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         Java:     more books (100)
  1. Starting Out with Java: From Control Structures through Objects (4th Edition) by Tony Gaddis, 2009-02-01
  2. The Magus of Java: Teachings of an Authentic Taoist Immortal by Kosta Danaos, 2000-06-01
  3. SCJP Sun Certified Programmer for Java 5 Study Guide (Exam 310-055) (Certification Press) by Katherine Sierra, Bert Bates, 2005-12-21
  4. Java Software Solutions: Foundations of Program Design (6th Edition) by John Lewis, William Loftus, 2008-03-07
  5. Data Structures and Algorithms in Java by Michael T. Goodrich, Roberto Tamassia, 2010-01-26
  6. Java Network Programming, Third Edition by Elliotte Rusty Harold, 2004-10
  7. TCP/IP Sockets in Java, Second Edition: Practical Guide for Programmers (The Practical Guides) by Kenneth L. Calvert, Michael J. Donahoo, 2008-02-22
  8. Java Persistence with Hibernate by Christian Bauer, Gavin King, 2006-11-24
  9. Introduction to Programming with Java and Eclipse (Cook's Books) by Robert P. Cook, 2010-05-12
  10. Sams Teach Yourself Programming with Java in 24 Hours (4th Edition) by Rogers Cadenhead, 2005-10-10
  11. Developing Games in Java by David Brackeen, 2003-08-31
  12. Absolute Java (4th Edition) by Walter Savitch, 2009-03-05
  13. Laboratory Manual for Java: An Introduction to Problem Solving and Programming by Dawn Ellis, Walter Savitch, 2008-05-24
  14. OCP Java SE 6 Programmer Practice Exams (Exam 310-065) (Certification Press) by Bert Bates, Katherine Sierra, 2008-01-29

61. Angel Talk
Angels in java lake illusions, 3D ripple effects, Necker Cube applet, clipart, and games.
Get Four DVDs for $.49 each. Join now. Tell me when this page is updated
Angel Channels...
angel quizzes

angel games

angel illusions

angel ripples
angel links

"Hangman" for Angel Lovers!
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62. Java Optimization
How to optimize your java programs so that they're faster, smaller and more Optimization. Topics. Benchmarks costs of java operations.
Java Optimization
How to optimize your Java programs so that they're faster, smaller, and more maintainable.
  • Benchmarks : costs of Java operations.
  • Compilers : what they can and can't do.
  • Maintainability : how to make your code easier to understand.
  • Resources : other places you can go for help.
  • Rules : general guidelines for optimization
  • Size : how to make your code smaller.
  • Speed : how to make your code faster.
  • Tools : software that can help you optimize Java.
What's New
March 18th, 1998
  • As you've probably guessed by now, I've retired this site. After this final update of ten months' worth of email(!), I won't be making any further changes. Sorry for leaving things hanging, but I've moved on to a new job
  • Pruned all the bad links that I could find.
  • Speed : more on reusing objects, avoiding expensive Java constructs and data structures, and the two types of switch
  • Linpack : why the optimized version is slower under modern JITs.
  • Compilers : commercial source-code optimizer.
  • Size : commercial byte-code obfuscator.

63. Ada And Java
Ada and Java
Ada, Java and the Internet
Writing Ada Applets: A Beginner's Guide
Terry Westley presents an interactive program for learning the basics of writing Java Applets with the Ada language.
Ada for the Web

Web Ada List Archive by date

Programming the Internet in Ada95

AdaJava Binding Documentation
and download form
Ada and WWW/Java

Welcome to WebAda!

Lovelace sections on Ada and Java

Lovelace has some example programs and gives the down-to-earth info on how to start writing Ada applets.
Research on Ada and Java at The George Washington University
More on Java
Java and Intermetrics Java FAQ Back to Main Page

64. The JavaCentre
United Kingdom related resources for java developers.Category Computers Programming Languages java Resources......

65. Java Applets Collection
Links to sites containing applets for various CA Conway's game of life, Bays' 3D life, triangular CA and life objects, and some new games of life that have been discovered in the hexagonal and pentagonal tessellations.

Carter Bays 5/2002
About Cellular Automata Conway's game About 3D life ... Carter Bays' home page visitors to this page since 5/28/2002. This page contains links to applets for 2D and 3D CA: Conway's game of life and Bays' 3-D life.
*NOTE* some of the applets are rather large and may take some time to download.
Coming soon: Some really nice applets for hexagonal, triangular, and pentagonal CA, along with some new games of life.

