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         Paleontology:     more books (60)
  1. Urumaco and Venezuelan Paleontology: The Fossil Record of the Northern Neotropics (Life of the Past)
  2. Principles of Paleontology by Michael Foote, Arnold I. Miller, 2006-08-21
  3. Genetics, Paleontology and Macroevolution by Jeffrey S. Levinton, 2001-08-06
  4. Vertebrate Paleontology and Evolution by Robert L. Carroll, 1990-01-01
  5. The Paleontology of New Mexico by Barry S. Kues, 2008-12-16
  6. Principles of Paleontology: Second Edition by David Raup, Steven M. Stanley, 1978-03-15
  7. A History of Paleontology Illustration (Life of the Past) by Jane P. Davidson, 2008-06-23
  8. Paleontology: A Brief History of Life (Templeton Science and Religion Series) by Ian Tattersall, 2010-03-01
  9. Albertosaurus: Death of a Predator (Discoveries in Paleontology) by Monique Keiran, 2002-06-24
  10. The Paleobiological Revolution: Essays on the Growth of Modern Paleontology
  11. The dawnseekers: The first history of American paleontology by Robert West Howard, 1975
  12. Field Adventures in Paleontology by Lynne M. Clos, 2003-09
  13. Vertebrate Paleontology by Alfred Sherwood Romer, 1966-06
  14. The First Fossil Hunters: Paleontology in Greek and Roman Times. by Adrienne Mayor, 2001-10-01

161. UCMP Hall Of Mammals
University of California Museum of paleontology site providing an introduction the Class Mammalia and to the subcategories of mammals, including the marsupials, monotremes, multituberculata, and the eutheria (placentals).

162. Fossil Encounters
Virtual tours of fossil quarries and the fossils found in them. Designed for K12 educators. Requires plug-ins.

163. BLM Colorado - Grand Junction FO Paleontology
Overview and contact information from the Bureau of Land Management in Grand Junction, Colorado. Includes Category Science Earth Sciences United States Colorado...... LOCAL ORGANIZATIONS TO CONTACT FOR FURTHER paleontology INFORMATION.Bureau of Land Management Grand Junction Resource Area 2815 H Rd.

164. Introduction To The Pogonophora
Introduction to the beard worms, from the Museum of paleontology at University of Berkeley.

165. Jack Mount's Paleontology Resources
A wide variety of fossil sites.

166. NMITA Gastropod Taxonomic List
The list provides a current systematic framework and summary of the taxonomic diversity of Panama paleontology Project (PPP) mollusc collections collected, curated and identified from project inception till October 2000.

167. Paleonet
Internet resources from the University of California Museum of paleontology.

168. A Case For Creation
Evidence against evolution and for creation in the fields of astronomy, biology, geology, paleontology, physics Easyreading format.

169. Fossil Sites On Worldnet
paleontology resources, with extensive regional links.

170. Utah Field House Of Natural History State Park
Includes color photos, tours, history, paleontology and nearby attractions.

171. SVP Website We've Moved


173. Arizona Sedimentary Geology Page
Contains information on fossil sites, geologic formations, and contains a photographic library of Category Science Earth Sciences United States Arizona......Updated 12/02.

174. Neil Clark's Home
Information about fossils and fossil hunting in Scotland as well as links to the Hunterian Museum.Category Science Earth Sciences Regional Europe United Kingdom......The above link now goes to the home page whichincludes pages for Scottish Geology. Neil Clark's. Home Page. To

175. Pterosaurs
Pterosaurs and dinosaur ceramic reconstructions.Category Science Earth Sciences Models and Reproductions......Pterosaurs. Art and Artifacts by Richard Hanna Life size ceramic sculptures ofpalaeontology subjects. Most are based on Mesozoic fossils or restorations.

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