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         Baldness:     more books (100)
  1. The Story of My Baldness by Marek van der Jagt, 2004-11-17
  2. Baldness by Kerry Segrave, 2008-12-17
  3. How to save your hair: A complete guide to the prevention and treatment of baldness by Suzanne Kennedy Flynn, 1984
  4. Pate II: Severe baldness demonstrated from hair training : hairstyling counsel for prevention of critical baldness ; & counsel for protection of crown ... lesion : to reduce the risk of heart attack by Lawrence Holley, 1999
  5. Hair Techniques and Alternatives to Baldness by John Mayhew, 1983-03
  6. Baldness be my friend by Richard Boston, 1977
  7. Baldness: Webster's Timeline History, 1562 - 2007 by Icon Group International, 2009-06-06
  8. The Etiology, Pathology, And Treatment Of Baldness And Greyness (1882) by Tom Robinson, 2010-05-23
  9. Baldness Treatments
  10. Baldness - A Medical Dictionary, Bibliography, and Annotated Research Guide to Internet References
  11. Pate: The Facts of Nature Underlying Pate Thinning Hair and Baldness, Its Causes and a Professional Program for Prevention by Lawrence Holley, 1989-06
  12. Hair Transplantation for the Treatment of Male Pattern Baldness by Charles Peter Vallis, 1982-08
  13. The Summer of Her Baldness: A Cancer Improvisation (Constructs Series) by Catherine Lord, 2004-05-01
  14. Hair! : Mankind's Historic Quest to End Baldness by Gersh Kuntzman, 2001-04-03

1. Learn About Baldness From Plainsense
Hair loss can also be caused by illness, stress, medications and improper hair care. and is replaced when new hairs grow in. As we age, this natural growth slows down and thinning and baldness may occur.
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WHY HAIR LOSS OCCURS Most people lose about 50 to 100 strands of hair per day. The hair falls out naturally and is replaced when new hairs grow in. As we age, this natural growth slows down and thinning and baldness may occur. Hair loss can also be caused by illness, stress, medications and improper hair care. Male pattern baldness is the most common type of hair loss. Unfortunately, this is a hereditary condition and there's little that can be done about it. Although it may start in the late teens, male pattern baldness usually begins around middle age. WHAT YOU CAN DO ABOUT BALDNESS Avoid over-brushing or over-combing your hair. Keep your exposure to chlorinated pools at a minimum. Wear a hat when you're out in the sun. Use mild shampoos. Avoid blow-drying your hair. ALTERNATIVES FOR BALDNESS SURGICAL HAIR REPLACEMENT Available since the 1950s, this low-risk procedure involves transplanting small plugs of hair-bearing skin into tiny holes in the scalp. Local anesthesia and sedatives are given during the surgery. After surgery, scabs form around the transplanted hair grafts. When the scabs disappear, the hair falls out. New hair then starts to grow within a few months. It may take a year or two of waiting and filling in areas on the scalp before you're pleased with your appearance. The cost can run in the range of $2,000 per surgery with three or four surgeries needed to cover the average bald area.

2. Be Wary Of Gero Vita And A. Glenn Braswell
By Stephen Barrett, MD A report about a false advertising mail order cure in the 1980's.Category Health Conditions and Diseases Skin Disorders Hair Loss...... During the late 1970s and early 1980s, Braswell marketed many products claimedto cure baldness, enlarge the female breast, delay the aging process, cause
Quackwatch Home Page
Be Wary of Gero Vita, A. Glenn Braswell,
and Braswell's 'Journal' of Longevity
Stephen Barrett, M.D.
Almon Glenn Braswell sell pills and potions through the mail. During the past 25 years, he has probably taken in more money and more people than any similar marketer in U.S. history. This article details what he has done and looks at recent connections with Governors Jeb Bush of Florida and George W. Bush of Texas. Most of Braswell's marketing is done under the name Gero Vita International . which offers a large line of "dietary supplements" from its Web site and by mail. Its brochures describe it as "specialists in ailment-targeted natural formulas." Since 1988, the company and its sister corporations have been blanketing the country with mailings under various names and addresses in the United States and Canada. So far, I have collected solicitations ostensibly from Gero Vita Laboratories, Life Force Laboratories, Vita Industries, Health Quest Publications, Rein Anton, MD, PhD, James F. Balch Jr,

