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  1. Bipolar Disorder in Childhood and Early Adolescence
  2. A closer examination of bipolar disorder in school-age children.: An article from: Professional School Counseling by Angela D. Bardick, Kerry B. Bernes, 2005-10-01
  3. Overlapping symptoms fuel the bipolar/ADHD controversy. (How to Discriminate Between the Two).(attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder in children with ... disorder): An article from: Pediatric News by Bruce Jancin, 2003-04-01
  4. Tool helps spot onset of bipolar disorder in kids.(Mental Health): An article from: Family Practice News by Michele G. Sullivan, 2006-01-01
  5. The Childhood Bipolar Disorder Answer Book: Practical Answers to the Top 300 Questions Parents Ask (Answer Book) by Tracy Anglada, Sheryl Hakala, 2008-08-01
  6. Raising a Moody Child: How to Cope with Depression and Bipolar Disorder by Mary A. Fristad, Jill S. Goldberg Arnold, 2003-10-30
  7. Understanding the Mind of Your Bipolar Child: The Complete Guide to the Development, Treatment, and Parenting of Children with Bipolar Disorder by Gregory T. Lombardo, 2008-03-04
  8. Survival Strategies for Parenting Children with Bipolar Disorder: Innovative Parenting and Counseling Techniques for Helping Children with Bipolar Disorder and the Conditions that May Occur with It by George T. Lynn, 2000-01-03
  9. The Bipolar Child: The Definitive and Reassuring Guide to Childhood's Most Misunderstood Disorder -- Third Edition by Demitri Papolos Md, Janice Papolos, 2007-10-02
  10. Bipolar Kids: Helping Your Child Find Calm in the Mood Storm by Rosalie Greenberg, 2008-06-03
  11. The Bipolar Handbook for Children, Teens, and Families: Real-Life Questions with Up-to-Date Answers by Wes Burgess, 2008-05-15
  12. New Hope for Children and Teens with Bipolar Disorder: Your Friendly, Authoritative Guide to the Latest in Traditional and Complementary Solutions by Boris Birmaher M.D., Boris Birmaher, 2004-04-13
  13. Clinical Guide to Depression in Children and Adolescents by Mohammad Shafii, 1992-01
  14. Kids in the Syndrome Mix of ADHD, LD, Asperger's, Tourette's, Bipolar, and More!: The one stop guide for parents, teachers, and other professionals by Martin L. Kutscher MD, 2005-07-15

21. Understanding Depression - Bipolar Disorder In Children & Adolescents
University of Michigan Depression Center. Understanding Depression.Bipolar Disorder Children Adolescents. Bipolar disorder with
University of Michigan Depression Center
Understanding Depression
Bipolar disorder with onset during childhood or early adolescence appears to be as common in prevalence as adult onset bipolar disorder and may be a different (possibly more severe) variant of the disorder. It is difficult to recognize and diagnose, because the symptoms and behaviors associated with the disorder manifest themselves differently than adult onset bipolar disorder, and often appear similar to (or can co-occur with) other more common childhood disorders such as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), disruptive behavior disorders, conduct disorders, or even normal "mood swings" of early and middle adolescence. Some controversy surrounds the diagnosis and continued research is needed to improve our understanding and treatment of this mood disorder in children and adolescents. Unlike adult bipolar disorder where mania manifests as elevated moods or euphoria, children are more prone to heightened irritability, destructive outbursts, or highly disruptive and/or aggressive behaviors during manic states. Children may express depressed states through behaviors such physical complaints, irritability, crying spells, significant difficulty with interpersonal relationships, and extreme sensitivity to negative reactions from others. In early adolescents the appearance of the disorder is often characterized by a continuous, rapid-cycling, irritable, and mixed symptom state.

22. ScienceDaily News Release: Bipolar Disorder In Children Appears More Severe Than
Source Washington University School Of Medicine. Date 200106-18. BipolarDisorder In Children Appears More Severe Than In Most Adults.
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Bipolar Disorder In Children Appears More Severe Than In Most Adults
Pittsburgh, June 14, 2001 – Child psychiatry researchers from Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis report that bipolar disorder — formerly called manic-depressive illness — can occur in children as young as 7 years old and that the illness in young bipolar children resembles the most severe form of bipolar disorder in adults. The findings were presented today at the Fourth International Conference on Bipolar Disorder. The conference, held in Pittsburgh every other year, is the only venue in the world devoted exclusively to highlighting new research into bipolar disorder. “Typically adults with bipolar disorder have episodes of either mania or depression that last a few months and have relatively normal functioning between episodes,” said Barbara Geller, M.D., the study’s principal investigator. “But in manic children we have found a more severe, chronic course of illness. Many children will be both manic and depressed at the same time, will often stay ill for years without intervening well periods and will frequently have multiple daily cycles of highs and lows. These findings are counterintuitive to the common notion that children would be less ill than their adult counterparts.”

