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         Balanitis:     more detail
  1. Balanitis - A Medical Dictionary, Bibliography, and Annotated Research Guide to Internet References by ICON Health Publications, 2004-09-03
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  4. Treatment of Zoon's balanitis with imiquimod 5% cream.(Case study): An article from: Journal of Drugs in Dermatology by Maria Rita Nasca, Rocco De Pasquale, et all 2007-05-01
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  8. Medical Analysis of Circumcision: Circumcision, Opposition to circumcision, Circumcision advocacy, Carcinoma of the penis, Human papillomavirus, Cervical ... Balanitis xerotica obliterans, Phimosis
  9. Get Rid of that Yeast Infection Right Now and For Good, Naturally! by Molly Yankins, 2009-08-22

81. Voorhuid, Balanitis, Besnijden En Problemen Penis
Ontsteking of balanitis Besnijdenis (Circumcisie)? Ontsteking of balanitis Somskan er een ontsteking ontstaan van eikel en/of voorhuid (balanitis).
Voorhuid, ontsteking, besnijdenis en problemen penis

Ontsteking of balanitis

Besnijdenis (Circumcisie)?

Problemen penis

Bij pasgeboren jongetjes kan de voorhuid bijna nooit over de eikel worden teruggetrokken. Meestal is de voorhuid nog voor een deel verkleefd aan de eikel. In de loop van de kindertijd wordt bij vrijwel alle jongetjes de voorhuid gemakkelijker terug te schuiven. Wanneer de puberteitsleeftijd wordt bereikt kan bij vrijwel alle jongens, de voorhuid zonder problemen worden teruggetrokken.
Terugtrekken van de voorhuid?
Het is niet nodig om als ouder te proberen om de voorhuid bij het kind terug te trekken. Het is zelfs af te raden omdat bij dit geforceerde terugtrekken kleine wondjes kunnen ontstaan. Door littekenvorming kan dit ten koste gaan van de rekbaarheid van de voorhuid en daardoor kan dit vanaf de puberteit problemen geven. Het kan er toe leiden dat de voorhuid op volwassen leeftijd niet goed kan worden teruggetrokken.
Wanneer tijdens de puberteit of daarna de voorhuid niet kan worden teruggetrokken dan lukt het vrijwel altijd om dit alsnog te laten lukken door voorzichtig, dagelijks te oefenen.
Hoewel je hierover van mening kunt verschillen, is het ook voor de hygiene, bij kinderen niet nodig dat de voorhuid wordt teruggetrokken.

82. GPs Lecture 4 - Genital Dermatoses - Lichen Sclerosus, Balanitis Xerotica Oblite
Home GPs GP Lectures GPs Lecture 4 Genital dermatoses - Lichensclerosus. Lichen sclerosus balanitis xerotica obliterans.
Home GPs GP Lectures
Author: Dr John Adams , Specialist Dermatologist, Wellington. Send your comments on this lecture to Dr John Adams . Please note, Dr Adams does not provide an on-line consultation service. Lichen sclerosus is an uncommon genital skin disease of a degenerative nature with autoimmune links. There are some similarities to localised scleroderma . Women are affected ten times more commonly than men. The labia minora and prepuce are the usual sites but the disorder can occur in other areas even on the trunk. In the female presentation is usually in the late fifties but the history can be very long and the condition can occur in childhood. Long continued itching is common in the female patient. There can be dyspareunia and splitting/bleeding due to epidermal fragility. In the male there can be difficulty in retraction of the foreskin with external longitudinal cracks and meatal narrowing. Itching is not frequent in men. Examination Lichen sclerosus is usually easy to diagnose clinically. There is a strange combination of dermal thickening producing white or yellow palpably thickened areas and overlying epidermal atrophy with extreme thinness, fragility and blood spots (ecchymoses). The changes are most common on labia minora, in vestibule, prepuce and perimeatal glans penis, but can extend to the inguinal folds and to the perianal skin. To confuse the picture there can be hyperkeratosis also. There are often adhesions bridging the clitoris and producing shrinkage of the labia minora and narrowing of the urethral meatus in the male. The changes are symmetric and the whole introitus can be narrowed.

