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  1. Behçets Syndrome
  2. Behcet's Disease: A Guide to its Clinical Understanding. Textbook and Atlas by Sungnack Lee, Dongsik Bang, et all 2001-02-15
  3. Behcet's Syndrome
  4. Behcet's Disease: A Contemporary Synopsis by Gary R. Plotkin, John J. Calabro, 1988-02
  5. Adamantiades-Behcet's Disease (Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology volume 528)
  6. Behcet's Disease by Bertrand Wechsler, 1993-11-01
  7. Immunology of Behcet's Disease
  8. Behcet's Disease (Inflammatory Disease and Therapy)
  9. You Are Not Alone: 15 People with Behcet's by Joanne A Zeis, 1997-04
  10. Behcet's Syndrome Toolkit - Comprehensive Medical Encyclopedia with Treatment Options, Clinical Data, and Practical Information (Two CD-ROM Set) by U.S. Government, 2009-03-14
  11. Behcet's syndrome may respond to infliximab. (Six Cases).: An article from: Skin & Allergy News by Nancy Walsh, 2003-07-01
  12. 21st Century Ultimate Medical Guide to Behcet's Syndrome - Authoritative Clinical Information for Physicians and Patients (Two CD-ROM Set) by PM Medical Health News, 2009-03-14
  13. 2009 Empowered Patient's Complete Reference to Behcet's Syndrome - Diagnosis, Treatment Options, Prognosis (Two CD-ROM Set) by PM Medical Health News, 2009-03-14
  14. Gale Encyclopedia of Medicine: Behcet's syndrome by Kim A. Sharp M.Ln., 2002-01-01

1. Behcet's Organisation Worldwide - Behcets, Behcets Syndrome, Behcet's Disease
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Features articles on all subjects connected to Behcet's Disease. Find diagnosis pointers and contacts. Privacy Statement Copyright ©20023 Behcets Disease Information Resources.

3. Behcets
skin abnormalities, which will be mentioned later. behcets syndrome is classically characterized as a triad of symptoms
The symptoms of Behcet's Syndrome
Depend on the area of the body affected. Behcet's syndrome can involve inflammation of many areas of the body. These areas include the arteries that supply blood to the bodies tissues. Behcet's Disease can also affect the veins that take the blood back to the lungs to replenish the oxygen content. Other areas of the body that can be affected by the inflammation of Behcet's Disease include the back of the eyes (retina), brain, joints, skin, and bowels. The mouth and genital ulcers are generally painful and recur in crops. They can range in size from a few millimeters to 20 millimeters in diameter. Inflammation of the eye, which can involve the front of the eye (uvea) causing uveitis, or the back of the eye (retina) causing retinitis, can lead to blindness. It is very important for patients to have this sensitive area monitored by an eye specialist (ophthalmologist). If the arteries become inflamed (arteritis) in patients with Behcet's Disease, it can lead to death of the tissues whose oxygen supply depends on these vessels. This could cause a stroke if affecting the brain, belly pain if affecting the bowel, etc. When veins become inflamed (phlebitis), the inflammation can involve large veins that develop blood clots, which can loosen to cause pulmonary embolism. Symptoms of inflammation of the brain or tissue that covers the brain (meninges) include headaches, neck stiffness, and is often associated with fever. This can cause damage to nervous tissue and lead to weakness of body areas.

4. Behcet's Syndrome
Subjects covered include behcets syndrome, dermatomyositis and Hyper IgM Syndrome.
Behcet's Syndrome [up]
Related topics: broader Mouth Diseases Vasculitis other Bell Palsy Facial Neuralgia Mouth Abnormalities Mouth Neoplasms ...
Behçet’s Syndrome Society
The Behçet’s Syndrome Society, is a UK registered charity formed in 1983. This support group provides information and advice for people suffering from Behçet’s disease and for their carers. The society also provides information on the disorder, information on centres of expertise, contacts between sufferers and financial aid for hardship caused by Behcet's. For health professionals with an interest in Behçet’s Disease, there is ongoing research and scientific information available, including conference details, how to access research papers, and a list of recommended reading. Behcet's Syndrome Charities Great Britain Patient Education ... NINDS : Behcet's disease information page This Web resource on Behcet's disease (a rare, chronic, lifelong disorder that involves inflammation of blood vessels throughout the body) is produced by the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS). A description of Behcet's disease is provided, and available treatments, prognosis, and current research activities are all discussed. Links to related organisations and NINDS related material (including documents and press releases) are provided. This resource has a US focus. Behcet's Syndrome Patient Education Handout [Publication Type] Topic in allergy / immunology A collection of short essays on topics in, allergy and immunology, aimed at medical students. Subjects covered include Behcets syndrome, dermatomyositis and Hyper IgM Syndrome. All documents are in text format (no illustrations) and are provided on the Web by Vanderbilt University Medical Center.

