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  1. Mastering Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 by Mark Minasi, Darril Gibson, et all 2010-02-02
  2. Windows Server 2008 R2 Unleashed by Rand Morimoto, Michael Noel, et all 2010-01-17
  3. Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 Unleashed by Ray Rankins, Paul Bertucci, et all 2010-09-26
  4. Windows Server 2008 Inside Out by William R. Stanek, 2008-04-06
  5. Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Management and Administration by Ross Mistry, 2009-01-02
  6. Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Internals (Pro - Developer) by Kalen Delaney, Paul S. Randal, et all 2009-03-11
  7. Apple Training Series: Mac OS X Server Essentials v10.6: A Guide to Using and Supporting Mac OS X Server v10.6 by Arek Dreyer, Ben Greisler, 2009-10-31
  8. SQL Server 2008 Query Performance Tuning Distilled (Expert's Voice in SQL Server) by Grant Fritchey, Sajal Dam, 2009-03-16
  9. Professional SQL Server 2008 Internals and Troubleshooting by Christian Bolton, Justin Langford, et all 2010-01-07
  10. Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Bible by Paul Nielsen, Uttam Parui, 2009-08-31
  11. MCTS Self-Paced Training Kit (Exam 70-432): Microsoft SQL Server 2008-Implementation and Maintenance: Microsoft SQL Server 2008--Implementation and Maintenance (PRO-Certification) by Mike Hotek, 2009-02-18
  12. Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Reporting Services by Brian Larson, 2008-08-21
  13. Mac OS X Snow Leopard Server For Dummies by John Rizzo, 2009-11-09
  14. Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Step by Step (Step by Step (Microsoft)) by Mike Hotek, 2008-11-12

1. Welcome! - The Apache Software Foundation
Main site of this top rated internet web server.Category Computers Software Projects Internet Web servers...... field. We consider ourselves not simply a group of projects sharinga server, but rather a community of developers and users. You
Apache Projects
  • HTTP Server Ant APR ... Contact
  • Get Involved
  • Mailing Lists CVS Repositories Developer Info
  • Download
  • from a mirror from here
  • Sister Projects
  • Module Registry Apache-SSL Java-Apache
  • Welcome! The Apache Software Foundation provides support for the Apache community of open-source software projects. The Apache projects are characterized by a collaborative, consensus based development process, an open and pragmatic software license, and a desire to create high quality software that leads the way in its field. We consider ourselves not simply a group of projects sharing a server, but rather a community of developers and users. You are invited to participate in The Apache Software Foundation. We welcome contributions in many forms. Our membership consists of those individuals who have demonstrated a commitment to collaborative open-source software development through sustained participation and contributions within the Foundation's projects. Apache went CeBIT 2003 The Apache Software Foundation has been manning a booth on Monday the 17th of March at CeBIT 2003 in Hannover, Germany, the largest IT tradeshow in the world.

    2. Europa - The European Union On-Line
    Official site offers comprehensive info about the Union, including news, documents, statistics and links to other EU servers.

    3. Welcome! - The Apache HTTP Server Project
    The most popular web server on the net.Category Computers Software Internet servers WWW Apache......The Apache HTTP server Project The Number One HTTP server On The Internet.The Apache HTTP server Project is an effort to develop
  • About License FAQ Security ...
  • Download!
  • from a mirror
  • Documentation
  • Apache 1.3 Apache 2.0
  • Get Involved
  • Mailing Lists Bug Reports Developer Info
  • Subprojects
  • Docs Test Flood libapreq ...
  • The Number One HTTP Server On The Internet The Apache HTTP Server Project is an effort to develop and maintain an open-source HTTP server for modern operating systems including UNIX and Windows NT. The goal of this project is to provide a secure, efficient and extensible server that provides HTTP services in sync with the current HTTP standards. Apache has been the most popular web server on the Internet since April of 1996. The August 2002 Netcraft Web Server Survey found that 63% of the web sites on the Internet are using Apache, thus making it more widely used than all other web servers combined. The Apache HTTP Server is a project of the Apache Software Foundation Want to try out the Apache HTTP Server? Great! We have updated our download page in an effort to better utilize our mirrors. We hope that by making it easier to use our mirrors that we will be able to provide a better download experience. Please ensure that you verify your downloads using PGP or MD5 signatures!

