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  1. Head First Servlets and JSP: Passing the Sun Certified Web Component Developer Exam by Bryan Basham, Kathy Sierra, et all 2008-03-25
  2. Murach's Java Servlets and JSP, 2nd Edition by Andrea Steelman, Joel Murach, 2008-01-21
  3. Murach's Java Servlets and JSP by Andrea Steelman, Joel Murach, 2003-01-01
  4. Pro JSP 2, Fourth Edition (Expert's Voice in Java) by Simon Brown, Sam Dalton, et all 2005-12-13
  5. JSP-Servlet Interview Questions You'll Most Likely Be Asked by Vibrant Publishers, 2010-04-29
  6. Java Servlet & JSP Cookbook by Bruce W. Perry, 2003-12-01
  7. Beginning JSP 2: From Novice to Professional by Krishnaraj Perrumal, Vikram Goyal, 2004-02
  8. Professional JSP Tag Libraries by Simon Brown, 2002-04
  9. Beginning JSP™, JSF™ and Tomcat™ Web Development: From Novice to Professional by Giulio Zambon, Michael Sekler, 2007-11-19
  10. JSP Tag Libraries by Gal Shachor, Adam Chace, et all 2001-05-30
  11. JSP Examples and Best Practices by Andrew Patzer, 2002-04-15
  12. JSP(TM) and XML: Integrating XML and Web Services in Your JSP Application by Casey Kochmer, Erica Frandsen, 2002-03-29
  13. Web Development with Java: Using Hibernate, JSPs and Servlets (Volume 0) by Tim Downey, 2007-10-01
  14. CodeNotes for J2EE: EJB, JDBC, JSP, and Servlets by Gregory Brill, 2002-01-02

1. JavaServer Pages(TM) Technology
Sun Microsystems official jsp specification home page.

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J2EE Home

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"Easier to use ... " JavaServer Pages TM (JSP TM Web developers and designers use JavaServer Pages technology to rapidly develop and easily maintain information-rich, dynamic web pages that leverage existing business systems. The upcoming, next release makes JSP technology even easier to use. "Easier to use" was the major objective driving the JavaServer Pages v2.0 specification changes. Now, it is: Easier to use JSP technology without needing to learn the Java language HTML-savvy web page developers and designers can use JSP technology without needing to learn how to write Java scriptlets. Although scriptlets are no longer required to generate dynamic content, they are still supported to provide backward compatibility. Easier to extend the JSP language Java technology-savvy tag library developers and designers will find it is even easier to extend the JSP language with "simple tag handlers". Simple tag handlers utilize a new, much simpler and cleaner, tag extension API. This will spur the growing number of pluggable, reusable tag libraries available, which reduces the amount of code needed to write powerful web applications. Easier to write and maintain pages The Java Standard Tag Library (JSTL) expression language is now integrated into JSP technology and has been upgraded to support functions. The expression language can now be used instead of scriptlet expressions.

2. JSP School
강좌 , jsp(자료/소스)

3. A Tutorial On Java Servlets And Java Server Pages (JSP)
Provides a searchable database of recommended JavaScript Page resources, including industry news, user groups, discussions, tutorials and downloads. to the jsp Resource Index, your guide to JavaServer Pages technology.
Servlet Tutorial: A brief introduction to Java Servlets and Java Server Pages. Your browser doesn't support frames (what is this, the 19th century?). Please see the table of contents page for a non-frames version.

4. Essential JSP (JavaServer Pages) And Servlet Programming Resources
jsp and servlet specifications, documentation, servers, IDEs, books, training courses, Web hosting providers.
JSP and Servlet Programming Resources Specifications and Documentation Training Courses Servers (Containers/Engines) Books ... Sun Certified Web Component Developer (SCWCD) Exam Materials
Table of Contents
  • Specifications and Documentation. The official specifications for JSP, servlets, and related technologies such as JSTL, Struts, EJB, and J2EE. API documentation in Javadoc format.
  • Servers (Containers/Engines). Servers or engines that support JSP, servlets, or all of J2EE. Some are free.
  • IDEs. Java-oriented integrated development environments that support servlets. HTML-oriented development environments that support JSP.
  • Training Courses. JSP and servlet training courses, taught at public venues or on-site at your
  • Books Books on JSP, servlets, EJB/J2EE, and related technologies.
  • Web Hosting Providers. Commercial ISPs that will host sites that run JSP, servlets, and (in some cases) full J2EE.
  • SCWCD Info Information on the Sun Certified Web Component Developer (SCWCD) Exam.

