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         Java:     more books (100)
  1. Java: The Good Parts by Jim Waldo, 2010-04-29
  2. Learn Objective-C for Java Developers (Learn Series) by James Bucanek, 2009-09-25
  3. Java Examples in a Nutshell, 3rd Edition by David Flanagan, 2004-01-01
  4. The Java EE 6 Tutorial: Basic Concepts (4th Edition) (Java Series) by Eric Jendrock, Ian Evans, et all 2010-09-03
  5. Java: Introduction to Problem Solving and Programming (5th Edition) by Walter Savitch, Frank Carrano, 2008-06-09
  6. Big Java by Cay S. Horstmann, 2007-03-23
  7. Introduction to Programming in Java: An Interdisciplinary Approach by Robert Sedgewick, Kevin Wayne, 2007-07-27
  8. The Java Developer's Guide to Eclipse, 2nd Edition by Jim D'Anjou, Scott Fairbrother, et all 2004-11-05
  9. Core Java(TM) 2, Volume I--Fundamentals (7th Edition) (Core Series) (Core Series) by Cay S. Horstmann, Gary Cornell, 2004-08-27
  10. Every Day a Nightmare: American Pursuit Pilots in the Defense of Java, 1941-1942 (Williams-Ford Texas A&M University Military History Series) by William H. Bartsch, 2010-07-23
  11. A Programmer's Guide to Java SCJP Certification: A Comprehensive Primer (3rd Edition) by Khalid Mughal, Rolf Rasmussen, 2008-12-29
  12. Java Head by Joseph Hergesheimer, 2010-09-10
  13. Just Java(TM) 2 (6th Edition) by Peter van der Linden, 2004-07-01
  14. Ivor Horton's Beginning Java 2, JDK 5 Edition by Ivor Horton, 2004-12-31

81. JavaRanch - A Friendly Place For Java Greenhorns
Includes study material for java certification, a discussion forum and articles geared towards java Category Computers Programming Languages java Resources......Prepare for java Certification with the Rule Roundup game a mockexam with cows! java forums at the Big Moose Saloon. More!
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JavaRanch Forums
the web
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The Saloon is the place to get your Java questions answered. Our bartenders keep the peace, and folks are pretty friendly anyways, so don't be shy! Active Forum Quick Links: We're cooking up some more stuff for this space, so keep your eyes on it! List of Forums Today's Active Topics Programmer Certification Study FAQ Register for the Saloon Brush up with our Bunkhouse Books Head for the Bunkhouse where our Team picks and reviews the latest Java books for you. Pull up by the fire and get reading! Find out how to win a free book!

82. Lonely Planet World Guide | Destination Java | Introduction
A destination guide of java which is the political, geographic and economic centre of the Indonesian archipelago.
home search help worldguide ... Postcards
Java The Hindu-Buddhist empires reached their zenith on Java, producing architectural wonders such as Borobudur and Prambanan. Islam, following on after this, absorbed rather than erased local cultures, leaving Java with a mish-mash of historic influences and religions. Today, it exhibits all the characteristics of an Asian society experiencing rapid transition: great wealth and equal squalor; beautiful open country and filthy cities; tranquil rural scenes and befouling snarls of traffic. It's also certainly the most developed in the Indonesian archipelago, but is going through westernised puberty. It swings moodily and unpredictabley between fast-food joints, shopping malls, satellite TV and back to an older more vibrant traditional culture centred not on the individual, but around the family, the village and religious piety. Country: Indonesia
Area: 132,000 sq km (51,480 sq mi)
Population: 128 million
Capital city: Jakarta (pop 9.3 million)
People: Javanese, Sundanese, Madurese, plus minorities
Language Javanese, Sundanese, Madurese and Bahasa Indonesian

Promotes java through sharing resources and has created a comprehensive java site that includes java Category Computers Programming Languages java Code promotes java through sharing resources and has created the mostcomprehensive java site that includes java Applications, Servlets, Beans and

84. -- Welcome To The O'Reilly Java Center -- Computer Books, Java
Online ordering of O'Reilly java books and general java news.Category Computers Programming java News and Media Books......O'Reilly is a leader in technical and computer book documentation for java programming.The center features java books, articles, resources and news.
Books Articles Conferences
O'Reilly Home
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Featured Book
Java Extreme Programming Cookbook
Extreme Programming does not mean programming naked while rollerblading down the side of the Grand Canyon. It does mean a new approach to software development that is both radical and common sense. Brimming over with 100 recipes for getting down to business and actually doing XP, Java Extreme Programming Cookbook succinctly documents the most important features of popular open source tools for XP in Java, and then digs right in, providing recipes for implementing the tools in real-world environments. Sample Chapter 4, JUnit , is available online. Subscribe to O'Reilly books on
Safari Tech Books Online

Sample Chapter Archive

Ant: The Definitive Guide
Building Java Enterprise Applications Volume I: Architecture Database Programming with JDBC and Java, Second Edition

