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         Amputee:     more books (100)
  1. Who Says I Can t?: A Two-Time Cancer-Surviving Amputee and Entrepreneur Who Fought Back, Survived and Thrived by Jothy Rosenberg, 2010-02-01
  2. Living with a Below-Knee Amputation: A Unique Insight from a Prosthetist/Amputee by Richard Lee Riley CPBS, 2005-03-28
  3. It's Just a Matter of Balance: A Very Personal Story Of Amputee Rehabilitation, An Autobiography, Prosthetic Education, Inspirational, Useful Story For Clinicians, And The Teenage Student by Kevin S. Garrison, 2005-09-19
  4. A LIFE RECLAIMED: How A Quadruple Amputee Regained Control Of Her Life
  5. The Psychological Rehabilitation of the Amputee by Lawrence W. Friedmann, 1978-06
  6. Without Regret: A Handbook for Owners of Canine Amputees by Susan Neal, 2002-07
  7. Therapy for Amputees
  8. The Troublesome Amputee by John Edward Lawson, 2006-06-30
  9. Amputees and Devotees by Grant C. Riddle, 1990-07
  10. You're Not Alone: With the Stories of 38 Remarkable Amputees Who Conquered the Challenges of a Lifetime by John Sabolich, 1996-03
  11. The Troublesome Amputee: Scarred Edition by John Edward Lawson, 2006-12-01
  12. Pre- and Post-Operative Services for the Amputee with Diabetes: What the health care provider needs to know to prepare and care for amputee patients by Sander Nassan, 2007-06-04
  13. The Leg and I : A Rollicking Autobiography of an Amputee by Marcia H. Porter, 1990-03
  14. Rehabilitation of Lower Limb Amputees by Unnamed Unnamed, 1977

1. Amputee Coalition Of America, ACA
Organization provides advocacy, guidance and support for people with amputations and limb deficiencies. Find fact sheets, resources and links. The ACA offers leadership assistance to amputee support groups and provides them with peer training, training manuals,
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Visit this area of our site to learn more about the ACA. Learn about our missions and goals and what actions we are taking to accomplish these. Meet the people behind the scenes. Discover how we are working on your behalf and how you can help make a difference. here
We love our sponsors! Click here to learn more about the businesses and organizations who help support the ACA.
Visit this area of our site to get comprehensive information and resources related to limb loss. Search the NLLIC Online Library Catalog of articles, books, electronic resources, newsletters and periodicals for professional and amputee consumers on a variety of topics. Contact an Information Specialist for answers to your specific questions. Learn about the National Limb Loss Information Center, NLLIC here

Visit this area of our site to learn more about limb loss statistics and related research. Browse review articles, fact sheets, and links to resources for researchers and amputee consumers on a variety of topics. Contact a member of the research team for answers to your specific questions. Learn more about the Limb Loss Research and Statistics Program, LLRSP

2. Untitled
Provides a forum for amputees and prosthetists to exchange information, as well as products, services and links.

Community for people with amputee.Category Health Conditions and Diseases amputee......Farabloc.

4. American Amputee Soccer Association
Promotes amputee soccer worldwide with photos, player profiles, and international tournament results.
Amputee Soccer - Amputee Athletes - Amputee Sports
Adult - Youth - Coed - Recreation - Competition
To Find or Start a Team, Contact
Amputee Soccer

International Visitors, please Click Here
Go to the British Amp Soccer Page
Perfect Defense

Winning Everton 4 v 4 Team: From left, Steve Johnson; Pat Scott; Jason Williams; Steve Foster; Gary Sheriff; and Ben Houghton
Everton Wins First All-England 4 v 4 Title
Tournament Marks Shift in English Development Philosophy
Derby, England, Feb. 8, 2003 -
Named for Liverpool's legendary soccer club, the Everton Amputee Football Team has won the first All-England 4 v 4 Amputee Soccer tournament.
The tournament included Liverpool's Everton team; Manchester; Southend and Wimbledon from Greater London; and teams from Norwich and the City of Hull.
Everton defeated a strong Manchester team 4-1 in the play-off finals after dominating a tough the six-team round-robin tournament. In the tournament, held at the JJB Soccerdome in Derby, England, each team played five 16-minute games in the round-robin, and an additional game in the playoffs. Players included both experienced English World Championship and World Cup players to four new players 15-years of age and younger.

