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  1. The Body Ecology Diet: Recovering Your Health and Rebuilding Your Immunity by Donna Gates, Linda Schatz, 2006-06-15
  2. The Ecology of Commerce Revised Edition: A Declaration of Sustainability (Collins Business Essentials) by Paul Hawken, 2010-03-25
  3. Ecology: Concepts and Applications by Manuel Molles, 2009-01-27
  4. The Body Ecology Diet: Recovering Your Health and Rebuilding Your Immunity by Donna Gates, Linda Schatz, 2002-04
  5. A Primer of Ecology, Fourth Edition by Nicholas J. Gotelli, 2008-05-30
  6. Elements of Ecology (7th Edition) by Thomas M. Smith, Robert Leo Smith, 2008-09-25
  7. Ecology: A Pocket Guide, Revised and Expanded by Ernest Callenbach, 2008-09-03
  8. Steps to an Ecology of Mind: Collected Essays in Anthropology, Psychiatry, Evolution, and Epistemology by Gregory Bateson, 2000-03-10
  9. Ecology of a Cracker Childhood (The World As Home) by Janisse Ray, 2000-07-28
  10. Marine Mammal Ecology and Conservation: A Handbook of Techniques (Techniques in Ecology and Conservation) by Ian L. Boyd, W. Don Bowen, et all 2010-10-24
  11. Three Ecologies (Continuum Impacts) by Felix Guattari, Gary Genosko, et all 2008-08-02
  12. Ecology of the Planted Aquarium: A Practical Manual and Scientific Treatise for the Home Aquarist, Second Edition by Diana L. Walstad, 2003-01
  13. Laws, Theories, and Patterns in Ecology by Walter Dodds, 2009-08-05
  14. The Ecology of Human Development: Experiments by Nature and Design by Urie Bronfenbrenner, 1981-09-15

1. Conservation Ecology - Index
Regular Issue Special Feature In Progress Two manuscripts tied for firstplace June, 2002 January, 2002 - June 2001 - December, 2000 -. See all.
Regular Issue:
Special Feature In Progress:
Two manuscripts tied for first place:
June, 2002 -
January, 2002
June 2001
December, 2000 - See all Updated Feb 25, 2003 CE article is Editor's choice in Science January issue 2003 Ralf Yorque Competition
A collection of articles and responses A collection of articles and responses
See all Alternate sites:
South Africa

Canada [main site] Abstracted in: Institute for Scientific Information BIOSIS Cambridge Scientific Abstracts Public Affairs Information Service March 14, 2003 by ML

2. - An Ecological Source Of Information
Extensive environmental network spotlights environmental programs and offers essays, a gardening column, and links to orgs grouped by topic. A new exclusive series. devoted to the world of energy.

3. Virtual Library Of Ecology And Biodiversity
This resource has been moved. Please start from here http// Please update your bookmarks and links.
This resource has been moved. Please start from here: Please update your bookmarks and links. Thank you.

4. The Ecology WWW Page
Index of WWW sites of interest to ecologists, originally posted on ECOLOG-L.Category Science Biology ecology Directories......ecology WWW page Last updated 3 March 2003. Solomon, JC (ed.) 1995. Herbarium News15(4)3034. Brach, AR 1995. ecology and the World Wide Web. Commentary.
Ecology WWW page Last updated: 3 March 2003 Mirror Sites:
Edmonton, Canada
Lyon, France Home - Cambridge, USA About This Page: Jean Thioulouse (University of Lyon, France) created and maintained the HTML and search script from 1995-1998, and maintains a mirror site in France Shunguo Liu created the current search engine and maintains a mirror site in Canada Please send corrections and additions to Anthony R. Brach
Solomon, J.C. (ed.) 1995. Herbarium News 15(4):30-34.
Brach, A.R. 1995. Ecology and the World Wide Web. Commentary. Bulletin of the Ecological Society of America

To: Internet Directory for Botany
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  • The Ecology and Environment Page (part of "The Need to Know Library")
  • Internet Directory for Botany
    To search the Ecology Page, click here
    Any reference from the Ecology WWW Pages to any other entity, product, service or information does not constitute an endorsement or recommendation by the editors. We are not responsible for the contents of any "off-site" web pages referenced from the Ecology WWW Page.
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  • A Biologist's Guide to Internet Resources by Una Smith
  • Forestry
  • 5. Home Page -- Washington State Department Of Ecology -- DOE
    Directory of resources related to the science of ecology and the state of the environment covers nine broad subject areas. Ecological topics are listed under three headings 1) ecology, 2) Conservation Biology, and 3) Botany and Systematics.

