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  1. Easy Self Hosting Your Web Pages, Images, Blogs... in 60 Minutes! + Plus Bonus by, 2010-10-03
  2. Haiku (operating system): BeOS API, OpenTracker, List of BeOS programs, Comparison of operating systems, BeBits, Free software, Open source software, Operating ... Self-hosting, Software release life cycle
  3. Self-Hosting Software: Fasm, Git, Haiku, Freebasic, Self-Hosting
  4. The Adventure of Campground Hosting by Allen Storm, Diana Storm, 2005-10-03
  5. Life's a Pitch!: From Hosting to Toasting... from News to Schmooze by Soni Dimond, 2004-09-20
  6. Hosting Your Web Pages, Images, Blogs... in 60 Minutes! A Easy Guide for Newbies! + Plus Bonus ( by, 2010-10-03
  7. Webhosting For Newbies - What is shared, reseller, VPS and dedicated hosting and their differences + Plus Bonus
  8. Hosting Web Pages, Images, Blogs... in 60 Minutes! A Best Bible for Beginners! + Plus Bonus ( by, 2010-10-03
  9. Hosting Your Web Pages, Images, Blogs... in 60 Minutes! A Easy Guide for Beginners! + Plus Bonus ( by, 2010-10-03
  10. Easy Ways to Hosting Your Web Pages, Images, Blogs... in 60 Minutes! + Plus Bonus
  11. Best Start-up Guide for Web-hosting Newbies + Plus Bonus
  12. Webhosting Newbies Secrets Revealed! Compare shared, reseller, VPS and dedicated hosting and their differences + Plus Bonus
  13. How to Produce Your Own Seminar (For Fun and Profit!) by Thomas Nolan, 2008-09-20
  14. Best Ways to Hosting Your Web Pages, Images, Blogs... in 60 Minutes! + Plus Bonus

81. Self-Publishing Resource With Online Instant Book Printing Pricing
Pricing for the small press and independent self-publisher.Category Business Publishing and Printing Printing Brokers...... Website Design and hosting Workshops Seminars Writer's Resources Writing Poetry Contests Miscellaneous Services Anne M's selfPublishing Web
March 18 , 2003
March Issue - Publishing Basics Newsletter - Now Available

Beware of the Subsidy Press

Outline of a Basic Marketing Plan

Getting Published - 7 Powerful Tips
Anne M's Self-Publishing Web Ring

Retrieve a Quote:

Quote must be less then 30 days old Estimate ID
BJB Logo/Black and White

BJB Logo/Color
Download Templates Freight Calculator ... Submission Checklist/Children's
Book printing is bought in "bulk" and resold at or below pricing normally only given to major books publishers. WE WILL NOT BE UNDERSOLD! Home About Us Customer Comments ... Contact Us This site is a member of Annie M's WebRing. To browse visit Here Site design by HSA Design Site Programming and Hosting by XDI Consulting Corp.

82. ReactOS Home
Opensource effort to develop a quality operating system compatible with Windows NT applications and drivers.Category Computers Software Microkernel Open Source...... 11th January 2003 ReactOS now has CD Booting and selfhosting capabilities!The next release, coming before the month is out, will
Home Documents Software Support ... Links Frontpage


ReactOS is an Open Source effort to develop a quality operating system that is compatible with Windows NT applications and drivers. Future compatibility The ReactOS project, although currently focused on Windows NT 4.0 compatibility, is always keeping an eye towards compatibility with future Windows NT releases, that is, Windows 2000 (NT 5.0) and Windows XP (NT 5.1). Supporting other System Applications The Windows NT architecture allows for subsystems, as does the ReactOS architecture. A subsystem is an implementation of the APIs of another operating system, allowing ReactOS to run applications from other systems. We are already looking at subsystems for: Java OS/2 and DOS and possibly others in the future.
Latest News
2nd February 2003: ReactOS 0.1.0 released!
ReactOS 0.1.0 has been released! Proceed to the ReactOS downloads and changelog page to grab it.
Screenshots: FreeLoader booting up ReactOS ReactOS starting up Command prompt WinHello GUI Application 19th January 2003: Updated IRC info to FreeNode
The IRC channel information page has been updated to reflect Freenode's name change (from OpenProjects), and their new server information.