    4. Barrys Clipart Server
    Provides hundreds of graphics relating to various topics and categories, all for personal use. Barrys Clipart server. CLICK HERE for tons of FREE clipart animations at CLIPART.COM
    Barrys Clipart Server
    Please Help and Rate Us at!

    Clipart Animations ... Links Cool Animations Animations @


    Search Search , the
    net's largest clipart site.
    Clipart Photos Fonts Web Art Web Graphics Textures
    3D fonts
    Cool fonts
    ... Handwriting fonts Cool Free Clipart Clipart @ St Pats Agriculture Animals ... Email Search Search - the premier photo site on the Internet! Entertainment Food Hands Holidays ... Religions Great Graphics Links Click here for Flag Clipart Web Clipart Flags Commercial Freebies ... 3D Images Featured Site Try for even more FREE Clip Art!!!! Computers Cartoons ... Signs Top Sites RebelArtist ... PC Fonts Graphics Forums Clip Art Animations Graphics Software How do I ? ... Search

    5. Entry.DE [Sorry, We're Closed!]
    Dieser Dienst wurde eingestellt. Entry.DE führte seit Mai 1997 die Liste der deutschen Webserver. Die Eintragung erfolgte für WebserverBetreiber kostenlos und ohne Verpflichtungen.
    Dieser Dienst wurde eingestellt.
    Zentraleinrichtung für Datenverarbeitung (ZEDAT) der Freien Universität Berlin im Rahmen des Projekts DFN-CIS. Nach dem Auslaufen des Projektes wurden die Weiterarbeit an Entry.DE und das Webangebot Anfang 2003 eingestellt, da eine Aktualität der Inhalte nicht mehr gewährleistet war.
    Service discontinued.
    Entry.DE officially started in May 1997 as a service of Zentraleinrichtung für Datenverarbeitung (ZEDAT) der Freien Universität Berlin . Entry.DE was the catalog of German webservers; registration and use of this service were free of charge. The project supporting Entry.DE ran out, and the webpages were removed in the beginning of 2003 because the available information could not be kept up-to-date anymore. It is no longer possible to register and/or access the list of German webservers. We would like to thank all webmasters for their co-operation and wish you all the best for the future!

    6. Microtopia
    Natural way to distribute and install software on the WWW or any network. It is the marriage of dynamic linking and networks. Important attributes include antivirus and anti-piracy support.
    Welcome to the home page of Microtopia,
    Code Server Paradise.
    This web site tells the story of one of the most important developments in networked computing of our time. This idea has been, or may be used as the underlying basis for the following technologies:

    Wireless Application Protocol (WAP)

    Application Service Providers (ASP)
    Our patents, dating back to 1991, cover a broad spectrum of work by companies such as:

    Sun Microsystems

    International Business Machines (IBM)

    Symbian PLC

    How do you like our "dictionary" definition of Microtopia? (we invented the word, so it isn't in a dictionary... yet) Microtopia (also m topia), n. 1. A place, state, or condition ideally perfect in respect of software, networks, and systems. 2. An impossibly ideal scheme, esp. for software distribution. Contrast this with the dictionary definition of Utopia, an imaginary island, depicted by Sir Thomas More Utopia , n. 1. A place, state, or condition ideally perfect in respect of politics, laws, customs and conditions. 2. An impossibly ideal scheme, esp. for social improvement.

    7. ServerWatch OS Server Sort
    Looking for a server that runs a given OS? See a comprehensive list of servers grouped by OS. All servers listed above are profiled.