3. Hair Loss, Hair Transplant, Hair Loss Restoration, Baldness, Hair Loss Replaceme
Offers information on male pattern baldness, female hair loss, and treatment options. Numerous locations throughout the USA.
Results May Vary.
Bosley is a world leader in hair loss and medical hair restoration, having performed more than 160,000 hair transplant procedures on men and women from 60 different nations
who suffered from hair loss.
L. Lee Bosley, M.D.
On this Site: Find valuable information on hair loss causes and your latest hair loss treatment options:
Hair Loss Causes:
What causes hair loss? Find out more about hair loss, its causes in men, and female hair loss.
Hair Restoration Options:
There are many options for hair restoration, ranging from herbal treatments to medical procedures. Hair Transplants: There's a lot to know about how hair transplantation is performed using the latest scientific and medical restoration procedures. We know you have questions. Over the years we've built an extensive knowledge-base of information and facts on hair loss and the restoration of hair. Here are some of the most often asked questions and answers about hair loss. More Site News: Bosley Welcomes New Spokesperson What's New?

4. Your Hair Loss Explained
Information about hair loss and baldness, some of the causes and some of the treatments available.Category Regional Europe Skin Disorders Hair Loss......Do You Want To Stop Excessive Hair Loss; Reverse Bald Patches; SeePeople That Have Regrown Hair; Follow Real People's Progress; Obtain
Do You Want To:
  • Stop Excessive Hair Loss Reverse Bald Patches See People That Have Re-grown Hair Follow Real People's Progress Obtain Products at Low Prices Know What Causes Hair Loss Be Kept Updated With all New Developments Receive $3000 for Re-growing Your Hair Trial New Products Free
Then Read On:
Hair loss is clearly disturbing to those that suffer from it. When you start to research the subject on the web, it becomes very confusing. There are lots of sites claiming to be able to help, but most are written in too technical manner. You will shortly learn that the age old mystery of hair loss has at last been solved and armed with that knowledge you will be able to make more informed choices. An alteration in hormones is involved in many traditional hair loss patterns and you will be shown how you can measure these hormones in the convenience of you own home. You will also discover that you may be able to get products free of charge. This site is very focused: It aims to answer the following question for you:
  • How can Your Own Hair Loss (male and female) be helped?

5. [Journal:Spring:98] Researchers Identify Gene For Inherited Baldness
Article linking baldness to genetics.Category Health Men s Health baldness......The P S Journal Spring 1998, Vol.18, No.2 Research Reports ResearchersIdentify Gene for Inherited baldness. A dermatology researcher
Research Reports
Researchers Identify Gene for Inherited Baldness A dermatology researcher has discovered the first human gene associated with hair loss. The new gene, called hairless, is linked to a severe form of inherited baldness and may be the trigger that turns on the entire human hair cycle. The discovery could lead to a better understanding of the hair cycle and, eventually, more effective treatments for various forms of hair loss. The research, reported in the Jan. 30, 1998, issue of Science, suggests the gene initiates a cascade of events that stimulate hair growth. Each step along this pathway may provide new clues for male pattern baldness and other forms of hair loss, or alopecia. "The discovery of this new gene gives us endless possibilities that may allow us to effectively treat hair loss and possibly baldness within the next five years," says the principal investigator, Dr. Angela M. Christiano, Herbert Irving Assistant Professor of Dermatology. "It is now within our reach to design ways to grow hair, remove hair, even dye hair genetically and-best yet-this can all be accomplished topically, reducing possible side effects." Dr. Christiano's team noticed striking similarities between hairless mice that have been used in dermatology research for nearly 50 years and a rare genetic form of balding called alopecia universalis that involves hair loss over the entire body. The researchers relied on genetic information from families affected by the disorder in a village in Pakistan. By comparing the known mouse gene with human chromosomes, the team identified the first healthy trigger gene for hair growth and the mutation that causes this type of alopecia.

6. JS Online: Study Links Baldness, Heart Disease
Study linking heart disease and baldness.Category Health Men s Health baldness...... Study links baldness, heart disease. The study found that men with malepattern baldness may be at increased risk for heart disease.
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Study links baldness, heart disease
Researchers say the more hair men lose, the greater their cardiac risk
By John Fauber
of the Journal Sentinel staff Last Updated: Jan. 24, 2000 So, a middle-aged man is talking to his doctor, and the doctor says, "You're bald." The patient says, "If you don't mind, I'd like a second opinion." The doctor says, "OK, you've got a bad heart, too." What sounds like a joke from a Rodney Dangerfield routine actually is one of the findings published today from the ongoing Physicians' Health Study, conducted by researchers at Harvard Medical School. The study found that men with male pattern baldness may be at increased risk for heart disease. Published in the Archives of Internal Medicine, a journal of the American Medical Association, the study analyzed baldness and heart disease among 22,071 men ages 40 to 84.