83. Adelphia
complete the Power Link selfactivation and save time and installation fees. top. Does Adelphia Power Link offer personal web space or web hosting options?
Cable Entertainment High Speed Internet Access Other Services Bundled Savings ...
Additional Services

FAQ's If you do not find your answers here, please feel free to call
1-888-ADEL-NET (1-888-233-5638) What is Adelphia Power Link? How many email accounts come with Adelphia Power Link? Where is Adelphia Power Link service available? Can I watch TV and use Adelphia Power Link at the same time? ... Is Adelphia Power Link service guaranteed? What is Adelphia Power Link?
Adelphia Power Link is high-speed broadband Internet service delivered to your home through your television cable. Our state-of-the-art fiber optic network delivers the Internet at speeds simply not possible with traditional dial-up services.
How many email accounts come with Adelphia Power Link?
Where is Adelphia Power Link service available?

Adelphia Power Link is not available in all areas. Click here to determine if Adelphia Power Link service is available at your address.
Can I watch TV and use Adelphia Power Link at the same time?

84. - Makes Web Hosting Easy, owned by Gain4You.Net © 2002 - All Rights Reserved 61378,212-3630 Brentwood Road, NW Calgary, Alberta, Canada, T2L-2K6 Fax/VoiceMail 1
Only $12 a Year! .biz .com .info .us .net .org Home Demo FREE Trial
We Give YOU Full Control with
Unlimited Bandwidth
lightening-fast server bonus packs
and special deal for your request! With our easy-to-use client side Server Control Panel (now version 4+), webmasters of all experience levels will delight in the pure speed, convenience and power of these FOUR dynamic hosting packages... Website Navigation HOSTING SERVICES:
Starter Plan

Bronze Plan

Silver Plan

Gold Plan

Control Panel

Bonus Packs
Free Mail Listserver Free Secure Server ... Unlimited Bandwidth IMPORTANT: Demo Free Trial 30-Day Guarantee Agreements ... Clients' Sites
I got my site hosted at selfwebhosting because they offered a free trial and free setup. I stayed because they gave me the advanced features I need with the simplicity I like. It had a very fast server that was easy to configure and was up more than most others. Excellent tech support and cheep prices. Every question I've had has been answered by email in one day or less. Derek Anderson

85. - Security Advisor - One Too Many
In addition, they wanted to begin selfhosting their Web site, andthey wanted secure network access for the remote employees. So,5,36,1,0601,02.html
March 18, 2003 @ FEATURES


Click here
to view our
Training Directory
Click here
for Website Design for your Company
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for regional
magazine advertising information
A D V E R T I S E M E N T S C U R R E N T P O L L Scariest IT situation? Rampant, unstoppable virus Deadly server crash CEO's kid running support Theft of vital equipment Intellectual property leak CTO goes MIA Wardriving hackers Severe job cuts Coffee pot, vending machine both broken Reuse This Content June 2002 Security Advisor Past Articles One too many No single firewall solution is right for everyone. By Maggie Biggs In the last few weeks, three of my friendswho also happen to be owners of small or medium-sized businesseshave struggled with the decision about which firewall solutions are right for their companies. All three asked lots of questions and sought out information on firewalls. Ultimately, all ended up choosing different solutions. One chose a Linux-based firewall, another chose personal firewall software, and the last chose a hardware-based firewall. Why did these folks each choose different solutions? Simply put, their user base, network configurations, and network usage were very, very different. For example, the man who chose to use a Linux-based firewall operates a 100-person software development firm that uses internal

Because We believe that Subversion is stable and have confidence in our code, infact, we've been selfhosting since September of 2001eating our own caviar
Open Source Software Engineering User: Password: Register Login help? SourceCast help My start page ... News How do I... Get help? Site search Featured projects Subversion Scarab ArgoUML GEF ... RapidSVN Project highlights: FAQ Task List License Status
Subversion FAQ
General questions:
  • Why does this project exist? Is Subversion proprietary? I heard that it belongs to CollabNet. Is Subversion stable enough for me to use for my own projects? What operating systems does Subversion run on? ... I have other questions. Where can I get more information?
  • How-to:
  • How do I check out the Subversion code? How do I create a repository? How do I import data into it? How do I convert an existing CVS repository into a Subversion repository? What if I'm behind a proxy? ... How do I submit a patch for Subversion?
  • Troubleshooting:
  • I get exitcode 2 from diff3 on Windows What the heck! Every time I try to access my repository, the process just hangs. Is my repository corrupt? What the heck! Every time I try to run a svn command, it says my working copy is locked. Is my working copy corrupt? I just built the distribution binary, and when I try to check out Subversion, I get an error about an "Unrecognized URL scheme." What's up with that? ... What is the best method of doing a network trace of the conversation between a Subversion client and server?
  • References:
  • What are all the HTTP methods Subversion uses?
  • 87. The Higoodsites - Your Self Empowerment Portal
    Articles and tips on spiritual selfempowerment.Category Health Mental Health self-Help...... visit our Higoodsites website are predominately those who seek self empowermenton own professionally designed website plus your first year of hosting for as
    That which you are reaching toward. . .is also reaching out toward you
    The Intenders

