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         Auto-immune Disorders:     more detail
  1. Multi-Systemic Auto-Immune Diseases: An Integrated Approach :Dermatological and Internal Aspects by Louis Kater, Harold Baart De LA Faille, 1999-04-01
  2. Did you ever...? by Alexander Walz, 2010-10-07
  3. Lupus: An International Journal (Methodological Issues in Controlled Clinical Trials in SLE, Volume 8 Number 8)
  4. Thyroid Guardian of Health by Philip G. Young M.D., 2006-07-06

1. Auto-Immune Disorders
Top Health Conditions and Diseases autoimmune disorders (70)
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2. Auto Immune Disorders And Transfer Factor - Natural Health, Auto Immune Disorder
In many cases, these are Auto Immune Disorders. Therapy for autoimmune disordersshould include an immune system modulator, such as transfer factor.
Auto Immune Disorders Find out how you can modulate your immune system to defend against: Allergies, Asthma, Chronic Fatigue, Sinusitis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Type 1 Diabetes, Fibromyalgia, Crohn's Disease, Lupus, Psoriasis , Eczema. In many cases, these are Auto Immune Disorders. Therapy for these types of disorders should include an immune system "modulator", such as the Transfer Factor. Infectious diseases, such as measles, strep, and staph killed 180,000 loved ones last year. A strong and modulated immune system is your best defense. A new breakthrough product, Transfer Factor Plus ™, is an immune system modulator. Tested by independent lab, it is 500% more effective than any of the 196 products tested. Some M.D.s are calling it a miracle product. They believe this amazing molecule called "transfer factor" is the answer to the declining state of health in our nation.
Transfer Factor
Some have recommended that Transfer Factor™ be used in autoimmune conditions. List of autoimmune disorders Neuromuscular system
  • Myasthenia gravis Emos-Lumbert myasthenic syndrome Stiff man syndrome Acute disseminated encephalomyelitis Multiple Sclerosis Gullain-Barre syndrome Chronic inflammatory demyelinating Polyradiculoneuropathy Multifocal motor neuropathy with Conduction block Chronic neuropathy with monoclonal Gammopathy Paraneoplastic neurologic disorders Opsoclonus-myoclonujs syndrome Cerebellar degneration Encephalomyelitis Rectimopathy Hepatobiliary system: Autoimmune chronic active hepatitis

3. Auto-Immune Disorders - Search Beat
Information about autoimmunity and autoimmune related diseases. The American Autoimmune Related Diseases Association. Take our autoimmunity survey Directory Jobs Metasearch
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4. Journal Of Autoimmunity
Publishes papers about autoimmune disorders on topics such as the mechanism of self-recognition, regulation of responses, diagnostic tests, epidemiology, patho-physiology, and treatments. Journal may be ordered online.
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Last update: 27 Mar 2003

5. Omniseek: /Health /Conditions And Diseases /Auto-Immune Disorders /Osteoporosis
Along with the auto immune disorders , I have a Poetry Friends With Auto - Immune Disorders Other Related{26683}
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Health /Conditions and Diseases /Auto-Immune Disorders /Osteoporosis / jo_trackler Website
Syndrome. Along with the auto - immune disorders , I have a Poetry Friends With Auto - Immune Disorders Other Related
( UUNET Internet Africa in Swaziland, Support - Usenet Swaziland Internet. UUNET Internet Africa SupportPages ( auto-immune polyglandular failure Posted by Jo Trackler on January 04, 1999 at 20:37:02: I hope I am asking the right kind of questions to the right kind of doctor. Two years ago I was diagnosed with Auto-Immune Polyglandular Failure with diagnosis of Addison's Disease, Hypothyroidism, Pe ( (

