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  1. XML: Visual QuickStart Guide (2nd Edition) by Kevin Howard Goldberg, 2008-12-21
  2. Learning XML, Second Edition by Erik T. Ray, 2003-09-22
  3. Beginning XML, 4th Edition (Programmer to Programmer) by David Hunter, Jeff Rafter, et all 2007-05-21
  4. XML in a Nutshell, Third Edition by Elliotte Rusty Harold, W. Scott Means, 2004-09
  5. Definitive XML Schema by Priscilla Walmsley, 2001-12-17
  6. Beginning XML with C# 2008: From Novice to Professional (Expert's Voice in .NET) by Bipin Joshi, 2008-07-11
  7. Professional XML (Programmer to Programmer) by Bill Evjen, Kent Sharkey, et all 2007-04-09
  8. A Designer's Guide to Adobe InDesign and XML: Harness the Power of XML to Automate your Print and Web Workflows by James J. Maivald, Cathy Palmer, 2007-12-14
  9. XML For Dummies by Lucinda Dykes, Ed Tittel, 2005-05-20
  10. New Perspectives on Creating Web Pages with HTML, XHTML, and XML, Comprehensive (New Perspectives (Paperback Course Technology)) by Patrick Carey, 2005-12-27
  11. Effective XML: 50 Specific Ways to Improve Your XML by Elliotte Rusty Harold, 2003-10-02
  12. New Perspectives on XML, Second Edition, Comprehensive (New Pespectives) by Patrick Carey, 2006-08-06
  13. XML Pocket Reference (Pocket Reference (O'Reilly)) by Simon St. Laurent, Michael James Fitzgerald, 2005-08-08
  14. XML Weekend Crash Course (with CD-ROM) by Kay Ethier, Alan Houser, 2001-09

1. Extensible Markup Language (XML)
Extensible Markup Language (xml) 1.0 (Second Edition) W3C Recommendation 6 October 2000 The Extensible Markup Language (xml) is a subset of SGML that is completely described in this document.
about XML . XML Activity Statement
Extensible Markup Language (XML)
  • Introduction Working Groups Other Resources Contact
  • Nearby: XML Specifications and Translations of them.
    Birthday Party
    XML is five years old on 10th Feb 2003. Dave Hollander and C. M. Sperberg-McQueen have wished it a Happy Birthday
    Extensible Markup Language (XML) is a simple, very flexible text format derived from SGML ( ISO 8879 ). Originally designed to meet the challenges of large-scale electronic publishing, XML is also playing an increasingly important role in the exchange of a wide variety of data on the Web and elsewhere. This page describes the work being done at W3C within the XML Activity, and how it is structured. Work at W3C takes place in Working Groups . The Working Groups within the XML Activity are listed below, together with links to their individual web pages. You can find and download formal technical specifications here, because we publish them. This is not a place to find tutorials, products, courses, books or other XML-related information. There are some links below that may help you find such resources.

    the Apache xml site. Home. About
    the Apache XML site Home

    3. XML From The Inside Out -- XML Development, XML Resources, XML Specific
    Community resources and solutions, xml authoring tools, xml resources, and interactive forums.Category Kids and Teens Computers CGI and Programming, where the xml community shares xml development resources and solutions,features timely news, opinions, features, and tutorials; the Annotated xml

    Resources Buyer's Guide FAQs ...
    Kendall Clark on XML subsets, namespace registries and XML-DEV bounces

    Web Services News Welcome to Web Services
    Thinking about Implementing a Web Services Strategy? ...
    XML News XML for managers Moreover XML and metadata news
    EDI: Steady as She Goes
    Moreover XML and metadata news ... Moreover XML and metadata news
    XML News Headlines
    from The XML Cover Pages
    by Robin Cover
    Sponsored by OASIS BEA Releases Web Services Specifications Supporting Asynchrony, Reliable Messaging, Metadata The XML Cover Pages NISO Releases Proposed OpenURL Metadata and Linking Standard The XML Cover Pages ... Using Topic Maps to Extend Relational Databases by Marc de Graauw Relational databases are fast and efficient ways to store data, but they can often be inflexible when application requirements change. Augmenting them with the capabilities of Topic Maps can solve this problem, and enhance interoperability between databases. Welcome to Web Services by Edd Dumbill is a new sister site to, which will cover topics related to web services and Internet-wide computing. Managing Editor Edd Dumbill provides an introduction to the new site, and guidelines for potential authors.

