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         Baldness:     more books (100)
  1. Hair Replacement: How to Reduce the Effects of Male Pattern Baldness (Doctor-to-Patient-Series) by James Bernard Pinski, 1991-02
  2. Baldness: Webster's Quotations, Facts and Phrases by Icon Group International, 2010-07-30
  3. Baldness,: Its cause and prevention, by Benjamin Lawrence Dorsey, 1939
  4. The Conquest of Baldness: The Wonderful Story of Hair by Gilles Lambert, 1961
  5. The Summer of Her Baldness: A Cancer Improvisation.(Book Review): An article from: Resources for Feminist Research by Pam Patterson, 2004-09-22
  6. The Story of My Baldness by Trans. Marek Van Der Jagt; Armstrong, 2004
  7. Baldness: Its Causes, Its Treatment And Its Prevention by Richard W. Muller, 2010-09-10
  8. 21st Century Complete Medical Guide to Hair Diseases, Hair Loss, Folliculitis, Baldness, Alopecia, Clinical References, and Practical Information for Patients and Physicians (CD-ROM) by PM Medical Health News, 2004-04-16
  9. Baldness, grayness, dandruff--treatable or nontreatable? by Anthony J Parrotto, 1961
  10. Baldness and Hair Care (Body perfect-body image problem series) by D J Drabble, 1980-11
  11. Dermatologic Procedures and Surgery: Mantoux Test, Mohs Surgery, Baldness Treatments, Tattoo Removal, Electrosurgery, Corneotherapy
  12. Grow Your Own Hair: A Simple Effective Home Treatment for Alopecia, Baldness, Falling Hair, Greyness, Pityriasis, Seborrhoea by Ron McLaren, 1947
  14. How To Prevent and Treat Hair Loss: Prevent and Treat Male Pattern Baldness by Quick Easy Guides, 2008-07-31

41. Index
Information and excerpts from the book to help you deal with health problems that are difficult to discuss, including shyness, baldness, acne, and sex.

42. The Man's Wig - Perfect Baldness Treatment & Baldness Remedy! Buy 2, Get 2nd At
Our idea of effective baldness treatment. This baldness remedy is the Primetime3/4 man's wig from Los Angeles Hair Replacement, call tollfree 888-591-8881.
Baldness treatment simplified! Presenting our baldness remedy:
Primetime 3/4 man's wig from Los Angeles Hair Replacement!
Baldness treatment simplified! Our baldness remedy is Primetime, the 3/4 man's wig from Los Angeles Hair Replacement by Deja-Vu! For those suffering from severe hair loss, the solution could be our Primetime 3/4 man's wig. Restore a healthy hair look without the expense and risk of hair transplantation or other medical baldness treatment! Primetime could well be your best baldness remedy!
The right baldness treatment for this 32-year-old client proved to be our Primetime model. He had lost almost all of his hair from the temples, and the hair remaining on the sides and around toward the rear is very thin. In a circumstance such as this, the best solution will be the Primetime model - a 3/4 man's wig with Micro Lace from temple to temple. The line below indicates where this client's hairline ought to be:
Below: The baldness remedy begins with the attachment process the base cap. It's made of Micro Lace, which blends well with the client's skin color. Triangular "star points" on the front edge of the cap help secure the medical tape to hold the Primetime unit in place. The side temples can be cut to any length desired.

43. Alpha Hair Transplants
History of baldness, hair restoration and transplants, including links and faqs.
Alpha Hair Transplants
Hair Transplants: An Introduction
Hair transplants are a modern solution to an age old problem. From ancient biblical times to the Roman period, the specter of male pattern baldness has reared its ugly head. Elisha the prophet suffered from a thinning pate, so too did Julius Caesar, who grew his hair long in the back and combed it all forward. Not everyone looked down on receding hairlines however. Hucbald, a 9th-century writer and composer would have scoffed at the notion of hair transplants. Hucbald wrote the Ecloga de Calvis, a poem in praise of baldness which he dedicated to Hatto, the bald-headed Archbishop of Mainz. In his poem, Hucbald refers to the bald head with its ring of hair as a sort of natural tonsure or crown, and praises the inborn ability of bald men as clerics and kings, as well as warriors and doctors. Of course, since Hucbald was associated with the great Carolingian king, Carolus Calvus, or, as we know him, Charles the Bald, he might have just written the poem to curry favor with his royal patron. Fortunately, in the modern times we live in, men no longer have to be stoic about hair loss. From medications like Rogaine to hair transplants, there are a plethora of options available to stem the tide of baldness.