83. Balanitis & Foreskin Hygeine - Dermatology
balanitis is an inflammation of the glans (head) of the penis. balanitis And ForeskinHygiene. balanitis. It is an inflammation of the glans (head) of the penis.
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Balanitis And Foreskin Hygiene
It is an inflammation of the glans (head) of the penis. It usually causes redness and/or a blotchy rash on the glans, sometimes with a discharge. The condition may be itchy or uncomfortable but often feels completely normal.
Balanitis is not sexually transmitted. It results from an overgrowth of organisms which are normally present on the skin of the glans. The condition most commonly occurs in men who have a foreskin (i.e. have not been circumcised). The environment under the foreskin is warm and moist, and these conditions often favour the growth of the organisms that cause balanitis. These organisms are especially likely to multiply and cause inflammation if moisture is allowed to persist under the foreskin for a while. This may occur if you have not washed for a couple of days, or sometimes after sexual activity (vaginal, oral or anal - with or without a condom).

84. Health Men\'s Health Conditions And Diseases Balanitis Polish Yellow Pages - Pol
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  • Balanitis - Brief informational piece for parents describing what to look for and how to care for it in their affected child. Balanitis Facts - Describes how it starts, who is most likely to develop it and the proper treatment of the condition. Pictures demonstrating self-care treatment provided. eMedicine:Balanitis - Mark Leber, MD, Program Director, Consulting Staff, Department of Emergency Medicine, Brooklyn Hospital Medical Center provides testing, diagnosis and treatment protocols. HealthCentral: Balanitis - General overview of the condition is provided. Stresses disease prevention and professional help for chronic cases. Management of Phimosis and Balanitis - Information on the development and management of these related conditions and what the indications are for circumcisional correction.

85. Conditions For Circinate Balanitis
Table of Contents Conditions by symptom circinate balanitis.Conditions for circinate balanitis. Reiter's Syndrome.
Table of Contents Conditions by symptom Conditions for circinate balanitis Reiter's Syndrome

86. Men´s Health: Entzündung Der Eichel
Translate this page MEN´S HEALTH, Sponsor Entzündungen der Eichel (balanitis/Balanoposthitis).Dr. Geoff Hackett. Was ist eine balanitis? Eine balanitis
bezahlte Anzeige
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Online Diskussion
Teste dich selbst Quiz ... My NetDoktor RATGEBER Men´s Health Reisemedizin Alle Themen
Allergie ... FAQ COMMUNITY Depression Diabetes Hören SERVICE Arztsuche Selbsthilfegruppen Patientenfeedback Veranstaltungen ... Ärzteteam MEN´S HEALTH Sponsor: Entzündungen der Eichel (Balanitis/Balanoposthitis) Dr. Geoff Hackett Was ist eine Balanitis? Eine Balanitis bezeichnet die Entzündung der Eichel, wobei die Vorhaut meist mitbetroffen ist (Balanoposthitis). Eine Balanitis ist häufig die Folge unzureichender Genitalhygiene. Begünstigend wirkt sich eine Vorhautverengung (Phimose) oder eine gleichzeitig bestehende Zuckerkrankheit (Diabetes mellitus) aus. Eine Balanitis kann auch im Rahmen verschiedener Infektionen sowie bei Geschlechtskrankheiten auftreten. Sie verursacht eine Rötung und/oder einen fleckigen Ausschlag auf der Eichel, in manchen Fällen kommt es zu Ausfluss. Weiters kann Juckreiz auftreten, meist bestehen keine weiteren Beschwerden. Im Fall einer chronischen Balanitis ist eine Verhärtung der Vorhaut möglich, die zu einer Vorhautverengung führen bzw. eine bestehende verstärken kann.

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Use of a Pedicled Skin Flap for the Management of balanitis XeroticaObliterans from Infections in Urology ® Posted 07/10/2002
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88. Management Of Balanitis Xerotica Obliterans
Editorial Comment Expanding the BXO Background. balanitis xeroticaobliterans (BXO) is a nonmalignant disorder of uncertain etiology.

89. Psoriasis, Balanitis, Circumscribed
Public by Dept of STD Control, Singapore
Public by Dept of STD Control, Singapore

90. Herpes Progenitalis, Erosive Balanitis
Andi Bittorf University of Erlangen
Andi Bittorf University of Erlangen

91. Balanitis Resources On The Internet
balanitis. balanitis Authored by Mark Leber, MD, Program Director, ConsultingStaff, Department of Emergency Medicine, Brooklyn Hospital Medical Center.