    4. Java(TM) Technology & XML
    Check out this extensive programming resource dedicated to xml and SGML. Offers downloads, news articles, and tutorials. Altova Offers Free Software License for Authentic 5 Browser Enabled xml Document Editor.

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    Downloads Documentation ... - Java Web Services Developer Pack API's JAXB JAXM JAXP JAXR JAX-RPC Printable Page
    XML Technologies XML Downloads XML Documentation
    Java TM Technology and XML Java TM technology and XML are a natural match for the creation of applications that exploit the web of information where different classes of clients from a traditional phone to the latest smart refrigerator consume and generate information that is exchanged between different servers that run on varied system platforms. The portability and extensibility of both XML and Java technology make them the ideal choice for the flexibility and wide availability requirements of this new web. Therefore, it is not surprising that Java is the overwhelmingly preferred language of server and client-side application development. Hot Topics Java Web Services Developer Pack 1.1
    The Java Web Services Developer Pack (Java WSDP) is a free integrated toolkit that allows Java developers to build, test and deploy XML applications, Web services, and Web applications with the latest Web services technologies and standards implementations. Technologies in the Java WSDP include the Java APIs for XML, JavaServer Pages Standard Tag Library (JSTL), Java WSDP Registry Server, Web Application Deployment Tool, Ant Build Tool, and Apache Tomcat container. For fully supported, enterprise-class products incorporating Java Web Services technologies, we recommend Sun TM ONE Studio 4 and Sun TM ONE Application Server 7 Java Web Services Tutorial
    The Java Web Services Tutorial is a beginner's guide to developing and deploying Web services and Web applications on the Java Web Services Developer Pack.

    Check out this independent resource for news, training, and technology info about xml. With featured articles and event listings.


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    Human Resources
    Other Industries

    NEWS Daily Newslink

    Vendor News

    Cover Pages

    REGISTRY Schemas/DTDs RESOURCES XML Basics Who's Who XML FAQ White Papers ... Books ABOUT Mission Sponsorship Sponsors Advisory Group ... Specification Overlap Sets Alarm Bells Ringing Gavin Clarke, Computer Business Review The prospect of web services fragmentation appears to have came a little closer, as IBM Corp and Microsoft Corp unveiled proposed XML messaging specifications overlapping with work from Sun Microsystems Inc. The WS-ReliableMessaging and WS-Addressing specifications overlap with WS-Reliability, announced in January 2003. WSRP an OASIS for Portal Deployment David Rubinstein, SD Times An industry specification for the consumption of Web services in portal front ends, as well as to standardize the way in which content providers write Web services for portals, is advancing through the OASIS standards group, with the technical committee finishing up its work sometime this month. Google Gains Visual Searches. Anacubis Integrates Data Viewer into Google Web APIs Service

    6. The XML FAQ
    This is the place to start looking for the answer to any question about this language that is now poised to make a big impression on the Web. FrequentlyAsked Questions about the Extensible Markup Language (xml). It is restricted to questions about xml if you
    A. General
    B. Users
    C. Authors
    D. Developers
    The XML FAQ
    Editor: Peter Flynn (
    Originally maintained on behalf of the World Wide Web Consortium's XML Special Interest Group
    v. 3.01 (2003-01-14)
    Frequently Asked Questions about the Extensible Markup Language
    This is the list of Frequently-Asked Questions about the Extensible Markup Language (XML). It is restricted to questions about XML: if you are seeking answers to questions about SGML, HTML, CGI scripts, Java, databases, or penguins, you may find some pointers, but you should probably look elsewhere as well. It is intended as a first resource for users, developers, and the interested reader, and does not form part of the XML Specification.
    Terry Allen, Tom Borgman, Tim Bray, Robin Cover, Bob DuCharme, Christopher Maden, Eve Maler, Makoto Murata, Peter Murray-Rust, Liam Quin, Michael Sperberg-McQueen, Joel Weber The form for comments found at the end of earlier versions has been discontinued due to abuse. Please mail corrections or additions (only) to the editor . Questions and comments should go to the relevant mailing list or newsgroup , not to the editor.