    Quick Links Beyond Waste Cleanup sites Columbia R. Initiative Environmental data GIS data / maps PBTs / Mercury Stormwater Soil Contamination TMDLs / 303(d) Vehicle emissions Well Log Viewer
    Welcome to the Department of Ecology
    Ecology is Washington's principal environmental management agency. Our mission
    is to protect, preserve and enhance Washington's environment, and promote the wise management of our air, land and water for the benefit of current and future generations. Our goals are to prevent pollution , clean up pollution, and support sustainable communities and natural resources March 17: Ecology Department, businesses cut hazardous waste by 110 million pounds in eight years - Pollution-prevention assistance by the state Department of Ecology helped Washington businesses cut the amount of hazardous waste they produce by 110 million pounds from 1992 to 2000.... March 13: Public to weigh in on plan for Snake River dissolved gas - A plan to reduce harmful "total dissolved gas" in the Lower Snake River will be discussed at a meeting and public hearing on the evening of March 25 in Kennewick.... March 12: Local and state governments work together in meth-lab battle - Lieutenant Brad Watkins of the Thurston County Sheriff's Department can't say enough great things about the meth lab trailer that Department of Ecology helped purchase....

    6. Error Occurred
    Directory of resources covers biodiversity, ecology, and the environment. Search by topic, or browse the table of contents.
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    The resource you requested could not be found, or the system could not fullfill your request at this time.
    Choose another destination: SCB homepage Media Page Information about SCB/membership
    Publications of the Society
    Activities of the Society
    Resources on the website
    Members login
    OR Submit an error report
    Direct questions, comments, and technical problems to the webmaster
    SCB is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization

    7. Washington State Department Of Ecology HTTP 404 Error Message
    Department of ecology reports related news tidbits and updates on current issues. Research courses, jobs and related associations.
    Sorry, Page Not Found . . .
    We're sorry your requested page could not be found. Ecology's site has moved to . Please bookmark our new location. A Site Map of our new location is available for your use. Thank you for your patience! Privacy Notice

    8. International Society For Industrial Ecology
    The mission of the ISIE is to promote the use of industrial ecology in research,education, policy, community development, and industrial practices. In order to accomplish this mission, ISIE seeks to build a community of interest, support cumulative learning, produce quality research, and promote social change.

    9. Ecology Hall Of Fame
    Introduction to people who have influenced the American environmental movement.
    Ecology Hall of Fame A Project of EcoTopia/USA Dedicated to the heroes of the American environmental movement. We are pleased to present our six charter inductees: Alan Chadwick
    Henry Thoreau

    Rachel Carson

    John Burroughs
    Aldo Leopold

    Additional people honored in the Ecology Hall of Fame: Living Legends of the environmental movement:
    Would you like to nominate someone for the Ecology Hall of Fame? Timeline of the American environmental movement (for a text-only, no tables version, click here
    About the Ecology Hall of Fame
    Back to EcoTopia Alan Chadwick Henry Thoreau Rachel Carson John Burroughs ... Williams Updated 26 August, 2002
    Don Weiss

    10. Ecology Tutorial
    Short introduction to the science of ecology, including terminology.
    Welcome to the Ecology Tutorial, an Environmental Systems Term Project
    This is an introductory page to ecology.
    Including terminology, ecological components, and links.
    Project guidelines
    is the science that attempts to answer such questions about how the nature works. In 1869, German biologist Ernst Haeckel coined the term ecology from two Greek words: oikos , meaning "house" or "place to live" and logos , meaning study.
    is the study of how organisms interact with one another and with their non-living environment of energy and matter. The key word is interact . Scientist usually carry out this study by examining different ecosystems : communities with groups of different species interacting with one another and their non-living physical and chemical environment.
    Ecosystem Components
    Ecosystems consist of various non-living, abiotic , and living, biotic components. The abiotic components of an ecosystem include various physical and chemical factors.
    The physical factors having the greatest effect on the ecosystem are:
  • sunlight and shade
  • average temperature
  • average precipitation and distribution
  • wind
  • latitude and altitude
  • nature of soil (for terrestrial ecosystems)
  • fire (for terrestrial ecosystems)
  • water current (for aquatic ecosystems)
  • amount of suspended solid material (for aquatic ecosystems) The chemical factors are:
  • level of water and air in soil
  • level of plant nutrients dissolved in soil moisture (for terrestrial) and in the water (for aquatic)
  • level of natural or artifical toxic substances dissolved in soil moisture and in water
  • 11. Conservation Ecology - Index
    2003 Ralf Yorque Competition. Conservation ecology authors win award for outstandingscience article! A collection of articles and responses. See all.
    Regular Issue:
    Special Feature In Progress:
    Two manuscripts tied for first place:
    June, 2002 -
    January, 2002
    June 2001
    December, 2000 - See all Updated Feb 25, 2003 CE article is Editor's choice in Science January issue 2003 Ralf Yorque Competition
    A collection of articles and responses A collection of articles and responses
    See all Alternate sites:
    South Africa

