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         Anophthalmos:     more detail
  1. Microphthalmia and Anophthalmia: An entry from Gale's <i>Gale Encyclopedia of Medicine, 3rd ed.</i> by Laith, M.D. Gulli, 2006

1. Anophthalmos And Orbital Implants
anophthalmos And Orbital Implants While it is rare for a person tobe born without an eye, it is unfortunately an all too frequent
Anophthalmos And Orbital Implants
While it is rare for a person to be born without an eye, it is unfortunately an all too frequent occurrence for patients to experience loss of an eye due to trauma, infection or an underlying disease state. The first reported surgical removal of an eye (enucleation) was performed over four centuries ago. It is however, in the last century that the greatest strides have been made in perfecting this surgical procedure. Once an eye is removed it is important that the loss in orbital soft tissue be replaced with a suitable implant to provide normal cosmesis.
The search for a well-tolerated orbital implant which gives an excellent appearance as well as good motility has covered the gamut of autogenous and alloplastic materials and implant designs. Almost every conceivable material known to man has been used as an orbital implant including: Magnets, gold, silver, glass, silicone, cartilage, bone, fat, cork, titanium mesh, acrylics, wool, rubber, catgut, peat, agar, asbestos, ivory, cellulose, paraffin, sponge, polyethylene and hydroxyapatite. In addition, a wide variety of implant shapes has been implanted in order to achieve an acceptable cosmetic result including: sphere, sphere with a truncated surface, sphere with a truncated surface and small "knobs projecting from the surface, etc.
The most frequent complication associated with the majority of the "older" implants was extrusion of the implant. Other common complications included infection, migration, poor motility, contracted lid fornices and enophthalmos (sunken in appearance). In 1985, hydroxyapatite corraline sphere shaped implants were introduced. Hydroxyapatite is an inert, biocompatible and nontoxic material that has been in use in the medical field for over 15 years. Hydroxyapatite is a calcium phosphate hydroxide compound made up of multiple interconnecting pores. Because this is an inert porous substance, once implanted into the orbit it becomes vascularized and hence an integral part of the orbit. In recent years, porous polyethylene implants have been utilized in a similar fashion

2. EMedicine - Anophthalmos : Article Excerpt By: Nick Mamalis, MD
anophthalmos True or primary anophthalmos is very rare. Excerpt from anophthalmos.Please click here to view the full topic text anophthalmos.
Excerpt from Anophthalmos
Please click here to view the full topic text: Anophthalmos
Background: True or primary anophthalmos is very rare. Only when there is complete absence of the ocular tissue within the orbit can the diagnosis of true anophthalmos be made. Extreme microphthalmos is seen more commonly. In this condition, a very small globe is present within the orbital soft tissue, which is not visible on initial examination. Anophthalmia and microphthalmia may occur secondary to the arrest of development of the eye at various stages of growth of the optic vesicle. It is important to recognize microphthalmia because the development of the orbital region, as well as the lids and fornices, is dependent on the presence of a normal-sized eye in utero. Anophthalmia may lead to serious problems in a child, not only due to the absence of a seeing eye, but also due to the secondary disfigurement of the orbit, lids, and eye socket. Early treatment with various expanders or surgery, when necessary, will help decrease the orbital asymmetry and cosmetic deformities in these children. Pathophysiology: Anophthalmia occurs when the neuroectoderm of the primary optic vesicle fails to develop properly from the anterior neural plate of the neural tube during embryological development. The more commonly seen microphthalmia can result from a problem in development of the globe at any stage of growth of the optic vesicle.