5. The Jakarta Site - Apache Tomcat
Discover the "servlet container" element of the Apache Jakarta Project. Download binaries and source code, read the documentation and discover how to get involved. Version 4.0 implements the final released versions of the Servlet 2.3 and jsp 1.2 specifications.
Tomcat Documentation Download Jakarta Get Involved Misc Apache Tomcat Tomcat is the servlet container that is used in the official Reference Implementation for the Java Servlet and JavaServer Pages technologies. The Java Servlet and JavaServer Pages specifications are developed by Sun under the Java Community Process Tomcat is developed in an open and participatory environment and released under the Apache Software License . Tomcat is intended to be a collaboration of the best-of-breed developers from around the world. We invite you to participate in this open development project. To learn more about getting involved, click here Tomcat Versions For the impatient, current Tomcat production quality releases vs. Servlet/JSP specifications: Servlet/JSP Spec Tomcat version 5.0.0 Alpha

6. JSP Master
최신뉴스 jsp 강좌 jsp Q A Tip Tech 게시판 자료실 소스 자료실 추천사이트 구인/구직

7. JavaServer Pages(TM) Technology - Documentation
These are quick reference cards and guides for jsp 1.2, 1.1, and 1.0; for details see the specifications. The JavaServer Pages Forum on the JDC is a great place to learn more about developing with jsp technology.

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J2EE Home

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Documentation Syntax These are quick reference cards and guides for JSP 1.2, 1.1, and 1.0; for details see the specifications Version Card Reference PDF HTML PDF ZIP ... ZIP Tutorials Articles

8. Java 2 & Swing Programming Services
Java 2 programming services includes jsp, Swing, JDBC, servlets, applets.
paintball paintball business opportunity tshirt gun ... Swing Java programming services java servlets JSP
Need Java programming services?
We can help.
We're the Java development team of the The GINESYS Corporation
  • Java 2
  • Swing
  • Servlets
  • JDBC (Java database connections to ODBC databases)
  • JSP (Java Server Pages)
  • Applets
  • XML

Examples and demonstrations

Call us at 800-277-8338 or send us email with a description of your Java programming needs and or questions.
The GINESYS Corporation
211 Providence Way
Rutherfordton, NC 28139

9. Servlet Tutorial: JavaServer Pages (JSP) 1.0
Servlet Tutorial JavaServer Pages (jsp) 1.0.
JavaServer Pages (JSP) 1.0
  • Overview
  • Syntax Summary
  • Template Text
    (Static HTML)
  • Servlet and JSP Training Courses On-site at your company or at public venues. Note: Core Servlets and JavaServer Pages contains much more detailed and up to date information on this topic. The full text is now available online in PDF for free access.
    1. Overview
    JavaServer Pages (JSP) lets you separate the dynamic part of your pages from the static HTML. You simply write the regular HTML in the normal manner, using whatever Web-page-building tools you normally use. You then enclose the code for the dynamic parts in special tags, most of which start with " " and end with " ". For example, here is a section of a JSP page that results in something like "Thanks for ordering Core Web Programming " for a URL of http://host/OrderConfirmation.jsp?title=Core+Web+Programming You normally give your file a .jsp extension, and typically install it in any place you could place a normal Web page. Although what you write often looks more like a regular HTML file than a servlet, behind the scenes, the JSP page just gets converted to a normal servlet, with the static HTML simply being printed to the output stream associated with the servlet's service method. This is normally done the first time the page is requested, and developers can simply request the page themselves when first installing it if they want to be sure that the first real user doesn't get a momentary delay when the JSP page is translated to a servlet and the servlet is compiled and loaded. Note also that many Web servers let you define aliases that so that a URL that appears to reference an HTML file really points to a servlet or JSP page.
  • 10. Java Skyline: Java/J2EE Servers
    Comprehensive list of Java enterprise servers which ones run jsp, servlet, EJB and who makes them.
    Home Architecture WebApps Database ... News Java/J2EE Servers Web Services Enterprise Learning Contact Us ... RMI Java/J2EE Servers This page contains
    • Java/J2EE Servers A list of commercial and open source Java/J2EE application servers that provide Enterprise JavaBeans, Servlet, and JSP capabilities ( See the Legend Key below for details).
    • Java/J2EE Resources and Lists In addition to this list, the Java/J2EE Server Resources and Lists section provides additional lists of Java/J2EE servers, places to go to for lists of Java servers, J2EE licensees/compatibility, reviews, descriptions, and other information.
    Java/J2EE Servers Updated Jan 12, 2003 See also:
    Learn: EJB Learn: JSP Learn: Servlets
    EJB deployments and contexts
    Architecture: IDEs
    Which IDEs go with which servers Manufacturer Product(s) Download Product Description,
    Special features (See Legend Key Open
    Share EJB Servlet API JSP
    Acme Acme Utilities All Servlet Engine and Open Source library Both No Allaire/Macromedia JRun Server Downloads J2EE Server, JMS, Servlet-JSP Web Server Apple WebObjects J2EE Server and HTTP adaptor (see diagram ATG Dynamo Application Server J2EE Server, Servlet-JSP Web Server