    Canada [main site] Abstracted in: Institute for Scientific Information BIOSIS Cambridge Scientific Abstracts Public Affairs Information Service March 14, 2003 by ML

    12. Discover Life
    Information about taxonomy, natural history, distribution, abundance, and ecology of many different groups of living things, with focus on Great Smoky Mountains National Park, USA.
    Discover Life
    All living things
    IDnature guides Search Site map/Help ...
    Who we are

    Our mission is to assemble and share knowledge about nature in order to improve education, health, agriculture, economic development, and conservation throughout the world.
    Discover Life helps you to identify things, share ways to teach and study nature's wonders, use maps, report your findings, and contribute to and learn from the Web's growing encyclopedia of life. The Polistes Foundation and its partners link tools and databases to the site. Our plan is to make identification guides and valuable information on a million species freely available to everyone. We invite you to join us in a quest to reduce disease, increase food production, stop destructive species, protect endangered ones, and enjoy rather than struggle with nature. John Pickering
    Click on left menu, blue links, or images to navigate.
    Served by the University of Georgia, United States
    and Agricultural Research Council, South Africa

    13. Centre For Human Ecology
    Specialising in ecology and community, provides details of MSc Human ecology, transformation and sustainability courses, events and research.
    Go direct to... Home Page Courses Publications Projects About Us Home Courses Publications Projects ... About Us Jobs at CHE We’re looking for a new Course Coordinator for our Postgraduate Programme and an Administrator for our Community Empowerment Programme.
    The Course Coordinator will co-manage CHE Postgraduate Programme providing academic and administrative input, and there may also be opportunities for involvement in teaching, research and academic development. The Administrator is a new post, providing administrative support to the Community Empowerment Programme, working with minority ethnic communities.
    Download: Course Coordinator: the full information packs ; Administrator (two files): information and application form Look to the future More... Spiritual Activism dates confirmed The Short Course Spiritual Activism: Leadership as Service More... Diary 21st March 2003 Ecological Debt Judy Kelso 25th April 2003 From the Third to the First world Cathy McCormack 23rd May 2003 Material and Immaterial in the Scottish Landscape Norman Shaw 30th May 2003 CHE Dialogues 20th June 2003 Influencing Global Change Michelle Sheather 6th July 2003 Training for Transformation Nick Wilding, Stephen Kearney

    14. JSTOR: Ecology
    ecology. JSTOR coverage Vols. 179, 1920-1998. Journal Information forecology. Publisher The Ecological Society of America Moving Wall 4.
    JSTOR coverage: Vols. 1-79, 1920-1998
    Please read JSTOR's "Terms and Conditions of Use" before you begin. Search this journal Browse this journal
    Journal Information for Ecology
    Publisher The Ecological Society of America Moving Wall ISSN


    15. ECO-PROS - Ecology Protectors Society
    Educational website intended for children, with diverse material about ecology, the environment, and endangered species. Includes credible scientific links about wildlife and earth sciences and how to preserve our environment.
    Environmental Education on the Web

    (bottom of page)
    Come on down
    and see what we have for you.
    We send you offsite 2000 times
    We hope you come back 2000 times Energy efficiency tips
    What you can do to help

