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         Paleontology:     more books (60)
  1. Paleontology: The Record of Life by Colin W. Stearn, Robert L. Carroll, 1989-05-12
  2. Exercises in Invertebrate Paleontology by Frank K. McKinney, 1991-05
  3. Adventures in Paleontology: 36 Classroom Fossil Activities (PB201X) by Thor A. Hansen, Irwin L. Slesnick, 2006-06-30
  4. Reading Between the Bones: The Pioneers of Dinosaur Paleontology (Lives in Science) by Susan Clinton, 1997-03
  5. Paleontology: A Philosophical Introduction (Cambridge Introductions to Philosophy and Biology) by Derek Turner, 2011-03-31
  6. Urban Paleontology: Evolution of Urban Forms by Ming Tang, Dihua Yang, 2008-10-01
  7. Tempo and Mode in Evolution: Genetics and Paleontology 50 Years After Simpson by for the National Academy of Sciences, 1995-01-26
  8. Morphometrics: Applications in Biology and Paleontology
  9. High-Resolution Approaches in Stratigraphic Paleontology (Topics in Geobiology)
  10. Contributions in Quaternary Vertebrate Paleontology: A Volume in Memorial to John E. Guilday (Special publication of Carnegie Museum of Natural History)
  11. Cracraft: Phylogentic Analysis and Paleontology (Cloth) by CRACRAFT, 1979-07-01
  12. Paradigms on Pilgrimage: Creationism, Paleontology and Biblical Interpretation by Stephen, J. Godfrey, Christopher, R. Smith, 2005-03-31
  13. Encyclopedia of Paleontology 2 Volume set
  14. Studies on Mexican Paleontology (Topics in Geobiology)

21. Dinosauria On-Line
A tool for researching dinosaurs. Contains the Journal of Dinosaur paleontology, a collection of Category Science Earth Sciences paleontology Dinosaurs......DinoStore, Full Index Page. Your window into the Mesozoic. DOL Omnipedia. Journalof Dinosaur paleontology, Dinosaur Picture Gallery. DinoDispatches, Hot Links.
Full Index Page Your window into the Mesozoic Revised: March 10, 2003 ; New: January 4, 1999 The Paleo Ring Previous Site Next Site Next 5 Ring down? ... The PaleoRing Homepage

22. New Page 1
Society aimed at promoting popular interest in the various Earth Sciences, and particularly the fields of geology, lapidary, mineralogy paleontology.
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23. Quality Services
Rapid City, South Dakota company offering services in archeology, paleontology, and tribal consultation.

24. Paleo Humor - Part Of Kuban's Paleo Place
Jokes, stories, student gaffes and more on the subject of paleontology.
Paleo Humor
Glen J. Kuban, E-mail:
Part of Kuban's Paleo Place
This site is devoted to science-related jokes, stories, riddles, poems, and the like. New submissions are always welcome. If you wish to use any material in another publication, please check with the indicated authors for permission. Any uncredited material is of unknown authorship and presumed to be in the public domain. If you know the original source of any uncredited material, please let me know. Thanks.
Stories and Annecdotes
Paleo Poems
Dumb Things Said at...

25. Untitled Document
Comprehensive site including education, natural history, conservation, environment, ecology, evolution, geology, paleontology, and systematics.
Advertisement G General Topics Natural History Ecology Family Environment Evolution Home Education Home Conservation Geophysics Paleontology Commercial Organizations GS Special Segments Butterflies of North America Conifers of North America Eastern Birds Home NEARCTICA ( Nee - arctic - a Welcome to Nearctica , your complete gateway to the natural world of North America. If this is your first visit to Nearctica , please bookmark us and take the time to browse around a bit. Nearctica brings you the best of the natural world on the web combining links to other sites with original material. Only the most useful sites are listed and we tell you what to expect when you get to them. Everyone will find something for interest; students, the family, scientists, and decision makers. Nearctica is designed to be easy to use and visually attractive. If it's about the plants, animals, or the physical environment of North America, you will find it here; conservation, environmental protection, education, home and yard pests, butterflies, birds, weather, dinosaurs, biking, coloring books for kids, and anything else related to the great outdoors. Look around and get a feel for what's here. Nearctica is a very large site, but it's easy to find what you need. You can navigate with the menu bar on the left-hand side of the screen. There is a very, very complete index (Table of Contents), or search the site by keyword or keywords.

