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  1. Behcet hastaligina eslik eden bilateral subklaviyan ven ve vena cava superiyor trombozu/Bilateral subclavian vein thrombosis and vena cava superior syndrome ... of Cardiology (Anadolu Kardiyoloji Dergisi) by Muzaffer Bahcivan, Semih Yucel, 2006-12-01

41. The Body's Experts Answer Your Questions About SideEffects
testing, but if those tests are negative (as I expect), I'd suggest that they considerother diagnoses such as herpetic infections, behcets syndrome or other
Home Forum on Management of Side Effects of HIV Treatment Answers to SideEffects Questions by Category > Ear, Nose and Throat (Mouth) / Skin and Hair Concerns Category > Question: Where are you located Posted: Oct 24, 2001
Dr. Boyle: I live in the NJ area. I need your help. Tested negative for hiv1/2 at 6 months. Been diagnosed with thrush, have oral sores, burning mouth syndrome and vaginal infections. Had a rna at 10 weeks, p24 antigen at 15 weeks, and dna at 17 weeks. With these symptons after 26 weeks I would like to come in to see you and dicuss this. Where are you located in NYC. Been to many doctors and just keep saying need to wait. Please help.
    If all of those tests are negative, it is very, very unlikely that you have HIV. I would suggest that your doctors recheck you HIV testing, but if those tests are negative (as I expect), I'd suggest that they consider other diagnoses such as herpetic infections, Behcets syndrome or other conditions. Unfortunately, I only see HIV-infected patients at Cornell and so will not be able to help you. We have some excellent general internists, however, and if you would like a referral please let me know.
Please remember that this forum is designed for educational purposes only, and experts are not engaged through this forum in rendering legal or medical advice or professional services. Experts appearing on this page are independent and are solely responsible for editing and fact-checking their material. Neither The Body nor any sponsor is the publisher or speaker of posted visitors' questions or the experts' material.

Behaviorism. Behcet's Disease. Behcet's Disease (Eyes). Behcet's Disease (Systemic).behcets syndrome. Behcet's Syndrome (Neurological Effects of). Bejel. Belching.
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43. Duke Policy News: ALUMNI: Courting Justice
achieve success. He has been legally blind since 1992 because of arare and untreatable illness known as behcets syndrome. But he
Courting Justice

44. South Australian Orthopaedic Registrars' Notebook
vertebral and SI joint disease (Reiters, psoriatic arthritis, ulcerative colitis Crohns disease, Whipples disease, behcets syndrome) all show some familial
Sero-negative and Spondylo-arthropathies
HLA B27 found in 4 - 8% of the normal population and is a marker for a specific haptotype of the Class 1 antigens of the major histocompatability complex of antigens
Up to 20% of HLA B27 patients develop spondylo-arthropathy after exposure to shigella or other environmental agents
HLA B27 is passed on to 50% of the offspring
Randomly selected individuals with HLA B27 may have only a 2 - 10% chance of developing disease whereas the risk for HLA B27 positive relatives of HLA B27 patients with spondylitis is 25 - 50%
The link between HLA B27 and spondylo-arthropathies remains unknown but it may be that;
HLA B27 acts as a receptor site for infective agents
It may be a marker for immune response gene that determines susceptibility to environmental triggers
HLA B27 may induce tolerance to foreign antigens with which it cross reacts
HLA B27 also increased neutrophil motility (? significance)
HLA B27 is associated with;

45. Info
626799, behcets syndrome Society, BM Seaman, 3 Church Close, Lambourn,Hungerford, Berks. RG17 8PU. 01488 71116. 0116 2433540. Breast

46. Behcet'
The behcets syndrome Society 3 Church Close Lambourn, Hungerford,Berkshire. RG17 8PU UK The society is set up to provide help
Behcet's disease Medline NLM definition : rare chronic inflammatory disease involving the small blood vessels. It is of unknown etiology and characterized by mucocutaneous ulceration in the mouth and genital region and uveitis with hypopyon. The neuro-ocular form may cause blindness and death. Synovitis, thrombophlebitis, gastrointestinal ulcerations, retinal vasculitis, and optic atrophy may be occur as well. Behcet's Disease factsheet: National Institute for Neurological Disorders and Stroke PubMed Medline search on Behcet's syndrome MedlinePlus Health Information
Support Groups (Information below from the Behcet's Organisation Worldwide - who provide further links to other organisations)
The Old Barn, 62 Long Street, Williton, Taunton, Somerset, TA4 4QY, United Kingdom.
The web site is designed to allow access to information on Behcet's Syndrome using the medium of the internet. It aims to bring sufferer's, their relations and the medical professional together. The Behcet's Syndrome Society : 3 Church Close Lambourn, Hungerford, Berkshire. RG17 8PU U.K
The society is set up to provide help and advice for Behcet's sufferers. It is based in the United Kingdom.