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Balanitis - Authored by Mark Leber, MD, Program Director, Consulting Staff, Department of Emergency Medicine, Brooklyn Hospital Medical Center. An in depth look at this disorder. Balanitis - A discussion about this disorder, its causes and treatment. Balanitis - A very brief description of what this is, why it occurs and how best to treat it. Balanitis Essential Facts - A definition of this disorder as well as why it occurs and management of it. HealthCentral: Balanitis - A look at this disorder from the alternative name, to definition, causes, prevention, symptoms, treatment, complications and when to call your doctor. Learn about Balanitis from Plainsense - A description of what this is and some home treatments.

92. Accede Guía Del Niño .Com- Balanitis, Accede Guía Del Niño .Com- Balanitis
Translate this page Accede a la Guía del Niño .Com. Que és,causas y cura del balanitisen los niños, síntomas de la enfermedad en los chicos. balanitis.
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Inicio ... Servicios Menú Accidentes Alimentación Adopción Anuncios ... ¿Tu hijo tiene miedo? A Tener en Cuenta Proteja a los niños denunciando los sitios que ofrecen pornografía infantil Ayuda a encontrar un niño desaparecido o perdido. Conozca la Declaración de los Derechos del Niño Balanitis Qué es
Una inflamación del prepucio y del glande( la punta del pené). Se quedan enrojecidos, hinchados y sensibles al tacto. Además, se puede observar pus procedente del interior de la abertura, lo que provocará dolores al niño al orinar. En algunos casos puede que el niño sienta escalofríos y fiebre, y escozor al orinar.
Infección bacteriana bajo el prepucio que afecta al glande.
Control médico con pomada antibiótica y, caso el niño presente un prepucio muy tirante, una circuncisión que puede practicarse cuando el niño cumpla los seis años de edad. En casa, lo que se puede hacer es mantener el pené del niño o el bebé siempre limpio, con cambios mas frecuentes de pañales, y aplicar una crema antiséptica ante cualquier inflamación, además de la crema protectora. Enjuagar bien toda la ropa para eliminar restos de detergente.

93. Balanitis
Translate this page balanitis, Definición prepucio. Ya sea que se trate de afecciones específicaso no, en el caso del glande, la inflamación es llamada balanitis.

Entre los factores que predisponen esta enfermedad se destacan la diabetes, fimosis, traumatismos y mala higiene personal, entre otros.

94. Balanitis En Infantes
Translate this page Click to Visit Volver al foro Responder balanitis en infantes Admin Borrar mensaje. Respuestas(0). » balanitis en infantes « - Manuel - 5/02/2003 0316.

95. Image Of Candida Balanitis On Penis
Candidiasis. Man with yeast infection of penis. Return to STD Library. ©1999. All rights reserved. Images Courtesy of Centers for Disease Control.
Man with yeast infection of penis
Return to STD Library
Images Courtesy of Centers for Disease Control. Digital adaption © Dr. Sandor Gardos.

