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  1. Musculoskeletal disorders and workplace factors : a critical review of epidemiologic evidence for work-related musculoskeletal disorders of the neck, upper ... and low back (SuDoc HE 20.7102:M 97/3) by U.S. Dept of Health and Human Services, 1997
  2. Food allergies: when food bites back.(Disease/Disorder overview): An article from: Environmental Nutrition by Sharon Palmer, 2010-10-01
  3. The Road Back From Hell : A Medics Version of PTSD and Recovery by Donna J. Anders, 2000-05-06
  4. Triggers for cocaine and alcohol use in the presence and absence of posttraumatic stress disorder [An article from: Addictive Behaviors] by A.E. Waldrop, S.E. Back, et all 2007-03-01
  5. Cognitive characteristics of patients with borderline personality disorder: Development and validation of a self-report inventory [An article from: Journal ... Therapy and Experimental Psychiatry] by B. Renneberg, C. Schmidt-Rathjens, et all
  6. The impact of alcohol dependence and posttraumatic stress disorder on cold pressor task response *.: An article from: Journal of Studies on Alcohol by Kathleen T. Brady, Angela E. Waldrop, et all 2006-09-01
  7. Banish Back Pain At Last by M.D Julian Whitaker, 2002
  8. Excruciating Fear: Panic Disorder, a Doctor, and a Journey Back from Hell by Sarah Wind, 2010-04-30
  9. Low back pain linked to bowel motility disorders.(Musculoskeletal Disorders): An article from: Family Practice News by Mitchel L. Zoler, 2005-11-15
  10. Assess low-back-pain patients for bowel motility disorders.(Rheumatology)(risk of of bowel motility disorders is more in patients with low back pain than ... An article from: Internal Medicine News
  11. Sitting up straight may please mom, but not patients' backs.(Musculoskeletal Disorders): An article from: Family Practice News by Patrice Wendling, 2006-12-15
  13. Job strain, iso-strain, and the incidence of low back and neck injuries. A 7.5-year prospective study of San Francisco transit operators [An article from: Social Science & Medicine] by R. Rugulies, N. Krause,
  14. Give your back and arms a break!: A strategy for the prevention of back disorders and repetitive strain injuries by Monique Legault Faucher, 1995

41. Back Disorders
back disorders (complete our Informal Application and our back disordersQuestionnaire). This disorder does not discriminate against Lines/ImpairedRisk/Conditions/BackDisorders.htm
Back Disorders
(complete our Informal Application and our Back Disorder Questionnaire
This disorder does not discriminate against male or female, young or old. Occasionally a client with constant back pain and the medication used to treat it can cause depression. There are many causes of back pain. The pain could stem from genetic problems such as poor spinal alignment, scoliosis and osteoporosis. It could also be caused by outside events like a car accident that inflicts severe spinal trauma.
The underwriting concern is focused on the disability caused by the pain and the medications. The potential for addiction or over-medication is present, and in extreme cases, paralysis of the bladder and bowel. The best source for information is the applicant followed by the APS. Except for extreme cases, with bowel and bladder involvement, standard is the usual action. Have your client complete our Informal Application and our Back Disorder Questionnaire and we will explore the possibilities for you. For more information, please call our impaired risk underwriting department today!

42. Topics: Safety And Health At Work
musculoskeletal disorders; Agency report Preventing MSDs in practice;Agency report Workrelated Low back disorders; Agency report
Search Site Update Site Map Comments ... Translation Help Network The Agency's network is the gateway to European and international OSH websites with
information on key areas such as legislation, research, good practice and training.
You can also cross-reference key area information by country or institution. E.g.: click on 'legislation'
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Dangerous substances