3. E-Doc: Anophthalmos
Medical Dictionary. anophthalmos
Medical Dictionary
  • Congenital absence of a true eyeball.
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4. Anophthalmia (anophthalmos) Is A Condition That Means One, Or Both Eyes Didn’t
Program Nr 1914 anophthalmosmicrophthalmos spectrum characterization of ophthalmic, systemic and genetic features in a large series. Moorfields Eye Hospital, London, England. anophthalmos (absence of eye) is an extremely rare congenital anomaly occurring in 0.3-0.6/10 000 births.
Thanks to the gracious contribution from MACS (our sister support group in the United Kingdom), I now have a comprehensive definition leaflet about Anophthalmia, Microphthalmia, and Coloboma for you.
THANK YOU MACS! A nophthalmia P rimary anophthalmia
is a complete absence of eye tissue due to a failure of the part of the brain that forms the eye. I n secondary anophthalmia the eye starts to develop and for some reason stops, leaving the infant with only residual eye tissue or extremely tiny eyes which can only be seen under close examination. I n degenerative anophthalmia the eye started to form and, for some reason, degenerated. One reason for this occurring could be a lack of blood supply to the eye. T reatment T here is no cure for this condition. Sometimes the child may have other conditions or complications that may require monitoring. Prosthetic eyes can be fitted to the empty eye sockets which can sometimes involve surgery for reasons such as putting implants into the socket to make it easier to fit the prostheses. Prostheses are not just for cosmetic purposes but also help to promote the growth of the eye socket. Conformers, which are a bit like balloons that can be expanded inside the socket, are sometimes used to further encourage the growth of the socket. M icrophthalmia (microphthalmos) is a condition that means the eye(s) started to form during pregnancy but for some reason stopped, leaving the infant with small eyes. The size of the eye can vary from child to child. If very mild, It can almost go unnoticed but is usually

5. Orbital Glial Hamartoma And Anophthalmos In Dandy-Walker Syndrome
We report a case of congenital anophthalmos and glial hamartoma in a child with DandyWalker syndrome.
1998, Vol.19, No.2, pp. 107-112
© Æolus Press
Orbital glial hamartoma and anophthalmos in Dandy-Walker syndrome
Lorraine Cassidy , A. Cassels-Brown and A. Soulioti Leeds General Infirmary, Ophthalmology Department, Leeds, England We report a case of congenital anophthalmos and glial hamartoma in a child with Dandy-Walker syndrome. This is the first reported case of anophthalmia and glial hamartoma occurring in conjunction with Dandy-Walker syndrome, and may have some implications with regard to the pathogenesis of this syndrome.
Keywords: Anophthalmos , glial hamartoma , Dandy-Walker syndrome .

6. True Anophthalmos
a scan on the closed eye lids and diagnosed it as "Primary" or "True" anophthalmos. Is there a possible cure for this?
True Anophthalmos
This question submitted by Sriraman Ganapathi on 8/2/99.
My son was born just a week back (July 25, 1999). His eyes were closed completely when he was born. His Lower Eye Lid has gone inside his Upper Eye Lid a little bit on both the eyes. But he has blue bulging on both his lower eye lids that, according to preliminary diagnosis by our PO, looks like a CYST. When the doctor retracted both the eye lids we saw a very small eye. The doctor did a scan on the closed eye lids and diagnosed it as "Primary" or "True" ANOPHTHALMOS. Is there a possible cure for this? If YES, I would like to know where I can go to for a best one. I would also like to know about the possibilities of getting his vision. Thank you
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7. Anophthalmos Related Books
Search for books related to anophthalmos. anophthalmos info search. Music. Books
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It must be neither too thick nor too thin; it must be large enough
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and forwards; and it must be about Anophthalmos. These are the conditions which a really good book must fulfil; simple, however, as they are, it is surprising how few volumes comply with them satisfactorily.

8. ASOPRS Site Map
Tumors; When an eye is removed anophthalmos and Orbital implants.ASOPRS Foundation. Membership Requirements. ASOPRS Members Only
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9. EMedicine - Anophthalmos : Article By Nick Mamalis, MD
anophthalmos True or primary anophthalmos is very rare. Only whenthere is complete anophthalmos. Last Updated April 18, 2001,
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Author: Nick Mamalis, MD , Director of Ophthalmic Pathology, Director of Intermountain Ocular Research Center, Professor, Department of Ophthalmology, University of Utah School of Medicine Nick Mamalis, MD, is a member of the following medical societies: American Academy of Ophthalmology American Medical Association American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery , and Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology Editor(s): Ron W Pelton, MD, PhD , Consulting Staff, Department of Surgery, Memorial Hospital; Donald S Fong, MD, MPH , Assistant Clinical Professor of Ophthalmology, UCLA School of Medicine; Consulting Physician, Department of Ophthalmology, Southern California Permamente Medical Group; Mark T Duffy, MD, PhD

10. ORPHANET® : Anophthalmos
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11. Service Page - Pathologie Information
DISEASE anophthalmos, clinical, True or primary anophthalmos is alwaysassociated with major brain defects incompatible with life.

