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61. Research Administrators - Division Of Sponsored Programs - The University Of Iow
McGranahan, Larry William, Ophthalmology visual Sciences, 11136 PFP, 62866,Asst To The Menke, Christine Renee, Neurosurgery, 1848 jpp, 6-4326, Asst To TheChair

62. Java Development Tools
a translator from Ada 95 to Java bytecodes) BaJa visual Basic to Embryonic ToolIntegrator) JPad - basic Java editor ModelWorks Software jpp - A preprocessor
Capsule Reviews of Java Tools

Jamba for Windows
Internet Magazine Reviews
JavaUniverse Developer - SoftWhere
Online Magazine
Java IDE: JFactory
Online Magazine
VisualAge for Java
JavaUniverse Developer
Test Center Reviews (29 Dec 1996)
Visual Java Development Tools
Which Java visual development environment is best for you?
JavaWorld - June 1997 Case tools Graphical Designer Advanced Software Technologies, Inc. (ASTI) ObjectTeam Cayenne Software OEW for Java Innovative Software (with database support and reverse engineering) Paradigm Plus Platinum (see also this paper Rational Rose-Java EAK Rational (Note: You'll need to already have Rational Rose/C++ version 3.0.2 to be able to use this Early Access Kit With Class Microgold Software Java Development Toolkits The original (Javasoft)... The Java(tm) Developers Kit version 1.0.2 Java Development Kit 1.1.4 Swing release of the JFC The complete Swing package (called the 'early access JFC software') (You'll need to sign up for the Java Developer Connection first (free).)

63. Some Announced WWW Sites: Java Programming
Harness and Test Suite(8 Aug 1996 ) + *; dev/kit/JDBCTest visual Tool for JML -Java Extension to HTML(14 Apr 1997 ) + * + *; dev/misc/jpp - Preprocessor for
I didn't create the pages that this page is linked to. I have not reviewed most of them. I do not endorse or recommend any of them. I may not approve of them. Please be selective in the links you follow. CSUSB and the CS Dept have no responsibility for them. Do not send announcements to me but to the moderator for relevant USENET newsgroup. Also see my directory of recently announced sites , and my java page.
  • Active Objects (01 Jul 1996 )
  • ad/book/Cooking - Cooking JavaBeans (13 May 1997 ) +
  • ad/book/CoreJava - Core Java, 2nd Edition (20 Jan 1997 )
  • Ad/book/Exploring Java - Quick Java intro book (10 Jul 1996 ) +
  • Ad/book/Exploring Java - Quick Java intro book (3 Jul 1996 ) +
  • ad/book/Garbage - Book on Garbage Collection (19 Nov 1996 ) +
  • ad/book/GermanIntro - German introductory book on Java (24 Dec 1997 ) +
  • ad/book/GraphicJava - GUI/AWT book, just published!! (8 Aug 1996 ) +
  • ad/book/GraphicJava1.1 - Just Published!! (15 Oct 1997 )
  • ad/book/hacking - "Hacking Java" (27 Nov 1996 ) +
  • ad/book/InsideJava - Inside Java WorkShop (20 Feb 1997 ) +
  • ad/book/InstantJava - Instant Java, 2nd Edition
  • 64. Multimedia Transfer 2000 - Beschreibungen - Medien / Dienstleistungen
    Translate this page find x - visual aided investigation instrument. Vorstellung der Berufe IT-Systemkaufmanns-/frauund IT-Sytemelektroniker-/in. jpp - Der Java Power Presenter.
    M EDIEN / D IENSTLEISTUNGEN Name der Einreichung Kurzbeschreibung 1.) Virtuelles Museum
    3D-Darstellung der Fachhochschule Karlsruhe in VRML97
    Computer-Modell der FH Karlsruhe, durch das man interaktiv navigieren kann. Digital Design 2000+ - Webcast CD-ROM Interaktives Informations-, Recherche- und Nachschlagewerk zum Thema Interaction-Design und Interface-Entwicklung auf CD-ROM. f.i.n.d [x] - visual aided investigation instrument Forum Oecotrophologie Fragrance Guide Freiwillige Feuerwehr der Gemeinde Wardenburg in Form von Java, Java Script und normalen Textlinks ID-Net ITEK-Systemwelt Vorstellung der Berufe IT-Systemkaufmanns-/frau und IT-Sytemelektroniker-/in JPP - Der Java Power Presenter Interfacestudie zu komplexen Systemen im Bereich Suchen und Darstellen von Information in digitalen Benutzerumgebungen Landbrauereien in Salzburg Leuchtendesigner Ingo Maurer Modulare Informations- und Orientierungseinheit Produktsimulationen mit Java im Internet (Blaupunkt Virtual Radios) ... Virtuelle Enzyklopaedie - interaktive Lernsysteme Ziel war es, interaktive Lernanwendungen zu schaffen, die die Vorteile des Computers nutzen; insbesondere der Computer als "geduldiger Lehrer". Im Mittelpunkt der Arbeit stand die Kommunikation. Virtueller Campus - Multimediale 3D Lehr- und Lernumgebung Visual Button-Wizard WiSo CD-ROM