43. Low Back Pain, Joint Disorders, Therapeutic Exercise, Pool, Spa, Chiropractor, -
17,000 member American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons, recommend trunk flexing/totalbody exercise as an important remedy for people with low back disorders. Naturally Therapeutic Exercise Systems Site Menu Therapeutic Use Chiropractors Medical Doctors Physical Therapists ... Order Form Product Line Bath Tub Model Order Form Sale or Treatment with this Unique Method of Exercise Therapy is 3rd party reinbursed with a physicians prescription
Therapeutic Use:
SAFEST LOW BACK/JOINT NATURAL HEALING SYSTEM Aquatic therapy has been utilized for thousands of years to help stimulate circulation, reduce stress, swelling, stiffness, pain and treat numerous illnesses. Now a new, multi-patented aquatic healing system is being introduced as the exercise prescription for low back/joint and other musculoskeletal disorders, from

44. Malin Josephson: Doktorsavhandling Från Karolinska Institutet
thesis was to examine the association between job factors and the occurTence ofmusculoskeletal disorders, and in particular low back disorders, among female
sök sök personal översikt

Doktorsavhandling vid Karolinska Institutet Josephson, Malin
Work factors and musculoskeletal disorders : an epidemiological approach focusing on female nursing personnel

Fredagen den 12 februari 1999, kl. 9.00. Hörsalen, Arbetslivsinstitutet, Ekelundsvägen 20, Solna.
Thesis Frame External URL
Acrobat Reader
ISBN: 91-7045-506-6
Abstract: The overall aim of this thesis was to examine the association between job factors and the occurTence of musculoskeletal disorders, and in particular low back disorders, among female nursing personnel. The thesis is based on three separate projects. Two training programs for nursing personnel and one population-based case-referent study, called the MUSIC-Norrtälje study. The specific aim of the first study was to evaluate the implementation of a patient transfer technique at a hospital. According to the nurses who participated in the training program, the patient transfer technique was used and appreciated. During the study period, four yearly repeated surveys among the nurses indicated that psychological job strain was associated with back and neck/shoulder symptoms. High perceived physical exertion showed a consistent association with musculoskeletal symptoms. The prevalence of symptoms was rather stable, even though almost half of the nurses varied between reporting intensive ongoing musculoskeletal symptoms or not.

45. Ergonomic Job Analysis
knowledge of ergonomics (equivalent to topics covered in Occupational ErgonomicsWork Evaluation and Prevention of Upper Limb and back disorders (a companion

46. Chartbook On Work And Disability, 1998 - What Chronic Health Conditions Most Fre
to the NHIS are asked about work limitation, they also are asked to specify the main cause of this impairment. back disorders (including orthopedic
Chartbook on Work and Disability
in the United States, 1998
Section 3
What chronic health conditions most frequently cause work limitation?
The National Health Interview Survey (NHIS) is the best source of information about which chronic health conditions most frequently cause work limitation. When respondents to the NHIS are asked about work limitation, they also are asked to specify "the main cause of this impairment." Back disorders (including orthopedic impairments and disc disorders) are the most frequent main causes of work limitation among people 18-69 years old. It is estimated that almost 4 million people experience work limitations that primarily are caused by back disorders, representing 21.1% of all main conditions. Back disorders are followed by heart disease (2.1 million people or 10.9% of main conditions), osteoarthritis and related disorders (1.6 million people or 8.3% of main conditions), and diseases of the respiratory system (1.1 million or 5.6%). Other top causes of work limitation include mental disorders (925,000 or 4.9%), orthopedic impairments of lower extremities (861,000 or 4.5%) and diabetes (624,000 or 3.3%).
The top seven chronic conditions causing work limitation.

47. Maharishi Vedic Vibration Technology
expenses. back disorders are the number two cause of medical coststo the nation, just behind cardiovascular disorders. Surgery
DFU Home About Us Technology Overview Disorders Addressed ... Fees and Locations His Holiness
Mahesh Yogi Apply Now
Success Statistics Testimonials and
Case Studies
... Related Links Disorders Back Pain Anxiety Migraine Hemorrhoids Osteoarthritis ... More... Back Pain 80% of all people in the United States will suffer from Backpain at some point in their life. Backpain is the leading cause of missed work, with more lost work days than the common cold. Backpain is most common in people between the ages of 30 and 50. 75% of people between the ages of 30 and 50 with back problems are male. 10% of people who suffer from Backpain have a chronic condition. The 10% of people with chronic Backpain account for 80% of the cost of treatment and workers compensation expenses. The cost of back injuries is over 80 billion dollars a year in the United States, due to absenteeism, medical and other related expenses. Back disorders are the number two cause of medical costs to the nation, just behind cardiovascular disorders. Surgery is a helpful option for only 1% of the people with Backpain. Maharishi Vedic Vibration Technology: Instant Relief in a Natural way.