12. Anophthalmia/Anophthalmos
HOME Anophthalmia/anophthalmos. anophthalmos, clinical; anophthalmos, clinical;Nanophthalmia; Anophthalmia and microphthalmia the search for an answer;


anophthalmos. This response submitted by RW Enzenauer, MD on 8/12/99.
This response submitted by RW Enzenauer, MD on 8/12/99.
talk to your pediatric ophthalmologist soon. True anonphthalmos is a embryologic malformation like Dr. Cruz described where the development is arrested very earlier in gestation. The fact that there are some identifiable ocular structures just confirms that the eyes tried to develop. Virtually all of the children have no visual potential at all. If fact, most of the time the effort is at using conformers and scleral schells to promote growth of the orbit and improve the appearance. Robert W. Enzenauer, MD
Pediatric Ophthalmology
Chattanooga,, TN
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14. Waardenburg Syndrome
Mental Retardation Syndrome, Crooked Fingers Syndrome, KleinWaaardenburg Syndrome,Ophthalmo Acromelic Syndrome, Syndactyly-anophthalmos Syndrome, Waardenburg

Waardenburg Syndrome (Mende Syndrome, Ptosis-Epicanthus Syndrome, Van der Hoeve Halbertsma Waardenburg Gualdi Syndrome)

Similar pages Syndrome DB Table of Contents Wilms tumor-gonadoblastoma syndrome anophthalmia-hand-foot defects-mental retardationsyndrome anophthalmia-Waardenburg syndrome anophthalmos-limb anomalies

16. Anophthalmos
anophthalmos. MVC003S.JPG MVC-003S.JPG, MVC-004S.JPG MVC-004S.JPG.

17. 1914: Anophthalmos-microphthalmos Spectrum: Characterization Of Ophthalmic, Syst
Program Nr 1914 anophthalmosmicrophthalmos spectrum characterizationof ophthalmic, systemic and genetic features in a large series.
Program Nr: 1914 Anophthalmos-microphthalmos spectrum: characterization of ophthalmic, systemic and genetic features in a large series. N.K. Ragge, A.J. Vivian, R.B. Jones, J.R. Collin. Moorfields Eye Hospital, London, England. Anophthalmos (absence of eye) is an extremely rare congenital anomaly occurring in 0.3-0.6/10,000 births. We reviewed 83 cases of anophthalmos (or extreme microphthalmic remnant), characterising the ocular, systemic and genetic features.
Systemic findings included: cleft lip and palate, preauricular skin tags, facial clefting, dysplastic kidneys, corpus callosal dysgenesis, Delleman's syndrome, CHARGE, skin loss over chest wall, and branchio-oculo-facial syndrome. Possible etiologies included gestational exposure to varicella, carbamazepine and i.v. drug abuse. Autosomal recessive inheritance was implied in five cases which were the product of consanguinous marriages. One case had a strong family history of Waardenburg's syndrome. Seven cases had a family history of developmental eye anomalies or early onset blindness and 13 cases had a family history of relevant systemic features, such as deafness or cleft palate. The case with brachio-oculo-facial syndrome had an affected sibling and a cousin with 'cat-eye' phenotype. Only one case was known to have a chromosome anomaly - a Turner's mosaic. Seven families had a history of miscarriage.
This series adds significantly to the world literature on anophthalmos and further clinical and genetic analysis may provide clues to the developmental ocular genetic process.

18. 806: Clinical Features Of Four Males And An Obligate Carrier In A Family With Le
Clinical features include anophthalmos or microphthalmos, microcephaly, mental retardation,external ear, digital, cardiac, skeletal, and urogenital anomalies
Program Nr: 806 Clinical Features of Four Males and an Obligate Carrier in a Family with Lenz Syndrome. S. Forrester , S. Rothert , R. Urban , M. Kovach , V. Kimonis 1) Department of Pediatrics, SIU School of Medicine, Springfield, IL; 2) Department of Ophthalmology, Tampa General Hospital, Tampa, FL. rd toes bilaterally and dysplastic ears. We believe this family will add to the spectrum of clinical features of Lenz syndrome. Many of the cases published to date for Lenz syndrome are isolated reports. Linkage analysis in this family is in progress to identify the gene responsible for Lenz syndrome.

19. Analysis Of Anophthalmos 1 (with Mental Retardation, Without Limb
Analysis of anophthalmos 1 (with mental retardation, without limb anomaliesor dental or urogenital abnormalities), G2D Home. GO TO

20. MeSH-D Terms Associated To MeSH-C Term Anophthalmos
MeSHD terms associated to MeSH-C term anophthalmos, G2D Home. The number indicatesthe strength of the association of the corresponding term to anophthalmos.

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