6. Visit Your Local Station PBS Home PBS Home Search TV Schedules
autoimmune disorders Finding the cure for auto-immune disorders. Auto-immunedisorders Finding the cure for auto-immune disorders.
To The Contrary . showlist01 BEHIND THE HEADLINES ABOUT THE SHOW PERSPECTIVES VIEWERS' CORNER ... HOME Shows from 2001 Title: Gender Differences
Program Number:
1041 (*Repeat of Show 1028)
Panelists: Phyllis Greenberger, Dr. Jane Delgado, Sherry Marts, Dr. Patricia Davidson
  • An interview with country-singer Trisha Yearwood on sex-based biology.
  • Women and Depression: More women suffer from depression than men.
  • Auto-immune disorders: Finding the cure for auto-immune disorders. Title: Depression
    Program Number:
    Phyllis Greenberger, Karen Miller, Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton, Ruth Coniff, Cari Dominguez Topics:
  • The future of women in the Afghan government.
  • Why are women underrepresented on tv talk shows?
  • 7. Alternative For, Ulcerative Colitis, Crohn’s Disease And Other Auto Immune
    Site looks at the possible healing advantages of this IBD therapy which is based on an extract from Category Health Conditions and Diseases Crohn s Disease...... Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, EbsteinBarr, Ulcers, Allergies, Spastic Colon, Acid Reflux,Hiatal Hernia, Digestive Problems auto-immune disorders Testimonials
    The Bottom Line Toll FREE: *Through specific enhancement of the body's defense mechanisms,
    • Helps stop the bleeding, damage and leakage of the intestine wall, thereby taking the stress off the immune system. Helps to effectively balance and restore proper immune system function alleviating the auto-immune response and allergic conditions. Acts as a potent anti-inflammatory agent to reduce inflammation. Helps to rebuild the intestinal protective mucosa lining. Promotes and accelerates the tissue healing process. Aids in the restoration of proper moisture levels within the colon eliminating both diarrhea and constipation over time. Helps fuel all bodily systems through the promotion of proper digestion, absorption and assimilation of foods and nutrients. Aids in the normalization of an array of damaging processes in the digestive tract.

    8. Untitled Document
    Research is reviewed on the effects of massage therapy on stress reduction, painrelief, growth and development, immune function and autoimmune disorders.
    Touch Therapy
    Tiffany Field, Ph.D. Director, Touch Research Institutes Paperback
    Harcourt Brace-2000
    Touch Therapy focuses on recent research on touch therapy in promoting wellness and healing. Research is reviewed on the effects of massage therapy on stress reduction, pain relief, growth and development, immune function and auto-immune disorders. Contents
    • Introduction.
    • Enhancing growth.
    • Pain reduction during painful procedures and chronic pain syndromes.
    • Enhancing attentiveness.
    • Alleviating depression and anxiety.
    • Auto-immune disorders.
    • Immune disorders.
    • Summary.
    • Further reading.
    • Appendices.
    Tiffany Field, Ph.D Director, Touch Research Institutes Hardcover - 173 pages - ISBN 0-262-06216-X - 2001 The MIT Press The first sensory input in life comes from the sense of touch while a baby is still in the womb, and touch continues to be the primary means of learning about the world throughout infancy, well into childhood. Touch is critical for children's growth, development, and health, as well as for adults' physical and mental well-being. Yet American society is dangerously touch-deprived. Contents 1. Touch Hunger

    9. BBCi Health - The Immune System Guide - An Overactive Immune System
    autoimmune disorders. Misreading by the B cells, with false antibodies, or by theT cells or by the circulating chemicals can all cause auto-immune disorders.






    30th March 2003
    Text only

    BBC Homepage
    Health Homepage Your Health ... Help Like this page? Send it to a friend!
    The Immune System - System Breakdown
    An Overactive Immune System by Gill Jenkins Auto-immune disorders Normally the system runs such that the lymphocytes, the B and T cells, are able to recognise what is 'self' and 'non-self'. This 'self-tolerance' is important in preventing the whole system going into overload and the cells attacking everything they come across. Unfortunately it can break down and problems occur when normal 'self' cells are seen as foreign invaders, stimulating an immune response. The nature and location of the response will depend on which cells are being seen as foreign; auto-immune disease can affect any part of the body. So where the synovial cells lining the joints are mistaken for foreign cells, the resultant attack on them will give painful, swollen joints which begin to crumble - rheumatoid arthritis. Auto-immune thyroid disease and anaemias are other common examples. Quite why the immune cells start to get it wrong, is not well understood but there may be a genetic factor as auto-immune disease is commoner in people with certain tissue types. Alternative theories involve a precipitating viral infection (such as Epstein-Barr virus or cytomegalovirus) or following the release of previously unencountered cellular parts after tissue trauma. Misreading by the B cells, with false antibodies, or by the T cells or by the circulating chemicals can all cause auto-immune disorders.

