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         Paleontology:     more books (60)
  1. Curious Bones: Mary Anning and the Birth of Paleontology (Great Scientist) by Thomas W. Goodhue, 2002-11
  2. Paleosols: Their Recognition and Interpretation (Princeton Series in Geology and Paleontology)
  3. The Bone Hunters: The Heroic Age of Paleontology in the American West by Url Lanham, 1992-01-08
  4. The theories of evolution and the facts of paleontology by Harry Rimmer, 1935

81. Welcome To Virginia Museum Of Natural History
Online exhibits from the state museum based in Martinsville, including both invertebrate and vertebrate paleontology. Also offers information on museum sponsored fossil collecting field trips.
Home Information Membership Support Every Thursday in March is Marvelous at VMNH! Children ages 4 and 5 will enjoy a story and participate in a fun natural history activity. From 4 - 4:45 every Thursday in March. Call 666-8636 to register ... The next Special Saturday program is March 29. "Beautiful Birds" is for families with children ages 6 - 12. 8:30 a.m. - noon. Register by calling 666-8636. Now on exhibit: Announcing the 2003 VMNH vertebrate paleontology summer digs in Shell, Wyoming and Ruther Glen, Virginia ASK A NATURAL HISTORY QUESTION! Your question may be answered in the Richmond-Times Dispatch column, "Virginia Naturally!" Watch for it each Thursday. Museum staff will answer selected questions. Watch for more details. E-mail natural history questions to the science and learning office. The Virginia Museum of Natural History is a state museum which is an agency of the Secretary of Natural Resources Unless otherwise specified, all content on this site is the sole property of The Virginia Museum of Natural History. Unauthorized use, reproduction or distribution is prohibited. E-mail our web team.

82. Ozark Paleontology Web Site
Ozark paleontology at St. Louis Community College at Florissant ValleyCategory Science Earth Sciences United States Arkansas......Ozarks paleontology Web Site. Extensive outcrops of Precambrian, Cambrian,and Lower Ordovician rocks constitute the geologic center of the Ozarks.
Ozarks Paleontology Web Site
Extensive outcrops of Precambrian, Cambrian, and Lower Ordovician rocks constitute the geologic center of the Ozarks. These rocks can be locally fossiliferous, and some of the fossils which occur are peculiar and unique. Chert and dolomite, in layers or masses, yield these fossils which record a part of the Earth's early history of marine animal life. Represented here are some of these fossils, many of which are diffferent from those that e you will find on other parts of the Web.
Click on thumbnail graphic to get a larger image of the fossil:
Ozark trilobites
Gastropod-like Fossils
Ozark gastropod-like fossils
Ozark gastropods on a stromatolite reef
Slab with Protichnites
Example of the tracks and a reconstruction of what
Climactichnites possibly might have looked like
Late Paleozoic (Mississippian) specimen of Conocardium
which occurs in the outliers of Mississippian age of the Ozarks.

83. Science Matters
Provides new coverage on biology, astronomy, paleontology, and health.

84. Pretty Butte Paleontology: Dinosaur Fossils From The Hell Creek Formation, North
Offers dinosaur fossils from the Hell Creek Formation in the badlands of North Dakota.
Fossils from the Hell Creek Formation The Catalog If you'd like more details about any of our specimens, or are seeking something not in the catalog, please contact us. We have numerous unprepared fossils that we can prepare and mount to order. Pictures are available for all specimens if no image is in the Catalog yet, just email us for a picture of the specimen you're interested in. If you have questions about the descriptive terminology used, check out the Anatomical Terminology page. And of course, visit the About Pretty Butte Paleontology page for details about our operation. Send email to: See us at the
National Fossil Expo in

Macomb, IL March 28-30!