Advice and treatment on hair loss, baldness, thinning hair and scalp and dandruff problems.
from Stan The Hair Man (UK)
Hair loss and thinning hair
Receding hair, excess hair loss and thinning hair can cause us to lose our confidence and generally make us feel unhappy. But while there's no miracle cure for true Male Pattern Baldness (MPB), STAN THE HAIR MAN can offer a range of helpful treatments to improve the hair and scalp.
Dandruff and scaly scalp conditions
Dandruff, greasy and dry conditions and scaly problems can be difficult to treat, but Stan's natural and organic treatment products have helped to control and relieve these embarrassments and irritations. They can be quite effective with regular use. Please note that if you have a long standing and severe condition please go and show it to your GP. If he or she can't help then they can refer you to a dermatologist.
With several years' experience working at home and abroad I have extensive knowledge of the not so pleasant subject of baldness, hairloss, thinning hair, dandruff and scalp disorders. Over the years, I have helped many people with these very personal problems and together we can make life a little easier. A trichologist's work is to try to improve, arrest or slow down these problem conditions using effective, natural and safe solutions based on knowledge and experience gained over the years. In fact people have had sustained results and some have had hair regrowth.

45. Perfect Male Pattern Baldness Remedy & Male Pattern Baldness Treatment! The Star
Starbiz durable toupee male pattern baldness remedy treatment from Los AngelesHair Replacement, call 818-591-8881. Starbiz - the durable toupee!
Starbiz - the durable toupee! Male pattern baldness remedy
Buy 2, get second toupee at half price!
Presenting a great male pattern baldness remedy and Starbiz, the durable toupee for men from Los Angeles Hair Replacement by Deja-Vu! Toupee designers have for decades struggled with the problem of how to create a natural-looking toupee with durability. This seemingly intractable problem has seen a solution with the Starbiz durable toupee for men. The manufacturer of this male pattern baldness treatment has created both unique material and a base design that solve this problem. The Starbiz toupee features an underlying 4-mil. sonically welded mesh material. It is designed to be very strong, while the star-shaped reinforcements of this innovative design provide secure attachment points. This feature allows tape to be applied right to the front edge, yet still creates an invisible hairline for a natural appearance. The Starbiz durable toupee is designed with a part on the left side built in. The hair can be combed into a pompadour style with great confidence.

46. Res Publica >> A High Fiber, Middlin' Content Part Of A Complete Breakfast
Community, sustainability, and baseball are usually on Chris's mind, thereby causing the premature baldness that afflicts him.
res publica
But given his admitted self-obsession, it seems extraordinary that he is in an industry like pop music, which by definition entails being popular and communicating with other people. 'Yes,' he agrees. 'It's an enormous contradiction really. But the fluffy elements of pop stardom, if you like, are not why I'm here. I'm generally very interested in the written word and changing the poetic landscape of pop music, and I think I've achieved that. I think, with The Smiths, I introduced a harsh romanticism which has been picked up by many people and which didn't exist previously. And it's nice to be a curious footnote to the whole story of British popular music. And not to be compliant, smiling, bland.' And with that, he goes off, smiling, to his concert at the Colorado Music Hall, where I suddenly - too late - discover the point of Morrissey.
A Morrissey followup to an earlier post.
(Via Thirteen via RandomWalks
posted by Christopher on 9:39 AM
What smart urbanists want is to have a full range of society within neighborhoods. You need people who are CEOs, and people who are secretaries. You need school teachers, and you need somebody to deliver the pizza. Society doesn’t work unless there are all kinds of people around, in relatively close proximity. Any society that has only one income level is dysfunctional. And, by the way, the great thing about the American system is that everybody can actually aspire to rise to the level of “gentry.” We don’t have the generalized envy and resentment that you find in many other countries.

47. Male Pattern Baldness (MPB) | A Guide To Understanding Hair Loss
Complete information on male pattern baldness, including causes, treatment,and tips for managing hair loss. , Male Pattern baldness. •, Menopause.
Sunday March 30, 2003
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A Guide to Understanding Hair Loss
Almost all hair loss in men (approximately 95 percent) is caused by male pattern baldness. This type of balding is not due to illness or disease. Instead, it is a physical reaction to hormones. Explore this section to find out more!
Dermatologists distinguish between seven patterns of balding in men and three in women. Any questions or comments? Let us know!
Search In The News ... Physician Finder
We subscribe to the HONcode principles
of the Health On the Net Foundation In this section
What is Male Pattern Baldness?