7. Disease Category Listing (323): Male Pattern Baldness
Listing of clinical research trials for male pattern baldness.Category Health Men s Health baldness......Clinical Trials Male Pattern baldness. New York. Great Neck; ResearchTesting Laboratories Men, Are You Concerned About Hair Loss?
Clinical Trials: Male Pattern Baldness
New York
Great Neck; Research Testing Laboratories
Men, Are You Concerned About Hair Loss?
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8. Propecia, The New Pill For Baldness
The FDA approval of Propecia for the treatment of common baldness in men. Arthur P. Bertolino, MD, PhD., discusses the results of the Propecia study.
Clinical Study Results
Researchers performed randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled studies in multiple centers, and have compiled the following data:
OSU Dermatology Faculty Associates, A Unit of DMF of Ohio, Inc., 3900 Stoneridge Lane, Dublin, OH 43017 Tel: 614-889-1088

9. Avtar
Sells products to stop hair loss and baldness.

10. Hair Loss Baldness Cure Without Rogaine Side Effects
Natural products to treat female hair loss and baldness without the side effects of Rogaine or Propecia.Category Shopping Health Conditions and Diseases Hair Loss......Hair Loss baldness Cure for men and women with thinning hair. Natural treatment withoutRogaine Side Effects cures hair loss, baldness, thinning hair in women.
hair loss baldness cure for hair loss in women without Rogaine side effects
hair loss treatment, baldness cure was developed without Rogaine side effects to cure hair loss in women, baldness in men, thinning hair. Learn the cause of female hair loss, and male pattern baldness. Segals hair loss treatment is an alternative for women and men with hair loss. Segals is the latest treatment for female baldness and hair loss in women in general. Based on secret herbal technology, it is a combination of an African Plant Life as well at the latest in hair care technology. There are no side effects like those that you get with Rogaine or Propecia. It is the best available treatment for female hair loss, and female thinning hair. Hair Loss and Baldness Cure is NOW AVAILABLE HERE. This secret formula was stumbled across whilst on Safari in Africa. Read how to get healthy, shiny hair. You can reverse your baldness and stop future Hairloss. Ideally suited for women and men. There are no rogaine side effects Special Offer
Save US$29.95

11. Hair Loss,Baldness Treatments,Hair Loss Products,Women Thinning Remedy,men Hairl
A guide to stop baldness and regrow hair.Category Health Conditions and Diseases Skin Disorders Hair Loss......Hair Loss Q A provides men and women reliable information on prevention and treatmentof hair loss,male pattern baldness and female hair thinning,discusses
A guide to stop baldness and regrow hair for men and women. Treatment and product links. Home Hair Loss Types Hair Loss Causes Male Pattern Baldness ... Contact
Hair loss has unquestionably become a matter of much concern, not only among males of all ages, but also among a growing number of females.
Hair Loss Influences Men and Women
According to a recent survey, there are more than 50 million men suffering from some kind of hair loss in United States and Canada. Research shows most men describes hair loss as "depressing" or "stressful." and feel less attractive, insecure or past their prime. Many men feel that hair loss has changed their lives. Some feel it has ruined it. At the very least, they feel they have become different people because of it, or they have missed chances or let opportunities slip away because of the way they've felt about themselves and the way they look. Women's situation isn't any better than men at all. Nearly 33 million women over age 18 in United States and Canada experience hair thinning or balding. Yet, almost 40 percent of these women never expected it to happen to them. Most women with hair thinning are reluctant to admit the problem and keep from getting the help.

12. Cosmetic Remedies For Hair Loss
Cosmetics to conceal hair loss and baldness; ideal for hair transplants and any bald spot or thinning areas.

13. Propecia For Hair Loss At
Online pharmacy providing access to the latest treatments for male baldness and female hair loss.
Please Choose..... Avodart BioOrganics Headway Nizoral Pregaine Propecia ProstaGuard Regaine RetinA Skinoren Medicinal Propecia


Lewenberg's Formula

Over The Counter BioOrganics'
Saw Palmetto

ProstaGuard Saw Palmetto / Zinc / B6 Complex

Regaine 5 (Rogaine Extra Strength)
Pregaine Clear Gel Shampoo

Why Order from
  • No hidden fees - With, there are no shipping, handling, processing, or consultation fees. The price you see in our price list is the price you pay period Discount Prices - Unlike other sites, you won't find Propecia here for $80-150 per month. Our prices are typically less than you would pay for a consultation and prescription through your family physician but with the privacy and convenience of home delivery included. Years of experience and reliability - Hairdiscounters has been operating for over 5 years on the internet with tens of thousands of satisfied customers.