48. NINDS Back Pain Information Page
Brief information sheet compiled by the National Institute of Neurological disorders and Stroke.
National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke Accessible version Science for the Brain The nation's leading supporter of biomedical research on disorders of the brain and nervous system Browse all disorders Browse all health
More about
Back Pain
Studies with patients Research literature Press releases
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National Institutes of

NINDS Back Pain Information Page
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Table of Contents (click to jump to sections) What is Back Pain?
Is there any treatment?

What is the prognosis?
What research is being done? ... Additional resources from MEDLINEplus What is Back Pain? Back pain is a symptom that can arise from many causes. It can range from a dull, annoying ache to absolute agony. Many cases of back pain are caused by stresses on the muscles and ligaments that support the spine. Sedentary jobs and lifestyles may create a vulnerability to this type of stress or damage. Obesity, which increases both the weight on the spine and the pressure on the discs, is another factor. Strenuous sports such as football and gymnastics can also damage the back. Is there any treatment?

49. Ergonomic And Musculoskeletal Disorders / NIOSH Topic Page
Musculoskeletal disorders and the Workplace Low back and Upper Extremities(2001) National Research Council of the National Academy of Sciences;
Specific information on ergonomics and MSDs can be found in the following categories:
Some links on this page are to files and are identified. Adobe Acrobat Reader is needed to view these files. You can download this program, free of charge, at Adobe's homepage
Scientific Support from Epidemiologic Research Ergonomics Programs and Interventions

50. Office Ergonomics Training
Researchbased information on preventing low back pain, hand and arm disorders, and eyestrain in the office. The work of Chris Grant, PhD, whose Michigan-based ergonomics practice (F-One Ergonomics) is limited to office-related issues.
Office Ergonomics Training Low Back pain ergonomics Eyestrain Basics
Hand and Arm Basics

Ergonomic products: pros/cons
... VDT Reflections by Mark Rea Yes, we're having a little website formatting trouble! The content is back up, but getting it to look right is going to take some work. Please bear with us! This site contains office ergonomics information aimed at ergonomics committee members as well as office workers in general. The information here is based on the research literature whenever possible; it may not be consistent with some of the conventional wisdom that has persisted for decades, such as "sit up straight" or "have the monitor up high" or "the keyboard should be at elbow height." Office ergonomics deserves to be treated separately from general (industrial) ergonomics. The principles are the same, but there are so many subtle differences and different products that it's best to specialize. This site collects and publishes some "handouts" that have been used widely in training courses for office workers and ergonomists and health care professionals who work with office workers. The handouts have received good reviews with respect to their clarity, objectivity, and scientific basis. Some have been published in slightly different form in book chapters and manuals. We are pleased to share them with you.

