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  1. Geomatics (Sector competitiveness frameworks)
  2. Elementary Surveying An Introduction to Geomatics _ 12th edition. by Paul RWolf, 2008
  3. Geomatics - 2003 publication by BarryFKavanagh, 2003-01-01
  4. Elem Surveyg Intro Geomatics&intro Autocad4
  5. Modeling and analysis of a Canadian Forces Geomatics division workflow [An article from: European Journal of Operational Research] by A. Ghanmi, 2006-05-01
  6. Least Squares Spectral Analysis Revisited (UNB Geodesy and Geomatics Engineering Technical Report, No. 84)
  7. Business/retail geomatics: A developing field.: An article from: Canadian Journal of Regional Science by Maurice Yeates, 2001-09-22
  8. Elem Surveying: Intro Geomatics& 1key CC Pk
  9. Modeling in Resource Management and Environment Through Geomatics by P.R. Binda, 2008-12-01
  10. English-Chinese/Chinese-English Vocabulary Handbook for Geomatics Engineering by Editor: Yin Hui, 1991-01-01
  11. A geomatics-based road surface temperature prediction model [An article from: Science of the Total Environment, The] by L. Chapman, J.E. Thornes, 2006-05-01
  12. Business geomatics: a burgeoning discipline/La geomatique des affaires : une discipline en plein essor.: An article from: Canadian Journal of Regional Science by Tony Hernandez, 2006-09-22
  13. Thomas H Meyer'sIntroduction to Geometrical and Physical Geodesy: Foundations of Geomatics [Hardcover](2010) by H., T., (Author) Meyer, 2010
  14. The Nova Scotia Atlas by Service Nova Scotia and Municipal Relations Nova Scotia Geomatics Centre, 2006-06-16

41. Index.jpg
Surveying and Geodetic Engineering. Overview, staff and postgraduate student pages, course information, links.
What is Geomatics?
Geomatics is a profession that spans the spectrum of engineering, land management and the law. It is the science of the creation, representation, analysis, management, retrieval and modelling of spatial data. Geomatics has a rich and varied history dating back to the Babylonians and Egyptians having grown out of geometry, surveying, land ownership, conflict management, navigation and astronomy. Recent technological advances have opened up many new exciting career opportunities.
Career Opportunities
On completion of their studies, various career options exist for graduates, depending on which stream they choose in the degree programme. There are opportunities in the fields of information technology, spatial information management, satellite positioning systems software development, land surveying, geographic information systems, environmental management, photogrammetry and remote sensing, cartography, geological analysis and town and regional planning. Graduates may be able to set themselves up in private practice, work for government or a large international corporation in any of the above disciplines.

42. Geomatics Solutions
GIS, GPS, CAD, CAM, Photogrametry, Remote Sensing

Services ... Contact
ETG Geomatics Solutions (India) Pvt Ltd., ETG Geomatics Solutions
'role in clients' GIS applications has been expanding and has included projects and contract work for government agencies and leading Corporate sectors. Geomatics solutions also conducts digital image processing of satellite data for Resource studies, Inventorying, and Environmental Impact Assessment and Monitoring. Other services and products include: consulting, research and development, education, technology transfer, provision of satellite imagery, Thematic Map preparation for various themes land use land cover, Forestry, Geomorphology, Soil, Hydro Geomorphology etc., Land cover maps, Joint Venture Opportunities such as developing a GIS package for the client. Staff of the Geomatics solutions bring over 20 years of operational experience in Data Conversion, GIS, Remote Sensing and Photogrammetry. Coupled with strong and varied education backgrounds in Geography, Forestry, Cartography, Computers, Remote Sensing and its Applications.The staff of the Geomatics solutions are able to combine all their past experience to assist in providing Remote Sensing solutions to many resource and environmental issues. To this date, the organization has completed many projects spanning every facet including Data Creation, Developing Standards, Creating or Advancing Analytical Methodologies and developing End user based applications.

