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         Basilar Migraine:     more detail
  1. Topiramate aids basilar migraine in small study.(Clinical Rounds)(Clinical report): An article from: Pediatric News by Michele G. Sullivan, 2007-08-01
  2. 101 Simple Ways to Eliminate , StopAnd Prevent Your Headaches And Migraines Without Resorting To Drugs (Learn How To Make the Agonizing Pain of Headaches Disappear) by Dr. Waynes, 2010-01-13
  3. How To Get Rid Of Your Headache BEFORE It Starts! by Dr. Manny Samuel, 2009-08-15
  4. 101 Tips For Preventing Headaches: Learn To Live Better Without The Pain by Dr. Collin Jahason, 2009-08-20

81. MedWebPlus Web Site ID 14358
basilar Artery migraine (BAM) Page maintained by Karyn Huntting. http// grade A. Usage grade Popularity N/A.

82. Migraine FAQs Home Page
FAQs from the Usenet newsgroup Health Conditions and Diseases Headaches migraine...... them BAM (basilar Artery migraines) http// KarynS. Huntting's basilar Artery migraine Page. Ice Pick migraines.
MIGRAINE FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS FAQs from Caution: This site contains informally collected information, although it is given in good faith, medical advice should be taken before acting on any advice or information found here. The latest versions of these FAQs used to be posted to, on the 1st of each month; recently some sections have become rather large to post on a regular basis. Suzie Eisfelder is now posting to the newsgroup a "Welcome Page" on a weekly basis. This welcome page gives an introduction and points to this site (amongst others) FAQ Part I General This is being updated by Ronda Solberg
Last update February 2000 (50Kb) FAQ Part II Treatment This is being updated by David Meldrum
Last update April 1997 (52Kb) FAQ Part III Coping Strategies This was written Jacqueline Dulson:
( If anyone knows Jacqueline's current e-mail address I would like to be given it)
Date July 1995 (13Kb) Suzie Eisfelder's Welcome Page Welcome to the website.

83. Philadelphia Inquirer
She was finally diagnosed as having an unusual type of a migraine headache,known as a basilar artery migraine. What can you tell me about this?

Basilar Artery Migraines are
Rare, but Potentially Dangerous
Ask Dr. H. By Mitchell Hecht Question: My daughter had a sudden headache with loss of the use of her right side, slurring of speech, and facial muscle weakness. Hospital tests indicated that she hadn't had a stroke. About five weeks later, she was again hospitalized with the same symptoms. She was finally diagnosed as having an unusual type of a migraine headache, known as a basilar artery migraine. What can you tell me about this? Answer: This is a very interesting and unusual type of migraine headache, because it's one of those rare examples of a migraine that can cause "mini-strokes" or even a stroke. Basilar artery migraines are pretty rare, occurring in 1 out of every 500 clinically diagnosed migraine cases. In a migraine headache, there's an initial abnormal dilation of blood vessels in the brain, followed by a spasm of the blood vessel with a transient decrease in blood flow. The basilar artery is located in the back of the head. It serves the part of the brain that includes the visual center and the cerebellum, or balance center.

84. ZOMIG Patient Migraine Center
, ZOMIG should not be administered to patients with hemiplegic or basilarmigraine. ZOMIG, like other compounds in this class, should
ZOMIG is indicated for the acute treatment of migraine with or without aura in adults. ZOMIG should only be used where a clear diagnosis of migraine has been established. ZOMIG should not be administered to patients with hemiplegic or basilar migraine. ZOMIG, like other compounds in this class, should not be given to patients in whom unrecognized coronary artery disease (CAD) is predicted by risk factors unless a cardiovascular evaluation provides satisfactory clinical evidence that the patient is reasonably free of coronary artery and ischemic myocardial disease or other significant underlying cardiovascular disease. Phenylketonurics: ZOMIG-ZMT Tablets contain phenylalanine. The most common side effects associated with taking ZOMIG and ZOMIG-ZMT include dizziness; tightness, pressure, pain in the neck, throat, or jaw; fatigue; tingling; drowsiness; or nausea.
Understanding Migraine Talk With Your Health Care Professional About ZOMIG
Resource Center
... Legal Information This product information is intended for US consumers only. All rights reserved.