51. Back Be Nimble - Back Pain Solutions: Pillows, Mattresses, Beds, Chairs, Ergonom
Selfcare products, mattresses and ergonomic furniture for relief/prevention of back pain, neck and repetitive strain disorders; also massage equipment and supplies.
Sun Mar 30 16:44:40 CST 2003817/4605 - 2106123/10482057
OUR COMMITMENT (since 1994)... Quality Products
All of our products are doctor-tested for excellence with respect to care of the back and human frame. As a matter of fact we're doctor-owned.
Our team members are professionals committed to serving your self-care needs and providing customer satisfaction. Informative MarketPlace
We endeavor to provide informative and useful details of each and every product that we display on our web site. If you can find more extensive product information elsewhere, we sure would like to know ! Why You Can Shop with Confidence
You are invited to review our as well as our Customer Satisfaction and Return Policies
About Back Be Nimble
- get to know us a little better and maybe even take a little Video Tour
Back Be Nimble
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52. Ruislip Physiotherapy Sports And Spinal Injury Clinic
Ruislip Physiotherapy is a clinic dedicated to the treatment and prevention of musculoskeletal injuries. This includes sports injuries, back and neck pain and work related disorders.
Ruislip Physiotherapy is a clinic dedicated to the treatment and prevention of musculoskeletal injuries. This includes sports injuries, back and neck pain and work related disorders. Take a closer look at what we treat We guarantee you treatment by an experienced therapist, skilled in the area of musculoskeletal medicine. Our philosophy is to treat holistically, to look further than the current symptoms and treat the underlying cause to prevent recurrence. Russell Baragwanath runs the clinic. He trained at St. Mary's Hospital School of Physiotherapy, gaining a high Honours degree in 1994. Following this, he worked in both the NHS and private sector, specialising in the treatment of musculoskeletal disorders. In 1998, he set up Ruislip Physiotherapy.

53. Neurosurgery At The University Of Pittsburgh
Multidisciplined care for neurological diseases including brain tumors, spine problems, cancer, back pain, and central nervous system disorders.
Advanced care for brain, spine, neck, cancer and movement disorders.
Dr. Dennis Spencer to Speak on Epilepsy Surgery

Yale University chair of neurosurgery to appear as part of department visiting lecturer series; internationally reknown for surgical treatment of neurological diseases causing epilepsy. King Receives Sonntag Award
Kyphoplasty/vertebroplasty study recognized by AANS/CNS. Adelson, Moossy Receive Promotions
Faculty members promoted to professor at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine Maroon Joins Pharmaceutical Company Board
Mylan Laboratories names department vice chairman to its board of directors. Campaign Underway for Peter E. Sheptak Chair
Endowed chair to honor career achievements of clinical professor and department vice chairman.
100th spine tumor patient establishes center as most active CyberKnife spinal radiosurgery center in U.S. Endovascular Neurosurgeons Utilizing New Coils to Enhance Aneurysm Treatment
Gene Expression in Brain Tumor Angiogenesis
Rapid Identification of Anti-Angiogenesis Gene Therapy Targets in Malignant Glioma Novel Strategies for Brain Tumor Therapy ...
University of Pittsburgh
This web site is intended for educational purposes only. The information provided through this web site should not be used for diagnosing or treating a health problem or disease. Please see your physician before taking any medical action. Do not duplicate in any form. All rights reserved. Please read full

54. Center For Spinal Disorders, P.C.
Information regarding back pain, neck pain or spinal deformity.

55. NeuroSpine Institute - Excellence In Spinal And Neuro Surgery - Located In Centr
Located in Orlando, Florida. Specializing in spinal surgery, neck and back conditions, tumors, aneurysms, and movement disorders. Information about the practice, spinal and cranial anatomy and treatment options.
NeuroSpine Institute Located in Central Florida- Excellence in Spinal Surgery The NeuroSpine Institute, located in Central Florida is dedicated to providing the latest proven technological advancements in the treatment of neurological disease while maintaining the highest standards of quality. The primary goal of The NeuroSpine Institute is the best possible healing and recovery for every patient. To that end, we have established procedures which allow patients to be evaluated promptly and then to be given every opportunity to take an active role in the decision-making and treatment processes. Our clinical experience has shown that those who become participants in their own health care decisions are far more likely to acheive an optimal level of healing and recovery.
We strive to restore and preserve an individual's function and quality of life through surgical, as well as, non-surgical treatment methods. We hope this site proves to be of value to you and to members of your family. And we wish you the very best as you actively pursue wellness.