26. Welcome To The Journal Of Paleontology Homepage
Publishes original articles and notes on the systematics of fossil organisms and the implications Category Science Earth Sciences paleontology Publications Journals......JOURNAL OF paleontology The Journal of paleontology is a publication ofThe Paleontological Society. Last updated 13 February 2002tjh.
The Journal of Paleontology publishes original articles and notes on the systematics of fossil organisms and the implications of systematics to all aspects of paleobiology and stratigraphic paleontology. It emphasizes specimen-based research and features high quality illustrations. Comments on articles and replies are also considered for publication. All taxonomic groups are treated, including invertebrates, microfossils, plants, and vertebrates. Subscribers to our electronic version can access it here:
BioOne subscribers

Paleontological Society e-subscribers

Instructions for Authors

Titles and Abstracts
Guidelines for Digital Images
Journal of Paleontology
Ann F. Budd
, Brian J. Witzke, Julia Golden Jonathan Adrain , Managing Editors
Timothy Hazen, Associate Editor
Department of Geoscience

University of Iowa 121 Trowbridge Hall Iowa City, IA 52242 fax: (319) 335-1821

27. University Of Michigan Museum Of Paleontology Welcome
WE'VE MOVED!! PLEASE FIND US AT. http// Science Earth Sciences United States Michigan

28. Open-File Report 99-0308
Report of results of core studies from the Santee Coastal Reserve core, a 545ft-deep corehole in northeastern Charleston County. USGS Open-File Report 99-0308.
Open-File Report 99-0308
Physical Stratigraphy, Paleontology, and Magnetostratigraphy of the USGS - Santee Coastal Reserve Core (CHN-803), Charleston County, South Carolina
By Lucy E. Edwards, Gregory S. Gohn, Jean M. Self-Trail, David C. Prowell, Laurel M. Bybell, Leon P. Bardot, John V. Firth, Brian T. Huber, Norman O. Frederiksen, and Kenneth G. MacLeod
Prepared in cooperation with the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources This is a cover page. To go to the actual document, click on the title above. The document is in PDF format (625 KB). You will need Acrobat Reader to view and print. If you do not have Acrobat Reader, you will need to download the program.
here to Download Adobe Acrobat and follow the download and installation instructions provided. After downloading Acrobat, configure your browser to use Acrobat as a helper application.
Sediments of middle and late Eocene, Oligocene, Miocene, and Pliocene ages were not recovered in the Santee Coastal Reserve core. The upper 42.0 ft of sediments represent Quaternary deposits and are included in the Wando Formation (42.0-28.0 ft) and the informal Silver Bluff beds (28.0-0 ft). This report is preliminary and has not been reviewed for conformity with U.S. Geological Survey editorial standards or with the North American Stratigraphic Code. Any use of trade, product, or firm names is for descriptive purposes only and does not imply endorsement by the U.S. Government.

29. Royal Tyrrell Museum - A Place Of Discoveries
Renowned dinosaur museum offers public and school programs, hours, resources and a fossil encyclopedia.Category Science Earth Sciences paleontology Dinosaurs Exhibits......Come and see the world's most extensive collection of dinosaur fossils and exhibits on prehistoric life at the Royal Tyrrell Museum in Drumheller, Alberta,
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30. K-12: Paleontology : DINOS
paleontology links for grade school teachers.Category Science Earth Sciences paleontology Education PreCollege...... Text, photos, sound narration http// Jeff'sJournal of Dinosaur paleontology Archived essays on a variety of dinosaur

The Curse of T. rex
Discusses how living things become fossils, contemporaries of the dinosaurs, and lots more. Also has an interactive quiz on where to look for dinosaur fossils. A part of PBS's excellent NOVA Web site. Text, photos, graphics

What about plants and other animals that lived alongside the dinosaurs?