23. NARSAD: Research Newsletter Archive: ADHD And Bipolar Disorder In Children
The Difficulty of Diagnosing ADHD and bipolar disorder in children by Anne Brown. Similaritiesbetween ADHD and bipolar disorder in children Both illnesses
NARSAD Publications Research Newsletter Archive : ADHD and Bipolar Disorder in Children The Difficulty of Diagnosing ADHD and Bipolar Disorder in Children
by Anne Brown In children, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and bipolar disorder are often misdiagnosed due to an overlapping of symptoms like inattention and hyperactivity. If left untreated, these children are at risk for developing antisocial behavior, social alienation, academic failure, along with problems with the law and substance abuse. Correct diagnosis and early intervention are the keys to improving the outcome for these children. ADHD Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is the most commonly diagnosed childhood psychiatric illness, affecting about 345% of American children under the age of 13. Children with ADHD do not appear to have a deficit of attention so much as a lack of consistent direction and control. Two symptoms commonly identified with ADHD, impulsivity and hyperactivity, are not required for the diagnosis. There are strong gender differences in ADHD - nearly 90% of children diagnosed with ADHD are boys. Differences in how boys and girls exhibit symptoms may play a role in the prevalence of ADHD in boys. Boys with ADHD are more likely to be hyperactive than girls and, therefore attract a great deal of attention. A girl with ADHD who daydreams at the back of a classroom may be unhappy and failing in school, but she does not attract the attention given to a boy who is constantly talking out of turn, jumping up from his desk, and pestering other children.

24. NAMI's Ask The Doctor: Bipolar Disorder In Children
bipolar disorder in children, conduct disorder, hyperactivity, oppositionaldefiant disorder, attentiondeficit/hyperactivity disorder.
While actual diagnosis and treatment can only be made by a treating physician, this feature is offered to provide education that may be helpful for providers, consumers and family members. The information in this column is not meant to be a substitute for face-to-face evaluation and treatment by a physician. by Gonzalo Laje, M.D. Bipolar disorder in children tables for diagnostic criteria). Symptoms of these different disorders can overlap, making diagnosis even more complicated. For example, ADHD and a manic episode as seen in bipolar disorder are both characterized by excessive activity, impulsive behavior, poor judgment and the denial of problems. In adults, ADHD is distinguished from a manic episode by its characteristic early onset (i.e., before age seven), its chronic rather than episodic course, its lack of relatively clear onsets and offsets, and the absence of abnormally expansive or elevated mood or psychotic features like delusions or hallucinations. However, in children these features may be difficult to assess. The focus of experts' debates revolves around distinguishing ADHD and bipolar disorder given the overlap in such symptoms as distractibility, motor hyperactivity and talkativeness. Consequently, diagnoses tend to vary depending on the clinician. Some experts see childhood bipolar disorder as more consistent with the equivalent of mixed episodes in adults and with a course of illness more chronic than in adults, where it is episodic. It is understandable that parents are bewildered when facing a situation where clinicians give their child different diagnoses and wonder which diagnosis is accurate and what is really wrong with their child.

25. The Painted Ponies Bipolar Disorder In Children, Adolescents And
The Painted Ponies bipolar disorder in children, Adolescents and Adults.A SelfStudy Course by Kate Amatruda MFT, ISST. By the time