How Hair Grows
Causes Diagnosis ... Treatment

48. Wigs, Human Hair Wigs, Synthitic Wigs, Hair Pieces And Hair Extensions By Studio
Wigs, human hair and synthetic, hair extensions, and hair pieces. Specializing in hair loss due to cancer treatments, alopecia, pattern baldness in men, women and children.
The Worlds Largest On-Line Salon Studio Hair
San Francisco
Wigs * Hair Pieces* Hair Extensions*The Intra-Weave Hair System
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Custom Quality Studio Human Hair ...
(Professional head form) and a Professional wig clamp (holds Styro or block head in place for styling) Studio Hair Wigs Simply The Finest in Human Hair Wigs! Just Double click to enter Specializing in Hair-Loss Due to Chemotherapy, Radiation, Alopecia, Pattern Baldness & Cosmetic Surgery. Check out our "New" Hand Tied Human Hair wigs in our Human Hair Wig Salon......... Create your own snap on hair as seen on TV at a fraction of the cost, go to our Human Hair Salon. Our new "Dream USA" wigs have hand tied monofilament tops for the most natural looking wigs available today!! Dream USA wigs are made in the USA...

49. ÒÁµéÔ°Ö¯·¢ÃÀ·¢ÖÐÐÄParadise Hair Plantation & Beauty Center
Offers a cure for baldness using human hair.
Profile Services Guestbook Contact Us ... Home
The center introduces completely-new Korean hair-weave technologies and materials to treat various hais losings caused by different reasons. Adopting human beings' hair with complete hand weaving, it has best effects to part falling off of the hair, scar, alopecia and alopecia totalis. Over the six years since it started its business, it has relieved nearly one thousand of people who lost their hair at all circles, which is welcome and trusted by new and old customers.
Add: South of No.5 Yard, East Street, Fengtai District, Beijing
Post Code:100071
TEL:010-63843235 ¡¡mobile telephone:13501112869

50. Hair Magic - Hair Loss & Baldness Cures Online
baldness and hair loss treatment. Describes the product and links to a third party for sales. HairMagic conceals thinning hair safely and effectively, in just 60 seconds.
Have you ever wished that you could hide thinning hair, or hide that bald spot... Well now you can, its easy, safe and in less than 60 seconds. It consists of tiny protein fibres that cling to the base of very fine and nearly invisible existing hairs on your head. It adds the look and feel of more hair. The Hair Magic works equally well for men and women of all ages. It works with long or short hair, curly or straight, light or dark. The Hair Magic comes in four colours. The colours can be combined to achieve a perfect match to your own hair coloration. Fast and Effective: With The Hair Magic you get an immediate and convincing thicker-hair appearance. You can apply it on the run in literally just a few seconds. The Hair Magic has a powder-like consistency and it goes on clean, and stays that way. There is no need to wait for the product to dry before you can be seen. Also, it works well in the most demanding situations, such as under bright lights and in front of television cameras.
Safe and Natural to use: There are no dyes, adhesives, or harsh chemicals in The

51. Men's Health Information On Back Pain, Baldness And Impotence
Men's Health information on back and neck pain, baldness,impotence, healthy nutrition and living and more.
men's health Search


Drug Guide

Personal Health Record
BMI Calculator



Fitness Center

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52. Adam And Eve Hair Replacement Center: Wigs For Cancer, Disease, Aging & Baldness
Specializing in human and synthetic hair wigs for cancer, disease, aging and baldness. Contact and service information provided.
Hair Replacement Center
770 Central Ave
Scarsdale, NY 10583

(NY Times article)



Full Service Salon 770 Central Ave Scarsdale, NY 10583 Full Service Salon 1765 Central Park Ave Yonkers, NY 10710 "Owner Paul Lupinacci holds to the belief that quality does not have to cost more. After 30 years in the business, the man would surely be one to know. This is a full-service salon that, in addition to its spa, has a hair replacement center on the premises which caters to show business as well as people whose hair loss has been instigated by medical treatments." Best of Westchester 2000 Inglese all'italiano Englisch zu Deutsch Engelsk til Norwegian Powered by SDL International Mr. Lupinacci said. "We customize them, ... adding highlights, so they really fit right and look good. We see about two chemo patients a day, and the letters we get in return are the best." Chemotherapy patients also receive a 40 percent discount, he added. New York Times, 10/10/1999. Read the

53. Female Hair Loss Treatment Male Pattern Baldness Cure Pro-Genesis
A natural hair loss treatment formula for female and malepattern baldness in women and men, ProGenesis!
Click here for details on how PRO-GENESIS was discovered. Click here for details on PRO-GENESIS's ingredients. Click here for prices and ordering information Useful health and fitness related links.
"You'll Notice The Results And So Will Everyone Else!"
PRO-GENESIS: A healthier, thicker head of hair. An end to hair loss. Seeing your reflection and liking the "new you". PRO-GENESIS: An alternative to embarrassing hair pieces, painful and costly transplants, or pharmaceutical treatments and their alarming side effects. IMAGINE NO MORE.
Mankind's oldest cosmetic problem; thinning hair - has been solved! The answer is PRO-GENESIS . Until now, the only methods of preventing hair loss or covering it up have been embarrasing hair pieces, painful and costly transplants and pharmaceutical treatments. However, Studies Show That these methods are painful, costly and have alarming side effects! PRO-GENESIS Is Entirely Different.