    An internationally recognized expert in blood disorders in animals, Dr. JeanDodds, said she noticed an increase in autoimmune disorders among dogs.
    CBCCat = "Sports,News,Arts,Kids,Interactive"; Sports = "Hockey,Baseball,Football"; News = "Canada,World,SciTech,Local,Consumers,SpecialReports,Business"; Arts = "ArtsNews,Infoculture,Music,Books,ArtsFeatures"; Kids = "CBC4Kids,PreSchool,Teachers"; Interactive = "MessageBoards,Forums,Games,Media";
    Street Cents

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    Air Date: Oct 30, 1990
    Producer: Lynn Burgess
    When our story went to air
    Over the past several years, dog food companies have developed premium dog foods
    Ethoxyquin was originally developed as a rubber stabilizer. The Monsanto corporation later refined it for use as a preservative in animal feeds. Most dog foods contained very little of the chemical. But in the late 1980s, many companies that were making high performance foods began adding extra ethoxyquin. The foods contain more fat than regular dog foods, and the companies found the chemical to be a cheaper, more effective way to extend the shelf-life of their product. Not long after, some breeders were finding their dogs were developing unusual disorders. One breeder in Massachusetts, who has bred dogs

    11. Fishing For Answers
    Beyond the heart benefits, it's claimed that fish can alleviate rheumatoidarthritis, psoriasis, and other autoimmune disorders.

    Fitness Nutrition Longevity
    Back to Nutrition

    Fishing For Answers
    Fish has been seen as a cardiovascular hero ever since it was observed years ago that Eskimos and Japanese people who eat lots of fish have a low rate of heart disease. The theory is that fish oil lowers cholesterol and triglycerides, makes blood less sticky, and perhaps even decreases blood pressure. Beyond the heart benefits, it's claimed that fish can alleviate rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis, and other auto-immune disorders. Even more health claims are made for fish-oil capsules, which take up lots of shelf space in health-food stores and drugstores. Fish is good food, certainly, but let's not go overboard. Here are the fish facts. Note: When we use the term "fish oil" below, we mean the oil you get by eating fish or taking capsules. While population studies look at fish consumption, clinical studies almost always use fish oil capsules. It's generally assumed that the supplements provide the same health benefits as the fish itself. However, there may be other beneficial compounds in the fish not found in the capsules. What's special about fish oil?

    12. Resist - Ling Zhi Qi Tang - Immune System Booster
    Helps to modulate immune system functions, making it useful for conditions involvinglow immunity, autoimmune disorders and immune stress disorders.

    chinese medicines
    green medicine by specific condition how it's done ... tai chi
    Our apologies - this item out of stock.
    May we recommend an alternative immune booster Used to relieve the following conditions Resist combines 17 major tonifying herbs, which are proven to enhance cellular immunity. This immune system strengthening is of great value in both reducing susceptibility to illness, and in combating situations where diseases of the immune system comprimise our body's ability to protect itself. Through activation of the immune system, Resist is also said to be of potential value for cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy, and radiation treatments. Testimonial "I have a patient who has breast cancer. After the surgery she had to undergo chemotherapy. When she went for the second treatment, the doctors told her that her white blood cell count was 1.8. To have chemotherapy, your white blood cell count must be at least 2.6, so she could not undergo chemo. She was very upset when she came to see me. I prescribed Resist. Three days later the doctors examined her again, and the concentration of her white blood cells was 6.7, so she could undertake the chemotherapy easily."

    13. Trinity Biotech - Company Information
    and Bartels ranges also include many indirect fluorescent antibody test systemsto assist in the diagnosis of a variety of autoimmune disorders as well as
    Product Areas Trinity Biotech plc manufactures and markets products that can essentially be divided into four key areas:
    ENZYME IMMUNO-ASSAYS Our exceptionally wide range of Enzyme Immuno-Assay (EIA) products includes over 100 assays utilising different formats to accommodate the most demanding of laboratories. Brands including CAPTIA™, can aid in providing the clinician with accurate information to assist in the diagnosis of auto-immune and hormonal disorders, sexually transmitted diseases, enteric infections, ToRCH, respiratory infections, drugs of abuse, cardiovascular diseases, and various other disease states. RAPID ASSAYS Trinity Biotech has developed a range of membrane and latex based rapid assays to cater for near patient and over-the-counter markets. The Uni-Gold™ range employs gold particle technology for the detection of hCG, HBsAg, H. pylori, Strep A and HIV. Tests for HIV are also available in the SeroCard™, SalivaCard™ and Capillus™ format. SeroCard™ and SalivaCard™ offer self-encased flow-through devices with colourimetric read, whereas Capillus™ utilises latex agglutination enhanced by capillary slide technology. FLUORESCENCE ASSAYS The and Bartels range of direct antigen detection immunoassays are available to aid in the diagnosis of many infectious diseases including respiratory, chlamydial, gonococcal, CMV, and HSV infections; and legionella from