    8. Home
    SQL server articles, scripts, and discussion groups.

    Resources Community Products ... Contact Us Site Sponsored by SQL Guide from NetIQ : Eliminate common SQL Server issues permanently. Register now for " The 10 Pains Every SQL DBA Wished They Could Forget, " to deliver great SQL performance and availability.
    Welcome to
    (a community of 77324 DBAs, developers and SQL Server users and growing)
    Headlines for 3/18/2003 - *Updated Daily* (change headline date) Suggest a headline
    Change Management (Today)
    By: Chris Kempster
    This article looks at change management from the perspective of the DBA, including how to use source control to your advantage and planning for 'self-healing' apps.
    Posted: 03/18/2003 / Source :
    Article Rating 4.69 stars ) Total number of votes [13]
    Auditing Your SQL Server - Part 2
    By: Steve Jones
    This article expands Steve Jones' look at ways to audit changes to your data by building mirror tables.
    Posted: 03/17/2003 / Source : Article Rating 4.67 stars ) Total number of votes [3] Analyzing and Optimizing T-SQL Query Performance on SQL Server By: Articles Additional This white paper discusses the basics of indexes, such as density and selectivity, effects of many versus few indexes, long versus short keys, covering indexes, and how the SQL Server optimizer chooses indexes

    9. Microsoft
    The official information site about the family of products. By Microsoft.

    10. Windows NT Home : [Microsoft Windows NT Server 4.0; Communications; Networking;
    Access satellite maps from the Cold War era and find neighborhoods, cities and landmarks, such as the Statue of Liberty, Astrodome and Area 51.
    All Products Support Search Home ... Support Enter a search phrase:
    Advanced Search
    Windows NT Server Home Page Product Information Technical Resources Downloads Support ... Attend a Free Launch Event See how Windows Server 2003 can help you do more with less. Come to a free launch event near you.
    Get Ready for Windows Server 2003

    If you're still using Windows NT Server 4.0 today, you'll find plenty of reasons to move to Windows Server 2003. With evolutionary improvements in reliability, availability, and scalability, Windows Server 2003 delivers a highly productive server operating system for businesses of all sizes. Get the Windows Server 2003 Preview
    Windows Server 2003 Release Candidate 2 is here. It’s time to upgrade, or sign up to try the newest Windows Server operating system in your environment. Download the software, or order the kit. Microsoft Announces New Support Life-Cycle Policy
    The policy which takes effect October 15th, 2002, is designed to standardize support guidelines across product lines and will cover most products currently available via retail purchase or volume licensing and future release products. Maintain Security with Windows NT
    Microsoft has the most active security program in the industry, and regularly delivers

    11. Apache HTTP Server Version 1.3 Documentation
    FAQ, SiteMap, Directives, Modules, Search. Apache HTTP server Version1.3. Release Notes. New Features in Version 1.3. Apache HTTP server. Index
    FAQ SiteMap Directives Modules ... Search
    Apache HTTP Server Version 1.3
    Release Notes New Features in Version 1.3 Upgrading to Version 1.3 Apache License Reference Manual Compiling and Installing Starting Stopping or Restarting Run-time Configuration Directives Modules: By Type or Alphabetical Server and Supporting Programs Dynamic Shared Object (DSO) Support The Apache API Platform Specific Notes Microsoft Windows Cygwin Novell Netware HP MPE/iX ... TPF Using the Apache HTTP Server Authentication, Authorization, and Access Control CGI: Dynamic Content with CGI Configuration Files Content negotiation ... Virtual Hosts Other Topics Frequently Asked Questions SiteMap Tutorials Other Notes
    Maintained by the Apache HTTP Server Documentation Project
    Apache HTTP Server

    12. Java Skyline: Java/J2EE Servers
    Comprehensive list of Java enterprise servers which ones run JSP, servlet, EJB and who makes them.
    Home Architecture WebApps Database ... News Java/J2EE Servers Web Services Enterprise Learning Contact Us ... RMI Java/J2EE Servers This page contains
    • Java/J2EE Servers A list of commercial and open source Java/J2EE application servers that provide Enterprise JavaBeans, Servlet, and JSP capabilities ( See the Legend Key below for details).
    • Java/J2EE Resources and Lists In addition to this list, the Java/J2EE Server Resources and Lists section provides additional lists of Java/J2EE servers, places to go to for lists of Java servers, J2EE licensees/compatibility, reviews, descriptions, and other information.
    Java/J2EE Servers Updated Jan 12, 2003 See also:
    Learn: EJB Learn: JSP Learn: Servlets
    EJB deployments and contexts
    Architecture: IDEs
    Which IDEs go with which servers Manufacturer Product(s) Download Product Description,
    Special features (See Legend Key Open
    Share EJB Servlet API JSP
    Acme Acme Utilities All Servlet Engine and Open Source library Both No Allaire/Macromedia JRun Server Downloads J2EE Server, JMS, Servlet-JSP Web Server Apple WebObjects J2EE Server and HTTP adaptor (see diagram ATG Dynamo Application Server J2EE Server, Servlet-JSP Web Server

