms, and more. Write applications for cell phones, two-way pagers, and other consumer devices.
It's no wonder the Java platform attracts so many new developers. What do you need to get started? Which Java technology should you use? This collection of links to articles, tutorials, online books, and software downloads helps you find what you need to start writing applications.
Java TM Platform Overview
A general introduction to the Java platform.
Getting Started How to set up the Java platform on your computer.
Step-by-Step Programming Learn the basics of the Java programming language, or learn by specific technologies.
Review What You've Learned Test your Java programming knowledge with these online interactive quizzes and puzzles.

31. Atlanta, Georgia Java User Group (AJUG)
Includes meeting history, directions, events, and job listings.

32. Anfy Team Home Page
java applet package for Windows, Mac, Linux. It includes 52 java applets.Category Computers Programming Languages java Applets...... IMPORTANT! If you have Windows XP, download java from Here!!! Anfy 2.0 includes52 java™ applets, ultimate effects and navigational menu for web sites.


Make Flash sites
With SWiSH.
Download Xara Webstyle: create web graphics no skill required! For free Javascript: DynamicDrive Other languages: Cesky Dansk Deutsch Italiano ... Svenska IMPORTANT! If you have Windows XP, download Java from: Here On this site you can download and use FOR FREE a couple of programs for graphic artists and web designers. Usable as screen saver too! Anfy 2.0 includes , ultimate effects and navigational menu for web sites. Usable also as screensaver. Download Anfy for Windows, Mac, Linux NEW! Make Flash with easy mouse clicks! Get at Web Hosting : at get your site hosted for $17.88 yearly Tip Bookmark Add to favorites this site, and come back for news! Download Xara Webstyle: create web graphics , no skill required! Go to Flaming Text to create GIF graphics! Get Free Clip Art and animations! Anfy AnfyFlash Download Purchase ... Contact

33. Math, Science And Technology Education Java Activities
About 15 applets covering a number of math problems and principles.
MSTE Site Search Calculus Geometry Science ... K-12 Lessons Resource Applet Title Brief Description Author Date Acid-Base Titration Lab Explore acid-base titration in this chemistry lab experiment Won Arbitrary Precision Calculator Adjust the precision on this web calculator. Exner Balance Applet Find mystery weights using a balance Wofford Best Fit Generate the best fit of a line. Exner Box Perimeter Play with the perimeter of boxes. Exner Buffon Needle Test the geometrical probability of dropping a needle. Reese CAD Viewer View Autocad files made by TCD students. Dildine Cereal Box Problem Explores the randomness of finding a prize. Exner Chi-Squared Test Analysis of Random Marbles Find the Chi-squared value of drawing a number of random marbles. Exner Cliff Hanger Ask Homer to take a random step while he braves the edge of a cliff. Exner Cubic Volume Activity Fill a rectangular box with cubes. Exner Earth Surface Area Activity Approximate the surface area of the earth if its radius changed. Exner Egg Puzzle Geometric Activity Move the pieces of a puzzle around to form an egg. Exner Electric Circuit Activity See the effects of different resistance levels on the brightness of light bulbs Won Estimation of Pi Shoot random points at a circle to approximate the value of Pi.

34. The Java Apache Project
java for the Apache Web ServerCategory Computers Software Servers WWW Apache Modules......The java Apache Project. This site of Contents. Enjoy. The java ApacheProject Development Team. Powered by the Apache Web Server.
The Java Apache Project This site has been designed for HTML 3.2 enabled browsers, but we understand the needs for people surfing the net with non-graphic or old browsers. Even if we feel that graphic is a significant improvement over plain-text information systems, we don't want this to become a filter for information availability. For this reason the whole web site was designed in such a way that graphics and plain text were separated in different HTML files to remove the need of duplicating the site contents for both styles. You may surf this site starting from the Table of Contents Enjoy. The Java Apache Project Development Team

Curso por correo electr³nico, con maestro propio y dirigido a cualquier pa­s de habla hispana.

36. Application Development Trends
newsletters. eADT XML Report Programmers Report This Week in java. RegisterToday XML Web Services One Conf. - Santa Clara, Search ADT.
Subscribe Newsletters Archives News ... Contact Us
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XML Report
Programmers Report
This Week in Java
Search ADT
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HIGHLIGHTS Data Management Principles of SOA If Web services are to reach the ''next level,'' IT must adopt loosely coupled, standards-based Service-Oriented Architectures. A new perspective on the role of IT.
Table of Contents

FEATURE ARTICLES Opinion Managing IT in 2003 If you act smart, you can do more than survive, you can help ready the business for new opportunities. Opinion The call of offshore development A look at outsourcing of software development to overseas firms. B2B comes back on a smaller scale A new, scaled-back B2B vision is emerging from the failed grand vision of dot-com revolutionaries. Austere consortia-run and privately run exchanges are finding small successes. ADT NEWS Oracle market share slips Informatica updates analysis system Sun hopes pact can boost manufacturing sales Microsoft VC++ load bug can haunt some DLL assemblies ... Programmer errors hurting Web services spread SPECIAL REPORT ADT's Programmers Report Meeting development challenges depends on the full utilization of the programmer's craft. Planning, tools, technologies, and more are required. ADT focuses on these crucial issues in its series of 'Programmers Reports.'

37. Chua, Ritchie Roi ('Ask Mr. Java')
Will try to answer any question about java.

38. Java Programming Resources -- Java, Java, And More Java
FAQs, tutorials, compiler and browser download sites, documentation, book lists, and applet and class Category Computers Programming Languages java programming resources FAQs, tutorials, compiler and browser download sites,documentation, books lists, applet and class library collections, security
Java Programming Resources
Java Short Courses: Short training courses on servlets and JSP or general Java 2 are available from a well-known author and award-winning instructor. Public or on-site at your company. Servlet/JSP Books: Check out these bestselling books from Sun Press:
Java Books
Java FAQs and Tutorials Java Documentation Java Programming Courses ... HTML and JavaScript
Java programming resources collected by Marty Hall for work in the Research and Technology Development Center of the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab , for courses in the Johns Hopkins Part-Time MS Program in Computer Science , and for various industry seminars and short courses . Many are extracted from Core Servlets and JavaServer Pages and Core Web Programming from Sun Microsystems Press and Prentice Hall. Java Programming Resources: Table of Contents
Java Programming Books
My top Java and Web programming book choices, based on personal experience programming and teaching. Includes general tutorials plus books on JFC and Swing, JDBC, RMI, Network Programming, Threads, Servlets, etc.
Java Programming FAQs and Tutorials
Beginner and advanced Frequently Asked Questions lists. General Java tutorials and tutorials on specific Java programming topics.

39. JerenaJava, Gourmet Coffee And Tea At Your Fingertips.
Gourmet coffees, teas and accessories from all over the world.
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40. DeveloperWorks Java Technology
Tutorials, regular articles on best coding practice, news, and free software.Category Computers Programming Languages java Resources......The java technology zone on the developerWorks Web site is your developer resourcefor information on javabased products, programming, and happenings in the

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