47. Infectious And Parasitic Diseases - (sm)
What to Do About Dust Mites in the Home AAFP; Scabies - New York State Departmentof Health. 135 Sarcoidosis. Sarcoidosis - NHLBI. 136 behcets syndrome Home
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48. Up Features Differential Diagnosis Management Introduction
Introduction. Behçet's syndrome is characterised by oral and genitalulceration, skin lesions and ocular inflammation. Ii is a condition Intro.htm

Differential Diagnosis

Introduction Beh§et's syndrome is characterised by oral and genital ulceration, skin lesions and ocular inflammation. Ii is a condition of uncertain aetiology and in many ways resembles an infectious disease. Microbial causes have been suggested, and there is some evidence for an autoimmune basis for this condition. It may undergo spontaneous remission or may progress to serious complications or even death. This key is hosted on

49. Behcets Support Groups
Behcet's syndrome, Home. Below is all the finding s that i have found tobe relivant to behcet's. What is Behcet's syndrome? Behcet's syndrome.
>>Lounge "Join the chat" Resource Books Links ABDA Behcet's Syndrome Home
Below is all the finding s that i have found to be relivant to behcet's.
What is Behcet's syndrome?
Behcet's syndrome is classically characterized as a triad of symptoms that include recurring crops of mouth ulcers (called apthous ulcers), genital ulcers, and inflammation of a specialized area around the pupil of the eye, the uvea. The inflammation of the area of the eye that is around the pupil is called uveitis. Behcet's syndrome is also sometimes referred to as Behcet's disease. The cause of Behcet's syndrome is not known. The disease is more frequent and severe in patients from the Eastern Mediterranean and Asia than those of European descent. Both inherited (genetic) and environmental factors, such as microbe infections, are suspected to be factors that contribute to the development of Behcet's syndrome. Behcet's syndrome has not been felt to be contagious. What are symptoms of Behcet's syndrome?

50. Behcet Syndrome Information Links
Behcet syndrome Infolinks. American behcets Disease Association (ABDA).Old ABDA site. International Behcet Support Group. Behcet's
Behcet Syndrome Infolinks
American Behcets Disease Association (ABDA) Old ABDA site International Behcet Support Group Behcet's Canada (inactive due to Disc Crash at Angelfire) (NCBI Medline Entrez Search) Whitchurch's Information C. Norman's Immune-Related Resources Information Pertaining to Behcet's Disease (by B.Magocsi)
  • For medical persons (German online dermatology resource) : DOIA search Send e-mail to to contact ABDA
    or to the mailing list (
  • 51. Health Library - Behcet's Syndrome
    The exact cause of Behcet’s syndrome is unknown. TN 374150247 Tel (800)723-4238Email Internet http// National

    52. Turkish Publications In ISI Journals - By Subject (1997)
    HamuryudanV Ozyazgan-Y Hizli-N Mat-C Yurdakul-S Tuzun-Y Senocak-M Yazici-H, Azathioprinein behcets-syndrome - Effects on Long-Term Prognosis , ARTHRITIS AND