    14. | Biological Science | Sex, Immunity ... And Carbohydrat
    College team and scientists at the University of California in San Diego is revealingpossible roles for sugar chain decoration in autoimmune disorders.,9878,58
    Go to: Guardian Unlimited home UK news World news Archive search Arts Books Business Film Football Jobs Money The Observer Online Politics Shopping Sport Talk Travel Audio Special reports The Guardian The weblog Email services The informer The northerner The wrap Crossword Headline service Syndication services Events / offers Help / contacts Information Newsroom Style guide Travel offers TV listings Weather Web guides Guardian Weekly Money Observer
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    Medical science
    Reproduced from BBSRC Business by kind permission.
    Sex, immunity ... and carbohydrates
    Professor Howard Morris and Professor Ann Dell Thursday October 25, 2001
    Professor Howard Morris and Professor Ann Dell Handfuls of relatively small chains of simple sugar molecules are increasingly being implicated in some of life's most fundamental processes - such as how sperm recognise egg cells, and how an animal's immune system detects and responds to invading organisms. Researchers at Imperial College London lead the world in techniques for revealing the structures of these molecules. How does a parasite camouflage itself against its host immune system? Why are developing foetuses not detected and rejected as "foreign" by their mothers? And how do defensive white blood cells circulating in the bloodstream know when to enter diseased tissues to fight infection? The answers to these, and many other questions about biological recognition, lie in small chains of different types of sugars that act as "identity tags" on the surface of larger molecules, usually proteins.

    15. Technology For Licensing - The Jackson Laboratory
    FcRnBased Therapeutics for the Treatment of auto-immune disorders Applicationrelates to compositions and methods for the diagnosis and treatment of
    US patents may be viewed at Genes Encoding Neuronal Voltage-Gated Calcium Channel Gamma Subunits
    U.S. Patent No. 6,365,337 Induced Chromosomal Deletions
    US patent No. 5,994,620 Clinical Disorders Associated With NHE1 Mutation
    US Patent No. 5,811,244 Clinical Disorders Associated With Carboxypeptidase E Mutation
    US Patent No. 5,593,837 Cellular Enhancer For Expressing Recombinant Genes in Undifferentiated Stem Cells,
    US Patent No. 4,959,313 Laser Protective Gloves
    US Patent No. 4,947,487 Controlled Microwave Sample Irradiation System
    US Patent No. 4,404,590
    Patent Applications:
    FcRn-Based Therapeutics for the Treatment of Auto-Immune Disorders
    Application relates to compositions and methods for the diagnosis and treatment of autoimmune disorders including but not limited to lupus erythematosus, insulin resistant diabetes, and rheumatoid arthritis Method and System for the Analysis of Variance of Microarray Data
    Application relates to an efficient method for analysis of high dimensionality datasets, and more specifically, the analysis of variance of DNA microarray data from high-throughput gene expression systems. Antioxidant Protein 2 (AOP2) Gene and Methods of Use Thereof
    Publication related to invention: Phelan SA, Johnson KA, Beier DR, Paigen B (1998) Characterization of the murine gene encoding Aop2 (antioxidant protein 2) and identification of two highly related genes. Genomics Vol. 54:132-9

    16. National Eosinophilia Myalgia Syndrome Network
    A non-profit organization dedicated to helping EMS survivors and their families by offering educational Category Health Conditions and Diseases Blood Disorders Eosinophilia...... to improve treatment for Ltryptophan induced EMS and to increasing awareness ofthe cause and effects of the disease and other similar auto-immune disorders.
    Announcements Home Page Symptoms What Caused EMS? ... Physicians Eosinophilia-Myalgia Syndrome was first recognized in 1989 in New Mexico. Three women sought medical help for a mysterious, undiagnosable condition whose symptoms were marked by debilitating muscle pain and a high Eosinophilia count (a type of white blood cell that is usually found when a toxin or parasitic infection is present). It was eventually discovered that all of the women had one thing in common: they had been taking L-tryptophan, a health food supplement sold as a sleep aid. The tainted product was traced back to Showa Denko Inc, a Japanese company, that had been cutting corners in their purification procedure to reduce their manufacturing costs. Additionally, they were experimenting with genetically engineered bacteria in order to accelerate and increase the efficiency of their production process. As a result, contaminated batches of L-tryptophan were placed on the market. Within three months, 37 people died and over 1500 were permanently disabled from using this product. By early 1990, officers of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) banned the sale of all over the counter L-tryptophan dietary supplements because it was found to be the common link in the EMS cases. Research was conducted to discover the cause of this illness. By using high performance liquid chromatography, an unidentified impurity, called "peak E" was found in batches of L-T as well as nearly 60 other contaminants. These batches were traced back to one manufacturer, Showa Denko KK (SDKK), one of Japan's largest petrochemical companies.