balanitis Heres a tough one in real time This patient wasadmitted this afternoon. 30 yo Oriental-American male, uncircumcised
BALANITIS - Heres a tough one in real time: This patient was admitted this afternoon. 30 yo Oriental-American male, uncircumcised, with onset of penile complaints following episode of unprotected oral sex in January '96. Pt denies trauma or known history of prior STD's in self or partner. Pt is o/w healthy except for seasonal allergies for which he intermittently uses Claritin. Pt initially noted "small tender bump" at urethral meatus with mild peri-meatal redness. Pt seen at that time by primary MD who did HSV titer (which was negative) and empirically treated with Famvir (no response). Pt next seen by Infectious Disease service. U/A, urine culture, chlamydia titer all negative; empiric trial of Doxycycline unsuccessful. Pt referred to Urology (urine tests again negative) with no diagnosis made; pt then referred to joint Derm/Urology Genital Disease Clinic and was first personally seen about one month ago. At that time, pt had obvious erythema around the meatus and the entire area was tender. There was also a small cluster of 2-3 mm papules with a orange-ish or golden tint at 4-5 o'clock at the meatal edge; these were not umbilicated or vesicular and were not any more tender than the general area. The foreskin was completely easily retractable and no other lesions were seen; there were no palpable inguinal nodes and no urethral discharge. The proximal urethra was nontender. Initial impression was of bacterial balanitis of unclear origin. Pt was treated with Dicloxacillin x 10 days (along with Zeasorb AF) and seen back at 2 weeks. Pt reported increased tenderness but no other change in PE (confirmed by exam). Pt then given trial of topical aqueous gentian violet with plan to biospy if no response. After 1 week on gentian violet, pt called for urgent appointment because "getting worse". PE now reveals ulceration and erosion with purulence at former site of papules, mild erythema and marked tenderness of entire glans, and violaceous/dusky hue to proximal glans (NOT gentian violet stains). Pt also now has pea-sized tender left inguinal node. Pt has been admitted with plan to "cool off" with IV antibiotics (Cipro per ID rec's) and then go ahead with biopsy, urethroscopy and possibly circumcision. Pt has now been seen by eight physicians, two of whom have extensive experience with male genital lesions and one of whom has been a urologist for over 40 years, and none of them have ever seen anything like this. Any help regarding diagnosis and/or treatment would be greatly appreciated. Daniel Mark Siegel MD - Recommend Biopsy...also culture for Chancroid (need to warn lab in advance)....other possibilites are lymphoma (consider marker studies as well as molecular biology studies), LyP and leukemia cutis....probabley also worth doing AFB this KS (what is the pts HIV status). Of course, an RPR should be thrown in. Rick Sharpe MD Certainly, you have already thought of this: Condylomata Buschke-Loewenstein (verrucous carcinoma of genital area) and HLA-testing. The first, because of the incipient papulous texture, the ulcerative and purulent (superinfected?) erosion and the pea-sized lymph node. The second, because of the association of balanitis circinata with HLA B-27. A biopsy will surely shed light on it. Andreas Orou MD - The biopsy will be done. Remember, this went from minimal erythema to frankly exudative very rapidly and balanitis circinata is a good thought. Clinically, it is not verrucous carcinoma. I have seen many of those and none looked like this. Daniel Mark Siegel MD - ? deep fungus - atyp mycobacteria - ? CMV (I think this has been reported after oral sex) - ?DLE; doubt GA / Sarcoid / MF Biopsy is your best bet. KC Smith MD FRCPC - My first choice - since you've ruled out almost everything imaginable - would be a fixed drug eruption. It certainly doesn't sound like erosive LP or BP. Robert I. Rudolph, M.D., FACP - I would second the suggestion to requestion the patient about possible fixed drug eruption. I had a patient with a similar history, but with the lesion on the scrotum; it turned out to be due to oil of Wintergreen used in the Snuff he'd been using to stop smoking. It resolved when he stopped the Skoal brand product , and returned with re-challenge. John Uhlemann MD ...?fixed drug sine drug? I know I'm making up a new one, but can recollect a past case or two that have made me wonder if this entity exists. Theoretically, why does the offending chemical *have* to be a "drug?" Mike Eichwald MD A good thought but I could elicit no other "drugs"; specifically tobacco with or without flavoring, cinammon toothpastes, laxatives, new items in the diet. He is getting better, the acute process is settling down and as the erosion is immediateley adjacent to the meatus, we have all agreed (derm-ID -urology) to biopsy after what appears to be a secondary infection settles down. Daniel Mark Siegel MD Alsays have to consider factitial injury (by self or consort) in cases like this. I always photograph cases like this - makes it a lot easier to tell how they are doing, and to make a case for factitial if necessary as time goes on. KC Smith MD FRCPC - Re the recalcitrant balanitis, two ideas. Did anyone look for yeast (especially since his partner might have had oral thrush)......unless the gentian violet would have ruled that out (I'm from the azole generation). The case reminds me of one that presented to me when I was a resident doing a stint at our student health services. A man presented with recalcitrant balanitis, and was seen on multiple occasions, each time treated with a different drug. His frequency of visits began to make me quite uncomfortable, so, I "turfed" him to the other derm resident, a male. The other resident saw him for about to minutes, and stepped out of the office with the diagnosis and treatment. He recommended the patient restrict his masturbating for at least two weeks! The patient stated he masturbated atleast three times a day, and would be unable to stop. That was the last we saw of him. Diane Thaler MD - I would second the suggestion to requestion the patient about possible fixed drug eruption. I had a patient with a similar history, but with the lesion on the scrotum; it turned out to be due to oil of Wintergreen used in the Snuff he'd been using to stop smoking. It resolved when he stopped the Skoal brand product , and returned with re-challenge. John Uhlemann - - CASE DISCUSSION - I did not biopsy a horrendous circinate balanitis today. the patient has a history of erosive seronegative arthritis. He has also developed a 2 cm irregular greyish minimal erosion right palate, and an oval minimal 2.5 cm greyish white plaque left palate-not healing 5 days post hot coffee burn and subsequent blister. I did inject him with sterile saline to check for pathergy, and considered Reiters, Behcets, fusospirochetes, yeast etc. Diane Thaler This case does not sound like it, but I consider fixed drug eruptions in similar cases of penile erosions. Biopsy would be good. Jerry Eisner Forgot to tell you that was part of the differential. You are correct-he took TMP Sulfa for several days before he noticed the rash. He is not sure about the timing. I took him off the TMP Sulfa and dont die....I put him on empiric Doxy for fusospirochetes, Reiters, arthritis, and anything else I might think of before Monday when I will have to biopsy him. Diane Thaler Check HIV Status and Swab for HSV. Rhette Drugge - You are correct. I should have. Even though it wasn't a painless or otherwise classical syphilitc lesion. I hope I catch it on the biopsy if it's there. How will the Doxy have messed up the VDRL and FTA (I used to know these things, and I still could look it up....) ? Diane Thaler The erosive circinate balanitis I biopsied was lichen planus and it cleared on the empiric doxycycline prescribed 4 days prior to the biopsy. The roof of the mouth cleared in 4 days. I have no explanation, just follow up. Diane Thaler -