5. Check Events Page For News
Meeting Mini trade Show of the Alberta amputee Sport Recreation Association held Saturday 18th January, 2003
Watch the mail!
Spring Newsletter is now out!
"Volunteers don't necessarily
have the time, but they
have the heart."
We would like to welcome
our newly elected
Board, Executive,Appointees
Attention Amps!
Free Single Gloves and Mittens
We also have some warm single socks too, for any leg amps that don't wear a prosthesis. Question of the Month "Are there any changes to applying for a parking placard for person with a disability?" Attention Members of AASRA We are revamping and need your profiles and pictures! If you would like to see your profile changed on the profile page or have your profile added please send your picture and information to Peggy . Thanks! URGENTLY NEEDED VOLUNTEERS We need your Help Fundraising! HELP!! Robert is desperately short 2 – 3 people for shifts at the Casino on Sunday 6 th April. He’s okay for Saturday with most of those shifts covered by out of town people coming in to help. As it’s our major fund-raiser we don’t want to be penalized for not getting workers in place. Please contact Robert Pennock at

6. Amputee Resource Foundation Of America
It is our mission to disseminate timely and useful information, to perform charitable services, and to conduct research to enhance productivity and quality of life of amputees in America.
6480 Wayzata Blvd., Golden Valley, MN 55426
Phone/Voice Mail ( 612) 812-7875
501c3 non-profit corporation
It is our mission to disseminate timely and useful information, to perform charitable services, and to conduct research to enhance productivity and quality of life for amputees in America.
Interview July 2002
New AK Socket Design November 2002
Amputee Resource Foundation of America, Inc. was established as a
501(c)3 tax exempt non-profit organization with the overall purpose of:
  • Reducing direct and indirect costs associated with limb loss.
  • Assisting amputees in returning to the workforce.
  • Enabling a higher quality of life for those with limb loss.
The origin of the the Amputee Resource Foundation of America, Inc. Amputee Information Resource Center
A virtual place on the Internet where amputees, their families, and professionals have turned for
information and help.

7. Amputee Information Network
amputee Information Network. ICAN Child amputee Home Page. AMP-L Mailing List foradult amputees Home Page. Links other amputee and disability related web Pages.
Amputee Information Network
I-CAN Child Amputee Home Page
Mailing List for adult amputees Home Page
Mailing List for Arm Amputees
One Arm Dove Hunt Association
other Amputee and disability related web Pages

8. Eastern Amputee Golf Association
Offers tournaments, scholarships, golf clinics, photo gallery and results, membership information and links.
The Eastern Amputee Golf Association (EAGA) was formed by Bob Buck, retired National Amputee Golf Association's Eastern Trustee, and others who were interested in developing a regional amputee golf association. The EAGA was formed along the same guidelines as that of the National Amputee Golf Association (NAGA) but has its own Officers, Constitution, Bylaws, and Membership Dues. EAGA's prime purpose is to organize and conduct amputee golfing events and "Learn to Golf" clinics for any physically challenged individual, provide communication between its members and act as a bridge between its members and the National Association. The EAGA also assists NAGA in conducting the "First Swing" seminars for rehabilitation, parks and recreation, and golf professionals.
Bob Buck, Executive Director
First Swing Clinics
About EAGA
Membership and Dues ...
Photo Gallery/Results
Links - Associations, Adaptive Equipment, Programs
THE 2003 EAGA TOURNAMENT SCHEDULE IS NOW AVAILABLE Click on Tournaments above to view the new 2003 EAGA Amputee Golf Tournament Schedule The United States Golf Association will include all of our EAGA tournaments in their 2003 Directory of Amateur Tournament Golf We greatly appreciate this recognition of our tournaments and organization by the USGA.