    65. Untitled
    both parties, experts determine wettedness by the flexural modulus, visual inspection,and 565714 (jpp '714), which is related to Japanese Patent Publication
    United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit LNP ENGINEERING PLASTICS, INC. and KAWASAKI CHEMICAL HOLDING CO., INC., v. MILLER WASTE MILLS, INC. (trading as RTP Company),
    Thomas B. Kenworthy , Morgan, Lewis, of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, argued for plaintiffs-appellants. With him on the brief were John V. Gorman and Gayle R. Gilgore Bockius LLP, of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Of counsel on the brief were William W. Schwarze and Lynda L. Calderone , Akin, Gump, Strauss, Hauer Feld , L.L.P., of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Raphael V. Lupo With him on the brief were Donna M. Tanguay and Mark G. Davis , of Washington, DC , and Margaret M. Duncan , of Chicago, Illinois. Of counsel on the brief was Karen Jacobs Louden , of Wilmington, Delaware. Appealed from: U.S. District Court for the District of Delaware Judge Roderick R. McKelvie
    United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit LNP ENGINEERING PLASTICS, INC. and KAWASAKI CHEMICAL HOLDING CO., INC.,

    66. Sunware - Enlightened Solutions
    jpp Trans sro. Kodanská Invest sro. Netconsult sro. Realing92 sro. Úcto 99.Pracovní uplatnení Sháníme schopné programátory na PHP, visual C++ a visual

    Agentura pro Distribuci a Marketing s.r.o.
    Autoškola Letná s.r.o. Boulder s.r.o. Czech Online a.s. ...
    Nová právní forma Sunware s.r.o.

    Na základì velmi dobrých výsledkù došlo ke zmìnì právní formy spoleènosti a rozšíøení nabídky služeb. Pracovní uplatnìní
    Sháníme schopné programátory na PHP, Visual C++ a Visual Basic

    67. Uutiset
    10.45 12.15 Peter Oud The Image of Self-rule an audio-visual documentation of 16.00- 17.15 Mirja Metsola jpp - The Incredible Finn Band (2002, Finland).
    Heti vapaa julkaistavaksi
    JA POHJOISMAISEN VISUAALISEN ANTROPOLOGIAN SEURAN KONFERENSSI JOENSUUSSA 10.-13.10.2002 Jari Kupiainen Joensuun yliopisto / Mediakulttuurin keskus PL 111 80101 Joensuu puh 013 251 2434 Christiana Harle-Silvennoinen NAFA Finland Parvilantie 5 83760 Sola puh/fax 013 638 130 puh. 013 251 3045 Pekka Silvennoinen Pohjois-Karjalan taidetoimikunta PL 90 80101 Joensuu puh 040 723 6413 FESTIVAL OF VISUAL CULTURE PRESENTS THE 23RD NORDIC ANTHROPOLOGICAL FILM ASSOCIATION PROGRAMME Thursday 10.10. 8.00 Registration 9.00 Welcoming words from NAFA and VisCult 9.15 Opening of the Conference and Festival: Professor Teuvo Pohjolainen, Vice-rector of the University of Joensuu 9.30 - 12.00 Honouring Collette Piault's "life-story" with extracts as told by Professor Colette Piault. This is also the history of ethnographic film's technical and theoretical development since the 1950s.