    7. DeveloperWorks : XML
    Tools, forums, tutorials and technical information on xml, much of it geared toward Java.
    Search for: within All of dW Java technology Linux Open source Security Web arch. Web services Wireless XML dW forums Product domains: IBM developer solutions WebSphere (WSDD) alphaWorks All of IBM Use only ( ) " " + - Search help IBM home My account Select a country ... Related links Java Linux Open source Web services Wireless Special topics: Security Unicode Usability Web arch. Site map IBM developer solutions WebSphere VisualAge for Java eServer Lotus Rational Tivoli An XML certification primer Get certified! Here are some pointers (and practice questions) to help you tackle the IBM certification exam for XML and related technologies. (Articles) SAX-like apps in PHP : Jack-of-all-trades Nick Chase uses a SAX-like method in PHP to work with XML files local and remote. Create your own handler functions and a parser with this demo. (Articles) Design XML schemas using UML : Use Unified Modeling Language (UML) to design XML schemas. Ayesha Malik offers a hands-on approach to using UML to create XML vocabularies. (Articles) Deep into Voice XML, Part 2

    8. Cover Pages: Extensible Markup Language (XML)
    Acquaint yourself with this complete guide to the SGML and xml programming languages. The Extensible Markup Language (xml) is descriptively identified in the xml 1.0 W3C Recommendation as "an extremely
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    Last modified: March 15, 2003 Core Standards
    Extensible Markup Language (XML)
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    XML: Overview
    [CR: 20000706] [Table of Contents] Several introductory and tutorial articles on the Extensible Markup Language (XML) are referenced in the shorter XML Introduction document. Most articles are accessible online. "The Extensible Markup Language (XML) is the universal format for structured documents and data on the Web." W3C XML Web site The Extensible Markup Language (XML) is descriptively identified in the XML 1.0 W3C Recommendation as "an extremely simple dialect [or 'subset'] of SGML" the goal of which "is to enable generic SGML to be served, received, and processed on the Web in the way that is now possible with HTML," for which reason "XML has been designed for ease of implementation, and for interoperability with both SGML and HTML." Note that the "HTML" referenced in the preceding sentence ( bis ) means HTML 4.0 and 3.2 which were in common use as of 10-February-1998, when the XML 1.0 specification was published as a W3C Recommendation. The next version of 'HTML' is expected to be reformulated as an XML application, so that it will be based upon XML rather than upon SGML. As of December 1998

    9. MSDN Online - Default Home Page
    Microsoft's xml resource site including tutorial, xml specification, samples, and xml support in Microsoft applications such as Internet Explorer.
    var sContentID = "28000438"; MSDN Home MSDN Library XML Web Services setLogicalURI("28000438");
    Extensible Markup Language (XML) is the universal format for data on the Web. XML allows developers to easily describe and deliver rich, structured data from any application in a standard, consistent way. XML does not replace HTML; rather, it is a complementary format.
    Extreme XML: Building a Desktop News Aggregator
    Dare Obasanjo builds a C# application that retrieves and displays news feeds from various Web sites utilizing XPath, XSLT, XML Schema, and XML Serialization. (March 10, Article) More...
    Using the XSD Inference Utility
    Learn about XSD Inference, a utility that simplifies the task of writing schema by automatically generating schemas from instance documents. (February 21, Article) More...
    XML Files: XPath Selections and Custom Functions, and More
    Get your questions about Xpath selections, custom functions, and more answered in this month's column. (February 5, Article) More...

    10. Welcome To XMLSoftware
    James Tauber maintains an excellent collection of available xml software products sorted by category. Very upto-date and with useful descriptions.
    XML XML software - foreword - Welcome back! This is the new homepage of After years of (co)maintaining, the site disappeared from the internet, much to my distress. James Tauber and I have been busy recreating the site from a recent RDF tree of the data. A lot of work is still to be done, but the basics are online again! We'd like to thank Barry van Oven (Linda's husband) for helping out with the design. Happy reading, Linda van den Brink - latest addition -
    XMLware is an XML specifying/validating editor, user-friendly, safe, and specifically designed to extremely reduce the amount of time required to create or modify XML documents as well as to check their validity. Having extensive capabilities of customisation, XMLware is particularly intended for developers of XML-based applications. version: platforms: Windows, Linux license: Commercial, evaluation version available developer: MACHICOANE Thierry - latest updates - 14 mar 2003
    XML parser written in a portable subset of C++, easily implemented in applications, from Alphaworks, IBM