97. Moths Of North Dakota -- Protexarnis Balanitis
Prairie Wildlife Research Center Moths of North America. Moths of NorthDakota. No Common Name (Protexarnis balanitis) Statelevel data
Moths of North America
Moths of North Dakota
No Common Name (Protexarnis balanitis) State-level data by Dr. Michael Pogue , Systematic Entomology Laboratory, U.S.D.A., Washington, D.C. NOTE: The following map represents state-level data for specimens that are in the collection of the Department of Entomology, Smithsonian Institution, and may not reflect the true distribution of the species in North America.
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98. Health Ency.: Disease: Balanitis
balanitis See images. An inflammation of the foreskin and head of the penis. Causesand Risks. balanitis is usually caused by poor hygiene in uncircumcised men.
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Ency. home Disease B Balanitis See images Overview Symptoms Treatment ... Prevention Alternative names: Balanoposthitis Definition: An inflammation of the foreskin and head of the penis Causes and Risks Balanitis is usually caused by poor hygiene in uncircumcised men. Bacterial, fungal, viral, or non-infectious inflammation may occur. Exposure to caustic soaps or failure to properly rinse soap off while bathing can also result in inflammation. Several other diseases, including Reiter's syndrome and lichen sclerosis et atrophicus can also produce balanitis. Ency. home Disease B Please read this Important notice
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National Guideline on the Management of balanitis. balanitis is defined as inflammationof the glans penis, often involving the prepuce (balanoposthitis).
National Guideline on the Management of Balanitis Clinical Effectiveness Group (Association for Genitourinary Medicine and the Medical Society for the Study of Venereal Diseases) Aetiology Balanitis is defined as inflammation of the glans penis, often involving the prepuce (balanoposthitis). It is a common condition affecting about 11% of male genitourinary clinic attendees. It is a collection of disparate conditions with similar clinical presentation and varying aetiologies. (see table 1) Table 1 Range of factors causing balanitis Infectious Skin disorders Miscellaneous Candida albicans Circinate balanitis Trauma Trichomonas vaginalis Lichen sclerosus (balanitis xerotica obliterans Irritant Streptococci (Group A and B) Zoon's balanitis Poor hygiene Anaerobes Erythroplasia of Queyrat Contact allergy Gardnerella vaginalis Pemphigus Fixed drug eruption Staphylococcus Aureus Lichen planus Stevens- Johnson syndrome Mycobacteria Bowen’s disease Entamoeba Histolytica Psoriasis Syphilis Herpes simplex Human papillomavirus Clinical Features Symptoms Presenting symptoms Local rash - may be scaly or ulcerated Soreness Itch Odour Inability to retract the foreskin Discharge from the glans / behind the foreskin Associated symptoms Rash elsewhere on the body Sore mouth Joint pains Swollen / painful glands General malaise Signs Genital Erythema Scaling Ulceration Fissuring Crusting Exudate Oedema Leukoplakia Sclerosis Purpurae Odour Phimosis General Lymphadenopathy (local or general) Non-genital rash Oral ulceration Arthritis Complications

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