14. Hair Loss Community - Hair Loss Forums, Understanding And Learning About Hair Lo
Discussion center for both men and women suffering with hair loss.

The Forums
Links Contact Us Hair Loss Causes ...
Female Pattern Hair Loss

The Hair Loss Community discussion forum is a place where you can post and receive helpful information on hair loss. Our goal is to unite hair loss sufferers so that we can provide support and seek out helpful information from one another. Feel free to enter the forum as a guest and browse the messages. You can also post messages as a guest unless a particular forum requires registration, in which case it will be indicated next to the category forum title. Your question may be answered by another user or one of our moderators. All information appearing in the discussion forum is provided as is without warranty. Please help this community grow by fostering the community through constructive messaging.
Hair Loss Community retains the right to remove any submission to the forum at any time.

15. Farrell Hair Replacement - Hair Restoration For Hair Loss And Baldness - Welcome
Designs nonsurgical hair replacement systems and chemotherapy restorations for hair loss and baldness.

16. BBC News | Sci/Tech | Hairy Mice Hint At Cure For Baldness
Scientists have taken another step forward in their quest to cure baldness by producing hair follicles in mice.

Front Page



UK Politics

Wednesday, November 25, 1998 Published at 04:28 GMT
Hairy mice hint at cure for baldness

Hair-raising: Exceptionally hairy mice were produced
BBC Science Reporter Pallab Ghosh: Women may see it as sexy, but bald men often find it embarrassing
Scientists have taken another step forward in their search for a cure for baldness. Researchers at the Howard Hughes Institute at the University of Chicago have managed to get hair follicles to form in the mature skin cells of mice. This is remarkable because follicle formation is a once-in-a-lifetime event that ordinarily happens only during early the earliest stages of human development. Once hair follicles are gone, they are not replaced. Normal hair: A non genetically-engineered mouse This latest research, published in the journal Cell, suggests a molecule called beta-catenin may be the key messenger that tells embryonic cells - cells that have yet to develop in specific directions - to become hair follicles. If this is correct, the scientists may be able to use this knowledge to develop treatments that will promote the re-growth of hair in bald men.

17. Dynamic Directory - Health - Men's Health - Baldness
and Heart Disease Study linking heart disease and baldness. baldness Gene - Article linking baldness to genetics.
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18. Hair, Baldness, Hair Loss Disease, Alopecia, Hirsutism, And Hypertrichosis Infor, hair loss, baldness, alopecia, disease, and treatmentinformation. Welcome to ! Your source for hair loss

19. Home-Biofibre®
Medicap, producer of all types of artificial hair (PA, PET, PVDF), CE and TGA certified. Training in the leading Biofibre Implant System® for baldness solution.

20. Baldness
Color Dilution Alopecia By Teri Dickinson, DVM Alopecia (hair loss) related to dilute coat color is a recognized condition in dogs. The currently accepted medical terminology for this condition is Color Dilution Alopecia (CDA). The condition may
Color Dilution Alopecia
By Teri Dickinson, DVM
Alopecia (hair loss) related to dilute coat color is a recognized condition in dogs. The currently accepted medical terminology for this condition is Color Dilution Alopecia (CDA). The condition may affect any dilutely pigmented dog, regardless of coat color . This condition was previously known as Blue Balding Syndrome, Blue Doberman Syndrome, Color Mutant Alopecia, Congenital Alopecia, etc. The term Color Mutant Alopecia arose because dilutes were at one time mutations from the deep pigment occurring in wild canines. Dilutes are now a regularly occurring form of pigmentation in many breeds and have been for hundreds of years. The term mutation is therefore not applicable to dilute individuals. References to Doberman Pinschers or blue hair coats arose because the condition is common in blue individuals of this breed, but it is not limited to either blue dogs or Dobermans. The term congenital means present at birth, but CDA affected dogs are born with normal hair coats.
The dilute (also known as Maltese) gene also appears in both mice and cats, and interestingly enough, is not associated with any abnormal coat conditions in those species.

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