54. New York Hair Replacement, Hair Restoration, Thinning Hair, Baldness, Loss Of Ha
Provides hair treatments for men and women, specializing in thinning hair, baldness, micro linear punch procedure. Locations in Manhattan and Long Island.
This new procedure uses the heartier beard hairs as a source for successful hair duplication
Click here for more information Update
Your Transplant Get rid of your
Give yourself
a cleaner
subtle look.
Click here for more information Welcome to the website of Gary S Hitzig, M.D., P.C.
  • World recognized leader in hair transplantation!
  • One of 80 doctors board certified by the American Board of Hair Replacement Surgery.
  • 24 years experience in hair restoration!
  • New patented technology!
  • Personal care and involvement! (All doctors have had hair transplants)

55. Male Baldness Linked To Higher Incidence Of Heart Disease
The largest study to date concludes that male pattern baldness isassociated with an increased risk for heart disease. The more

56. Hair Loss Treatment With Hairmax Lasercomb Baldness Remedy
Information on hair loss, the causes and treatment.Category Regional Europe Ireland Health...... Hair transplants, Lasercomb, rogain, alopecia areata, follicular, hair club, hairtreatment, hairpieces, losing hair, loss of hair, baldness, Hair transplant
Bald, Hair loss, wigs, propecia, hair care, alopecia, hair products, male pattern, rogaine, folliculitis, hair loss, Balding, hairpiece Hair transplants, Lasercomb, rogain, alopecia areata, follicular, hair club, hair treatment, hairpieces, losing hair, loss of hair, baldness, Hair transplant, hairclub, hairmax, Lazercomb, Hairmax lasercomb, hairmax lazercomb, female hair loss, male hair loss, Lexington LaserComb, Lexington HairMax LaserComb, laser comb, lazer comb

57. Hair Loss, Growth Products,Hair Loss Treatments, Female HairLoss Solutions
Provides a wide variety of health, beauty and hair care products, including hair loss treatments, Category Regional North America Shopping Health Products......Hair Loss Net offers hairloss and baldness treatments,supplement vitamins,hair careshampoo,regrowth products, Revivogen,Thymuskin,Folligen,Tricomin,Fabao 101
Vitamin Supplements Hair Care Products Cosmetic Remedies Hair Transplant Care ... Nanogen™
Hair Loss Net provides a wide variety of hair loss treatments and hair care products for male baldness and female thinning hair, including growth solutions, vitamin supplements and cosmetic remedies. These hair loss and growth treatments have been clinically proven effective to help reduce male pattern baldness, female hair thinning and shedding, and stimulate hair regrowth. Hair vitamins are important aids to grow hair healthily. These supplements help prevent further hair loss and baldness, thicken and strengthen fine and thin hair to be thicker, fuller and healthier naturally. For men and women with dry, damaged, or thin hair, hair care shampoo, conditioner, and deep treatment improve the hair and scalp condition and create a healthy environment for proper hair growth Hairloss cosmetic remedies instantly cover or conceal the thinning hair or bald spot. Find out these solutions.

58. Natural Treatments For Hair Loss
All natural treatment for hair loss and baldness as reported in New York Times and Newsweek.
Home The Formula Efficacy News Media ... seven international awards . As reported in New York Times and Newsweek
Click here to Zoom
World's Leading Treatment for Hair Loss hair formulas are the only natural treatments clinically proven to:
  • Stop excessive hair loss. Thicken and improves existing hair. Re-grow hair all over the scalp, including hairline.
Previous Home Next Home Formula ... Privacy

59. InteliHealth: Overview
Hair loss or baldness affects an estimated 40 million men and 20 million womenin the United States and is generally due to a hereditary condition called

60. FDA Set To Green Light Propecia?
Article says FDA panel gives first green light towards approval of Propecia, the first antibaldness pill.
HOME NEWS RESEARCH LIVE HELP ... ABOUT US FDA panel gives first green light towards approval of Propecia, the first anti-baldness pill
Nov 14, 1997-A Food and Drug Administration committee met Thursday and gave an initial thumbs up to Propecia, Merck's anti-baldness drug, while raising questions about its long-term side effects. The committee was considering the one-a-day pill known as Propecia, to determine whether it is both safe and effective. Advisers told the FDA that Propecia appears to help some men grow new hair. The panel, without a vote, concluded that the pill was effective and left the safety question to the government. Now it is up to the FDA to decide whether to require Merck to extend the study of the drug or allow its sale and keep tabs on what happens to balding men over time. If approved, it could be available by the end of the year. Merck's Propecia is a once-a-day pill that promises to help regrow hair and prevent more from falling out by suppressing a hormone that shrinks hair follicles.

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