    13. Acronym Server Simplified
    Allows a search for either expansions of an acronym or acronyms containing a particular word.Category Reference Dictionaries Acronyms......Acronym server Simplified. This is not a Web search engine. If elsewhere.This is the simplified interface to the Acronym server.
    Acronym Server Simplified
    This is not a Web search engine. If you want to search the Web, please go elsewhere
    This is the simplified interface to the Acronym Server. We had to do this because the previous one was too complex and took too much time. Search for: Thanks to all those contributors who submitted new and improved entries, and who helped with their suggestions for getting this service back online. The submission interface is going to take a little longer to redesign, but that too will be back in operation Real Soon Now.

    14. Accessible Writing
    Includes a variety of literature-related materials, including etext archives of prose, poetry, fiction, Category Arts Literature......Saturday, March 15, 2003 1103 PM PDT in Seattle (GMT 0700) The Eserver,founded in 1990, is now based at the University of Washington.
    about us
    publish with us
    mailing lists
    new works
    chat line
    join us
    Tuesday, March 18, 2003
    4:03 AM PDT in Seattle (GMT -0700) The EServer, founded in 1990, is now based at the University of Washington . We are increasing efforts to publish new works (31804 so far). Browse our public collections, including:
    Calls for Papers

    Calls for conference papers and journal articles. Race Materials on race and ethnicity in the U.S. Search AltaVista Bad Subjects Bartlett's Quotations Books On-Line Britannica Calls for Papers DejaNews The EServer EServer (via Google) Google Gutenberg: by Author Gutenberg: by Title GoTo Lycos Project MUSE Voice of the Shuttle Webster's Dictionary Yahoo for advanced Our Collections The Academy miscellaneous resources for students and faculty Art/Architecture links to art, architecture, and aesthetic theory Audio and Video audio recordings of scholarly presentations Bad Subjects political education for everyday life Books book-length nonfiction and miscellaneous literatures Calls for Papers calls for conference papers and journal articles Cultronix a journal of contemporary art and cultural theory Cultural Logic an electronic journal of marxist theory and practice Cultural Theory readings in cultural studies and critical theory Cyber Tech/Culture discussing links between technology and culture Drama a collection of plays, modern works and classics

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  • 16. Microsoft Corporation
    Official homepage of Microsoft CorporationCategory Computers Companies Microsoft Corporation...... Top 10 benefits of Windows server 2003. Extended email security for Outlook2000. Systems Management server Software Update Services Feature Pack.
    All Products Support Search Home ... Manage Your Profile Search for Advanced Search Product Families Windows Office Business Solutions Servers ... All Products Resources Support Downloads Windows Update Office Update ... Security Information For Home Users IT Professionals (TechNet) Developers (MSDN) Microsoft Partners ... Journalists About Microsoft Corporate Information Investor Relations Careers About this Site Worldwide Microsoft Worldwide The Windows XP Expert Zone Community is for everyone 10 everyday ways to use a digital camera 3 steps to make your own movie technical resources Learn how the Office System supports developers Manage and troubleshoot Windows Active Directory Learn IT skills through the Microsoft IT Academy Program business agility What's new in Windows Server 2003 Choose the right Tablet PC for you Health-care professionals use Office to be more effective .NET Windows Office What is .NET?
    Look ahead to Visual Studio .NET 2003

    Discover how .NET enhances university students' access to campus resources

    10 examples of Windows Server 2003 at work
    ... More Office ... Last Updated: Monday, March 17, 2003 - 11:10 a.m. Pacific Time today's news Security update for Windows 2000 released
    .NET Alerts is giving away a plasma television. Interested?