26. October 11, 2002, Hour One: Bipolar Disorder In Children / Nobel Laureate Robert
October 11, 2002, Hour One bipolar disorder in children / Nobel LaureateRobert Horvitz. THIS WEEK ON SCIENCE FRIDAY scifri rainbow logo.
SCIENCE FRIDAY... Science Friday Archives October October 11, 2002:
Hour One: Bipolar Disorder in Children / Nobel Laureate Robert Horvitz
Bipolar disorder once known as manic depression seems to be on the rise in children and teens. Unfortunately, doctors aren't sure what's responsible for the increase. In this hour of Science Friday, guest host Paul Raeburn and guests talk about bipolar disorder in children, why it's difficult to diagnose, and what is available to help treat the condition. (Note: Listeners interested in the NIMH bipolar study can call 866-MAP-NIMH toll-free to reach the general recruitment line for the mood and anxiety program at the NIMH, or 301-496-8381 to reach the child and adolescent bipolar disorder research team directly.) Plus, we'll talk with one of this year's winners of the Nobel Prize in Medicine, Robert Horvitz of MIT. Dr. Horvitz shares the prize with Sydney Brenner and John E. Sulston for for their discoveries concerning "genetic regulation of organ development and programmed cell death." Call in with your comments and questions at 1-800-989-8255, and share your opinions online in our

27. Diagnosing Bipolar Disorder In Children And Adolescents - Symptoms And Signs
Fact Sheet Children's Bipolar Disorder A clear summary of warningsigns and symptoms from the National Mental Health Association.
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Bipolar Disorder
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Bipolar Children - Diagnosis/Symptoms
Guide picks Signs and behaviors that can alert you that your child may have manic depression, and information on what a psychiatrist will look for in making a diagnosis of early onset bipolar disorder.
Red Flags IV - Bipolar Children

These are the things to watch for which may point to your child's suffering from Bipolar Disorder. Mischief? Or Is It More?
Jody Swarbrick, your Guide to Parenting Special Needs, talks about how to know when your child has crossed a line and needs medical or psychological intervention. Diagnosis of Bipolar Disorder in Toddlers? From The Mental Health Forum: "Do you feel that 3 and 4 years of age is too young to make this diagnosis and place these children on psych meds?" Fact Sheet: Children's Bipolar Disorder A clear summary of warning signs and symptoms from the National Mental Health Association.

28. Bipolar Disorder In Children, Teens And Adolescents - General Info
early age inhibiting a child's ability to bond. This doctor discussesthe frequency of Bipolar Disorder appearing in such children.
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Bipolar Disorder
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Bipolar Children/Teens - General Info
Guide picks Personal stories, information on other problems which may accompany childhood bipolar disorder, treatment recommendations, overviews and other articles about how children, adolescents and teens are affected.
Child and Adolescent Bipolar Disorder

This update from the National Institutes of Mental Health contains information about symptoms in children/adolescents, prevalence of the disorder, and treatment. Ask the Doctor: Brain Disorders in Children
This series of questions and answers was taken from a presentation at the 1996 NAMI convention by Timothy E. Wilens, M.D., assistant professor of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School. Bipolar Children and Teens This page contains two personal stories plus several links to other resources.

29. Bipolar Disorder In Children: Treatment Modalities And Options
21Jan-03 bipolar disorder in children Treatment Modalities and Options Disorder in Children08 text.htm
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30. Depression In Children And Adolescents
Assessment and treatment of bipolar disorder in children and adolescents. Aboutearlyonset Bipolar Disorder. More about bipolar disorder in children.

31. Neuroscience For Kids - Bipolar Disorder
Illness described, symptoms, how it affects the brain, treatment and links.Category Health Mental Health Disorders Mood Bipolar Disorder...... Is bipolar disorder in children the same as in adults? The criteria for diagnosisof bipolar disorder in children are the same as in adults. Did you know? ?
Bipolar Disorder "It seems as though my mind has slowed down and burned out to the point of being virtually useless. I [am] haunt[ed] with the total, the desperate hopelessness of it all." "Ideas are fast...all shyness disappears...people, things become intensely interesting...unbelievable feelings of ease, power, can do anything." "The fast ideas become too fast and there are far too many...overwhelming confusion replaces clarity...everything is now against the are irritable, angry, uncontrollable, and trapped."
What is Bipolar Disorder?
These quotations describe bipolar disorder (BD), an illness characterized by extreme changes in mood, behavior and energy levels. Also called manic-depressive illness, BD affects approximately 1.2% of the population . Men and women are equally likely to develop BD. The disorder does tend to run in families and the rate of BD in identical twins is higher than that in fraternal (non-identical twins). Nevertheless, the specific genetic defect has not yet been identified and it is likely that both genetic and environmental factors contribute to BD. The first bipolar episode often occurs in adolescence or early adulthood and may be triggered by a traumatic event such as the death of a family member. In between episodes, many people are symptom-free, while others are never free of symptoms. Once properly diagnosed and treated, people with BD can lead productive lives.