    of the

    Highest Good
    The Intenders is the sister site of the Higoodsites.
    Unlike many groups and communes of times past, we are a very unique community that sees the wisdom in everyone living wherever they choose.
    Our focus centers around meeting together regularly in Intention Circles and practicing The Intention Process, which is a tried and true method of self empowerment designed to have you consciously manifesting your dreams and desires as easily and effortlessly as possible.
    If you would like to find out more about The Intenders, you can click on the title link above or call us at:
    The Light Site
    The Light Site is your forum for shining your light.
    It is a spiritual message board dedicated to that which is the highest in all of us. It creates a space where uplifting and inspiring points of view can be expressed and the level of consciousness raised.
    We welcome all who work for the light.
    If you would like to take part, send an email to:

    88. Personal Info For Gstein
    Subversion has now been selfhosting for over six months and we're approachingAlpha (woo!). In August, helped Subversion go self-hosting.
    Personal info for gstein
    This person is currently certified at Master level. Name: Greg Stein Homepage: Notes: My main projects are WebDAV-related (I'm the primary author of and ) and Python . In addition, I'm also one of the lead developers of the Subversion project, responsible for all of its network operation (using WebDAV). I'm also a member and Director of the Apache Software Foundation and am responsible for the WebDAV features in the Apache 2.0 distribution. There are a bunch of other things that I have done or am interested in; they are listed on my web page . The Python modules that I've published are linked off that page, and include an HTTP/1.1 client library (now part of Python itself), a DAV client library, a new import mechanism (also part of Python now), and several other things. I've also released ViewCVS , a (Python-based) CGI script to browse CVS repositories (similar, but better than cvsweb). I definitely consider myself an Open Source programmer... I'm currently working as Director of Software Engineering at

    89. Netfirms, Free Web Hosting For Small Business
    Unlike most web hosting companies, we do not place your website on just a singleserver, where your website's uptime is dependent on that server. 'selfHealing
    Our Company
    About Netfirms Inc.

    Advertising Info

    Business Dev

    Contact Us

    Our Services
    Our Technology

    Free Webhosting


    Affiliate Program
    ... Company Home You Are Here: About Us Our Technology Our Technology/Infrastructure Netfirms has earned the trust of our customers, one by one. Our customers want to be confident that their site is hosted in a powerful, secure and reliable system without the headaches of managing it. Hosting hundreds of thousands of websites with maximum performance and reliability is not an easy task. We will take you ‘behind the scenes’ to explain how we deliver. Our Hosting Platform Netfirms hosting infrastructure is designed to be fully redundant, robust and scaleable. We have developed in-house, a world-class hosting system that addresses critical issues such as server uptime, reliable disk storage and network connectivity. This hosting system allows us to deliver the easy-to-use, feature-rich hosting service that our customers enjoy. Always Available We take a cluster based approach to web serving. We maintain a pool of servers to handle requests coming to your website. When a request is received by our network, it is directed to a server from our pool of servers. Many servers, directed by a load-balancing system, take turns serving your site. So if one server is unable to handle the load or is down, the request is passed to the next available server. This eliminates dependency on any one server. Added benefits include improved response time, site availability and concurrency. Unlike most web hosting companies, we do not place your website on just a single server, where your website's uptime is dependent on that server.

    90. Sprint: White Papers, Webcasts And Case Studies
    Sprint made it happen in record time. Topics eGovernment Portals selfServiceApplications Web Applications Management Web hosting.