This Fossil Dealers Web Ring site owned by Pretty Butte Paleontology
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85. Montgomery Gem Mineral Society
A lapidary arts, paleontology, geology and jewelry making club serving the Montgomery, AL area.
Purpose: 1. To cooperate with educational and scientific institutions or other groups engaged in increasing the knowledge and popular interest in Geology, Mineralogy, the Lapidary Arts and related subjects.
2. To foster the cultural aspects of, and the comradeship engendered by the study of Geology, Mineralogy, the Lapidary Arts and related subjects.
3. To cooperate or affiliate with similar clubs and societies.
4. To provide means and make arrangements for the exhibition of collections at exposition, fairs, and other public gatherings.
5. All the assets, property and funds of the Society shall be devoted to the furtherance of the primary objectives and purposes of the Society. Its works, purposes and objectives are primarily educational, recreational, and social; and are solely in the interests of the advancement of its members, and of the public along scientific and educational lines. Meeting time and place: Crump Adult Center, 1735 Highland Avenue, Montgomery, AL. The annual gem show replaces the December meeting. Anyone interested in gems and minerals is invited to attend. Field trips, workshops, and classes are held at various

86. Nearctica - Paleontology Including Dinosaurs, Trilobites, Amber, Fossils, Collec
paleontology links for a variety of paleontological and geological subjects.Category Science Earth Sciences paleontology Directories......Nearctica paleontology including dinosaurs, trilobites, amber, fossils, palynology,plate tectonics, mammoths, paleogeography. paleontology Main Page,
Paleontology - Main Page Buy Books about Fossils and Paleontology THE BIG THREE Dinosaurs Amber Trilobites THE REST General Paleontology The Geological Time Scale Paleogeography and Plate Tectonics Origins of Life ... Fossils - Commercial Organizations

87. Applied EarthWorks
Based in California and Oregon, this cultural resource management firm also offers paleontology services. Company and staff qualifications, services offered, and descriptions of projects completed.
Qualifications Services Facilities Administrative Resources ... Links The need to manage our natural and cultural heritage has long been recognized in this country. Public awareness of the necessity for environmental protection has increased along with appreciation of our nation's rich history. The field of cultural resources management has evolved to encompass a wide range of disciplines that contribute to our knowledge of the past, such as paleontology, archaeology, geology, history, and historical architecture. Our website describes the many cultural resources management services that Applied EarthWorks, Inc. provides to facilitate consideration of cultural resources during project planning and development. Our professional staff has the necessary training to recognize and satisfy the legal and regulatory requirements faced by our clients. At Applied EarthWorks, we are committed to effective and affordable cultural resources management strategies that make it possible to achieve progress and preservationÂ…together. Applied EarthWorks Home Qualifications Services Facilities ... contact webmaster

88. Ed Rogers Rare & Out Of Print Books - Rare Paleontology Books
Also including books on paleontology, mineralogy, mining, explorations, early surveys, volcanology, seismology and meteoritics.
Ed Rogers
Geoscience Books
PO Box 455
Poncha Springs, Colorado 81242 USA
Web Catalog: "When you sell a man a book, you don't sell him 12 ounces of paper and ink and glueyou sell him a whole new life." -Christopher Morley THIS IS NEW CATALOG, SCROLL DOWN THIS PAGE FOR BOOK LISTINGS
Mineralogy/Geology (L to Z)

Paleontology (A to K)

Paleontology (L to Z)
... Terms
New Catalog (paleontology, mineralogy, meteoritics, mining, railroads) Updated March 11, 2003 See terms for ordering instructions. 1. L'Abbe de Witry; Memoire sur les Fossiles du Tournaisis et les Petrifications en General, Relativement a leur utilite pour la vie Civile. Memoires de L'Academie Imperiale et Royale,,,Bruxelles. Bruxelles, 1780. Quarto, pp. 34, 4 engraved plates of fossiles. In contemporary calf, six spine panels, gold tooled titles, red spine edges, marbled end sheets. rubbing to binding, text and plates exceptionally clean. Very rare, $1000. CLICK ON IMAGE FOR OTHER EXPANDED VIEWS 2. Abbott, George;