    17. The Anthony Nolan Bone Marrow Trust - Medical Exclusions To Becoming A Potential
    immune. VITILIGO, No Can be associated with auto-immune disorders.VOLUNTEERS SUFFERING FROM ANY OF THE FOLLOWING MAY BE ACCEPTABLE.
    MEDICAL REQUIREMENTS AND EXCLUSIONS The following medical guidelines have been drawn up to assist people accessing our website who are interested in becoming a donor on The Anthony Nolan Trust's Register.
    The list is not exhaustive and particular cases may require further clarification by our Medical Officer.
    Queries should be addressed to the Donor Recruitment Department at:


    The Anthony Nolan Trust, The Royal Free Hospital, Hampstead, London NW3 2QG
    FAX: 0207 284 8226 Please scroll down the page to find our weight and health criteria for becoming a volunteer donor. Illnesses/medical conditions are listed alphabetically. If you have a medical problem not listed please contact our Donor Recruitment Department at the links above. MINIMUM WEIGHT FOR DONORS MEN WOMEN 8 stone 8 stone 7st 7lbs for Asian/Oriental donors ONLY. AGE LIMITS FOR JOINING 18-40 (all) (some men and ethnic donors) NB: Donors stay on the Register - health permitting- until the age of 60.

    18. Healthy World Distributing - Home Page
    These recommendations are especially beneficial for people who are ailing withautoimmune disorders and cancer. 90 Minute Audio - Listen to a sample

    19. Guardian Unlimited Shopping | Beauty & Health. | Health: Should More Of Us Steer
    They claim that gluten sensitivity (GS) is at the root of a proportion of casesof cancer, autoimmune disorders, neurological and psychiatric conditions and,1587,793891,00.html
    Go to: Guardian Unlimited home UK news World news Archive search Arts Books Business Film Football Jobs Money The Observer Online Politics Shopping Sport Talk Travel Audio Email services Special reports The Guardian The weblog The informer The northerner The wrap Advertising guide Crossword Dating Headline service Syndication services Events / offers Help / contacts Information Newsroom Style guide Travel offers TV listings Weather Web guides Guardian Weekly Money Observer Home Books Music Computers ... Gadgets
    Sites guide
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    Neal's Yard
    Space NK Sites we like Lush
    BeneFit Cosmetics
    Elemis See also... Gifts
    Search this site Against the grain If you have a chronic illness - or are just feeling run down - the answer could lie in your bread bin. Jerome Burne reveals why more of us should steer clear of wheat Tuesday September 17, 2002 The Guardian If you suffer from a condition such as osteoporosis, Crohn's disease, rheumatoid arthritis or depression, you're unlikely to blame your breakfast cereal. After all, intolerance of wheat, or coeliac disease (CD), is a an allergic reaction to a protein called gluten, thought to affect only about one in 1,000 people. But now two American clinicians, James Braly and Ron Hoggan, have published a book, Dangerous Grains, claiming that what was thought to be a relatively rare condition may be more widespread than was previously thought. Braly and Hoggan suggest that gluten intolerance does not just affect a few people with CD, but as much as 2-3% of the population. They claim that gluten sensitivity (GS) is at the root of a proportion of cases of cancer, auto-immune disorders, neurological and psychiatric conditions and liver disease. The implication is that the heavily wheat-based western diet - bread, cereals, pastries, pasta - is actually making millions of people ill.

    20. The Modern Herbalist - Product Descriptions - Pantethine
    weaning from this or other steroidal pharmaceuticals, as well as those sufferingfrom Colitis, Crohn's Disease, Candidiasis and all autoimmune disorders.
    Pantethine Produced by Thorne Research
    60 Capsules, 250 mg each,
    We find Pantethine, the active form of Vitamin-B5 (Pantothenic Acid), indispensable as a support nutrient in addressing adrenal deficiency, immune weakness, normalization of lipid metabolism and a host of gastro-intestinal disorders. It is also a powerful ally in the body's fight against acetaldehyde and formaldehyde, powerful toxins produced by yeast organisms in the system of persons with candida (yeast) overgrowth and alcohol consumers. These toxins can produce severe cognitive impairment, fatigue, pain, flu like symptoms and lowered immune function by severely impacting normal liver functionality. Please read the articles on Molybdenum and FORMULA SF722 . Pantethine is also very helpful to patients who were treated with Prednisone and require weaning from this or other steroidal pharmaceuticals, as well as those suffering from Colitis, Crohn's Disease, Candidiasis and all Auto-Immune disorders.
    Individuals who have been exposed to formaldehyde outgassing from building materials, new carpeting or furniture, should also consider the use of

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