    Bilkent University Provost Office
    • Ankara University
      • Yalcinkaya-F Tekin-M Tumer-N Ozkaya-N, "Protracted Arthritis of Familial Mediterranean Fever (an Unusual Complication)", BRITISH JOURNAL OF RHEUMATOLOGY, 1997, Vol 36, Iss 11, pp 1228-1230. (Article)
      • Kutlay-S Savas-S Yalcin-P Ataman-S Ergin-S, "Central-Nervous-System Toxicity of Cyclosporine-A Treatment in Rheumatoid-Arthritis", BRITISH JOURNAL OF RHEUMATOLOGY, 1997, Vol 36, Iss 3, pp 397-399. (Article)
      • Duzgun-N Duman-M Sonel-B Peksari-Y Erdem-C Tokgoz-G, "Lupus Vulgaris in a Patient with Systemic Lupus-Erythematosus and Persistent IgG Deficiency", RHEUMATOLOGY INTERNATIONAL, 1997, Vol 16, Iss 5, pp 213-216. (Article)
      • Duzgun-N Hoiermadsen-M Wiik-A Tokgoz-G, "The Frequency of Autoantibodies in Turkish Patients with Lupus Nephritis", RHEUMATOLOGY INTERNATIONAL, 1997, Vol 17, Iss 1, pp 1-4. (Article)
      • Senturk-T Aydintug-AO Duzgun-N Tokgoz-G, "Seizures and Hepatotoxicity Following Sulfasalazine Administration", RHEUMATOLOGY INTERNATIONAL, 1997, Vol 17, Iss 2, pp 75-77. (Article)

      Total: 5
    • Ataturk University
      • Sonmez-S Senel-K Oztas-S Erdal-A Cerrahoglu-L, "Sister-Chromatid Exchange Analysis in the Lymphocytes of Patients with Ankylosing-Spondylitis", ANNALS OF THE RHEUMATIC DISEASES, 1997, Vol 56, Iss 4, pp 275-277.

    53. Turkish Publications In ISI Journals - By Subject (1997)
    (Letter); DemirogluH Dundar-S, Effects of Age, Sex, and Initial Presentation onthe Clinical Course of behcets-syndrome , SOUTHERN MEDICAL JOURNAL, 1997, Vol

    Bilkent University Provost Office
    Medicine, General and Internal
    • Ankara University
      • Soykan-I Lin-ZY Jones-S Chen-JD Mccallum-RW, "Gastric Myoelectrical Activity, Gastric-Emptying and Correlations with Dyspepsia Symptoms in Patients with Gastroesophageal Reflux", JOURNAL OF INVESTIGATIVE MEDICINE, 1997, Vol 45, Iss 8, pp 483-487. (Article)

      Total: 1
    • Ataturk University
      • Akcay-G Uslu-H Varoglu-E Tekin-SB Gundogdu-C, "Assessment of Thyroid-Nodules by Technetium-99m-Tetrofosmin Scintigraphy", BRITISH JOURNAL OF CLINICAL PRACTICE, 1997, Vol 51, Iss 1, pp 5-7. (Article)

      Total: 1
    • Fatih University
      • Ozsoylu-S, "Cholecalciferol-Dependent Rickets", LANCET, 1997, Vol 349, Iss 9053, pp 728-728. (Letter)
      • Ozsoylu-S, "Childhood Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura", LANCET, 1997, Vol 350, Iss 9086, pp 1252-1253. (Letter)

      Total: 2
    • Firat University
      • Celebi-H Donder-E Celiker-H, "Renal Blood-Flow Detection with Doppler Ultrasonography in Patients with Hepatic Cirrhosis", ARCHIVES OF INTERNAL MEDICINE, 1997, Vol 157, Iss 5, pp 564-566. (Article)

      Total: 1
    • Hacettepe University
      • Benekli-M Kars-A Guler-N, "Mitoxantrone-Induced Bradycardia", ANNALS OF INTERNAL MEDICINE, 1997, Vol 126, Iss 5, pp 409-409.

    BEHCET DISEASE Vanderbilt University Medical Center; Behcet syndrome Infolinks;Behcet syndrome MedicineNet, Inc. BEHCET behcets SUPPORT GROUP; Behcet's Canada
    G. Karakatsanis, Dermatologist.

    55. Behcets Diagnosis And Causes
    What causes the symptoms and disturbances of Behcet's syndrome? Top, PrivacyStatement Copyright ©20023 behcets Disease Information Resources.
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    Behcet's disease cannot be confirmed through clinical laboratory results. Usually you will be assigned to an immunologist or rheumatologist. Diagnosis of Behcet disease is based on clinical criteria because of the absence of a pathognomonic laboratory test. The period between the appearance of an initial symptom and a major or minor second manifestation can be up to a decade long in many cases. The number of different criteria/classification systems that have been introduced over the past 25 years reflects the failure of any single one to meet clinical demands.
    The revised 1987 criteria of the Japanese group (Shimizu) have been widely applied (Table 1 below) . More recently, the diagnostic criteria of the International Study Group for Behcet Disease (ISGBD) have been applied in establishing firmer diagnoses (Table 2 below) oral aphthosis
    Behcet's can also be classified under different types of 'Behcet's Diagnosis'. Such as Vasculo-Behcet's, Neuro-Behcet's, Occulo-Behcet's and so on so forth.