    17. Santronics Software, Inc.
    Santronics Software Inc designs, develops, and supports interactive Internet, Intranet, and communications software for the Microsoft Windows environment. Products include the WIN server, Plantinum Express, Wildcat BBS and OffLine Xpress mail reader. Products Community Company Info ... Demo WINServer (Wildcat! Interactive Net Server) Check it Out... More than just a Web Server...More than just a BBS... Wildcat! Interactive Net Server is the World's Most Complete Multi-Device Internet/Intranet package providing solutions for a broad range of Internet/Intranet and Remote Access needs. WIN Server includes and combines SSL (Secured Socket Layer), WEB, SMTP/POP3 (EMAIL), FTP, TELNET, RADIUS, NNTP (News) Server, PPP server, Terminal Server, direct modem dial up technology with a secured User, Mail and File Database to give you the most complete "intranet/BBS" system of its kind! Create public or private membership, subscriber, employee, customer/client only systems for your business!
    Rated by Microsoft as a TOP 100 Windows Application!
    "Wildcat!’s flexibility is boundless. Besides offering clinical support to rural health care professionals, our system is integral to helping us track and control diseases across the entire state of Montana. We’d be lost without it."
    - Dr. Robert Flaherty, M.D., Montana Area Health Education Center, Montana State University

    18. Microsoft SQL Server: SQL Server Home
    Scalable solutions, powerful data warehousing, and integration with Microsoft Office2000 are just some of the features this leading clientserver database for
    All Products Support Search Guide ... SQL Server Home Search This Site
    Advanced Search
    SQL Server Home Product Information How to Buy ... Microsoft Servers
    Capitalize on your information assets to thrive in a competitive marketplace.
    Visit the Business Intelligence Web site
    Learn About Business Intelligence and SQL Server
    Top Stories
    Download SQL Server 2000 Service Pack 3
    Install Service Pack 3 (SP3) for the most comprehensive updates as well as improved serviceability, performance, and security. Find and Fix Slammer Vulnerabilities
    Microsoft strongly encourages SQL Server 2000 customers to immediately install the latest security patch to correct for this vulnerability. Windows and SQL Server Beat 32-way TPC-C Record
    Highlights High Availability
    Learn how to use SQL Server to ensure high database availability in a clustered environment, discover how to back up your database with minimal disruptions, and more. Appropriate Uses of MSDE
    Review this FAQ to learn which product licenses or subscription services convey the redistribution rights you require for your installation of Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Desktop Engine (MSDE 2000). Choosing an Edition of SQL Server 2000
    Find out which edition of SQL Server 2000 is right for your organization.

    19. ActiveFax - Fax Server And Email Software For Windows And Unix
    Fax and email server for Windows and UNIX systems.
    ActiveFax by Vogler Software - Fax Server Network Fax Solution and Email for Windows and UNIX
    This Web Page can only be viewed on Web Browsers that support frames !!!
    [Home] [Company] [News] [Products] ... [O]
    ActiveFax by Vogler Software - Fax Server Network Fax Solution and Email for Windows and UNIX
    This Web Page can only be viewed on Web Browsers that support frames.
    [Home] [Company] [News] [Products] ... [O]

    20. TerraServer V5.0 Homepage
    Aerial and satellite imagery of the globe.Category Science Social Sciences Map servers......MSN Home My MSN Hotmail Search Shopping Money People Chat,Contributors. go to MSN Home, Terraserver Contributors. Advanced
    MSN Home My MSN Hotmail Search ... About Search TerraServer
    Advanced Find Famous Places Web Services ... About TerraServer Click the green areas to zoom-in on the map. TerraServer contains 3.3 tera-bytes of high resolution USGS aerial imagery and USGS topographic maps . You can locate imagery by clicking on the map above, entering a city or town name in the "Search TerraServer" form at the top of the page, or entering a U.S. street address . Click on Advanced Find to see other methods for searching our imagery database. Below are sample thumb-nail images of famous places contained in the TerraServer database. Click on a thumb-nail image to see a famous place or click on more famous places to see a complete the complete list images of famous sites. Iowa Class
    Battleship Niagara Falls Lambeau Field St. Louis Gateway
    More Famous Places

    MSN - More Useful Everyday MSN Home My MSN Hotmail Search ... GetNetWise Resources

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