32. Bipolar Disorder In Children
bipolar disorder in children. Children with Bipolar disorder usually alternaterapidly between extremely high moods (mania) and low moods (depression).
Cummins Mental Health Center Home Services Contacts Careers ... Press Releases Locations Avon, IN Crawfordsville, IN Greencastle, IN Greenwood, IN ... Lafayette, IN Services Adult Services Child Services Teen Services Addiction Services ... Rehab Services Bipolar Disorder in Children Children with Bipolar disorder usually alternate rapidly between extremely high moods (mania) and low moods (depression). These rapid mood shifts can produce irritability with periods of wellness between episodes, or the young person may feel both extremes at the same time. Parents who have children with the disorder often describe them as unpredictable, alternating between aggressive or silly and withdrawn. Children with bipolar disorder are at greater risk for anxiety disorders and Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). These "co-occurring" disorders complicate diagnosis of bipolar disorder and contribute to the lack of recognition of the illness in children. What are the Signs and Symptoms? Bipolar disorder begins with either manic or depressive symptoms The lists below provide possible signs and symptoms. Not all children with bipolar disorder have all of the symptoms. Like children with depression, children with bipolar disorder are likely to have a family history of the illness. Manic Symptoms Severe changes in mood- from unusually happy or silly to irritable, angry or aggressive.

33. Year 2002
Recognizing the Symptoms of bipolar disorder in children A child suffering from bipolardisorder is more likely to exhibit extreme mood swings that may change
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Are Doctors Overlooking Bipolar Disorder As ADHD In Children?
Posted June . 03 . 2000 - Links Updated August . 4 . 2002 More children previously thought to suffer from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) are being diagnosed as having bipolar disorder, or more accurately, "early onset of bipolar disorder". Studies have shown that more than half of teenagers suffering from bipolar disorder also had ADHD and began medication therapy as children. Some experts believe that ADHD can coexist with bipolar disorder. Detection and treatment in children suffering from bipolar disorder is important since lack of treatment may increase the severity of the symptoms over time and even lead to suicide. The Importance of Correct Diagnosis
The correct diagnosis in children with ADHD or bipolar disorder is critical because this determines the choice of medications used in treatment, and certain medications helpful for one condition may actually exacerbate or worsen symptoms in another condition. Treatments for ADHD (stimulants) or depression (antidepressants) in children with bipolar disorder may drive the children into mania or psychosis.
Treatments for Children with Bipolar Disorder
Treatments for children with bipolar disorder are the same as those for adults with bipolar disorder and include lithium, valproic acid, or carbamazepine. Currently, lithium is the only mood stabilizer approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for treating bipolar disorder even though other medications in the anticonvulsant class have been used to treat adults with bipolar disorder with great success. However, research in the long term use of these medications in children remains limited and therefore parents need to discuss with the doctor the side effects that may arise from medication treatment and appropriate methods to manage these side effects.

34. Year 2002
MENTAL HEALTH ARTICLES. Imaging For bipolar disorder in children PostedJuly . 2000 Links Updated August . 5 . 2002 In the outpatient
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Imaging For Bipolar Disorder in Children
Posted July . 2000 - Links Updated August . 5 . 2002 In the outpatient setting, mental disorders have traditionally been diagnosed by a battery of questionnaires administered by the physician in the form of a patient interview. Children have been a challenge for psychiatrists to diagnose because symptoms often overlap and differ from those observed in adult patients. Given the dramatically different effects of psychotropics, for example, antidepressants and mood stabilizers in an individual suffering from bipolar disorder, a standardized and reliable method of diagnosis is critical for establishing the appropriate treatment and to bring relief for the patient. Importance of Correct Diagnosis
Whereas attention deficit disorders have become an increasing diagnosis in childhood mental disorders, opinion leaders agree that many of these children may in fact be suffering from bipolar disorder rather than ADHD. Underscoring the importance of correct diagnosis is the consequences risked in the incorrect diagnosis and treatment of the child: if a child (or adults for that matter) suffering from bipolar disorder takes medications for ADHD (typically stimulants) or depression (antidepressants alone), the child may experience mania or even psychosis.