56. Backworks Inc.
An alternative back treatment center specializing in the treatment of neck and lower back pain and stress related disorders.
Backworks provides many services and treatments for our clients which include: 34 Batterymarch Street
Financial District
Boston, MA 02110
Phone: 617-451-2225 (Back)
We offer affordable package plans and membership plans at reduced rated (see Price List
Call for free consultation
Awards "Best Doctor's Office"
in Greater Boston
Gold Medal
CNC Readers Choice Awards "Best of Boston" Boston Magazine "Best Chiropractor in Boston"

57. Long Island Spine Specialists, P.C.
Providing treatment for back and neck disorders using a variety of options including aggressive nonoperative treatment or operative management when necessary. Located in Commack.
WELCOME Long Island Spine Specialists, P.C. provides comprehensive care for patients with back and neck disorders. Our physicians and medical staff will quickly pinpoint the source of your pain and will work along with you to develop an effective treatment plan. Together, we explore a variety of medical options that may be right for you which can include an aggressive non-operative treatment or operative management when specifically indicated or necessary. This is a center of excellence by virtue of the state of the art evaluation and treatment offered. By providing community service through education and personal leadership, we continue to maintain this standard of excellence. We welcome you to our practice as part of our team in your treatment. Our Doctors:

58. Maharishi Vedic Vibration Technology
Alternative, holistic approach to good health, wellness. Relief from back pain, arthritis, asthma, migraine headaches and many other chronic disorders. Traditional ayurveda. Worldwide locations. Based in Antrim, NH.
Home About Us Technology Overview Disorders Addressed Fees and Locations His Holiness
Mahesh Yogi Apply Now
Success Statistics Testimonials and
Case Studies
... Related Links Disorders Back Pain Anxiety Migraine Hemorrhoids ... More... Enlivening the Body's Inner Intelligence through Vedic Knowledge and Technology The Maharishi Vedic Approach to Health offers comprehensive programs which are prevention-oriented, time-tested, free from harmful side effects, and easily applied. This approach re-establishes the balance between the body and its own inner intelligence through Vedic knowledge and its application. Maharishi explains that it is the body's own inner intelligence which guides the proper functioning of a healthy physiology. When the connection with this inner intelligence is lost, symptoms of ill health begin to appear. Maharishi Vedic Vibration Technology sm utilizes a refined impulse of Vedic sound, or Vedic vibration, to enliven the inner intelligence of the body and restore proper functioning.
Participants Evaluate their Relief Many participants with a wide range of health concerns have experienced significant improvements, often within 4 to 5 days.

59. The Wellness And Rehab Center
Includes details on insurance and treatment of musculoskeletal disorders, including acute and chronic stages of neck, back and joint pain.
The Wellness and Rehab Centers, founded in 1996, are comprehensive, computerized facilities dedicated to all aspects of accident and injury treatment, especially auto accidents and work-related injuries. We treat all musculoskeletal disorders, including acute and chronic stages of neck, back and joint pain. We accept most types of insurance, including no fault and worker's compensation. All too often, some treatment facilities, especially those dealing with accidents, become patient processing centers as opposed to patient care centers. Our philosophy is never to forget that the patient's comfort, health, happiness, and optimum recovery are our primary purpose. We recognize that accident victims have special needs. We pride ourselves in providing a comforting, caring environment, as well as state of the art facilities required for the best patient care. And we have the experience to deliver timely and complete documentation necessary for any legal action. What To Expect Our Patients Speak Services For Attorneys ... Car

60. Home Page
Routinely treats disorders such as back and neck pain, Radiculopathy, and Spinal stenosis.
is a multi-physician, multi-site physician group practice specializing exclusively in the practice of Pain Medicine. As defined by the American Academy of Pain Medicine(AAPM) "The specialty of Pain Medicine is concerned with the prevention, evaluation, diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitative needs associated with painful disorders." The (AAPM) further states that "Pain Medicine has a defined body of knowledge and scope of practice and is recognized as a discrete specialty by The American Medical Association."
Sub Specialty Certification in Pain Management which is the only certification in Pain Medicine that is recognized by the American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS).
To verify that your doctor is board certified in Pain Management please Click Here The practice has many convenient locations that are open from 7:30AM to 5:30 PM Monday through Friday. Please see "Locations " to schedule an appointment at the clinic most convenient to you. For More Information...

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