5. The Royal College Of Ophthalmologists Of London - Publications
by writing to the Information Officer, The behcets syndrome Society, 3 Church Close, Lambourn, Hunger ford, Berks,
Eye Focus Annual Report 1998
Services for the Blind and Visually Impaired
The Behcet's Syndrome Society
The society was formed in 1983 to provide contact and support for sufferers and their relatives, to provide financial aid in cases of hardship caused by the syndrome, to encourage networking amongst the medical profession and to promote research. A general guide leaflet is issued to all sufferers and there are other leaflets to do with eye or nervous system problems if required. There are also fact sheets for medical professionals. Information on a personal basis about any aspect of the disorder can be obtained by writing to the Information Officer, The Behcets Syndrome Society, 3 Church Close, Lambourn, Hunger ford, Berks, RG17 8PU There is also a telephone help line service, on 01488 71116, 0116 243 3540 and 0151 644 6906 . Newsletters are also available from time to time and sufferers who wish to contact each other are put in touch. Publications include: Behcet's Syndrome - A Patient's Guide Eye Headaches Ulcer Remedies Details of the Society Information Card Fund-raising Leaflets Articles are also available for Health Professionals

6. Behcet's Syndrome
one click … For Medical Professionals only. Behcet's syndrome,, Printthis article, (Halushi Behcet, 1889–1948, Turkish dermatologist III 1/BEHCETS SYNDROME.asp
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*For Medical Professionals only, registration required Behcet's syndrome, (Halushi Behcet, 1889–1948, Turkish dermatologist), a chronic inflammatory disorder of unknown cause involving the small blood vessels and characterized by a classic triad of recurrent oral and genital ulcerations with ocular inflammation. Many other sites can be affected, including the skin, joints, and cardiovascular, neurologic and gastrointestinal organs. Joint manifestations involving a single joint or only a few joints appear in more than 50% of patients. The knees are the predominant site of articular involvement. Patients may have joint effusion, stiffness, warmth and tenderness, but permanent changes are rare. An elevated erythrocyte sedimentation rate, a strongly positive C-reactive protein, and elevation of alpha-2 globulin levels during the acute phase of the disease are typical features. Radiographic findings, which may resemble those of rheumatoid arthritis or related disorders, include osteoporosis, soft tissue swelling, and rarely joint space narrowing and osseous erosions. Sacroiliac joint abnormalities may sometimes be seen, and sacroiliitis can simulate the changes in ankylosing spondylitis or other seronegative spondyloarthropathies.

7. Behcet's Syndrome
Behcet's syndrome,, Print this article, It is more common in males ofeastern Mediterranean origin. Behcet's syndrome and Crohn's disease. IV 1/BEHCETS SYNDROME.asp
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*For Medical Professionals only, registration required Behcet's syndrome, (Halushi Behcet, 1889–1948, Turkish dermatologist), chronic inflammatory disorder of unknown origin involving the small blood vessels and characterized by recurrent aphthous ulcers of the oral and pharyngeal mucous membranes and the genitalia, skin lesions, severe uveitis, retinal vasculitis and optic atrophy. It also frequently involves also the joints, the gastrointestinal system and central nervous system. It is more common in males of eastern Mediterranean origin. Behcet's syndrome and Crohn's disease Involvement of the small vessels of the small intestine by vasculitis may produce a pathological, clinical and radiological appearance that closely resembles the findings seen in Crohns disease . An association of Behcet’s and Crohn’s disease has been reported in the literature. On enteroclysis, lesions of the small bowel, particularly small aphthous ulcers, are visible as small punctiform collections of barium surrounded by a thin radiolucent halo.

8. Behcets Syndrome
BEHÇET's SYNDROME. Epidemiology Behçet's syndrome is a rare condition,most cases having been reported from the Middle East and Japan.

ICD-10 / DA-3: Synonyms: BS, BD, Definition - Keywords: This aphthous stomatitis ocular inflammation , and genital ulcerations Epidemiology: and the presenting age is usually between 15 and 45 years. There seems to have been an increased incidence during the last decades. Aetiology and pathogenesis: The aetiology is unknown. Infections due to virus, bacteria and mycoplasma have been discussed, and lately autoimmunity. The basic pathological mechanism seems to be a deposition of circulating immune complexes in small vessels, causing vasculitis. Clinical features: Oral lesions are present in 90% of the cases ( Fig. 3033 ) . These are indistinguishable from those of RAU , and include all three forms of ulceration - MiAU, MjAU and HU. Only about 3% of all patients with RAU have BS, and progression of RAU to BS is rare. Eye involvement occurs in 80% of the cases with uveitis - and eventually hypopyon, conjunctivitis and/or keratitis. Severe eye lesions eventually causing blindness. Genital aphthous lesions are present in 65% of the cases with lesions on the penis, scrotum and/or vulva (labiae majora et minora).

9. Angular Cheilitis ANUG Basal Cell Carcinoma Behcets Syndrome
Angular Cheilitis ANUG Basal Cell Carcinoma behcets syndrome Chemical Burns CancrumOris Crohn's Disease Erosive Lichen Planus Erythema Multiforme HandFoot
Angular Cheilitis

Basal Cell Carcinoma

Behcets Syndrome
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10. Behcets2000 Charity Cycle Ride
Weymouth Police Club have also adopted behcets syndrome Society as their charity for the year.
Behcets2000 Charity Cycle Ride Behcets2000 Charity Cycle Ride

11. Map Of Behcets Syndrome Society RG178PU Great Britain
QUICKSEARCH. Albania. 8PU&title=Behcets Syndrome Societ

12. News View
behcets syndrome Down by the oriental medicine! behcets syndrome is the diseasethat was found in 1937 by Turkish doctor whose name is Behcets.