66. - Free Java Scripts, Java Applets!
javascripts, Applets, and tutorial on scripts.Category Computers Programming java Applets Collections......Welcome to the javaFILE! Your one stop shop for FREE java Scripts and java Appletson the Net! Add something WILD to your Web Site add some java!

Animation Audio Effects Backgrounds ... JavaFile Forums
Welcome to the JavaFILE!

Your one stop shop for FREE Java Scripts and Java Applets on the Net! Add something WILD to your Web Site... add some Java! You don't need to know how to program! Just download the script or applet you want to use... add it to your HTML, and edit it to suit your needs. Java authors from around the world have generously provided cool, useful stuff for your site... FOR FREE!
JavaFile has a found a great way to track links on your web site - Have a look at LinkCounter and you'll love all the features! JavaFile Hot Pick!

Click Here Now
Stay tuned in the coming year for many new and exciting features at the! Stay up to date with all the changes by joining our mailing list which offer great script ideas and tricks - enjoy!
Script of the Week Round About
Another cool mouse trail script. But this one is very clean and easy to use. Rad.
Applet of the Week Random Sound
This applet will play an .au sound file randomly each time the applet gets loaded. Keep Informed with the JavaFile Newsletter The Javafile Newsletter comes out twice a month and is loaded with cool javascript tips and tricks. Well show you some neat things you can do on your website, that will surely impress your visitors. Sign up today and we'll keep up to date on new and improved java and javascripts from the Javafile!

67. JSyn - Java Audio Synthesis
Develops interactive sound effects, audio environments, or music, for embedding in web pages.
Audio Software Synthesis API and Plugins for Java documentation examples plugins ... contacts JSyn allows you to develop interactive computer music programs in Java. You can run them as stand-alone applications, or as Applets in a web page using the JSyn Plugin . JSyn uses native methods written in 'C' to provide real-time audio synthesis for Java programmers. JSyn can be used to generate sound effects, audio environments, or music. JSyn is based on the traditional model of unit generators which can be connected together to form complex sounds. For example, you could create a wind sound by connecting a white noise generator to a low pass filter that is modulated by a random contour generator.
  • Real-time, high fidelity synthesis using the CPU. Library of unit generators including oscillators, filters, envelopes, noise generators, effects. All internal operations use 32 bit floating point values. Audio sample playback can be combined with other synthesis and processing units. Easy to use Java classes for creating, connecting and controlling unit generators.

68. Java Programmers FAQ
From Peter van der Linden and*.Category Computers Programming FAQs, Help, and Tutorials FAQs...... Frequently Asked Questions (with answers) for programmers using the java TM language. Petervan der Linden, Sun Certified java Programmer. Cross references.
Newsgroups:,,,comp.answers,news.answers Approved: news-answers-request@MIT.EDU Subject: Java Programmers FAQ Followup-To: poster Summary: This posting answers frequently-asked questions by Java programmers Supersedes: Archive-name: computer-lang/java/programmers/faq Posting-Frequency: weekly Last-modified: 2001/02/27 URL:
Frequently Asked Questions (with answers) for programmers using the Java TM language
The Java FAQs here are intended for people who already have some programming experience, though maybe not in the Java TM programming language. Go to the FAQ home page at for other Java technology information and downloads, and the most up-to-date copy of the FAQ. Report FAQ updates to faqidea at the address The sections of the Java FAQ are: I am maintaining a FAQ list to address specifically programming issues
(not a general tutorial on Java). Please mail suggested FAQ entries including answer to faqidea on the site

69. Java, Javscript,Free Source Code For The Taking. Over Five Million Lines Of Prog
Free source code of over a million lines of program code, also includes programs and tutorials.
document.write(""); Quick Search for: in language: .Net ASP / VbScript C / C++ Cold Fusion Delphi Java / Javascript LISP Perl PHP SQL Visual Basic Code/Articles » Newest/Best » Community » Jobs » ... Java/ Javascript Stats
175,978. lines
33. postings
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Latest Code Ticker for Java/ Javascript User Authentificatio n
By ryan kit on 3/18
Mistify with J2ME

By Pedro Lamas on 3/16
(Screen Shot)
Text file manupilating By Henry Tshobo on 3/16 (Screen Shot) How to send emails in Javascript with ASP/PHP, seamlessly and without page refreshes or changes! By Design7 Software on 3/15 Simple MDI By Stephen Hoekstra on 3/15 Ricochet Robot By Michael Bailey on 3/14 (Screen Shot) Java2D drawing applet with hot flash like graphics By Max Lynch on 3/14 A (part5) Powerful Tutorial for Installing and Configuring Java Servlets on Tomcat Server By James Smith Kelleher on 3/14 (Screen Shot) JSP Fractal (No Graphics) By Tanwani Anyangwe on 3/13 (Screen Shot) Click here to put this ticker on your site!