Welcome to! We are THE site for Above Knee amputees that want to not only walk, but to walk well, and to be comfortable! as well as provide support for a variety of above knee amputee issues. This site IS NOT maintained by any company or
Welcome to™! We are THE site for Above Knee Amputees that want to not only walk, but to walk well, and to be comfortable! If you have been searching for information about above knee prosthetics, you don't have to look any further than this site! This site is maintained by amputees with help from their friends. This site's purpose is to help above knee amputees to achieve good results when they get their prosthesis. This site IS NOT maintained by any company or organization in the prosthetic industry. The money required to maintain this site is generated through advertisements on this site of products that™ finds beneficial to above knee amputees. We hope you find this site informative. We have added a new section to our site called . This is a section for amputees, by amputees. It will contain information about new technology amputees are successfully using, tips on how to take the stairs more easily, etc. Please check this site often, as we will be updating this section weekly. Also, feel free to email™

10. Welcome To NAGA
Homepage of amputee Golfer, NAGA's official magazine and the best source of information for amputees interested in playing golf again or for the first time.
Click on a region to get more information WEST EAST TX/OK MIDWEST SOUTH Uniquely Created by TheCometCursor('golf02',0,0);

11. Glenn Malmskog Amputee Stuntman / Firefighter
Former Police HERT Officer with extensive weapons, explosives, martial artist and instructor.
htmlAdWH('7002666', '120', '30'); htmlAdWH('7001988', '234', '60'); Main Create Edit Help ... No Frames
1st Amputee Full Duty City Firefighter in the history of California.
See Press Release
Wm. Glenn Malmskog Stuntman Stunt Coordinator Fight Coordinator Explosives Technician Class III Weapons Master 5'8" 167 lbs SAG AKKI, IABTI, ISEE Amputee Humor Internet Movie Database

Sponsor Links
Dana Bowman

For work related inquiries I Can be reached through my agency or my answering service.
Bill's Stunt Service

12. Western Amputee Support Alliance Home Page
An informal association of amputee support groups located in the western United States that have voluntar Category Health Conditions and Diseases amputee Support Groups......Western amputee Support Alliance. . . . . . Accordingly, the amputee Resource Center(ARC) was formed. Don't forget to visit the amputee Resource Center.
Western Amputee Support Alliance
. . . . . . A Service To The AmputeeCommunity Administrative Director . . Richard L. Mooney Technical Director . . . . . . LeRoy Wm. Nattress, Jr., PhD. Date Last Updated: February 4, 2001 People have visited this site since October 1, 1997. Latest Changes The Western Amputee Support Alliance(WASA) is an informal association of amputee support groups located in the western United States that have voluntarily banded together for the specific purposes of publicizing the services they offer to the amputee community and disseminating information on whom to contact and how. Although one of the original purposes ofWASA was also to disseminate written information of interest to people with amputations, the directors recently decided to limit the WASA web page to support groups only. Accordingly, the Amputee Resource Center (ARC) was formed. Don't forget to visit the Amputee Resource Center. Click on the Support Group links below for information about organizations participating in WASA.
Support Groups
HEALTHSOUTH Amputee Support Group - Scottsdale, Arizona

13. Welcome To The Amputee WEB Site!!!
BODY IMAGE AND PROSTHESIS SATISFACTION STUDY NOW AVAILABLE amputee Online ExclusiveWord Doc PDF. See More amputee News Items in amputee Online Newswire.
Amputee WEB Site Welcome What Amputee's Say About this Site General Information Prosthetic Components ... Advertising Rates Amputee Related Sites Amputee WEB Site Amputation Online Magazine Amputee Mailing List Hosted WEB Pages Site Map Personal Pages Non-Profit Pages
Return to Amputee-

GB Communications Want to talk to Amputees JUST LIKE YOU ?

Getting bad advice from your medical professional ?
Try QuackWatch IN THE NEWS...
Heather Mills-McCartney comes to North America
THE LATEST RESEARCH... Limb Regeneration
Is It Possible ?
Amputee Online Exclusive
Word Doc
PDF AMPUTEE FACTOID The baby boom population will reach the ages of 46 to 64 by the year 2010 enlarging the proportion at risk of diseases causing amputation. By the year 2020 the number of people who have an amputation and are in need of prostheses will increase by 47%. See More Amputee News Items in Amputee Online Newswire Subscribe to Amputee Newswire list: The Most Upto Date Source of Amputee News Onlne This page was last updated

14. International Child Amputee Network
These pages will be continually updated, please comeback often. Return to amputee Information Network.
French German Italian Portuguese Spanish Powered by SYSTRAN
Welcome! You are Visitor # Since June 19, 1996
Before you leave, please sign our guestbook
The picture above explains better than words just what I-CAN is all about!
M y wife, Joyce who is a bilateral below elbow amputee since age six, and I have established I-CAN (International Child Amputee Network) an Internet mailing list to provide information and support contacts to children with absent or underdeveloped limbs and their parents. If you are a congenital amputee or became an amputee as a child, your counsel can help parents deal with a situation that leaves them lost and seeking knowledgeable information. Parents who have a child born with a limb difference or who lose a limb/s in childhood are starved for information. Pick up any book on disabled children and you will most often find limb defects not mentioned. If the subject is mentioned, it is touched on in a superficial manner. It is our hope that I-CAN will fill this void providing parents with a place to contact experienced parents and adults who grew up with a limb difference. To subscribe send a message to: In the body of your message put: SUBSCRIBE I-CAN Firstname Lastname What is an Internet Mailing List?