    56. Behcets Patients Stories
    As well as learning the technical aspects of Behcet's syndrome, we also need to Top,Privacy Statement Copyright ©20023 behcets Disease Information Resources
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    We are very interested to hear your stories and experiences on issues concerning Behcet's Disease. Learning from other peoples knowledge is very important as this disease as much publicity as possible. As well as learning the technical aspects of Behcet's Syndrome, we also need to learn the social, physical and psychological affects of the disease. We know from personal experience that a source of information is required which tackles these issues, as most of the sites on the internet are based purely on just the professional viewpoint. Most of the stories sent in have all the ingredients which we are looking for. They not only highlight the bad points but also show there are good times as well. As with any serious illness care has to be taken to show a balanced viewpoint, otherwise it can become depressing. Most (but not all) of the people we come across with Behcet's have had some rotten times, this is balanced (or compensated) by the good experiences they have. One of them being the amount of support they have for fellow sufferers.

    57. A Skinpatient's World - Behcets Disease Info
    BEHCET’S syndrome. This is a rather uncommon skin condition. Thecause is not known. Multiple painful ulcers develop in the mouth

    58. Behcet's Syndrome
    syndrome. Pediatrics (June 1999) 12951297. Organizations American Behcet's DiseaseAssociation. PO Box 280240, Memphis, TN 38168-0240. http//www.behcets.
    Encyclopedia Index B Home Encyclopedia Encyclopedia Index B Behcet's syndrome
    A group of symptoms that affect a variety of body systems, including musculoskeletal, gastrointestinal, and the central nervous system. These symptoms include ulceration of the mouth or the genital area, skin lesions , and inflammation of the uvea (an area around the pupil of the eye). Description Behcet's syndrome is a chronic disease that involves multiple body systems. The disease is named for a Turkish dermatologist, Hulusi Behcet, who first reported a patient with recurrent mouth and genital ulcers along with uveitis in 1937. The disease occurs worldwide, but is most prevalent in Japan, the Middle East, and in the Mediterranean region. There is a wider prevalence among males than females in a ratio of two to one. Causes and symptoms The cause of Behcet's syndrome is unknown. Symptoms include recurring ulcers in the mouth or the genital area, skin lesions, arthritis that affects mainly the knees and ankles, pain and irritation in the eyes, and

    By post Behçet’s syndrome Society 3 Church Close Lambourn HUNGERFORD Berks RG178PU. By telephone 01488 71116. By email
    How to contact the Society
    By post:

    3 Church Close
    By telephone:
    By e-mail:
    • Georgina Seaman Ruth Pearce Karen Tomlinson

    BEHÇET’S syndrome SOCIETY. address. The Arthritis Research Campaign(ARC) have produced a booklet on Behçet’s syndrome. To
    What the Society does
    • General brochure about the Society A general patient’s guide Eyes Nervous system Headaches Info carry-card Diagnostic guidelines Fund-raising - information leaflets for the public Fund-raising - sponsorship forms Technical articles and papers for health professionals
    The Society has some information in
    There is no charge for any of the leaflets. To get them, please phone or write to the Society at the contact address.
    ARC Trading Ltd, Brunel Drive, Northern Road Industrial Estate, Newark,Notts, NG24 2DE
    These are issued to members, usually twice-yearly. They have contributions from members and items and announcements of general interest.
    The Society welcomes anything from members or carers, friends or family that they would like to see published.
    Telephone Helplines
    The Society provides 3 help-lines. These are available in social hours eg 9.00 am to 9.30 pm every day. The Society will return calls if a phone call would cause hardship because of expense. Because the helplines are in peoples' homes and are run by volunteers who have jobs, answerphones are provided for messages when no-one is available and callers are contacted as soon as possible. The Society's aim is to respond within a few days.
    Personal Information Service
    Confidential information about symptoms, treatments, centres of expertise and availability of experts can all be given to people individually and privately either by the telephone help-lines, by e-mail or by letter.

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