    11. The CoverPages
    Database containing over 2000 documents pertaining to SGML, xml, and related standards. Features Category Computers Data Formats Markup Languages SGML...... and Addressing. Two new specifications have been published as partof the Global xml Web Services Architecture (GXA) platform. WS
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    BEA Releases Web Services Specifications Supporting Asynchrony, Reliable Messaging, Metadata.
    BEA Systems has announced new specifications for asynchrony, reliable messaging, and general message data. WS-Acknowledgement supports reliable message exchange between services by providing for at-least-once and exactly-once SOAP message transfer guarantees. WS-Callback is used to dynamically specify where to send asynchronous responses to a SOAP request. WS-MessageData introduces the MessageData header for standardized metadata management.
    NISO Releases Proposed OpenURL Metadata and Linking Standard.
    The National Information Standards Organization (NISO) has released a review draft of "The OpenURL Framework for Context-Sensitive Services, Part 1: ContextObject and Transport Mechanisms." The OpenURL specification defines a general framework to bundle specific packages of contextual metadata and transport them over the network. Part 2 "Initial Registry Content" details the core properties that can be used in instantiations of the general framework.
    New Web Services Specifications for Reliable Messaging and Addressing.

    12. Extensible Markup Language (XML) Activity Statement
    An executive overview of W3C's current and historical work on the Extensible Markup Language (xml).
    Extensible Markup Language (XML)
    Activity Statement
    Activity statements provide an executive overview of W3C's work in this area. The XML home page points to highlights and has links to the individual Working Group pages. Work on XML is being managed as part of W3C's Architecture domain.
  • Introduction Role of the W3C Current Situation What the Future Holds ... Contact
  • Introduction
    The Extensible Markup Language ( XML ) is a simple, very flexible text format derived from SGML ( ISO 8879 ). Originally designed to meet the challenges of large-scale electronic publishing, XML is also playing an increasingly important role in the exchange of a wide variety of data on the Web. Some XML benefits in brief:
    • Enables internationalized media-independent electronic publishing Saves business money by enabling the use of inexpensive off-the-shelf tools to process data Saves training and development costs by having a single format for a wide range of uses Increases reliability, because user agents can automate more processing of documents they receive Provides the underpinnings of the Semantic Web, enabling a whole new level of interoperability and information interchange

    13. A Technical Introduction To XML [Oct. 03, 1998]
    What is xml? This introduction to xml is geared towards a reader with some HTMLor SGML experience, although that experience is not absolutely necessary.

    Resources Buyer's Guide FAQs ... Email article link
    A Technical Introduction to XML
    by Norman Walsh
    October 03, 1998
    This introduction to XML presents the Extensible Markup Language at a reasonably technical level for anyone interested in learning more about structured documents. In addition to covering the XML 1.0 Specification, this article outlines related XML specifications, which are evolving. The article is organized in four main sections plus an appendix. Author's Note It is somewhat remarkable to think that this article, which appeared initially in the Winter 1997 edition of the World Wide Web Journal was out of date by the time the final XML Recommendation was approved in February. And even as this update brings the article back into line with the final spec, a new series of recommendations are under development. When finished, these will bring namespaces, linking, schemas, stylesheets, and more to the table. Learning XML
    Erik T. Ray
    January 2001
    0-596-00046-4, Order Number: 0464
    368 pages, $34.95

    14. Internet Etc - Onsite Internet Training And Consultancy. XML, HTML, Flash MX, Ja
    Internet Etc offers xml training in USA, UK, and Europe.
    Try our


    PLEASE SELECT A COURSE: Web Page Design (HTML) Javascript Actionscript Perl XML XML Overview Dreamweaver MX Flash MX XSLT Website Promotion
    experts in training
    Internet Etc was the world's first specialist internet training company, formed in 1995. We specialise in onsite training for corporate clients in key web skills. We offer onsite training in the UK, USA, and Europe. We offer customised training, after-training support, training needs analysis, and the best training courses around.
    A sample page from our XML course, it will check XML to see if it is well-formed... Training Courses: Other Stuff:
    We have three simple aims:
    • To provide the highest quality internet training in the world. To provide the most cost-effective internet training in the business. To provide training on the most important web topics first.
    We think we've achieved these aims. But don't take our word for it - have a look at what some of our students have said about us We understand that your needs are unique to you. All our courses have been designed with customisation in mind. Our aim is to make the training fit you:- what you need, when you need it.