    91. NTT/VERIO - PowerPlatform Hosting - Self Configure INTEL
    Produkte und Lösungen Direktsuche.
    Power Platform - Hosting - Managed Services - Support - Portal Smart Content Delivery - Server Load Balancing - Global Server Load Balancing - Reverse-Proxy Caching Shared Hosting - Server Load Balancing - Global Server Load Balancing Virtual Private Server -VPS FreeBSD -VPS FreeBSD Standard -VPS FreeBSD Pro -VPS Solaris -VPS Solaris Standard -VPS Solaris Pro Domain Registration
    Self-configure ... self configure > intel

    Intel Servers
    Cost-effective server platform featuring Intel-based hardware components. Choose from Windows 2000 or Linux operating system.
    zu VERIO Consultants Request a quote
    Network Services
    Managed Security Solutions Managed Storage Solutions Professional Services ... Software Licensing Services
    Select an Entry-Level or a High-End package option: Low-End Intel/Win2000 Servers Intel - Win2000 Entry-Level Web/Application Server
  • PIII 1.26GHz CPU 256MB RAM 18GB SCSI drive

  • Intel - Win2000 Entry-Level Database Server
  • P4 2.0GHz Xeon CPU 512 MB RAM 36 GB SCSI Drive 36 GB SCSI Drive 36 GB SCSI Drive

  • High-End Intel/Win2000 Servers Intel - Win2000 High-End Web/Application Server
  • PIII 1.40GHz CPU
  • 92. A Web Site Design And Hosting Company Located In Frederick County Maryland. EKDe
    Providing web development, computer and software training, hosting, search engine submission, and Category Computers Internet Designers Full Service E...... Development and Designing of Web Site. Web Site hosting Available. TrainingCD’s available to rent for selftraining too. Great Resource!
    Web Sites with the Professional in Mind!
    Custom design for each Customer~
    Web Site Design, Hosting and Search Engine Submission
    for your Professional or Personal Web Site!
    Computer Services for Internet, E-mail and Software Training!
    You need a Java enabled browser!
    Also Specialized Services for Real Estate Professionals!
    Updating to MRIS 3.7 or Training for Realtors for MRIS (Multiple Listing Service) searches, e-mail and internet connection with MRIS. Connect your web page to to keep your listings current.
    Contact EKDesigns now for a free consultation and quote for publishing your company or personal endeavor to the NET.
    Do you want to update your site yourself? We can show you how with FrontPage training. If you don't have time to create your own site, We will design a great looking site tailor-made for your business and then train you or your staff to maintain the site. We offer affordable pricing packages for putting your business, organization, product or service on-line, allowing you to get onto the Web at a price you are comfortable with. No hidden charges Web Site Services Offered: Domain Name Registration (One Time Set-Up Fee) POP E-Mail Accounts (Includes Four, More Available)

    93. : The Ultimate Resource For Webmasters!
    FEATURING » Native hosting. Other Resource Sites Other adult webmaster resourcewebsites. Please, no spam or self promotion on this board except on Sundays.
    Site Map About Us Contact Us Link To Us Search: Section: Please Select WM Dir Chat Industry Insider YNOT News Classifieds Articles Advanced Search Profile Menu Nick Pass Remember Pass Forgot Password? Create New Account Contact Support Main Menu Service Directory WM Directory Chat Boards News ... Contact Us
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    Join YNOT's Traffic Exchanges and Get Your Traffic! Affiliate Zone
    YNOT Coders Looking for high-quality, inexpensive programming?

    YNOT Coders are here to solve all your programming problems!

    94. Self Publish With Write Hand Publishing
    Services Microsoft Frontpage IMail Server - WebTrends Norton Antivirusfor all e-mail. I HOME I CONTACT US I CLIENTS I WEB hosting I.
    Dual Intel 933Mhz
    1GB RAM
    Windows - Windows Media Services
    Microsoft Frontpage - I M ail Server - Web T rends
    Norton Antivirus for all e-mail