Where to dig for dinos:

Dinosaur Eggs
This supplement to a National Geographic article focuses on dinosaur egg finds in the Gobi desert. Text, photos, animations
Dinosaur Exhibit Extensive info from UC Berkeley, including myths, dino diversity, links to discussions of dino groups and more. Search their vertebrate catalog for dino holdings. Very good resource. Text, photos, graphics Tyrannosaurus rex, ruler of the dinosaur world:

31. Institute Of Systematics And Evolution Of Animals, Polish Academy Of Sciences, C
The main task of the Institute are researches devoted to different aspects of animal systematics, paleontology, faunistics, and cytology. All scientific projects carried out in the Institute's departments are focused on three main disciplines zoology of vertebrates, zoology of invertebrates and experimental zoology.

32. University Of Michigan Museum Of Paleontology
Museum of paleontology The University of Michigan 1109 Geddes Road AnnArbor, MI 481091079 Phone 1-313-764-0489 Fax 1-313-936-1380
    Museum of Paleontology
    The University of Michigan
    1109 Geddes Road
    Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1079
    Phone: 1-313-764-0489
    Fax: 1-313-936-1380
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Museum of Paleontology Tue Feb 6 12:08:17 1996

33. Phylogeny Entrance
University of California Museum of paleontology virtual exhibit explores the relationship of phylogeny and evolution.
Welcome to the
Phylogeny Wing
These exhibits explore the ancestor/descendant relationships which connect all organisms, past and present. Here are four ways to get started: phylogeny of life on Earth. Wondering what in the world "phylogeny" means, and how it relates to paleontology? Read an introduction to phylogeny Read tips on navigating the Phylogeny Wing Use our Web Lift to Taxa to look for a particular group of organisms. Visit the UCMP Special Exhibit Journey into Phylogenetic Systematics to find out how biologists reconstruct the pattern of events that led to the diversity of life, and learn why this is so important.

34. U.C. Berkeley Museum Of Paleontology Public Exhibits
paleontology is a rich field, imbued with a long and interesting past andan even more intriguing and hopeful future. paleontology is much more.
Paleontology is a rich field, imbued with a long and interesting past and an even more intriguing and hopeful future. Many people think Paleontology is the study of fossils. Paleontology is much more. It is the study of what fossils tell us about the ecologies of the past, about evolution, and about our place, as humans, in the world. Paleontology incorporates knowledge from biology, geology, ecology, anthropology, archaeology, and even computer science to understand the processes that have led to the origination and eventual destruction of the different types of animals since life arose. The exhibits that we have set up here are created by Paleontogists. More than just an overview of the diversity that has existed through time on this planet, the exhibits also highlite some of the research Paleontologists are conducting at the Museum of Paleontology. The exhibit might be visualized as starting at the center of a museum with halls spreading in each direction. Off the main hallway, many a smaller branch spread. Unlike normal hallways, the hallways you are following are actually the path that evolution is supposed to have taken. These halls are called scientifically cladograms and they show explicitly the ancestor and decendent relationships among lineages or groups of animals. Reconstructing this pattern of ancestry and descent is one of the many important areas where fossil information proves vital. This hypermedia presentation is being prepared by Robert Guralnick Tony Fiorillo,

35. Museum Of Paleontology
University of Michigan repository for fossil specimens. Ranked fourth in terms of size of collection among U.S. university museums.

36. Triebold Paleontology - Dinosaur Casts, Originals, Rentals.
Provides cast and original vertebrate skeletons for sale or rent.Category Science Earth Sciences paleontology Dinosaurs Models......Triebold paleontology, Inc. Triebold paleontology, Inc. provides cast skeletons forsale or to rent, and have two traveling exhibitions available for booking.
Home Cast Skeletons Skeleton Rentals Exhibitions Retail Casts ... Links Triebold Paleontology, Inc. provides cast skeletons for sale or to rent, and have two traveling exhibitions available for booking.
Here are just a few samples of our work. Click on a picture to enlarge. Albertosaurus Champsosaur Edmontosaurus Oviraptor Pachyrhizodus Pteranodon / Female Life Restoration Pteranodon / Male Seated Thescelosaurus Triceratops Xiphactinus 3D
  • FREE Catalog: Our ' Specimen Catalog' is now
    available! Click here to request a copy.
    Feedback Needed: We need your help and would love to hear from you! Click here to fill out our short feedback form
    Latest News Brief
    (Updated February 7th The "Tucson Show" is happening and TPI is there. ALSO "Savage Ancient World" premieres at the Crown Center in Kansas City, MO click here for all of the news
    Latest Specimens: We offer you the following latest specimens:
New Pteranodons Champsosaur Thescelosaur
... Xiphactinus Flesh-Restoration
  • To read a 'Letter From the President' click here
Our customer list includes some of the most prestigious institutions in the world:

American Museum of Natural History
California Academy of Sciences Denver Museum of Natural History Science Museum of Minnesota * National Museum of Japan *

37. Strange Science: The Rocky Road To Modern Paleontology And Biology
A collection of misguided attempts to explain natural history, including honest and dishonest mistakes.Category Science Earth Sciences paleontology History...... living) organisms. Timeline, A chronology of some important eventsin the history of paleontology and biology. Biographies, Biographies
Ever wonder how people figured out there used to be such things as dinosaurs? Curious about how scientists learned to reconstruct fossil skeletons? The knowledge we take for granted today was slow in coming, and along the way, scientists and scholars had some weird ideas. This Web site shows some of their mistakes, provides a timeline of events, gives biographies of a few of the people who have gotten us where we are today, and lists resources you can use to learn more.
A Little History
Among the discoveries of the ancient Greeks were the realizations that species changed over time, and that certain fossils belonged to organisms that had once lived in very different environments. Findings such as these, however, were not widely available to medieval or even Renaissance Europeans to them, fossils were steeped in mystery and superstition. Luckily, the Renaissance witnessed a surge of interest in the natural world, and an interest in collecting "curiosities". Members of the aristocracy and nobility started amassing oddities for their private collections, and some even published descriptions of their specimens, such as this sample of flora and fauna from the court of Emperor Rudolf II. Many of the oddities were forgeries, many more were misidentified and what was rumored about them to the general public was even worse, but we should be grateful for these collections just the same they were the forerunners of modern museums. The fascination with oddities led to a better understanding of the history of life. Starting in the late 18th century, Georges Buffon and later Georges Cuvier suggested that the earth was much older than anyone had previously imagined. By studying the fossil record, 19th-century geologist John Phillips divided the ages of the earth into three eras: Paleozoic (old life), Mesozoic (middle life) and Cenozoic (new life). Charles Darwin published

Bringing together scientists working in molecular biology, infectious diseases, forensic sciences, paleontology, evolution and archaeology. Contains program, online registration form, pre and post tours, and general information. Israel, Jerusalem.

39. Paleontology And Fossils Resources
Offers extensive list of links about paleontology and fossils, library guides, and lists of books.

CONTENTS Books Contact Links Webrings
Here is a selected list of Web pages dealing with Paleontology and Fossils. Enter on the name of the page to access it. Additions to this list are appreciated.
Classrooms, Courses and Teaching
General Information

40. Rocky Road: Women In Paleontology
Women in paleontology. Until recently, opportunities for women in sciencehave been relatively few. The Geological Society of London
Women in Paleontology
Until recently, opportunities for women in science have been relatively few. The Geological Society of London perhaps the most important organization for geologists and paleontologists in the early 19th century didn't admit any women, not even as members' guests. Still, women have made significant contributions to the field.
"She Sells Seashells by the Seashore"
This tongue-twister has a very real inspiration. The daughter of a working class English fossil collector, Mary Anning expanded her father's business after his untimely death left the family nearly destitute in the early 19th century. With an exceptional eye for fossils, she unearthed a number of spectacular finds from sediments that were deposited during the Jurassic Period. Many of Anning's grateful customers were upper class English geologists. When hard financial times dropped Anning's sales around 1830, one of those geologists, Henry De la Beche, drew a cartoon designed to inspire interest in her finds. Named Dura antiquior ("an earlier Dorset"), this lively depiction was converted to a lithograph and sold to many members of the Geological Society of London. A commercial collector, Anning was not considered a scientist, although many scientists of the time admired her work.

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