    15. Extensible Markup Language (XML) 1.0 (Second Edition)
    Enables generic SGML to be served, received, and processed on the Web in the way that is now possible Category Computers Data Formats xml References and Standards......W3C. Extensible Markup Language (xml) 1.0 (Second Edition). W3C Recommendation6 October 2000. This 2.1 WellFormed xml Documents. Definition
    Extensible Markup Language (XML) 1.0 (Second Edition)
    W3C Recommendation 6 October 2000
    This version: XHTML XML PDF ... XHTML review version with color-coded revision indicators)
    Latest version:
    Previous versions:
    Jean Paoli, Microsoft C. M. Sperberg-McQueen, University of Illinois at Chicago and Text Encoding Initiative Eve Maler, Sun Microsystems, Inc. - Second Edition
    MIT INRIA Keio ), All Rights Reserved. W3C liability trademark document use , and software licensing rules apply.
    The Extensible Markup Language (XML) is a subset of SGML that is completely described in this document. Its goal is to enable generic SGML to be served, received, and processed on the Web in the way that is now possible with HTML. XML has been designed for ease of implementation and for interoperability with both SGML and HTML.
    Status of this Document
    This document has been reviewed by W3C Members and other interested parties and has been endorsed by the Director as a W3C Recommendation. It is a stable document and may be used as reference material or cited as a normative reference from another document. W3C's role in making the Recommendation is to draw attention to the specification and to promote its widespread deployment. This enhances the functionality and interoperability of the Web.

    16. XSilfide
    A client/server based environment for distributing language resources which has been implemented by a Java xml parser, a network management unit, a database for storing xml resources, a unique DTD (SIL) and a web server.
    Bienvenue !...
    Welcome!... frame ) et la technologie Java ou Hotjava 1.1.4 En cours de modifications !!!...

    17. Xml Italia
    Sito ufficiale del gruppo la cui finalit  ¨ diffondere questo linguaggio. Informazioni su eventi.

    Receive the latest industry news on xml and related technologies either online or via subscription.Category Computers Data Formats xml News and, FOCUS AREAS xmlDEV DAILY NEWSLINK REGISTRY RESOURCES ABOUT. SEARCH FOCUS Daily Newslink. xml


    Financial Services

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    NEWS Daily Newslink

    Vendor News

    Cover Pages

    REGISTRY Schemas/DTDs RESOURCES XML Basics Who's Who XML FAQ White Papers ... Books ABOUT Mission Sponsorship Sponsors Advisory Group ... Contact Us Daily Newslink Daily Newslink provides links to articles on XML and Web services from top business and technology publications, delivered every morning. Subscribe to Daily Newslink Archives March 2003 17 Mar 2003 14 Mar 2003 13 Mar 2003 12 Mar 2003 ... 03 Mar 2003 February 2003 28 Feb 2003 27 Feb 2003 26 Feb 2003 25 Feb 2003 ... OASIS

    19. Portail Activeille
    Actualit© et dossier sur le xml. Propose un tour d'horizon de quelques produits, des outils et des liens sur ce langage.
    Pratique Voyage ViaMichelin


    Places de parking
    visa express

    traduction express
    (Babelfish) Affaires XML Sans doute s' "Que peut bien apporter XML à l'activité de mon entreprise" ? "Pourquoi mon entreprise devrait-elle adopter XML" ? Certain chantre de XML n'hésite pas à le qualifier de "Esperanto de l'informatique" ! les avantages tour d'horizon de quelques produits Ceux qui voudraient absolument pratiquer Enfin une liste de liens Avantages Produits ... Liens
    traduire en anglais Dossiers Internet et communication

    PME ... Page d'accueil Pour vous abonner Dossiers Service public Budgetelecom Comparatel (oct 2002) Cartographie de l'information (mai 2002) Gestion des risques (mars 2002) Gestion de projets Forum XML (novembre 2001) Chercher et ...trouver (juin 2001) Traduction sur internet (juillet 2001) Gestion documentaire (mai 2001) Les salons Conversion en devises Portail financier Juridique Lettre mensuelle

    20. InsightBuilder : XML Document And Web Content Management
    Combines full featured content management with workflow control, easy use through GUI forms, flexibility to create new web site templates with XSL, multilingual support and management of PDF, Flash, Excel, xml and other document types.
    About InsightBuilder Key Features What Is CMS Clients ... Demo english Welcome To InsightBuilder! Solutions and Ideas What can content management do for you? The answer depends entirely on your organization and its goals - saving time, regaining control, improving collaboration, boosting efficiency are among the possibilities. The United Way (Metro. Nashville) Announcements Can IB2 Help you? Click here to learn more. What They're Saying About InsightBuilder Miller Center "I am impressed with InsightBuilder's combination of scalability and price..."
    Garth Wermter Director of Technology, Miller Center of Public Affairs

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