    68. Computex2001
    1508 is a 15 inch TFTLCD Panel Adjustable TFT Monitor with a Wide visual Area JosefinaPan Pacific Limited's jpp-740P is a 7.0-Inch TFT LCD Monitor Plus Remote
    Day 1
    Day 2
    Day 5
    ANNOUNCEMENT In order to further promote the Taiwan IT Industry, we will be extending our coverage by showcasing the newest product that were shown during the past 5 days. So, for those who were not able to attend this year's COMPUTEX 2001 please visit this site from time to time and see the latest product from the Taiwan IT Manufacturers. Special reports will also be featured in both Computex Online website. We will also be keeping you, our valued readers, posted on the developments on COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2002 which will be held from June 3 to 7, 2002

    69. Resumos Dos Artigos
    Translate this page de imagem, é hoje vulgar a utilização de sistemas de simulação visual interactivade de Eng.ª Informática ISEP, Joaquim A. Jorge Dep.
    encontro de Resumos Revista VIRtual Actas Programa Lista de Artigos ... Fundo
    Antonio Cardoso Costa DEI-ISEP/INESC Porto Antonio Augusto Sousa INESC Porto/FEUP Fernando Nunes Ferreira FEUP Palavras-Chave

    Artigo (PDF): 449 Kb Topo Fernando Pedro Birra Renata Piotrowska FCT/UNL, Quinta da Torre 2825-114 Caparica Computer Science Department Faculty of CS and Management Technical Univ. in Wroclaw, Poland Palavras-Chave

    Artigo (PDF): 229 Kb Topo
    Paulo Breda Vieira Beatriz Sousa Santos Universidade de Aveiro, 3810 Aveiro, Portugal Palavras-Chave

    Artigo (PDF): 297 Kb Topo Hugo Filipe Abreu Universidade Nova de Lisboa Quinta da Torre, 2825-114 Caparica Palavras-Chave

    Artigo (PDF): 631 Kb Topo
    Claudia Antunes Palavras-Chave

    Artigo (PDF): 265 Kb Topo
    Interactive Assembly Modelling within a CAVE Environment
    Terrence Fernando Luis Marcelino Prasad Wimalaratne Kevin Tan The Centre for Virtual Environments University of Salford, Salford M5 4WT

    70. Codes-Sources.Com :: | Rubrique : Toutes Les Sources Page N°1 : 11241 Sources V
    Translate this page Déposé par jpp le 05/02/2003 Niveau 1 (Vu 94 fois) COMPARER UNE CHAINE sur ledisque et de créer des raccourcis pour charger vos projets visual basic plus

    71. Andrew Daly - About Me
    Before downloading these you'll need a Spectrum Emulator, a good one for IBM PC'sis jpp, or you could try the emulator page Dos 6.2, MS Office 6, visual Basic 3.
    About Me
    We moved to an even more obscure town called Snaith, which is where my parents still live. Since 1991 I've been living in Birmingham, having graduated from Aston University but liked the place so much I decided to work for them (as a freelance multimedia designer) return to top
    I am current working for the University on a freelance basis producing Multimedia Educational CD ROMS, and have recently set up a limit company ASTECH EDUCATIONAL SOLUTIONS LTD with another graduate and two universtiy lecturers, which will hopefully allow us to market these to other universities and individuals return to top
    I had 5 very good years at Aston, during my time there I was a member of RAG, a DJ, head of publicity for the ENTS society, I also reformed KTAG (Kids TV is Ace Gang) and was on the committee for AIESEC. I made some very good friends, some still live in the area, but a lot have moved on to pastures new return to top
    Like many programmers I spent my formative years playing games on the Sinclair spectrum, I started writing games in BASIC shortly after receiving my Spectrum for Christmas in 1983, and finally taught myself Z80 assembler in 1987.