89. ****PALEO.AMNH.ORG****-The Division Of Paleontology At The

90. UCD Geology: GEL 260
Sandy Carlson's seminar class at the University of California at Davis.
Instructor Sandy Carlson
Class meets Tuesday from 2-4 pm in the Durrell Room (175A Physics/Geology) Office Hours : TBA, or by appointment, Rm. 290 Physics/Geology
" Text ": Phylogenetic Analysis of Morphological Data,
ed. John J. Wiens, Smithsonian Institution Press, Washington, 2000 Some copies available in the UCD Bookstore You need not be a card-carrying paleontologist to take this seminar; you do need to have an interest in morphology and systematics. I encourage all of you to either attend for credit, or to audit - participation from a broad cross-section of phylogeneticists on campus still interested in morphology (I know you're out there!) would be ideal. Thanks! Sandy Carlson Week Topic Week 1 (10/1-5) Decide on time and day and place to meet Week 2 (10/8-12) Molecules versus morphology in systematics: conflicts, artifacts, and misconceptions
Hillis and Wiens Week 3 (10/15-19) Character selection and the methodology of morphological phylogenetics
Poe and Wiens Week 4 (10/22-26) Discovery of phylogenetic characters in morphometric data
Zelditch, Swiderski, and Fink

91. University Of Arizona Geosciences 308
Online material for the Geosciences 308 (paleontology) class at the University of Arizona.
University of Arizona
Geosciences 308
Instructor: Dr. Karl W. Flessa Gould Simpson Rm 309 Text: Benton, M. J. and Harper, D. A. T., 1997. Basic Paleontology, Longman. Lab instructors: Debbie Balch GS Rm 322 Ta-Shana Taylor GS Rm 313 626-DEAD Kirsten Rowell GS Rm 313 626-DEAD
Paul Spur Project
Paul Spur Class Data

92. Research And Collections
Research and collections info from the VP lab of the Texas Memorial Museum (UT, Austin).Category Science Earth Sciences paleontology Vertebrates......

93. Paleontology
AskERIC lesson plans and classroom activities.Category Science Earth Sciences paleontology Education PreCollege......

Main Index
Paleontology Lesson Plans
Grade: 1 - 6 Dinosaur Dig Grade: 3 - 12 Dinosaurs! Grade: kindergarten - 2 Excavating Your Recycling Bin as a Fossil Record Grade: 6 - 12 Fossils with Play-Doh Grade: 3 - 5 Fossils Grade: 1 - 2 Oklahoma Dinosaur Grade: 3 - 5
About AskERIC ERIC Database Ask an ERIC Expert ... Site Tour

94. Menu For Charles Darwin
A brief biography, autobiography, and time line of many of the events in Darwin's life.
Charles Darwin Biografy of Charles Darwin Charles Darwins Autobiografy Important years in Darwin life

95. Strange Science: The Rocky Road To Modern Paleontology And Biology
Strange Science The Rocky Road to Modern paleontology and Biology HasMoved. http// Please update your bookmark
Strange Science: The Rocky Road to Modern Paleontology and Biology Has Moved Please update your bookmark since this transition page is only temporary. Thanks!

96. Calgary Rock And Lapidary Club
Nonprofit organization of rockhounds interested in all aspects of the earth sciences including such areas as lapidary, collecting, gems, minerals, fossils, crystals, geology, paleontology and gemology.
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97. Vertebrate Paleontology Home
Carnegie Museum of Natural History's Section of Vertebrate paleontology presents current research Category Science Earth Sciences paleontology Vertebrates......The mission of the Section of Vertebrate paleontology at Carnegie Museum of NaturalHistory is to expand the scientific understanding of fossil vertebrates
O UR M ISSION The mission of the Section of Vertebrate Paleontology at Carnegie Museum of Natural History is to expand the scientific understanding of fossil vertebrates through original research, to collect and preserve vertebrate fossils through field exploration and curation of our fossil collection, and to participate in science education through museum exhibitions, public education, and scientific lectures.
Recent Discoveries!
A Mammal the Size of a Paperclip!
A Treasure Trove of Specimens: The Bromacker Quarry