70. Java
Over 200 applets for middle school students, high school students, college students, and all who are Category Science Math Education java Applets...... Manipula Math java Lesson. If you would like to create java appletsfor math education, a good starting point is here. Cabri java.
The material presented in the following pages are for middle school students, high school students, college students, and all who are interested in mathematics. You will find interactive programs that you can manipulate and a lot of animation that helps you to grasp the meaning of mathematical ideas. Attention: Manipula Math Applets and CabriJava need a JDK 1.1 compliant browser like Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.5/5.0 on all platforms.
Collection of 279 Math Applets
91 applets. 25 applets. 64 applets. 29 applets. 23 applets. 9 applets. 38 applets.
Manipula Math Products
Checks are acceptable for site/network license.
Manipula Math Java Lesson
If you would like to create java applets for math education, a good starting point is here. Manipula Math Java Lesson introduces basic techniques to create simple java applets.
Cabri Java
IES had a presentation ( Cabri International Project ) at ICME9 in Tokyo. The figure files used in the presentation can be download from the linked pages. Download Free Applets. 9 applets are included in the free sample file. ( zipped file ) Guest book
Presentation files (used at Cabri World 2001)
KOBAYASHI Ichiro (IES) had a presentation at Cabri World 2001. You can see the contents and some Cabri figures of the

71. JavaMade Handicraft
Sale java handimade from wood, rattan and bamboo
Thank you very much

72. Javascripts By Free Javascripts, Tutorials, Examples, And Reso
Useful scripts in several categories.Category Computers Programming javaScript Scripts offers free cut and paste javascripts. The site hasfree java scripts for your website. javascripts include rotating
Free Scripts Sniffers


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Newsletter Sign up for our free, low volume email newsletter. Be notified when new free scripts are added. Email Address TOP LINKS EZ-Freebies MyZips DocJavascript A1 Javascripts ... DomainRush Welcome to , a great little place to find cool and useful JavaScripts for your site! All scripts on this site come with easy-to-follow installation instructions, along with a live demonstration. Just pick a category below, and off you go! Bookmark Us... PLEASE VISIT OUR SPONSORS Internet Sportsbook Virtual Online Casino FREE JAVASCRIPTS Sniffers Forms Windows 4x Browser ... Misc. Submit Your Script! Want some free traffic ? Submit your free javascript to us and we will add it to our archive and link it back to your site. Submit your script for review here Javascript Tutorials - Learn Javascript! Want to learn javascript? Now you can! Get started with this site navigation tutorial Top 10 Javascripts Views Image Rollover Script Cool Raining Animation Animated Site Header Mouse Pointer Effect ... Add This To Your Site Free Please Bookmark Please bookmark our site now so you can return easily at any time. IE users click

73. MLM Software (MLM-ONE!),, Email Blaster, MLM, Matrix, Binary, Repl
Added service with the DreamTime system.
Dreamtime Our specialty is MLM software compensation plans - forced matrix, binary, unilevel, Australian 2up, we do them all. To support your success, we are experts in viral and email marketing services ( and leads generation. document.write(''); document.write(''); Testimonials We have a 100% focus in what we do, which is why we've been around for over 5 years. We are experts and we get the job done. Our extraordinary testimonials above tells you what kind of service you will get from Dreamtime. CALL US TOLL FREE at 877-203-9308 for a guided tour you through our back office system. Or click on one of the demo buttons below for an instant tour. We developed AND USE every software system we sell. We started with a concept over five years ago and have successfully brought it to reality. With Dreamtime, you deal with the people who actually create the software as well as maintain, support and enhance it. No middlemen, no hyped up salespeople who will say anything to get your money, no broken promises, no lies. We give it to you straight up, whether you like it or not. When you've had enough of vaporware and are ready for the real thing, contact us. CALL US TOLL FREE at 877-203-9308.

74. Henrik Falk Software
Tilbyder programmering i java.
Essentials Download SubProjects Misc Last Updated
  • 07.November 2002
7.November 2002 - Site News
We are currently redesigning the site.