Health News. behcets syndrome Down by the oriental medicine! behcets syndrome isthe disease that was found in 1937 by Turkish doctor whose name is Behcets.
Log in Registration Search OKmedic Self diagnosis ... Library Encyclopedia News Monthly OKmedic Forum Communities GMN center All of Self Diagnosis Disease Acupuncture Herbs Health in Life : Men Health in Life : Women Health in Life : Children Health in Life : More Library Encyclopedia [ World Clinic I Clinic Builder I Medic Students I Doctor's Club ] Today's OKmedic News More.. Health News Behcets syndrome- Down by the oriental medicine! Behcets syndrome is the disease that was found in 1937 by Turkish doctor whose name is Behcets. It is kind of a rare disease spread mainly in the areas like Middle East, China, Japan, Korea. In the oriental medicine, it has been called 'ho-hok(ûÏûã, the possession of fox)'. There are many unidentified and unspecified sources going around about the origin of the disease; allergy, environ... Feb 07 2002 11:27:44 Medical News It will appear, if the energy of kidney falls

14. Lupus&FMS
The symptoms of behcets syndrome (also called Behcets disease), dependon the area of the body affected. behcets syndrome can involve
HospitalTestTearsScaredunluckyBlessedPainsicknessLoveUnderstandingSadnessJoyGoodDaysBadDaysLaughterFriendsDenialDoctorsAcceptance Having a chronic illness can at time be a very heavy burden to carry . It can make you feel very alone at times and I never know form day to day what I will feel like when I wake up in the morning. Someday are good days others I can hardly walk through a store with out ending up so full of pain I have to go home. Simple things I us to enjoy must now be done with great care or sacrificed completely. I live each and everyday with symptoms that feel a lot like the flu low grade fever. It's been that way for 3 yrs now. unimaginable extreme fatigue, muscle aches, weakness and a great deal of unbelievable Pain . If I push my self to do what us to be so easy and fun I pay a high price for it because my symptoms will then be worse to an unbearable level for days or maybe even months. There are a lot of days I can only sit back and watch everyone around me having fun and cant join in . It can be very depressing at times and make me feel very much all alone in this world with this ugly illness.

behcets syndrome CONGRESSES. Records 1 to 5 of 5. Behçet's disease basicand clinical aspects / edited by J. Desmond O'Duffy and Emre Kokmen. SYNDROME CONGRESSES

16. Allergy/Immunology Table Of Contents
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    17. Rare Disease Support Community
    Turner Muscular Dystrophy Batten Disease Beal's Syndrome Becker's Muscular DystrophyBeckers Nevus BeckwithWiedmann Syndrome behcets syndrome Bejel Bell's
    B B-Cell Lymphomas

    Bacterial Meningitis

    Bacterial Pneumonia

    18. - Linking Patients To Medical Research Search
    NINDS Behcet's Disease Information Page , None. Behcet's Disease Also searchedbehcet behcets disease behcets syndrome generalized aphthoses triple symptom Behcet's Disease Information Pag

    19. CME IMA Polyarhtralgia
    syndrome. Oral ulcers occurs in SLE and behcets syndrome. Genitalulcers give clues to syphilis or behcets syndrome. Eye lesions
    EVALUATION OF A PATIENT WITH POLYARTICULAR PAIN Dr.BINOY J.PAUL, M.D;Dip.NB Asst.Professor of Medicine Medical College, Calicut - 673 008 Polyarthritis/arthralgia is a very common clinical problem in the day today practice. Eventhough there are more than a hundred causes for polyarthritis, when a patient is in front of the clinician, it is impossible to recall all of them. A simple logical methodology for dealing with patients who present with chronic polyarticular pain is necessary to solve this problem. The approach to patients with polyarticular pain is not fundamentaly different from approach to patients with any other medical problem. With a detailed history and laboratory or radiological tests, a physician can establish the diagnosis and begin appropriate therapy in almost all cases. Pain in an around multiple joints be broadly due to three major causes. They are inflammatory arthritis, non inflammatory (degenerative/metabolic) joint diseases or psychogenic causes. An initial evaluation is highly useful to differentiate these three major groups. The signs and symptoms useful in differential diagnosis are given in Table.1 From the initial evaluation, if the patient is suspected to have polyarticular synovitis (inflammatory arthritis), a detailed work up is often necessary to arrive at a definite aetiological diagnosis. It is taught conventionally that a detailed clinical history followed by a complete physical examination are mandatory before any thought arises on laboratory tests. But in actual practice all the three or atleast the first two can be performed simultaneously.

    20. Listings Of The World Health Conditions And Diseases
    Listings World Health Conditions and Diseases Musculoskeletal DisordersConnective Tissue behcets syndrome. Listings World,

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