85. Heart And Estrogen And Progesterone Use For Migraine Headaches
News release on the HERS study Study Questions EstrogenHeart Link By DANIELQ. HANEY, AP Medical Editor ANAHEIM, Calif. (AP) - Challenging
Migraine Headache Explore Some More Xenoestrogens Theo Colborn's Acceptance Speech of the Rachel Carson Award
Explore Some More Xenoestrogens
Professor Steven Schafersman of the University of Texas Writes a Synoposis News release on the HERS study
Study Questions Estrogen-Heart Link
By DANIEL Q. HANEY, AP Medical Editor
ANAHEIM, Calif. (AP) - Challenging a medical doctrine that has stood for two decades, a study found no evidence that estrogen supplements protect older women from heart disease.
The findings are likely to confuse doctors and patients alike about the already complicated decision of whether to take estrogen for many years after menopause. Estrogen has both benefits and risks, including an increased chance of breast cancer.
The latest research, released Monday, is the second major study to question the doctrine that hormone replacement is a powerful way to ward off heart disease, the leading killer of older women.
That belief has been a centerpiece of women's health care since the 1980s and has helped make the estrogen pill Premarin the most widely prescribed medicine in the United States.

86. Member Sign In
hearing loss. Syncope occurs in about 30% of those who have basilarmigraine, and mental confusion is not uncommon. Less common
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If the migraines are rare forms (for example, hemiplegic migraine, basilarmigraine, migraine with prolonged aura). Specific Approach.
Lifestyle measures and non-drug approaches, such as biofeedback, should be tried first for preventing migraine attacks. [ See What Are the Non-Medication Measures for Preventing Migraine Headaches?]
In general, patients should discuss using medications on a daily bases for prevention of migraines when one or more of the following conditions are present:
  • When recurring migraines significantly interfere with normal activities, even with treatment.
  • It attacks are severe and disabling.
  • If drugs used for migraine attack are ineffective.
  • If drugs used for treatment are being overused.
  • If side effects of treatment are overly severe.
  • If migraine attacks are frequent (typically striking more than two or three times a month).
  • If the migraines are rare forms (for example, hemiplegic migraine, basilar migraine, migraine with prolonged aura).
Specific Approach. In most cases, the patient takes medications in the following manner:
  • One agent is usually tested at a time, with the patient taking the least powerful drug at the lowest dose first and increasing to greatest potency as agents fails.

88. Description And Classification Of Migraine Headache - Part 1
There are also some rare forms of migraine, which have other symptoms. Basilarmigraine. Ophthalmoplegic migrain. Retinal migraine. Next page .
Migraine Headache? It's time for a definite treatment!
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Migraine Treatment

Our friends and partners: A Painful, One-Sided Problem
A migraine attack is debilitating: it consists of a throbbing, moderate-to-severe pain on one side of the head, and is often accompanied by other symptoms such as
" nausea and/or vomiting;
" aversion to light (photophobia);
" aversion to sound (phonophobia);
" a need to be still because movement worsens the pain.

89. Shampoos That Contain Estrogen Cause Estrogen Dominance And Associated Migraine
Shampoos Contain Clinical Doses of Estrogen Early Puberty linked to Shampoos ContainingEstrogen April 03, 2002 1900 Exclusive from New Scientist SYNOPSIS
Migraine Headache
Explore Some More Xenoestrogens
Professor Steven Schafersman of the University of Texas Writes a Synoposis Shampoos Contain Clinical Doses of Estrogen
Early Puberty linked to Shampoos Containing Estrogen
April 03, 2002 19:00
Exclusive from New Scientist
SYNOPSIS: Some shampoos popular with African Americans contain high enough doses of estrogen to push young girls into early puberty. Unbeknown to many parents, a few hair products - especially some marketed to black people - contain small amounts of hormones that could cause premature sexual development in girls. The evidence that hair products containing oestrogens cause premature puberty is largely circumstantial, and the case is still unproven. But Ella Toombs, acting director for the Office of Cosmetics and Colors at the US Food and Drug Administration, told New Scientist : "No amount [of oestrogen] is considered safe and can be included in an over-the-counter product." Under FDA regulations, over-the-counter products containing hormones are drugs, and thus require specific approval. However, there appears to be a grey area regarding products marketed before 1994. The FDA failed to respond to a request to clarify the position. At least five companies are still making hormone-containing hair products, a source within the industry - who preferred not to be named - told New Scientist Throughout the West, girls are tending to reach puberty earlier. This has been blamed on everything from improved diet to environmental contaminants. But African-American girls are developing even earlier than their white counterparts. About half of black girls in the US begin developing breasts or pubic hair by age eight, compared with just 15 per cent of white girls, one study has found. In Africa, girls enter puberty much later, regardless of their socioeconomic status.

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