    Click the star and then Hang on ! TOXINS 1 in 4 Americans lives near a super-contaminated site! Do you? STUDIES SOUND ALARMS FOR DESTRUCTIONS OF ANCIENT ECOSYSTEMS AND EXTINCTIONS OF MARINE SPECIES Read about the reports on human destruction of exotic species faster than scientists can discover them, and scraping away ancient deep-water coral reefs. "What we are destroying now will take centuries to recover." Human Impact on Oceans
    CURRENT CONDITIONS OF THE ENVIRONMENT OF PLANET EARTH WEATHER Global warming and extreme weather causing glaciers to melt, climate changes, rising sea levels, coastal damage, floods, crop failures. ATMOSPHERE Polluted air Endangered ozone layer Acid rain Greenhouse gas buildup WATER Polluted water causing loss of species in rivers

    16. JSTOR: Journal Of Ecology
    Journal of ecology. JSTOR coverage Vols. 187, 1913-1999. Journal Informationfor Journal of ecology. Publisher British Ecological Society Moving Wall 3.
    Journal of Ecology
    JSTOR coverage: Vols. 1-87, 1913-1999
    Please read JSTOR's "Terms and Conditions of Use" before you begin. Search this journal Browse this journal
    Journal Information for Journal of Ecology
    Publisher British Ecological Society Moving Wall The Journal of Ecology publishes original research papers on all aspects of ecology of plants (including algae) in both aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems. Descriptive, experimental, historical and theoretical studies of plant communities, populations, individuals, and their interactions with other organisms (e.g. animals, microbes) are acceptable. Papers concerned solely with cultivated plants and agricultural ecosystems are not acceptable. Types of papers published: Standard, Essay Review, Forum, Biological Flora of the British Isles. The journal is published six times a year. ISSN
    Journal information provided by the British Ecological Society. Pre- and post-digitization work on this title was completed by Rachna Dhingra and Phyllis McCarty, JSTOR Production Technicians.

    17. Ecology Articles -
    Articles on ecological themes.

    Member Central Join Our Community! Login Member Update What's New ... TravelSuite Suite University About Suite University Visit the University Course Listing New Courses ... Featured Courses New Topics African-American Home Schooling The Write Stuff Heart Disease Teachers Using Technology ... More... Suite Events My Favorite Place War and Peace Spring Into Health! Earth Day 2003 More about Suite101 About - Select a related topic - Aquatic Animals Arctic Wildlife Backyard Birdwatching Alm Birding Colorado Nature Series Conservation and Consumpt Everyday Geology Firefighting Living With Nature Living with Wildlife Lizards, Turtles and Snak Microbiology Paleontology Pennsylvania Nature Science of the Sky Snails and Shells Tropical and Neotropical Weeds and Wild Things Wild Cats Wildlife
    - Select a related course - Ecological Gardening: Org Environmental affairs - G Our National Wildlife Tre Visit Environment Detailed Topic List Home Science and mathematics ... Ecology Ecology Note: This topic has been archived.

    18. Species: Quercus Agrifolia
    Distribution and occurrence; value and use; characteristics; and fire ecology.
    Index of Species: Quercus agrifolia Choose from the following categories of information: Return to FEIS Home Page

    19. The International Student Committee On Industrial Ecology
    A web community for industrial ecology students, to find resources, communicate on critical IE student issues, and review one anothers' research.
    If you are a graduate student with an Industrial Ecology-related research paper that you would like to have reviewed by fellow IE students, please consider submitting it to us. Visit the Articles and Research section to view submission instructions. Check out our new Recommended Reading Section
    Visitors since
    June 29, 2000:
    Featured in
    "When we perceive in nature how nothing is wasted,
    but that every substance is reconverted,
    and again made to duty in a changed and beautified
    form, we have at least an example to stimulate
    us in economically applying the waste materials
    we make, or that lie around us in abundance,
    ready to be utilized."
    - Peter Lund Simmonds. 1862. Waste Products and Undeveloped Substances: or, Hints for Enterprise in Neglected Fields. London: Robert Hardwicke, p. 1-2. Welcome to our web community! We built this community so that current, past, and prospective industrial ecology students from all over the world could communicate with one another. We broadcast ideas and experiences related to IE research and education, and we welcome your contributions. As IE students, we are leading the way to building a scientific multi-scale system view of the interactions between human industrial/commercial endeavors, society, and the environment. Armed with such a view, members of our species can understand all impacts of their endeavors and can adopt a broad, fully-informed, equitable social and environmental conscience therein. Join our efforts to develop the IE methodology and philosophy!

    20. Document Relocated
    ecology WWW page Last updated 16 September 2002
    Document Relocated
    The Ecology WWW page has been permanently relocated to the following address :
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