85. Programming Java Threads In The Real World, Part 9
Discussion of two more architectural solutions to threading problems a synchronous dispatcher (or 'reactor') and an asynchronous dispatcher (or 'active object').
Advertisement: Support JavaWorld, click here!
Programming Java threads in the real world, Part 9
More threads in an object-oriented world: Synchronous dispatchers, active objects, detangling console I/O
This article finishes up the series on threads with a discussion of two more architectural solutions to threading problems: a synchronous dispatcher (or "reactor") and an asynchronous dispatcher (or "active object"). These dispatchers can simplify the threading model considerably by letting you minimize and in some cases eliminate the need for method-level synchronization, thereby making it much easier to write and debug multithreaded applications. Both of these design patterns leverage the object-oriented view of threading discussed in last month's column. Allen demonstrates the active object architecture with an OutputStream derivative that allows two threads to simultaneously write to the console without getting the lines of text mixed together. ( 4,000 words

86. Java On The Brain
A listing of some java applets, with source. (Karl Hornell)Category Computers Programming java Applets Collections...... does not allow thirdparty sites to use the word java in the title. Applets.My growing collection of home-made java programs for the web. Feedback.
Welcome, noble netsurfer! Why the asterisk? Because Sun Microsystems, Inc. does not allow third-party sites to use the word "Java" in the title. There is no such restriction for domain names, however. The material on this site has been organized into six categories:
Intro. This page, which outlines the contents of the site. Artwork. This only has a few scattered items yet. Applets. My growing collection of home-made Java programs for the web. Feedback. A list of Frequently Asked Questions and my not always polite answers. Goals. A fairly extensive outline of what I want to accomplish. Links. This should be pretty much self-explanatory. In order to protect myself from e-mail spam, I have no textual references to my address on this site just the graphical representation of text you see in the bottom right corner. Automated address-hunting programs are unable to read such information, but human visitors should have no problems with it.

87. The Java Filter
An utility that lets you take control over which applets you want on your machine and which you don't. By SIP, Princeton.
The Java Filter Welcome to The Java Filter! While you are surfing the World Wide Web, you frequently come across pages that contain Java applets. These applets are small programs, written by people that you often don’t know or trust. However, their programs are being downloaded to, and executed on, your machine. The Java Filter lets you take control over which applets you want on your machine and which you don’t. There are several reasons why you might not want certain applets on your computer:
  • Applets might be hostile and carry out denial-of-service attacks, which impede your work. Applets might learn certain information about your system and communicate it back to their origin without your knowledge. Applets might exploit unpublished security holes and completely penetrate your system, including the total compromise of private data and/or modifications to your system.
The Java Filter gives effective protection against unwanted execution of Java applets, without having to switch off Java support of your browser. For example, you could only allow applets from within your firewall onto your computer. You can download The Java Filter here . You can learn how to use it here . If you want to know how it works, click

88. Intranet/extranet Publishing Software Solution For Web Publishing & Collaboratio
You Are Here , javaEnabled Browsers, . This is a partial list ofWeb browsers known to support java For Windows 95/98/NT40/2000
Java-Enabled Browsers This is a partial list of Web browsers known to support Java... For Windows 95/98/NT40/2000/XP: For UNIX: For Macintosh: For more information on Java and Java development, visit the JavaSoft Web site

89. Suns Deutsche Java-Seite
Bietet einen Kurz¼berblick ¼ber java 2 sowie Links zu den englischsprachigen Seiten.

90. Java Developer's Journal
Features a small selection of online articles from their print magazineCategory Computers Programming Magazines and Developer's Journal java Developer's Journal is the world'spremier independent, vendorneutral print resource for the ever
Java Developer's Journal Java Developer's Journal is the world's premier independent, vendor-neutral print resource for the ever-expanding international community of Internet technology professionals using the Java programming language and the Java development platform. If your browser does not support frames, please click here

91. Java Applets For Engineering Education
Statics, dynamics and fluid dynamics.
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is recommended.

92. SYS-CON Media
Internet publisher subscription applications and a list of publications.Category Regional North America Montvale Business and Economy...... 18 20, for 3 days of major Keynotes and Industry Panels, for sessions on ALL thetechnologies in the current Internet technology spectrum - java, .NET, Web

Web Services Edge Conference Opens Tomorrow at Boston's Hynes Convention Center; Exposition Floor Open Wednesday through Thursday
Sun's Java University Program and Microsoft's .NET Tool Shed Amongst Most Popular Conference Sessions
Internet Wire ... JavaSoft
Java Developer's Journal has been ranked number 1 as "the most trusted developer publication" among developers who use Java. The research results were published in the Evans Data Developer Marketing Patterns 2001 Annual Report, an independent market research report prepared by Evans Data Corporation, a leading market research firm. ( continued...
Register Now! Web Services Edge 2003 East

Hynes Convention Center, Boston, March 18 - 20, 2003
Register now online! Come to Boston's Hynes Convention Center, March 18 - 20, for 3 days of major Keynotes and Industry Panels, for sessions on ALL the technologies in the current Internet technology spectrum - Java, .NET, Web services, and XML - given by the industry's leading speakers. Attend the Sun Microsystems Java University or the .NET "Tool Shed" Tutorial. Test-drive the very latest software, applications, and services at the Expo and in product workshops. Register now, and reserve your seat before the sessions you want are sold out ! JDJ INTERVIEW WITH JAMES GOSLING ON SYS-CON TV (March 13, 2003) - This week, Java Developer's Journal editor-in-chief Alan Williamson took some time with James Gosling to discuss the latest goings-on with Java and what James was up to. How does the Father of Java feel his baby is being treated now that he has no longer any direct input? See and hear James' answers to this, and to questions that JDJ readers asked, in an exclusive interview on SYS-CON TV. (