    72. Bookmarks For Phil Wadler
    1.0 Packages JDK 1.1 JDK 1.1 Documentation Java Tutorial A visual Index to Home PageHow JAVA's FloatingPoint Hurts Everyone Everywhere jpp - A preprocessor
    Bookmarks for Phil Wadler
    Philip Wadler's home page
    GJ: Generic Java
    JDK 1.2 Documentation (local) ...
    Risks to the Public from the use of Computers
    Alta Vista
    Lycos ...
    The 80s Server Valley URL
    Maps On Us: Welcome!
    MapQuest! Interactive Atlas
    Switchboard Home Page
    American Directory Assistance
    An Internet Reference Desk
    Columbia University: Project Bartleby
    Electronic Reference Sources
    The WWW Bible Gateway ...
    Epigrams on Programming
    1127 Pictorial Directory
    1127 lo-cal startup
    LUCENT POST Directory Services Home Page
    LUCID - Home Page
    WIRED 3.04: "What Does a Nobel Prize for Radio Astronomy Have to Do with Your Telephone?" by Richard Rapaport
    Lucent Technologies - Security Intranet
    Lucent Technologies - CIO Central Personal Services
    Bell Labs Web Sites - FAQ ...
    Lucent Law Home Page
    NOW! (News-on-Web!)
    GLN InfoView
    UWU Reporting
    Lucent Internet Labs Home
    The Lucent Personalized Web Anonymizer ...
    Advisory Council on Research
    DSL Domains
    DECC DSL (Indian Hill)
    Traffic Management Domain
    Human Resources
    Benefits Central Logon Screen
    Bell Laboratories Human Resources
    Unclaimed checks ... Home Page

    73. Ovid Paradiso Am J Psychiatry, Volume 154(3).March 1997.384-
    and Clinics, Department of Psychiatry Administration, Number 2887 jpp, 200 HawkinsDr Results The stimuli produced a general activation in visual pathways that articles/1997/Emotional_activation.htm


    75. Visual Studio .NET
    Microsoft visual Studio .NET. (psáno pro Softwarové Noviny je jinak.Pojdme se tedy na visual Studio .NET podívat. Jak bývá

    76. Generování Dokumentace Pro C
    Jestliže používáte Microsoft visual Studio .NET, máte práci velmi ušetrenou. Ukázkuopet uvidíte na doprovodném CD. Jak bez visual Studia.

    77. —ƒƒVƒXƒeƒ€AuSuper Visual Formadev‚ð‚Í‚¶‚ß‚Æ‚·‚é’ •
    The summary for this Japanese page contains characters that cannot be correctly displayed in this language/character set.
    News Release —ƒƒVƒXƒeƒ€AuSuper Visual Formadev‚ð‚Í‚¶‚ß‚Æ‚·‚é’ •[ŠÖ˜A»•i
    î•ñŠé‰æŽ–‹Æ•” ƒc[ƒ‹‰c‹Æ•”
    §150-0002 “Œ‹ž“sa’J‹æa’J2-15-1
    TEL 03-5766-2833
    EuSuper Visual FormadevÝŒv•”^ŽÀs•”@ver.5.0 @ÝŒv•”1ƒNƒ‰ƒCƒAƒ“ƒg700,000‰~
    EuSVF for Web^PDFJava Editionvver.1.1@ WindowsNT”Å1ƒT[ƒo1CPU‚ɂ‚«800,000‰~
    @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@Linux”Ł@1ƒT[ƒo1CPU‚ɂ‚«800,000‰~ @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@UNIX”Ł@1ƒT[ƒo1CPU‚ɂ‚«@1,200,000‰~ @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@UNIX”ŒljÁCPUƒ‰ƒCƒZƒ“ƒX‚²‚Æ‚É800,000‰~ @V»•i EuUniversal Connect^Xvver.5.0@Windows”Ł^Linux”Ł@1ƒT[ƒo1CPU‚ɂ‚«1,000,000‰~ @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@UNIX”Ł@1ƒT[ƒo1CPU‚ɂ‚«@1,600,000‰~ @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ƒ[ƒ‹ƒIƒvƒVƒ‡ƒ“@1ƒT[ƒo@500,000‰~