    11. | The Problems With JSP
    Note In the time since this essay was written, jsp has gone through two updates and can now be considered better

    What's New? J2EE Jobs com.oreilly.servlet ... Advertising Info The Problems with JSP January 25, 2000 by Jason Hunter Note: In the time since this essay was written, JSP has gone through two updates and can now be considered better (although yet more complicated) than it was when this article was written. However, JSPs competitors have not been idle and in addition to WebMacro we now have Apache Velocity and my personal favorite, Tea, from the Walt Disney Internet Group (WDIG). For an in-depth discussion of JSP and its competitors, see the 2nd Edition of my book Java Servlet Programming By now almost everyone using servlets has heard about JavaServer Pages (JSP), a Sun-invented technology built on top of servlets. Sun has done a marvelous job promoting JSP as a way to get HTML out of servlet code, speeding web application development and improving web page maintenance. In fact, the official "Application Programming Model" document published by Sun has gone so far as to say, "JSP technology should be viewed as the norm while the use of servlets will most likely be the exception." (Section 1.9, December 15, 1999, Draft Release) This paper evaluates whether that claim is valid by comparing JSP to another technology built on servlets: template engines.
    The Problem with Straight-up Servlets

    12. Netgenetix Media
    Design, ASP, jsp, PHP, database development, streaming media, and ecommerce. Located in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

    13. JSP Tutorial
    jsp tutorial starts from simple examples and progresses to complex concepts. Requires knowledge of HTML and Java.

    14. State Of California
    Official state government site provides information and links for virtually every aspect of the state, including business and agriculture, education, government, health, history, culture and transportation.

    15. Medal Of Honor Frontline
    Official site for the PS2 game. Site features game information, videos, along with screenshots and wallpapers.

    16. JSPTags
    Check out this directory containing sections for tag and bean libraries, as well as industry news, recommended reading, and discussion forums. version of Apache's Log4j project version 1.2.7 and provides access for jsp developers to write to application logs.

    17. Muscle And Fitness Training
    Expert information on diet, training, routines and posing. Training information includes cardio, crosstraining, kinesiology and by bodypart.

    18. Java Library
    JAR library including database access bean, implementation of a bookmark for jsp, client/server architecture to call remote method using http protocol and a servlet container as server, implementation of a cart. Freeware for development and noncommercial use
    The package ablia.jar consist of: Name of the package Description com.ablia.anagrafe Standar atabase access bean. See com.ablia.db and com.ablia.servlet packages. com.ablia.bookmark Implementation of a bookmark for jsp. com.ablia.bridge Client/server architecture to call remote method using http protocol and a servlet container as server. com.ablia.cart Implementation of a cart. com.ablia.db Packages that allow you to build database access bean from a given database (supporting connection pools). See package-overview com.ablia.servlet Architecture for servlet and jsp. com.abla.taglib A series of custom tags for jsp. Package Overview
    The docs are quite far to be completed but almost daily I update both ablia.jar package and javadocs to give a better reference and to clean the code as well. More documentation will arrive as soon as I can.
    Some of the sites that use this architecture are:
    If you have any questions mail me at

    19. Handango
    Complete collection of PalmPilot software and home of the PalmPilot WebRing. Biweekly email of updates is available.

    20. Welcome To Animal Crossing
    Nintendo's official site. News, screenshots, and updates for the game.

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