43. Trilogy Land Surveying And Geomatics: The Benchmark Of Efficiency
Serving the public sector as well as the construction, oil and gas industries.

gis "The Benchmark of Efficiency" Trilogy Land Surveying and Geomatics provides a full range of services, from traditional land surveying (such as residential lot stakings and subdivisions) to consulting for Geographic Information Systems. We service a variety of industries, including construction , and the public sector . We use the latest industry technologies and techniques to ensure our clients receive fast and reliable service. Our best advertising comes from our satisfied clients and we pride ourselves on providing quality service to meet their needs. Trilogy Land Surveying and Geomatics
Box 307, Virden, Manitoba, Canada, R0M 2C0
phone: 204.748.6860, toll free in western Canada: 877.748.6860, fax: 204.748.6165

44. 888SURPASS Dot Com
A site devoted to geomatics, surveying, land surveying, and mapping.Category Science Earth Sciences geomatics Land Surveying...... General, International Boundary Commission. General, Land Surveying and geomaticsOne of the first surveying pages. General, Land Surveyor Reference Page.
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North Carolina MapNet
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45. Geomatics In Canada
The geomatics in Canada web site contains links to companies in Canada thatdeal with Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Remote Sensing.
navigation Welcome to the original Geomatics in Canada web site, established 1997. The Geomatics in Canada web site contains links to companies in Canada that deal with Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Remote Sensing. This site also has a job board for Canadian companies to post GIS and Remote Sensing related jobs in Canada free of charge If your firm is not listed, please use the feedback page. Send us your company URL, a brief one sentence description of your services and your office location(s). Rod Schatz These documents are made available without warranty of any kind. They may be updated, altered, expanded, or removed at any time by the web master.

46. Geomatics Engineering Student Society
Gives council information, events and r©sum© list.

47. Geomatics In Canada
LEGAL DISCLAIMER. The developers of this site assume no responsibilityfor the content or the accuracy of the material posted on it.
The developers of this site assume no responsibility for the content or the accuracy of the material posted on it. We are not responsible for the consequences of its use. We reserve the right to reject postings at any time without notice. We reserve the right to make minor posting modifications to ensure continuity across the site. Posted February 12th Posted February 10th Posted February 9th Posted February 6th Posted February 3rd
  • Closed - McElhanney Land Surveys Ltd., Fort St. John B.C.
Posted January 31st

48. Department Of Geomatics
Information about the department, staff, students, education and research.
This document requires a browser that can view frames.

49. UNB Geodesy And Geomatics Engineering
UNB's Department of Geodesy and geomatics Engineering is a world class centre forthe study of computer mapping, spatial information management and GIS, land
The Story of Our Crest
Geodesy and Geomatics Engineering
Information for New Students. Click on the thumbnail image to download information (a 101 KB PDF document) that should help you get set up.
Also check out UNB's student orientation Web site GGE: The Poster. Click on the thumbnail image to look at our stunning new poster.
For further information about undergraduate or graduate studies in geodesy and geomatics engineering at UNB, click on Programmes of Study below. For a hard copy of our new poster, e-mail us GGE: The Brochure. Click on the icon to see our brochure (a 68 KB PDF document) outlining various aspects of the department.
UPDATED FOR 2002-2003
Click here for high-res version (14.1 MB). GGE: The Talk. Click on the icon to see what others are saying about us. What's New on Our Web Site Department News Who Are We? Where Are We? ... Search Our Site Intranet. Computing-related information for GGE students, faculty, and staff University of New Brunswick Faculty of Engineering GGE HomePage Undergraduate Study Graduate Study ... Personnel The GGE pages are maintained by Terry Arsenault, with editorial contributions by Wendy Wells, and oversight by Dr. Richard B. Langley

50. Iunctus Geomatics Corp.
Offers various services in Geographic Information Systems. Includes staff profiles, description of services offered and contact details.

51. Geodesy & Geomatics Hot List
Geodesy geomatics Hot List. (Send suggested additions to Schools.Academic Sites for geomatics Engineering, Germany.
(Send suggested additions to Schools Government Departments Research Organizations ... Reference Sites

52. Untitled
s of surveys, and photographs.......Surveying company in Arizona, USA specializing in land boundary, engineering topographic surveys, photogrametry control, construction layout, GIS data capture and mapping.
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53. Index3
Scientific instruments distributor. Products for materials testing, the environment, meteorology, geomatics and biotechnology.
Une erreur de prix s'est glissée dans notre dépliant " Instruments d'essais et de mesure ". Le thermomètre à infrarouge RAYTEK, modèle ST20 avec laser se vend à