75. Bruce Eckel's MindView, Inc: Free Electronic Book: Thinking In Java, 3rd Edition
Tutorial for beginning programmers or those without much OO experience. Full text of book available Category Computers Programming Books Gentle Training, Bruce Eckel computer programming, C++ Training, Python Training,Seminars, Consulting, Training,. Your java programming questions.

Seminars Books Essays ... Search
Free Electronic Book: Thinking in Java, 3rd Edition
Download here Translations in Print Why do you put your books on the web? Nice Comments from Readers ... Submitting corrections
Published by Prentice-Hall, December 2002
Purchase printed version of the 3rd edition from
Purchase printed version of the 3rd edition from Barnes and Noble

Purchase printed version of the 3rd edition from

View Prentice Hall Page on this book

For bulk orders if you are a corporation, association, training company, consultant, or state and local government facility, click here to find your sales rep.
If you want the 1st edition of this book instead, click here . Otherwise, keep reading...
This book was finished November, 2002
Click here for nice comments from readers
This page apparently has both "Thinking in Java" and "Thinking in C++" as the being among readers choices for best book of 2002. I don't know which readers, other than that they are Chinese. Animation by Nikhil Adnani from a drawing by Bruce Eckel
Subscribe to the free OOP Newsletter from Bruce Eckel
Subscribing to the newsletter provides automatic notification when the book is revised and information about CD Roms and Java Seminars and workshops.

76. Java Depo
java ve javascript ¶rneklerini bulabileceğiniz bir arşiv sitesi.

77. Bruce Eckel's MindView, Inc. Exceptional Learning Experiences
java Training by Bruce Eckel.Category Computers Programming java Commercial Services Training, Bruce Eckel computer programming, C++ Training,Python Training, Seminars, Consulting, Training.
flash3Installed = false; flash4Installed = false; flash5Installed = false; on error resume next flash3Installed = (IsObject(CreateObject("ShockwaveFlash.ShockwaveFlash.3"))) flash4Installed = (IsObject(CreateObject("ShockwaveFlash.ShockwaveFlash.4"))) flash5Installed = (IsObject(CreateObject("ShockwaveFlash.ShockwaveFlash.5")))
Books CDs Seminars ... FAQ Search:

78. JAMU - The Java Mud
java MUD server for Prophecy. Jamu is an attempt to develop a multiuser fantasy game in java.

79. The Java Community Process(SM) Program
Information on latest JSR status.Category Computers Programming Languages java Resources......Whats New JCP 2.0 Membership Spec Lead Guide is the waythe java platform evolves. Its an open organization of international
is the way the Java platform evolves. Its an open organization of international Java developers and licensees whose charter is to develop and revise Java technology specifications, reference implementations, and technology compatibility kits. Both Java technology and the JCP were originally created by Sun Microsystems, however, the JCP has evolved from the informal process that Sun used beginning in 1995, to a formalized process overseen by representatives from many organizations across the Java community. Introduction JSRs What's New Participation ... Community Resources Site sponsored and powered by Sun Microsystems

80. Project Info - JOS - Java Operating System
Collaborative undertaking by an international group of java programmers and enthusiasts to create a free, open source, java based OS.
OSDN: Our Network DevChannel Newsletters ... Shop SEARCH: Slashdot All OSDN Sites freshmeat DevChannel LinuxGram NewsForge OSDN PriceCompare Slashcode My Favorites Home Foundries Clustering Distributed Computing Linux on Large Systems my software map foundries about ...
New User via SSL

Software/Group People Resources Site Docs
Site Status
Site Map

Compile Farm
Contact Support

Most Active Gaim

... More Activity Top Downloads eMule Dropline GNOME DC++ ... More Statistics Sponsored Content Project: JOS - Java Operating System: Summary Summary Admin Home Page Forums ... Files A free and open Java(tm) based Operating System (JOS). This project hosts facilities for the JOS Project as a whole. Specific projects or sites related to JOS will be posted in the news. Project UNIX name: jos Registered: 2000-02-08 08:34 Activity Percentile (last week): 0% View project activity statistics View list of RSS feeds available for this project Developer Info Project Admins: gchii jquinn robfitz shigeoka Developers: [View Members] Latest File Releases Package Version Date Notes / Monitor Download This Project Has Not Released Any Files [View ALL Project Files] Public Areas Project Home Page Tracker Bugs 1 open / 3 total Bug Tracking System Support Requests 0 open / total Tech Support Tracking System Patches 0 open / total Patch Tracking System Feature Requests 0 open / 1 total Feature Request Tracking System

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