35. Dr. Grohol's Psych Central: Bipolar Disorder In Children: Treatment Modalities
A slide presentation that briefly reviews the diagnosis of BipolarDisorder in children. Focus on treatment and intervention. (This
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Site last updated: 11-Mar-2003
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36. Books On Bipolar Disorder In Children
The Definitive and Reassuring Guide to Childhood's Most Misunderstood Disorder byDemitri F 3) Bipolar Disorders A Guide to Helping Children Adolescents
http://this page Click here to break from frames BIPOLAR DISORDER; complete DIGEST of information affective disorders faqtoids Tax Free Cigarettes $10-33/carton / all brands Book Store Books on Children with Bipolar Depression HOW TO ORDER 1) Select the book you want
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5) To finalize orders, click on the Shopping Cart logo above the top menu, then Proceed to Checkout Ben's Story : The Symptoms of Depression, ADHD and Anxiety That Caused His Suicide by Trudy Carlson. Paperback (January 1998) Our Price:$9.94 Usually ships in 24 hours
Average Customer Review The Bipolar Child : The Definitive and Reassuring Guide to Childhood's Most Misunderstood Disorder by Demitri F. Papolos MD, et al. Hardcover Our Price:$20.00 You Save: $5.00 (20%) Usually ships in 24 hours Average Customer Review: by Mitzi Waltz. Paperback (January 15, 2000) Our Price:$19.96 You Save: $4.99 (20%) Usually ships in 24 hours

37. Bipolar Disorder In Children -
Author, Comment. Peanut WA Administrator Posts 744 (5/16/02 82335pm) Reply ezSupporter, bipolar disorder in children Bipolar Disorder

38. Welcome To The Childcare Resource :: Bipolar Disorder
bipolar disorder in children and Adolescents. bipolar disorder in children. Factsabout ChildhoodOnset Bipolar Disorder. Children with Bipolar Conduct Disorder.
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39. Bipolar Disorder In Children And Adolescents :: Essays And Term Papers
bipolar disorder in children and Adolescents. It looks at the many symptomsof bipolar disorder in children which continues through adolescence.
Free Summary of Paper #17010
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Bipolar Disorder in Children and Adolescents
Examining symptoms, diagnosis and treatment of this condition in children. Term Paper #: # of words: # of sources: Format (MLA/APA): APA Written: Price: Hide: Author: Author's background: B.A. in Journalism from Ohio State University, 10 years experience as a copywriter, 3 years experience as a freelance writer.
This paper explores the often misdiagnosed manifestation of bipolar disorder in youth. The paper addresses the misconception that "depression" only affects adults. It looks at the many symptoms of bipolar disorder in children which continues through adolescence. It explains that even though there is no cure for the disorder, there are several treatments available - these are discussed. The paper also lists the type of behavior attributed to a youth suffering from bipolar disorder.
From The Paper
"As a brain disorder affecting of 1 to 2 percent of the general population, bipolar disorder is considered to be genetically transmitted. Other than “bad genes”, there is no other known cause (Durand et al., 2000). The disorder itself is rooted in biochemical imbalances that occur within the central nervous system. Symptoms include extreme mood swings, rise or fall in activity levels, and erratic behavioral changes. Most children with this disorder will go from a nearly euphoric high mood (manic) to a deeply depressed pessimistic and sometimes even suicidal mood (Depressive)."

40. Bipolar Disorder In Children
bipolar disorder in children Bipolar I Disorder Children with thisdisorder have episodes of mania and episodes of depression.
Bipolar Disorder in Children The bipolar disorders are mood disorders. That means that amongst other things, there is a major change in mood. In bipolar disorders, this change in mood can be down, as in depression, or the opposite, mania. That is, a person can be inappropriately up. Some types of bipolar disorder have a lot of depression and only a little mania. Others have half and half. Still others seem to be both manic and depressed at the same time. Some people with bipolar disorders only have a few cycles of depression and mania. Others have many cycles a year. When bipolar illness is present in children and adolescents, it is more severe and harder to treat than when it occurs in adults. Pediatric Bipolar illness is one of the most severe conditions in pediatrics. In the milder forms, it can be disabling. In the severe forms, it can be lethal. The prognosis cancers in pediatrics is better than many forms of bipolar illness. All bipolar disorders are a combination of mania with or without depression. So what is mania? Here are the official criteria: Mania An elevated, expansive, or irritable mood, lasting at least 1 week. This mood is also accompanied by at least three (four if mood is only irritable) of the following:

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