15. What Amputees Say About This Site...
Mailing list gives information and support contacts. Includes a host of links to prosthetic technology sites. wife, Joyce who is a bilateral below elbow amputee since age six, and I have established ICAN (International Child
Sources of Amputee Related Information Online The purposes of this section are to inform and educate - please forward any suggestions or report lost links to the web manager Thanks PAGE INDEX Mailing Lists Prosthetic Professional Sites Support Group Sites Online Publications and General Sites ... Personal Sites page updated February 26

16. United Amputee Services Association, Inc.
United amputee Services Association Inc. We are here to help! No amputeeneeds to recover alone. United amputee Services Association Inc.
United Amputee Services Association Inc. Mailing: P.O. Box 4277, Winter Park, FL 32793-4277
Phone (407) 359-5500, Fax (407) 359-8855 Read about the Hope Club Donor program and the Barr/United Amputee Assistance Fund at the Barr Foundation Website

Support the UASA

eyegive At NCPAD we believe that exercise is for every body, and everyone can reap benefits from regular physical activity.
About Our Group
We are a 100% Volunteer run, non-profit organization (IRS 501-3-c), with a mission to provide support and education to amputees in South and Central Florida. We offer hospital visitation, peer counseling and education to individuals who have had an amputation and to their families. History
The group began providing hospital visitation and monthly meetings in 1987. In 1994, Orlando joined United Amputee Services Association Inc. of South Florida. In 1996 the administrative offices were moved to Orlando. We currently mail newsletters to over 1000 individuals and Health Care Professionals in the USA. Support Group Meetings
The meetings are primarily discussion meetings. We do, on occasion, invite guest speakers to talk on subjects of interest to amputees. If you are interested in attending these meetings, please call us at (407) 359-5500 or (954) 724-4142 for the current location and time.

17. Amputee Resources | Resources |
journals and other research articles (JPO, JACPOC), email discussions (OANDP-L),current news and events, free online classifieds, amputee resources, orthotic
Sign In

Resources ... Resources Amputee Resources Patron Sponsors About Order Online e-commerce built by Resources Classifieds Calendar ... Research

18. Amputee Center
Helps amputees, case managers, and physicians find prosthetics and prosthetists that can help meet the special needs of individuals. Nationwide.

19. Shoes
A place where amputee and odd size shoe wearer exchange new right shoe for the right foot.
Shoe size4all
amputee and odd size shoe wearer exchange new right shoe for the right foot.
Shoe size4all

20. American Amputee Soccer Assn. - News Index
The following new articles on amputee soccer and amputee athleteshave been gathered from both US and international news media.
The following new articles on amputee soccer and amputee athletes have been gathered from both U.S. and international news media. Brazil Wins Second Championship 2000 World Cup - Seattle, Washington, USA
Nov. 12, 2000

Amputee athletes gather here for World Cup

Seattle Times
Nov. 14, 2000

Amputee soccer: a pungent mix of
pride and passion

Seattle Post-Intelligencer
Nov. 14, 2000

Amputee with cancer takes
new position on soccer team
Seattle Times Nov. 19, 2000 Amputee soccer: Brazil beats Russia 2-1 Seattle Times Nov. 19, 2000 US Team Winless, Socreless in World Cup Play New York Able Robert Spotswood America's Remarkable Rookie Sept. 23, 1999 Teen's Courageous Comeback Inspires Peers Suburban Birmingham, Ala. - Over the Mountain Journal Sept. 20, 1999 Spotswood Goal a Personal Triumph St. Paul's School, Concord, NH Sept. 15, 1999 Back in the game he loves Birmingham, Alabama - Birmingham News Ukranian News Coverage 1st European Championships August, 1999 August 10, 1999

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