    78. Advisory Committee
    Becky Vilda Child Psychiatry Service and Corepresentative of the Autism Societyof Iowa 1890 jpp; UIHC Iowa City, IA 52242 319/356-0445 FAX 319/384-8843 E
    The University of Iowa
    Regional Autism Services Program
    Child Health Specialty Clinic Advisory Committee Autism Advisory Committee Membership List
    as of January 2000
    Lucia Dhooge, Assoc Director
    Child Health Specialty Clinics
    247-D Hospital School
    Iowa City, IA 52242-1011
    FAX: 319/356-3715
    E-mail: Sue Baker, M.S., Autism Services Consultant
    Child Health Specialty Clinics
    University Hospital School 100 Hawkins Drive Room 239 Iowa City, IA 52242-1011 FAX: 319/356-3715 E-mail: Mark Finkelstein DHS - Mental Health 5th Floor; Hoover Office Building Des Moines, IA 50319 FAX: 515/281-4597 E-mail: Suana Wessendorf Knau Grimes Office Building Des Moines, IA 50319 FAX: 515/515/242-6019 or 515/242-5988 E-mail: Becky Vilda Child Psychiatry Service and Co-representative of the Autism Society of Iowa 1890 JPP; UIHC

    79. CITCOM-PW: Lista Oferowanych Kursow
    Nabranie umiejetnosci programowania wizualnego w srodowisku Microsoft VisualC++ 6.0. C lub Java (najlepiej po kursach PPO lub jpp), pragnacych poznac
    Wprowadzenie do baz danych (2 dni)
    Prowadz±cy: mgr in¿. Piotr Salata (II PW) Charakterystyka. Kurs wprowadzaj±cy w tematykê baz danych i ich zastosowañ praktycznych. Zakres tematyczny. Podstawowe pojêcia dotycz±ce baz danych oraz problemy zwi±zane z ich wykorzystaniem w ró¿norodnych systemach informatycznych. Modele danych (sieciowy, hierarchiczny, relacyjny i obiektowy), architektura baz operacyjnych i baz typu magazyn danych (Data Warehouse), architektury systemów opartych na bazach danych (scentralizowana, rozproszona, klient-serwer), wykorzystanie baz danych w systemach czasu rzeczywistego, systemach transakcyjnych i systemach informacyjnych. Charakterystyka przyk³adowych implementacji systemów baz danych.
    Relacyjne bazy danych (3 dni)
    Prowadz±cy: mgr in¿. Piotr Salata (II PW) Charakterystyka. Kurs przedstawia podstawy wykorzystania relacyjnych baz danych w systemach informatycznych i stanowi kontynuacjê kursu BD1 i przygotowanie do kursu ORC. Zakres tematyczny.

    80. Bionic Web Page : Sciences & Technologies
    jpp PELTIER Moi http//www
    Sciences Mots-clés : Maths, Relativité, Mécanique Quantique, Poincaré, Bibliographie ...
    Management de l'information Mots-clés : KM, AKM, Knowledge Sharing, Droit des sociétés, Droit des affaires, Politique monétaire ... Technologie de l'information Mots-clés :
    Curriculum Vitae
    Divers Mots-clés : Bandes dessinées,Lhassa apso, bookmark ... Home Page ... Divers MON BOOKMARK NON TRIE .. Visual Test Visual Test White Paper
    Testing Software Automation, Windows NT, 95: Rational Visual Test

    Visual Test Hints and Tips

    Visual Test
    Visual Test Online Help

    Tutoriaux et cours U.L. - PHYSIQUE : Applications pedagogiques
    Ressources dans Internet [PHY-20294]

    U.L. - PHYSIQUE : Applications pedagogiques
    Physique des Particules une Introduction ... télévision numérique BUS ISA Page d'électronique Marchildon: Le BUS ISA General purpose ISA parallel I/O-card Page d'électronique Marchildon: Le BUS ISA General purpose ISA parallel I/O-card ...

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