93. Language Guide To East Java
General guide to say in Indonesian Language from English

94. Java Grande Forum Home Page Started November 2000
Welcome to the java Grande Forum. 2003 Events. Workshop on java 2003).Go to these links to vote for java Grande Numerics. Register to
Welcome to the Java Grande Forum
2003 Events
Go to these links to vote for Java Grande Numerics
  • Register to be a Java Developer Connection Member or login in if you already are on Vote for Augment Java math libraries with methods from C libm and IEEE 754 Bug Vote for RFE: Add IEEE 754 Recommended Functions to Math, StrictMath RFE (Request for enhancement)
2002 Events

95. Le Club-Java
Calendrier des activit©s, derni¨res nouvelles, forum, revue de presse hebdomadaire.

96. ITtoolbox For Java(TM) Technologies Knowledge Base
Portal with newswires, tutorials, large resource directory, events, and jobs.Category Computers Programming Languages java Resources......A java community for IT professionals. Providing technical discussion newsand more. for java™ Technologies Knowledge Base. What's inside

Knowledge Base What's inside...
Discussion Vendor Directory Search Submit Content ... Sign in Welcome: Guest 21 JAVA discussion groups
w/ 26,822 active members
133 Current JAVA news items
1,741 JAVA docs and code
3 JAVA newsletters Advertise Staffing Hire Pros Find Job ... ITtoolbox Emerging Technologies
Check out our newest knowledge base! Java Weekly Newsletters
Sign up today! News Newsletters PR Tech Events Discussion OpenITx Groups Academic Articles Books FAQs ... Vendor Papers Vendor Directory Consulting Firms Organizations Recruiters Software ... Reusable components closer to reality JAVA News Suite as it sounds? Development News Microsoft to educate users on licensing Development News more... Technical Discussion Passing items from a queue into a Binary search tree java-l parser java-l Weekly: Free Webcast Strong Software Security and New Licensing Models java-l Weekly: Free Webcast Strong Software Security and New Licensing Models ejb-l more... Code Exchange XML Data Traversal JavaScript Code, 3/3/03 Options and sub-options JavaScript Code, 2/14/03 Submit code more...

97. Wicked Moon
From arcade games to brainteasers, all java games are rated and reviewed on this site with yellow ships, 5 is the best rating. You can also see which games are used with the mouse or keyboard and which ones have sound
Click here Click here

98. SMESource: Free Scripts: CGI, JavaScript, ColdFusion, ASP
Minimum Space Any Platform Any java Servlets CGI
"Quick Search" IT sourcing for the Small to Medium-size Enterprise
DTS-NET.COM Internet Access!!
Get QUALITY PREMIUM INTERNET at Only $11.75 per month with no setup fee and no contract.
Access Servers Colocation ... Add A Resource
Script Resource "Quick Search"
Search 1702 developer resources Category:
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Any ASP CGI ColdFusion Java JavaScript Remote Hosting SPOTLIGHTS Online Billing for Web Professionals BillingOrchard is a complete, online billing application designed for freelancers, web developers, graphic design firms, contract employees and web hosting companies. BillingOrchard maintains hourly service billing, along with flat fee billing and recurring charges.
RECENT ADDITIONS Too Good Software: Critical Reviews Surverys / Voting CGI Critical Reviews is a script that allows your customers /visitors to r...

99. Chat
java based, you can have a private chat with friends upon your invitation. A guide to the entire internet, Gopher, news, online libraries, search engines from latinamerica, North America, Europe, free e-mail.
The Chat Room A Salomon Productions Joint Sorry, your browser is not Java-enabled, you will not be able to chat. Back to main page Retorno a la pagina principal

100. Languages For The Java VM
A list of tools for programming to the java virtual machine using a language other than java itself .Category Computers Programming Development Tools Translators......Programming Languages for the java Virtual Machine Valid HTML 4.01!Valid XHTML 1.0! see also The NetRexx Language Extended java.
This page is going to be moved to another address. I will try to take care as much as possible to ensure automatic redirection then, but cannot garantee that.
Programming Languages for the Java Virtual Machine
The following is a list of programming languages for the Java virtual machine aside of Java itself. Currently (spring 2002), it comprises about 160 different systems. It is a mix of experimental, research oriented implementations and of commercial ones. I excluded extensions to Java by the provision of class libraries implementing the functionality of other languages constructs. The source code of a program executed in the Java VM has to have a syntax different to Java to be included in this list. This list is manually compiled from the net. Most of the descriptions are slighlty editied parts of the documentation supplied at the respective sites. If you have comments and corrections, or want something included in the list, please send a mail . Instead of doing so, you might also read and extend the remarks page on programming languages for the Java VM.

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