54. GSS Geomatics Information And Land Surveying Software Center
Free lecture notes and publications; electronic links to universities, professional associations, Category Science Earth Sciences Land Surveying Publications......GSS geomatics Information Center. GSS Logical Software Center (Opening Soon).GSS Internet Opportunities. Contact Us. Who Are We. Our Services. Our Warranty.
GSS Geomatics Information Center
GSS Logical Software Center (Opening Soon)
GSS Internet Opportunities
Contact Us
Who Are We
Our Services ...
Our Experience
Great Free-Ware
Free Resources
The Absolute Best
The Best Internet Tips

55. Earth Science Software / Earth Science
Fulllength earth science and remote sensing courses, each provides 40 interactive media exercise, movies and animations in geology, oceanography, meteorology, astronomy and geomatics.
Earth Science Software and are full-length courses in earth science using a unique remote sensing perspective. Both products are approved as a software title equivalent to a textbook for earth science courses and provide a wide range of content and rich media in geology oceanography meteorology astronomy , and satellite remote sensing
Buy now through our affiliate
Just click on the image icon.
Pricing: Single CD-ROM . . . . . . . . . . . . $79.95 (US)
Lab Pack 5 (5 CD's) . . . . . . . . . .$199.00 (US)
Network 50 License . . . . . . . . . .$299.00 (US)
Earth-Ocean-Atmosphere-Space Explorer presents content as sequential chapters and topics and organized similar to a traditional science textbook. Explorer's owes it's success to the even balance of rich media technology and superior text content that conforms to specified science learning standards in United States and Canada; compacting these requirements into 625 megabytes of text, imagery, animation, movies and interactivity on CD-ROM.
  • state/provincially approved as a school science textbook equivalent for students aged 11 - 18 (North American grade levels 6 -12) new media interactive content broad science investigation courseware in Earth and Space Science geology, oceanography, meteorology, astronomy, and remote sensing

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57. Leica Geosystems - Metrology Home Page
Provides surveying and geomatics solutions including highaccurate 3D data capturing, visualisation and modelling of space-related data, surveying, engineering, construction, GIS, mapping for industry and defence .
Diese Seite auf Deutsch Leica Geosystems Search Online stores Legal Site Map ... Contact Info
About us
You are now on the site of the Metrology Division of Leica Geosystems AG
Our goal is, to provide high data reliability, to ease the measuring process, to increase accuracy and to reduce production cost of our customers.
For this purpose we supply a complete range of portable coordinate measuring systems, consisting of sensors and SW, which let various industries get more effective for already over a decade.
The address of our main office in Switzerland is:
Mönchmattweg 5
See our road map English German
Tel +41 62 737 67 67
Fax +41 62 723 07 34
Email us
Our worldwide offices For downloading pictures go to
Customer Magazine of the Metrology Division
Download: , (pdf-file 465KB)
, (pdf-file 480KB) Products The complete range of Leica 3D industrial measurement products Download Industrial measurement software
Application stories
A selection of application stories from across the globe, including:

58. Wilson And Neal Land Surveying And Geomatics - 100 Years Of Service
Land surveying firms based in Manitoba.

59. Home Page
We provide USGS public land survey system data defined to the quarter section. This spatial data set is attributed, topologically clean and tiled by county.
Earth Geomatics is a PLSS spatial data provider and consultant to the GIS industry. Indiana PLSS and Iowa PLSS Compiled to the Quarter Section Available Now
Services Company Profile GIS Organizes Information GIS Visualizes Information GIS Manages Information
GIS gives you the capability to view information and to make good business decisions . GIS joins the visual power of maps to the analytical power of tabular data. It allows you to know where your farm fields are, to analyze field acreage, crop yields, soil type and drainage patterns... All of this requires a fabric from which to work. This fabric is the USGS PLSS (Public Land Survey System) which divides land into 1 mile by 1 mile squares called sections and then divides each section square into four quarter sections. The USGS digital data (DLG) only shows the PLSS fabric to the section level. Earth Geomatics has value added a quarter section definition, generated a new set of attributed polygons and tiled the data by county. Indiana PLSS and Iowa PLSS quarter section data is available now!
Our Mission
To provide extraordinary service, and a superior product at a reasonable cost.

60. Index.jpg
What is geomatics? geomatics is a profession that spans the spectrumof engineering, land management and the law. geomatics at UCT.

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