    95. Mediaweb Advanced Hosting
    Uw eigen server(s) direct op de backbone van Level3. Zowel managed als selfservice. Wijzorgen dan voor alles. Managed hosting is hosting zonder zorgen.
    home diensten » web hosting

    web design


    web hosting

    Mediaweb stelt kwaliteit voorop bij alle aspecten van haar hostingdiensten: hardware software netwerk bandbreedte , service en toepassingsmogelijkheden. Daarbij stellen wij bijzonder hoge eisen aan snelheid, schaalbaarheid, betrouwbaarheid en flexibiliteit. Self Service Hosting Co-Lokatie /dedicated servers Topkwaliteit webhosting diensten tegen zeer scherpe tarieven voor de webmaster die weet wat hij/zij wil. Uitstekende prijs/kwaliteitverhouding. Uw eigen server(s) direct op de backbone van Level3. Zowel managed als self-service. Volledige controle via uw web based toolbox. Meer info... Meer info... Streaming Media Hosting Managed Hosting De hardware en software van onze dedicated streaming media servers zijn volledig geoptimali-
    seerd voor het hosten van streaming audio en video.

    96. PEAR :: PEAR Changelog
    Version 0.10beta (2002-05-26). Lots of stuff this time. 0.9 was notactually self-hosting, even though it claimed to be. This version

    97. Self Help Area
    Contact Place Order. resellers. NT Web hosting FAQ. Internet access for California.Contact Wired hosting in Bay Area. Dedicated Servers. Sign up!
    .com .net .org Contact Place Order
    Have Questions?
    Catch us on ICQ @ 40927225
    Setting up your mail on the Wired Hosting mail server
  • Microsoft Outlook Eudora
  • How to connect to a database on the web ...
    Wired Hosting©
    All rights reserved. Acceptable Use Policy
    Microsoft, Front Page, ASP, Windows NT, .NET, Windows 2000, Visual Interdev are registered trademarks of
    Microsoft Corporation

    98. Website Design Management And Hosting
    hosting Option self Managed Fully Managed Other / Don’t know. Enter upto 15 keywords describing the site Any other information or comments
    Design for Clients We can design, build and host websites for any client ( see our portfolio For a free quote:
  • Choose one of the development options Choose one of the hosting options Type in your email and some key words or phrases and hit “Get Free Quote”.
  • Development Options Interest Group and Starter Business Small and Medium Business Design Fee Free domain registration and DNS management yes yes Pages Up to 4 Up to 10 Search engine submission yes yes Email accounts Catch-all email address yes yes Disk space Bandwidth 5GB/month 20GB/month photo gallery If requested If requested Bulletin Board If requested If requested Mailling lists secure pop3 email (ssl) yes yes smtp server yes yes graphical site usage stats yes yes Nightly backups yes yes Notes:
  • Pages will be developed in HTML or PHP as appropriate. Simple feedback forms can be included in both packages at no extra cost. Some simple database scripting can be included in the “Small and Medium Business” package at no extra cost. For larger scripting and SQL jobs please ask us for a quote. Extra bandwidth £8/GB/month Extra lists £10 setup charge per list. Note that the bandwidth used by mailling lists will be included in the monthly total.
  • 99. 305 Spin :: Web Publishing : Hosting : Broadcasting
    self described as a songwriter first, Todd Thibaud (pronounced TEEbo) frontedThe Courage Brothers before going solo. Click here to read article.
    var inside_a = new Image; var inside_o = new Image; var news_a = new Image; var news_o = new Image; var portfolio_a = new Image; var portfolio_o = new Image; var services_a = new Image; var services_o = new Image; inside_a.src = "../siteart/sub_inside.gif"; inside_o.src = "../siteart/sub_inside_over.gif"; news_a.src = "../siteart/sub_news.gif"; news_o.src = "../siteart/sub_news_over.gif"; portfolio_a.src = "../siteart/sub_portfolio.gif"; portfolio_o.src = "../siteart/sub_portfolio_over.gif"; services_a.src = "../siteart/sub_services.gif"; services_o.src = "../siteart/sub_services_over.gif"; Tuesday, March 18, 2003
    Below is the archive of past news articles that have been featured on this site. To view one of the articles, please click on the title of the article.
    Blind Pig Signs Savoy Brown

    Blind Pig Records has announced signing a deal with Kim Simmonds, founding member of the legendary blues/rock band Savoy Brown, to release the group’s new studio album, Strange Dreams. Click here to read article.

    100. Business Linux Build And Run Your Own Business Web Server, Part
    A Warning. Before we get into the good stuff about servers, a word of warningin my most valuable opinion, selfhosting is fraught with perils.

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