Tracking Our Extended Family:
Eosimias ...
A New Family of Eocene Rodents From Asia

Carnegie Museum of Natural History
Section of Vertebrate Paleontology
4400 Forbes Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15213-4080

98. UCMP: A History Of Evolutionary Thought
A timeline with information on major contributors to biology, geology, and paleontology from Aristotle up to the 20th century. From the UC Berkeley Museum of paleontology.
THE THEORY of evolution, formalized by Charles Darwin, is as much theory as is the theory of gravity, or the theory of relativity. Unlike theories of physics, biological theories (especially evolution) have been argued long and hard in socio-political arenas. The history of thought about evolution in general and paleontological contributions specifically are often useful to the workers of today. Science, like any iterative process, draws heavily from its history. The list below includes scientists and thinkers who have contributed to our understanding of life on Earth, especially evolution. The list is given chronologically, and is divided into sections according to themes in the history of evolutionary thought. Timeline of Evolutionary Thought: Get a graphical view of some
of the key players in evolutionary thought over the last 300 years.
Founders of Natural Science:
From Ancient Times to the Enlightenment
Aristotle (384-322 B.C.E.)
Leonardo da Vinci
Georgius Agricola
John Ray
Antony van Leeuwenhoek ...
Nicholas Steno
Great Naturalists of the 18th Century
Georges-Louis Leclerc, Comte de Buffon

99. Paleontology In The News
paleontology in the News. This is a selection of stories, subject tothe following rules. paleontology in the News. February 26, 2003.
Paleontology in the News
This is a selection of stories, subject to the following rules. First, I don't guarantee close daily coverage of everything that happens (because I have a job to do apart from maintaining this Web page). Second, the site has to be generally accessible. (Many journals, like Science and Nature , make their pages accessible only to people who have paid a subscription to the written version.) Third, I choose newspapers and news sites that tend to keep their pages accessible for more than two weeks over those that do not. Fourth, to minimize loading time, I take stories off and archive them after a couple of months (see bottom of page for links to archived stories). Fifth, I keep older articles archived for varying lengths of time, depending how important I think they are (or interesting, at least); whether they have been updated or made redundant; and whether the site has dropped them. Similar pages on the UC Davis Geology Department web site are
Paleontology in the News
  • February 26, 2003. New argument against Clovis "overkill".

100. Geology 350 - Paleontology
Geology 350 at North Dakota State University
Department of Geosciences
North Dakota State University
Sign up for Paleontology Field Course - For more information TEST SCORES AND GRADES ID Test 1 Test 2 Test 3 Final Tests Lab Paper Total LG 1900 68 67 77 74 46 19 10 76 C 4371 89 93 89 89 59 21 10 90 A 5112 49 87 74 67 45 17 10 72 C 8597 92 100 94 98 62 22 10 95 A 700 73 87 75 82 52 21 10 83 B 9895 69 80 84 82 51 19 10 80 B 4140 79 78 82 84 52 20 10 82 B 1491 78 85 80 82 53 22 10 85 B 888 77 87 75 79 52 21 10 82 B 5020 77 78 79 76 50 19 10 80 C 6276 71 80 81 73 50 18 10 78 C 6093 82 85 77 83 53 21 10 84 B 8438 53 83 75 71 46 19 10 75 C 2691 73 97 79 82 54 23 10 86 B 8637 81 92 84 88 56 21 10 87 B 6964 67 77 80 86 50 19 10 80 B 1634 69 78 72 77 48 12 10 70 C 1960 84 88 92 94 58 22 10 90 A 8906 73 82 80 83 52 21 10 83 B 7871 75 60 72 63 44 18 10 72 C 3752 80 88 83 90 55 22 10 88 B 2850 84 88 85 93 57 23 10 90 A INTERESTING WEB SITES FOR TOPICS BEING COVERED 1. Excellent General Paleontology site 2. Foram s at the Smithsonian:

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